Time to Prosecute, Mademoiselle Prime Minister!

The biblical quote ‘to whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48) best describes the position the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) finds itself having decimated the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) 30 zip in the recently held 2018 General Election. Put another way, ‘with great power comes great responsibility‘.

One of the first decisions made by Prime Minister Mia Mottley was to appoint a 26 member Cabinet, supported by 2 Ambassadors. The unprecedented size of Mottley’s Cabinet must by supported by a civil service structure that should require additional manpower, we know taxpayers will have to carry greater cost of her team to compare with her predecessor.

The Prime Minister has given the explanation that the perilous – dire is the word she used – state of the country’s affairs will justify the large Cabinet. Her message throughout her campaign was- many hands make light of the work to be done.

The blogmaster agrees the optics of Mottley’s decision to appoint a large Cabinet at a time the country is experiencing serious economic challenges is not good. However, her decision if viewed through a Machiavellian lens suggests she has had to weigh the political cost benefit of keeping her large team happy compared to spending one million tax dollars. Time will tell if her 26 member Cabinet and supporting cast will perform better than the Stuart Cabinet to justify the added expense. She starts as odds on favourite if one reads the result of the 70% of the electorate that voted for her on the 24 May 2018.

Barbadians heard the ‘deja vuan’ promise by newly installed Attorney General Dale Marshall that he will be going after members of the former DLP administration who committed wrong. Public sentiment is running high that the time has come to prosecute elected politicians and public officials of perceived wrongdoing. The blogmaster sides with the view that Barbadian politicians are not washed in the blood of the lamb. All over the world politicians are being prosecuted for crimes. Members of the local political class possess the frailties of being human and are therefore as susceptible to temptation as the other politician living elsewhere. The blogmaster has had it up to HERE, election cycle after election cycle, being on the end of promises from elected politicians to prosecute corruption that is never delivered on.

One way Prime Minister Mia Mottley will be able to justify the cost of her Cabinet and support team is to discretely list savings to taxpayers. The blogmaster goes further: there must be a concerted effort to ‘prosecute’ transactions that smell of corrupt behaviour. Let us witness a vibrant Public Accounts Committee with active followup on Auditor General Reports. Let us hold members of Boards of SOEs accountable for decisions taken and prosecute to where the trail of wrongdoing leads.

The time has come to redefine Barbados as a just society. It isn’t fair to jail Barbadians from the lower strata of society for ‘misdemeanors’ and ignore the flouting of the financial rules of government by public officials, and cases of obvious malfeasance hinted at in successive Auditor General reports.   The willingness of the Wickhams and other operatives to turn the other check must be seen for what it is- a business as usual condition to protect the cabal.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley is perched at a watershed moment in our history. The task to turnaround the economy and enact policies to assist with stitching the social fabric of Barbados will require a herculean effort from her team and Barbadians everywhere. One suspects she and team do not want to be relegated to the political  dustbin of history to follow her predecessors. The time has come for politicians to followup on accusations of corruption delivered on the platform with action.

This is a different time.

Over to you Prime Minister!


133 thoughts on “Time to Prosecute, Mademoiselle Prime Minister!

  1. How is such prosecution working if the GG and the DPP are obviously DLP-supporters? And the same is true for many judges on the bench from Magistrate to Court of Appeal.

    The Dems still think Barbados was their personal property. They won´t lift one finger to prosecute crimes committed by their blue brothers and sisters. The blue plantocracy is one solid block. A secret society like freemasonry.

  2. The chance is here for her name to be written on history’s page. Peter Wickham and others have endorsed the political add that lamented the fact two billion dollars were spent with one man,while small contractors suffered. Now we are supposed to accept that a couple million for a forensic investigation is wastage……we brek….but we ain’t foolish. Bajans voted for change and must not accept exchange. The voice of the people needs to be recognized. NEW DISPENSATION.

  3. Prosecute whom may I respectfully ask. Other than a litany of allegations which make salacious music to the ears of some of us but which must first be proven I have not yet seen anything other than speculation linking those who have fed off the bony calf of stealing
    perhaps bribery but hard to prove since the briber would hardly implicate himself or herself

  4. Charles,

    There is something called “American interrogation”. If the Americans can do it, why not Barbados? Or just ban food for Big Sinck for THREE days. He will break down and confes all his deeds.

    However you are right to some extent. As long as the present DPP is in charge, all the crimes committed by the DLP won´t be prosecuted. The sister DPP won´t prosecute their blue brothers.

  5. Easily remedied, when the malfeasance, corruption and theft of taxpayers and pensioners money is investigated and traced to those who committed those crimes against the people, per the auditor general’s report ……..and the judges, DPP, CJ , Commisioner of police etc all appointed by the ex government refuse to do their jobs per the evidence at hand. …the constitution clearly defines that the GG, who is also appointed by the exgovernment and a party supporter ……has the power in her hands as being owned by and representative of the crown, the only one on the island who does, once she is approached by the current PM and a request made to that effect….to fire all their asses for not doing their jobs because of yardfowlism and party affiliation….because it will be dereliction of duty….because it’s the taxpayers paying their salaries and not any political party…

    ….it is repugnant that these crimes were allowed against the people for decades…aided and abetted by GGs who turned the other way because of party affiliation and being appointed by the government of the day……despite they being the representative of the crown.

    If the GG does not engage and stop this clear abuse of the Constitution and dereliction of duty by her fellow party supporters…she too will be guilty of dereliction of duty and should be exposed to the privy council and buckingham palace…those who own her…they should see where her loyalties lie and it’s not with the people or with them….she is well aware that the constitution does not provide for political parties or supporters of political parties. ..all of it solely exists outside the party affiliation that the constitution never mention.

    Party affiliation is a crab in the barrel mentality of the politicians own making and exists outside the realm of reality and of absolutely no use to the people.

    If Mia does not request from the GG that these paid servants of the people do their jobs and prosecute any exministers etc found to have stolen from the people, robbed and disenfranchised the people because of their relationships with shady minorities, committed crimes against the people.. if these servants of the people are not doing their jobs per the allegiances and oaths they made to do so……as paid by the people to prosecte the criminals who destroyed a country, it’s judiciary and it’s economy…….and if Mia does not request that they all be fired under the process that is available for such remedies, she too needs to be exposed for dereliction of duty as PM and for protecting her fellow members of the political cabal….the electorate should never forgive that abuse of that ckear contempt fir their security come election time.

    These repulsive practices must end here, this party affiliation that the politicians, elected ministers, senators etc project that is more important than protecting the welfare and wellbeing of the population who pay their salaries must be put in its place.

    if party affiliation is so important, the political party should be paying their salaries …not the taxpayers.

    These recent acts of criminality against the people by individual ministers and groups of ministers cannot be overlooked this time, it will be sending the wrong message to the current and future governments….too much money is missing, the thieves have to pay, the money must be recovered….the perpetrators must be arrested….all the minorities involved in these crimes againt the people with government exgovernment ministers must be identified and arrested…

    The bajan population should accept no less, the people are the ones suffered all that loss.

    Plenty limes to make lemonade..

    It’s never any fun when the rabbit got the gun..

  6. .the electorate should never forgive that abuse of AND CLEAR CONTEMPT FOR THEIR SECURITY by the current government, come election time.

  7. What seems to be falling on deaf ears is that Mia says there is no money although with her ridiculous 8million annually to the debt in a one week period it question her truthfulness
    Then again she calls in the IMF to find fixes for the economy
    My question to the blp yardfowls who is calling for investigation where will she get the funding

  8. I will not stop until those criminals who formerly occupied the parliament and the minorities who bribed them, pay for their crimes against and thefts of taxpayers and pensioners money, just watch me.

  9. @ Tron
    There is something called “American interrogation”. If the Americans can do it, why not Barbados? Or just ban food for Big Sinck for THREE days. He will break down and confes all his deeds.

    A leopard can’t change his spots. He will still lie. It’s in his DNA.

    • Check Charles Skeete’s comment which typifies the lazy curiosity many Bajans have acquired that feeds the lack of urgency by the political class.

  10. To All, Now after an Election your eyes and ears open to Our words for years here on BU, If you all think that the crooks have left office, Think again THIS WAS A SWAP NOT CHANGE,,the crooks has now entered where it all started and look to cover up their Massive land Fraud and PONZi with IMF money which they will look at all Bajans to pay back, The DPP is she-it and the COP is a Perp,The CJ ran like a Bit-coin after they killed DPP Lecock as maybe PM David when looking to the Corruption in Barbados, The IMF needs to have a full Audit done before giving them one CENT,,We will see if the Whites get fooled by these Negroes, BFP/CUP Alex Mitchell the True Oppsition in Barbados, Our Bill stand Now at over $9.18 Billion to Mia and the Government added to the $15 Billion, Better tell the IMF Bring more USD$ or Pounds for the land were bought in Pounds in Barbados from 1926-1969 Plantations Conveyances

  11. David Mr Blogmaster, my ‘lazy’ curiosity or cynicism was fueled by the headline.

    For the love of life (or maybe a morning smile) I initially read the headline as ‘This is the… Time to prosecute Mde Prime Minister … for her previous malfeasance. And I was aghast…that again 😁.

    But then I got the gist …Time for her to start some prosecutions…well good luck with that.

    You call it lazy curiosity…others call it cynicism.

  12. @ David
    The propensity to disregard such blatant criminality and to ‘forget the past’ is the clearest sign possible of an intent to expect the same ‘courtesy’ when your time comes.
    We saw it with David Thompson and then Froon, with respect to criminal activities which THEY HIGHLIGHTED before coming to office….. then NOTHING….

    Now we know why.

    If the BLP fails to deal with the CLEAR CRIMINALITY which THEY highlighted before taking office, then we all know what to expect from them….

    Peter Wickham is an abomination to Barbados – representing all that is warped and degrading to a national ethos…
    A pathetic little freak.
    No wonder he did not have the balls to stay on BU…

    That VOB insists on imposing him on Barbados only confirms their anti-Barbados philosophy as maintained by Bushie now for years…

    Imagine a Call-in-Show – where the HOST has to be constantly moderated by the producer….

  13. @ Dribbler
    She CAN possibly do it.
    None of us are perfect – so only a ‘maripussy’ would require that Mia must be so…

    If she confesses her sins and commit to a new style and to a new approach, she can win even more respect and support than she currently enjoys.
    It is called “sackcloth and ashes.”

    If on the other hand, she seeks to cover her (well known) sins with deceit, and with compliance with the status quo, she will end up just like Froon and Stinkliar.

    That she allowed (engineered?) the hiring of Caswell tells us that the tendency is towards sackcloth…..

    That both the DLP and Owen went after her dirty laundry with gusto – with no kickback from her – even AFTER winning …
    …is so impressive to Bushie that the bushman is tempted to ask a favour of the God-father on her (Barbados’) behalf….

    The God-father has NEVER yet refused a bushman request…. even silly ones… 🙂

    There is a chance – slim – but hopeful.

  14. There is nothing in the constitution that provides for the practice of corruption or the enabling, colluding with or protecting of those who practice corruption among those who pledged allegiance to, took oaths and are owned by the crown or their bribersvin the minirity business sector….I have perused the document back and front,.

    It also makes no mention that the owned civil servants of the crown are entitled to collude with minorities to steal from the treasury, taxpayers and pensioñ fund via contracts or whatever evil scams their twisted, greedy minds devise, just as no political parties garnered any mention in the constitution, neither did minority crooks and thieves so they should neither of them be up front in any political landscape….these evil schemes and intent flavored by pay to play bribery and kickbacks were devised by all the above mentioned for the sole purpose of robbing the people.

    …..from the GG, PM, senators and all the civil and legal services on down, corruption should never have become the main staple in the judiciary or the popular practice of those owned by the crown….the Constitution makes no provisions for those blatant acts of criminality by those on the taxpayer’s payroll….if the crown wants to continue enjoying the sideshow…they are free to, but the people, the taxpayers who pay these jackasses do not have to continue accepting this abuse of their existance and trust by a bunch of house negros owned by the crown, let the crown start paying their salaries if they want to continue their experiment…a la Bush.

  15. let the Crown in UK start paying their local human property salaries if they want to continue their FAILED parliamentary and civil service experiment…a la Bush.

  16. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    After reading all of the other submissions and the overnight comments de ole man said I would come here last.

    My reason was that I wanted to reserve my reading time to what whomever had hah the balls to write this article’s title.

    And then to examine the responses AND THE RESPONDERS.

    Let de ole man explain with this quote from something Well Well and Consequences said above “…These RECENT acts of criminality against the people by individual ministers and groups of ministers cannot be overlooked THIS time…”


    Of late the ole man noteth the easy reliance many here hath for The Holy Bible and de ole man oft prays that for the many who read one Word, It shall hesitate and bloom in their souls.

    Here is a passage from Luke 8 verse 7 which reads “… So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her…” as it relates to the proposed stoning of the whore found in adultery.

    That Bible lesson aside let de ole man jump in to this ramble patch…

    I searched my conscience much like many here can search de ole man’s text AS DALE & EDDIE & LUCILLE & SANDRA & LYNETTE are doing even as we speak and others do and have done

    I did so because in my heart I was seriously convicted of the challenge that Dale Marshall will have with this task that faces this incoming administration

    I mean it is not that they are not going to find the indiscretions IT IS MORE SO WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO once they come to light!

    So it would be obvious that the prosecution of infelicities WILL as Well Well and Consequences imputes BE PERFORCE, FINITE and limited to the DLP gang and their enablers but what then?

    Say I lock up Chris Decimals Bond Stinkliar for teifing $500 million what then?

    What can I expect for VECO? Or CRAB HILL?

    So while de ole man would understand why BAJANS would like to know that buffalo sincks up in Dodds with his face in the sheets talking tender words to Bubba or Pornville de former WEB man insisting to Nurse dat he want condoms cause he botsie raw …such will only mean that either they leave it out altogether OR DEM DO A BIG FOOT MOVE

    Yes de ole man heah wukking ex officio…

    @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    Prosecute Decimal Bonds and All uh Dem within the first year and mek sure to get back as much of de money dem teif (Good luck with that second part)

    Most of dem going go overseas to live but the ones that remain mek sure to lock up a few.

    For the ones who flee the jurisdiction and WHOM YOU ARE UNABLE OR UNWILLING TO EXTRADITE, effect the usual international warrants that will briadcast the sentences of the BARBADOS courts for all the wofld to see dat dem is teives.

    After all you gots to give de people de impression you is effecting change and ARE WILLING TO LOCK UP DE TEIVES. Both past ones and those within your fold like De Pain in Edmund’s side.

    Remember that your objective is to eradicate the DLP forever (as is that of de ole man heheheheh)

    Den ammmmm and here de ole man gine use SQUARE BRACKETS for me advice to you alone [[establish a panel to prosecute yourself and All of the BLP persons who are also purported to be NOT BLAMELESS IN THESE SHENANIGANS


    De ole man dun know that you gots some political advisors and “ministers in the Ministry of…” WHO IS NOT TOO BRIGHT SO I GINE HELP YOU WID A FEW THINGS MIA

    The serious facts though are that Barbados is in “ducks guts” and that the mandate that you have received from the people HAS TO DELIVER]]

    Finally back to the Honourable Blogmaster.

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    De ole man shall repeat your quote “to whom much is given much is expected”

    You are the only guard left for this Blogosphere and irrespective of what they WILL TRY KEEP YOUR FIREWALLS, both digital and physical, in place, else we fall in this wilderness and there will be none to record “WE WERE HERE AT THIS BRIDGE …”

    In the fullness of time de ole man may write explain an article titled “Extraordinary or Irregular Rendition” here on BU but not today

    But for the time being de ole msn shall quote from my favourite poem

    “…Then out spake Spurius Lartius;
    A Ramnian proud was he:
    ‘Lo, I will stand at thy right hand,
    And keep the bridge with thee.’
    And out spake strong Herminius;
    Of Titian blood was he:
    ‘I will abide on thy left side,
    And keep the bridge with thee.’

    And out spake de moufer PUDRYR,
    Of VPN blood was he:
    I will abide behind this anonymous IP address,
    And keep tekking dese sniper shots with these.

    Until Dale close we down?

  17. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please…

    @ de Ingrunt Word

    She you see de ole man’s post you will see that you were peeping…

  18. Bernard my friend, I figured the whole thing out, Bush experiment and all, but it is never good for the perpetrators when I have to sprain my brain to figure out 60 and 70 year old mysteries.

  19. However you are right to some extent. As long as the present DPP is in charge, all the crimes committed by the DLP won´t be prosecuted. The sister DPP won´t prosecute their blue brothers

    @Tron, this is a very serious accusation. You are right about one thing though. It is not for the AG to prosecute anyone.Or you may launch a private prosecution.

    @ David, As did DPD, I also fell victim to misreading your headline here. A comma placed between “prosecute” and “Mademoiselle” should do the trick.

  20. Is there a bajan dictionary for the IPad? Dis ting correcting eveyting de ole man write…steupseee

  21. @PUDRYR
    “Then out spake Spurius Lartius”
    Glad to hear that is your favourite poem wuh only a few days ago I wrote that Bishop Atherley is “no Horatio at the bridge”

    As you put it hehhehhehheh

  22. I coo in one choir and that is St Paul and so I ask where lies the criminality of which people speak
    Except for ascribing ulterior motive to the unethical conduct of the past administration during its lame duck days; there is no evidence to charge the signatories to any of the contracts or the waiving of duties of criminal behaviour since they were all legally if not ethically executed
    Yes this action in the dying days of the administration should be regarded as disgraceful and distasteful and shold be frowned upon but it is evidence which counts in a court of law and not speculation or feelings or emoton or spite.

  23. I note several commentators here have pointed out the difficulty of prosecuting the outgoing maladministration’s myriad thieves owing to Fumble’s holdovers in powerful positions. I would like to point out that this is the very same problem faced by Donald Trump with the legions of criminal Obarmy holdovers, and likewise in the UK, Brexit is being thwarted by lefty civil servants who consider themselves to be masters, not servants..

    Which one of you will complain as loudly on behalf of America’s saviour?

  24. Is George payne included in the investigation
    Or even Mia herself who was part of the OSA administration when her father received 1 million of taxpayers monies.
    I meaning if she is going to investigate lets go right across the board starting with her ministry first by unlocking and releasing the finiancial reports of everyone of them Mia is secretly holding
    Transparency starts at the top

  25. @ Jeff Cumberbatch June 5, 2018 8:31 AM
    “David, As did DPD, I also fell victim to misreading your headline here. A comma placed between “prosecute” and “Mademoiselle” should do the trick.”


    For small things can mean a ‘legal’ lot like the difference between a contract “Of” service and a contract “For” service.

    You can also refer to the missing “Oxford Comma” case in the USA where three truck drivers sued (and won) Oakhurst Dairy; Dairy Farmers of America, INC. for a tidy sum of retroactive overtime pay.

    However the devil is always in the detail so David can always claim it was the Printer’s devil at work throwing spanners all around the place even in PUDRYR’s i-Pad (LOL!).

  26. I love the blessings that come all disguised.

    A caring monarchy would at this time see the need to apply the reparations being sought by paying their human property of the Crown in Barbados salaries for the next 52 years, no better dollar could be spent.

    Wuh they monitor them anyway and have for 52 years and they own them anyway, says right so in the Constitution, cause they pledge allegiance to the monarchy and all the other oaths which makes them the personal properties of the crown. IN UK…

    .. this time though, there would be low to no chances of the UK Crown employees in Barbados practicing corruption and all the other destructive forces that have brought the island to its knees, seeing as they would be on the payroll of UK who will never stand for their money in salaries being fcked up like that…by a bunch of crooks and thieves.

    ..and it would take the now terrible burden off the taxpayers given the current financial and economic hardships that the Crown’s most recent ex employees in government wrought on the people and island….the monarchy can own that destruction perpetrated by their former employees in the exgovernment…it is their property committed those atrocities against island and people…they are directly responsible also.

    Hope yall are feeling me.

    Though the constitution can do with an upgrade and transformation to be in lock step with this era, I see no need to change the overall template, not for another 52 years anyway.

    Yall are welcome…des deaux cotes de la fracture…

  27. Never heard of “American Interrogation”, but how about “Bajan Interrogation” where a form of waterboarding is used? Just collect water from the road in Hastings/Graeme Hall swamp etc. but don’t restrict the use to politicians use it on all the people under arrest who intend to plead not guilty to any offence that way we have 100% guilty pleas.

    BTW that waterboarding on politicians may not work after all there were two who immersed themselves in the ocean in a case of extreme waterboarding and emerged unscathed.

  28. ….and it would take the now terrible burden off the taxpayers of paying the current salaries of the Crown’s human property now occupying the Crown’s parliament……. given the current financial and economic hardships that the Crown’s most recent ex employees in government wrought on the people and island.

    Gotta get this right…an intelligent government when seeking grants from UK, which they will do anyway, as they have been doing for 52 years……should start negotiating in this vein, which will also allow for the IMF program to work without the burden of salaries for the UK Crown employees….something the Barbados taxpayers, should never have to worry about again…until the island’s leaders become mature enough to seek republic status for the island.

  29. Forget prosecution for now; first things first. Parliament opens today and there will be no DLP members or supporters on site and I expect that the whole area will be bedecked in red.

    I now declare that the name of the area surrounding the Parliament buildings be dubbed “Red Square”.

  30. All that would be perfect and deem the 52 year old Bush experiment a complete success finally, if the monarchy was not so damn greedy and self-serving themselves.

  31. @ Charles Skeete

    There is something that the Sage Annunaki I believe it was recently referenced called the Public Accounts Committee and then there is the Auditor General’s annual report

    The latter is a physical document which is available for in-depth forensic examinations as might be a prerequisite for emergency external financing of defaulted sovereign debt mayhap?

    But then again, you seem to be au fait with these issues and by your brief, yet coogent submission intimates that “nothing can be done”

    The thing about that statement and it being broadcast to say, the youth of Barbados, is that what you, a seasoned elder are saying is that “this teifing is ethical in its execution so wunna gots to grin and bear it”

    An excellent message.

    The choir that I am cooing in is one which says that if a purported satan can effect the prosecution of other DLP satans then let the prosecutions begin

    But, unlike you, who seem to be saying “there is no evidence of criminality, these are legally binding acts and”, even in the face of the Auditor General’s annual report, “we cannot do anything” de ole man is saying “use said AUDITS and prosecute dem”

    Here is what will happen.

    We won’t catch the big fish but enough shyte going stick on the little fish who enabled the big fish.

    As part of the legal procddures I would mention all their names and show which little fish SIGNED the indiscretions.

    Merely the imputations will be enough for them to bring forward evidence to show who is responsible.

    You are not a reader of bajan character are you?

    Your defeatist attitude about what options we have, ultimately works out to be a “throwing up our arms and giving up”, is not gojng to cut it.

    People like you feel that ignoring this teifing behaviour, and being nonchalant about it is only gojng to end with us pretty much abdicating our responsibility which is what you have suggested here

    But it isn’t.

    Its real and pervasive outcomes are manifesting themselves variously e.g. like in the court system where dysfunctional behaviours are cropping up in substandard service, to the detriment of citizens like me and you.

    IT IS manifesting itself in the care we are experiencing at QEH when a doan carish doctor can misdiagnose medication to your relative and kill dem but I, the hospital administrator, going tell you what I like cause you accept my “…unethical conduct” but, according to your lame duck chant ” there is no evidence to …” prove that my WEB dictors have done anything illegal.

    Wunna so Chales Skeete feel that GOD IS A MAN…as you can gloss over anything you like

  32. If they take it to the logical conclusion the BLP will be decimated.

    They will join their partners in crime in jail!!

    No prosecutions will happen.

  33. For small things can mean a ‘legal’ lot like the difference between a contract “Of” service and a contract “For” service.

    You can also refer to the missing “Oxford Comma” case in the USA where three truck drivers sued (and won) Oakhurst Dairy; Dairy Farmers of America, INC. for a tidy sum of retroactive overtime pay.

    @ Miller. Indeed, as in “hang him not, let him go” and “hang him, not let him go” !

    I wrote in my column on the legal matter to which you refer. I do not know whether David can unearth it.

  34. @ The Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch

    Am I to take it the your astute comment about the “missing comma” in to be interpreted in the vein of he eho the ole man verily believes has “sight beyond sight?”

    For if it were so then it might then be further misconstrued that the “missing comma” was not unintentional

    And if then it was not what would such mean?

    Now let it be dat de ole man who Keith here on this fandangled motorized bed speak to this hypothetical tangent of thought IF ONLY FOR A FEW MOMENTS


    IT IS of note that you brought up the “missing Comma” heheheheh but did not qualify that comment further heheheheh

    But even that heheheheh… dem dots of continuum is very useful

    You would hope de ole msn had was enough sense to use dem more regularly….

    With the Comma acting as a delimiter it would have partially (though not completely) isolated our Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley from the verb “prosecute”

    As it stands now it imputes some first person or proxy association with some deed in times aforetimes to which there might be blame.

    Now de ole man noteth that WHILE either interpretation is of equal interest that it has not attracted the usual suspects like Manypussy nor John.

    Now far be it to be an article developed to test the waters for such would be even more intriguing.

    But de ole man being solely one who thinks ghat life, or what is left of it, is to be guarded zealously an discoursed vigourously, feels that this article should be commented on by all BUT THE ABSENCES ARE TO BE NOTED because such will guage the fear…

  35. In addition to the alleged Mercedes vehicle for which duties and charges in the vicinity of $333,000 was waived, there is a rumor in circulation concerning an additional three vehicles of similar manufacture and for which there is mystery surrounding similar waivers. The alleged recipients are a wife, a brother and a senior manager/director of an associated company. When are we going to hear something concrete about the legality of these waivers? There is also another unsubstantiated rumor regarding a high end pickup truck recently acquired by the brother and around which some speculation is swirling. It is only fair that the good name of this family be either cleared of speculation and innuendo through an official statement or a confirmation of the dastardly deed be forthcoming. If the above is true, we are talking in excess of $1M that the treasury has been denied. Could the waivers be justified?

  36. Ephesians 4:28 a reads Let him that stole steal no more

    If you insert a comma after stole this injunction becomes Let him that stole, steal.

  37. @ the Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch

    De ole man sent a comprehensive query/comment to you earlier

    I referenced your apostrophe article tangentially

    IT IS IN suspense and while it does have some things that you wouldn’t ever have reason to respond to I do hope one or two might ammmmm elicit your astute comment

  38. The speech was a bit too long, and flawed in parts, such as the jargon about mission-critical. But that is the problem with creating anything by committee. I shall deal with some of the proposals:
    Restructuring the national debt is a necessity, even if the so-called re-profiling is a bit disingenuous. The decision to pin our economic future to the fixed exchange rate is flawed, so is the decision to abolish road tax. Instead she should have introduced policy of one car per household.
    The debt of Bds$1.7bn owed to Barbadians should be repaid gradually with printed money; the only threat from this will be inflationary, which could be managed.
    Declaring the south coast sewage scandal a national priority is a good decision, especially calling in local and international experts, something that should have been done by the incompetent DLP government within days.
    Reforming the criminal justice system, including anti-corruption legislation is a necessity; what is needed is actual enforcement.
    Financial education in schools is cutting edge; the big problem now is who is going to teach young people about finance: conventional teachers trained in finance, or financial advisers trained to teach?
    The Sovereign Wealth Fund is good in principle, but it needs a lot of meat on the bones; in fact, it should go along with fundamental reform of the NIS.
    The so-called blue and green economies are just jargon, they are just part of the national economy and should come under the minister of economic affairs.
    Further, the blue economy and maritime affairs should be linked; also, the prime minister may be a bit young, but Barbados has a history of mariners; just go to the Bayland and check out all those seamen and families of seamen to hear about our history.
    Part of the masterplan should also include refurbishment of the dry dock, which has been left to rot. Any policy on developing our maritime resources should include making he Dry Dock the leading dock of its type in the Eastern Caribbean.
    The promises about improvement at the QEH, the betterness programme, the social safety net and the changes in the structure of nursing should form part of the overhaul of the health and social care policies. This is but another of the ill-thoughtout and badly framed policies.
    Any progressive health care policy must be focused on care in the community and hospital policy should be based on emergencies (A&E), treating the most urgent cases within no more than two hours and all cases within four; for those admitted, there is a need to separate treatment (free on the state) and the bed and breakfast, which patients should be compelled to pay for. No private patients should be allowed to use the facilities at the QEH.
    The education policy is muddled. Re-introducing fee higher education is going back to a time when few school leavers did no go on to university.
    The proposal to develop specialised secondary schools is first class, but why just stop at sport? Santia Bradshaw, one of the brightest and best in contemporary politics, has an opportunity to expand these specialist schools to cover such areas as STEM, creative arts, business, etc. This is the future of Barbados and it must be more than sport.
    The idea of a world-class every two months is not only impractical, but silly. A better idea would be to merge a few of the festivals so that for two weeks of the years there would be crop-over, a national film festival and a book festival – the sum of the whole is more than that of its parts. The thinking is simple: people who may not be fans of Crop Over may find films or books interesting enough to visit the country when others are coming from north America and Europe.
    I like the land reclamation, with the commercial leases, but no commercial lease should be longer than 50 years.
    The proposal to digitise payments is a good idea and the government should start with the BRA. It was the lunacy of Sinckler that blocked this; the creative hub around Cave Hill is brilliant, the challenge now is to stop training so many economists and lawyers and get people trained in the new technology.
    I like the idea of People’s Assemblies, but is this with the constituency councils or will they be abolished? And they must be voluntary, not a single person paid by the taxpayers.
    What does the government mean by ‘parliamentary reforms’? Does this mean a republic?
    All in all, seven out of ten.

  39. Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation Paperback – April 11, 2006
    by Lynne Truss (Author). Perhaps this book should be included in the school curriculam in #Barbados and future problems with punctuation will be solved at a pen stroke..

    “A panda walks into a cafe. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun and fires two shots in the air.

    “Why?” asks the confused waiter, as the panda makes towards the exit. The panda produces a badly punctuated wildlife annual and tosses it over his shoulder.

    “I’m a panda,” he says, at the door. “Look it up.”

    The waiter turns to the relevant entry and, sure enough, finds an explanation.

    Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves.”

  40. I forgot to mention, the US ministry of justice is now investigating crypto currencies. If I had any influence on this government I( would not be in rush to get in to bed with them. According to the US MoJ, cryptocurrencies are the favourite method of money laundering by gangsters, Be careful.

  41. YES , there is one

    NOTE 1 Corinthians 12:3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.


    NOTE ALSO 1 JOHN 2:22-23
    Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.


    FINALLY 1 JOHN 4: 1-3
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

    And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

  42. Surprise me Mia Mottley. At least show me that I am wrong when I refer to you as a rogue. If you have the evidence to prove gross mismanagement of the economy then you have the evidence to follow the money trail and discover the corruption that says 1 billion dollars in Swiss banks started just around the time the DLP took up power. If Sinckler did things as finance minister that he should not have done, man shows us that you ain’t frigging around. Let the law speak concerning his misbehaviours and show Barbadians that you ain’t mekking no sport this year. Prove ma wrong Mottley, Prove ma wrong.

  43. Any of our wonderful DLP ex-politicians who are under the impression that their use of Bitcoin to move their ill-gotten gains are anonymous and untraceable are in line for a very rude awakening. EVERY transaction is permanently etched on the blockchain and Mia only has to bring in a crypto expert or two in order to recover any stolen Barbados Taxpayers money. The sooner the better

    There’s a popular misconception that Bitcoin is anonymous and untraceable. It’s an understandable mistake given Bitcoin’s first popular use case was the infamous Silk Road — a market known for dealing in illicit substances. The truth is that Bitcoin is pseudonymous and fully traceable. In fact, every transaction in Bitcoin maps inputs to outputs, allowing anyone to follow the money trivially.
    Satoshi even went so far as defining a bitcoin — literally — as a history of its custody:
    We define an electronic coin as a chain of digital signatures.
    — Satoshi Nakamoto, 2009
    Bitcoin’s transactions are tracked as a graph that resides on the blockchain permanently. If someone learns of information that links your identity to your bitcoin address, they can learn a ton about you. It’s possible to infer your spending patterns (where you spend, how much, how often), your wealth and income, whom you associate with. How do you feel knowing those whom you transact with may be able to learn so many personal facts about you?
    There are countless ways that identities can be linked to a wallet address. Some people share their address publicly. The exchange you bought your bitcoin from has both your identity and your addresses. Merchants you pay can make the association. Two companies, Elliptic and Chainalysis, are in the business of linking identities to addresses, and compiling all their insights into commercialized databases that track all bitcoin activity in an effort to de-anonymize Bitcoin.
    So what? I’ve done nothing wrong
    It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you, presumably a law abiding citizen, have nothing to gain from privacy. There are a few problems with this line of thinking:
    First, the government isn’t the only entity out there trying to snoop on you. Unsavory attackers are also collecting as much information as they can to identify marks. Second, your government may be fine and trustworthy, but many governments in the world are not. Financial tools are needed to help citizens of these nations express their financial self sovereignty and find financial inclusion. Third, a lack of privacy actually has a chilling effect on a monetary system. It can even destroy the money.
    Money — at a minimum — must be scarce, divisible, transferrable and fungible. Fungibility is a fancy way of saying all units are worth the same amount. If you have a ten dollar bill and I swap it out for another ten dollar bill, you don’t mind. They have the same value, and thus ten dollar bills are considered fungible.
    Fungibility is dependent on money carrying no history. If cash could speak, suddenly a bank note that was received from selling drugs or stolen goods would carry extra risk. This risk would cause that note to be worth less, breaking fungibility. Please note that this is a problem not only for criminals, but also for innocent individuals and merchants who are accepting payment. Suddenly, they’re responsible for doing diligence on incoming payments to ensure they won’t be looked at funny, or worse — called in for questioning by law enforcement— when it comes time to spend their money.
    Recall that a bitcoin is defined literally as its chain of custody. Each and every bitcoin has a fully transparent history recorded on the blockchain. Many are now in the business of understanding the flow of the bitcoin stock. Requiring everyone to check various lists adds significant friction, damaging bitcoin’s utility. Breaking fungibility has a chilling effect on bitcoin acceptance, and it’s not a theoretical threat.
    Financial privacy means being able to transact without revealing or leaking identifying information. The goal is to make it as difficult as possible for others to profile your crypto use. Privacy puts the user in charge of their data. They can remain compliant by selectively revealing themselves without revealing their activity to the entire world.
    When making a payment, it’s of course impossible to avoid creating observable information. At a minimum, the recipient must be able to confirm the funds are now theirs. It is however possible to limit how much information is created, how identifying it is, how long the information lives, how far it spreads, and who has the ability to interpret this information.
    It’s important to note that following are just a sampling of efforts to improve privacy on the blockchain. More technologies are being proposed and developed all the time.
    Today, most bitcoin wallets and users are atrocious at privacy. The following are common and damaging for privacy:
    Wallet address re-use, linking your transactions together into a single profile. Note: Ethereum is designed to encourage this behavior.
    IP address re-use, hinting to the world that a single party — you — controls various addresses.
    Combining inputs from multiple transactions, revealing the contours of addresses you control.
    Using lite clients, effectively revealing to a third party your full set of addresses.
    Using bitcoin privately is an expert level undertaking, and an uphill battle. Each bitcoin’s history is permanently etched in a transparent ledger. Therefore, even if the tools to de-anonymize don’t exist now, they can be developed and deployed later — publicizing previously thought private activity. However, that doesn’t mean broken fungibility will doom bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

  44. How in God’s earth can she prosecute anything or even anybody when she says the country is broke . Idiots that was just another bunch of jobby talk to get votes
    But if Mia is serious instead of putting her ministers assests under lock and key she would release them
    But of course not why should she when she has the blp yardfowls to persecute and agitate.

  45. Read barbados Today article in which the article almost come close to calling a two faced Mia Liar

  46. Mariposa
    The more lies you write, the more discredited you become. While you lie and get palpitations over the next 5 years, we’ll perform. Watch we!

  47. Piece…that is why I stopped reading a lot of contributions, don’t want to take the chance that stupidity is infectious…..

    the laws are very clear on crime and punishment for the majority population…it’s common sense to say those who fall under the false titles brigade rotating in and out of parliament ARE NOT and SHOULD NOT be exempt from their dates with crime and punishment….the consequences of their decades of criminality against the people and island.

  48. @Enuff
    While you lie and get palpitations over the next 5 years, we’ll perform. Watch we!
    Looks like the ubiquitous butterfly finally got you to admit what you have been denying for some-time.

  49. Barbadians fight about commas, forgetting the bigger picture. I really feel inclined to comment that … However …

    At the same time, the international financial markets has delivered its verdict:

    “Barbados has issued three international bonds worth over $600m — all of which had coupon payments due this month — and their prices plunged from about 90 cents on the dollar to under 50 cents on the dollar by Tuesday, as investors digested the news of an immediate payment moratorium. That equals an annualised yield of over 33 per cent for the bond due in 2021.” (FT)

    To make it very clear: This is NO debt restructuring. This is called unilateral declaration of an hair-cut.

    The article “Barbados braced for tough measures to clear debt burden” in FT also claimed:

    “Over two-thirds is domestic debt owed to local investors and banks, which raises concerns that a tough restructuring could imperil the solvency of the domestic financial system.”

    “However, that means that much of the debt relief Barbados is seeking will have to come out of international creditors, which would also lessen the drain of dollars from the central bank’s coffers.”

    Only Barbadians think that Deutsche, CS and the hedge funds will waive any claim.

    And also read this from wikipedia about Argentina:

    Read this article very carefully. No sane international bank will borrow Barbados any substantial amount of USD to buy more SUV´s more villas and to spend more holidays in freaky Disneyland for the next 20 years.

  50. @ David,

    I just searched “Veco” and “3s” and found blogs from 2007. Just refreshing my memory of the previous accusations of….

  51. “How in God’s earth can she prosecute anything or even anybody when she says the country is broke? Idiots, that was just another bunch of jobby talk to get votes.”


    Yes, I agree with your above comments……and I understand WHY you are UPSET. I had similar feelings when I realized the DLP’s manifesto promises of 2008 and 2013 that have not been fulfilled…….and called the DEMS “bold faced liars” as well.

    I recall that, during the 2008 general election campaign……..and on the “eve” of the recent global recession (when Owen Arthur warned Barbadians that because “storm clouds were on the horizon,” there would be a need for careful management of a situation that had not yet reached crisis level………

    ………..an AMBITIOUS David Thompson and the DLP made some very “attractive” promises to ENTICE the electorate into voting for the DLP.

    Thompson promised to IMMEDIATELY introduce integrity legislation requiring: a DECLARATION of ASSETS by public officials, a Code of Conduct for Ministers, a new Freedom of Information law, amendments to the Defamation laws and new constitutional provisions to rationalise the powers of the Prime Minister.

    I’m sure you could also remember the DEMS promising:
    • Duty-free cars for police, nurses and teachers; VAT off electricity;
    • 2000 lots at $2.50 per square foot;
    • A special interest free fund for public sector employees;
    • There will be no user-fees for public patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital;
    • Setting up a General Practitioner service as an adjunct to the A&E unit to streamline patients entering it, thereby alleviating the long waits.
    • Upgrading the geriatric hospitals to treat the elderly for emergencies thereby taking the strain off of the A&E unit and freeing beds.
    • Extending the Textbook Loan Scheme to include Primary Schools.
    • Subsidizing the Amenities Fee for Students at the UWI.

    They also promised to:
    • Create a Sports Administration Centre for all sports without a home.
    • Construct a National Sports Hostel for athletes from home and abroad.

    An electorate that was completely fed up of the former Arthur led BLP administration, BELIEVED the DEMS’ manifesto “GIVE AWAYS” and gave Thompson a resounding victory at the polls.

    Similarly to you, Barbadians likewise viewed these promises, many of which REMAINED UNFULFILLED as at May 23, 2018, (10 years and 3 months after)………. as “jobby talk to get votes,” while insisting Thompson and the DLP LIED.

    Hence, the 30-0 THRASHING of the DLP, which you have not yet grasp, causing you to live in DENIAL.

    My advice to you is:

    ……….the election campaign ENDED at 11:59 PM on May 23, 2018…….so STOP campaigning; accept the electorate’s decision and the DLP’s overwhelming defeat……..and MOVE ON.

    ……….give the new Mottley administration time.

  52. “Trade unionist and newly appointed Opposition senator, Caswell Franklyn is of the view the first order of business in the House of Assembly should be to annul a number of contracts awarded to agencies and companies under the former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration.

    Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the swearing in ceremony of senators at Government House on Monday, Franklynn said he will be “lobbying for change in the country”, starting with the annulments of the contracts.

    Caswell said he has come into the position with “preconceived notions”, one of them being that to hand out contracts and lucrative tax concessions to friends and business associates of government ministers, right before demitting office, is both unfair and corrupt.

    “You have people with a contract for a year and then you renew them for five years. Even though that the boards and the Minister had the power to do it, they did it improperly. It is a crime and I am going to lobby to see that something is done about that crime. You cannot be using the people’s resources to feather the nest of your friends.”

    Parliament sittings are expected to resume today and Franklyn said he is eagerly anticipating the discussion on the review of the contracts.

    “It has to come to the Senate and it has to come to the House. I am waiting with bated breath to move a resolution to annul them. We are struggling for resources in this country and we can’t just give them away because we have good friends who want concessions.”

    Caswell said he will even go so far as to recommend that investigations be conducted into government’s actions. He said he suspects there is enough evidence for the Director of Public Prosecutions to bring charges against the transgressors.

    “If they are not charged it won’t be because I didn’t try. It is because somebody thought better.

    He said as a trade unionist he was well aware of how these “fancy arrangements” cause public sector workers to be saddled with the brunt of the work while those at the top reap all the benefits.”

  53. What lies i told
    The article ask the relevant questions which Mottley needs to adress as to how on one hand. she has made glorious promises while stating the country is broke . isnt that a lie?

  54. What lies i told
    The article ask the relevant questions which Mottley needs to adress as to how on one hand. she has made glorious promises while stating the country is broke . isnt that a lie?

  55. Good on you Hants @ 2:24 p.m.

    .Maybe these blogs should be reproduced to show what was the state of play prior to 2008.

    • @T.Inniss

      Your dear loving party had ten years to lock up people, let us see if Mottley can deliver.

  56. Mariposa,

    You are right. Government cannot raise the state pension and offer other waivers then ask the IMF for a loan. Just look at the ten Washington Consensus principles.

  57. Agree David. To be fair to you even before 2008 you were breathing fire about BLP CORRUPTION.

    Now you are screaming DLP CORRUPTION.

    It seems the more things change,the more they remain the same.

  58. FearPlay June 5, 2018 11:38 AM “In addition to the alleged Mercedes vehicle for which duties and charges in the vicinity of $333,000 was waived, there is a rumor in circulation concerning an additional three vehicles of similar manufacture and for which there is mystery surrounding similar waivers. The alleged recipients are a wife, a brother and a senior manager/director of an associated company. ”

    I still do not understand the lust for Mercedes’ Is this lust for a Mercedes something that a Simple Simon can understand?

    After all if you are going to town, a ZR van at rush hour will likely get you there in just about the same time; and whether you disembark for your Mercedes or from a ZR van the 100 degree heat and the 98% humidity will hit you in exactly the same way.

    So what is it exactly that a very expensive car does for you? Except potentially to get you into debt?

  59. Who the fox prosecuting the hen house
    Again let Mia show balls by unlockkng the ministers assests profile starting with George Payne
    Until then her credibility remainsbin question in lieu of the fact that she has made promises which she cannot keep

  60. @ Simple Simon wrote ” So what is it exactly that a very expensive car does for you? ”

    Pleasure, excitement and speeding tickets. lol.

  61. David BU

    It is clear that both the BLP and DLP are using a similar “game plan.”

    Prior to the 2008 general elections, for example, Thompson and the DLP made some very attractive promises, which included the following:

    “Introduce a minimum pension threshold for all Barbadians. No Barbadian citizen will receive less than BD$500 a month on reaching pensionable age. • Maintain the differential between contributory and non-contributory pensions. • Ensure that old age pensioners receive a non-contributory pension of $6,032 per year which is $502.66 per month and contributory pensioners will receive $7,384.00 per year or $615.33 per month.” [Page 17, DLP’s 2008 manifesto]

    “Subsidizing the Amenities Fee for Students at the UWI.” [Page 13, DLP 2008 manifesto]

    ………especially on the EVE of a global economic recession. After assuming office, the DEMS used their “mantra” of high debt, cost over runs and an “empty” Treasury, as excuses why they could not fulfill their promises.

    Now, we have Mottley and the BLP, promising to restore government funded tertiary level education and increasing non-contributory pension…….which she may have to “rescind” because of the “dire state of the economy.”

  62. Simple Simon, you ain’t so simple.. right on cue about the obsession with these Mercedes…but Bajans want to keep up with the Joneses….

  63. “You are right. Government cannot raise the state pension and offer other waivers then ask the IMF for a loan. Just look at the ten Washington Consensus principles.”

    I would prefer to hear the opinions of reputable economists on this issue, rather than from a so-called journalist that admitted he is not a trained/qualified economist and whose comprehension skills are questionable………

    ……..and who has been unable to present any successful economic policy initiative HE developed for any country.

    I await the pejorative remarks.

  64. @ David,

    Is Barbados a multi lingual country ? ” mademoiselle ” “czars ” ?

    I remain a loyal BU blogger with great taste in women but a propensity to write sheite. lol

  65. Simple,

    Right. 90% of the current debts are based on excessive gov and private spending for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Landrover, Miele washers, holiday in Europe, visits to Disneyland and other fancy stuff.

    However, no politician so far is telling the voters that there is no human right to such things.

    If all Barbadians had been wise you like, the island would be in perfect shape.

  66. Sargeant
    Wrong! When I say we, it simply means the government/party I support not that I am an insider or involved. Stop fishing nuh and just watch we.🤣🤣

    Woman you spew lies purposely and repeatedly. A vile and dangerous human being.

  67. @Hal Austin “Financial education in schools is cutting edge; the big problem now is who is going to teach young people about finance: conventional teachers trained in finance, or financial advisers trained to teach?”

    Remember we will be teaching from reception upwards. I don’t believe that there are many financial advisers willing to work for elementary teachers’ wages. So the financial advisers will train the teachers, then the teachers will teach the children.

    Financial literacy for a 4 year old will be best taught by someone who knows how to teach 4 year olds.

  68. Enuff..everyone is suddenly out of sorts, yet I see so much opportunity, even Vivek is not his usual effervescent self….ya should ask him why.

    ..their world changed significantly in just a matter of hours, ya might have to exercise patience, unlike me who would kick all their asses down, there has never been a better time…lol

  69. @Hants June 5, 2018 4:00 PM “Pleasure, excitement…”

    Sex also does the pleasure excitement thingy very well and it is still free and non-taxable. Not even the IMF would dare to suggest taxing our greatest pleasure.

    Would they?

  70. Simple Simon,

    I bow to your ready wisdom. I will also pass on your view to the prime minister of the UK and the bank of England who have been struggling with how to deal with financial literacy since Adam was a lad. Fools. The answer has always been there staring them in the face.

  71. there is no evidence to charge the signatories to any of the contracts or the waiving of duties of criminal behaviour since they were all legally if not ethically executed
    Yes this action in the dying days of the administration should be regarded as disgraceful and distasteful and shold be frowned upon but it is evidence which counts in a court of law and not speculation or feelings or emoton or spite.

    Charles Skeete

    If the contracts are not ethically executed, my view is that they cannot be legally.

    There is a little known offence called, “misfeasance in Public Office” that would apply in these circumstances. A person might have the legal right to perform some act but he must do so legally or properly. Failure to do the right thing could see the decision maker before the court.

  72. Enuff. Where is the lie?. Isnt there evidence in the blp manifesto to support the fact of Mia promises
    Isnt there evidence supported by Mia statement that the country is in dire straits and needs the help of the IMF to pay its bill
    Then calling me a liar would not suffice the lies and contradictions Mia told the public to get the votes
    When you can explain Mia contrary statements then u can call me a liar
    But from my vantage point the only liar is Mottley
    Either the country is broke and she has to seek IMF help or any other statement or promises in reference that does not support the level of dire conditions of the country would make her a liar

  73. Senator,

    If there was no crime, the CS loan (which defaulted last week) could possibly constitute credit fraud. The CS loan is an international syndicated loan facility based on private law. The MoF might have been aware in 2013 that Barbados as a state would never ever be able to pay back the principal sum plus all interest. One must also consider the junk status of Barbadian public finances in 2013 when the deal was finalized.

    I really do not understand why the DPP has submerged. Or does she only investigate when there is clear evidence, some kind of smoking gun?

    Why do the officials in Barbados not take care of the fair interests of international creditors and investors?

    • Torn

      The DPP in Barbados does not investigate; he/she does not have the resources/staff to investigate matters. The Police investigate what they consider to be breaches of the criminal law. After the investigation, a file is sent to the DPP, who would decide if there is enough evidence to prosecute.

      Sent from my iPad

  74. Mariposa
    I should have also said, not too bright. Cuz I don’t know what the RH you just argued. Go and call Maureen on Talk yuh talk.🖐🏾

  75. Folks, gov confirmed that S&P and Moody´s will downgrade Barbados to C/D.

    Devaluation is now for sure. The only open question is if the ATMs stop working for the locals.

    Be happy, there are many letters in the alphabet left so far 😉

  76. Senator,

    Thank you very much for your remark. Then the new gov needs to expand the DPP´s power and office. The Royal Barbadian Police is not the right place to investigate a possible 250 mill. USD credit fraud. You cannot expect some police officers living from hand to mouth to understand the technicalities of an international syndicated loan facility.

    I can only tell you from the places where Deutsche and CS are located that the prosecutors there start independent investigations in such cases and use the police as mere helpers. Deutsche and CS won´t excuse the Barbadian gov on the basis of these minor details of the local rules on criminal investigations.

    If I follow your remarks, senator, Barbados is now without a proper unit for high-level crimes and white-collar crime.

  77. RE: “You cannot expect some police officers living from hand to mouth to understand the technicalities of an international syndicated loan facility.”

    @Tron. I suspect it’s not the intent of your post but you make a profound point: why would anyone who has the technical and investigative knowledge to carefully decipher financial crimes be living hand-to-mout!

    Don’t berate the possible skills of Bajan police detectives… rather recognize that even international detectives (Police depts, FBI, SEC or whomever) working on finance crimes are decently remunerated to help keep them on the side of the law and of course they have the great perk of being a ‘powerful’ law officer.

    That said to advise that Bajan police detectives can certainly be given the same training, salary and perks to operate at such a level…BUT as fast as they break the first big money case some private corp would swoop in and offer them superior rewards to leave public service.

    Life can be complicated in small economies with certain types of public service jobs…and maintaining competence often is not a fault of the aptitude or skills of the locals!

    Incidentally, there is more than enough finance investigative skill available at Interpol and other international agencies where the financial shenanigans ether start or where the money is deposited…Bajan detectives are more than competent enough to work with these officials when/if serious investigations are REALLY intended.

  78. Mia needs to get an international investigation going on these exministers and their business partners and bribers, but just as important. ..put their pensions in a holding pattern.

    “The Government stated that it has held discussions with the rating agencies since last week’s announcement, and it is expecting that Barbados’ credit rating will shortly be adjusted down to Selective Default (SD), as is customary when comprehensive debt restructurings are announced.”

  79. This is a called a plan…you treat the symptoms. Patching here and patching there never works, treat the root cause.

    “Barbados bonds off lows after collapsing on restructuring talk

    By Paul Kilby

    NEW YORK, June 4 (IFR) – Dollar sovereign bonds issued by Barbados were recovering a touch on Monday after dropping up to 50pts following the government’s announcement it would suspend payments to external creditors.

    The country’s 7.25% 2021s were trading as high as 91.65-93.65 on Friday only to fall 35.00-50.00 in early trading on Monday, according to a trader.

    Since then the sovereign’s entire curve – which also includes the 6.625% 2035s that have a coupon payment due on Tuesday – has bounced back to be quoted at around 42.50.

    “I am only seeing buying interest,” the trader said.

    The assumption is that distressed players were moving to buy bonds on the cheap and below calculated recovery values.

    The government’s decision to suspend payments on external creditors came as a shock to foreign investors who had assumed that they would be excluded from any debt restructuring.

    “Everyone expected a restructuring, but most thought it would be local debt because external debt is such a small percentage of what they owe,” said the trader.

    By leaving dollar bonds out of a restructuring, the sovereign would have created some good will with foreign accounts and hence have left external financing avenues open, say analysts.

    That was the model Jamaica pursued in 2013 when it carried out a domestic debt restructuring, and what the International Monetary Fund suggested in its recent Article IV consultations.”

  80. Mariposa

    is grabbing at straws……..

    (1). “Isn’t there evidence in the blp manifesto to support the fact of Mia promises?”

    Yes, there is evidence in the BLP manifesto to support the fact of Mia’s promises.

    To be fair, the promises in the BLP’s manifesto were made PRIOR to the May 24, 2018 general elections and BEFORE Mottley had ACCESS to the island’s financial/economic information and the release of the recent IMF Article IV consultation report.

    (2). “Isn’t there evidence supported by Mia statement that the country is in dire straits and needs the help of the IMF to pay its bill?”

    Yes, once again you are correct.

    Mottley said “the country is in dire straits and needs the help of the IMF to pay its bills,” AFTER she was sworn as Prime Minister and AFTER availing herself of Barbados’ economic circumstances.

    Unless you can PROVE Mottley was in POSSESSION of information relative to the island’s finances BEFORE making the “manifesto promises,”……….

    ……….how can you state she is a LIAR?

    However, Freundel Stuart and Chris Sinckler MISLED Barbadians into believing the economy was “rebounding,” while with-holding the last IMF Article IV report, which gave the true position of the economy…….

    ……….thereby proving Stuart and Sinckler to be the REAL LIARS in this situation.

  81. The exgovernment as usual hid information from the public.

    “The Caribbean island is still reeling from prime minister Mia Mottley’s revelation on Friday that it had discovered previously undisclosed financial liabilities, which lifted the country’s overall debt from 137 per cent of gross domestic product to more than 175 per cent. This is the fourth-highest debt-to-GDP ratio in the world after Japan, Greece and Sudan.”

  82. @Caswell
    If the contracts are not ethically executed, my view is that they cannot be legally
    Not so fast Caswell It all depends on the circumstances, people can act unethically but still legally within the law. Legal standards are set out in law, ethical rules are guidelines governing human behavior. There are many examples of unethical behavior where prosecution cannot be contemplated, if the unethical crosses a legal threshold you may have a case but if it is based on ethics alone you may be drilling a dry hole.

    Originally posted in the wrong thread

  83. Whether the malfeasance is unethical and/or illegal de ole man wil advise the powers that be MUST DO ONE THING



    Keeping that info secret will come back to bite them in their badwords

  84. @ de Ingrunt Word

    What have you been imbibing recently?

    You can’t be serious

    You said “…That said to advise that Bajan police detectives can certainly be given the same training, salary and perks to operate at such a level…”

    Are you fuh real?

    You already dun know the intricacies of the spectrum of the digital financial spectrum and you seriously going say that “with a little training the Royal Barbados Police Force is going to be on par with a trained financial expert of the calibre capable of interrogating these existing financial indiscretions to the level required for successful prosecution ?”

    Why after all the crap of trying to kill Nazim Blackett while in police custody and the Commissioner of Police saying how he going get to the bottom of that matter dem same policemen IN AN EFFORT TO DISCREDIT NAZZIM, returned to the Pine in December and harassed him further and carried him to the police station that month

    In his ensuing anxiety attack he started to act out and they arrested him and held him from then till now.

    Dat is how we RBPF does roll and if you black and poor you going become a casualty of the game

    As Waveney Bannister ex policeman? Now judge is showing Andrew Pilgrim the lawyer for Nazzim Blackett.

    Yet you going talk bout a likkle training to mek dem financial experts

    Steupseee…”for beauty hath fled to brutish beasts and men have list their reason…”

  85. More than ever, the criminals that comprised the exgovernment should be arrested for these blatant acts of sabotage between them and Maloney of the people’s Port and resources, these concessions must be rolled back post haste..

    “A contract and a letter was signed with a company called Global Ports Holding PLC, that will see them receiving a 30-year concession to operate the Barbados Cruise Pier for a paltry sum of US$34 million and in exchange they would have the Barbados Port Inc, pursuant to a concession agreement, assign its right to collect certain charges from cruise lines directly and the Government would receive instead a service fee pursuant to the service agreement [for] which we have not yet seen what that fee is,” Mottley had disclosed, adding that she had asked the Attorney General Dale Marshall and the lawyers for the Bridgetown Port to look into the issue as a matter of urgency, “particularly since this contract seems to be tied to a Berth Six contract” at the Port.

    The Prime Minister also revealed that a range of tax concessions were given by the Ministry of Finance to Berth Five Projects Limited “in the middle of the [election] campaign” as well as to Vision Developments Inc., the company behind the proposed US$100 million Hyatt Centric Resort project”

  86. WWC, Your citation is very valuable:

    “By leaving dollar bonds out of a restructuring, the sovereign would have created some good will with foreign accounts and hence have left external financing avenues open, say analysts.

    That was the model Jamaica pursued in 2013 when it carried out a domestic debt restructuring, and what the International Monetary Fund suggested in its recent Article IV consultations.”

    Everybody should read these sentences very carefully. E contrario: By not leaving dollar bonds out of a restructuring, the sovereign lost all good will with foreign accounts and hence all external financing avenues closed..

  87. @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    Some here have said that you read Barbados Underground

    So de ole man I going to presumptuously assume dat you going read this submission to your August self

    I shall call it “why the BLP has to lock up somebody”

    De ole man shall rely on parry of what is purported to be an excerpt of what you have said recently pertaining to a pybirice subset agreement at the port

    It reads “…adding that (you) had asked the Attorney General Dale Marshall and the lawyers for the Bridgetown Port to look into the issue as a matter of urgency…”

    Now any simpleton understands that “no one hand can clap” and these lawyers at the Bridgetown port WHO NAMES YOU WILL ANNOUNCE AS PART OF YOUR RECENTLY ANNOUNCED TRANSPARENCY POLICY, cannot themselves be BLAMELESS in this forever contract.

    Whu after all this clearly is a situation where you have caught one of the co conspirators!

    Though de ole man will share a crude joke from our lawcourts that might be relied on by those who claim one hand can clap with a ghost partner.

    Some years ago a mendicant was caught at the base of Nelsons statue at 2 a.m. in the act of “self catering” if you get the Onanism reference.

    In court at Coleridge Street a few days later, he was conducting his defence and claimed that “he was not “badword off” but was “fooping a ghost!”

    During the thunderous uproar the judge asked the public assembled in the court if anyone present could attest to “foopin* a ghost and incredulously the hand of a man in the back of the court went up.

    Indeed the din immediately receded when the judge called him to the fore and asked him to confirm if he too had “foped a ghost” to the wit the man responded ” oh your honour i sorry cause in de back i thought you had said foped a goat”

    Most respectfully, Do let us bajans know who these currently unnamed Port Lawyers are…

  88. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    De ole man was wondering if posting Stoopid Cartoons was still being permitted

    The reason de grandson wanted to know was that there were some items that he was thinking about creating but was ammmmmm erring on the side of caution

    I mean you dun know how some of these people may be. Heheheheh

    Your official comment would be much appreciated

  89. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with two items.

    One in response to De Ingrunt Word and his remark about paying policemen more money will make dem into financial sleuths

    And the other about phantoms. Ghouls, lawyers and lovers


  90. I am reading a new book, The End of Accounting, by Baruch Lev and Feng Gu, it makes for an interesting read so far. I recommend it for the Google, cut and paste keyboard warriors.

  91. Tron, interestingly enough, all this information came out of Nasdaq and NY Financial Times yesterday afternoon, long before it hit Barbados’ newspapers.

  92. LOLL@ Pieces, if what I wrote has the meaning that you ascribed to it then I am a very poor scribe (possibly) or you my friend a very poor raconteur (also possible) ! 🙂

    I said “… that Bajan police detectives can certainly be given the same training, salary and perks to operate at such a level…” And you asked: “Are you fuh real?”


    We both dun know the NYPD or Chicago PD have officers who do the same shiiite that our RBPF did wid Nazzim and then they also got officers that deal with big head financial crooks outta de NYSE and the CHX and corps in general. We also dun know that they are completely different animals (as people) from very different backgrounds, skills and training.

    For you to suggest that a local officer(s) cannot have the mental capacity to become trained and versed enough in accounting and finance to investigate that type (at local level) of financial crime is rather blunt…

    I am not suggesting that a local officer will be able to match skills with the boys and girls on international scene rather that simply they can be trained to ‘operate’ at the level where they can certainly understand and properly initiate investigations of said crimes and in CONJUNCTION with the big boys complete successful cross border investigations.

    Don’t lets get caught up…I fully appreciate (as I said in my original post) that it would be well nigh impossible for the RBPF to keep any really talented officer in that line of investigations…HOWEVER there are different ways to move an investigation forward and at the days end its about will and intent to prosecute the crook .

    Cool breeze morn!

  93. You know De Ingrunt Word aka DpD,

    Sometimes I does be very quick to respond to ingrunce and injustice and then, when in the quiet moments, will recant what i would have said.

    Dis is not one of them.

    You know why De Ingrunt Word?

    Because of what has become “the Preponderant Factor”

    Because whereas in time afore the occurrence of belligerence was in a minority the arable intellect of which you speak, to be trained in a conquerable stead as that of their international counterparts, is so rare dat de ole man now considers it a rarity not to be mentioned.

    Now leh de ole man prove dat what you saying is utter tripe.

    If what you are saying is that our policemen are on a level with their international counterparts why has it been that, AS OPPOSED TO SOME SPECTACULAR FINANCIAL RING being busted, why has there never been NOT ONE SINGLE SUBSTANTIVE COCAINE BUST?

    I guess dat you going tell me something like “oh dere is no drug rings in Barbados that attract that outcome” or “de officers in charge of the evidence room is not being paid enough money to justify them keeping their hands off the evidence”

    I gine lef you doah causing it only going cause you to stop invitind de ole man to you house for barbecues

    We ent ready DIW we simply ent ready

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