Friends of Venezuela PRESS STATEMENT Denouncing LUIS ALMAGRO, Secretary General of the OAS

Kingston, Jamaica, October 13, 2017


President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela


Friends of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounce the actions of the Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General Luis Almagro, who, today — the 13th of October 2017 – in Washington DC in the United States of America (USA), purported to swear in the members of a so-called “parallel” Venezuelan Supreme Court, in gross violation of the principles of international law and sovereignty.

Almagro’s actions are nothing less than a gross and offensive attempt to frustrate the Venezuelan people’s peaceful and democratic process !

On the 30th of July 2017 we were all inspired by the Venezuelan people’s courage, when over 8 million people participated in the elections for a National Constituent Assembly, and thereby halted the campaign of orchestrated violence that sectors of the political Opposition forces in Venezuela had inflicted on the nation.
The peace-loving peoples of the world looked on at this spectacle, inspired by the Venezuelan people’s assertion that the only path forward is a democratic and constitutional one.

Today’s unlawful events in Washington, on the other hand, are an ugly and repugnant repudiation of the Venezuelan people’s openly expressed desire for peace and constitutionality, and reflect illicit interference by external forces in the sovereign processes of Venezuela.

While this takes place in Washington D.C., in Venezuela itself, members of the Government, the Opposition and other relevant entities campaign for gubernatorial elections that will take place this Sunday the 15th of October. Furthermore, after many efforts by the Government to establish dialogue, the Venezuelan political opposition has finally agreed to begin talks in a peaceful and lawful manner. In light of this background, one is forced to ask why– at this time of all times– is Almagro carrying out an activity that can only be described as an illegal and destructive intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela?

How can a multilateral organization like the OAS justify swearing in an illegitimate Supreme Court in the territory of a foreign country? This is a travesty beyond all comprehension, and the member states of the OAS would be well advised to take immediate steps to dismiss the organization’s unprincipled and errant Secretary General.

Today’s actions at the OAS disrupt Latin America and the Caribbean’s shared commitment to self-determination and to the sovereign equality of all states, and must be condemned by all right thinking and peace-loving people.

We encourage all Venezuelans to go out and vote in numbers in the gubernatorial elections scheduled for Sunday the 15th of October!

Indeed, we say to the Venezuelan people:- The world celebrates your determination to defend a democratic model that is participatory and protagonist. And we stand with you in safeguarding our region as a Zone for Peace, in keeping with the “Havana Declaration” approved by the Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

Long live the Bolivarian Republic and the Bolivarian Revolution!

By the Friends of Venezuela:
David Comissiong. Caribbean Chapter, International Network In Defense of Humanity
Cikiah Thomas. Global Afrikan Congress
Christophe Simpson. Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism
Bobby Clarke. Clement Payne Movement of Barbados
Trevor Brown. Jamaican Cuban Friendship Association
Pablo Works. Jamaican Peace Council-JPC
Hope Mc Nish.Jamaican Peace Council

David Denny. Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration

Trevor Prescod. Israel Lovell Foundation of Barbados

Gerald Perreira. Organization for the Victory of the People (Guyana)

Khafra Kambon. Caribbean Pan-African Network

David Abdulah. Movement for Social Justice (Trinidad & Tobago)

Adisa “Aja” Andwele. Cultural artiste of Barbados

Ayo Moore. Caribbean Chapter, Network In Defense of Humanity

Thelma Gill-Barnett. Clement Payne Movement of Barbados

John Hunte. Israel Lovell Foundation

James Early. Institute for Policy Studies (USA)

ChenziRa Kahina. Caribbean Pan-African Network

Francisco Perez. Citizen of Venezuela

Everton “Heru” Holligan. Khemit Konnections (Barbados)

Felipe Noguera. Pan-African Federalist Movement

(more names and signatures follow on)

6 thoughts on “Friends of Venezuela PRESS STATEMENT Denouncing LUIS ALMAGRO, Secretary General of the OAS

  1. I can see the would-be despots of the “Friends of Venezuela” would love to have the unfettered and corrupt life-over-death power of their Marxist heroes. They are the usual filth like Bobby Clarke, the Commissiong parasite, and a motley rabble of non-productive, chippy fellow-travellers. This unpleasant gang would be better named the “Enemies of Venezuela”, as they are certainly the enemies of the ordinary Venezuelan people..

  2. So, just as I expected, President Nicholas Maduro’s United Socialist Party (PSUV) won 17 of the 23 governorships that were up for grabs in yesterday’s gubernatorial elections in Venezuela.

    The Western “international” media might be able to fool people outside of Venezuela with their Psychological Warfare based propaganda, but they cannot fool the people who actually live in Venezuela and know first hand what is going on.

    The reality is that the white,elitist, fascist and racist Opposition overplayed their hand and “woke up” the masses of working class Venezuelans with their campaign of orchestrated violent street protests (inclusive of the BURNING of several black or dark skinned Venezuelans), orchestrated shortages of a number of consumer items, and treasonous calls for the United States of America to strangle the Venezuelan economy and to invade and otherwise attack the country militarily.

    They so turned off the working class that on 30th July 2017 over 8 million adult citizens defied the Opposition boycott and their intimidatory threats of violence, and voted for the establishment of a National Constituent Assembly to discuss and analyze all the current problems and predicaments facing the country and to devise new governance structures and policies to respond to said problems and predicaments.

    This was a sure signal that the working class ( a significant number of whom had refused to vote in the 2015 National Assembly elections, thereby permitting the Opposition to win control of the National Assembly) were energized once again and would support their party– the PSUV– in the gubernatorial elections of Sunday 15th October.

    So the socialist, anti-imperialist PSUV is back on track with their Bolivarian Revolution. And It is onward now to a re-election victory for President Maduro in the Presidential elections of 2018.

    In the immortal words of former Prime Minister of Barbados, Erskine Sandiford, the American government and their puppet News Media could like it or lump it! Venezuela does not belong to them — it belongs to the Venezuelan people.


  3. Venezuela opposition rejects election results

    7 hours ago


    Gerardo Blyde (C) said Venezuelans were facing "a very serious moment for the country" [Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters]

    Gerardo Blyde (C) said Venezuelans were facing "a very serious moment for the country" [Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters]


    Venezuela‘s opposition coalition refused to recognise the results of Sunday’s gubernatorial elections where the ruling socialists won a surprise majority, raising the spectre of more political turmoil in the oil-rich nation.

    The Democratic Unity’s (MUD) election campaign chief, Gerardo Blyde, demanded a complete audit of the 23 governor races and called on its candidates to lead "street activities" on Monday in protest over the results.

    "We do not recognise any of the results at this time. We are facing a very serious moment for the country," Blyde said.

    President Nicolas Maduro said his government had scored an "emphatic victory" over its rivals by leaving the opposition with only five states, with his socialists still in line to take one further state where the results were still in dispute early Monday.

    Maduro and his allies held 20 outgoing governorships.

    ‘Referendum on Maduro’

    The results amounted to a crushing blow to the opposition which had characterised the elections as a referendum on Maduro, after months of deadly street protests earlier this year had failed to unseat him.

    International powers accuse Maduro of dismantling democracy by taking over state institutions in the wake of an economic collapse caused by a fall in the price of oil, its main source of revenue.

    Last week, an International Monetary Fund report said there was no end in sight to the suffering of the Venezuelan people with food and medicine shortages intensifying a "humanitarian crisis".

    READ MORE: Venezuela’s crisis explained from the beginning

    An ebullient Maduro told supporters that "Chavismo" – the brand of socialism he inherited from late President Hugo Chavez 2013 – had won the popular vote across the country.

    "We have 17 governorships, 54 percent of the votes, 61 percent participation, 75 percent of the governorates, and the country has strengthened," he said.

    "I ask that we celebrate with joy, music, dance, but in peace, with respect to the adversary."

    Public opinion surveys had predicted that the opposition would win between 11 and 18 state governorships despite alleged government dirty tricks, which included relocating hundreds of polling stations away from areas where it had high support.

    "All the pre-trial opinion studies, all our counts, are very different from the results that are going to be announced. We have already alerted the international community and we are alerting the country," Blyde had warned earlier.

    Sunday’s polls were the first contested by the opposition since the legislative elections in 2015 that gave it a majority in the National Assembly.

    READ MORE: Venezuela crisis – All the latest updates

    Turnout was over 61 percent, with many polling stations remaining open past the official 6:00pm (22:00 GMT) closing time to cope with lines of voters after a day of peaceful voting.

    The MUD has seen Maduro tighten his grip on power after facing down four months of protests that killed 125 people between April and July, forming a Constituent Assembly packed with his own allies and wresting legislative power from the opposition-dominated National Assembly.

    Maduro said he had sent a message to opposition leader Julio Borges: "For the love of God, abide by the transparent results."

    Maduro said that it is up to the all-powerful Constituent Assembly to swear-in the incoming governors. The opposition has insisted that its governors will not be sworn in before the Constituent Assembly, which it considers illegitimate.

    For Maduro, the polls were an opportunity to counter allegations of dictatorship levelled at him at home and abroad after forming the Constituent Assembly.


  4. This is par for the course David. Whenever the Venezuelan Opposition party loses an election in Venezuela, they ALWAYS accuse the Government of fraud– even when the Government won elections at the height of the charismatic Hugo Chavez’s popularity. But when they win elections ( as they have twice done during the Chavez / Maduro years) there strangely is no fraud. No wonder the Opposition calls itself the MUD !

    The only reason the Opposition now control the National Assembly is because they won the December 2015 National Assembly Elections that were organized by the same Maduro administration that is in office today, using the same electoral system that is in place today. (Incidentally, an Electoral System that has been heralded by international experts– including the Jimmy Carter Centre– as among the best in the entire world).

    I was in Venezuela three weeks ago. In fact I have been to Venezuela three times this year. I repeat that you simply CANNOT believe anything that the Western News media tells you about Venezuela. These people are so expert at distorting– nay, creating — reality, that it is actually frightening.

    You simply have to go to Venezuela to see for yourself if you want to know the truth.


    • @David

      Many people outside of Venezuela do not know what to believe because they are in the main takers of news from the traditional sources like the WSJ for example.

      Venezuela held elections for its 23 state governors Sunday amid rising malnutrition, hunger, hyperinflation and a looming debt crisis. In a fair contest, candidates backed by dictator Nicolás Maduro would have been crushed. But Venezuela is now a police state at war with its people, writes Mary Anastasia O’Grady.

      Venezuela’s Latest Election Fraud


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