Crucible International – A Threat to Democracy

The following was received from a concerned parent- David, Blogmaster
My daughter suffers from back pains.
In January this year, my daughter was planing on inviting the Labour Department to assess work conditions. She raised this with me and I advised her to write them first which she did.
The issue was about inappropriate chairs which repeatedly broke while sitting on and ensuing back pains which are aggravated. Management discussed the issues raised and attempted to resolve same.
Subsequently when a replacement broke the Supervisor told her she’ll have to sit on the floor until they find another.
I got involved. I called and asked why they would want their Staff to be physically uncomfortable and consequently emotionally unsettled from the fear of falling and becoming injured. The Supervisor and Senior Manager assured me that they always replace the chairs and that they were ergonomically fit. My daughter is a full sized lady. They advised that they had just sourced a new chair, weight appropriate, and it would be at the incumbents desk before she reported for work the next day.  Indeed this was so but with the same kind of frail armless chair.
My daughter has been seeing a Physio Therapist for this discomfort and recently she recommended that my daughter visit an Occupational Therapist who would visit and assess the physical work area.
This was done and the Therapist called the General Manager’s Office at Crucible a number of times, weeks ago to make an appointment to visit the Plant. One week after that first call the Manager’s Assistant returned her call. The Therapist was by then preparing for overseas travel but is expected to visit Crucible on her return.
Last week the General Manager of Crucible met with my daughter and in the discussion informed her that they have sourced a new and appropriate chair and will have it in place shortly. He stated that she was a producer, a valued employee etc and that he didn’t want to loose her. He further stated that should the chair still not be adequate Crucible will give her the option to resign and the firm will pay her Severance.
The chair has not yet arrived.
My daughter reported for work today June 7, 2019 and was handed a Severance letter with two weeks notice, a cheque covering the period to June 27, 2019, two weeks vacation pay, years severance calculations and a completed Unemployment Benefits Form.
Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 02.18.47.png
#1 My daughter was employed on a monthly basis but Crucible paid fortnightly. Therefore it should be one month’s notice.
#2 Today being June 7th already begins the month and the Labour Law is …”one month or part thereof”. Therefore Crucible should know that she should be given one month’s notice from today and the vacation should begin after that period.
#3 She was appointed in October of 2015. Therefore Crucible should know that she should be paid for three years and nine months ( at end of June).
#4 She was denied the opportunity to try the “new fit chair”.
#5 The Therapist hasn’t yet visited to determine whether the furniture; desk and chair are appropriate or indeed other items or issues relevant to occupational health.
It would appear that Crucible ditched the cargo rather than be found wanting.
Having been injured, she has been paying for her therapy which has to be continued.This is contemptible.
My daughter has strong supportive and capable parents but what about all the other employees, especially those plus size ladies, who do not have the level of financial, emotional, legal and academic support?
These firms – Informatics and Offshore –  without Union representation have a history of exploitation, discrimination, breeches and disregard for the Law.
The Labour department should be visiting and assessing these firms regularly while having interviews with employees to know their grievances; not only talking to employers.
Further, employees when relieved of their tenure (justly of course) should not then have to be embroiled in arguments and actions to get their just dues. It should be a clean amicable divorce.
This is totally abhorrent, despicable, Illegal and unethical.




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  • Gag order anyone?


  • Time!
    *I fail to see how my child disadvantage Curcible employees that remain there;
    * the point about the wrought iron chair which WAS ANSWERED BY THE INCUMBENT was to hit home the point that the seating was sturdy and firm – immovable when occupied. Crucible rejected the suggestion of chairs without wheels but still failed to provide proper chairs for plus size employees;
    *t here seems a morbid fear of a discontinuation of the firm due to negative publicity, yet the nastiness n name calling came from within and those who have most to loose;
    *In case the point was nor understood, the. activity is to be funded by my daughter and colleagues. Its purpose is to provide moral, legal and financial support to young women in Barbados. The statement did not say that program funds would come from Bajans. Its GIVING to Bajans;
    *”it takes a village to raise a child …etc. This child has been raised and has now moven “into her own” having been positioning. I sincerely hope that the population at such firms take example and upgrade their skills (and behaviour) so there be no weeping n gashing of teeth whenever terminated, but simply turn a leaf and move on to higher ground or greener pastyres;
    *the substantive issue is labour violations not grammar and spelling at “night school.


  • @Speak the Truth
    @Crucible to the World
    You can be as subjective, as contemptible, as belligerent, as yard fowlish as you like or as denying but while you are there these matters matters affect or impact on you.
    1 You were not asked what salary you were expecting. It was determined and handed to you, like it or lump it. Won’t happen in a unionized environment nor Canada;
    2 these firms usually employ the young and otherwise vulnerable and exploit them;
    3 operate like concentration camps, with rules and policies that intimidate employees into submissiveness, silence and ;
    4 provide the cheapest dwellings and furniture for staff resulting in breaks/damage causing injury and/or physical discomfort;
    5 the practices are direct and malicious contravention of labour and human rights laws;
    6 Crucible does not operate on Canadian holidas and do not pay workers for those days but operate on local Public holidays. Aspect of Supremacy.;
    7 Crucible train and select the most plyable of the Trainees including plus sized ones and there fore should know that they
    should provide adequately for such unique sized employees;
    8 Management made a committment to replace and upgrade the chair and reneged on that.
    9 the GM too promised a weight appropriate chair but renege on that;
    10 GM aired that she was a good producer and that he didn’t want to loose her therefore she should not have been among those first to be releived;she was not severed because of low volume but in the hope of hiding mal practices;
    11 If employees are explicitly or covertly told that they cannot do this and that etc and the usual shenanigans, that is a violation n suppression of freedom of expression n denial of an inalienable right.
    12 Management is lax and lawless – in the habit of discussing employee business and/or accosting then openly on the floor. Unprofessional
    13 it would appear (from these volcanic rantings n rumblings) that a new dimention exists n surfaces – sexual harrassment (?) inter office inter rank employee/employer mingling/copulations. But Barbados has no Se x ual Harrassment Laws. Canada has. ye
    You should au fait yourself with the labour laws and know what your rights are so to be able represent yourself or what needs representation.
    Her social or domestic life/habits/acts/actions/transport or engagements is not the issue nor an issue, except to u.
    Leave that be. U have to get through me to get at her and none of those smut fazes me.


  • @cherfleur

    You need to up your English. I am Canadian. In Canada all union jobs are classified and have the related compensation attached. You ARE told and should know before applying what the job entails and pays.


  • The truth will soon be revealed bout cruicble… Same company making ppl post redundant and still hiring for the same post claim they losing work yet more work coming in everyday the list goes on but CRUCIBLE INTERNATIONAL AND MANAGEMENT NEED LOOKING INTO AS YOU HAVE TO MANY QUESTIONS IN REGARDS TO CLARIFYING ISSUES IN RELATIONS TO JOB SECURITY YOU ALWAYS HEAR I WILL SPEAK TO YOU LATER OR THEY COME WITH FANCY WORDING AND “PRETTY TALK” THEY WILL SOON BE EXPOSED FULLY GOD DONT LIKE UGLY


  • Do you know for a fact people have been recruited for jobs that were made redundant? If yes report it to the labour department.


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