180 Years of Emancipation- Some Perspective

Submitted by Mohammed Degia

On August 1, 1838, enslaved people across the British Caribbean gained their freedom. Contrary to what is often peddled about the singular role of abolitionists in ending transatlantic slavery, there were two main reasons for abolition- economic and rebellions. The British did not in some great moralistic and ethical wave bestow freedom upon the enslaved. The system was altered because slavery had become an economic liability. Furthermore, the planters lived with the constant fear of slaves rebelling and of another Haiti transpiring. In the end, it was better to agree to free the enslaved than to live with this fear or worse to experience a rebellion. I discuss all of this in more detail in a piece I wrote in 2007 which was the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade by Britain.

As we commemorate the emancipation of our Caribbean forefathers, remember that the British in abolishing slavery also provided a large compensation package for the slave owners. The sum of money amounted to £20 million (£15 billion today) or about 40% of the national budget. The formerly enslaved of course received nothing. What is even more perverse is that the loan taken out at that time by the British government to fund the compensation package was not paid off until 2015. Thus, the British taxpayer was until recently, through payments to the holders of the slavery bonds, still contributing to the beneficiaries of slavery. This is the same British government and society that dismisses the descendants of the enslaved condescendingly, lecturing to them that they should move on and stop living in the past. This is the same British government and society that refuses to consider the just demands of Caribbean people for reparations. The same British government that argues absurdly that the slave trade and slavery were not illegal at the time and so they are not obliged to provide compensation for the heinous role they played in one of the worst crimes against humanity. For these people though, it is not a historical matter to be left behind when until February 2015 they were still reaping the benefits of the slavery abolition loan. The height of dishonesty, arrogance and hypocrisy.

In addition, as we celebrate August 1, we must be mindful that 180 years after abolition and 56 years after the decolonisation period in the British Caribbean commenced with Jamaica’s independence on August 6, 1962, we have a long way to go in the quest for true freedom. The legacy of colonialism and slavery endures in our tiny island states. Most of us continue to experience significant socio-economic challenges. Race and class considerations remain central factors in how our societies function. For example, in Barbados, the justice system still operates in two forms- one for the rich and white and nowadays Indian and one for blacks particularly those that are not rich. Just under a year ago, I penned a long article about the harsh realities of race in Barbados beyond the symbolism of its Emancipation statue. Last week, two prominent white Barbadian businessmen were charged with drug offences and anyone following the saga would have seen first-hand the playing out of the politics of race and class that I wrote about.

The Caribbean has much work to do. We need to examine in earnest these mental chains that impede us. An honest, brutal conversation about our past, how it looms large over us and how we must proceed is essential. Our intellectual giants started the process. It is necessary for us to build on it and propel it to the next level. It is also imperative that we do this together as a region. We are one people with a shared history of colonialism, slavery and exploitation. People to people relationships that transcend artificial borders have always been a central feature of our Caribbean reality. In addition, in a world of large and medium powers, we have no choice as small islands but to integrate. Our politicians with their egos and selfish interests have frustrated the institutionalisation of our deep ties. We the people must take the lead.


  • “Well Well Wot A Igrunt Parasite I Is claims to have a husband!! LOL.”

    yep..and a white one too for decades..laugh at that..

    Don’t mind Negro Lawson…it’s only now that he has reached his 3 scores and 10 years it has finally dawned on him and LowIQ45 that they are not as special as they were misled to believe, they are just as ordinary as the next black person..making it very difficult for then to get over their delusions of grandeur and superiority complex.


  • For all those still trying to apply makeup to cover up a wickedly racist colonial past, you will not get away with it, our descendants must know and remember the destruction Europe and North America left in its wake and in the lives of the black race…

    Two countries – Haiti and the Dominican Republic – share one island, but they’re vastly different worlds, shaped by a racist colonial history.

    Follow Vox’s Johnny Harris as he explores the divide:


  • our descendants must know and remember the destruction Europe and North America left in its wake and in the lives of the black race…SO NEITHER SIDE..of which many of us are BLOOD members..EVER REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES IN THE FUTURE.


  • WW wrote,—–still does not mean that the evil white criminals who committed human genocide of black people and even the brutality against their own vulnerable groups in those days should be given a pass or made to forget, ya gotta remember it was the leaders perpetrated these crimes against black humanity. and others..ya think their descendants would not do even worse given the opportunity just to enrich themselves..

    What is even worse is the EVIL Black people that sold their own racial group that were POWs etc to whiteys. Very evil is the fact that Vikings marauded their way through Scotland, Ireland and England killing nufty people. (elsewhere in Europe too, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine). The Irish were treated very badly by white English. So what does this teach us about today—nothing really has changed in that Whites still mistreat whites and as proven in Bim, blacks still mistreat blacks EXCEPT that it is milder in terms of mass killings.

    So since I have Viking, Irish, Scottish and English blood what should I do cut off half my body??????

    The reality is that it really is not about Race it is about Good vs EVIL!!!!

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  • akenaten the blacks are not all that fond of the sun either, from my experience on the island and talking with police most seem to prefer to work at night. Now WW are you sure that guy your married to is not just a white blow up doll .Is he getting a little soft not as hard as he used to be, how about if 45 and I chip in and get you a bicycle pump will that help you get through this time of need. You might even find inflation is not as bad as you think..


  • WW,
    There can be no doubt that White leaders were EVIL towards African Slaves—NONE! There are still supremacy problems today—so what are the solutions?????????? Whites can not change the past and anyway it was the rich and powerful leading the nastiness for economic reasons.


  • Thank you Money Brain …Bajan’s and Caribbean people are being Beguiled by this Author Mohammed Iqbal Degia while appealing to their Sense of Victim-hood and Entitlement Mentality not realising they are being Captivated and Used for his Radical Purposes….

    Is radical Islam our generation’s most dangerous ideology? Is it comparable to what Nazism and Communism were in the 20th century? Or are Islamists no more dangerous than extremist Christians, Jews, and Buddhists? Raymond Ibrahim, author of “The Al Qaeda Reader,” explains what radical Islam is, and shows how Muslims and non-Muslims alike can help defeat it.


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  • WW feels like she is caught in a MB vise…..viking irish scotish english

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  • Is Islam a religion of peace? Is it compatible with Western liberalism? Or does Islam need a reformation, just as Christianity had the Protestant Reformation? Somali-born author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains.


  • Have you read the topic? Why are you attacking the ethnicity of the author? Suppose the BU family returns the favour? Treat with the message for crosshairs.


  • MoneyB..as I said..it is about right and wrong and give any of these groups the opportunity again, they will do the very same thing again, that is why they must all be continually and consistently reminded about the evil their ancestors did in the name of greed and evil for self enrichment off the misery, death and destruction, centuries worth of damage of other people…no reason to forget, keep the memories alive…


  • Lawson..you will be shocked what 20% of my bloodline is composed of…ah told ya, many of us are just as European as the next European with bloodlines stretching back into millennia and all traceable…and connected to our African ancestry..

    Ya just jealous of my husband, next thing ya will be saying that our children are really yours.


  • David August 10, 2018 12:48 PM

    “Have you read the topic? Why are you attacking the ethnicity of the author? Suppose the BU family returns the favour? Treat with the message for crosshairs.”

    David Really, ARE YOU FOR REAL….

    It was the Very Topic, he is one of those in the Caribbean leading the Charge and he is Standing in a Glass House Throwing Stones.

    The Glass house being his Beliefs that Still Practices People held in Servitude while Condemning others that Gave it up since 1834.

    And the Stones that he is Throwing is Reparations. So I am on Topic? I see his DECEPTION and I have Spoken to that DECEPTION.

    It has nothing to do with his Ethnicity because Islam is Not a Race. It is a Belief Structure. Some Follow it to do good and some follow it to DECEIVE and Create CONFUSION.

    BTW David Your Silence has been your Consent many times when Freedom was under attack by BU Minions. Is this an open invitation by you for them to Continue?

    David Have You Not Seen…



  • You may have the last word, as usual.


  • @MB
    So since I have Viking, Irish, Scottish and English blood what should I do cut off half my body??????
    You are justifiably proud of your ancestry and so should you but I must say that the Viking part is new. Now your family has lived in Bim for centuries (according to you) and there is not one iota of African blood? Even John has admitted to having some black ancestors. Remember it only takes three generations for obvious racial differences to be concealed from the original if the right partners are engaged. Do you know how many families in the US are “white” while their black cousins (with the same surnames) live just over the county line? If this is true for the US it is doubly so for little 2×4 Barbados.

    Here is my suggestion send in your DNA to 23 and me and they will confirm the ancestry that you claim, if they do you can share it with us (or not), as for me I only have to look at my mum and I know that there is a bit of Liverpool or Bristol or London somewhere in the past.


  • WW dont let that husband of yours get too close to your knitting needles, if you said 20% rattle snake venom that wouldn’t shock me now if you said 20% Scottish I would be more skeptical. But a lot more people are claiming Scottish and German ancestry now that trump is president..


  • Please..those frauds claiming Scottish and German ancestry never took a genetic test in their lives and have no clue who are what they are that is why so many are shocked when they get their results cause they made up some delusional nonsense that most times fit a racist narrative and then get vex when they they get their test results and they are not only full fledged what they never dreamed about, but Africa features prominently in their bloodlines..

    Like the white supremacist who took the test and the results were read on national tv…..subsaharan African ancestry was so deep in his blood he nearly had a stroke when they read it, he still can’t recover..

    ….have you done your ancestry test yet Lawson??


  • No need


  • Don’t mind MoneyB…the test results says Scandanavia..many of my relatives including myself are also from that bloodline..of course the Vikings/Nordic featured prominently on that side of the world because they are Nordic wountries with western German dialects, but they all came out of the caucus mountains..although the caucus crowd also have a specific bloodline.

    and the Nordic people also traveled to the Caribbean region AND the Americas before lying christopher columbus..

    .another very old blood line running through most of my relatives is the Native American which includes Arawaks and Caribs, which means they were around throughout the Americas long before europeans..

    Through it all you find so many relatives, it is overwhelming.


  • Nah…ya afraid ya might be related to my cousin of pure African blood in Cote D’Ivoire..lol

    Afraid of what else ya might find.


  • Did I mention the European relatives…well geez..you really don’t choose ya family, but they are family.


  • Islam is a religion, not an ethnic group. Get it right.


  • The blogmaster referred to ethnicity and not religion.


  • Is Islam a religion of peace? Is it compatible with Western liberalism? Or does Islam need a reformation, just as Christianity had the Protestant Reformation? Somali-born author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains.(Quote)

    Islam is a religion, not an ethnic group. Somali is a national group, not an ethnic group. In answer to the question: yes, Islam needs a Reformation. It is a Medieval religion.


  • You seem to give a shit, you are reading my every word, being entertained, something like voyeurs, after ya done, ya feel disgusted of yaselves, guilty and tainted and have to complain…is all kinds of weirdos on these blogs.

    And ya jealous too..hmm..hmmm


  • How did your husbands DNA turn out some recycled plastic pep bottles some Canadian pucks a little bit of pneumatic tire and just a touch of trampoline. Did you go for the 10 12 or 14 inch model


  • You better take that test real quick… Lawson, ya real conflicted.

    Maybe you will come back saying ya are a Viking too..lol


  • Akilini wrote,

    It is the reality of this “Handicap” which is responsible for the racial hatreds we find in the World today and yesterday. No one likes to know that they can’t do what everybody else can do, especially when it comes to something so “Basic” as being able to feed yourself, as normal people do by Farming.Therefore Caucasian ( Albinos ) resorted to the enslavement of “Pigmented” people to do the Farming work for them.
    In addition, Caucasian (Albino) stole land, raped ,murdered & tortured millions to attain albino dominance . They used the enslavement of Blacks people to make vast profits for themselves.

    This is unadulterated pup! White people conducted their farming in northern conditions for thousands of years. they would have died out from starvation otherwise. When they decided to grow tropical crops in the hot Sun they obviously had difficulty with the heat and decided to buy slaves from Africans who were more than willing to get rid of POWs / enemies that would have to be put to death anyway. this excrement about white people enslaving is nonsense all peoples had slaves it was pure economics. The Chinese sold their own female children into slavery if they had too high a ratio of females—pure economics. While it was not right to dominate others they way whites did, for the vast majority of humans domination was a certainty whether Black on black as in Bim over the last 10years OR white on white OR????? The desire to dominate is not a white only trait. Anyway blame Arabs et al for slavery since they caused Europeans to start shipping from the Far East because they Dominated land routes, charging very high tolls, when spices etc came across from the east ie Indonesia and India. Hence Prince Henry”The Navigator”of Portugal sent out ships from Cape St Vincent to explore Africa and find a route to the East.

    Albinos are not white people so try a lil research to comprehend the difference.


  • Akenatenl my mistake on the name.


  • WW, I agree that African blood must never forget and must progress towards equality in every respect. However, overplaying the victim card instead of working together to progress in my view is a mistake. Just check the examples set by Jews and Orientals who were treated badly by Whites too. Admittedly not as badly. Jews and Orientals, including Indians, are very successful in the USA today, far more so on average than whites in general. Why? The answer is what will help AfroAms, the teachings of people like Marcus Garvey, if employed would not have hurt either.

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  • Sarge,
    I wrote based on DNA test info—mostly northern European with a smattering of Southern E. I have no problem with skin colour and like brown very much indeed. I have made it clear before that I know that my grandfather and his brothers, all over 6ft, were village rams and so there are many in Bim that have some similar blood to me. In fact a famous Bajan Surgeon is my great uncle’s out side child. I also know that several generations ago one of my relatives left $$$$$ in his Will for darker family. Make no mistake, some of those old fellas loved their dark woman more than the white wife, but had to keep up appearances.


  • WW, talk bout afraid, there was an Exec in Btown who went to the records office to check his bloodlines (going back 70 yrs) and when he get to a certain part he slam shut the book and left bout dey real quick! hahaha.

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  • lol..MoneyB..the stories that are coming out of the ancestry tests are too much, the shock they get is worthy of patenting..lol


  • Yes as he looked back he saw his ancestors were all DLP voters


  • Lawson – “Islam is a religion, not an ethnic group. Get it right.”

    Erm, no actually, it is far more than that, it is a cult, an evil murderous cult which should be proscribed in any civilised society. It means SUBMISSION – to their version of a god, while allowing no other. Read their filthy book, and what it proposes for Jews, gays, women and the kuffar.

    Islam MUST be destroyed before it destroys civilisation..


  • 45 Hal wrote that but I do believe we have to be on guard on whats going on. There is good and bad in every religion but how do you tell who is who without a program. For instance if WW’s husband was religious and because of her over inflating him prior to sex he blew up would it be murder suicide or domestic terrorism. Its all so confusing

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  • Lawson, sorry if I misattributed Hal’s quote to you – but I think such a scenario as you describe would be more of a mercy killing! Of course, were the ‘lady’ herself to detonate, filled as she is with some sort of racial Novichok,, it would be like Chernobyl.


  • Two of yall are so pathetic and filled with sour grapes juice.


  • Poor creature, even if we were it would be a lot less toxic than the racist bile that stuffs the catastrophic outcome of your parents’ unfortunate foop.


  • 45..when WW woke up after her vagina tuck, there was three sets of flowers on her dresser she looked at the cards…and the first one from her doctor said everything went well , the second was from her husband and said get well soon the third was from a kid in the burn unit at the QE saying..thanks for the new ears.

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  • Only two 11 year old minds in two 70 year old men’s dried up bodies would get on a blog and become infatuated with a 60 year old woman’s vagina..perverts.


  • Lawson,

    That is very rude. You are naughty. You disappoint me. Write a hundred lines: I must not write naughty things.

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  • Lol Lol Lol hey morgan fairchild and christie brinkley got those old parts….but they kept themselves in shape working out not spending their time attacking poor retirees on the net 24 /7.

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  • Hal yes naughty for sure did you see those injection wells were just pit’s lol I don’t know who they thought they they were fooling now running a shit pipe out passed the break water calling it something fancy like injection well or off load somebody got three million


  • Just my luck, two creepy white men and their dumb sidekick in the UK, my whole life I had to run from these perverts, having a very clear idea what my enslaved ancestors males, females and children went through with them….these days they can only stay behind a computer screen and hope to rape.


  • WW,
    Did U see the Ancestry program with Prof Henry Louis Gates where he told Ms Malveaux and another darker lady about their white family? He told one that her 4G grand dad had obtained fredom from Slavery but then owned a plantation in Louisiana with slaves. HLG went on to say that there were 900 plantations in L with non white owners of slaves. I keep telling people the history is very complex and we need to simplify for today’s purposes 1 whites should not behave superior 2 AfroAms should not behave as if inferior 3 AfroAms must pursue lofty objectives and should receive a higher quality of education most likely via IT. 4 AfroAms must be encouraged to have hope and should be mentored by those who understand the key reasons why AfroAms / poor whites are not improving their lot. It comes down to Discipline, Education and positive attitude/ hope. Males have to be responsible for being fathers and stay in the home, young people must be encouraged not to have babies early, the formula is not too difficult but politicians / leaders are wutless!


  • The same hate that the whites who call themselves Christians hate muslims, is in the same vein as the whites who enslaved Africans and brutalised them.

    God made all things which includes all people and all religions man made to represent God in different manifestations.

    Muslims are mainly black and brown the hate of muslims is same racial hate of black and browns in a new disguise.

    Alt-white trolls are racists on internet and in politics. BU is becoming redundant like rest of web due the rise of the scum alt-right trolls


  • “I keep telling people the history is very complex and we need to simplify for today’s purposes 1 whites should not behave superior 2 AfroAms should not behave as if inferior 3 AfroAms must pursue lofty objectives and should receive a higher quality of education most likely via IT. ”

    Yep..that should be the plan, it is a complex history with everyone jumping on the bandwagon to be slave owners back then because it was trending , just like they all jump on the bandwagon today to beplantation owners , but that is just a cover up for gun running and drug trafficking purposes these days, different era,

    They all need to get with the program and put down the colonial shit, it has become useless and counterproductive….particularly in Barbados, you cannot hold on to the same destructive theme and expect different results.

    The ancestry testing is a gas…it is priceless to watch their faces when it dawns on them who their ancestors really were and who were slave owners and who were not..I especially like the part where who thought they were lily white end up with a good 20% or more of African blood rolling through their veins, it never fails to entertain..


  • 555, The fact is that the Arab Muslims enslaved Africans far earlier and longer than white Europeans. The Arabs also had a tendency to CUT off Afro males balls!!!!! So wake up and stop chatting racist shyte! Pretending to be a victim instead of getting of your backside and making progress is today’s major problem. Do U know that many medical schools in the USA permit entry to AfroAms with marks that are 20% LOWER than Asians!! There was a documentary with a really dark Indian that conned an UNI into seeing him as AfroAm and giving him entry on the basis of Race not grades. Crying Victim is not the way to go—Take positive action!

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  • The Nonsense of White Genes

    Have you heard this nonsense statement: “Black Americans have 24% European genes.”
    Now from that statement, a logical person would assume the Europeans have UNIQUE Genes that would of course be “WHITE” genes, and Blacks would have UNIQUE genes, which of course would be “BLACK” genes. 

    First and foremost: There is no such a thing as “White” genes! The reason for that is because a natural Modern Human is a “Black Skinned” African who evolved from earlier Homo-sapiens from about 400,000 years ago. Albinos, such as the European, evolved just 8,000 to 12,000 years ago, as a result of them foolishly breeding among themselves (which can only produce other Albinos), rather than as normally done – with a healthy Black only, which will produce mulattoes of various shades.
    The point being that the ONLY difference between original Black genes, and White (Albino) genes, are the h genetic mutations which m “WHITE SKIN” (Albinism):
    mutations of the following genes SLC24A5 , SLC45A2,
    MC1R, TYR, TYRP1 & OCA2 are seen at high frequency in Europeans.

    *Novel Mutations in MC1R Gene: First Evidence for OCA Type II Disease in Indian Population

    This is the first report providing genetic evidences for OCA type II disease associated with MC1R gene mutations. 

    MC1R gene mutation and its association with oculocutaneous albinism yype (OCA) phenotype in a consanguineous Pakistani family

    Oculocutaneous Albinism Type VI (OCA6) is associated with mutations in the SLC24A5 gene.

    Mutations of the TYR, OCA2, TYRP1,and SLC45A2 genes have been associated with Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA1–4, respectively).


  • “Albinos, such as the European, evolved just 8,000 to 12,000 years ago, as a result of them foolishly breeding among themselves (which can only produce other Albinos), rather than as normally done – with a healthy Black only, which will produce mulattoes of various shades.”

    Give those uppity albinos a history lesson about their existence, 70% of them are totally clueless about their own origins.


  • Lol ww if I was chasing you it would be with a large butterfly net. Bedlam. Do think for a minute I don’t know you are some rotund white guysitting around in his yellow boxers fantasizing about people thinking you are Maxine waters

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  • lol..but ah got ya good with that one.


  • “The fact is that the Arab Muslims enslaved Africans far earlier and longer than white Europeans.”

    I’m not interested in arguing with your prejudice.That was the meme pushed out by UK when they were pushed for reparations.
    Muslims are not racial like Whites.

    4,000,000 Africans were taken by GB and bred for 20 generations having up to 15 children from age 14.
    There are 100,000,000 black slaves descendants in the Western hemisphere.


  • If your claiming that is the cause of the sewage problem you would know better than me but I agree there is a lot of you


  • There isn’t a case of claims for slavery against muslims being made, there is a case of claims against Anglo-Americans for Atlantic Slave Trade, muslims are outside that remit.

    Whites claiming slaves were bought from Africans is ignoring slave trading by Brits and Americans where they were sold for up to $1,000 ($70,000 equivalent making fortunes)

    Africans selling slaves to Brits would not have envisioned the brutality of treatment that they would receive as the tricksters pretended they would treat them well like human and not sub-humans animals.

    The crimes of white slavery are about white wickedness.


  • The history of the slave trade out of Africa to Caribbean and across the Americas and Europe will haunt them forever, it will never go away, it is not the type of curse that can be washed or wished away, it will continue to follow and stick…and the more they continue with the Arab story, which had nothing to do with slaves in the Caribbean, Europe or North America, the more their culpability will be highlighted.

    It’s theirs, they gotta own in, no Arabs were around the Caribbean, jews yes, they were entitled to a slave per family, that’s why they should never be allowed in the Caribbean again, but those who are still benefitting from slavery, gotta live with that curse that will outlive them all.


  • “#Herb is a plant; I mean Herb is so good for everything. Why? Why do these people who profess they want to do so much good for everyone and call themselves governments and this and that, say you must not use the herb? Their motivation appears to be that its use makes us rebel. Against what? Against those who crave material possessions and wish to influence our subconscious behaviour by making us work for their benefit and keep it all. Herb allows you to reflect upon this and question why you should submit to their will, and helps you to understand that you are their equal, not in the sense of owning material things, but in the sense of why should you agree to their doctrine? This means that you are your own person, you own yourself; you are not enslaved; you do what you want to do; you are responsible for yourself and become free of their ways without caring what others think”
    -Robert Nesta Marley


  • “…and the more they continue with the Arab story, which had nothing to do with slaves in the Caribbean, Europe or North America, the more their culpability will be highlighted.”

    Muslim slaves were servants only and were rewarded for loyal service

    There were no slave plantations


  • Just listen to what the demented racist SSDumbShit has to say….”Muslims are not racial like Whites.”

    I wonder WTF this cretinous RH has been lately while the men in white coats have been looking for him! He has apparently missed all the killings worldwide by his beloved muslim filth, and undoubtedly was one of those cheering 9/11. What a scumbag.


  • ” and undoubtedly was one of those cheering 9/11. What a scumbag”

    stop projecting your ignorant hate pasty faced white boy

    911 was a scam in case you didn’t know
    O Money Laundering $240 billion through Bank of New York London*, CIA Black Ops Funds in Black Eagle Trust 10 year bonds from distressed Russian Assets, failed settlement cleared by SEC
    O Drones
    O PNAC wars
    (*) I worked at BNYE

    Read about it sucker


  • The reason they are more Afros in the West than in Muslim lands is because they cut off testicles!
    Sad but true. People who convert to Islam because of slavery in Christian lands are very ignorant of the facts.

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  • 555dubstreet August 11, 2018 5:55 PM
    “Muslim slaves were servants only and were rewarded for loyal service”.

    Yes they were Rewarded for their Service, there Ball were cut off and their women were used as Sex Toys and any Children they had were Killed!

    Problem is that some here LIE & DECEIVE because they feel that they can get money from one set of people but not from the other Group!

    KIKI555 we understand where your loyalties are… Clear as Night from Day!

    Who is that you are Charging for these Reparations? Is it the English people? Or is it All of Europe? Or is it some of Europe?

    There were more slaves sent to South America than they were in the Caribbean and North America.

    Does these Reparations include those?

    And Since Everyone knows that life started in Africa and we are looking back that means that we are all Africans are we going to charge ourselves for this displacement of modern people?

    Barbados is the only country that was always under British rule in the Caribbean, if we are only charging England with these reparations what about the times when the other islands belonged to other European Countries?

    And if you ask for Reparations equal to what was paid to the Slave owners that would be 15 Billion Dollars as you have said in today’s dollars which works out to 200.and something dollars per man woman and child in the Caribbean with most of the money going to Cuba, Haiti, Santa Domingo and Jamaica.

    Or is this money going to the Governments of the Caribbean?

    I know of no Government in the Caribbean who is the same today as it was yesterday.

    In each and Everybody’s life we can point to instances of Unfairness of being taken advantage of although they are not in-comparison with the crime of Slavery who is going to pay for our unfairness and being taken advantage of?

    All that people have fought and died for, all our forefathers who desired to see a better society, up comes this crowd that looking to Create an Extortion Racket rather than embracing what we have now and moving forward.

    You don’t seek Progress you Use Revenge as your tool of Extortion!

    You forget that wealth is created by the Industrious and that we all live by the hand of the Industrious.

    The Division that you seek is by Dividing Wealth not Creating it! That Game is as Old as Time itself!

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  • Money Boy stop drinking the Hareterade and parroting white boy memes that you know nothing about.

    There are many blacks in muslims lands and no racial hate (there are may whites too). As Malcolm X said in Islam colour does not mean anything, In USA when a white man says he’s white and you are black, he’s saying he’s your boss.

    Greeks and Romans had Eunuchs too for slaves that worked for woman. People did not want them sexing up the woman.


  • Freedom Crier

    You are still too ugly to bother with. If God had blessed you he would have give you a pretty face.


  • 555 Aug 11th, 8.08pm, Yes X changed his opinion regarding white people when he met Muslim whites on his journey to Mecca—you should learn from that! I do NOT hate any group of people , race, religion etc so cut out your racist nonsense. How does it make sense to hate whites when many whites have never even interacted with non whites? (and vice versa). Race is used by “leaders” to divide people. Do U think that Muslim Guyanese believe that they are the same as Afro Guyanese, same for Trinidadians and other places where there are large such racial representations?

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  • Who told you I hate whites. I hate racists. Two thirds of whites as are racists.

    My white friends would be calling out racism of whites too.


  • I’m not racist, I don’t hate muslims, despite propaganda washing your brains.

    I look at the wars against muslims and the hate as a clash between West and East.


  • This is not Black versus White, or Left versus Right or Jew versus Palestinian, this is a Good versus Evil, Freedom versus Tyranny and the culprit from the beginning of time has always been the Adversary. We have our eyes so clinched where they want us to in stirring up racism that we are forgetting the others that suffer Great Atrocities right now in real time, being slaughtered by the thousands.

    After the WWII genocide, we kept saying “never again”. But since then there has been Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and the Christians Middle Eastern territories. Even Saddam, as horrid as he was, never performed such atrocities. These people have lived there with their beliefs since the 5th century or earlier. Now convert to Islam or die. Are they less worthy of our outcries???

    A Rose by another name will still smell as sweet in much the same way Slavery to a Slave is STILL SLAVERY!

    The Chiefs in Africa used to war with each other and would sell their Captives European Traders to get them out of the Country so they would not have to fight them again.

    The Europeans engaged in the Slave trade as TRADERS they did not go into Africa and Conquer and capture Slaves.
    Have you heard about modern day Slavery in Africa? What do you call when Muslim Extremist in Africa raid villages and capture children and make them solders to fight their cause?

    Have you read of Boca Harran taking young women from their tribes and selling them as SEX SLAVES…Is that a different kind of Slavery??

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  • Freedom you are no warrior.

    How many real fights have you ever been in.

    I guess none.


  • Freedoms war seems to be a alt-right white troll war with memes for children in her wackie mind.


  • I agree with dub the Muslim countries should look after the worlds nuclear arsenal


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