The Father of Our Nation is BUSSA : the Mother of Our Nation is NANNY GRIG

Submitted by David Comissiong
Who are the “Father” and “Mother” of that unique aggregation of people organized as a body politic on 166 square miles of Caribbean land and possessed of a distinctive cultural and social way of life, that we know of as the nation of Barbados?
Well, the term “Father of the Nation” is a well known honorific title that– in many nations — is given to a man who is considered to be the driving force behind the establishment of “his” nation, and who — in many instances –has made a monumental sacrifice (even a “blood sacrifice” of his very life) for his people.
But the term “Mother of the Nation” is not nearly as well known nor as widely applied and conferred!
Yet, if one looks closely enough one will surely discover that behind the establishment of every nation there is, in addition to a male “driving force”, a similar female “driving force”. And that for every man who made a sacred sacrifice of his life for the people, that there was a similarly heroic and self-sacrificing woman.
And so it was and is with the nation of Barbados !
We therefore make bold to say that anyone with a discerning eye can perceive in the history of Barbados both a “Father of the nation” and a “Mother of the nation” !
And just as a Father and Mother together create the fertilized egg from which a biological child emerges, the titles of “Father” and “Mother” of the nation must be applied to those two male and female historical personalities who played critical roles in giving birth to the very possibility, the very seed or root of the precious nation that we Barbadians possess today.
You see, over the first two centuries of the history of Barbados it was difficult to even conceive of the “possibility” of a Barbadian nation, simply because Barbados was a “slave society” in which a sizeable majority of its sons and daughters were denied the status of human beings and were held by their enslavers to be mere soul-less chattels or things.
Thus, if a majority of a people are not even considered to be human beings by the governmental and official structures of a society, how can one talk sensibly or meaningfully about being a nation?
No, in order for a nation to be established in Barbados, slavery first had to be abolished. And therefore, those historical personalities who played the critical roles in striking the death blow to the evil system of slavery would have to be considered the seminal figures who planted the very seeds of Barbadian nationhood.
Our search for the “Father” and “Mother” of the nation must therefore take us back to the great early 19th century slave rebellion that irretrievably set in train the processes that led ineluctably to the abolition of slavery in 1834— the 1816 Bussa Rebellion!
It is therefore relatively easy for us to identify the “Father” of our nation. Clearly, that title must go to the Right Excellent General Bussa, the Commander of the revolutionary forces of 1816, and an historical figure who has been conferred with the title of National Hero of Barbados.
But upon whom should the title of “Mother” of the nation be conferred?
Well, in the 1818 historical document entitled “Report from a Select Committee of the House of Assembly appointed to inquire into the origin, causes and progress of the late Insurrection” — the Bussa Rebellion— we read the following testimony of “Robert”, an enslaved man attached to Simmons Plantation:-
“………..some time the last year, he heard the negroes were all to be freed on New-year’s Day. That Nanny Grig (a negro woman at Simmons, who said she could read) was the first person who told the Negroes at Simmons so: and she said she had read it in the Newspapers, and that her Master was very uneasy at it: that she was always talking about it to the negroes, and told them that they were all damned fools to work, for that she would not, as freedom they were sure to get. That , about a fortnight after New-year’s Day, she said the Negroes were to be freed on Easter-Monday, and the only way to get it was to fight for it; and the way they were to do, was to set fire, as that was the way they did in Saint Domingo.”
Here then we see emerging from the historical record the figure of a mature literate enslaved Creole black woman who worked in the household of Simmons Plantation in the parish of St. Philip, and who was clearly the revolutionary ideologue of the rebel forces — a revolutionary ideologue who was committed to a military solution to terminating the evil system of slavery, and who was relentless in spreading that message to her fellow enslaved brothers and sisters.
The fact that she was called “Nanny” is not necessarily suggestive of an occupation as a nursemaid or a children’s caregiver, but could speak to her ethnic identity. You see, in the case of the Jamaican “Nanny” — Nanny of the Maroons — the Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History informs us that the name “Nanny” was derived from the Akan word “Nanani”, meaning “ancestress” or “mother”, and therefore is suggestive of an Akan ethnic ancestry .
Thus, our Nanny Grig may well have been a Barbados-born “creole” woman of Akan (present day Ghana) ethnicity.
What we do know for a fact is that General Bussa’s revolutionary troops did faithfully adhere to Nanny Grig’s admonition to commence a battle aimed at securing freedom for themselves on Easter- Monday of 1816 and to use arson as a primary methodology of insurrection!
Undoubtedly, as a literate, well informed and intelligent woman, Nanny Grig would have known that the chances of success were slim, and that the possibility of defeat and death was very real. After all, the revolutionary troops were not only facing a number of well armed local parish militias, but also the might of the British Imperial Army stationed at St Ann’s fort at the Garrison in St Michael.
It is extremely likely therefore that Nanny Grig had her eyes set on a more distant and futuristic goal: that she was striking a blow against Slavery and making the ultimate sacrifice in order that future generations of black or African Barbadians would no longer have to live in a condition of enslavement.
And surely she did make the ultimate sacrifice, for not only was the Rebellion put down— largely through the efforts of the professional black soldiers of the British West India Regiment – but the racist white parish militias then proceeded to inflict a regime of terror on the black population, burning and otherwise destroying the houses and property of blacks and executing hundreds of black women, children and men!
Without a doubt, Nanny Grig either perished in the fighting or was subsequently executed – perhaps hanged, beheaded and hung up on a post – in light of her role as a major leader of the Rebellion.
But who can doubt that her courage, activism and sacrifice played a major role in bringing down the evil system of slavery and hastening the day of the emergence of a genuine Barbadian nation.
The reality is that the Bussa Rebellion sent such a forceful message of uncompromising hostility to Slavery that in 1819, a full three years after the Rebellion, the Governor of Barbados, Lord Combermere, was still writing to the English Colonial Office warning them that “the public mind (in white Barbados) is ever tremblingly alive to the dangers of insurrection.”
It is not surprising therefore that when – in 1833 – the British Secretary of State for the colonies introduced  the Emancipation Act in the British Parliament, he expressed the view that “they were compelled to act; for they felt that take what course they might, it could not be attended with greater evil than any attempt to uphold the existing state of things.”
Thus, it was really the courageous military activism of the Bussas and Nanny Grigs that was ultimately responsible for the abolition of slavery.
And this is why, in the final analysis, no-one other than our heroic Nanny Grig must be conferred with the title of “Mother of the Nation.”


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ John June 23, 2018 11:05 AM
    That’s the difference.!!!
    The Spanish were all about conquest and gold!!
    The Spanish and Portuguese were Roman Catholic and it was the Roman Catholic Church that persecuted the Reformists.
    The Spanish frittered the riches of the New World in European wars to reestablish the failing hold the Roman Catholic Church held in Europe.
    You need to go and do some reading before you make these nonsense points.”

    So Raleigh, Hawkins and Drake were all nice English country gentle men whose only mission was to spread the gospel of Jesus Chris to savages and heathens according to Henry V111, his heirs and successors?

    Even Courteen saw there was money to be made from the trade in the West Indies and got into act of turning Barbados from a Portuguese wild pig and spring water station on their way to Brazil into one of the finest jewels in the English commercial crown.

    You are the one whose load of bullshit cannot be sold here on BU without having to give a fair and proper historical account of the Truth.

    Next occasion you might want to claim John Newton was a good old Quaker sent by Yahweh on a mission to save the wretched souls of the black West Africans from persecution and death in the Islamic concentration camps to a white paradise in the Christianizing places like Barbadoes.

    But there is a ray of enlightening hope for you Sir John and just like your namesake in Newton you might, through ‘Amazing Grace’ see the beacon of Truth emanating from the Lighthouse of BU.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    You see the news coming out from Zimbabwe?


  • So Raleigh, Hawkins and Drake were all nice English country gentle men whose only mission was to spread the gospel of Jesus Chris to savages and heathens according to Henry V111, his heirs and successors?


    Wrong again!!!

    Their goal was to rob the Spanish!!!

    Are people so totally ignorant of basic history?

    Raleigh did try a settlement in 1585 which failed.

    The only people who could make a go of settling America were highly motivated people guided by God.

    … lunatics if you like!!!

    Money was secondary and came in time, but God was the reason for success and the blessings which followed.

    Raleigh’s failure in Virginia proves the point that there was something else needed to make a go of settling the New World and that was God.

    Profit did not work!!

    The Spanish lucked in the early out but never had the long term success or blessings North America had.

    In a way they were cursed by their immediate success and frittered it away.

    Here is an example of how they frittered it away!!


  • millerthe June 23, 2018 11:56 AM

    Re… Doesn’t your book of myth and lies also tell the tale of an Ethiopian eunuch providing a rearguard service to Philip in exchange for the teachings of your white Jew Jesus and the world of a European god?…

    But there is a ray of enlightening hope for you Sir John and just like your namesake in Newton you might, through ‘Amazing Grace’ see the beacon of Truth emanating from the Lighthouse of BU.”

    “anunnaki Wild Sage of BU” your Ray of Hope from BU is your Commie Philosophy. But I see a the Ray of Hope from BU in Allowing Everyone to Speak including you with your Race Baiting Tactics..What part of you have decided what Race you are? Is it Something you were Born with or Something you have Adopted?

    Did you know that is so with everyone as for the Ethiopian he was from Ethiopia as for the Jew he was a Jew. Have you not Noticed that people Fashion their God to look like them.

    The Creator of the Universe was born of Humble circumstance in a manger with animals, as he did that do you think he is worried about appearances. Do you think anywhere in the Scriptures that God worries about a man’s skin colour as pertaining to righteousness?

    Do not get carried away by the Craftiness of men. The Scriptures have much to offer that are hidden from the Casual viewer but when discovered by the earnest student Enlightens the mind and his Heart Swells with Understanding. We all live under the human condition some of us are more Intelligent than others some of us are more Prettier than others and some of us are more Evil than others…The First Two we Do Not Choose of the Third it is our Choice.

    It does not matter what Race we are, it matters who we are as pertaining to our Character. When we Stand before God to Account for our life on this Earth, wither we believed on him or not as we Stand before him as his children you may Remember…

    Greatest History Lesson Ever…
    As the Lord’s Prayer says, “OUR Father Who Art In Heaven”
    One Race the Human Race!

    We Are All Connected By God’s Amazing Grace
    Video…Wintley Phipps Amazing Grace


  • There were various tribes of native Americans who from time to time rose and fell long before the New World was settled.

    How is it possible for indigenous people to be living in the Americas before it was settled? If they were people living there, then it was settled. Unless, of course you think that the only people capable of settling any area of the world are Europeans. That, of course, would be a racist point of view.


  • “The only thing missing in that load of crap is that the enlgish, french etc, they were all criminals, frauds, thieves, child rapists, rapists of grown men and women, enslavers and a long list of repugnant realities still to be exposed and confronted.”

    Well Well Wot A Load of Drivel is on her illiterate hobbyhorse I see.

    The repugnant realities have long been exposed if not confronted by the Great Enrichment with which you professional victims have blighted everywhere you have gone.

    Who pays your benefits, you sad sack?.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    LowIQ45fraud…I pay my own benefits…always have…

    …who pays yours, you parasite on the lives of taxpayers, the UK will soon cut you off, and what then..

    Tee White….John has reduced himself to an idiot savant, but sin the brilliant memory associated with savants, that is thankfully lacking, if he had it he could do great damage, as it stands he spent wasted years on BU with a negative agenda against the black race and black bajans in particular and is now all played out….making himself ineffective and nuisance like in intent, right up there with being a public menace.

    Tee…these days I study the Yoruba language(s) of my ancestors in great detail, enlightening is an understatement, take a look at it and see the first thing that jumps out at ya.

    Next stop insthe Native Languages of the real American natives of the Americas , that bloodline runs through every cousin.


  • Well Well What An Iggorant Moronic Racist I Is, you keep up wid de Yoruba mammy, and th\at sound you hear is the Native Americans laughing their asses off at you.

    PS – you lie like a cheap Chinese watch.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Ah…it is so wonderful to witness in MY lifetime, the dismantling of the fraud and facade that is the european philosophy …

    And the imbeciles like lowIQ45.., getting lower by the minutes….are now in such a weakened mental state of flux…they can do nothing about it..that is what happens when you hang on to the coattails of dead demons for survival


  • How is it possible for indigenous people to be living in the Americas before it was settled?



    They lived in a state of flux.

    Then the state of flux was settled!!


  • In your lifetime, have you ever heard of one Native American Indian Tribe slaughtering another ..

    ….or enslaving them in your lifetime as was routine before the advent of the Europeans?

    All those differences have been settled.

    America has enjoyed a peaceful coexistence of multiple tribes who have come from all over the world.

    This has been going on for generations in case you missed it.

    America is thus described as settled.


  • 45 I would gladly help WW with her benefits if she promises to stop using that exercise stripper pole on her front lawn.

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  • Lawson…ah planning to move to Rosedale, Toronto.. on the same street as MoneyB.

    I will invite you over and keep the stripper pole on the lawn well greased just for you.


  • Zsa Zsa an english bulldog was crowned the ugliest dog in the world …Friends tell me Well Well was overheard saying…always a brides maid


  • Lawson – I have just used a bottle of mind bleach!!


  • Especially Commie Sing Song and Ilk on BU


  • Especially Commie Sing Song and Ilk on BU



  • lol…..ya see, that is what sour grapes will do to yall.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ John June 24, 2018 6:31 AM
    They lived in a state of flux.
    Then the state of flux was settled!!”

    No, No! Not at all, it was NOT that “Simple”!

    So where and how was it settled?

    In fervent reaction to the battle of Wounded Knee after hundred of thousands of native Americans were forced off their ancestral lands of fertile plains and driven to death-awaiting concentration camps aka ‘reservations’ to be killed off by pure ‘Christian’ brutal assassination, white man’s diseases or downright starvation for those who refuse to do the trek whereby a bounty was placed on every single bison the lifeblood or source of food, clothing and shelter for your aptly racist-designated wild ‘Red Indians’.

    But why are we confoundedly aghast at your defence of the slaughter of millions of ‘simple and innocent people and their expurgation of- like many stories from your book of myth and lies- their Nature-harmonious livelihood?

    Weren’t they- like you are today- inspired by the same word of a wicked evil vindictive god who told another conquering hero depicted as a white man in your book of stolen legends to adhere to the following:

    God commanding Moses to kill:

    “They fought against Midian, as the LORD commanded Moses, and killed every man……..Now kill all the boys [innocent kids].
    And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man. ~ (Numbers 31:7,17-18).

    Kill everything that “breathes” from humans and animals! ~ Deuteronomy 20:16.


  • @ millertheanunnaki June 24, 2018 4:48 PM

    Textbooks evidently do not teach that Andrew Jackson and his fellow Democrats were the ones that drove the American Indians off their land, killed the ones who resisted, and enslaved the ones who remained.


  • @ millertheanunnaki June 24, 2018 4:48 PM

    You said the Book of Myths and Lies and how bad Christians treated other people like the Red Indians, but a Little History and a Little information is a Dangerous thing for it Lacks Understanding. Your Knowledge of the Scriptures and Understanding of the Scriptures is as a Baby in the Womb and by Leftist Standards Disposable. You Point the Finger in a Derogatory tone to Christians following God’s Will as Evil and believing in Fables.

    But what you believe in of Marxist Ideology and the taking Away of Agency have Killed more people in the Last hundred Years even surpassing people like Attila the Hun and his Hordes. Your Ideology of Communism/Marxism Socialism/Religious Supremacy have Kill more people than your mind could Fathom and will turn a Blind eye to. You Believe in the Fable that the Red Indian was peaceful and Harmonious when in fact they were warring Tribes.

    Mao Zedong Catastrophes 1946-1976 = 70 million.
    Stalinist Crimes against humanity and genocide 1922-1953 =60 million
    3.Nazi Holocaust 1939-1945 = 17 million.
    Mass killings under Chinese Nationalist Government 1928-1946 = 1 million Chinese civilians starved or killed in order to fend off communist advance
    • Hundreds of thousands peasants and communist killed in political repression.
    • 1.75 to 2.5 million Chinese starving to death due to grain being confiscated and sold to other peasants for the profit of Nationalist Government officials.
    • 4.2 million Chinese perishing before even entering combat due starving to death or dying from disease during horrific conscription campaigns.
    • 440,000 to 893,000 Chinese civilians perishing in a man made flood by the Nationalist to stop a Japanese advance.
    5.Japanese War Holocaust 1895-1945= between 3 and 14 million civilians and prisoners of war through massacre, human experimentation, starvation, and forced labor that was either directly perpetrated or condoned by the Japanese military and government.
    6.Khmer Rouge Holocaust 1975-1979= The Cambodian genocide was carried out by the Khmer Rouge regime led by Pol Pot between 1975 and 1979 in which an estimated 1.5 to 3 million people died. The Cambodian Civil War resulted in the establishment of Democratic Kampuchea by the victorious Khmer Rouge, which planned to create a form of agrarian Socialism founded on the ideals of Stalinism and Maoism. The subsequent policies caused forced relocation of the population from urban centers, torture, mass executions, use of forced labor, malnutrition, and disease which led to the deaths of an estimated 25 percent of the total population (around 2 million people). The genocide ended in 1979 following the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia. As of 2009, 23,745 mass graves have been discovered.
    7.Young Turk’s Ottoman Holocaust 1913-1922
    A collective term to refer to the various genocides and Ethnic cleansings the Ottoman Empire committed under the administration of the Young Turks. Death toll is the combined death tolls of the Armenian Genocide (800,000 to 1,500,000), Assyrian Genocide (150,000 to 300,000), and Greek Genocide(289,000 to 750,000), and combined with the Great Famine of Mount Lebanon (200,000).,w_585/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/galleries/2011/10/21/the-20th-century-s-deadliest-dictators-photos/deadliest-dictators-teaser_bgqzg1


  • Especially Commie Sing Song and Ilk on BU



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