Open Letter to ALL Rh Lawyers on behalf of Stephen Archer

The Barbados Today Editorial of September 26, 2019 reproduced here by request.

Several of these so-called traditional media outlets scrape stories from various social media sites without giving credit, for this reason the blogmaster reluctantly post this editorial.

For years Barbados Underground has been highlighting the ‘malbehaviour’ of lawyers and the dysfunctional justice system – see BU Lawyers in the News Section at the top of the page. In fact when we started the probing of the justice system many condemned this blogmaster as being unpatriotic. Our persistent criticism was interpreted as being negative. This blogmaster has lived to hear Chief Justice Marson Gibson and the Caribbean Court of Appear echo the same views.

Where is the moribund Barbados Bar Association (BBA)?

The name Stephen Archer might mean very little to those outside the circle of any close friends and family members he might have had. But his is a case that cries out for justice. This is yet another situation of an average Barbadian citizen being adversely affected by the type of dubious conduct that can accompany the vulnerable even to the grave.

Tomorrow morning Archer will be laid to rest in the churchyard of St Stephen’s Anglican Church just five months after publicly highlighting the tragic circumstances that befell him. He also drew attention to the representation – or lack thereof – of a well-known Barbadian attorney-at-law. Fifteen days after Archer celebrated his 30th birthday in 1997, a telephone pole fell on him occasioning him significant bodily injury.

Archer was taken to the United States to undergo treatment and physical therapy. While living in Miami, Florida, and now a paraplegic, he became homeless. His leg became infected as a result of his living circumstances and it was later amputated. He subsequently returned to Barbados and an initial hospital visit eventually turned into a four and a half-year residency at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. After leaving the hospital the bed-ridden Archer became a resident at Cyralene Senior Citizens Nursing Home at Accommodation Road, Spooners Hill, St Michael.

The utility company fulfilled its legal obligations to Archer and according to him paid a seven-figure compensation settlement to his attorney-at-law on his behalf. However, Archer revealed to Barbados TODAY in April that he was never given a cheque with his money nor was it ever deposited on his personal account. Despite the small fortune that his unfortunate accident had brought to him, Archer explained then that he still owed the nursing home $20 000 for eight months stay at the facility. He said the lawyer was handling his finances but had not paid any money to the home. “When I came here (nursing home), the idea was to save money to help my sister and fix the house in Cave Hill, but it backfired when the lawyer reduced how much I am getting so I ended up staying here a lot longer than I expected,” Archer revealed then.

Archer’s unfortunate situation was exacerbated as a result of his sister – who had been his main helper – dying in February from cancer. His mother who had initially been his principal caregiver had died from a stroke in 2009 while they were still in the United States. His was a life with little family support. He explained the mental and physical difficulty of being reduced from an independent, active, outgoing individual to one living in solitude and confinement in a bed with the occasional allowance out of his money coming from the lawyer.

With hundreds of thousands of his dollars sitting in the bank account of his lawyer, Archer was later reduced to starting a Help Stephen Archer Facebook page and the launch of a “gofundme” account. During his stay in the nursing home his three-bedroom, one bathroom family house at Well Gap, Cave Hill, St Michael was rendered an empty shell by burglars. Despite facing such immense personal hardship, a still optimistic Archer stated in April: “I am not worried, this is Barbados. In the States, I was homeless, in a wheelchair with maggots on me, but here in Barbados a lot of people know me so hopefully, it is not going to come to that. I have nothing to lose. When you are down the only direction to go is up. So I am waiting.”

Archer’s wait is now over. His direction did not take the upward curve he desired. But there are many questions left unanswered. And who will seek to have them answered? Archer had no children. Chief among those questions: Where is his money? Does his attorney-at-law still have the substantial amount on his own personal bank account? If he does, will he make any attempt to pass it on to existing family members, irrespective of how close or far removed they might be? Why did he not hand over all of Archer’s money when he received it or have it placed on his client’s personal account? Why were payments not made to Cyralene’s Senior Citizens Nursing Home in a proper manner? Does the Barbados Bar Association have any authority – or inclination – to launch an investigation into this matter? Is there any other agency willing to pursue this case? Will this be simply another case of a Barbadian lawyer benefiting from the funds of a client?

Perhaps it is time that in matters such as these, plaintiffs have greater oversight on the actual transaction between the defendant and legal counsel where compensation is due to be paid. Why are cheques written in the name of lawyers and not the clients they represent? Developments in Barbados’ courts over the years would suggest that not writing the plaintiffs’ cheques in the names of their lawyers might be protecting many from themselves.

Of course, none of this is going to help Stephen Archer now. But perhaps some of the mourners who pay their last respects to him tomorrow will ensure they are guarded against such anguish if similar tragedy should ever befall them.


184 thoughts on “Open Letter to ALL Rh Lawyers on behalf of Stephen Archer

  1. Distressing to say the least; the old adage applies. “Who will guard the guards?”. Poor archer was homeless and eventually ended up family-less. The lawyer must have been salivating at the prospect of his eventual demise. Worry not my friends, I understand that the hottest place in hell has been reserved for lawyers and Donald Trump.

  2. “It amazes how Barbados today now seemingly wants to get kudos in showcasing stephson problem after more than twenty years of having information which would have helped the disabled and financially broke man to get his money.”

    A defining moment…they have come to the realization that CGI Insurace is thisclose to being EXPOSED as they were repeatedly WARNED over the last 5 years…for the same nasty human rights violations of waiting for injured claimants to die as opposed to paying them compensation in a check in THEIR NAME to be handed over to the injured by these wicked, thieving lawyers.

  3. Another example of how the good ole boy network if maggots operate

    Barbados Court Of Appeal Says Thief Lawyer Mortimer Clarke OK To Practice Law
    Posted by BFP

    Barbados Lawyers And Judges Can’t Be Too Hard On Their Own – They Never Know When They Might Need A Light Sentence Too!

    True to form, the old boys’ network reluctantly imposed only a nine-month suspension on a Barbados lawyer who was caught stealing $150,000 of client’s money from his “trust” account. Just to put this in perspective, anywhere in the civilized world a lawyer could expect a year or two in jail and permanent disbarment for similar activities. Not so in Barbados where the legal profession is apparently happy to accept Mortimer Clarke back into its welcoming arms after he has a little vacation. (“Pity you had a client complain, Morty old chap. We’ll have to make a show of it for a few months. Hope you understand.”)

    By international standards, this laughable “sentence” against Attorney Mortimer Clarke isn’t a “slap on the wrist” – it is a kiss and a hug. But you’d never know that from the Nation News article that declares the decision read by Chief justice Sir David Simmons was “tough talking”

  4. @ Mariposa

    It is not only the lawyers who are crooks. This dishonesty is part of popular Barbadian culture, what I call the Barbadian Condition. Undertakers do the same: when relatives are distraught at the death of loved ones the undertakers undertake to buy the graves for burial, only thing is they usually do it in their own names. They own the graves, not the relatives.
    Priests do it, nurses steal rings, necklaces, and other jewellery from dying patients; relatives do the same thing; the banks do it; it runs from top to bottom of Barbadian society..
    Barbados is a failed society.

  5. One only has to replay the last marijuana conference to see how lying, deceiful and dishonest government ministers/lawyers are…they all sat and LIED and tried to trick the Rasta Community out of their knowledge……while HIDING valuable information….from the majority population WHO PAY ALL THEIR SALARIES….

    Ya cannot get more dishonest snd wicked than that….they are now not showing their UGLY, evil faces because they all know what they did…

    … just imagine what the injured and those with land cases and estates that are stolen by the criminal animals in the parliament and bar association ..are SUBJECTED TO on a daily basis…for decades on end,

    Their VICTIM Stephen did not stand a chance…make no mistake he is all their victim…they ALL DID THIS TO HIM…becaause they believe themselves invincible and untouchable.

  6. @Hal AustinSeptember 29, 2019 9:19 AM “It is not only the lawyers who are crooks. This dishonesty is part of popular Barbadian culture… it runs from top to bottom of Barbadian society. Barbados is a failed society.”

    Stealing is BAD. But it is not soley a Bajan condition. It is a human condition. In every country of the workd people are convicted of stealing.

    And since today is Sunday perhaps we need to be reminded that thousands of years ago, long, long before there were any Bajans these words were written “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL” These word were NOT written for Bajans, because there were no bajans then. They were written for ALL of us HUMANS.

    Stealing is BAD.

    Stealing is a part of the HUMAN CONDITION.

    We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.

    Here endeth the Sunday school lesson.

  7. @DonnaSeptember 29, 2019 12:04 AM “A good attorney would have ensured that his settlement covered his full medical expenses, future care and assistance, pain and suffering, loss of amenities and loss of earnings until retirement age. ”

    Not a good attorney, but perhaps an excellent one. However biology/physiology unlike accounting/mathematics is not an exact science. Due to the severity of Stephen’s injuries i doubt very much that even the most excellent team wold have been able to anticipate his needs for 25 years down the road. At the time of the settlement neither Stephen or his attorney may have anticipated that he intended to go to the United States and to receive hyer-expensive treatment there. I wonder if the settlement was not based on the cost of treatment in Barbados.

    I remember when I told Bajans that our family paid $2,000 BDS a day for a room in the early 1980’s their response was “a room can’t possibly cost that much.” But yes. It did cost that much to a foreigner who had never paid any taxes in that jurisdiction. Had never paid any taxes at all since the patient was a new born. Nobody is going to get any money out of a newborn for at least 20 years. And when I speak of one-of-a-kind, the most excellent hospital did not have an x-ray vest small enough to fit somebody weighing less than 3 kilos, so had to improvise 9since the treatment needed to be done immediately) and used an adult x-ray glove to cover the infant’s chest which the doctors x-rayed the head. i was there in the hospital room. I expect that medical equipment manufacturers now make x-ray vests even for people who weigh less than one kilo (people who weigh less than one kilo)

    Highly specialised medical treatment is horrendously expensive, sometimes multi-millions dollars expensive.

    I would bet that most of Stephen’s money went to his medical and rehabilitation treatment.

    As I said before I do not know the lawyer and there are no lawyers, nor politicians in my family nor among my friends.

    Simple Simon

    Neither “B” nor “D” nor anything else either.

  8. SimpleSimon

    Base on your analysis, you are postulating that the goodly lawyer could/should or would have paid for his medical expenses while he was being treated in New York. May I ask from which brain cell of doubt are you drawing this inference from? I am sure that the entire speculation surrounding: where have Stephen Archer’s 2.4 million dollars gone too could be easily debunked and put to rest if the ”goodly” lawyer provides the bills to accompany his medical expenses (if that was the case). The thing that I would like to know in this matter is this: Did Stephen Archer saw the cheque from the Utility Company for 2.4 million dollars or only his lawyer? Before he sought medical help, was any of the money dispersed to him during his pain and trials? Was there a breakdown of medical expenses before he went seeking overseas treatment? There must be factors that exasperated his condition to where he ended up now? Here is the ultimate question: Who is interested enough to want to know these answers? The media, our leaders, his close family members? The entire situation sounds really frigging stink. This is a situation were caring hearts should press for an investigation.

  9. …..which part of Stephen did not get any compensation money due to him …ARE YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING…

    they stole it all…



    ya nasty THIEVES for lawyers in Barbados robbed him…..all the money the insurance company paid to the lawyer on his behalf….they STOLE it all…..

    and here you are spinning a ton of shit….

  10. Simple Simon,

    Unless the settlement was accepted too early before the full extent of his injuries was known, which all good attorneys advise against, a very good assessment of his future needs would have been very possible. He would not have been the first person who suffered his kind of injury. A medical report outlines all those complications that are likely to occur in light of the injuries. For the purposes of a settlement these possibilities are supposed to be provided for.

    Besides, I don’t hear his attorney attempting to clear up any misunderstandings. Why not just present the receipts?????? You seem to be the only one attempting to put forward justifiable reasons why this man ended up as he did.

    The rest of us know that most lawyers in Barbados don’t act in the best interests of their clients.

  11. What is the relevance of Mr. Archer cussing a lawyer and being thrown out of his office? That does not explain what happened to his settlement. One does not lose a settlement if one cusses an attorney.

  12. Heather the lawyer/thieves are engineering all types of stories to defend their position of stealing the money…when this story first appeared years ago…people were begging for information on the lawyers involved and why this man was not paid his money…and everyone shut their mouths…until he recently died and they are all tripping over themselves talking and blaming him…when THEY ARE THE ONES STOLE HIS MONEY…

    these are some evil, vicious criminals…they have no conscience…

    they even have a story out there that he did not want to stay in Barbados, he wanted to go back to US…so in their nasty, evil little small island minds, that justifies robbing him his 2.7 milion dollars..

    ,,,.and that is what the miseducation system has produced, thieves with the ability to cover up their crimes and victimize everyone..

  13. Simple Simon knows nothing, she is talking out of her rear end without facts…

    let me tell you what a wicked lawyer attempted to do an injured client…DESPITE knowing the client was legally savvy…he hid a medical report from the court, thinking the client won’t notice because there were about 12 reports….the problem with these thieves, they are not big on details and he made an error any novice thief would make…

    the reason he hid the report…..besides a big pay out from the insurance company to sell the client….the court would have found out that the injuries were so severe, the injured person’s whole body was knocked out of balance…for years and years, so him and the well known CROOKED defense lawyer and i the insurance company decided that THEY ARE THE ONES SHOULD GET PAID FOR THAT…

    ya have some very wicked lawyers in Barbados and this one GRADUATE OF THE TOXIC UWI is from the other islands, but was recruited by the biggest lawyer/thieves on the island and picked up all their wicked ways.

  14. Donna

    It is ok ma girl. I just trying to understand the conclusions that some so call intelligent people are reaching in this situation concerning Archer’s living conditions versus the 2.4 million he was supposed to never have. Even if his medical expenses were to surmount to the 2.4 million, what possible treatment would he have received in the US to drink up all of his money like that? Was it some type of stem cell experiment to see if regeneration could occur? Where there giving him some funkledunkle new drug? Was there planning on a Cybernetic part from the company Cybertron? Base on the reading he left Barbados in a paraplegic state? Was the damage to his spinal cord not already rendered him paraplegic? Was there some hope sprung from the mouth of a spinal cord specialist that made him believe his condition was reversible? Jesus H Christ, we have a clear cut case here that has the evidence stack against the lawyer and SimepleSimon of all people, a thought provoker here on BU writes to paint a different intelligent picture of another cause. You would think that if the lawyer is accused of keeping Archer’s money that the lawyer by now would have come forth and set the record straight. What is that telling you? Are we not dealing with a lawyer who has more than fifty shades of grey in his closet? Why would we not think that he operated shady towards a fleecing?

  15. Heather

    Ma girl, I cursed my father black and blue and called him an ignorant political DLP Johnny. Told him to wake to shite up to reality and see what the Piss Poors constituting two crooked is ass parties have done to Barbados. We did not speak for 13 months. He still sent me a whole lot of money for the soon to be bunny, he cannot wait to see.

  16. @ Donna

    What is the relevance of Mr. Archer cussing a lawyer and being thrown out of his office? That does not explain what happened to his settlement. One does not lose a settlement if one cusses an attorney.





  17. @WURA-WAR-on-USeptember 29, 2019 11:49 AM “HE DID NOT GET ANY TREATMENT IN US PAID FOR BY WHAT THEY STOLE…WHILE IN THE US HE WAS UNDER his mother’s HEALTH insurance policy…it is ALLOWED…”

    Since Stephen was older than 25 when the accident happened how can you be certain that he was covered under his mother’s health insurance policy? Do insurance companies typically allow adult children to remain beneficiaries under their parents’ health insurance policies? Especially when the adult child was living and WORKING abroad at the time of the accident?

    I know that companies sometimes allow adult children to remain on their parent’s policy provided that the young person has been in “continuous full time education”

    And I don’t know of a single insurance company on the face of the earth which would permit a high needs paraplegic to be added to a health insurance policy after the fact of the accident.

  18. Heather…he was set up by all the tiefing lawyers whose paths he unfortunately crossed..

    that is what they do and if you fight them for trying to steal from you and DEMAND information about your money…, they go all out to destroy you….

    …..that is why some of them are being warned…try that shit with certain injured people and ya will become an INTERNET STAR.

  19. Well…that was the story given in the newspapers…you DON’T know what kind of plan his Mom had that covers DISABLED children over the age of 25…there are all types of plans available…i one time worked at a health insurance corp…… i would know…even with social secuirty benefits …they make provisions for the disabled 18 years and over….

    the US might be a lot of things…but they NEVER leave out the disabled…unlike shitty Barbados.

  20. @ SimpleSimon

    Stop being a BU Resident Jackass, this is the same type of bullshit pulled when the lady in Coverley exposed the harassment she was getting from the Corrupt Barbados Police and Dishonest Mark Maloney with issues she was having with her property she had purchased.

    You are a lowlife on the Blog,

    Young Adult Coverage
    Under current law, if your plan covers children, you can now add or keep your children on your health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old.

    Children can join or remain on a parent’s plan even if they are:

    Not living with their parents
    Attending school
    Not financially dependent on their parents
    Eligible to enroll in their employer’s plan

    When Someone Turns 26
    Under-26 coverage ends on a child’s 26th birthday. When a child loses coverage on their 26th birthday, they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. This lets them enroll in a health plan outside Open Enrollment.

    Learn more about how someone can get covered when they turn 26 years old.

  21. Simple is being an idiot and to believe she actually has had the North America experience, but think others have not had even more exposure and at even higher levels….to actually know what goes on re healthcare, banking etc in North America.

  22. @BajeSeptember 29, 2019 1:45 PM “You are a lowlife on the Blog”

    Lolll!!! First time in my life I have ever been called a lowlife.

    @BajeSeptember 29, 2019 1:45 PM “Young Adult Coverage Under current law.”

    Fine. Excellent. But I am not talking about “current” that is I am not talking about the positive changes to health care in the United States which started under the Obama administration.

    Stephen was injured about 25 years ago? 25 years ago Obama was in his early 30’s, and not yet President of the United States. He was at that time a university teacher and not yet politically active.

  23. @WURA-WAR-on-USeptember 29, 2019 1:49 PM “Simple is being an idiot and to believe she actually has had the North America experience, but think others have not had even more exposure and at even higher levels.”

    Don’t get you intimate clothing all tied up in knots. Just asking questions. Simple Simons do not know anything. Simpletons simply ask question, and let the bright people answer. That’s all.

  24. Properly called the Affordable Care Act, and commonly called Obama Care, these laws came into force during the Obama administration. Obama was in office, January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017.

  25. @ Simpleidiot



    The Affordable Care Act requires plans and issuers that offer dependent coverage to allow young adults to enroll in or remain enrolled in their parent’s health coverage up to age 26. … However, in many states and with many issuers, maximum dependent ages don’t apply to disabled adult dependents.



    In many states and with many issuers, maximum dependent ages don’t apply to disabled adult dependents.

  27. @ Baje,

    I know nothing about the US insurance regulatory framework, but am I right in saying that there are 50 state regulators and the Obama Care Act is Federal legislation? How does this work out?

  28. It is well known in the US by those who have had multiple experiences in the heathcare the 90s to the late 2000s, Stephen would have been the recipient of his mother’s health plan as a disabled child of the policyholder…don’t know what happened after Obamacare came into effect…but by then, after his mother passed, he would have been back in Barbados being victimized and terrorized by the tiefing vultures in the bar association…until he died…all in an attempt to STEAL HIS MONEY…because that is what dirty lawyers in Barbados do.

  29. What Mia should be telling bajans is if on her recent UN jaunt she signed on to the treaty PROTECTING the disabled in Barbados and the Caribbean that the other islands signed on to…and which the UN provided for…….although we know the lawyers and ministers in Barbados are famous for ignoring and violating treaties designed to protect the black population…… so injured and disabled people will still be robbed by wicked lawyers and ignored by the authorities and left to die as long as there is something to steal from them, so we will not hold our breaths.

    BUT…the next deceitful, wicked tiefing lawyer that am sure is planning to rob another injured or disabled person blind of their compensation money as we type …i am well placed in a position to make sure that those savages acting as a person or persons are exposed for the world to see and know…and i will be more than happy to make sure everyone in all four corners of the earth know who the attempted thieves are so they will be monitored when they travel

    … will be motivating to finally expose all these lawyer/criminals who seek to rob their clients of what is rightfully theirs……just time.

  30. @Donna, that is how he was identified. If It is indeed true that it is him, I have no doubt but to concur. Many, many moons ago I visited his office seeking to retain him on the advice of a friend who meant well. He said, “here is how it works,” and proceeded to tell me an extravagant price to retain his as well as his cut of the outcome.

  31. @ Hal

    @ Baje,

    I know nothing about the US insurance regulatory framework, but am I right in saying that there are 50 state regulators and the Obama Care Act is Federal legislation? How does this work out?

    Who regulates insurance in the US?

    Insurance companies in the United States are regulated primarily by the individual states. There is no federal regulatory agency that oversees insurance companies. The name of the insurance regulatory agency typically is “Department of Insurance”, “Division of Insurance,” “Insurance Bureau” or something similar.

    Who regulates the Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care?

    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) The federal agency that oversees CMS, which administers programs for protecting the health of all Americans, including Medicare, the Marketplace, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

  32. @Hants
    HantsSeptember 28, 2019 5:17 PM

    Every time a lawyer is accused or arrested for stealing from a client, the discussion on the blogs last a week and then we wait till the next time it happens.

    Given that the Prime Minister is a lawyer can we get someone to ask her to come up with a way to stop the abuse of some clients by some lawyers in Barbados.

    She can use her considerable power and influence to solve the problem.

    Her legacy could include protecting clients from abuse by some lawyers.

    We should not be asking the PM ” to come up” with solutions. The question must be what is she going to do about this.

  33. “Given that the Prime Minister is a lawyer can we get someone to ask her to come up with a way to stop the abuse of some clients by some lawyers in Barbados”

    don’t think you understand the magnitude of this problem…her name has ALSO been called in this by NUMEROUS VICTIMS….so has her two brothers, her father, definitely her cousin the former CJ and other cousins….this is systemic ….the court is toxic from decades of such abuse of victims who cannot fight back…

    judges names have been called ad nauseum…

    the whole filthy show needs to be dismantled, not one of them will lift a finger to do anything about the brutal death by design and theft of this man’s money…just watch and see if anyone of them even mentions him in passing.

    …..notice that they are sending out whatsapp messages to sway public opinion and blame it on the victim..but not one of these dirty lawyers will come out to say anything…they all already dvvied up and spent that money and make no mistake…they are ALL INVOLVED.

  34. Ok..let me break this down…if there are currently 500 personal injury cases in the supreme court waiting to be adjudicated or waiting for settlement outside the court system, some stretching back over 15 years, cause remember they gotta wait for these people to die….to tief their money, sometimes not exactly in that order cause like Stephen many claimaints do not know when their money has been already paid out by the insurance company, their lawyers tell them nothing and feed them lies for years or for as long as it takes for them to croak..

    ….if they are caught by the injured client before hand, they close ranks and start to terrorize and disrespect their clients so they get no information, then the sick and/or disabled client starts running to the registrar, running to the bar association, running to the disciplinary committee, all useless and corrupt, all to no avail….presuming they are able, because if you are anything like Stephen’s condition, you can only lay in a hospital bed and take what they dish out in victimization.

    so say you can still get around with a cane, by the time they all run you around and pass you from one department to the other, one lowlife lawyer to the other, you will not survive much longer….you will still be robbed…and still die penniless,because no one will help you recover what you are entitled to…

    …..i threaten them on here all the time for a reason, because i know the evil that resides in their dead, cold hearts.

    Both Cheltenham’s names are always calling in these types of acts against injured people….BTW remember he is a senator in the Mia cabinet, so what is she going to tell him or do to him when client’s complain.

    So of those 500 cases, these demon lawyers have already decided, if some of these injured people don’t die right away, their files will just stay in the law offices and if the attorneys die, it will then be passed on to the surviving criminals in the bar association and continue dragging it through the court system….no sweat, either way they get money and the injured people get none and they will die anyway from stress, poverty, pain, sickness, from their injuries that they desperately need the money to recover from or whatever..

    ….they are most often than not in cahoots with the insurance companies lawyers, so they work as a tag team, tying up the case in the court system for years, playing games with the judges who are not in on the crime, doing any and everything possible to sabotage the case…anything to wear down, wear out and kill the injured person so they can pocket that money.

    what do they care, no one can touch them because ALL OF THEM ARE DIRTY AND ALL ARE THIEVES AND THEY KNOW EACH OTHER’S CROOKED BUSINESS…so they are safe, or at least that is what they tell themselves…

    until they mess with any of the injured that i know about …then they will not be safe anymore, their names will be exposed for the world to know…and with documentation.

  35. Dear All,

    I firmly believe that the UN should be approached about this matter. However, one should not until they have exhausted all avenues for a satisfactory solution. We as citizens of Barbados have never collectively sought to have a matter investigated by the Bar Association or the government. Those are the steps that I believe must be taken first. If they refuse to reply or take action that can be deemed as exhausting all avenues for a satisfactory solution. What are your thoughts? Time is of essence.

  36. BTW……they do the exact same thing to the elderly with estates and their beneficiaries…also to people whose land and bank accounts they target for massive million dollar thefts, remember many of these criminals in the bar association sit on multiple boards or work for banks, so they know who has what and who to rob…….they have been doing it for decades…… one is safe from these vicious criminals….they will sit and wait until you die or set up up even more if they have to…nothing fazes them, nothing…they respect no one one and nothing is sacred to them.

    ….if they were in NYC, Jamaica or Trinidad, they would all be dead, but they know no one will finish them off…just yet…the people are not angry enuff yet…

  37. You can write a letter to show that you sent correspondence and there was no reply or there were no attempts to investigate this or the other DECADES of complaints of victimization that thousands of people have been subjected to longer than you have been born…then take it to the UN or the human rights agencies…and show that there is a history of systemic abse of the injured, the elderly and a host of vulnerable people including the majority population as a unit…

    but that is where it will end up anyway, these criminals…do not go against each other…they close ranks..

    of the one billion dollars in VAT stolen from the people, do you see anyone in jail

    of the hundreds of millions of dollars written off for tax evaders. do you see anyone in jail.

    of the billions stolen by both governments and their bribers, tax dollars and pension you see anyone arrested…they close ranks and protect each other.

  38. @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    There is nothing wrong with being a dissenter in the camp of justice!

    I will answer my last point while using one of your comments here where you said and I quote

    “…Let’s get bold and question that good names of all who dispense justice,

    In addition to the lawyers, we need to place the spotlight on those who dispense “junk justice”; on those who will award damages knowing the client will not see a penny of the money…”

    Justice, in this dichotomy must have a champion.

    The solution which you speak of NEEDS A CHAMPION!

    And de ole man WILL CREATE SUCH A CHAMPION and I will publicise that champion here who will do as you said

    “…place the spotlight on judges/magistrates as they will be more sensitive to attacks on their character…”

    And how will I do this Commander?

    The People’s Party for Democracy and Development!

    Why the PDP you ask?

    By announcing it here what this immediately does is make Mugabe’s hordes aware of the currency of such a platform IN THE HANDS OF HER NEMESIS!

    And what will she do about this vote collector?

    Before the PDP starts it, her Buddy the Honourable Blogmaster is going to share with her the results of the JOTFILE tool AND SHE WILL UNDERSTAND THE SIMULTANEOUS DANDER AND POWER OF de ole man’s tool.


    So she HAS TO SEEM TO DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THAT before it happens

    And you may well ask WHY DE OLE MAN PUBLICIZING IT THIS WAY?

    Because I AM PIECE THE LEGEND…🏆🥇🥇🥇

  39. @ Heather

    What WARU enumerated 6.21 pm is most of the truth some details are missing which I will supply.

    The place you write to is the UNHRC United Nations Human Rights Commission.

    But here is the issue.

    The process is long and tedious AND WHEN THE UNHRC REACHES OUT TO THE GoB the latter ALWAYS TELL LIES, always!!!

    And, because of the logistics issues occasioned by the distance, nothing comes of it.

    Barring killing a few lawyers which is illegal, though the systematically kill their clients, THE ONLY WAY DE OLE MAN RECOMMENDS IS an Online Ombudsman to Blame and Shame them first then ***

  40. Heather,

    i recently interacted with a man who used to work for a lawyer in Barbados. He told me how dismissive his boss was to clients who asked about their money. The man said he knew on many occasions that the cheques had been collected because he collected them himself.

    Robert Lucas,

    It is rumoured that that particular individual was chased down Pinfold Street by a client with a machete. There was also the case of a worker who died at a sugar factory up north. Monies collected not paid to clients until discovered by the clients.


    But I do understand. These people feel that clients have no right to ask them for their own money. “How dare they?” They feel ENTITLED to do to the people as they like. “Don’t they know who I am?”


    Simple Simon has a habit of disbelieving credible accounts of abuses of the people by the privileged. Is like she is living in La La Land.

    But…. I am an educated person not from an underprivileged background by any means and still the attorneys tried to feed me crap. I could not believe that they thought they could do that to me. I was actually rendered speechless by their audacity. They actually believe that an understanding of the law is beyond the non-lawyer. When I recovered my ability to speak I disabused them of that thought. That was TWO DAYS LATER!

  41. Piece,

    Re: The place you write to is the UNHRC United Nations Human Rights Commission.

    But here is the issue.

    The process is long and tedious AND WHEN THE UNHRC REACHES OUT TO THE GoB the latter ALWAYS TELL LIES, always!!!

    And, because of the logistics issues occasioned by the distance, nothing comes of it.


    Not always. I have a friend who got her matter against the brother of a former DLP minister dealt with just recently. From what she told me the Chief Justice eventually saw it through. She had been injured since 1992. The case had been heard by Garvey Husbands since the early 2000 s. I attended the proceedings and I thought he did a good job. The Court awarded her damages which remained unpaid until two years ago.

    Bajans just give up too easily. One must persist!

  42. @ Donna

    1992 till 2019 is 27 years!

    That is longer than the young man who became the 36th murder lived!

    That is an indictment against a speedy trial and few people have that staying power.

    Very few!

    And why should they?

    Justice delayed is Justice denied

  43. @BajeSeptember 29, 2019 2:13 PM “I MAKE NO APOLOGY WHEN I CALL YOU A LOWLIFE.”

    No apology is required.

    Do have a good night.

  44. Donna..there is no reason any one should have to wait that long for their money, the wait should be a couple months…not 27 years, some injuries require very expensive treatment…they deliberately do this so you will die and don’t get paid..if you don’t have the money…you dont get the treatment, not getting treated KILLS MANY INJURED PEOPLE…because it causes the body to degrade and break down via other illnesses caused by not being treated.

    ,,…and the filthy criminal syndicate in the bar association and supreme court knows this only too well, they consult with doctors to find out how long the stress from their criminal actions against you will kill you…they have all been doing this from the 60s…destroying people’s lives for profit.

    I sincerely hope Barbadostoday is doing this so that these decades old crimes against injured people causing their DEATHS will finally end…so that filthy lawyers, judges, government ministers, senators, etc..will finally have a giant light shining on their evil asses in its fullness and bring an end to all this because as things stand one particular case or a few cases…WILL BE EXPOSED VERY SOON…and names will be called…this cannot continue…they are NOT DOING THIS TO ANYONE I KNOW…and believe they will get away with it…NOT THIS TIME.

    These the time they are done with you, if you live, the judges, lawyers, court clerks and everyone are all dead because that much time has passed…, and you don’t get a dime because these lowlifes pocket your money you need to take care of your health, so you are left with nothing but pain, suffering injuries and poverty…this is pure evil in its most vulgar form…and many of these stinking lawyer rats…sit in the parliament and steal your compensation money, from the parliament….none of them should even be leaders…they are so evil in mind…that is exactly how they mistreat and abuse the whole population …AND STEAL FROM THEM….billions of dollars, they believe they are entitled to your money and you are entitled to die so they can enjoy your money,

    Simple Simon better don’t get her old ass injured or she will be on BU singing a far different tune.

    The GOB tells a lot of lies when outside agencies reach out to them to find out about crimes against people and human rights abuses…they lie straight to their faces, no matter who the agency is…they lie to them…they close ranks and cover up and protect each other…always remember that…they are only AFRAID OF EXPOSURE…and that is what they will get…all of them…the vile black scum.

  45. The GOB tells a lot of lies when outside agencies reach out to them to find out about crimes against people and human rights abuses…they lie straight to their faces, no matter who the agency is…they lie to them…they close ranks and cover up and protect each other…always remember that…they are only AFRAID OF EXPOSURE…and that is what they will get…all of them…the vile black scum.

    Natalie Crichlow is a perfect example of this type of endemic behavior.

  46. They thought they were going to get clean away with lying about the Natalie Critchlow cover up…but got the shock of their lives instead…

    One by one these stink lawyers must be exposed.

    Leslie Haynes is well known for dragging personal injury cases through the supreme court unnecessarily, the scum lawyers who work for him refuse to file documents in a timely fashion if at all despite judges warnings, refuse to turn up for court as though the supreme court and suffering injured people have to wait on them, if the injured refuse to take their shit they drag it out .. even longer..

    And now that he has been put on the board of the NIS pension fund by Mia..he does not believe he has turn up for court to bring closure to these cases at all..those cases are now fodder to line the pockets of thieves, all they have to do is wait for the injured to die..or so he thinks..

    …..that is what happens when lawyers are connected to the parliament…injured people suffer to get their cases ended and suffer even more to get paid…

    But ah hope they know they are being watched.

    To think that the black population had to work, struggle and suffer as taxpayers to fund and educate these evil negros from the 1950s and this is their thanks, their descendants being ripped off, made to suffer and die..because negros in the bar association and parliament can’t stand to see their own people with anything, not even if it is rightfully theirs…..not even to help save their lives…

    …evil negros with that low crawling mentality should be lynched.

  47. WURA,

    Authorised and reasonable medical expenses in clear cut cases are usually paid promptly by the insurance companies BEFORE a final settlement is reached. At least that has been my experience.


    We already know the slow pace of the dispensation of justice in Barbados. We were discussing the effectiveness of the UN Human Rights facility. Obviously the lady did not go to the UN immediately. That would have been crazy. She went when she had exhausted all local avenues. That was obviously years after the judgment was handed down. And so what we should be looking at is how quickly her matter came to completion AFTER she went to the UN.

  48. WURA,

    Do note that I said CLEAR CUT CASES as Mr. Archer’s case seems to have been. It is also not advisable to accept a final settlement too early, before complications become apparent. But twenty-seven years is obviously too long.

    There is also a possibility for an interim payment or payments being applied for through the courts in cases where the injured person is unable to provide for shelter, food and the other basic necessities. This too is in clear cut cases in which only the quantum of the settlement is being disputed. The interim payment would of necessity be an amount significantly less than the anticipated final settlement.

    Really what it takes in Barbados is research by the client regarding his rights and the process and PERSISTENCE. Those who are challenged with respect to literacy will be taken advantage of, I’m afraid. There is no longer a respected person in the neighbourhood who can be trusted to advise persons of lesser understanding as there used to be in days gone by.

  49. Donna..there was a case. The then sitting judge WARNED both lawyers, for plaintiff as well as defense at the bery first hearing. This is an easy case, a very easy case, easily adjudicated, DO NOT COMPLICATE IT. Just as easy as Stephen’s. The person was not liable and had no control over the stupid defendant’s actions. But would you know those 2 slimy laeyers made it their personal business to delay., drag, contrive adjournments anya nd everything to keep that case in the system to rob the injured Claimant. 10 years later there is still no closure or pay out.

    Re interim payments, most lawyers avoid those although judges advise plaintiff’s attorneys to apply,.insurance compsnies are not keen especially when they are trying to avoid liability altogether, even when it’s CLEAR that they are liable. Plus it does not fit into the wicked plans of both attorneys to carry way ALL THE INJURED CLAIMANT’S money.

    It is SYSTEMIC THEFT…while driving injured people to their DEATHS..there can be no justification. It’s criminal human rights abuses.

  50. Donna. Don’t care how literate or legally savvy you are. Once they plan to rob you and violate your rights, that criminal syndicate operating out of the bar and judiciary they will focus only on that.

    I personally know injured lawyers who are not part of the cabal who suffered the same fate and they are well versed in the law. But the battle is real when u have evil forces pushing back to take what is rightfully yours.

  51. Everyone should solve their own ” problems ” when dealing with Lawyers in Barbados.

    I have an acquaintance who saved enough money to retire in Barbados. The majority of his savings was stolen

    by a lawyer in Barbados so his best ” god fearing ” appears to be to continue to live in Canada.

    Bajans in the Diaspora are more careful these days when dealing with their finances and some prefer to visit for a few months than return to live.

    Prime Ministers make yearly trips to the diaspora encouraging Bajans to INVEST in Barbados.

    Is the risk worth the reward ?

  52. WURA,

    I am not complicating anything. I am simply providing information for those who do not know so that they can instruct their attorneys accordingly. Quite true that insurance companies are not keen on interim payments and why they are not keen is obviously to pressure the desperate into accepting significantly lower settlements just to make it through the next day. But the insurance companies do not have to agree to the interim payment.. The judge may order it.

    We all know about the wicked machinations of the insurance companies and the attorneys. If we want to fight it we must first be informed of our rights and of the procedures involved in acquiring them. We must not be intimidated by the attitudes of the attorneys designed to keep us from questioning them.

    And we must be consistent and persistent – not calling or turning up at their offices every few years but every few days. Like the widow who went before the crooked judge in the Bible account they will relent just to get rid of you.
    But it has been my experience that Bajans give up too easily. And the lawyers know that and exploit it. We must stop looking for change from above. It is not going to happen. We must force the change ourselves.

    It is a rare person who seeks to change systems that are working for them.

  53. WARU,

    And my experience has been that one can get acceptably close to one’s due if one is informed, impossible to intimidate, consistent and persistent.

    What do you think we should do instead – cuss them on BU and remain victims?

    Cuss words relieve stress and give the illusion of having done something. And while we cussing the lawyers are laughing because they know we still feel helpless.

    They prey on that feeling of helplessness.


  54. “WURA,

    I am not complicating anything.”

    i should have put quotation marks…i was quoting the judge, who told the two slimy lawyers not to complicate the case, because it was a simple case.. read it again..

  55. “We must not be intimidated by the attitudes of the attorneys designed to keep us from questioning them.”

    what they do is use FEAR…the fear that they will sue you for libel or defamation if you say anything..ABOUT YA OWN CASE…but ah won’t those dirty cockrats to know, that that wind blows both ways…

    Trust me…they don’t like being cussed, especially when they know that the one doing the cussing is the one with the tools and weapons to expose and take them all down..

    you may not know but they used to be much more brazen, but the FEAR of getting CUSSED and have their names EXPOSED on social media has tempered that zest to rob every client that has crossed their paths…they are just being more careful now, but they cannot hide their deceit from the likes of me…ah know all their moves and have been biding my time for 7 long years…

    they do not have much longer to go now, given that one of the deaths they engineered only just occurred when they CHOSE to steal 2.7 million dollars from a helpless, disabled man lying in a bed…

    …so here they are..all over facebook, all over the blogs here in US and UK….and being shared worldwide as we type..

  56. That is why at the opening of this article i told them straight up, they can take their libel and defamation lawsuits, ah forgot to tell them to make additional copies and shove them all up their asses..

    ….this is their going down and no libel or defamation lawsuits will be effective enuff to help any of them..

  57. If you check out facebook you will see everything being posted here is also there…the battle is on…not everyone is being helpless, we are just doing it the most effective way to make sure the world KNOWS the human rights abuses occurring in Barbados COMMITTED by the lawyers/leaders against the helpless, injured populi..because they lie about and cover up the crimes they commit…..and those of us with the knowledge and a fighting spirit…can do just that..expose it all…..when you are injured, unless you are determined to destroy these scum with the mentality to match, you will be in too much pain to fight back..

    make no mistake…some people do not know where to begin to stop these criminal demons…..they would like to but do not have the know how…

    some of the cases and the crimes they commit against injured people will make you physically ill…ya would throw up…that is how bad it is for those who have no clue what to do, it is right up there with how they treat the elderly and their beneficiaries whose estates they steal robbing the dead, dying, living and those yet to be born..

    so just imagine helpless Stephen lying in a bed for over 2 decades or close…. knowing what they were doing and did to him and could do nothing because no one would help him…

    they will not get away with another one, not as long as i know about it….

  58. Here is what I want to know concerning this case

    A. Did the late Mr Archer ever saw the cheque for the 2.4 or 2.7 million whichever it is?
    B. Did Mr Archer approve the lawyers handling of his money for matters pertaining to his medical situation?
    C. Was Mr Archer present when the cheque was signed, seal and delivered to his attorney?
    D. Is Mr Archer’s living remaining family ever sought to ascertain why the lawyer was still keeping Archer’s money in a personal account?
    E. Did the bar association ever seek to make query concerning the same lawyer relative to Mr Archer’s disclosures in the press?
    F. Did Mr Archer ever seek police assistance after making his claims known?
    G. What recourse does deceased Archer have now that he is dead?
    H. If the utility company stated Mr Archer was compensated for the injury’s he receives at the falling of one of their poles, is it possible for the utility company to produce a copy of the cheque presented to Mr Archer for proof of payment.
    I. Why is the lawyer at the centre of this matters so quite? Is he guilty, is he out of the island or is he dead?

    We can spend all of our time here talking about crooked lawyers, or we can make an appeal for relevant persons close to Mr Archer’s case, like his family members, the Utility company and such like, to come forward and shed some light on this matter. Also, if the lawyer is indeed the Jackman mentioned on the other social media site, he should be pressured to come forth to present his side of the story on why he did not give Mr Archer his money. I would also think that now is the time to bring the Bar Association into the spotlight to face some heat.

  59. @ Donna

    You used the word “exhaust” earlier when you said

    “…We already know the slow pace of the dispensation of justice in Barbados. We were discussing the effectiveness of the UN Human Rights facility.

    Obviously the lady did not go to the UN immediately.

    That would have been crazy. She went when she had exhausted all local avenues…”

    A requirement for being able to approach the UNHRC is that you must have “exhausted” all available local avenues before you even get to them.

    What I said, and I will repeat it for clarity, is that when the UNHRC communicates with the government, that is when the administrative frustration of the process begins!

    Particularly when you are bringing a legal matter against the government OR LEGAL FRIENDS OR THE CABAL OF THE GOVERNMENT!

    Have you ever brought a case against Leslie Haynes or David Simmons or Mia Mottley?


    I live for My God and, to see Him, I must be holy, not as His Son is Holy, but as far as I can work to have Him indwell in me.

    The fact is that the fight against this entrenched evil, is not an easy one and like you said, ONE HAS TO BE PERSISTENT, and never give up in doing the right thing!

    But for some people, AND ALL THE SHEEPLE, that task is impossible.

    Look at this man Stephen Archer, should he have died like this?

    Who will be his champion?

    Look around you at the instances of injustice against the late Abijah Holder, or Yugge Farrell and listen to the voices which speak for THE UNDERDOG Donna.

    We few…but when we fall…what then?

  60. The demon names being called in the theft of Stephen Archer’s money..

    and then there is a sitting lawyer/minister’s name being called in the attempted theft of an injured clien’t money…a clear sell out of his client.. ah told yall, it ends with this poor man’s death, yall engineered the death of someone who looks just like you…to steal his money…it was not yours or Cows……scum.

  61. “Have you ever brought a case against Leslie Haynes or David Simmons or Mia Mottley?”

    you do not bring cases…you DISMANTLE.

  62. I don’t know why these haunted motherfckers don’t get it yet, they and haunted and don’t know it.

    the dead have spirits that leave their bodies, because you public nuisances have no souls, does not mean that others don’t.

    no wonder all of you resemble the walking dead.

    hope ya enjoy.

  63. SSS some good questions to ask. One lawyer seemed quite upset regarding a post on this issue in Barbados Lobby and he called in a friend who may also be a lawyer.

    “Get to know the facts. Did you try to speak with him while he was alive. I did.

    Anthony Reid … maybe persons can contact you rather than besmirch a profession because it is so easy to do.”

    One person also queried whether the newspaper article is correct.

  64. Would love to be a fly on parliament wall re Kerrie Simmons..

    hope the Opposition is taking this very seriously…

    more exposures to come…

    Heather, it was the same information in the first article over 10 years ago and could very well be longer than that..the lawyer had no damn right with his money….NONE….his check should have been in HIS HANDS..let him handle his own business, who the hell are the stinking lawyers or Cow or whoever else old thief they all involved…

    ….more lawyers names will get called…THEY ARE THIEVES..they rob their clients..

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  66. As long as they know we are now getting started, we have decades of catching up to do, so many decades of thefts from the people to bring to light…THEIR VICTIMS…many, many more names to be called, let’s see if they are a quarter as resilient as those living and deceased that they have all robbed.

  67. A lot of us black people are prone to keloid scarring. Once keloid scars form they are difficult and expensive to remove, and are considered ‘cosmetic” surgery. I know a headmaster friend–a real good looking black fella. He told me that to avoid keloid scars he had to invest in some serious shaving equipment, $300 BDS worth. I asked him if he thought that the average schoolboy has access to $300 with which to buy shaving equipment. He told me “no”

    I am only a Simple Simon.

    I don’t know neffen.


  68. @TheOGazertsOctober 1, 2019 6:16 AM “22,000 cases a year or 84 each working day….. Is that number for real? On average one in every 12 Barbadians going to the courts during the year..I doubt it.

    Maybe somebody learned their counting from “Big Bird”, instead of from “The Count.”

  69. When Dale Marshall present figures you have to wonder if he is getting them from a reliable source or just calling out a number from the top of his head. He has a propensity to say one thing and then bring something completely different. Since Marshall is not one to be credited with a badge of integrity, why does he not do the more transparent thing that this administration promised they will do and that is to provide some copy of statistics to validate these 22,000 cases. These days political truth needs to be subjected to some form of proof so we can step out the feeling doubt that surrounds these two crooked is ass administrations that have hoodwinked bajans for too long with their so called brand of politics. Would be interesting to see the date of the first case right up to last so that a TimeLine can be established to paint a better picture of how ridiculously inefficient the judicial system has been allowed to function over umpteen years. Be that as it may, you have to give credit to the BLP for trying, and hope that their labouring on this matter bears some serious fruit.

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