Letter Sent to CARICOM Secretary General Irwin La Rocque re Justice for the Windrush Generation

Dear Secretary General La Rocque,

Please find attached hereto a letter written on behalf of the Clement Payne Movement of Barbados, the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network in Defense of Humanity, and the Barbados-based Pan-African Coalition of Organizations (PACO) in relation the Campaign for Justice for the Windrush Generation.

The letter is addressed directly to you, but we would be grateful if you would be so kind as to also use your good offices to share it with our Caricom Heads of State.


David Comissiong



23 April 2018
Ambassador Irwin La Rocque
Secretary General
Caribbean Community
Caricom Secretariat
Dear Sir
I write to you on behalf of the Clement Payne Movement of Barbados, the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity, and the Pan African Coalition of Organizations (PACO).
On Saturday 21st of April 2018 the three above-mentioned organizations staged a “Community Grounding” at the Clement Payne Cultural Centre situated at Crumpton Street, Bridgetown, Barbados on the issue of the systematic and racist infringement of the civil and human rights of the so-called “Windrush Generation” of British nationals of Caribbean origin by the current Conservative or Tory governmental administration of the United Kingdom (UK).
The said “Community Grounding” benefitted from the personal testimonies of a number of Barbadian and other Caribbean nationals who had resided and worked for extensive periods of time in the United Kingdom, and who are therefore extremely knowledgeable about the plight of our predominantly black brothers and sisters of Caribbean origin resident in the UK.
After comprehensive discussion of the issue it was unanimously resolved that the Clement Payne Movement, the Pan-African Coalition of Organizations, and the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity would – acting on behalf of all participants in the Grounding – address a letter to the leadership of CARICOM, informing you of our findings, opinions, and recommendations as follows :-
  1. All persons of Caribbean origin in the UK – whether or not they be British nationals or be entitled to British nationality – remain part and parcel of our Pan-Caribbean family, and are entitled to the interest, concern, solidarity and support of the Caribbean people and governments.
2.One of the core functions of CARICOM is to develop for the 15 Caribbean member states a collective foreign policy and a collective platform for dealing with the outside world and with powerful foreign governments such as the government of the United Kingdom (UK) in a unified manner.
3.In light of the foregoing, CARICOM is obligated to take a collective position in relation to the plight of the members of the so-called “Windrush Generation” who have been subjected in the UK to a systematic state-orchestrated racist campaign of unlawful deportations, detentions in custody, denial of medical and other social services, and denial of the right to gainful employment. (And it must be noted that there are several cases of the mental and physical stress generated by this racist campaign resulting not only in physical and mental illness but also in actual cases of death!)
4.The affected members of the Windrush Generation have suffered the type of racist group injury that requires the application to it of the concept and principles of Reparations: that is, the British government must be called upon to fully and unreservedly acknowledge the wrong that has been committed; to genuinely apologize to the victims; to immediately bring a halt to the injurious racist policies and practices; to put in place alternative and remedial policies and practices that are designed to genuinely assist the affected group with confirmation and certification of their legal status within the UK ; to immediately extend to deportees the right of return to the UK at the expense of the British government; and to financially compensate all  victims for the injuries and damage suffered.
5.CARICOM is under a duty to seek justice for our UK based brothers and sisters, and to do so by speaking forthrightly to and engaging with the government of the UK in the terms outlined above.
The participants at the Community  Grounding noted that there are a number of black grassroots activists organizations in the UK that are fighting for justice for the Windrush Generation, but it was the unanimous consensus that these organizations are up against a very powerful foe and will require the active solidarity and support of the Caribbean governments and of their collective regional organization – CARICOM – if the fight for justice is to be brought to a successful conclusion.
It is in this spirit, and with this understanding, that we address this letter to you, and through you to the political leadership of our CARICOM member states, and urge that CARICOM take up this matter with the Theresa May governmental administration of the UK in a very serious, determined and committed manner.
We would be grateful if we could receive a response from you giving us some indication of your proposed course of action.
Yours faithfully
cc: The General Secretary, Clement Payne Movement
cc: The Chairman, Pan-African Coalition of Organizations
cc: The Coordinator, Caribbean Chapter, International Network In Defense of Humanity


  • This is mere pompasetting. The issue has been resolved…with NO mention of all the white victims of this bureaucratic snafu. Now it is just race-mongering


  • Should the region which is largely of the Black race vested in the relationship with England not ask questions about Windrush? How could a decision be taken to dump records of such a historical nature?


  • The clue is in the words “bureaucratic snafu”. The relevant Minister and the PM have BOTH acknowledged and apologised for it, and promised FREE access to passports and paperwork the victims in the Windrush Generation were too lazy to sort out, Next we will have a cry for ‘compensationj’, where as in Grenfell, all the crooks will gather.
    The battle has been won – this is BS now.


  • “How could a decision be taken to dump records of such a historical nature?”

    Good question – presumably the Bajan uncivil servants don’t do anything like that? BTW – a lot of those supposedly dumped records have now been found in the archives. The fact remains they should never have been necessary as all the NI and Revenue records are available to prove the applicants’ residence..


  • Are you able to explain why the Home Office ignored several calls from the Guardian newspaper meant to convey information about the plight of the Windrush generation and was ignored? In fact the dry advice was to seek legal assistance?


  • Yes, easily. The British uncivil service is filled with overpaid, idle morons whose only real interest is in their pay, pensions and promotions – especially the Police Farce, which is also corrupt. Sound familiar?
    You are flogging a dead horse David – what exactly is it you want – to become a professional whining race-monger like the Commissiong parasite?.
    THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED., though I bet none of the white Commonwealth victims of this snafu will be treated so well.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Too early to deal with idiots.

    a letter of this kind should have been written to the Home Office to each british government from each Caribbean leadership since 1948 and later, after each indepence process from each Caribbean government seeking clarity on the citizenship of those born in the Caribbean under british rule.

    This would be except for Jamaica who already knew and enforced the dual british citizenship arangement for their people born under british rule and before Jamaica independence 1962.

    Which makes me think that successive governments in the Caribbean since 1966 post independence Barbados, have all maliciously kept this information away from their own people…in collusion with each successive british government, in exchange for financial aid….which in itself is criminal given that they are more or less holding citizens, dual citizens from another jurisdication most of whom were never aware of their own citizenship for money.

    This presents a problem, a legal problem..which the british government is definitely avoiding with the Windrush scandal by fixing it right away, but do they or any Barbados governments or any other Caribbean governments eho took part in this deception against Caribbean/british citizens for many decades want a lawsuit from those with Caribbean dual british citizenships born before independence and who are very much still alive….just as alive as the 1948 Nationality Act.??

    “nineofnine April 22, 2018 10:23 PM

    The Windrush Generation must file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and a TERRITORIAL CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT lodged by ALL against them for IMMIGRATION DISCRIMINATION, MISREPRESENTATION and a host of other legal grounds will be justice served. THIS IS A STRONG CASE AND EASY ONE TOO as their consistent amendments prove their intent.”


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    So…the Caricom Secretary General must also address this issue and keep it completely out of the hands of petty local island governments who had no right then and have even less right now to be making decisions for british dual citizens…… who were seen as british citizens before independence and who are still alive today, they should not have to go to UK and work all their lives, be treated like slaves and then deported out of UK like unwanted garbage by british governments when they get too old to work, like these Windrush victims were, to be acknowledged as still being dual british citizens, now should they?


  • “… be treated like slaves and then deported out of UK like unwanted garbage by british governments when they get too old to work, like these Windrush victims were..”

    STOP LYING, you vile race-baiting parasite.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “You would be if you were born before independence automatically.  True.  I am just concerned that I heard that the landing cards are missing. Is that true? They are historical records.”

    Just had a conversation with a brit born in London of Bajan heritage and was told that not many people born of that generation in Barbados knew..that they were in fact dual british citizens…automatically.

    This needs to be publicly acknowledged by the Caricom Secretary General and not by any of these other low life, low class ministers and politicians in the Caribbean…they never acknowledged us before since our birth so dont frigging start now, evil bitches.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    IQ45 or less…..now I got the ammunition that fell right in my freaking lap just like that, I did not even ask for it or even went looking for it…, if successive black Caribbean governments had not kept that information from us and backward black people colluded by keeping that vital information from each other…..and if the british being their usual savage self had not deported dual british citizens back to the Caribbean and prevented their children born in UK from getting passports, I would never get it.,., what a freaking thing..a whole lotta IFs.

    So just sit back and watch me use that shit, enjoy the ride.., what a thing,

    The very worse thing that could have happened for any of them, is that I WAS BORN in the Caribbean, before any of the islands become independent. .,aint that some shit..lol


  • The very worst thing that happened is that YOU WERE BORN AT ALL. An utter waste of a f***.


  • Can we discuss the issue at hand? Ranting and raving over an online persona does what again?



  • Well Dread
    Know Your Friends
    Well Dread


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Someone of low IQ vintage is really angry this morning…ah wonder what happened..lol


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    David Mr Blogmaster, I agree with you completely that expending blog energy on personalities of the blog becomes boring rather quickly and exposes an unwanted ignorance, to use your word.

    However, to what benefit is there for any blogger to blow bubbles of airy noise repeatedly as if there is some original point or nuances being ventilated! That too becomes exceedingly boring very fast and displays just as surely your choice if word!

    This is a major issue and now it’s in the public space it WILL (MUST) be resolved.

    Likely, politicians will be voted out as a result, journalists will be honoured and definitely the WindRushers and related ‘victims’ will have their rights ‘reinstated’.

    Whether court action is required or initiated will be a function of many factors but principally that will be determined I expect on whether the govt is accused of deliberate acts of malfeasance to disadvantage these folks AND are not now doing all things possible to remedy those wrongs.

    An example of the hot air being unnecessarily blown that trivikizes the debate are these two rrmarks:

    1.”….This would be except for Jamaica who already knew and enforced the dual british citizenship arangement for their people born under british rule and before Jamaica independence 1962.”
    2.”…Just had a conversation with a brit born in London of Bajan heritage and was told that not many people born of that generation in Barbados knew..that they were in fact dual british citizens…automatically.”

    Now if statement 1 is accurate does that make the Bajans of statement two appear to be idiots, simple minded or simply unable to freaking read!

    Simply stated there is blame to go all around but to continually fulminate that successive Caribbean govts kept data on citizenship rights from their citizens makes ABSOLUTELY no sense…in fact just the OPPOSITE can be surmised based on the Jamaica comment.

    So yes this is not about personalities on a blog but about RATIONALLY and REASONABLY giving opinions on hot topics of the day!

    Peace out.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Now that the backs of the beasts and the black traitors whom we can never seem to get rid of throughout the last 5 centuries, have been successfully broken, if they think people like myself are going to sit quietly by and see them reap any reparations for our ancestors british enslavement until OUR DUAL BRITISH CITIZENSHIP IS ADDRESSED AND THE MATTER RESOLVED SATISFACTORILY….well those negros are dumber than I think.

    I do not want to hear from not one politician, minister current or past who have blighted that parliament since 1966….they have no right to speak of or FOR any of us…


  • @45Govt,
    The only “bureaucratic snafu” is that the racist policies of the UK government have been unmasked… they expected to keep it all swept under the carpet as they usually do. They were so sure of getting away with it that they gave the entire operation a neo nazi title: “Operation Vaken.”

    Vaken is a Swedish and Norwegian word which means Awake or Alert, but “Europa Vaken” is well known to be a neo nazi slogan. It is impossible for that term to have been used any way but deliberately.

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  • @David
    45govt’s “…Ranting and raving…”

    I find it very entertaining to watch 45govt destroy any credibility he once may have had with his racist diatribes. He isn’t even smart enough to STFU, but keeps pouring his vile venom without realizing that he is only getting it all over himself.


  • @ Peter Lawrence Thompson – uttter rubbish. I repeat, there were MANY white Commonwealth victims, but you blacks are into victimhood, rather than living your lives. Well Well Wot An Iggorant Racist Orifice She Is is a perfect example – living off the hated whitey while making its worthless life an illiterate obscenity of rank race hatred.
    I hope you are better than that, but am unconvinced on the evidence of your racist posts..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    On top of being IQ deficient.., it seems like IQ45 also has a problem with math.

    BLACK POPULATION OF BARBADOS =.over 260, 000…in number.

    WHITE POPULATION OF BARBADOS = 7,500 in number…that is not an error.

    INDIAN AND OTHER POPULATION OF BARBADOS = less than 3,000 in number, also not an error.

    So who is living off whom ASSBACKWARDS…

    We clearly see how these minorities still believe they are doing black majority people in Barbados a huge favor by living off them..

    If whites on the island have an issue with UK…feel free to take it up with UK, BLACK BAJANS OWE YOU NITHING, because the bajan whites that iI know have never had any problem accessing their dual citizendhip with UK fir themselves, their children, nir grandchildren, working and living in UK…and have never been deported from UK, since their ancestirs were in the 1600s to 1800s…

    So any fantasy yall got that UK has somehow disadvantaged local whites since that time…IS A LIE and ya just a repulsive jealous of anything good that happens to black bajans…piece of shit.


  • @45govt

    “Operation Vaken” was specifically targeted at the usual suspects… in addition to Black people the UK government aimed at kicking out Roma and other Eastern Europeans. It is so amusing to watch you cling to the illusion that because there were White victims of this racist policy that makes it not racist in intent and effect.

    Everyone on BU knows perfectly well that I have never made a racist post, so your accusation simply condemns you. By the way, I hold a British passport among others and have White ancestors as well as Black ones.


  • @Peter

    The simple fact is that the British media is all over this story , they really do not need help. They will access all the resources available, financial, sources, subject matter expertise etc to have the issue resolved.

    Clearly the government dropped the ball and because of the exposure have been forced to remediate. There will be fallout BUT for the solution to work all sides vested must work together. It is the only way to stoke a climate of reconciliation and growth.

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  • “Everyone on BU knows perfectly well that I have never made a racist post”. Really?
    “The only “bureaucratic snafu” is that the racist policies of the UK government have been unmasked…”

    That is a racist post, and not your first – it is also drivel.


  • @45govt

    You obviously have no idea what constitutes racism. However you have not voiced an explanation for the UK government using a well known neo nazi term for their policy. “Operation Vaken” is transparently racist, and not a word from you about it; but I call a clearly racist policy and title by its name and you want to call me racist. Interesting.

    So in your topsy turvy world it is racist to point out racism. Hmmm… fascinating.


  • @PLT
    in addition to Black people the UK government aimed at kicking out Roma and other Eastern Europeans
    Citizens of member countries of the EU were granted freedom to move and work in many of the member states. In London I noticed many people from the old Eastern block i.e. Poland ,Bulgaria, Czech Republic who had moved to London to work have they been targeted since Brexit?


  • @David
    … the British media is all over this story…”

    You are right David, all that I know about it I learned from the British media. This issue will be resolved, but the underlying racism in British society will continue to fester. A “climate of reconciliation and growth” will prosper only with exposing the truth, and I hope that British media will continue to do that despite the clamour from 45govt and his ilk for the media (and BU) to STFU and forget that this ever happened.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Anyway. ..who cares about local whites who want to live off blacks forever on tiny Barbados because of treacherous black governments, if that is what they want to allow to continue and the black population don’t destroy them all for continuing to do it, that is their dumb business, ah have had my fill of all of them..

    …..the point is the british government has conceded, as any intelligent governmrnt would, the only matter left to deal with is the dual british citizens born before independence in the West Indies. …

    AND stopping these vile, rotten black traitors in AND out of parliament from getting
    their slimy greedy treacherous black hands on any slavery reparations money from UK off the backs of our ancestors..any reasonable person will understand why.

    ..I will spend the rest of my days working on that.


  • Peter Lawrence Thompson April 24, 2018 8:50 AM

    Stop talking crap abut things you know nothing about. Who are the Roma the British government wants to kick out? Who are t he Eastern Europeans they want to ick out? Stop Googling for easy answers and do more reading to gain knowledge.


  • Peter, it is a way of life given breath by an establthat will take years to dismantle. The fight must continue in a way that build bridges. It makes no sense ignoring the learnings from the very scourge we are working to excoriate.


  • Living On The Frontline preamble

    David Cameron* started with ‘British Values’ nonsense to be racially divisive
    and always acted ignorant and reactionary in and with EU

    Leading us into Toxic Brexit with Toxic Tories who are Power Hungry and Clueless

    (*) another filthy Warmonger


  • PLT

    We have said before that it is only White people and their acolytes who can historically betray all laws of ‘god’ and man and somehow blame somebody else. And get such ‘rationales’ accepted as dominant narratives.

    If one believes in Bushie’s BBE this could only come from a ‘made’ man as apposed to ‘created’ man or woman. And there is a substantial difference.

    When we in the Caribbean, like Comissiong has here on BU recently, insist that our postcolonial elite institutions and leaders so schooled are worthy of respect we must know that central to that thinking is an implicit acceptance of their racist narratives.

    We can never have one without the other!

    Yet we remain startled at recurrent incidences like the ‘Windrush Generation’. Sooner or later we must come to the realization that White people have not accepted that racism, and it could only have its scientific meaning, will ever be removed from the body politic.

    For it has been an effective social construction for the global dominance of a minority race of less than 10% of the population on Mother Earth.

    We say let them gallop on, for Pachamama is ready to give them an eternal lesson.

    It is our considered opinion that Black people have done enough to show White people the error of their ways. Having so failed, it is now time to accept the reality and let these people meet their much deserved ends.


  • Pacha….the crabs revolving in and out of the black parliaments each generation, in the Caribbean, are equally deserving of a horrific end…they are not to be overlooked or trusted by black people ever again, if they know what’s good for them, they are the lowest hanging fruit and human garbage ever to litter this earth, even worse than their treacherous ancestors…that level of treachery could only be generational to survive 500 years.


  • PLT

    Halton Austin is an asshole. Don’t pay him any mind

    He is one of those people who has lived with White people so long that he has inculcated much of their ways.

    In Barbados we use to call his kind ‘mad’.

    Sent from Barbados as a slave boy certainly does not help.

    There is nobody here on BU who could even approach his record for the level of ignorance perennially displayed.

    Peter, continue. You are on the right tract.

    The *unthole Halton Austin makes the same argument about Goggle when he has nothing meaningful to say, or seeks to avoid truisms unknown to himself.

    He suspect he knows not the first thing about research.


  • lol..Ha,Ha is at it again

    Ha, Ha, go away and let intelligent british Caribbean born citizens handle things from here, we were never exposed to your level of mental damage ya received in UK…so you can sit ya tail down now and relax…we got this.


  • “…go away and let intelligent british Caribbean born citizens handle things from here..”

    Not you then, or Thompson.


  • cud dear…afterwards ah realized how harshly I took ya down with the truth IQ45…but ya deserved every freaking moment of it, all of you want wiping off the Caribbean landscape, ya had ya 38 years in UK because of dual british citizenship, now run along somewhere quietly and die.


  • 45govt is just another white supremacist. His type have been operating the same way for centuries. Theirs is an old play book.
    To point out their racism is worse than the vile act of their racism itself. In their twisted world the bully must be protected at all costs and any retaliation against the bully is wrong. Racism must not be spoken about. It only exists in the heads of you whiny black people. It irks them to the core to see us discussing their racism, for in their own evil eyes they can do no wrong.

    In this social media era, they love to come on black blogs to either distract (John, Lawson); talk down to and patronise (MoneyBrain) or simply to trot out their racist tropes and stereotypes (45govt, Wily Coyote). BU will notice that any blog where we are talking about serious race issues is quickly invaded by the white supremacists with their usual techniques.

    It was only a matter of time before one of them stepped in.

    These people are disgusting.




  • These invaders and racists do not even own the US, native Americans and blacks who were there centuries before them do, but here they are acting as though they put the country there themselves..

    if Caribbean people do not open their eyes and set boundaries for the treacherous blacks in their parliaments and the racist whites and other minorities who own them, Caribbean countries like Barbados will ALWAYS be slave societies, they will always systematically and maliciously keep vital and important information from you to stagnate the country and keep majority black populations in poverty..


  • The British Government’s Operation Vaken

    The Minister for Immigration (Mark Harper): The Home Office’s Immigration Enforcement command ensures that the immigration rules are complied with and that those with no right to be in the UK are removed. IT IS BETTER FOR BOTH THE UK TAXPAYER AND OFFENDERS THEMSELVES IF OFFENDERS LEAVE THE COUNTRY VOLUNTARILY RATHER THAN IN AN ENFORCED MANNER. Immigration Compliance and Enforcement teams are therefore working to identify how they can promote the visibility of enforcement operations to drive compliance and encourage more immigration offenders to leave the UK voluntarily.

    A pilot operation, Operation Vaken, took place between 22 July and 22 August 2013 in six London boroughs to test whether different communications could encourage any increases in voluntary departures. It included a number of communications techniques, such as mobile billboards highlighting the risk of arrest, postcards in shop windows, adverts in newspapers and magazines, leaflets and posters advertising immigration surgeries in faith/charity group buildings.

    The pilot period ceased on 22 October 2013 and a full evaluation report has now been produced, a copy of which will be placed in the Library of the House. As of 22 October, there have been 60 voluntary departures which can be directly attributed to this pilot. The report also identifies a further 65 cases that are currently being progressed towards departure.

    The total cost of the pilot was £9,740. Data held by the Home Office indicate that the average cost of a voluntary removal is £1,000, and the average cost of an enforced removal is up to £15,000. The 60 voluntary removals connected to this pilot therefore represent a notional saving of approximately £830,000 compared to the costs of enforcing those removals.

    The most cost-effective communications were the adverts, leaflets and posters that advertised immigration surgeries in faith and charity groups, rather than the advertising vans or other forms of advertising used in the operation. In addition, as my Rt Hon Friend the Home Secretary told the House of Commons on 22 October, the advertising vans in particular were too much of a blunt instrument and will not be used again.

    During this period, a separate pilot was conducted in two immigration reporting centres, in Hounslow and Glasgow. These centres are principally used to ensure that those suspected of immigration offences are kept in regular contact whilst their case is progressed to removal. This pilot used a variety of communication materials to encourage those reporting to enquire about leaving the UK voluntarily and ceased on 4 October. The activity is being evaluated separately but there are no plans to repeat it.

    The government will continue to enforce the immigration rules and promote voluntary departure schemes to those who have no right to be in the UK – backed up with arrest, detention and enforced removal where individuals refuse to comply with the immigration rules or present a danger to the UK public.

    Published 31 October 2013

    Please note that these people who were invited to migrate to the U.K. by the British government are now called offenders. These people did not sneak across a land border at night. The British came to Herbert House, Fontabelle, St. Michael, Barbados and beseeched them to move to the U.K. Nobody thought that the were offenders when they were working like dogs in the National Health Service and London Transport.

    I ask again what sort of government or what sort of human being or what sort of son or daughter puts out its elders knowing that such elders require social assistance. They need assistance to close their doors properly, they need assistance with listening to the doctor, they need assistance with picking up their prescriptions, they need assistance with shopping, cooking and dish washing. They need assistance with getting in and out of the bath.

    In my own case just yesterday my daughter and her cousin needed to escort my 80+ sister to the doctor, because even though she is a smart and well educated woman at 80+ she is not longer capable of managing on her own. Without social assistance she might well be found alone in her home rotten and stink weeks after she has died

    ALL elders require social assistance. Social assistance from family, but also social assistance from governments to whom they have paid decades worth of taxes. This sister put in 15+ years in Britian’s National Health Service, looking after other people’s elders. Now the NHS feels that they owe her nothing.

    This British policy of separating elders from their children and grandchildren is something their German nazi cousins would have done.

    But the British were for hundreds of years slavers, and never once were their consciences pricked.

    So I am not surprised.


  • You sit there and wait for their consciences to be pricked and don’t brutally expose their asses every opportunity you get and see what they will do with you first opportunity they get.


  • @45govt April 24, 2018 8:26 AMt “there were MANY white Commonwealth victims…”

    And those white Commonwealth victims are quite capable of fighting their own battles are they not, and they can always call to you for assistance can they not?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I saw the BBC interview with Guy Hewitt and it is indeed a shame and treacherous disgrace that all Caribbean governments and diplomats knew about these atrocities against their own Caribbean duals for years and none of these criminals lifted a finger until Hewitt gave this interview and along with Guardian journalists who relentlessly pursued and exposed the government for 6 months….gave the exposure of these crimes against humanity…needed teeth and legs,.

    I do not want any Caribbean government ministers OR politicians within a mile of me or my family…further is better.

    “The Case Of Guy Hewitt And The UK’s Caribbean Windrush Generation
    By newsamericas – April 23, 2018


    By David Jessop

    News Americas, LONDON, England, Tues. April 24, 2018: For years now, Caribbean High Commissioners, activists, church organizations and community oriented Caribbean companies have been raising with the British government and parliamentarians, the shocking way in which undocumented members of the Caribbean Diaspora who came to Britain between 1948 and 1971, have been treated.

    This has involved, in the absence of proof of citizenship, the British authorities denying individuals of Caribbean origin, medical care and pensions, and in some cases holding them in custody pending deportation. This treatment comes despite their demonstrable contribution to British society and life-long residence in Britain.

    However, an interview on the BBC’s morning domestic radio news program, ‘Today,’ which is said to shape Britain’s national political dialogue, changed all of that.

    Cheap Flight Sale! Book Now & Get Up To $15 Off. Use Coupon Code TLCHEAP15.

    The High Commissioner for Barbados, Guy Hewitt, in an impassioned and personal series of comments, spoke movingly about the plight and suffering of many members of the Windrush generation and their experience of a form of persecution by the British authorities.

    In what must be an all-time first for a Caribbean diplomat, he turned the issue into a front-page story for a week in every single British newspaper and made the appalling treatment of possibly thousands of individuals in the Caribbean Diaspora in Britain the lead item on every radio and television news program.

    The story that he told not only emotionally touched huge numbers of British people but demonstrated the profoundly wrong ways in which a group of individuals of Caribbean origin have been treated in a manner best described as Kafkaesque. In doing so, he turned their personal experience into a national political issue reaching to the highest levels of government.


  • lol…low IQ prefers to come on BU and whine every day, like we care.


  • Out of 46 comments, 16 are from the moroness Well Well Wot An Iggorant Rasshole Racist I Is….and claims she doesn’t care!!
    How much do you cost the taxpayer in benefits, you filthy parasite?


  • @Hal Austin

    This is the second time I’m asking you to explain why the UK government used a known neo nazi label “Operation Vaken” for their immigration enforcement operation.

    Vaken is a Swedish and Norwegian word which means Awake or Alert, but “Europa Vaken” is well known to be a neo nazi slogan. It is impossible for that term to have been used any way but deliberately.


  • An accurate assessment on theTelegraph today addressed to a black racist poster……

    M Mullen 24 Apr 2018 10:21AM
    Joshua Brown.

    The English created the conditions that allowed the British in general to invent the modern world. Most of what we consider the best of modernity originated more completely here. (First modern democracy, equality under the law, ending slavery, the first organisations devoted to science and rational understanding of natural law, the industrial revolution, to name a little.)

    And the British will never be forgiven for it.

    That’s how human nature works.

    Most of our immigrant population (those who arrived here since the Second World War) hate the British with a vengeance. They do not integrate, assimilate or identify with this country, it’s people or its culture. They NEVER acknowledge they owe anything to the British people.

    Instead they accuse the British of more or less inventing slavery when in fact the British did more than any other nation to end it.

    The South Asians accuse the British of causing famine when they were powerless to do anything. How could a small island people five thousand miles away (as the crow flies) with a population a fiftieth of that of India feed India? That the British created some of the greatest irrigation schemes in human history, transforming semi-barren land into productive fertile land into which millions of Indian people moved is never mentioned.

    Even after several generations have passed since the first wave of immigrants, the descendants still keep separate. They still avoid celebrating anything British. Just notice Trooping the Colour in June. Hardly a black or Asian face will be seen among the tens of thousands cheering the Queen which is a way to cheer for Britain.

    And now we have reached the stage where merely being British is considered racist. And many of our “representatives” in Parliament are outwardly and unashamedly anti-British.

    Kate has just delivered a baby. We all know that William will be the last monarch. Our immigrant population who make no secret of their hatred for all things British, will see to that.

    Makes you wonder who are the racists. Actually I have no doubt. Racists and enemies, that’s our immigrant population.



  • All those people complaining had the opportunity to apply for British Citizenship when they did not have to pay a halfpenny to obtain such and they are thousands from Windrush time and since then who have been so endowed so i do not buy into any emotional charge that what is happening now is fuelled by racism.

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  • I see it as ignorance by both protagonists -ignorance as to how hat would have been a delicate and sensitive matter was handled by obviously incompetent British technocrats and ignorance by those who did not seek to take advantage of the opportunity for citizenship when it was free.

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  • The British were not magnanimous in ending slavery. The British INVENTED Trans Atlantic slavery, therefore it was their responsibility to end it. If you set my house on fire, don’t expect me to thank you for putting out the fire.

    We care nothing about the trooping of the colour. We are aware that the British military was for hundreds of year our greatest enemy. So, NO we will not be celebrating them any time soon.

    As for Kate and her babies, we care nothing for them. We really think that she ought to get a real-real job, and stop living off the British taxpayers, including living out of the pockets of my relatives who reside in the U.K.


  • @45govt,

    Is what you quoted from the Telegraph a letter to the editor? I find it hard to believe that the Telegraph, even though it is a Tory mouthpiece, would write such idiotic nonsense.


  • @Simple Simon April 24, 2018 12:40 PM “The British were not magnanimous in ending slavery. The British, along with their Spanish, French, and Portugese cousins INVENTED Trans Atlantic slavery,


  • After we agree that there is enough ignorance to go around is there room to also agree that the decision of last resort is for the government to treat their loyal sons and daughters humanely?

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  • Low IQ45..it’s time to get rid of that blighted monarchy anyway, it drained Africa, drained the Caribbean, it’s now draininging british taxpayers, it drained the earth, it’s a pox on the world that no one needs so yes, time for it to go…and you right along with it..shitmuncher..


  • David you know very well that the British government has never regarded the Caribbean migrants as loyal sons and daughters. They regarded them at best as units of labour/as bastard children, and continues to treat them as such.


  • charles skeete April 24, 2018 12:36 PM

    All those people complaining had the opportunity to apply for British Citizenship when they did not have to pay a halfpenny to obtain such and they are thousands from Windrush time and since then who have been so endowed so i do not buy into any emotional charge that what is happening now is fuelled by racism.(Quote)

    There is no excusing racism, but is this fight a good cause? I have suggested that the local media should go out and interview some of the returnees. But may be it is more satisfying to shout and scream at the former colonialists fifty years after independence.

    Liked by 1 person

  • The local and international outcry in the aftermath of Windrush has sure as hell forced the former colonial power to do so.


  • Peter Lawrence Thompson April 24, 2018 12:23 PM

    This is the second time I’m asking you to explain why the UK government used a known neo nazi label “Operation Vaken” for their immigration enforcement operation.(Quote)

    I am not disputing any neo-Nazi label, so the question does not apply to me. What I challenged you on (see below) was your claim that apart from black people, the British government “aimed at kicking” out Roma and Eastern Europeans.
    I asked for the evidence of this claim of an intended expulsion of the Roma and Eastern Europeans. To my mind, it is unsubstantiated and feeds in to a reactionary black nationalism that borders on the irrational. Shifting the argument to one about a neo-Nazi label so-called is disingenuous. Ignore the mob. Remember Robespierre’s role in the French Revolution and what happened to him..

    Peter Lawrence Thompson April 24, 2018 8:50 AM

    This is what you said in part: ““Operation Vaken” was specifically targeted at the usual suspects… in addition to Black people the UK government aimed at kicking out Roma and other Eastern Europeans…..

    My reply was: Stop talking crap abut things you know nothing about. Who are the Roma the British government wants to kick out? Who are t he Eastern Europeans they want to ick out? Stop Googling for easy answers and do more reading to gain knowledge.”

    The was unnecessarily rude, but the substantive questions remains.


  • Whether as some suggest that a racial component was the driving force to deport the immigrants does not overlook that an inhumane and insensitive approach was thrown over board disallowing a fair and measurable movement to give these people another chance.
    for redemption.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Skeete st al, racial rhetoric or inferences to race are always very emotive. It’s fair to say our brethren had ample opportunity to file for citizenship but it’s now doubly unfair for the government to DENY them that right by forced or induced deportation because they did NOT file.

    On what grounds is it legally or morally acceptable to penalize their reclaitrance, indifference or fear so harshly with deportation…

    But all that pales against @PLT excellent post of the motivations behind that code name “Operation Vaken”. His researched explanation of the terms settles any doubts of what thoughts were informing those who originated this idea.

    Should we not also ask ourselves: why/when is there a need for code name ops unless it’s some secretative (generally nefarious) activity? If this was ALL good why didn’t the Home Office simply announce their intent publicly as loudly and as continually as possible from day one?

    Anyhow a little exercise into the heads of these smarts boys and girls who operationalize code names…what ARE they thinking and projecting with their supposedly ‘cute’ naming ‘memes’.

    Here are a few CIA code names and then Secret Service codes for WH bosses and family!

    MOCKINGBIRD: Recruitment of American journalists for CIA work. [Can’t get better than that, LoL]
    MONGOOSE: “Primarily a relentless and escalating campaign of sabotage and small Cuban exile raids that would somehow cause the overthrow of Castro,” which “also included plans for an invasion of Cuba in the fall of 1962”. [We know how irksome mongoose can be]
    PAPERCLIP: US recruiting of German scientists after World War II. [Fella was too smart by a long way on this one 😁]

    And now WH…

    Jimmy Carter – Lock Master or Deacon
    Ronald Reagan – Rawhide

    George H. W. Bush – Timberwolf [very apt]
    Barbara Bush – Snowbank or Tranquility [well done]

    Bill Clinton – Eagle [too sharp eyed for his own good, unfortunately]
    Hillary Clinton – Evergreen [ain’t that right]

    George W. Bush – Tumbler later Trailblazer
    Laura Bush – Tempo
    Barbara Bush – Turquoise
    Jenna Bush – Twinkle

    Barack Obama – Renegade [OK, clear reasoning there]
    Michelle Obama – Renaissance [Awesome, definitely a liberal agent created both of these 😊]
    Malia Obama – Radiance
    Sasha Obama – Rosebud

    Donald Trump – Mogul
    Melania Trump – Muse [interesting choice, she is deeper than we think according to these fellas]
    Donald Trump Jr. – Mountaineer
    Ivanka Trump – Marvel [also interesting choice]
    Eric Trump – Marksman

    These folks try to show how smart, well read, intuiative etc. they are with all this stuff… so …how do you get to ‘Vaken’ as @PLT introduced…unless…??

    Time to eat!


  • Things are so much better since I stopped read foolish posts, my head feels lighter and everything.

    I can’t, however, stop scanning yardfowl MariSopa nonsense posts unfortunately because she has a history of stealing posts as her own and is still intent on plagiarizing everything I post, what a shame.


  • “Whether as some suggest that a racial component was the driving force to deport the immigrants does not overlook that an inhumane and insensitive approach was thrown over board disallowing a fair and measurable movement to give these people another chance.”


    Since you feel this way about the Windrush situation…….

    Do you agree that it is reminiscent of David Thompson’s comment “Ever so welcome, wait for a call?”


  • “Things are so much better since I stopped read foolish posts, my head feels lighter and everything..”

    What illiterate nonsense – as if there was anything of weight in your moronic head.


  • Low IQ45…..dont worry, you are also on my short list, then ya will really have something to whine and fret about..


  • @Hal Austin,
    “I am not disputing any neo-Nazi label…”

    Glad to hear it. Truly I am.

    This sort of White supremacist ideology is such a strong undercurrent in contemporary British society that the Tories pander to it overtly, not simply with “Operation Vaken,” but it underlies Brexit as well as a whole range of their policies. It was to the whole range of Tory policy that I was referring with my comments on Eastern Europeans and Roma (the ones from Eastern Europe rather than the ones who have been in Britain for generations). I apologize for the sloppy phrasing. In addition the Guardian article I cited the backlash against these folks is well documented.


  • Bushie an Isly Gottma-Bawlin


    Evahbody tekin ya serious, honey chile.

    They’re not laughing at you because you post so often (any single individual who spends so much time on this one blog is to be pitied for the barely imaginable dreariness of his life). They laugh because it’s so obvious that you’re a truly boring sock-puppet of the three or four dullards actually running the blog.

    Is ya wid me on dat?

    Liked by 1 person

  • The Wind rush story is not a good barometer on which to present an agrument against Thompson decision to prevent a migration of illegal aliens to enter Barbados


  • Peter Lawrence Thompson April 24, 2018 3:38 PM

    I am not sure what Guardian article you are referring to, since I am not a regular reader of the Guardian. But if the article claims that the British government has a program to remove Roma and Eastern Europeans from contemporary Britain it is talking rubbish. By the way, how are we going to differentiate Roma – by asking for identity documents? Plse give me the date of the paper.
    It is a pity BU has gone off on a tangent on the Windrush scandal since there is a more sophisticated discussion to be had about race in British society.
    I have said before, Googling and cutting and pasting is no way to have an intelligent conversation. It leads to idiotic claims such as Logic is not core to philosophy, the original language of the Bible was Latin and other rambling nonsense.
    I end by reminding you that when it comes to race relations not a single national newspaper is virtuous.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Is Mama Pacha referring to a spiritual or an earthly comeuppance to the ‘white race’

    If the former do people still have colour mindsets when they enter into the spiritual realms when they pass or transition

    will whites meet their slave master ancestors and blacks meet their slave descendants in the heavens

    who will become the gods up above


  • Surely you must remember these occurrences and how Guyanese were living in fear under Thompson’s rule.

    Opposition Leader David Thompson called for a managed migration policy that reflects national needs during a speech at the party’s annual conference at the end of August.

    “It is not a question of xenophobia or jealousy,” Thompson said.

    He added that the DLP, should it regain power, would renegotiate the free movement of people provisions in the CSME, the Caribbean single market and economy. [BBC Caribbean,com 07 September, 2006]

    Perhaps the following article will “jog your memory.”



  • Quaker John aka
    Jack Bitter Blogger
    got Banned
    and Burned
    and Catch A Fire
    Down the Wire
    Shrinkage in
    The Linkage

    I Man Ah Bawl


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol…good one 555.


  • What i am aware. Is that immigration laws put in place have a preference and also an attachment which excludes people from entering a country which is not native to themselve or in any way not affiliated to their country of birth.
    Sir with all due respect you are mixing oranges with apples .Furthermore your political slip is showing and it has a nasty stain.. Rather than exercise your inate desire to score political points it would serve your betterment to read the immigration laws of barbados for there within u would find your answer
    Have a pleasant afternoon.


  • @Mariposa April 24, 2018 1:31 PM “to give these people another chance for redemption.”

    These people don’t need second chances nor redemption, because the have not sinned. Have not broken the law. Have not committed any crime.


  • ac yardfowl is a skunk


  • Well Well

    Wait! This Mariposa is our ac

    Thanks fuh telling us, man

    We got some warn licks fuh she


  • Madam, there is no one in this forum whose political slip clearly shows its nasty stain other than you.

    And “it would serve your betterment to read the immigration laws of Barbados,” because your response is a clear indication that you have not done so.

    You always come to this forum with a lot of political rhetoric, generalized statements and information that is not substantiated by statistics or data from supporting documentation…….hoping to pass it off as fact.

    The fact remains (and I produced the evidence) that, similarly to how the British wants the Windrush generation out of Britain…….

    ………on May 5, 2008, David Thompson announced the implementation of the “Barbadian First” amnesty law, which saw the compulsory deportation of Guyanese nationals from Barbados.

    “Barbados formally enacted its amnesty provision on June 1, 2008. This provision dictated that all illegal CARICOM aliens who had been residing in Barbados prior to December 31, 1998 must normalize their status of residency within 6 months (starting June 1) or face deportation; any arriving after the 1998 date would be subject to immediate expulsion. This new law was the product of the Cabinet Subcommittee on Immigration that met in 2008 in Barbados. It decided that the flood of illegal immigrants was harmful to Barbadian society.”

    “The parameters of the legislation were broken down into a series of requirements. First, the individual needs to have been a resident of Barbados prior to December 31, 1998 and has to have lived in the country since December 31, 2005. Secondly, the individual needs to have proof of employment in Barbados and must have gone through a thorough background and security check. Lastly, the legislation stipulates that if an individual has three or more dependents, they will not qualify for automatic status. Failure to meet the criteria will result in immediate removal from Barbados.”


  • Sir i am not a member of any forum or political party. I might as it is my constitutional right to speak freely on issues without fear as you also might choose to do.
    I presented a differing point of view which illustrated that your knee jerk reaction peppered with an attack mode towards the late PM bears little or no relevance to the Wind rush issue since the late PM had not broken any constitutional or immigration law as directed or govern by state law written on the books.
    It never cease to amaze my mind with wonderment how the so called (a )political can be so adamant in their pronuncements quick and ready to holdfast to their political banter and just as quick and ready to be tribal bearers to those they serve


  • No wonder Holness did not want to be too critical of the Windrush scandal…UK is still “inviting” Caribbean people over when they are short on workers, only to turn around and do crap later.

    “This week the Department of Health and Social Care announced a deal with the Jamaican government inviting nurses to the UK to do NHS placements, in order to increase the workforce by 5,500 staff.”


  • Yeah Pacha… the idiot yardfowl is back on BU, barbadostoday commenters got tired of her and started sharing blows, she ran..lol


  • Did the UK government break “any constitutional or immigration law as directed or govern by state law written on the books?”

    “It never ceases to amaze my mind with wonderment” that when others exercise their “constitutional right to speak freely on issues without fear” and “presented a differing point of view,”……….

    …………you accuse them of being “quick and ready to hold fast to their political banter and “just as quick and ready to be tribal bearers to those they serve.”

    Yet, you come to this forum to DEFEND the DLP….….and we are to believe that you are “not a member of any forum or political party.”

    Although the circumstances may have few differences….the intent is similar. You are being hypocritical in your attempt to vilify the UK, but want to give this inept DLP a “free pass”…….. saying no laws were broken when immigration and police officers “rounded up” Guyanese……. and Transport Board buses ferried them to the airport for deportation. If you believe my observation is a “peppered attack on the late PM,”…..so be it….who cares.

    Using all the metaphors in your comments cannot change these facts…..no matter how much you deny them.


  • And the grim reaper, pursuant to Article whatever of the Constitution permanently deported David Thompson. And some of the Guyanese whom he ordered deported are living here ans in Guyana happily ever after.

    Life has a way…


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    As many in London are saying, the 1948 Nationality Act must be challenged, because of the recent reversal of all the amendments UK just made, in order to shut down the frightening Windrush scandal.

    As some are saying, they cannot repeal the Nationality Act sn6d those still alive and born before independence in the Caribbean, have a right to challenge UK for dual citizenship….

    ….let’s see how that plays out, if a challenge is not made, the british will continue to be believe they can shit on, use and abuse Caribbean people as it suits them when they are short of workers.

    “Trevor Ellis arrived in Britain in the 1950s as an 11-year-old with his Jamaican parents. He was schooled in Britain, gainfully employed his entire working life, paid taxes, married and raised children, who now have kids of their own.

    But at the age of 71, he can’t get a British passport, has been told he isn’t British and has spent a spell in a deportation center.

    Ellis and his now dead parents were were part of an influx between 1948 to 1971 of at least 50,000 migrants from a dozen Caribbean countries. The first 500, many children, arrived on board the ship Empire Windrush from Jamaica.

    They were encouraged to emigrate by British authorities, who needed to plug post-World War II labor shortfalls.

    They came from British colonies that hadn’t achieved independence and were considered British subjects, but rounds of immigration legislation over the years have stripped them of that designation, although most didn’t realize it.

    Now at retirement-age amid tightening immigration rules and lack of official paperwork, many have been detained, made homeless, sacked from their jobs or denied social benefits and public health care.

    Ellis says in 2014 he was sent to a detention center after being arrested for a minor traffic offense and was about to be deported when the interior ministry, known as the Home Office, intervened, ordering his release.”


  • The intent is governed by constitutional laws which determines the legality of the individual. David Thompson did not make the law nor did he break the law.
    Sir if you can show proof of how where and when a law was broken by the late PM i would change my position
    Until such happens your emotions driven by political angst speak for themselves


  • The Windrush families situation is different from the Guyanese. In that it comprise of a history of events and circumstances . These people gave of their all for many years to help build Britain and now Britain in return snubs them with an explantation tantamount to telling them “i owe you nothing” which should indeed call for verbal condemation


  • The further you engage in discussion the more you expose your ignorance and inability to comprehend simple statements.

    Why do you believe that everyone’s comments are politically motivated, but you can come to this forum to defend the DLP, while trying to convince us that your intensions are not motivated by politics?

    I never mentioned in any of my contributions that David Thompson broke any laws. However, it is public record that in 2009 he introduced a new Immigration Policy, which saw a mass deportation of Guyanese and caught the attention of CARICOM.

    Former Guyana President Bharrat Jagdeo also spoke about the alleged mistreatment of Guyanese in Barbados and asked Barbados to explain recent dawn raids on the living quarters of Guyanese suspected of being in the country illegally.

    I provided more than enough information to substantiate my claim.

    And you may have the last word, since I have already proven my point.

    Dun wid you and dat!!!!!


  • Providing a slanted versión hoisted on political rhetoric is called faked information. The fact is that you have tried to bloster and connect the Guyanese problem with that of the Windrush family clearly showing in what i said before your political slip has a nasty stain and in dire need of a bush bathe.


  • Mistress…..I exposed the nasty stain on your political slip eons ago.


  • The nastiest of Boris Johnson..the blowback will be long and harsh.

    ” The latest incarnation has Johnson becoming “very agitated and annoyed” with Theresa May, according to the Spectator, as he pressed the PM to show generosity to migrants from the Caribbean who came here as citizens decades ago and yet have been stripped of their rights after failing to meet Kafkaesque demands for paperwork.

    Does his clash with May across the cabinet table suggest cuddly Johnson is triumphing over his nasty twin? I wouldn’t bet on it. The more likely explanation will be coldly political. As a former London politician, he will understand better than most Tories that the Windrush scandal could cause the party lasting electoral damage – starting with the black and minority ethnic voters who will not forget how a generation that devoted their lives to Britain were nevertheless treated like criminals and intruders in their own country.”


  • No one will know the british better than their own diplomats.


  • Arthur Snell former British High Commissioner to Trinidad, and who also served the British Foreign Office in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Zimbabwe, was serving as High Commissioner in Trinidad when his wife gave birth there in 2011.

    This is what he says “In 2011 I was serving as British High Commissioner in Trinidad and Tobago. I was incredibly excited to have a son born in Trinidad, mostly because my wife preferred to be around her family as she gave birth but also to show our confidence in the local medical services. We duly applied for his passport. Contrary to what you might expect a British High Commissioner cannot issue a passport. I sent off the forms and waited…After a few weeks I received notification that he had been refused. You cannot be more British than the British High Commissioner but he wasn’t British enough. As he was ineligible for Trinidad citizenship my baby boy was rendered stateless

    More here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5656313/Even-British-High-Commissioners-son-wasnt-British-passport.htmll


  • I wonder what would have happened if Mr. Snell had died before the issue was resolved. Without a High Commissioner to go t bat for him would the little one remain in stateless limbo for the rest of his life?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The criminals know what they are doing is highly illegal under human rights laws, no one should be made stateless, they are all hoping that the trend they are setting will catch on worldwide, just like all the other evil crap they have done in the past 500 years is still blighting the earth, but they never anticipated the horrible backlash they are now getting because they are discriminating against everyone, based on where they are born and the Windrush scandal shook the establishment of their evil and corruption to the core,

    This scandal is not going to go away and the longer that horrible beast May tries to make excuses and stand her ground, the worse it will get, it does not get much worse than when former british diplomats are speaking out, given their positions, they will know the illegality of what the Home Office did with these amendments to the Nationality Act.

    They could have the british commissioner jumping in the newspapers every day with more slick lies, deceit and false promises, it does not change the fact that the british can never be trusted again, should never have been trusted to begin with and they have to set all their wrong and wicked actions in the last 70 years right or this will never go away.

    That is the environment of their own creation.

    Even France’s Macron sees how the winds of change are blowing and trying to tell them in his speech yesterday.


  • This Windrush scandal is not going away, not when UK and US colluded to spread their poison of nationalism, as Macron has suddenly realized, just as they did and are still spreading racism and all it’s toxic poisons across the globe to dehumanize Black and Brown people.


  • French President Macron tearing down the blight of Nationalism.


  • “Amber Rudd urged to resign over immigration removal targets
    15 minutes ago

    Appearing before a select committee, Home Secretary Amber Rudd denies there are targets
    Amber Rudd is facing fresh calls to quit as home secretary after it emerged immigration officers were set targets for the removal of illegal immigrants.

    On Wednesday Ms Rudd denied targets were used, when she faced MPs investigating the problems faced by the Windrush generation.

    She has now admitted to “local targets” for “internal performance management” but said she was not aware of them.

    She vowed to ban them if they were being used “inappropriately”.

    But Labour’s shadow home secretary Dianne Abbott said she should resign as a matter of “honour” after it emerged there was a removals target, which union officials have said are prominently displayed on posters at regional immigration centres.

    The SNP’s home affairs spokeswoman Alison Thewlis also called for Ms Rudd’s resignation, saying it was “no surprise” targets existed as there was “a litany of callous incompetence” at the Home Office.”


  • @Arthur Snell “After a few weeks I received notification that he had been refused”

    Surely somebody in the British Home Office has heard of the Vienna Convention to which the British government is a signatory. Surely they must have know that refusing citizenship to baby Snell was unlawful and in breech of the Convention.



  • Simple…it seems like ya gotta fight for everything from these f-ing beasts, they know they are committing crimes against everyone, including and particularly the crimes against Caribbean people for the last 70 years, they have violated conventions and human rights laws at every turn, laws put in place by countries including UK in 1948 and since then to prevent such victimization and brutality .

    The UK and Europe at that time stole our African ancestor’s identities and labor for hundreds of years,

    then came the 1948 Nationality Act designed to steal more labor from Caribbean descendants of slaves born under their blood stained Union Jack and british rule……by bullshitting them to work in UK,

    then came the amendment to that Act to steal citizenship from all those born in the Caribbean under british rule, that is despite UK having a dual citizenship policy

    then came subsequent amendments to those acts to steal citizenship from the children of those Caribbean born british citizens…children who were born in UK, and steal pensions, identities, destroy landing cards, and render them all stateless, homeless, imprisoned and deported.

    And yall still allow these stinking white fu*kers into Barbados and the Caribbean to practice racism, steal from and continue the disenfranchisement of black people…really?

    And ya will have the nerve to talk about celebrating the birthday of that vile white dying beast in buckingham palace who HELPED ORCHESTRATE all this evil shit against black Caribbean born people in 1948 and coming forward…because she is a british frigging civil servant and a wild beast, that is all she is..

    If you watched that video, you see the lying white dude at the front trying to sow division in the debating group, he was exposed by the Indian dude, the white savage cannot even hide his disdain and racism, but he was forced to admit that Caribbean people were born british citizens.


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