The People’s Court Issues Urgent Summons for Ernest Jackman

The following was posted by Sunshine Sunny Shine as a comment to the Open Letter to ALL Rh Lawyers on behalf of Stephen Archer blog – Barbados Underground

Here is what I want to know concerning this case.

A. Did the late Mr Archer ever saw the cheque for the 2.4 or 2.7 million whichever it is?

B. Did Mr Archer approve the lawyers handling of his money for matters pertaining to his medical situation?

C. Was Mr Archer present when the cheque was signed, seal and delivered to his attorney?

D. Is Mr Archer’s living remaining family ever sought to ascertain why the lawyer was still keeping Archer’s money in a personal account?

E. Did the bar association ever seek to make query concerning the same lawyer relative to Mr Archer’s disclosures in the press?

F. Did Mr Archer ever seek police assistance after making his claims known?

G. What recourse does deceased Archer have now that he is dead?

H. If the utility company stated Mr Archer was compensated for the injury’s he receives at the falling of one of their poles, is it possible for the utility company to produce a copy of the cheque presented to Mr Archer for proof of payment.

I. Why is the lawyer at the centre of this matters so quite? Is he guilty, is he out of the island or is he dead?

We can spend all of our time here talking about crooked lawyers, or we can make an appeal for relevant persons close to Mr Archer’s case, like his family members, the Utility company and such like, to come forward and shed some light on this matter [Blogmaster’s emphasis].

Also, if the lawyer is indeed the Jackman mentioned on the other social media site, he should be pressured to come forth to present his side of the story on why he did not give Mr Archer his money. I would also think that now is the time to bring the Bar Association into the spotlight to face some heat.

Relevant LinkBU Lawyers in the News


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