Former Minister Donville Inniss Indicted for Money Laundering

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Former Member of Barbados Parliament and Minister of Industry Indicted for Money Laundering

Donville Inniss Allegedly Laundered Bribes through a Long Island Company

A three-count indictment was unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn charging Donville Inniss, a former member of the Parliament of Barbados and the Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development of Barbados, with conspiracy to launder money and money laundering.  The charges stem from Inniss’s acceptance of bribes from a Barbadian insurance company in 2015 and 2016 when he was a public official.  Inniss was arrested Friday and was arraigned today before United States Magistrate Judge Julie Sneed in the Middle District of Florida at the federal courthouse in Tampa.  Inniss was released on a $50,000 bond.

Richard P. Donoghue, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Brian A. Benczkowski, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, and William F. Sweeney, Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office (FBI), announced the indictment.

According to the indictment, between August 2015 and April 2016, Inniss engaged in a scheme to accept approximately $36,000 in bribes from high-level executives of an insurance company headquartered in Barbados (“the Barbados Company”) and launder that money through the United States.  In exchange for the bribes, Inniss leveraged his position as the Minister of Industry to enable the Barbados Company to obtain two government contracts.  Inniss concealed the bribes by arranging to receive them through a dental company and a bank located in Elmont, New York.  Barbados Company executives transferred the funds to the dental company using an invoice falsely claiming that the payments were for consulting services.  During the time of the charged conspiracy, Inniss was a legal permanent resident of the United States residing in Tampa, Florida and Barbados.

“As charged in the indictment, Inniss abused his position of trust as a government official by taking bribes from a Barbadian company, then laundered the illicit funds through a bank and a dental company located in the Eastern District of New York,” stated United States Attorney Donoghue.  “The Department of Justice will continue to hold accountable corrupt government officials here or abroad who use the U.S. financial system to facilitate their criminal conduct.”

“Donville Inniss allegedly used the U.S. financial system to launder bribes he received while serving as a government official in Barbados,” said Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski.  “These charges demonstrate the commitment of the Department and our law enforcement partners to hold accountable anyone who seeks to use our financial system to promote or launder the corrupt proceeds of their crimes.”

The charges in the indictment are merely allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

Assistant United States Attorney Sylvia Shweder of the Eastern District of New York’s Business and Securities Fraud Section, and Trial Attorney Gerald M. Moody, Jr., of the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section, are in charge of the prosecution.

The Defendant:

Age:  52

E.D.N.Y. Docket No. 18-CR-134 (KAM)

776 thoughts on “Former Minister Donville Inniss Indicted for Money Laundering

  1. Surely, Inniss has recorded all customer data of his shady business. No wonder certain officers in the section of Barbadian criminal law enforcement are so quite now.

  2. “Additionally, since you don’t know my identity, how were you able to choose 4 languages and assume I know and can interpret them?”

    Artax…..ya interpreted them just fine, ya even posted the interpretations to the blog..ask the blog master, but since ya seemed to have forgotten the whole episode although ya ranted for hours…..ya may need to adjust ya medication dosage downward..because it only happened last year, no later than year before and ya can’t remember.

    Tron..all we gotta do is hold on a bit and

  3. “But what makes this more silly is…. how were you able to positively identify me as the stalker….when you don’t know me either?”

    ya actually admitted it on the blog, I was shocked..

    ya just can’t remember.

  4. Have we exhausted this or has it outlasted our attention span?
    Have we exhausted the ACH story or has it outlasted our attention span?

  5. TheOGazerts
    August 11, 2018 8:51 AM

    Have we exhausted this or has it outlasted our attention span?
    Have we exhausted the ACH story or has it outlasted our attention span?


    Most suddenly realise we got a problem and we got to do something about it.

    Some gone back to their ostrich position, others frighten as hell!!

  6. Lol….the Herbert drama was a blast but Donville upstaged him, let’s see who will outdo those two next…

    yep..the fright is real….lol..ah bet not one of the usual suspects of pretend elitist, classist frauds are so uppity and arrogant anymore, they are shivering in fright waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  7. The Ross case was a good day for Barbados. We shall all bow to Goddess Bim and thank her for releasing MAM upon Barbados.

    However, Bim needs more action. PM MAM must stop the former DLP ministers and ALL judges and civil servants appointed or promoted between 2008 and 2018 spreading their politicial germs around Barbados. The big question is: Who is really loyal to the common good?

    Goddess Bim and the other ancient Gods demand more than one human sacrifice to recover.

  8. @Tron August 9, 2018 7:31 PM “…so typical for the DLP-plantocracy. A US-resident. Obviosly, a black country like BB is not good enough anymore for the DLP-establishment.”

    I wonder if he would not have been better off going to the beach, spending time with his children, cooking hot dinners for his hard working wife, visiting and chatting with his elderly parents, driving them to the doctor, to church, etc., thanking the good people of St. James South who elected him so many times, and if he chose to retire from active politics, then he could have been spending time introducing the new candidate for St. James South to the people of that constituency, and if he still had extra time on his hands, he could spend some of it doing some volunteer work, helping out the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Diabetes Association, the Cancer Society, etc. etc. There is so much that well educated, well pensioned, early retirees can do to make their communities better places.

    Instead not 3 months after the election he was in Miami.

    My question is still




  9. It is almost Sunday, so here is a little something for Auntie Mia re her “come to Jesus” comment:

    Matthew 19:16-30
    A man came to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to have eternal life?” Jesus answered, “Why do you ask me about what is good? Only God is good. But if you want to have eternal life, obey the law’s commands.” The man asked, “Which ones?” Jesus answered, “‘You must not murder anyone, you must not commit adultery, you must not steal, you must not tell lies about others, you must respect your father and mother,’and ‘love your neighbor the same as you love yourself.’” The young man said, “I have obeyed all these commands. What else do I need?” Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, then go and sell all that you own. Give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven. Then come and follow me!” But when the young man heard Jesus tell him to give away his money, he was sad. He didn’t want to do this, because he was very rich. So he left.

    The lesson from this Scripture is that people love money even more than eternal life, so i say to her that the fellas, and gals are unlikely to have a “Jesus” moment.

  10. “ya actually admitted it on the blog, I was shocked.”


    PRESENT the EVIDENCE to Barbados Underground to PROVE your accusations.

    David BU

    I am REQUESTING that you PLEASE present the evidence to SUBSTANTIATE what that CRAZY woman is accusing me of.

    • @Artax

      Sometimes you allow balls to pass outside the offstump. Time is precious, let us make the best use of it.

  11. minister’s of the crown have a lot of control of the statutory boards. With the charges being brought against D. Inniss. Those statutory boards need to be investigated, especially those that have property of the crown that they may sell off as though it is a shopping mall. Top official also need to be investigated. But then again the evidence must have gone through the shredding machine by now.

  12. @ Frustrated Bajan

    Doan worry your poor head bout this entity BIDC

    Dem has been flying high for some time now but MIA and her people ent got no real choices in this matter cause you can “hide and buy land, but you cant hide and wuh um”

    Dat is one of Mia’s favourite sayings so let us see how she operationalizes it.

    You see here is the thing Frustrated Bajan.

    Within her work plan the BIDC features highly as being one of the driving forces that will be in need of expansion and outfitting.

    SO WHEN DE IMF GET WIND OF THIS PRACTICE OF CONVERTING THE ASSETS OF THE CROWN FOR PERSONAL GAIN and not a feller ent getting lock up for um well……dat plan going through the edoes!!

    Man dis economic crisis has some excellent benefits for we Bajan sheeple…

  13. Given all the shenanigans the DLP was up to… What would have been the consequence if Barbados became a Republic under these guys? Papa Doc??

  14. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item that gives a context of the multidimensional nature of the Pornville Issue

    It covers corruption, nepotism, lackeyism, Money Laundering and a whole set of tings

    Maybe Fumbles will incorporate it in his next public (or is that pubic) speech

    Oooooops sorry after Sunday at de DLP, dem speeches dun right ?

    A man can hope can he not?

  15. So who is going to be indicted next.

    Is Donville the only Bajan ALLEGEDLY involved in taking bribes or ALLEGEDLY involved in money laundering ?

    Anyone had a COME TO MIA moment yet ?

  16. “The Rise and Fall of Paul Manafort: Greed, Deception and Ego”

    @”The trial is also a spectacle of small humiliations for Mr. Manafort, 69. His once perfectly coifed dark hair, admired by Mr. Trump, is now gray and shaggy without the benefit of a stylist. His shirts, which he once bought by the half dozen for $1,500 each, are now delivered by his wife to his lawyer in a white plastic bag. Their communication consists of him winking at her or forming a silent kiss as he is led in and out of the courtroom. He has been admonished not to turn around in his courtroom seat to look at her.”

  17. @ Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

    I like that article, it is full of such inspiration for a person in the castle of my skin

    I also noted two paragraphs that chilled my soul since they make me wonder if this state that we find ourselves in, this constant doldrum is a black affliction

    They read

    “…Bad systems and rules are the reason most African cities do not attract much-needed international investment at appropriate levels. Bad rules have tied down the development of Lagos and 1 000 other African cities since their independence from colonialism. These include corruption, mismanagement, political interference, unresponsiveness, overbearing religiosity, nepotism, human rights abuses and incompetent presence of the state.

    At present, the judiciary, health and administrative systems of most Nigerian cities have severe problems….”

    Does that sound familiar to you?

    hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water…

    • Hello David @ BU, far be it for me to get/come between two pals lol, you and the Senator, still, what kind of silly ass question is that? ”What Donville do you?” Any Barbadian living under the past administration reign of financial “terror” and mismanagement wouldn’t ask such a question of anyone about those DLP scamps who sold us once again many years after emancipation. It was just revealed that Frundel refused to go after the gambling houses for $138 million, can you imagined what could’ve been accomplished with some of that money? Look here, even the road at White Hill, St. Andrew could’ve been rebuilt allowing me to go home again. So Mr. David @ BU, can you say rot in hell all of them!!!

    • @whiteHill

      Rolling the wicket for the possibility Donville is acquitted. Some of you seem to have forgotten he is presumed innocent at this stage.

    • And you damn well know that if Mia goes to bat for him she’s gonna have to cut deals with the USA. Donville in return should be forced to come to Jesus as well as give up his pension.

  18. Has anybody heard from Donville? Is he allowed the company of his wife and children? Has the Barbados Consul General in New York visited him? Are his human rights being respected? Does he have access to an excellent lawyer?

    I am asking because he is still after all a human being.

    • Simple Simon

      As a permanent resident of the USA, is he entitled to consular visits?

      Sent from my iPad

    • David

      I merely asked a question. If he were a visitor to the US, he would be entitled to consular visits. I know that a Barbadian, who acquires US citizenship, would not be entitled to consular services from our representatives out there. I do not know the position with permanent residents that’s why I asked. I was just seeking information.

      Sent from my iPad

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  20. Let de ole man say this as it relates to Pornville’s possible acquittal
    The only way he will get off is if Mia intercedes for him.

    No one else can reach out for him none of his former colleagues can extend themselves for him and any of his cohort who are part of the similar scams ARE SCARED SHITLESS ABOUT GOING TO HIS ASSISTANCE and getting locked up.

    And that is what the US is prepared for.

    If one of his fellow thieves go to his aid they are going to get locked up too

    So it is only proxies that can visit him but ONLY MIA CAN “RELEASE” HIM.

    And If it is found out that she interceded THAT IS THE END OF HER CAREER.

    She is not even going to answer her whatsapp if it has Donville’s name on it.

    In fact she ent answering no 212 codes.

    And you see that anklet dat Donville is wearing?

    I ent gine say nuffing but she better not …..

    Conspiracy Theorist IN DE RUMSHOP DENNNNNNN

  21. So @Pieces you are practically and rationally offering that the PM would so damage her career if it was discovered that she whispered into the ear of the US Ambassador or any other senior contact with whom she has a professional or personal relationship and who may have some modicum of persuasive whisper power themselves anything like: “I hope you can see your way to treat him well, he is a good man”.

    In all practical sense I disagree with you.

    Of course criminal activity is wrong but the base level case of this money laundering indictment is so far extremely vanilla, the value of bribery incidental and Inniss’ record in the US judicial system allegedly non-existent. None of those are factors to cause great consternation for friends of the accused.

    We are suitably gobsmacked by the charge and our interest doubly piqued by the more pervasive corruption which the allegation may expose (and which you are suggesting could burn the PM, I suppose) but until the Inniss indictment is expanded to include such a broader charge this man’s situation is really not that frightful.

    It certainly could be a lot worse.

    @Simple @August 14, 11:59 PM: you making sport, right. A simple lil case of this type and you asking such …why would the man still be incarcerated ! This is be a case where a bail request would almost be automatic but even beyond that your remarks certainly bulge your tongue out of your cheek …you gotta be mekking real, real sport.

    And @Sen Franklyn, so are you suggesting that a Bajan citizen though currently domiciled as a permanent resident in US is NOT entitled to any assistance from the country of his birth if he is under the legal hindrence of the US authorities?

    This is a deeper seated issue as you know quite well because the facts as you are well aware facilitate that a Bajan citizen can be legally domiciled in US as a non citizen for many a year and still be dismissed back to his country of birth just so…after a criminal conviction., for example.

    All that to say: the consulate is surely required to look after Bajan’s interest always, because basically once a citizen always a citizen and BIM will still have to accept you when others kick you out!

  22. Ok Sen Franklyn, I saw your response to the Blogmaster after my post.

    I woukd simply add tgat until a permanent resident engages to get her/his citizenship I can’t fathom why they would not be eligible for ‘representation’ from their homeland consular services.

  23. Piece yuh way off in your saying that Mia interjection would let Innis go free
    America is not a Banana republic
    When last was America interested in what these small island coconut territories have to say about anything
    Case and point Trump called these small islands nuisance countries and quickly placed them in the garbage dump
    Mia s.hitba country that vam pay its debt who de hell is going to listen to them

  24. @ David who wrote ” Rolling the wicket for the possibility Donville is acquitted.”

    The possibility will become a reality.

    Donville is innocent.

  25. The only way he will get off is if Mia intercedes for him
    Its never too early in the day to have a good laugh, the question is why would Mia intercede for Donville? As long as Donville is in the media/public in a bad light it cements the impression of some of the public that the DLP Gov’t was corrupt and at least one of them is getting his just desserts; this is of immense benefit to the BLP. I saw a clip of Mia on stage “wukking up” and if here was a camera to catch her reaction in private at Donville’s plight she would be “skinning cuffins” at the news. BTW did any one in the DLP come to Elliot’s or Mia’s defense when they were accused of pulling strings to save taxes?

    The US Justice Dept. doesn’t go to the lengths it did to arrest and charge a former public official of another country only to drop charges when a politician intercedes when the mid- level officials in charge of this case want notches on their belts.

  26. @ Dribbler
    A simple lil case of this type and you asking such …why would the man still be incarcerated !
    You betray your genes in subtle ways.
    Since when is it a ‘simple lil case’ for public servants at the highest level to betray the trust placed in them and accept bribes to sabotage the public interest? In war situations, this is called treason. In our current circumstances, Barbados is (and has been for twenty years now) in the most dangerous ‘war’ of our history….for our very existence.
    Obviously you don’t see too much wrong in committing treason for a few dollars… except for getting caught. A typical albino-centric characteristic.
    No wonder you are so ‘at home’ in Albino Land.

  27. Mr BushTea, spare me your sanctimony. I am FULLY cognizant of the ‘treason of public trust’ as you call it.

    I however REFUSE to hyper ventilate as most have done here because this not new ….this nonsense has been ongoing for years and admin after admin have allowed the treasonous infidels to go unscathed.

    Your albino neologism is pure theatre…. who has arrested Mr Inniss if not your albinos , Sir Santimone!

    By your own admission (validated by the Blogmaster) you have been a part of the cabal of leadership in this country so YOU too surely had the opportunity to expose a few traitors…and maybe you did in your own way behind the scenes… but on this public stage there is no validity for your screed above.

    The treason was facilitated, validated and empowered by Bajans …mostly Black like me and you too (I presume)!

    So wheel and come ago!

  28. Take it easy Dribbles… Are you living near Herring Bay…?
    Stop posting red ones nuh…. LOL

    No one accused you of NOT hyper ventilating because this stuff is ‘not new’…
    You were accused of NOT hyperventilating because it is a ‘simple lil case’.
    It is not…. by your own subsequent admission.

    As to the blame being placed squarely on the hoards of basically black bajan brass bowls…. LOL who started that message?

    Just admit that you erred in labelling the matter as ‘a simple lil case’ …and you can put it down to being a victim of the albino-centric genes that have been so widely distributed (mostly vi et armes) , over the past centuries.

    You have to admit how much you are at home near Herring Bay….
    ha ha ha

  29. ” Are you living near Herring Bay…? Stop posting red ones nuh…” Sweet…that one propa..a good LOL indeed.

    But we disagree after that. In the scope of most of the palaver presented regarding conviction and sentencing and all that then this is SURELY ‘a simple lil case’. That’s the context of which I spoke and I believe I made that quite clear when I noted that unless the case is expanded to involve a larger network of let’s say, laundry workers or a franchise of several laundromats and owners then this is a lil matter.

    Or let me put it another way…it’s likely the real beef of this case will not be the original charge but rather those caught on the sticky trap of possible exposure to perjury, unintended revelations of their own illicit bank accounts and other unsavory affairs….in the minds of the US prosecutors.

    For them this original charge gets great publicity and thus notoriety for those US Attorneys/DAs assigned but is not a big fish event….obviously for us it’s beyond massive and very topical.

    However, any of those BLP projects mentioned by the blogger Inniss on other thread and any of the ones that I’m sure Enuff would offer as a riposte are more egregious cases of MONEY LAUNDERING than this one…so yes I still see it as a ‘simple lil case’… but because it’s under the jurisdiction of a DA in NY definitely makes it a much more dangerous entanglement for Mr Inniss.

    Anyhow, I gone back to the real work of life.

  30. Wrong again Dribbler…
    How can this be a ‘simple lil case’ where – FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, we see a Bajan politician charged SERIOUSLY for a crime that has been accepted by generations of brass bowls (and Lodge parasites) as ‘business as usual’?

    How can it be a ‘simple lil thing’ when almost EVERY OTHER bribe taker now cannot sleep at night…. cannot take their children to Disney …. cannot look into the faces of the VERY BRASS BOWLS who meekly accepted their previous thievery?

    This is a game changer Boss…. and like the domino effect, the final outcome may well be be far more drastic than the slight ‘trip’ it takes to set the sequence rolling….

    You are REALLY good with those red herrings…
    Unfortunately, bushie is into whacking …not fishing.
    Try Hants….

  31. @Caswell Franklyn August 15, 2018 12:05 AM “Simple Simon: As a permanent resident of the USA, is he entitled to consular visits?”

    Dear Caswell: I am no Senator, just a well know simpleton, but I would dare to suggest that “yes” Donville, since he is not apparently a citizen of the United States, and remains a citizen of Barbados/a son of our soil, that “yes” he is entitled to consular assistance from the Barbados government diplomatic representatives in the United States.

    He is still one of ours. His welfare is still our business.

    Note that I did not say that the Barbados government should give him taxpayers money.

  32. @Bush Tea August 15, 2018 12:17 PM “…bribe taker now cannot sleep at night…cannot take their children to Disney…”

    So what are the people who now cannot take their children to Disney saying to their children and to the children’s friends and school mates, especially given that pre-schoolers, and elementary aged children like to boast about their summer trips.

    How will the kids explain why they have remained in Barbados all summer long?

    What will the kids say to their school mates in September?

    “For our summer vacation we went to Brandon’s, Bath and Harrison’s Cave.”

  33. @John
    I think the name you want is Morse, versus Morely
    Try…. Housing Concepts SRL
    As you would say in Quaker speak, Villages…..try communities outside Ocala Fl and see the connection. Your polo playing family would know them.

  34. @whiteHill August 15, 2018 2:59 PM “Better Brandon’s, Bath and Harrisons’s cave now than visit up state NY next year…Sing Sing.”

    I read you WhiteHill.

    i hear that Sing-Sing is fairly tough?

  35. Sing Sing is a State Prison, Inniss has been accused of violating Federal laws, if convicted he will be going to a Federal facility.

  36. US prisons are not a cake walk, however conditions in Federal Prisons housing white collar criminals are immeasurably better than Prisons housing other criminals.

  37. NorthernObserver
    August 15, 2018 3:40 PM

    I think the name you want is Morse, versus Morely
    Try…. Housing Concepts SRL
    As you would say in Quaker speak, Villages…..try communities outside Ocala Fl and see the connection. Your polo playing family would know them.

  38. NorthernObserver
    August 15, 2018 3:40 PM

    I think the name you want is Morse, versus Morely
    Try…. Housing Concepts SRL
    As you would say in Quaker speak, Villages…..try communities outside Ocala Fl and see the connection. Your polo playing family would know them.


    I think he is passed now but in his day he was linked to “The Villages” but in Florida.

    Tax evasion …. money laundering ….. Barbados links!!!!

  39. David
    August 15, 2018 9:01 AM

    You were able to verify this how John?


    Doc Morley wrote an article on South Coast Sewage on Naked Departure … republished on BU!!!!

    Donville had a lot to say on Charles Herbert … on Naked Departure.

    We have Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service to thank for the link!!

    What does “Naked Departure” and Donville have in common?


    Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service
    January 11, 2018 9:59 AM

    GP…now this is ugly.
    “BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — THE SLOW POISONING OF BARBADIANS — Dr Harold Morley here, a retired Dental Surgeon — I am a UK citizen but have been living here for 17 years in Christ Church just next to the site of the sewerage blockage.
    I have been out many nights recently at 2am watching the crews working hard and trying to offer my help and expertise as a concerned resident and experienced international project implementer .
    The BWA engineers working through the night are good people but they are working in a fog and without proper direction, clarity of thought or a recognition of the immense harm being committed to the citizens and holidaymakers of Barbados and their country’s economy.
    The BWA, the Ministry and the non functioning government are criminally negligent in my view. They are poisoning the nation, the sea, and the environment and not taking this catastrophy seriously.
    I would ask why am I alone in the street at night.
    Where is the PM. Where is the Minister, The Chief Medical officer, the Head of Environmental Services and Coastal management
    The Attorney General.
    The Minister of Tourism.
    This area is a major health hazard and people shouldn’t even be allowed near it.
    I understand that for reasons known only to their BWA secret group, private local contractors offering their expertise and solutions at SENSIBLE and affordable cost are being rejected out of hand from even entering discussions .
    I would ask… WHY
    For example why was POLLY ignored and turned away when they offered to clear the problem weeks ago. POLLY has successfully cleared sewer pipes in Barbados for years now.
    Why were the Barbados Engineers rejected when they offered consultancy for free.
    Is the BWA frightened of lifting its skirts and being investigated by outsiders, or of having to explain its huge spending on projects that logic would say should be a fraction of the eventual spend.
    I really worry for this wonderful country. It is in extreme danger of committing commercial suicide and/ or poisoning its citizens and visitors.
    Only this morning I saw and smelled what looked like raw sewerage being discharged from Graeme Hall swamp outlet, through the sluice gates directly into the sea.
    How, I ask can this be lawful.
    Why is this beach not closed to bathers.
    Who is criminally responsible for this blatant poisoning of Graeme Hall natural waters.
    Harold Morley
    Crystal Beach”


  40. Developer expands into Barbados

    Published: Sunday, October 14, 2012
    Staff Report

    Villages developer H. Gary Morse not only is building what is considered the fastest growing retirement community in the nation, but also has a hand in $750 million marina project under way on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

    Morse is a shareholder along with four others in the 15-acre Port Ferdinand marina project in St. Peter that will provide 300 jobs when completed. Ground was broken in 2009 and the first phase of the five-year project is expected to be finished by December. The first of the project’s 96 resort condominium units went on sale earlier this year.

    “Gary is no stranger to the Caribbean, having done developments in the Bahamas, Montserrat and Jamaica, and has been coming here to Barbados for the last 13 years,” said shareholder Bjorn Bjerkham, who is also chairman of Port Ferdinand SRL. “It is very heartening that a successful businessman like Gary Morse has the confidence in Barbados and in this project. The investment of Gary’s talents, resources and vast experience will help make this development a success.”

    The project, which also will have 120 berths for large boats in its own marina, is five-minute drive from Speightstown, the island’s oldest city, and about 30 minutes from the airport. The developers call it “a remote boat lover’s paradise, yet all of life’s luxuries and conveniences are close at hand or just a short water taxi away.”

    Port Ferdinand neighbors Barbados’ only other private luxury marina, Port St. Charles; a sister marina for which residents of Port Ferdinand will have membership to the exclusive yacht club.

    Morse owns Cracker Bay, a 147-foot yacht last spotted at Port St. Charles in 2009.

    Bjerkhamn praised Morse’s involvement in the Port Ferdinand project, which is providing a local construction company, Jada Building Inc., with much needed jobs

    “At this time when investors are running for the hills, (Morse) is contributing to the economic well-being of Barbados, as well as helping us to keep more than 1,000 workers at Jada employed,” Bjerkhamn said.

  41. @ De Ingrunt Word aka DpD

    De ole man forgives you because i know that this summer heat causes heatstrokes especially in ole menses.

    Not one of you has been able to join the dots NOT EVEN ONE OF YOU

    August 15th 6.54 a.m. here and then see the item by Brother Hants and his link on **** at ***

    I already said dat I dun wid dat

    but it ent your fault that you getting slower in your ole age DIW, it is the way of all flesh.

    Mia is faithful to her friends is all that I going say bout dis.

    THat is three times dat de ole man say dat he dun wid dat

    De Honourable Blogmaster dun know whu going on in this regard but he is being even more ammmm circumspect than all of we.

    Leh me go back here and see whu Monique Taitt and Lucille Moe telling Senator Caswell bout Jong Me Luv You Long Time


    Bjerkham and Maloney … since 2009.

    When did construction at “The Villages” commence at Coverly?

    Oh, by the way, did you know that Coverly is named after what may possibly have been a Quaker family?

    Thomas Coverley owned 80 acres in the area in 1654.

    “John Frere, Sr., 6th son of Thomas Frere & Anne Wallis of Occold & Bressingham, Suffolk, Eng., baptized 21 Oct 1626. As an English merchant and investor, he had gone to Barbados sometime before 1650 and was the first of the family to settle in Christ Church Parish, Barbados. In England about 1653, he married his first wife, Anne Pearson, sister of the Bishop of Chester, and brought her to Barbados. By 1654, he owned a plantation in Christ Church Parish called “Coverley” with 125 acres of land which had been purchased from two early landowners: Mr. Thomas Coverley with 80 acres, and Henry Gray with 45 acres. In 1654, John also provided his brother, Tobias Frere, Esq. with 125 acres of land by sale, lease or partnership. It was this land that caused many legal battles and a split between the brothers in 1670.”

    There were two burial vaults on the hill which I believe were there from 1683.

    Here is who I believe was in one.

    “Capt. Tobias Frere, Sr. Esq. died in 1683 in Christ Church Parish. (His date of death could not have been 24 Oct 1683, because his will was proved on 7 Aug 1683). His will (28 Jun 1683, Pr. 7 Aug 1683) stated, “To be buried in my garden in the vault where I have erected for that purpose & where the corpse of my late wife lieth;”

    The reference to a Garden tells close by the vault is where numerous slaves were at one time buried.

    All remains have been cleared in the construction.

    Can still locate fields on maps with names like Vault Field and Garden!!

    So “The Villages” seems to have been built over a cemetery!!!

    The film Poltergeist comes to mind!!

    Donville facing 20 years

    If am wondering if Donville did as the Americans allege, would it have been worth it? I mean we do pay our Cabinet Ministers fairly well, and we do provide decent pensions, and the Barbados taxpayers provide education for their children up to and including student’s loans of up to $100,000 BDS so it would seem to me that no member of our political class needs to do what the Americans allege that Donville has done. It seems to me that a Bajan politico can live decently if modestly right up to his time of death at about 73.1 years. At 32 Donville only has about 20 years left, his children are adults, and he has a pension greater than $5,000 BDS a month. It seems to me that a politico can live decently, if not flamboyantly on that.

    Has the government of Barbados frozen his pension payments until the outcome of his legal troubles in the United States are known? It seems to me that we should do that. If he is acquitted he can always be paid retroactively. If he is convicted his pension money remains in the hands of the Bajan taxpayer.

  44. It is interesting that I can go on the internet a see what matters will be heard by the court in New York, which judge, etc while in Barbados I don’t even know where the court is located far less what matters are to be heard!
    Yet we have a Chief Justice who was a clerk in the New York court system just before being appointed CJ.

  45. Yet we have a Chief Justice who was a clerk in the New York court system just before being appointed CJ.
    Wake up Ping Pong…
    One hires a clerk with the expectation that they will take instructions doggedly …. not to drive change in a contaminated system.
    For the latter you would hire a proven leader with a history of successful projects under their belt… and an unwavering commitment to quality.

  46. LOL. I well remember that the rules/laws had to be changed to facilitate the present CJ’s appointment. Even Jeff Cumberbatch thought him the best thing since sliced bread!

  47. Even Jeff Cumberbatch thought him the best thing since sliced bread!
    in all fairness, Jeff sought to judge him by the FRUIT that was produced. …and waited for the tree to bear…
    The clerk COULD have turned out to be a genuine change agent…..
    But, as we have come to discover, no damn fruit…..

    If Jeff had a whacker (instead of a powder puff) he would take a serious whack at the base of that barren tree…..

  48. Former Minister of Commerce and International Business Donville Inniss arrived at US District Court earlier this morning.

  49. Yes. Because the Americans don’t practice no lotta long talk.

    Get straight to the point.

    That’s the American way.

    Offices of the United States Attorneys
    U.S. Attorneys » Justice 101
    Initial Hearing / Arraignment
    Either the same day or the day after a defendant is arrested and charged, he is brought before a magistrate judge for an initial hearing on the case. At that time, the defendant learns more about his rights and the charges against him, arrangements are made for him to have an attorney, and the judge decides if the defendant will be held in prison or released until the trial.

    In many cases, the law allows the defendant to be released from prison before a trial if he meets the requirements for bail. Before the judge makes the decision on whether to grant bail, he must hold a hearing to learn facts about the defendant including how long the defendant has lived in the area, if he has family nearby, his prior criminal record, and if he has threatened any witnesses in the case. The judge also considers the defendant’s potential danger to the community.

    If the defendant cannot “post bail” (pay the money), the judge may order him remanded into the custody of the U.S. Marshals pending trial.

    The defendant will also be asked to plead guilty or not guilty to the charges.

  51. I noticed that everybody arrived nice and early, American time, 10 something for a hearing which does not begin until noon.

    • He entered a plea of not guilty and was released with similar bail conditions. He can now travel to Florida.

      Next court date 23 Oct.

    • Donville facing 20 years


      Added 22 August 2018×303.gif?
      Donville Inniss (FILE)

      Former Minister of Commerce and International Business Donville Inniss could spend up to 20 years in jail and be fined up to BDS$1 million if convicted of bribery charges in the United States.

      Inniss has a date with destiny in a New York courthouse at noon today, when he will be arraigned on three counts of money laundering.

      The Eastern District of New York’s press officer John Marzulli told the NATION on Wednesday that based on New York law (18 US Code 1956), the former Member of Parliament would face a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in a federal prison on each count.

      Thursday’s arraignment will be heard by US District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, at which time Inniss can enter a plea. (BA)

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  52. ” He entered a plea of not guilty ”

    Very good decision.

    Hope he has the right legal team to get an acquittal.

    He will probably have to face the courts of Barbados if PMMIAAMOR carries out the BLiP campaign promises.

  53. Tiefing is we culture.
    Dat is the norm bout here.
    Buhbaydoss is a “klepto paradise”.
    That aint changing in we lifetime.

  54. The news circling on the travel circles is that the US Government has a special going on for Travel where If you book now you can get a discount on your years in prison IF YOU SNITCH ON YOUR FELLOW MINISTERS and business associates.

  55. If reports are true that the US Department of Justice will not be pursuing charges against ICBL, the insurance company alleged to be involved in the Donville Inniss case, then something is wrong. In bribery charges, there must be an offer and an acceptance. If they are alleging Mr Inniss accepted money illegally, then that money must have been offered by someone. It is a further example of the fractures in the American justice system.
    Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with the pace of justice in Barbados and there must be a full inquiry in to the Donville Inniss case. In fact, it should have been launched the moment he was arrested in the US.

  56. Home Affairs Minister Edmund Hinkson wants regulators to act wherever the law allows against ICBL, whose overseas parent has admitted that the local firm paid a bribe for a Government insurance contract.
    The St James North MP was responding to constituents who queried why local regulators have remained quiet about ICBL over the alleged bribery scandal and whether the company will face any consequences.
    “In terms of ICBL we have regulatory bodies here. They need to do their work,” Hinkson told a Barbados Labour Party constituency branch meeting at the Gordon Greenidge Primary School on Sunday night.(Quote)

    Here is the minister of Home Affairs, not a junior minister, wondering about the effectiveness of our financial regulators and the criminal justice system.
    In the meantime, the company involved in the alleged bribery, is being allowed to function freely. Barbados is a failed state.

  57. Inniss’ trial set for next year


    Added 23 October 2018×303.gif

    Donville Inniss (right) in conversation with former Independent candidate Alex Mitchell. (Picture by Clyde Jones.)

    Donville Inniss, a former Barbados cabinet minister and parliamentarian, is to stand trial on bribery and money-laundering charges in a Brooklyn federal court on June 24, next year.
    Related articles

    The date was decided this afternoon by federal District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto in consultation with Sylvia Shweder, an assistant United States attorney, and Inniss’ defence attorney, Garnett Sullivan, after the court heard that plea bargain negotiations by the two sides had “stalled” or broken down.

    The former minister was charged in an indictment with one count of conspiracy to launder money and two counts of money laundering. The indictment was returned under seal by a federal grand jury sitting in Brooklyn on March 15.

    He appeared in court in August and entered a not-guilty plea but Shweder told Judge Matsumoto back then that preliminary negotiations had begun back then and the government needed some time to complete the talks. (TB)


    “…A former Voc Rehab Counselor pled guilty this week to demanding and receiving bribes to steer veterans to certain for-profit schools for vocational training.

    Former counselor James King, 63, arranged payments to the institutions in question totaling over $2 million in taxpayer monies. He pled guilty to an Information alleging one count of honest services and money/property wire fraud, one count of bribery, and one count of falsifying records to obstruct an administrative investigation.

    King is the fourth person to plead guilty in connection to the criminal fraud scheme. In April, Albert Poawui and Sombo Kanneh pleaded guilty to bribing and conspiring to bribe King, respectively. In July, Michelle Stevens pleaded guilty to bribing King.

    “For years, James King and his criminal associates defrauded an important VA program that provides education services to military veterans who served our country,” said Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski.

    “The Justice Department is committed to prosecuting those who seek to illegally enrich themselves at the expense of programs intended to help our brave servicemembers.”


    Talk what wunna like, even if Donville and Mia is good friends, he going get time in america CAUSE DEM DOAN PLAY like how we does let men who pun drug charges leave the jurisdiction.

    “Sing Donville Sing” cause otherwise your bass voice going be soprano, or a muffled soprano through bed sheets…

  59. Does this sound familiar to you DLPites? (of whome de ole man is acccused of being one?)

    “An Aruban official residing in Florida pleaded guilty today to money laundering charges in connection with his role in a scheme to arrange and receive corrupt payments to influence the awarding of contracts with an Aruban state-owned telecommunications corporation.

    U.S. Attorney Benjamin G. Greenberg of the Southern District of Florida, Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division and Special Agent in Robert F. Lasky of the FBI’s Miami Field Office made the announcement.

    Egbert Yvan Ferdinand Koolman, 49, a Dutch citizen residing in Miami, Florida, was an official of Servicio di Telecommunicacion di Aruba N.V. (Setar), an instrumentality of the Aruban government. Koolman pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Frederico A. Moreno of the Southern District of Florida to one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 27.

    In connection with the scheme, Lawrence W. Parker, Jr., 42, of Miami, pleaded guilty on Dec. 28, 2017 to one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and to commit wire fraud. Parker’s sentencing is scheduled for April 30.

    According to admissions made as part of his plea agreement, between 2005 and 2016, Koolman operated a money laundering conspiracy from his position as Setar’s product manager. Koolman admitted that, as part of the scheme, he conspired with Parker and others to transmit funds from Florida and elsewhere in the United States to Aruba and Panama with the intent to promote a wire fraud scheme and a corrupt scheme that violated the FCPA. Koolman was promised and received bribes from individuals and companies located in the United States and abroad in exchange for using his position at Setar to award lucrative mobile phone and accessory contracts, he admitted. He received the corrupt payments via wire transfer from banks located in the United States, in cash during meetings in Miami and in Aruba, and by withdrawing cash in Aruba using a bankcard that drew money from a United States-based bank account, he further admitted. In exchange for the more than $1.3 million in corrupt payments that he received, Koolman also admitted providing favored vendors with Setar’s confidential information.

    The FBI is investigating the case…”

  60. @Talking Loud,

    There is paying lip service and there is being serious. Has Barbados launched an inquiry in to the Donville affair? Has the BLP government ordered a review of the Clico judicial review? Has the BLP government introduced legislation limiting general election expenses – and barring foreigners from being involved in Barbadian elections?
    Keep an eye on the Sandbox. It will end in tears.
    Barbados is a failed state.

  61. I will have to answer no to all of your questions. We all know how things roll in Barbados.

    Question. How has Barbados managed to maintain such a squeaky and clean image since her independence? I am truly puzzled. Should we assume that there are a number of foreign governments who are protecting which ever government is in power? Is Barbados the Israel of the Caribbean?

    If this is the case than the majority population may have to get used to living a miserable existence in perpetuity.

  62. I hope to live to see the day when the UK brings an Unexplained Wealth Order against the British royal family and their tens of thousands of hangers-on.

  63. @ Simple Simon,

    You continue to miss the point.

    I hope to live to see the day when Barbados brings an Unexplained Wealth Order against members of the existing BLP government, their predecessors and the Owen Arthur government.

  64. @ Blogmaster,

    Thank God for Global Witness. The methodology employed in order to generate vast illegal wealth is well-known. For corruption to thrive it requires a corrupt government. Secondly it requires bent lawyers. And thirdly it requires corrupt businesses to oil the wheels of corruption with monies.

    The same corrupt model is employed throughout the world; and in Barbados.

    If you get the chance take a listen to an interview by A.J.: “Najib walks out from Al Jazeera interview”

  65. There’s a major development in the money laundering case involving former Commerce Minister, Donville Inniss.

    Two more high level local officials have been indicted.

    They are former ICBL Chief Executive Officer Ingrid Innes and the company’s former Senior Vice President Alex Tasker, who is the current CEO of Digicel.

    They have been identified in a superseding indictment unsealed today, however neither Innes nor Tasker is in custody.

    The document also makes reference to another former senior ICBL employee, calling that person ICBL Executive 1 and saying the individual was the company’s Chief Financial Officer.



  66. According to the company’s published 2015 and 2016 reports Kamante Millar,C.P.A., C.A. was Chief Financial Officer.

  67. RE: Donville’s Big Day, June 24th, 2019

    Donville can’t be getting married on June 24th, because I haven’t received my invitation yet.

  68. How can Mr Tasket be in a senior executive position when he is accused of serious criminal offences in the US? At the very least he should be suspended? Is the government of Barbados going to hold an inquiry in to this scandal? Are the accused going to be suspended from being directors of companies in Barbados?

  69. @Bush Tea August 15, 2018 12:17 PM “How can it be a ‘simple lil thing’ when almost EVERY OTHER bribe taker now cannot sleep at night…cannot take their children to Disney .”

    Please note that if you are unable to take your children to Disney, I am willing and able to do it for you for a small fee (NOT a bribe) of $5,000 USD per 1 week trip, two children maximum, plus all my expenses, visa fee, airfare, hotel, food, transportation, tips etc. No reason that the children should forego Disney just because it is inconvenient for the parents to go.

  70. According to the Nation News of May 11, 2019 “Alex Tasker has resigned from Digicel (Barbados) Ltd. Reports reaching THE NATION indicate that Tasker, who was the executive chairman of the telecommunications company, tendered his resignation and met with staff last week to bid them farewell. When contacted, a senior official associated with Digicel confirmed the resignation stating: “Mr Tasker has resigned to pursue other interests. He was not fired.”

    More here:

  71. Inniss stands ‘alone’


    Added 26 June 2019


    Donville Inniss leaving court in the United States. (FILE)

    WHEN FORMER CABINET MINISTER Donville Inniss appears in a federal district court in Brooklynin late October to answer conspiracy and money laundering charges, he will face the legal music all alone.

    Absent will be two of his alleged co-conspirators in the reported bribery scheme involving the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd (ICBL) – Ingrid Innes, the company’s former chief executive officer, and Alex Tasker, then senior vice-president, when the alleged offences occurred in 2015 and 2016.

    At that time, Inniss was Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development.

    “Inniss will go on trial alone in the fall,” explained John Mazulli, public information spokesman for the office of the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, in response to a MIDWEEK NATION inquiry on whether Inniss and his alleged co-conspirators would be tried together or separately. (TB)

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