Crucible International -Threat to Democracy II

The attached was received by hand yesterday. It speaks for itself.


It was for the very reason I posted the Severance letter and calculation sheet and titled it Threat to Democracy.
Rather than apologize for the m u ck up Management elect to buldoze a shut up – from me.
Sir Justice Waterman always said “if you start wrong you will end wrong”.
The letter dated January 2, 2019 and all correspondence (including letter of appointment) from Crucible speak of SALARY.  Taking cue from them I know one month’s salary was due in lieu. Therefore, I’d say point 1 through 3 of the June 12, 2019 letter is moot.
It also speaks of October 2015 as date of hire. It is either that Crucible is manipulating or acting with malice or they just don’t know what they are doing.
While the GM was promising a proper chair on March 31, 2019 Cassandra, the HR representative (claimed) the incumbent’s name was already submitted to the Board, among list of staff to be retrenched. The chair promised never came, incumbent never got to see or test it. Therefore I am staggering with awe that there is a point 4.
I believe it was Sir Leroy Trotman who was up in arms with the likes of CDS time past and one blogger on this site reference Caswell Franklyn on these matters. I fail to see why Crucible highlighted this point.
I noticed no comment about the Occupational Therapist and her intended/impending visit.
Imagine a young woman victimized and discriminated against and her voice is not to be heard because a man and a company has been operating for 20 years.
My question is: how so?
How many times has the Labour Department had to have employees reinstated there – for their good looks?
Not to mention the incumbent’s letter of complaint to the GM of January/February 2019 outlining several discrepancies and verbal abuse.
One blogger or a few labelled me a bully. But my dictionary classifies a bully as someone big or powerful or have influence over a vulnerable or dependent person to intimidate or discriminate or victimize …..
I am neither big nor powerful nor hold any sway on Crucible. On the contrary; ironically, its Crucible that displays such tendencies on young women (mothers) mostly and its Crucible’s Management that run to lawyer “spinning” and omitting details, using scare tactics to hide their Ugliness.
Bring It On man, bring it on.


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