CRUCIBLE INTERNATIONAL – and the beat goes on

UN Security Council…..
Reporting from the 40th Caricom Heads of Government Meeting.  ………

Yesterday we (Accusers) met with Management and Representatives of Crucible International at the Labour Department .
Meeting set for 2 pm and Crucible and its entourage waltz in at 2.15. So much for courtesy and professionalism.
Madam Hinckson-Forde like a butterball. Someone needs to teach this lady how to APPLY make up.. not Append.   Cassandra enters like a Drag Queen. Dark like old ash and in all black. wth! Sherland……OK-ish
Accuser there to discuss compensation/refund for expenses incurred from injury on the job – from cheap breaking office chairs.  Labour, by some mishap, to explore “wrongful termination”.
Labour opens about the Termination and Madam Hinckson-Forde stressed that with low volume the firm was forced to lay off. Asked how many employees – 119 how many released on that occasion – 6 .  No problem/no need to advise Labour if less that 10 %. Do you see a ‘muck up’?  Won’t firms release ‘just’ less than 10% at a time – all the time?  Porous Laws that unscrupulous employers use and abuse to discriminate and disenfranchise workers. When stressed that the Accuser was the only one from the specific (specialized) Department Cassandra readily replied NO but never says how many. What the hell is that? Stressing the cause of injury and continuous discomfort the Accuser stated that Crucible replaced each broken chair with a similar inappropriate one.    Sherland read, like a Kindergarten kid, from a print out all about the genesis of this matter and management’s attempts (or failure) to resolve it.  This is the caliber of HR at this international firm operating in Barbados.  Pitiful. Pathetic. No wonder what permeates within does.  He even stated that the Accuser identified a sturdy Guest chair but he or the firm refused claiming that she couldn’t be allowed to use that for an extended time.
Cassandra presented photos of the various chairs – or look-alike – to show  and prove that Management did ALL THEY COULD to satisfy the Accuser.  Madam Hinckson-Forde remarked that that issue was not about wrongful termination and she was there only to address wrongful termination. Thick pack of Labour Laws on termination.  Defense came against me with bigger a decade ago and I won.   Blinks over the fact that there were correspondences and conversation between the Accuser and GM since January and as recent as the Friday before the termination. The apparent spontaneous termination before the private Occupational Therapist’s (OT) visit  more than suggests that the termination was hinged on the conditions permeating within the firm. Apparently Crucible cant find appropriate chairs or in there like a wholoss.  That the OT never got to visit the Plant and assess the work station went above all heads.  Labour can’t see correlation between the two events. No wonder.  Madam Hinckson-Forde categorically states that since Crucible International did so much to provide chairs (rickety and flimsy and askew and debile) and the chair breaks she doesn’t see how or why Crucible must be liable for the Accuser’s injury Thinking face
Pray tell!  If a firm provides desk and chair that is inappropriate to a Typist and she develops Carpal Tunnel Syndrome who or where does the Typist gets Medical or funding for same from?  Couldn’t dignify that banality with a response so I asked Labour to respond.  Labour cops out stressing that that aspect falls under Health and Safety. The Accuser did mention this aspect when she visited the Labour Department and the officer did say that that would have to be dealt with by another but no attempt was made to have that Department on board.
Accuser persisted with her objective; to get an agreement for compensation for injury. The learned Attorney begins by saying that since the individual is no longer employed with Crucible and continuing (apparently) no longer suffering as severely as earlier her client would not be paying; she doesn’t see the need for Crucible to refund/absorb costs for therapy for injury (which was endured during employment with Crucible).UnamusedZipper mouth face
YOU disappoint me.
When asked Cassandra what is the firm’s policy on In-house injury or whether they have a Medical Plan for employees the Learned Attorney whispers in her ears. No response.  This flipping highway breaches and criminality.
When attorneys can make and advise these International firms to this effect no wonder there is such wanton recklessness and lawlessness in the offshore sector.
But best of all Crucible has stooped to a new deep down low, stalking the Accuser’s social life on social and night (Crop Over season and all). Photos. Complaining to Labour that the Accused was out and about Disappointed.  Foreday Breakfast.
Persisting on the issue of refund/compensation Madam Hincksoh-Forde states that Crucible will categorically not be paying (not because the Accused wasn’t injured on their premises or deserves it).  Crucible suffered injury from our online social media Barbados Underground reporting. 
What de hell!
Dah fuj yuh!
ROUND 2 coming.


  • There is no quarrel with the owners of Crucible International nor indeed with the GM. In fact only pity for the GM because it is ‘believed’ that he honestly meant that he didn’t want to loose one of his very high producers and that he sourced an appropriate chair which was to arrive from Canada shortly. Unless it was a smoke screen. It would appear that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.
    Similarly the Shareholders and Directors may not know of all the practices here.
    However, one must not get its judgement fogged by individuals outward or civic contributions in matters of criminal or moral complaints. I hate using the US as example, especially now, but theirs is the most open with press freedom rankinh high. Just recently a well known Pastor was charged with several counts of crimes against young girls. Who could have beleived that? A Judge got jailed for taking money for falsely convicting and jailing black boys. I,ll pass over Bill Cosby. Non other than the Governor of NY having extramarital affairs and taking ‘human’ across state lines to do so. A prominent Lawyer and community contributor killed his girlfriend and buried her at sea. Shocked the country into disbelief.
    The point is; very good people do bad things too.
    Crucible and Cassandra sent the employee home, not even because of the chair because they had already sourced it, but because they didn’t want the Occupational Therapist to examine and expose their …sick environment/environment that is making people sick. This begs the question; how does the Labour Department do its work?
    But such is not unique to Crucible International but to all those offshore firms that exploit and abuse the local and regional status quo.
    This incedent just just happened to fall in my lap.


  • RE This incedent just just happened to fall in my lap.



  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Morbid obesity.


  • David BU move to the top of the class ………as the beat goes on !

    Here is why, David your boy Donville is accused of taking a bribe from ICBL !

    The Commisioner of Police – Tyrone Griffith – has so far resisted calls to investigate the matter as it relates to ICBL role in the Donville Inniss bribe taking – accusation .

    So not to be outdone. ..David BU – arranged for ICBL to donate cameras ( after the bribe to Donville has ‘ alleged ‘ to have been handed over ) ……and guess who is photographed in the local press receiving the ICBL donation ?

    Commissioner of Police Tryone Griffith …..if you please !

    David BU …you can get some things done….bout here !

    Move to the top of the class !


  • @SirSimpleSimon
    You got TKO the last time. You here again with your subjectivity.
    Address the issue if you have anything of value to add.
    For a big man (or are you) you attacking and hating a person on their health condition .. Do you have shares in Crucible or any offshore firm that you bleetingly and blindly arguing? You go ahead and be unkind to people (She didn’t attack you) you’ll soon just become a puff of air.


  • @ georgie porgie.
    The cogs grind slowly.
    Expose Expose Expose.
    Yesterday at Accra was: Expose.
    Fact Finding.
    There is always method to the madness. Hannibal always came from the rare; least expected direction of approach.
    “You can learn a lot from a dummy.”


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