Time to Prosecute, Mademoiselle Prime Minister!

The biblical quote ‘to whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48) best describes the position the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) finds itself having decimated the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) 30 zip in the recently held 2018 General Election. Put another way, ‘with great power comes great responsibility‘.

One of the first decisions made by Prime Minister Mia Mottley was to appoint a 26 member Cabinet, supported by 2 Ambassadors. The unprecedented size of Mottley’s Cabinet must by supported by a civil service structure that should require additional manpower, we know taxpayers will have to carry greater cost of her team to compare with her predecessor.

The Prime Minister has given the explanation that the perilous – dire is the word she used – state of the country’s affairs will justify the large Cabinet. Her message throughout her campaign was- many hands make light of the work to be done.

The blogmaster agrees the optics of Mottley’s decision to appoint a large Cabinet at a time the country is experiencing serious economic challenges is not good. However, her decision if viewed through a Machiavellian lens suggests she has had to weigh the political cost benefit of keeping her large team happy compared to spending one million tax dollars. Time will tell if her 26 member Cabinet and supporting cast will perform better than the Stuart Cabinet to justify the added expense. She starts as odds on favourite if one reads the result of the 70% of the electorate that voted for her on the 24 May 2018.

Barbadians heard the ‘deja vuan’ promise by newly installed Attorney General Dale Marshall that he will be going after members of the former DLP administration who committed wrong. Public sentiment is running high that the time has come to prosecute elected politicians and public officials of perceived wrongdoing. The blogmaster sides with the view that Barbadian politicians are not washed in the blood of the lamb. All over the world politicians are being prosecuted for crimes. Members of the local political class possess the frailties of being human and are therefore as susceptible to temptation as the other politician living elsewhere. The blogmaster has had it up to HERE, election cycle after election cycle, being on the end of promises from elected politicians to prosecute corruption that is never delivered on.

One way Prime Minister Mia Mottley will be able to justify the cost of her Cabinet and support team is to discretely list savings to taxpayers. The blogmaster goes further: there must be a concerted effort to ‘prosecute’ transactions that smell of corrupt behaviour. Let us witness a vibrant Public Accounts Committee with active followup on Auditor General Reports. Let us hold members of Boards of SOEs accountable for decisions taken and prosecute to where the trail of wrongdoing leads.

The time has come to redefine Barbados as a just society. It isn’t fair to jail Barbadians from the lower strata of society for ‘misdemeanors’ and ignore the flouting of the financial rules of government by public officials, and cases of obvious malfeasance hinted at in successive Auditor General reports.   The willingness of the Wickhams and other operatives to turn the other check must be seen for what it is- a business as usual condition to protect the cabal.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley is perched at a watershed moment in our history. The task to turnaround the economy and enact policies to assist with stitching the social fabric of Barbados will require a herculean effort from her team and Barbadians everywhere. One suspects she and team do not want to be relegated to the political  dustbin of history to follow her predecessors. The time has come for politicians to followup on accusations of corruption delivered on the platform with action.

This is a different time.

Over to you Prime Minister!


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  1. @Pieces, the same reason there has been no major cocaine bust is the SAME reason why Mark Stokes pet dog was left abandoned and police never find a pang; same reason Pele is still famous in Brazil and an unsolved murder case in Bdos; same reason in 2008 there were hot licks talk about BLP malfesance and corrupted contracting and NOT a fella attended a court for anything and the same blather is being said now with same outcome.

    If u want to blame the lowly Bajan cops themselves for the loooong series of crime fumbling and more then who am I to dissuade you !

    We will never be ready bro…the politicians and elite say so!

  2. Still trying to wrap my mind around the reparations movement and all these boastful “scholars” whom I hope read the constitution and should have seen clearly what I saw…so exactly what excuse do they have for not recognizing the true nature of the Barbados constitution that never was…

    Hope they understand now that my first instincts were right, they are approaching reparations the wrong way, it’s not about paper money…since they are the “scholars, I leave them to figure that out…

    Piece…I added one more item in all caps just for you, after reading your post and realizing it was omitted in my post, it is the appropriate info to add..

    People have been keeping stupid and wickedly destructive secrets from each other in Barbados for too long, they can be so damn idiotic they even kept the dirty secrets of their UK oppressors for 52 long years, now what kind of warped and damaged mind would do that to the detriment of their own selves, their families and future generations of Black Bajans.

    Even criminal Wall Street has recognized that Barbados is a Sovereign….of the UK Crown, and not an independent nation…

    …time for the UK to pay their crown employees on the island, so that the Supreme Court will once and for all be a real court, the GGs office will do its job as THE representative of buckingham palace as laid out in the constitution….. parliament, judiciary, bar association, legal services, civil services …particularly the POLICE SERVICE, offices of the commissioner and DPP, who don’t think it important to lock up ALL criminals on the island be they Indian, white or friend and business partners of the UKs crown employees in parliament and the judiciary….and arrest EVERYONE for cocaine, human trafficking, money laundering, gun running, as the existence of the courts and their contracts of employment clearly outlined and intended.

    should this be done…all the entities that have bee taxpayer funded for 52 years, which was never appreciated and was ALWAYS insultingly disrespected by ALL UK Crown employees on the island … will finally function as they are supposed to and as was the intent when the constitution was drafted by the UK privy council and ratified in the UK parliament.. ..and they can finally control their crown employees in the parliament and elsewhere who have the propensity to be corrupt thieves and criminals.

  3. Piece…until that is done…none of the Crown’s employees will ever be ready…with the exception of Caswell and a few others..

    …they are all too corrupt and always will be…

  4. Inciting racial tensions all over the Caribbean is a smoke screen meant to deflect or excuse the behavior of our two main political parties both the DLP and the BLP is simply an attempt to forget the absolute corruption and greed of our politicians.

    Barbadians abroad and at home are outraged that politicians have so little regard for their own family and citizens that they are prepared to compromise the futures of not only their friends and neighbours but the entire population of the once beautiful island of Barbados – once gem of the Caribbean sea. Barbadians from ALL parties are quite rightly calling for jail terms for those found to have practised fraud and malfeasance in public office. They are also calling for TOTAL FINANCIAL Transparency and to have levers put in place to ensure that never again can an arrogant, ignorant, selfish political class destroy and steal blind the property and futures of all Barbadians paid for by their own hard work – not to mention the largess of institutions such as the EU who give millions of dollars every year as grants to be plundered and used as personal piggybanks by political pariahs whose greed knows no bounds.

    Newspapers and politicians have for years treated Barbadians as mushrooms. Keeping them in the dark and feeding them plenty of manure. Then they look down their noses at the ‘ignorance’ of the bajan people, knowing that they have kept them in this perpetual state of financial and political ignorance in order to steal their land, their pensions and in effect their futures and their childrens’ futures. Barbadian politicians of every party should hang their heads in shame that they have allowed this constant state of theft and deception in order to enrich themselves for the past 60 years. The ‘I am alright Jacks’ will simply live off their stolen booty and to hell with the rest of Barbados.

    Here is a tweet from a foreign financial Chartered Financial Analyst ( CFA ) Charter Holder · Certified Financial Risk Manager ( FRM ) :

    ‘#Barbados Weekend at Bernie’s. Barbados, the Caribbean’s most indebted nation as a % GDP has suspended payments on their debt. 7% 8/2022 traded down from $91.00 (9% yield) to $51.00 (28% yield). This is what happens with no ECB back stop buyer I guess. CCC (aka fish hooks) to Debt –

    The Government’s arrears were said to be about $1.7 billion at September 30, 2017. This figure is expected to be significantly higher given the depth of maladministration that became a notable characteristic under former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler (who was allowed to run the countries finances without even the benefit of a GCSE or O level in basic maths…

    This must NEVER be allowed to happen again. This is not time for talk of racial tensions. This is a time to remember that Barbadian politicians have wrought this financial devastation on the entire nature time and time again over many years and heads must roll and trials must be held and money MUST be returned to the treasury of Barbados – to be used the run the country for the benefit of those who pay their taxes and those who have been pushed into absolute poverty by the boundless greed of the last DEM government.

    Barbadians looking on from afar are absolutely appalled by the lack accountability to the people and the utter destruction of a once proud nation. Put it right politicians. How dare you imperil the futures of an entire nation to enrich yourselves, Get on with it – admit that you are thieves and give the money back.

  5. Barbados : Constitution and politics


    Monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II
    30 November 1966
    Barbados is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy, recognising Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. She is represented by a Governor-General appointed on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. There is a bicameral legislature and party system, based on universal adult suffrage.

    The Senate has 21 members appointed by the Governor-General, 12 on the advice of the Prime Minister, two on that of the Leader of the Opposition, and the remaining seven at the Governor-General’s discretion.

    The House of Assembly has 30 directly elected members. Leaders of each house (President and Deputy President of the Senate and Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Assembly) are elected by the members of the respective houses.

    The Governor-General appoints as Prime Minister the parliamentarian who commands – in the Governor-General’s opinion – the largest support within the House of Assembly, and the Prime Minister heads the cabinet. Other ministers are appointed from either house by the Governor-General as advised by the Prime Minister. The Governor-General appoints the Leader of the Opposition – the MP who, in his/her judgement, leads the party commanding the support of the largest number of MPs in opposition to the government. The normal life of parliament is five years.

    The constitution may be amended by act of parliament passed by both houses, except for entrenched clauses which require two-thirds majorities in both houses. These clauses relate to citizenship, rights and freedoms, the governor-generalship, composition of parliament and its sessions, prorogation and dissolution, general elections, senatorial appointments, executive authority, judicature, civil service and finance.


    Sir Henry Forde’s Constitutional Commission’s much-delayed report was published in December 1998. Its main proposals were to introduce more checks and balances on the government, to create the institutional structures to ensure politicians behave with greater probity, and to replace the British monarch as the head of state by a ceremonial President.

    The Constitution which came into force in 1966 was amended in 1974,[2] 1978, 1990, 1992, 1995, 2002 and 2003.[3][4] The 1966 document succeeds several other documents concerning administration of Barbados.

    Barbadian politicians have changed the constitution to suit themselves and no amount of talk will change the unpleasant fact that Barbadian Politicians have lied, cheated, bribed and conned their way into the pockets of the citizens of Barbados with impunity. The time has come when there is absolutely nothing left to steal for people to serve jail time and new laws concerning the suitably or not of those who seek to serve Barbados. This also includes civil servants and police. You all know who you are. Enough is enough.

  6. @ UKBajan

    in your blog you state that one Charter Holder said “…and his Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler (who was allowed to run the countries finances without even the benefit of a GCSE or O level in basic maths…”

    That is a frightening thing to state regarding Chris Decimals Bond.

    Certainly, as it relates to the statement by C Holder, someone at the Barbados Ministry of Education with access to Bonds’ CXC results and someone at the UWI with access to his UWI Soc Sci Transcripts could let a copy fall of the truck on the way past the BU servers…

  7. Sir Henry Forde’s Constitutional Commission’s much-delayed report was published in December 1998. Its main proposals were to introduce more checks and balances on the government, to create the institutional structures to ensure politicians behave with greater probity, and to replace the British monarch as the head of state by a ceremonial President.(Quote)

    I gave evidence to the Forde Commission and when I read the report it did not reflect the general opinions expressed at the Lambeth Town Hall meeting. I an only assume the Birmingham meeting had such powerful views they swayed the commission.
    The views expressed by the audience at the meeting are the views expressed by you and I – we cannot look around for excuses for our failure. Our future lies in our hands.

  8. UKbajan…I feel your pain…many of us have been calling for the politicians to be trained and qualified to represent in the parliament…and have met resistance…I doubt any of them could recite the constitution.

    they should not be selected as candidates based on their popularity contests in the formerly 2, now one political parties, which the Constitution does not provide for, more often than not the electorate do not know personally the people they are voting for and vote based solely on party affiliation or if the person is a lawyer, doctor etc, business person or if they don’t like the opposing candidate..

    These people need to take civics tests and need training in the constitution and how to act as leaders…they are poor choices to be serving in anyone’s parliament..they are too self serving.

    These are the only people I know who get hired by the electorate to manage a country for 5 year cycles and have no… neither do they need any experience or training…makes absolutely no sense to me, but what do I know..

    Maybe now significant and radical changes will be made in the process to select candidates for election to parliament…

  9. And Continuing on in the stream of a Third Party Movement or “BUP- ing” or that which builds a strong country instead of this mendicancy and rampant corruption de ole man would extend the education of the masses to include but not be limited to

    simple 15 second attention span messages that would underscore the information critical to their instructions as brass bowls.

    Nothing too long cause we dun know bout de attention deficit

    For example


    Imagine if as part of our “Education Drive” we were to seriously engage in the proactive edification of Bajans?

    Suppose that we had a Third Movement that was serious.

    Suppose that as part of that seriousness we were to promote a new drive where the BU community were to push something that kept front and centre with these issues?

    So for example

    On the matter of the Constitutional Crisis as advanced by Senator Caswell Franklyn can you imagine the power of a 45 second gif explaining his remarks which were

    “…These two impromptu proposals to amend the Constitution, just because you can, should give the people of this country cause for concern about electing a potential dictatorship…”

    Senator Franklyn continues

    “…Under our present system of governance a cabinet minister would first have to resign if he/she opposes government policy on the floor of House of Assembly. On the other hand, backbenchers are free to oppose government policy.

    By appointing almost all of her colleagues to the front bench, the Prime Minister has effectively silenced any dissent from within…”

    Maybe readers might start to have some hope as to what this type of simplified indoctrination MIGHT ACCOMPLISH for our 95% INGRUNT POPULATION.

    But den again, I jes realize that it is almost time for my 3 o’clock medication so, as it relates to improving the reasoning power of the masses, wunna dun know de ole man going be wavering and talking a beriffle of shyte.

    Of course we dun know that de teives in de waiting gine rush now and try to teif we idea and present um to de Ministry of Innovation and Education and Animation heheheheheheh as dem idea


  10. How dat diabetes goan fu wunna ole man?

    What shiite what. O lawd lil babee Jeebus. Murdah ah lie? Cricket.

  11. UK Bajan stated and i quote “……Newspapers and politicians have for years treated Barbadians as mushrooms. Keeping them in the dark and feeding them plenty of manure.” When was the last time you spent any serious time in Barbados – UK Bajan? The masses have been dripped fed on numerous musical events (manure) such as “Reggae-on-the-hill” and the yearly carnival celebrations with its ever-expanding shows over a very long period.

    Oh, and let us not forget the church and the fast growing modern day evangelism movement which attracts huge numbers.

    Your mushroom reference is a good one.Have you witnessed the growth of the fast food industry and the thousand of outlets selling food saturated in salt and sugar on the streets, in private houses, inside supermarkets, everywhere!

    “The public gets what the public wants” were the words from a UK pop group called The Jam, who were popular in the early eighties. That Barbadians have indulged and gorged on these mushrooms for over a decade should be indicative to you that the majority of Bajans during ten long years of gorging, feting and worshipping had little interest in how the country developed.

    Hedonism is enjoyable but when the feeling of euphoria dissipates you will find yourself on unstable ground.

  12. Talking Loud – saying nothing

    All these things – Reggae on the Hill – Carnival – fast food outlets – these are just relaxation – everyone must have relaxation. But nothing to feed the mind or the imagination.

    If you don’t feed the minds of the population the truth as to how you are running the country then you produce useless angry youth who will also help themselves to whatever they want as do the politicians. There is serious unrest in the schools. Violence is commonplace. Drugs and guns abound. Aids STIs in abused children. Roads totally in a state of disrepair – QEH without drugs and finance. Sewage systems that simply do not work. Whole parishes without water for weeks on end. Bush overrunning the roads. Buses not running. Zvans not safe to travel on. Garbage littering the whole island. Heads of Gov departments driving duty free Mercedes when ordinary people cannot even catch a bus….The list goes on and on.

    If politicians show the way – instead of hiding away behind authority maybe our youth would be inspired to start their own businesses. But when ordinary folk are taxed so high they cannot make ends meet what hope is there for the youth. There is even talk of police importing drugs into st james in dingys at night,

    All your fast food and reggae on the hill is not worth a hill of beans if the people in charge cannot be trusted to tell the truth and do the best possible for the people.

    Maybe start by livestreaming parliament on television, as in the uk. There would be no hiding place for corruption with a register of members interests and a written record kept of every session. I have been reading bajan newspapers since I was 19 and I am no spring chicken now and the amount of world and local news actually worth reading is and has been for years – minuscule. A dumbed down population is no good to anyone except to a worthless lawyer or politicians who wants to fleece them. Get the courts system running again. Start the drugs programs and get rid of the drugs.

  13. ukbajan at 5:21 PM

    We just elected a government to deliver all these things. You need to have patience. You seem to have fears. Relax. Do an evaluation in December. The Silly Season is over.



  15. Barbados Police are a symptom of the island ongoing decay.

    A video of this man went viral yesterday and he appeared in Magistrate Court in 24hrs.


    However a local video of Barbados Police planting drug evidence in a citizen backyard and recorded later appeared on social media and posted on this blog some months ago and no arrest and highlighting in the newspaper.

    Barbados Police Force is disfunctional, drug gang, planting evidence, beatings, falsification of documents, bribes, fraud, rape you name they take part in every day.

  16. Listen up Bajans, a Politician in Barbados has never been arrested or sent to jail, and a Politician now in Barbados will never be arrested or sent to jail . . . . . this will never happen in Barbados. NEVER ! ! ! !

  17. On another note heard the Trini Dem finally come out of hiding saying the 30- 0,had no effect on her,and maybe it was a good thing the Dems lost.I would never believe this hyprocrite staements the way she and Ms Maureen holder tagged team on Talk ya Talk every day to attack Ms Mottley.The Dem then went on to say she is not a member or supporter of the DLP,well if I believe that nonsence I believe I am Santa claus,after campaigning prior to 2008 0n the Call in programmes every day?Finally she spoke of bias in the media particularly Brass Tacks and the Nation ,could you believe this woman?Wheather it was BrassTacks or Tell it like it Is this woman was on 24/7defending the Dems.However she did not speak of the CBC,and the on ending viewing of Ministers every night like Ms Suckoo,Mr Stephen Lashley and Mr Inniss in particular,or the Talk Ya talk programme with the three Dem Moderators Mr Lovell,Mr Broomes and in particular Ms Holder,who made that programme a branch of the DLP.I presume they have left CBC.Mr Ellis came on to put the hyprocrite right as Mr Johnson tried but she would slip a few past him.

  18. Lorenzo
    The Trini reminds of a regular here on BU, thry raise the same talking points. The same time she was on Brasstacks arguing that Mottley needed a practice certificate, a certain lady character was on BU parroting that line.

    In other news, public servants salary negotiations concludes with an agreement. Confidence and trust. Watch we!

  19. A ruling political was never dismantled in Barbados by the electorate beforee ither, yet on May 24, 2018….the ruling government was destroyed by the people.

    I called it a dismantling, my daughter called it a murder, a total massacre.

    The moral of the story….you can never say never.

  20. Enuff the Trini Dem miss her partner Maureen Holder who appeas to have been given her walking papers or left quietly on her own ,along with the other two dem Moderators.I hope to never ever hear Ms holder as a host on any future call in programme,total disgrace in my view .I wonder how she feels today,since we have not heard her since the Election.Hopefully we will hear little of the Trini dem ,left Brain and the simpleton Ms Undecided.

  21. 2
    HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, and no one seem to hear or understand the ramifications….. all reason for real Constitutional amendments.
    Is it possible?
    Will it be engaged for total transparency and the end corruption?

    NOTE THE REQUEST OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY after his approval by the GOVERNOR GENERAL on ancient and undoubted rights.

    “If it pleases Your Excellency, The members of the House of Assembly have chosen me to be their Speaker
    and now seek Your Excellency approval.”

    “I approve your election as Speaker.”

    “Your Excellency, In the name and on behalf of the members of the House of Assembly, I lay claim to the
    ancient and undoubted rights and privileges and ESPECIALLY TO FREEDOM FROM ARREST and molestation of their persons, freedom of speech in debate and free access to Your Excellency whenever occasion may be required and that
    most favorable construction may be placed on all their proceedings.”

    “I give and grant as so far is consistent with the Royal Prerogative, laws and Constitution of this
    island every privilege and liberty that has been enjoyed by any former Assembly to be enjoyed by you as
    fully and freely as here to fore.”


    @ 1:20 in the video.

  22. @Brother Hants

    Whuloss man you reporting issues like CBC Reporting Lies now.


    IT was 5 of them that argued the case for the government of Guyana and you only report the names of two bajans

    I hope you ent xenophobic eh?

    @ To whom it may concern


    You dun know who de old man means

    The Nation News article said “…When contacted, Thorne said: “This decision is very important in defining and delineating presidential powers under the Guyana constitution and in affirming the manner in which appointments to the Elections Commission are to be done…”

    What dem mean by “when contacted…?”

    I hope dem Doan mean “when he contacted us…heheheheh

    But congratulations at any rate though you could have gotten a nex lawyer udder dan Skeletor!

    You lucky he ent blight your client cause he is a master at loading cases

    Any I jes wanted to know effing wid all you experience with the Electoral Boundaries People if you planning to prosecute Miami Vice Johnson and de head of de electoral department heah for illegally padding de Barbados voters list

  23. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Grateful if you could ascertain if the contract at the ports with the sweetheart deal had been consummated as the new Prime Minister said of if the committee members were unable to convene a meeting to sign off on such deal as seemed to have been said here in two different submissions

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