The Grenville Phillips Column – Our Best Advice

Approximately 30 years ago I experienced my first rejection.  I had provided one of the firm’s clients with Engineering advice that could have saved him significant maintenance costs.  I was still visibly disappointed when I returned home, and after listening to my reason, my father gave me some excellent guidance.

He said that my job as a professional was to simply give my best advice.  My clients were not obligated to accept my advice, but were free to accept or reject any advice they received.  Therefore, I should never get emotionally attached to any advice that I give.

This guidance has kept me emotionally stable during my Engineering career.  If my best advice is rejected by my client, then I have learned to simply offer my next best advice without feeling the least bit distressed or disappointed.

The formation of Solutions Barbados meant that our clients became the residents of Barbados.  We offered them our best advice, which was economic prosperity without austerity.  Others offered the most severe austerity as the price for removing the DLP from government.  The DLP administration had become so offensive to most of the public that the voters rejected them, and selected the BLP to replace them.

It is an understandable decision by the voting public.  With Barbados on the brink of economic ruin, it is natural that they would want to trust a political party that had experience in governing.  However, with most of our candidates planning to continue to the next general election, the people of Barbados remain our clients.

What do our clients want from us now that the general election is over?  From the consistent feedback we have received, they want us to keep giving our best advice, both to the public and to those whom they have selected to manage Barbados’ economy.  That is exactly what we plan to do.

Our best pre-election advice was that austerity was not required to improve Barbados’ economy.  We published our plan 3 years ago for the public to review, and it was independently verified as workable.

Our best advice at this time, especially when the government is negotiating the terms of our surrender to an IMF directed austerity, is that our plan remains relevant today.  This is because our plan assumed that the Treasury would be empty on election day.  This was a reasonable assumption to have made, because politicians have claimed in the past that they found the Treasury empty when they assumed office.

The IMF is now back in Barbados and we will soon learn how bitter the medicine will be.  Since the Government seems intent on forcing us onto an unnecessary austerity path, then our best advice is to prepare our clients to cope with the bitter pills we will have to take, and the sour bills we will have to pay.

The first order of business is for everyone to reduce their vulnerability to foreseen threats.  Since the BLP have chosen to continue with the DLP’s economic strategy of high taxation, but this time with a smile and the support of the unions and private sector, then then one foreseen threat is poverty.

Most have exhausted their savings over the past decade of high-taxation, and are now one pay-cheque away from poverty.  Therefore, everyone needs to try to earn foreign currency.  Few are likely to be successful on their first try, but humans learn by failure.  Therefore, if they keep trying, and follow good advice, then success is guaranteed.

Concurrently, everyone neds to reduce their vulnerability to natural hazards.  We have entered the hurricane season, and most houses remain vulnerable to hurricane-force winds.  All houses can be economically strengthened, and homeowners should do so with dispatch.  However, we are always in the earthquake season.

It is important that our vulnerable schools, offices and public buildings be strengthened against earthquakes.  All buildings in Barbados with reinforced concrete roofs, that were built before 2012, were almost certainly significantly under-designed for earthquakes to the extent that they will likely collapse in an earthquake.

Fortuitously, our students will soon be out of school, and many persons take vacation during the summer holiday.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that the government makes the economical strengthening of our schools a national priority this summer, for all of our sakes.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • I read the posts of TIniss and ac on BU and just have a good laugh.

    I wonder why was it necessary for our PM to take the decisions she had to from day one. Was the DLP faced with such a disaster in 2008?

    They most certainly did not.

    Had our PM paid the loan dued on June 5, the country would have been left with no foreign exchange and these blasted Dems know this yet are on BU every day talking shiiite.

    Now we have a journalist all of a sudden being the bench mark for everything. Wuhloss.


  • Enuff

    Don’t worry with Kaymar Jordan. She will soon know which God she’s serving when BT has to settle the latest lawsuit.

    I read her editorials and just smile. I well remember the very next edition after the Stinkliar talked about the Nigerian whom he alleged had ties to Boka Haram…… she was out of the blocks straight way with Mia Mottley has to explain this….. this cannot be swept under the carpet, we do not want the likes of Boka Haram in Barbados.

    She believed a habitual liar. It doesn’t seem as if she has recovered from the REDWASH.

    She should seek solace from OSA.


  • Prodigal can serve that to the sheep, goats and yardfowls. Anyone with common sense know what she is selling is pure BLP propaganda and misinformation.

    Repeat it enough times and it becomes facts in some people’s mind.


  • The facts are……. the DLP mismanaged the Barbados economy and brought it to the brink of of disaster.

    In other words, the DLP f’up Barbados and now have the gall to come on BU and criticise the new government for trying to reverse the down ward slide.

    Wunnah ain’t got no shame at all.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ T.Inniss July 5, 2018 1:40 PM
    “Prodigal can serve that to the sheep, goats and yardfowls. Anyone with common sense know what she is selling is pure BLP propaganda and misinformation.”

    And ‘anyone with commonsense’ will also know that what prodigal said about the Barbados having no forex to payoff foreign loans and still pay for food and oil imports is true as John 3:16 or that ac and you TI, the template of an idiot, are two yard ‘fouls’ from the demolished pen on George Street whose beaks have been broken by that 30-0 redwashing.

    The Central Bank report on the Bajan economy for the second qtr 2018 is due anytime soon.

    The Guv has no reason to hide the truth anymore from the peering eyes of the IMF.
    The truth will out!


  • Well said, Miller.


  • TInniss

    Over the first three months of 2018, the international reserves held by the Central Bank increased by $14 million to end the
    quarter at $423 million — Central Bank Report Jan-March 2018 published May 2 2018

    However, Sinckler said ……on the 18 of June 2015 under the terms and condition of the … loan contract with Credit Suisse . . . Government . . . in fulfilment of its obligations made the payment as scheduled in the amount of $41.23 million, representing interest of $20.6 million and amortisation of $20.63 million to the various holders of the facility”. 21 July 2015

    Barbados’ foreign reserves problem is so serious that Government is seeking a US$60 million to US$70 million bail-out from the private sector. Governor of the Central Bank Cleviston Haynes revealed yesterday that for the first time in 27 years, the bank was requesting the private sector to repatriate some of its overseas funds as Government faced a major foreign loan payment next month. May 2, 2018

    Proof of the level of reserves after the strongest quarter, proof of the then DLP government desperately seeking help and proof that the Credit Suisse payment is due in June/July. Facts!! Wait and see the level of reserves April-June in the pending quarterly report, and we’ll know if Barbados could have afforded to pay its loans since the election.


  • Correct
    Hal Barbadians are now being indoctrinated to a new understanding that govt events should be demonstrated via PR interactions between the people and govt… Which when filter down to the population are no more than a govt narrative widly used in totalitarian countries to brain wash the people
    Can you belive that a small country like barbados can actually be opening their broaders to all and sundry when large countries with productivty and many a way of self sufficient and self reliance are saying enough is enough


  • Check the DLP Facebook page, the plan was to sell the Hilton and BNTCL to boost reserves. That was the unsustainable plan.

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  • A plan that was better a hundred times over than default
    A plan which would have served the taxpayers twofold 1. By relieving govt of having to subsidized an entity which was losing money and costing govt millions to keep up and such cases both boondoggles aint worth shit on the stock market
    2.. What would continue to happen is that both entities in order to maintain and stay open would be at cost to both govt and taxpayers
    Mia advisers are either arrogant goatheaded or does not understand the basic numbers of nothing from nothing equals nothing as such is the case with the Hilton and the oil terminal
    These two ragmuh tag dollies need to be gone


  • @ Mariposa, for your information the EDC is not a financial institution in the banking sense. It is an organization which falls under Industry Canada and was established to help Canadian industry find/exploit export markets. It uses Canadian taxpayers money….my money, Northern Observer money, Hants money. It was NOT established to help Barbadian businesses. Let those businesses now dig into their foreign accounts.

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  • My understanding of its purpose was that of giving businesses in barbados purchasing power to purchase goods and services from the Canadian manufactures without having to fully give 100% funding for the goods or services
    Now my understanding is that these firms have completely pulled the rug to which such an agreement was made making it necessary for barbadians businesses to come up front with all the monies necessary to buy the good and services
    What is most noteworthy is the application of barbados creditworthiness as reason
    Which also brings a thought to mind as to if govt was involved in the agreement as one of a guarantor for these businesses and in light of the default might have closed the door to easy purchases for these business


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa July 5, 2018 7:11 PM
    “A plan that was better a hundred times over than default
    A plan which would have served the taxpayers twofold 1. By relieving govt of having to subsidized an entity which was losing money and costing govt millions to keep up and such cases both boondoggles aint worth shit on the stock market
    2.. What would continue to happen is that both entities in order to maintain and stay open would be at cost to both govt and taxpayers”

    Is that you ac, the anti-privatization mogul?

    Now you just cannot denude yourself so openly on BU in your turncoat support of Privatization unless you want to be fo**ped openly in broad daylight.
    Now which entity, for the past 10 years, has been costing the government “millions to keep up and running”?
    Is it the Hilton Hotel or CBC?

    It certainly cannot be the BNTCL which has been passing on to the Bajan consumers the world market prices of all imported finished petroleum products.

    Now tell us Angela, the multi-pussy ac, should the government now sell or close down the CBC formerly DLPTV?


  • William Skinner

    @ Grenville

    I hope when you read the piffle emanating from the other sides, you realise the importance of keeping Solutions Barbados up and running. I also hope that Lynette Esatmond, keeps the UPP up and kicking. The road will be long but you owe it to Barbados to keep going on. Don’t give up.


  • But look how our PM is going make the decimated dems bawl and blow their gaskets…… was announced tonight that David Commissiong is the new Caricom Ambassador…… goodness, this will make their heads spin!

    Whoo hoo!


  • Comissiong from advisor in one day to Caricom Ambassador in another
    Who de hell Mottley think she is fooling Mottley bag of tricks has run out
    His appointment to be Ambassador was sealed before the election as a pay off for his undivided support to the blp.
    So this PR stunt to reveal what was an already known falls in the same category of the promised giveaways one of lies and deceits


  • William Skinner

    @ Hal

    “Barbados is a failed state. Don’t just look at the May 24 results, look also at the campaign – from Solutions Barbados to UPP to the Barbados Integrity Movement.”

    As I said before I do not agree that Barbados is a failed state However, like most Bajans, you underestimate the amount of money any third party needs to mount, a campaign to match the two major parties that have substantial cash to throw around. I dont know if you were home to see the campaigns that were put on but believe me, they run into millions of dollars. It would be difficult to compete with them.
    Political campaigns are now like crop over. People go out for entertainment and any goodies that are around. You will note that there was no televised debate. So why be so hard on Grenville and Lynette , when they actually brought policies and not entertainment to the table ?
    My conservative estimate, is that the combined cost ,of two campaigns of the major parties , had to be in excess of 25 million dollars. That’s a lot of cash my brother.
    As you would know without any real campaign finance regulations in place we will never know the real figure. I put that same figure to a finance professional and he told me that is closer to what one of the major parties spent.
    Go figure.


  • Now we wait and see with baited breath how many venezuleans would be allowed entry to barbados without security documentation
    Oh how the legal immigration shenanigans of fingerprinting will unfold before our very eyes which were simply an active deception to open a path forward to ease pressure off his freind Maduro who needs all the help he can get
    Barbados would soon become the breadbasket of whosoever will may come


  • Solutions Barbados and the UPP will not live to make it to 2023……….that is my belief.

    Solutions is on the verge of breaking up…… of its stars Paul Gibson walked away saying very harsh things against the way the party was run.

    The ad hoc collection of candidates Lynette pieced together and presented to the electorate have been so rejected that they will not show their faces again.

    Lynette must have now realised how stupid she was to leave the BLP………look, she would have beaten the pitbull and would have been accomplished a long held dream of being an elected member of Parliament but she allowed her hatred for Mia Mottley to consume her to the point where she thought she could form a party to stop the BLP from winning a majority. The people of Barbados said…………no way, go away………….hahaha!!!!!!


  • Why dont you losers go and hide……….right now, you all sound so stupid. After practically destroying Barbados with your bad policies and bad management………….you all really have the gall to criticise anything this new government does to bring this country back on track?

    Have some shame, show some remorse for the wrongs the DLP has done to this country and go and hide wunnah selves!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ William Skinner

    You said and I quote “…My conservative estimate, is that the combined cost ,of two campaigns of the major parties , had to be in excess of 25 million dollars…”

    Both you, the DLP and the BLP believe erroneously that campaign money will win a general election.

    That is the politics of the past.

    What WINS general elections will be decided by WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!

    THAT will trump election campaigns and $25 million

    I will explain what I mean.

    Why did Mia Mottley with a bunch of unproven candidates win?

    Let us be critical of this

    It is true that people were disgruntled by the incompetent DLP but IT WAS A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR ALL THE INCOMING PARTIES!


    All of the contenders were unproven even Mia Mottley!

    In fact Mia had and has her garbage about her previous tenure.

    So what am I saying?

    If they were all equal then what could the others have done to made a difference AND WHAT CAN THEY DO NOW?

    IT IS ONLY BY THEIR DEEDS that any of the third parties WILL WIN.

    They have to deliver during the “time of drought” WHEN THEY ARE AT 0-30

    BUT therein comes the rub.

    Nary one of them understands how to do that because all uh dem into the $25million pony dance that lasts for a campaign session

    So the SHEEPLE understandably, cannot and will not buy into what they are selling especially when the BLP sharing out millions.

    Let de ole man suggest that, if any third party wants to carry the swing in 2023, they have to bring something that shows that they they are capable EVDN IN THE DROUGHT, to feed the people.

    Now I dun know dat many here can’t understand what I have said but then again wunna could not understand the 30-0 pronouncement either.

    Any ammmmm serious party that wants to know how to do this can contact de ole man for advice on how to win in 2023

    I will show wunna how dese tings is done…


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your help please with an item


  • Wait, ac’s……….tell BU what has happened that Freundel Stuart cancelled the lunchtime lecture which Donville was scheduled to deliver on Friday.

    You all really still allowing Freundel to lead wunnah? Wunnah got to be goats!


  • NorthernObserver

    “Have you read the Bdos Today story? I suggest you do since nothing in that article is suggesting what you are saying.”
    the article said…”According to the company’s website [EDC], it was “open on a restricted basis” in relation to Barbados,” which is exactly what I said.
    OPEN = not closed, RESTRICTED = requires approval.

    Overall, the amount of trade between Canada exporters and Barbadian importers is minuscule. Hence the story is basically irrelevant. Further, if a Canadian supplier has established relations with a Barbadian importer, they are unlikely to be using the EDC, making it more irrelevant.

    It has simply provided political fodder for those so inclined. The underlying tone is…no default occurred under we, and now the B’s up and default, dat would never have happened under we. Again political conjecture, for the noose around the Barbadian public finance was firmly in place regardless of who won. And that is where this blog began, with the ‘prosperity without austerity’ claim by SB.


  • Three travel advisories were issued when sewage was flowing into the sea through the Graeme Hall Sluice Gate.

    Canada, UK and the USA.

    The sluice gate was closed and sewage ended up back on the streets.

    It now goes into the injection wells so has disappeared from the streets.

    Through the injection wells and porous coral it ends up back in the sea!!

    The whole raison d’etre of the south coast sewage system is/was to prevent sewage from the built up area polluting the nearshore environment.

    If tourists follow the travel advisories, one can imagine their numbers will decrease.

    What effect will increased taxes on this sector?


  • … have?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I see there is no change, the exministers and yardfowls are still being their useless, vicious and vindictive selves, this time to each other, just as they deserve. The electorate can be assured they made the right decision…lol…get rid of all of dem, permanently. They all need to go to helll and stay out of the people’s lives, they have done enough damage.

    “A last minute decision by former Prime Minister and outgoing President of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Freundel Stuart to abruptly end the party’s signature lunchtime lectures has left one party elder fuming, and threatens to cause fissures within the 63-year-old political movement.

    Stuart last night cancelled the lectures with immediate effect following a meeting of the DLP Executive Council, leaving former Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss with the proverbial egg on his face.:


  • Mariposa

    I’m sure you’ll agree that Bobby Morris was rewarded with the Caricom Ambassador post under your former DLP administration for being the DEM’s 2013 general elections campaign manager.

    There aren’t any fundamental ideological and philosophical differences between the BLP and DLP.

    The BLP is providing government is a continuum by engaging in practices simarly undertaken by the former inept DLP administration.

    You are continuing to write so much shiite and display your hypocrisy in this forum because you’re being cheered on by an essay writing pantomath.


  • *** proving


  • William Skinner

    @ Artax

    “There aren’t any fundamental ideological and philosophical differences between the BLP and DLP.

    The BLP is providing government is a continuum by engaging in practices simarly undertaken by the former inept DLP administration.”



  • William Skinner

    “Finally………”, what!!!

    I have mentioned in this forum on SEVERAL occasions that there aren’t any ideological and philosophical differences between the BLP and DLP.

    But because I was critical of the DLP and exposed as shiite what their operatives post to this forum, I am deemed to be a BLP supporter, although no one can indicate where in any of my contributions I praised the BLP.


  • And there was none between the NDP of which William Skinner was a member.


  • For all to understand my opposition to Commisiong is that Commisiong has commuinist leanings of which i detest
    No leader is worthy of consideration under a fully vetted democracy if that person openly submits or defends Communist parties and their leaders
    Commisiong falls deeply into such categories


  • What Communist leanings? What about the real Communists like the Chinese funding and working on Sam Lords? The RH crazies are going berserk.


  • Enuff

    Mariposa is following the script as discussed during a recently held meeting at George Street.

    And notice there is a “LEGION” of Mariposas, because based on the construct of some of their contributions……

    …….it is obvious that they are many.


  • Nope Nope no communist supper for Me ..Nope Nope


  • Enuff it is obvious you are in denial
    Commissiong has never missed a beat when opportunity arises to sing the praises of Chavez. Castro and Maduro you might not see nothing wrong with that picture but i see a whole dam lot)


  • Took a look at the channel to the sluice gate today.

    The level is close to 0.8 metres.

    Tide is below 0.7 metres

    Looks like what the injection wells can’t take goes to the swamp.

    Nothing coming from the manholes so it may be the source was solely the force main back to Hilton which had leaks.

    Spring tide coming in a week wo we will see if tide has an effect soon.

    Tide expected to rise to 0.87 metres.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    My grandson to me to tell you that the anti aliased pifuture of Mia Mottley and the 2018 May 24 Elections is not very complimentary of her

    It has a Skeletor look and the split between the teeth while quite fetching in real life give the appearance of “Brother Burnham is Watching You”

    I know dat wunna ent got de grandson to help wunna with images BUT it is important that wunna mek her website keep her looking good Ok?


  • Having watched the pronouncements of Enuff and Artax ove a period of time, I was forced to remove them from the “yardfowls” category
    Wait a minute…Unless
    Unless these two guys have split personalities which are in conflict.
    Mor observation is needed.
    Good morning guys….


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