Former Minister Donville Inniss Indicted for Money Laundering

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Former Member of Barbados Parliament and Minister of Industry Indicted for Money Laundering

Donville Inniss Allegedly Laundered Bribes through a Long Island Company

A three-count indictment was unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn charging Donville Inniss, a former member of the Parliament of Barbados and the Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development of Barbados, with conspiracy to launder money and money laundering.  The charges stem from Inniss’s acceptance of bribes from a Barbadian insurance company in 2015 and 2016 when he was a public official.  Inniss was arrested Friday and was arraigned today before United States Magistrate Judge Julie Sneed in the Middle District of Florida at the federal courthouse in Tampa.  Inniss was released on a $50,000 bond.

Richard P. Donoghue, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Brian A. Benczkowski, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, and William F. Sweeney, Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office (FBI), announced the indictment.

According to the indictment, between August 2015 and April 2016, Inniss engaged in a scheme to accept approximately $36,000 in bribes from high-level executives of an insurance company headquartered in Barbados (“the Barbados Company”) and launder that money through the United States.  In exchange for the bribes, Inniss leveraged his position as the Minister of Industry to enable the Barbados Company to obtain two government contracts.  Inniss concealed the bribes by arranging to receive them through a dental company and a bank located in Elmont, New York.  Barbados Company executives transferred the funds to the dental company using an invoice falsely claiming that the payments were for consulting services.  During the time of the charged conspiracy, Inniss was a legal permanent resident of the United States residing in Tampa, Florida and Barbados.

“As charged in the indictment, Inniss abused his position of trust as a government official by taking bribes from a Barbadian company, then laundered the illicit funds through a bank and a dental company located in the Eastern District of New York,” stated United States Attorney Donoghue.  “The Department of Justice will continue to hold accountable corrupt government officials here or abroad who use the U.S. financial system to facilitate their criminal conduct.”

“Donville Inniss allegedly used the U.S. financial system to launder bribes he received while serving as a government official in Barbados,” said Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski.  “These charges demonstrate the commitment of the Department and our law enforcement partners to hold accountable anyone who seeks to use our financial system to promote or launder the corrupt proceeds of their crimes.”

The charges in the indictment are merely allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

Assistant United States Attorney Sylvia Shweder of the Eastern District of New York’s Business and Securities Fraud Section, and Trial Attorney Gerald M. Moody, Jr., of the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section, are in charge of the prosecution.

The Defendant:

Age:  52

E.D.N.Y. Docket No. 18-CR-134 (KAM)


  • “Wrong is Wrong…”

    What is wrong about officials of an independent company making a business decision, which obviously is one they believe is in the best interest of that company?

    How can you accuse the PM of “economic aggression on Dominica,” under circumstances where that island’s PM acknowledge the fact that “………at the end of the day the officials of Ross, like any other business person, RESERVE and EXERCISE the RIGHT of the shareholders and the many interests to include but not limited to parents, students, faculty and sponsors.”


  • Within one week of the Barbados Labour Party victory, the new owners of Ross University, a premier offshore medical school built from scratch on prime land in the north of Dominica, approached the new government with the prospect of moving its operations to Barbados. The new owners saw this as a business decision that was wholly innocuous of the human element and the disastrous effect it would have on the economy and people of Dominica. The dollar line was it and nothing more

    Excerpts from an article Herbert Volney ..truer words were never said


  • Barbados needs help

    ” Barbados has received yet another downgrade from Standard and Poor’s.”


  • “Wardell said that the Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) considers Dominican people as part of the Ross family and that “Prime Minister SKerrit is both a partner and a friend to Adtalem Global Education.” She further stated, “As a CEO I sometimes have to make very difficult decisions it is with a heavy heart I make the decision to leave Dominica.” She went on, “…But my job is to position RUSM for the future and for us the future is Barbados”……”

    Wardell’s comments sums up this issue. She said “my job is to position RUSM for the future and for us the future is Barbados…”


    It’s amazing that while one Barbadian political yardfowl is crying “foul,” cussing and accusing HER Prime Minister of “economic aggression,”………

    ……….. if you read the comments to articles on this issue, in Dominican online newspapers…….. you’ll realize that many of the Dominican contributors are blaming Roosevelt Skerrit and his lack of leadership skills for the Ross relocation.

    For example, read this comment from someone whose name was listed as “Impartial:”

    “My fellow Dominicans, in the early 1980’s two ministers of government in the Eugenia Charles’s administration threatened to close Ross university over an African student who claimed racism when in fact he had failed his grades due to lack of effort in his studies. Mike Douglas and Jenner Armour, although being on the opposite on many political issues formed an alliance to fight against the two ministers because they recognized how important Ross was to the north and they prevailed. Where has Ian Douglas been ? it would be a damn shame if the Portsmouth constituency reelect Ian and moreover the ministers of the north including the prime minister who have abdicated their responsibilities. I have said it before and I will say it again: We do not have any minister in the current government who can articulate any position. They are weak and lack innovation, foresightedness, acumen and the ability to communicate. They do not demonstrate any erudition. We need to get this government out !”

    You must realize that Mariposa has a mission she is duty bound to fulfill in this forum……on behalf of the DLP.


  • Dont worry be happy

    Mottley can fix it

    Watch she as she hit the ground running fast trying to snatch up the economic progress of the small island nations in large swabs of financial gains which controls their country interest


  • The new prime minister saw it as a gift horse to kick-start the Bajan economy. She was for Barbados and clearly was oblivious of what this would have done to the Dominican economy. She was lending her space to imperial capitalism dumping a fellow CARICOM nation over ‘a business decision’ made by a young and inexperience CEO


  • How do you know what Volney’s said is the truth…..or have you assumed it is the truth because it fits into your political narrative?

    The following is a comment on the same article…….and I suggest you read all those comments…… you’ll realize that you are among a very tiny minority that is against the relocation.

    C ben-David August 7, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    If Ross University’s departure broke any legal contract that it had with the Commonwealth of Dominca — e.g., agreements stating the university has to operate there for X number of years in exchange for certain concessions — then Dominica should sue for breach of contract in a court of law. Since the medical school is moving to Barbados, another CARICOM country, such a law suit would be the best way to receive damages.
    CARICOM’s mandate to enact a Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) says that the free movement of capital, services, and labour from one CARICOM country to another is to be encouraged. This move helps fulfill this mandate.
    These kind of business moves take place every day all over the world. It’s called free enterprise and the spirit of capitalism. (This is why Donald Trump’s anti-free trade policies are bound to fail because they will make America far worse off.)
    Dominica is in heart of the Caribbean hurricane zone; Barbados is on its periphery.
    The medical students and school status would be much happier in the place like Barbados with so many more activities and amenities. Ross University is located in a remote and isolated part of Dominica a two hour drive from the capital.
    If Dominica were successful in halting this move, by whatever means, it would create a shockwave of ant-Caribbean invesment sentiment: don’t bother spending millions to do business in any of these countries because if you want to move elsewhere, the government will arbitrarily try to seize your assets.


  • ” The police chief himself only learnt of Inniss’ legal troubles through the media and social media, he said. ”

    Would love to hear the opinion of a lawyer given that the BIDC is a Barbados Government entity.


  • Mariposa

    Fret all you want, whether you like it or not and irrespective of the irrational, incoherent nonsense you will continually post……..

    ……….Mia Mottley will be Prime Minister of Barbados for the next FIVE YEARS……even if she leads a one term administration😂. You and the other idiot (I’m surprised he/she hasn’t turned up as yet)…could interpret that to mean I’m defending Mottley.

    However, i would like you to answer a few questions

    (1). Has the DLP settled its debt of $109,609 with CBC?

    (2). Has any of Donville’s former colleagues reached out to him or offered their support in his time of need……….or have you all abandoned him?
    (I don’t expect Freundel to be too concerned).

    (3). Has Donville been expelled from the DLP or is he still eligible to contest the elections for General Secretary of the party?

    (4). What is the mood like in George Street since Donville’s arrest? Are some there….. according to the old saying…..”shitting grits?”

    (5). Since the discussion is about bribes…… is Michael Lashley holding up?

    I’m sure you’re aware there are rumours about his personal involvement in facilitating the issuing of PSV permits….some, which I was told, attracted sums of up to $5’000.

    (6). Where the hell is Maureen Holder? She seems to have disappeared from sight since May 25th.

    But, then again…. if one takes into consideration you and her have displayed similar levels of contempt for Mottley……… perhaps she is one of the Mariposas.

    Anyhow…… I don’t expect you to answer any of these questions……you are more focused with Mottley.


  • Barbados in Deep doo doo

    In its latest assessment of Barbados published today, international rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) lowered the issue-level ratings on this country’s global bonds to ‘D’ or default.


  • All the excuses in the world would not remove the stigma of Barbados now deemed the economic agressor/agitator of the Carribbean.
    A stigma which would dogged barbados longer than the welcomed mat Mia laid out for Ross
    Most are still awaiting to see the agreements signed by the Govt of Barbados on behalf of the people of barbados
    Also if or any concessions were granted


  • And this latest downgrade of Barbados’ local currency rating from CC to Selective Default (SD) and the 2019 and 2022 Global Bonds from CC to Default (D) has left several people concerned.


  • @ David,

    You COULD start a blog to discuss the Barbados economy and the down grades.


  • Freundel said to Donville “get a lawyer”.
    Strange bedfellows these UWI kleptocrats.


  • NorthernObserver

    little to discuss….they cannot go any lower.


  • @Northern Observer August 8, 2018 1:23 AM “”The $$$ are too small..”

    Not really you know. Didn’t the Americans get one of their gangsters for tax fraud when they could not get anybody willing to testify about his murders etc. If you want to put a man our of circulation any premise will do.

    Suppose the accused had tried to shake down various American businessmen who wanted to set up business in Barbados. And suppose those business men got vex and complained to their government. And suppose the Americans heard so many complaints that they felt they had to do something. And suppose as well the Americans knew that the accused has aspirations ob being Prime Minister. And suppose the Americans did not want to deal with a future head of government whom they believed to be corrupt.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @the Honourable Blogmaster

    De ole man would have created a blog specifically around the Ross University issue immediately after Mariposa STARTED this “Save Donville Campaign” using deflection and redirection methodology

    What would have happened is that it would have shown what her true objective and that of her colleague is in this matter.






    ac knows what she is trying to do. Spending some time to debunk her nonsense here does no harm.

    Truth be told another blog was just created on a related matter.




    Here is the arresting Sheriff’s website located in Hillsborough County where inquiries can be sent.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Dear Commissioner of Police

    Before you open your mouth and be known to be inconclusively to be a fool next Tim do choose your words carefully

    Instead of saying “…I am not concerned with matters that are done in private and are not reported to the police. We are not just walking around and looking to get wind of things that don’t call to us. Surely, if reports are made to us we will deal with them…”

    you might have said

    “…all matters, once they breach the law, be they enacted in a public space or a private space, are of concern to the police.

    This is our mandate, to uphold and defend the law, particularly when the crime is reported to us, though sometimes, as we continue to be proactive in crime interdiction and prevention, we will prosecute a criminal matter ourselves”

    You kink sir cannot be so obvious a dufus.

    Otherwise how can you defend other dufus officers who, when questioned in court, claim to have seen “a car acting suspiciously at Black Rock which lead to them stopping the car and interviewing then arresting its occupants”

    By the way Commissioner Griffith do you have a secure email address where concerned citizens can send you confidential information?



  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    De ole man going go and take a look at both items. The post and the link to Hillsborough

    Grateful if you could retrieve an item sent to the COMMISSIONER of Police


  • Just a short while ago I read what the present commissioner of police had to say regarding the Donville Innis’ arrest and later charged with a crime in another jurisdiction, I couldn’t believe what I was reading from a person in his position. I should imagined that given what is known and the fact that it occurred in Barbados by a sitting member of Parliament he should be hot on the trail for Donville’s tail. We in Barbados know of the many people whose salaries and other means can’t account for their life style, so there we have it, if no complaint are officially lodged. I wonder who made complaints against those poor black bajan women who were going abroad buying bed linen to sell to make a few $$, I wonder who made official complaints against them and not against ministers who stole from their people.


  • @ Hants

    I am just seeing your posts at 11:52 pm on Aug. 8th .I have just posted a similar comment in another article.

    All this false concern by some about governance etc is being shown for what it is.


  • Did it occur to the Commissioner that the accusation of BRIBERY…took place in HIS jurisdiction in Barbados….the US only attached the money laundering charge to the bribery that was allegedly committed in his jurisdiction….because the proceeds of the bribery they found were laundered in US…

    So you see how Fruendel knew of the corruption, he knew, he knew and so did big empty-headed Adriel Nitwit former AG and Dumbville’s sidekick from Harsun high school days., all of them know/knew of the corruption, but taunted the population to report the corruption that they all know they with their weak minds will never act against..or prosecute.

    They are all repulsive like Bernard, I am yet to figure out if this is a mental disease, it cannot be a residue of slavery because that excuse is overused and we are in the Information Age with info readily available at our fingertips despite the miseducation system to be found on the island…, I believe it’s more male stupidity, arrogance, shortsightedness and a disgraceful reluctance to prosecute each other for crimes committed when they are paid a salary by taxpayers….because they believe themselves to be in some kinda delusional specially chosen class..they are as*holes.

    It is not normal or productive, none of it..

    “And suppose as well the Americans knew that the accused has aspirations ob being Prime Minister. And suppose the Americans did not want to deal with a future head of government whom they believed to be corrupt.”

    No one in their right minds would want Dumbville as PM…in the long run it would have created more problems for North America and Europe, that they can easily see…one only had to peep into the next 20 years to see the havoc Dumbville would have wreaked, am saying that from a position of seeing first hand how his mind works.


  • “No information was shared between the RBPF and US federal law enforcement regarding allegations of bribery and money laundering, Griffith declared.

    The police chief himself only learnt of Inniss’ legal troubles through the media and social media, he said.”

    Dumbville was charged because the bribery allegations BREACHES Barbados’ 1929 archaic corruption laws that Fruendel claimed can still be used and is adequate enough to prosecute corruption in Barbados…

    Dumbville was charged because he BREACHED the US’ money laundering laws…key word here is breached, broke the law….let’s see what the DPP says.

    That is a reason why hiring yardfowls is a no no, they feel obliged to do nothing to clean up crimes committed by their political masters when hired by their political masters.


  • ”No information was shared between the RBPF and US federal law enforcement regarding allegations of bribery and money laundering, Griffith declared.”

    Well duh. Why yuh tink?

    Well, Well
    August 9, 2018 4:46 AM

    It is nonsense, plain and simple. Obviously he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.


  • Jonny B Good.
    August 8, 2018 11:39 PM

    Aside from the obvious need for a bar license whemever in Nu Yawk, I wud like a few a dem lawyers to head up de road to rehrehsent de man.

    That wud be nice. Not sure how many would be treated alike him, but I expeck dat de Amurcans working on dat.

    Lyrics from the band Escape The Fate.

    Cause it’s one, it’s one, one for the money
    Two, it’s two gots too much for the show
    Three, it’s three, three get ready.


  • Hants
    August 8, 2018 11:24 PM

    Barbados in Deep doo doo
    In its latest assessment of Barbados published today, international rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) lowered the issue-level ratings on this country’s global bonds to ‘D’ or default.

    Well, that is obvious. Because there is default. What did anyone expect?

    Barbados needed the IMF five years ago.

    Just one little problem for some, IMF supervises what you do.


  • I wonder why the Babbster-DPP is not going after Donville Inniss for corruption … ????

    We all know why. Just asking. Oh, I forgot, that some local lawyers on BU told me that everything is right with the DPP and it is OK not to investigate the many economic crimes committed by the last admin.

    There is no justice on the plantation called Barbados. The island was a prison for black slaves 200 years ago and is still an economic prison for clueless Barbadian taxpayers who accept any sh… done by local officials.

    No wonder all sincere foreign investors run away from Barbados.


  • That is what happens when yardfowls get hired, we have beaten this subject ad nauseam …there should be procedures in place that members of political parties not be hired at taxpayer’s expense in these positions of authority critical to unbiased opinions, which is impossible when you are hired as a yardfowl and expected to perform as one….EXAMPLE…Chief Justice Marston Gibson, when Fruendel as PM refused to acknowledge any decision made by Gibson coming out of the Supreme Court that he did not like…, it is a travesty…again…look at the condition of the island after 60 years of party politics and yardfowlism…nothing good has come from any of it..but will they learn….am not holding my breath.

    Don’t think there are many bajans on the island with license to practice in NYC..they do exist though, they are also some in NYC…he has to find a good lawyer in NYC, one seasoned in those corridors to represent against federal charges now that he has been processed.


  • Imagine Donville managed to escape to Barbados.

    He would be free man. No charges for bribery, money laundering or any other gov crime.


  • Perhaps we need to make it a crime to NOT report crimes to the COP. I suspect that is why ICBL ran to the US authorities, because if they found a crime and didn’t report it would also be their top brass in front of the judge. so if the COP has no report, but ICBL knew as they acted against their staff, maybe the COP should be interviewing the management of ICBL with a goal to prosecute them for not reporting a crime against the people of Barbados. This NOT a change in policy for Barbados to prosecute corrupt persons, on both sides of the transaction, this is a one-off event, where a foreign company to protect itself, reported a crime to the US because it involved US citizens and US banks. No local authorities ever planned on pursuing this nor will they, nor any of the other crimes against the people of Barbados. it would set a bad precedent for future corrupt politicians and civil servants.


  • Now this is the very believable story going around, the DPP deceased had a reputation, a very bad one….Mia would do well to watch her ass..from the frenemies……

    Enuff my man..ya better watch ya ass too….lol

    “Glad you asked that question! It is spiteful Peter Harris who has Donville Inniss in hot water now. Peter was very upset with Donville for his insurance company CGI losing out to ICBL for two government insurance contracts.

    It is alleged that Peter’s paid contact in ICBL informed him what the then CEO of ICBL, Ingrid Innes, did to secure the government contracts. Peter got his good friend, the then DPP and crooked Charles Leacock, to investigate Donville for money laundering and accepting a bribe. However, even after collecting the evidence, Leacock’s hands were tied because Donville was then a minister of government.

    Peter insisted that Leacock share his findings with the US law enforcement authorities. At that time, they could not pursue Donville because of his diplomatic immunity. However, on May 28, 2018, Donville’s diplomatic immunity expired and Donville was at the mercy of the US authorities.

    Those who know Donville are quite aware of the fact that he is a very horrible person. However, Donville and Peter were close buddies when Donville was Minister of Health. Peter allegedly got Donville to direct public patients to Peter’s x-ray facility in Beckles Road. In return Donville was, allegedly, well looked after financially.

    Now Peter has thrown his once partner in crime to the wolves. Anonymous”


  • Harris is a renowned backstabber, hence the reason ICBL employees wanted to know why he was sitting in on their board meetings and were upset by his presence, just a matter of time before it all unfolds…and the real meat of the story comes out…this is just a prelude.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Well Well & Consequences

    Of the several conspiracies that we, the BU Rumshop Brimlers are accused of promoting, that is by far the most logical.


  • Well, Well
    August 9, 2018 6:02 AM

    Can you imagine if Frron had won the election and managed, as his stated intention, to get rid of the CCJ?

    It would have been Supreme General Froon aka banana republic.

    In May this year, Barbados was delivered from the mouth of an open chasm.

    Now, I am not too worried about Integrity Legislation, because with the IMF overseeing government transactions, any illicit gains will come automatically with a jar of Vaseline, courtesy of international laws.

    Mia’s youngsters better watch their t’s and i’s.

    Word to the ‘wise’ (sic – I have to use that word as it is how it goes after all).


  •’s been days the connection was made, I see some trying to blame the US for Dumbville predicament in the US ..they cannot blame the US for the monster they themselves created in Barbados, we knew this was going to happen, we warned them and got cussed for our troubles..

    When you create a monster, it has to be destroyed…they now have to destroy the monster of their own creation before he destroys them first…they can’t very well expect us, who warned them repeatedly…to do it for them…they built up and promoted that destructive monster for over 20 years.


  • Tron
    August 9, 2018 6:05 AM

    Wishful thinking. And anyone who thinks that international authorities do not have license to come and get who they want, think again.

    That is the price of running your country in the ground and then having to sign contracts with international agencies.

    You have to accept their terms and their terms means allowing them to make sure that you are running clean.

    This is a new paradigm.

    Personally, I would love it for them to come and collect a whole set a people.


  • too.


  • the crap that is posted here. how does a DPP go about investigating a crime without police involvement?

    how can any other law enforcement agency come to Bim and legally arrest or interview a citizen without local police involvement or knowledge?

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  • @James Greene

    Wondered same. Some people here like to run from the mouth without much thought because they want to fit all arguments into an agenda.

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  • First of all Dumbville is a US resident so he is their bitch….the DPP is supposed to reach out to the US authorities for the facts of the case so the office can engage and opine what laws were broken in Barbados..,,by Dumbville and his bribers..all of them.

    And you who claim to know so much about police procedures…steupppssssss.


  • As a matter of fact, the DPP and Commissioner’s office are supposed to now engage US authorities and work with them, if they are serious about cleaning up corruption and other crimes..


  • Greene ”how can any other law enforcement agency come to Bim and legally arrest or ”

    All it takes is a few phone calls.

    Barbados is in deep doo doo and owes.

    If you think otherwise, you really are having a laugh.

    Go through the police here? What a laugh.


  • The foreign enforcement would not tell the police here when they polish their shoes. For good reason.


  • still talking nonsense. no law enforcement agency can come to Bim and legally interview and arrest a citizen without some knowledge and or involvement of local authorities. there are international laws and rules that government this. arrest by a foreign law enforcement agency in Bim of a Bim citizen is almost legally impossible if not impossible anyway

    and the police chief is quite correct no matter how crude he may have said it. he cannot investigate this matter without a complaint from ICBL or the Government- the two parties that have standing in the matter. how do you go about investigating something of this nature without a complainant? please someone tell me?

    and the DPP does not have to engage with this US authorities at this stage. the DPP is a prosecutorial agency not an investigative body. it decides on law, it doesnt engage in investigations. the US authorities if anything would have to inform the Bim police and if merited they would investigate and prepare a file for the DPP to charge or ask for further investigations

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  • Wuh I could swear I saw Dale Marshall the AG in the newspapers recently begging the US Ambassador for help with the destroyed judiciary…..and we all know who is also responsible for destroying the judiciary…

    now is the time to take all the help they can get to clean up the island completely…these things cannot be done half way, either you want help or you don’t..if ya don’t …be not surprised if your ass ends up in handcuffs also with spiteful monsters on the loose who have no problem snitching to foreign authorities when it serves their agendas………just saying.


  • James Greene

    Your lucid argument is not fitting into the narrative that some want to push on this matter.

    Now the commissioner and the DPP are DLP agents.I was waiting for that one.

    I just scroll past some things.


  • No one is disputing that foreign law enforcement need permission to arrest local accused wanted in other jurisdictions..the point being made is if they really wanted to arrest an accused in Barbados….international laws are in their favour…a la Dudus Coke…this is not even worth debating…they will come and get you using the international laws available to them and diplomatic channels…if you refuse, the country faces sanctions..

    So what does that have to do with Dumbville’s arrest.


  • William Skinner

    Good morning Commissioner: I hear or read somewhere that a man is involved in crime
    Commissioner: I will get on it immediately and press charges -have him arrested
    Good morning Commissioner; Just read that a bajan just got arrested in America for selling clothes without a license
    Commissioner: I will get on it immediately and press charges

    How ignorant can we be ? The Com said that no complaints were made against Innis. How could he just go and arrest and charge a citizen against whom there is no complaint ?

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  • Agree William, it was not a politically astute statement even if he was not in the know.


  • Yall only see what you want to see, the DEA apparently according to sources set up some sting for Hawkesworth and a few others…with the DPP, deceased involved…at the end it did not workout so Hawkesworth et al could not be extradited to US….regardless of the intent…it still had to go through legal channels…as the then Commissioner was well aware.

    So trying to start a nonsensical debate to distract from the fact that both the DPP and Commissioner should be reaching out to get the facts of Dumbville’s case from the US….is not working.


  • Besides, and this is my soft heart talking….as a Barbados citizen, the Commissioner and DPP should both be concerned about how Dumbville found himself in this precarious situation and who else were involved..


  • At least being charge in the USA would safeguard Inniss files from theft and all kinds of illegalities that goes against ethics in the judicial system in Barbados
    This case this not have the strength of conviction
    Money laundering cases needs hardened proof like tapes and video recordings
    Wire transfers does not conclusively formed a reason for conviction

    Hello David well Good morning i have already seen more than fifty stories dealing with Mia hijacking of Dominica economy via Ross but not a peeking word from Mr. Transparency himself David BU. Wuh happen de cat bite yuh tongue


  • The point the blind are missing is even if ICBL had made a bribery complaint to the Commissioner’s office, a commissioner just recently appointed to his post by the same DLP Inniss government;

    if the ICBL had made a complaint to the DPPs office, the same DPP who was recently appointed to her post by the DLP Inniss government…exactly what good would that have done….who here could see any arrest or charges of a government minister coming out of that for alleged bribery..

    yall really need to stop and like Bernard look inward at yaselves..

    Whoever snitched on Inniss, did not anticipate the DPP dying, so naturally the snitching could not be

    “At least being charge in the USA would safeguard Inniss files from theft and all kinds of illegalities that goes against ethics in the judicial system in Barbados.”

    So how come you never cared about any of that before or got the useless exgovernment to fix it.


  • ‘the crap that is posted here. how does a DPP go about investigating a crime without police involvement?

    how can any other law enforcement agency come to Bim and legally arrest or interview a citizen without local police involvement or knowledge?”

    Mr. Greene

    I have to agree with your above comments.

    That “crap that was posted here,” most likely came from “Naked Departure.” And the facilitator of that site has an agenda against Peter Harris.

    As David BU correctly stated: “Some people here like to run from the mouth without much thought because they want to fit all arguments into (their) agenda, which is similar to that of Sherie Veronica.

    The office of the DPP deals with prosecution of suspects and not investigation of crimes allegedly committed by those suspects.

    However, I recall the hullabaloo caused in the USA and the insults hurled at Barbados, when Owen Arthur refused to sign the “Shiprider Agreement,”……..passed in the USA……..

    ……… giving US law enforcement agencies the right to ignore our sovereignty and pursue suspect drug traffickers and arrest them in Barbados’ waters, without the involvement of our law enforcement agencies.

    How about FACTA, which was also passed in the USA, to more or less force overseas authorities into revealing the income of US citizens residing in overseas jurisdictions.

    So, I must ask what bilateral agreement was signed giving US law enforcement agencies the right to enter Barbados and arrest suspects without the involvement of our police?

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  • @ac

    You will not see an article from the blogmaster on the Ross matter because it is a non issue. However, you or any of the DLP people on the blog may submit a piece on it.


  • There is no evidence or information to link Harris to the Inniss matter. If we agree this is the case then every thing flowing from an assumption there is must be dismissed as speculation.


  • “if the ICBL had made a complaint to the DPPs office, the same DPP who was recently appointed to her post by the DLP Inniss government…exactly what good would that have done….who here could see any arrest or charges of a government minister coming out of that for alleged bribery..”

    ……but the DPP some accused of being aligned to the DLP would have renege his loyalty to that party in favour of Peter Harris……and facilitated any arrest or charges of a government minister.

    And these people accuse others of having mental melt downs????



  • Ok So barbados finally hit Rock bottom
    My concern or my self interest lies in the fact that govt bonds bought on a promise of a set percentage return has been wiped out
    Also more of concern that on tge date if maturity funds availability to recover the deposit might be given in bits and pieces
    All thanks to Mia brain storming destructive decision

    On a mention of Ross word on the street indicates that some small island nations are planning to boycott Barbadian products in support of the people of Dominica because of Mia agressive actions against the Dominican govt.
    So much for vision and forward thinking


  • @ James Greene August 9, 2018 8:02 AM

    Arguments like yours simply indicate that Barbados is a non-developing country WITHOUT rule of law.

    In D E V E L O P E D countries like US the AG, SC or any prosecutor INVESTIGATES gov crimes without CONSENT of any politicians.

    Or how, how do you think the Italian prosecturs are hunting down the mafia? By asking corrupt politicians if it is right to do so?

    Get that into your head.

    NO sincere investor will return to Barbados given this level of dysfunctional legal system. It is a FACT that the last ten years there was no investigation into the crimes of BB gov or DLP.


  • “Money laundering cases needs hardened proof like tapes and video recordings
    Wire transfers does not conclusively formed a reason for conviction…”


    Uh wonder which one uh de Mariposas write dat shiite?

    Is the individual you got the above nonsense from a lawyer and do they have a LEC?

    With loss…..


  • in order for law enforcement agencies across borders to be able to gather information or evidence pursuant to law enforcement matters in each other territories there is a piece of law called Mutual Legal Assistant Treaty or MLAT.

    via that a letter of assistance is sent to a like agency usually the DPP asking for assistance. that is then passed to the relevant investigative body usually the police. sometimes the local police gather the evidence in the form asked for and relay it back or sometimes the overseas police agency visit the country and with the help of the local police gather the evidence.

    i would imagine that is what happens in Bim. if not there will be some comparable treaty, act or agreement that covers this.

    so it is highly doubtful that the FBI, HSI or DEA could just ruck up in Bim and start interviewing or arresting them

    the Feds gather evidence from witnesses different than we do anyway


  • William Skinner

    We ask for transparency and it is refreshing that Com. has said he knew nothing about Innis” situation and he cannot act without a compliant for him to investigate. There are several rumours of corruption that both the Bees and Dees have accused each other. Yet, this is the first time that such charges have been brought against a politician. We had Duffus many moons ago and the St Joseph hospital Commissions of Enquiry and both were brought by political means and process and we all know that nothing of significance happened.
    The apologists on BU from both sides should be intelligent enough to note that the Auditor Generals’ reports stretching back almost forty years and spanning both decadent administrations have been ignored by both parties. The so-called Publics Account Committee has also by ignored. There is a reason why these charges against Innis , have been executed by a foreign agency because they scratch each others backs and no way is the Bees going to lock up Dees or vice versa.
    Note well that Mark Maloney who has been cussed for ten years is still getting what he wants now and will continue to get what he wants because elections are over and all the pretty talk done. The Hyatt will be built …………same old BLPDLP masquerade. Note also those who will have jumped in the Chris Herbert drug Scandal are now very quiet and they are even quieter about Donville. The political stars have aligned and the feeding at the trough has begun.
    Everybody knows now that if they want a food they better find Roebuck Street because at this time the pot empty across at George Street. The question that always arises in these islands is : Who will guard the guardians.
    The little useless firecrackers exploding on Bu are just that. All the big jobs gone; the Boards picked and the big cheques are being drawn. The feeding is on………don’t mind the little starlights on Bu before they light they done.


  • @”NO sincere investor will return to Barbados given this level of dysfunctional legal system”

    Speaking of dysfunction, one gets the grim sense that during the last few years the level of dysfunction has (almost) crossed the Rubicon. Not impossible, but it will be extremely difficult to restore things to a respectable keel.

    Do we have the will to make the tough decisions? Maybe the IMF is a blessing in disguise.


  • The Ross U issue is a non -starter for most people, the foreign corporation made a decision and while it is painful for Dominica it is good news for Barbados and all Barbadian Gov’ts of whatever stripes would have welcomed them, those preaching otherwise are hypocrites.

    Now those buildings formerly called ovens are going to bake some bread for Maloney, funny how the whipping boy is now the darling for some.

    BTW back in the day I knew a Volney who was a Solicitor’s clerk and I think he originated from Dominica, wonder if he is related to the Volney in T & T.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ James Greene August 9, 2018 8:02 AM
    “…….no law enforcement agency can come to Bim and legally interview and arrest a citizen without some knowledge and or involvement of local authorities. there are international laws and rules that government this. arrest by a foreign law enforcement agency in Bim of a Bim citizen is almost legally impossible if not impossible anyway…”

    You have to be kidding, right J.G?
    Why don’t you issue threats of terrorism against any American public official or property in any jurisdiction and see how fast you would find yourself aboard a special aircraft en route to either Guantanamo or some other US detention centre?


  • @Enuff
    “Mariposa Coverley has more vacant houses than occupied ones, Bajans are not buying. If it is true that Lashley committed government/NHC to paying Maloney for each unsold house, then this is a win-win for tax payers and Maloney. In fact, Coverley is very suitable for student housing, and if the government can lovk down a couple more offshore universities longtermly I would highly recommend turning Coverley into predominantly a housing campus for the students. Of course, Maloney would need to build some 2-4 storey units and student life facilities”

    Is this the same Maloney you were cussing left and right just a few short months ago?

    This is prime example why BLP=DLP and their apologists are never to be taken seriously.


  • A quick search on CGI’s website reveals that they only offer Home and Auto Insurance.

    Due the the fact that the alleged bribe money was sent through a dental office, one would assume the contract was for medical insurance?

    Therefore, this would suggest, to me at least, that the rumour of Peter H being upset about not winning the said contract and selling out Donville is false.


  • Solution: Make it a constitutional duty in Bim to register as US resident for politicians, high bureaucrats and buzzinessmen.

    Then we do not need police in Bim anymore. The US will take over and ensure compliance.


  • Donville, presumably a “black” man stands accused of a “white” collar crime!

    Liked by 1 person

  • lol..the feds don’t even have to prove anything, they had probable cause to charge for bribery under Barbados 1929 laws that Fruendel saw no need to change and money laundering under US laws, it’s now Dumbville’s task to wriggle out of that, no mean feat getting away from the feds…I would much prefer not be him at this time..ah got a real healthy respect for the feds.

    Artax…go take ya meds…

    Harris sees himself as owning whomever he bribes, if ya read the accusation it was very clear that the alleged snitching of Dumbville by DPP…DECEASED…. both owned by Harris….could go nowhere until Dumbville lost his diplomatic immunity…it was never meant for Dumbville to be arrested in Barbados, no one would have known the difference had the DPP not died, he had no intention of making that arrest himself…not under that scenario….the arrest was meant to take place in the US…try to understand what you read.

    When has any politician or minister been arrested by any DPP or Commissioner of police for corruption, bribery, drugs, anything in Barbados, I only remember Rommel Marshall having a bench warrant put out for him for not paying in his employees NIS reduction…..not even their children get arrested when they commit crimes, many of them, politically connected lawyers/QCs included are known to walk into police stations, pick up their children and walk out when they get busted for drugs and other crimes..

    I remember vividly the same Dumbville’s wife was stopped by a traffic cop for some infraction, did Dumbville not call this cop’s superiors and demanded to know why his wife was stopped, going after the police for doing their jobs..

    .hypocrisy is what has brought the island to it’s knees.


  • A.Dullard

    Don’t be a jackass. I still oppose the Hyatt, not on the principle but the design etc. I still think Hyatt should have been subject to an EIA. I still think Coverley is a shite product, unsuitable for the Barbados housing market and overpriced. However, it is a good product for student housing and if it can be used to save taxpayers money and generate some economic activity. Am I to be so partisan to cry down the use of Maloney houses? What you and Mariposa failing to accept is that Maloney and his houses and Ross are ALL private entities, government is just the facilitator. Had the previous administration understood the difference between facilitation and solicitation, we might be in a better position now and Donville too, if he is guilty. Had they also understood how to separate politics from policy (governance), that too might have helped.


  • Artax

    Why you bothering with Well Well? She was convinced Rolerick Hinds was the MP for St.Thomas. Let her bump her gums, one of these days she gine gotta look for court clothes.


  • “fa·cil·i·ta·tion
    the action of facilitating something.

    the act of asking for or trying to obtain something from someone.
    “he was a regular target for solicitation of funds”
    the act of accosting someone and offering one’s or someone else’s services as a prostitute.
    “a woman arrested for solicitation”

    yep…that just about sums it up..

    Artax…all ya gotta tell us is ya went on Naked Departure website pimping like ya normally do and saw the accusation against Harris..we know you and many others hide and pimp around ND in secret all day every day…lol


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