Free Lula!

Submitted by DAVID A. COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement

THE  CARIBBEAN  PEACE  MOVEMENT (CPM) is disgusted and outraged by the latest episode in the orchestrated illicit right-wing oligarchical campaign to target and “bring down” by foul means the most outstanding and respected leaders of Latin America’s 21st century Socialist Movement : namely, the conviction by a powerful right-wing Judge of Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva (former President of Brazil) on trumped up corruption charges, and Lula’s incarceration on a 12 year prison sentence.

We Caribbean people find it almost beyond belief that a respected and revered people’s champion like Lula — the highly principled President who lifted millions of downtrodden Brazilians out of miserable poverty and who gave Brazil a new and outstanding image in the international community — could be so brazenly attacked and victimized in this manner by the Brazilian capitalist establishment and their traditional right-wing collaborators in the U S State Department.

For us in the countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to arrive at some understanding of the injustice and infamy of this conviction and imprisonment of Lula, we would have to imagine our greatest and most revered historic political leaders — Barbados’ Errol Barrow and Jamaica’s Michael Manley for example — being hounded down by corrupt and vindictive establishment Prosecutors and Judges and railroaded into Prison !

As profoundly difficult (if not impossible) as it is for us to contemplate such a scenario in our Caribbean Community, this is precisely what has been unfolding in Latin America over the past five years or so !

We need to recall that  an  historic Latin American anti-imperialist and socialist  Movement emerged in the early years of the 21st century, and that by the year 2012 several outstanding socialist or progressive nationalist leaders had been elected to power by the Latin American masses throughout the region :– Hugo Chavez in Venezuela; Evo Morales in Bolivia; Rafael Correa in Ecuador; Nestor and Cristina Kirchner in Argentina; Fernando Lugo Mendez in Paraguay; Lula in Brazil ; Jose “Pepe” Mujica in Uruguay; Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua; and Michelle Bachelet in Chile. And of course they joined Fidel Castro’s revolutionary Cuba, which had been carrying the banner of Socialism in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1959 !

This was a truly historic development, and constituted the high point of the centuries long historical struggle of the masses of working-class and impoverished Latin Americans to transform the unequal, elitist, oppressive, capitalistic and oligarchical societies that had been foisted upon them ever since the Spanish imperialists had colonized the region in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Here then was a tremendous breakthrough in the progressive, working-class Movement to develop  new, just, equal and inclusive Latin American societies. And the impressive results were there for all to see in the millions of people who were lifted out of poverty, and the hundreds of new socially uplifting programmes and institutions that were birthed in virtually all of the countries in question, but especially in Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.

But of course, the powerful traditional Latin American oligarchical classes and institutions (and their North American and European masters and collaborators) did not simply fade away !

Rather, they (in partnership with the powerful U S State Department and the international Capitalist establishment ) have carried out  a vicious and unprincipled counter-offensive in which  they have deployed every conceivable weapon — ranging from physical assassination, to economic sabotage, to trumped up corruption and impeachment charges — against  the Latin American socialist leaders and their governmental administrations.

Of course, the whole idea is that since they can’t defeat these popular democratically elected leaders at the Polls, then find some underhand, illicit  way to circumvent the electoral process and secure their removal!

The tragic outline of this treasonous political, economic, and judicial insurgency campaign against the Latin American Left is as follows :-

(1) 2012 — the impeachment of Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo Mendez on ridiculous charges of “insecurity” and “nepotism” ;

(2) 2013 — the suspected assassination of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez;

(3) 2016 — the impeachment of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff on  ludicrous charges of so-called “administrative misconduct” and “disregard for the federal budget”;

(4) 2016 — the effort by the fascist Opposition in Venezuela to launch impeachment and recall processes against President Nicolas Maduro ;

(5) 2017 — the prosecution of Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner on a trumped up charge of “trying to defraud the government”; and

(6) 2017 — the prosecution and conviction of Lula on an equally trumped up charge of accepting a bribe when he was President  of Brazil.

And it should be noted for the record that the witch hunts against both Lula and Cristina Kirchner are also “preemptive strikes” that are designed to eliminate them from contesting up-coming Presidential elections that they are both highly favoured to win !

We in the Caribbean Peace Movement fully comprehend that nothing less than a “war” is being waged against the socialist, nationalist, and other progressive forces of Latin America and the Caribbean, and that a variety of legal and constitutional processes are being twisted out of shape, bastardized, and prostituted, and used for illicit political purposes.

At this time however, we wish to place our focus squarely and specifically on Brazil.

We hereby denounce the egregious injustice that has been inflicted on Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva ! We wish him, the officers and members of the Workers Party of Brazil, and the masses of working-class Brazilians to know that we are with them in this struggle.

The Caribbean Peace Movement (CPM) hereby CALLS upon the governments of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) , and indeed upon ALL nations and Governments that have a commitment to decency and justice, to raise their voices and publicly demand that Lula be freed and that he be permitted to contest the upcoming Presidential election in Brazil.

We say :- “FREE  LULA !”



David Comissiong


Caribbean Chapter

International Network In Defense of Humanity

Hope Mc Nish


Jamaica Peace Council

David Denny

General Secretary

Caribbean Movement For Peace and Integration

Gerald Perreira


Organization for the Victory of the People (Guyana)

Robert “Bobby” Clarke

General Secretary

Clement Payne Movement (Barbados)

Lalu Hanuman


Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine

Trevor Prescod MP


Israel Lovell Foundation (Barbados)

Khafra Kambon


Caribbean Pan-African Network

Garcin Malsa


International Movement for Reparations  (Martinique)

Edson Crawford

Executive Officer

Peoples Empowerment Party  (Barbados)

Fuad Abubakr


New National Vision  (Trinidad and Tobago)

Cuban Barbadian Friendship Association



Onkphra Wells


Pan African Coalition of Organizations  (Barbados)

Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee



Trevor Browne


Jamaica Cuba Friendship Association

Francisco Manuel Perez Santana


Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Cikiah Thomas


Global Afrikan Congress

Anthony “Gabby” Carter

Cultural Ambassadfor


Ana Polyte


Venezuela Institute For Culture and Cooperation  (St Lucia)

31 thoughts on “Free Lula!

  1. Whitehill, let me be the first. This superannuated parasitic loser of a commie freeloader will never do anything like putting his carcase where his mouth is, simply because West Indians are stupid enough to give him a comfortable free ride, which he would lose. Socialists love their money more than capitalists…from whom they leech it. I would bet this moron still worships Che and Castro.

  2. It is good David Comissiong seeks to bring awareness to events occurring in the Latam region, unfortunately many Barbadians will not be familiar because of the US penetrate through TV exposure etc.

  3. To put things into perspective, David C is standing on the deck of the Titanic shouting for law and order …and expressing indignation that there is pushing and shoving by the various bullies on board.

    Boss, wake up and smell the coffee.
    Chaos rules on Titanic Earth.
    The best that you can do now is to point out the idiocy being exhibited – and you do that well….and look for a lifeboat.

    Expecting that ‘all aboard’ can come to their senses and adopt an orderly approach to the inevitable …is wishful thinking at best…

    • @Bush Tea

      Are you not always asking us to appreciate how we are plugged to the universe to ensure we make the required contribution to the space? If this is Comissiong’s ‘calling’ so be it! He will feel better for it will he not?

  4. @ David
    Bushie is duly impressed with David C’s general UNSELFISH and community-centric disposition – which is a refreshing change from the norm.
    The point being made above relates ONLY to the FUTILITY of his efforts.

    It would not have mattered ….however well-intentioned, knowledgeable, committed and honest an intervention was made after the Titanic had struck the iceberg…. those people’s collective asses were effectively grass.

    Only a clear focus on the location of, and the route to, the lifeboats ACTUALLY bore any fruit in the particular circumstances.

    Our ‘iceberg impact period’ is behind us boss… the deck is tipping….
    expect ANY shiite to happen at anytime….
    ….it will only get worse …as even those who remain asleep in their cabins awake to the reality.

    Would you (in your wildest dreams) have EVER contemplated actual shiite flowing down Hastings ….for THREE years, without any sensible sign of solution…..?
    …or even having no water for 1/3 of the island for months?

    What’s next…?

  5. @ Bush Tea at 9 :05 AM

    I concur with your intervention. Mr. David C’s efforts should be concentrated on Barbados with a higher level of productivity. We can do very little to effect meaningful change in Latin America. The internal dynamics driving their societies are very very different.

    • It’s most unfortunate that while we in Barbados are always looking for hand outs from whomever, we or some believe that we can offer nothing in return; that will effect meaningful changes for others. I guess David didn’t go upside Goliath’s head with a guttaperk. I want you Bajans to know that there are some of us who are aware of your knack of ” getting at a person” because of how or what you perceived them to be. Take for instance David commisiong, a bright intelligent gentlemen who has broken ranks, who’s not maintaining the staus quo, look how he’s degraded for his efforts. @45govt, you’d be surprise at the number of morons out there, I didn’t exactly worshiped Che or Castro, but if there were a few bajans men like them instead of spineless yellow bananas, female pooch sniffers we wouldn’t be in this mess today.

    • @WhiteHill

      The blogmaster sides with your view. Ones outlook to sharing a view cannot be restricted to the parochial.

  6. Bushie and Bernard

    Bernard you are too insular.

    The same thing that is happening in Brazil could/is happening in Barbados concurrently.

    The same underlying imperial forces are at work. Stop looking at symptoms and look to causation.

    It is impossible to really understand Barbados unless you understand Brazil, trans-sectionality.


    You are making the same central point all the time.

    It is a point that requires a dependence on mysticism and reverts to a foolish book of irrelevance.

    But that alone has no practical or public usage

    We have many times before been here. In fact, 70-90 percent of all like has been even destroyed before, many times.

    Such scribes, as you, and sometimes we too, have been wrong every time in the past. And they/we cloud we wrong again.

    What kind of Gods are we if there can never be a solution, or at least the seeking of one, or more.

    Your oft repeated distillation of everything into one answer is quite frankly, boring.

  7. Are you asking me to believe that because people like Maduro and Lula hold leftist views they are beyond reproach and alleged wrong doings are fuelled by witch hunts whereas the arrests of those holding right wing views are justifiable? Give me a break.

  8. @ Charles Skeete

    de ole man was about to say the same thing THOUGH NOT AS ELOQUENTLY AS YOU HAVE.

    It would appear that every single time any of the socialists/communists saviours are prosecuted for wrong doings during their tenure, said prosecution is immediately ascribed to “US Department of State” orchestrated interventions.

    Look at the Putin election recently and how Alexei Navalny was railroaded by a “state orchestrated intervention”

    Do you see David Come Sing a Song coming out with a big BU article on that subject yet he, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY, or with evidence of similar “Internet facilitated availability” comes to this fore and makes his statements.

    And logical reasoning men come to the man’s defence BECAUSE HE HATH OF LATE FOUGHT VALIANTLY FOR INJUSTICES HERE IN BARBADOS so for said fights we give de man a free pass for all the rest of Jobby that he will be pronouncing along the way.

    No one is willing to realise the parallel of “sanctioned inequality” that we are are subconsciously advancing here.

    And for simplicity de ole man will explain it”

    Because Errol Walton Barrow did all this good for Barbados, and was the Father of Independence, then he is exempt from prosecution for any illegal act, say of filching land?

    Then all and sundry get a conniption when Mark Baloney or say Jerkham, equally titled persons given our social ranking scale, put an illegal structure that kills an 11 year old, or shots an 11 year old…

    The issues that we are dealing with here with Lala or Madura or whomever IS THAT IT IS WRONG TO TEIF and this is a crime for which you will be locked up

    And for the Bible Thumpers among us heheheheheh among whom the old man numbereth de ole man leaves wunna with 2 Samuel 12

    “…Nathan then said to David, “You are the man!

    Thus says the LORD God of Israel, ‘It is I who anointed you king over Israel and it is I who delivered you from the hand of Saul. 8‘I also gave you your master’s house and your master’s wives into your care, and I gave you the house of Israel and Judah; and if that had been too little, I would have added to you many more things like these! 9‘Why have you despised the word of the LORD by doing evil in His sight? You have struck down Uriah the Hittite with the sword, have taken his wife to be your wife…”

  9. Piece uh de Rock at ! :37 PM

    I too glad you ,like me , keep that Book/Library of myths at hand. Sometimes it is the only place one can find an inspiring piece of writing.
    I do not like grand-standing. I think we should never take strong positions based on selective information. The Latin American politics is a different kettle of fish. Whether it is leftist politics or right of centre politics they both end up in dictatorships.

  10. “Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has declared that he is ‘extremely concerned’ about the situation in Venezuela, amid reports that Trinidad and Tobago is having to cope with an influx of Venezuelan nationals seeking refugee status in the twin Island republic.”

    Will Barbados welcome Venezuelan refugees ?

  11. @whiteHill April 9, 2018 11:33 AM “ITake for instance David commisiong, a bright intelligent gentlemen.”

    Dear whiteHill: I agree with you.

  12. To the right wingers in Brazil who only managed to abolish chattle slavery in 1898 and who still live off their ill gotten gains to call Lula corrupt is shameful, and to put an old man in jail until he is 82 is cruel and unusual punishment.

    Free Lula

  13. @Hants April 9, 2018 6:17 PM “Will Barbados welcome Venezuelan refugees?”

    Hants you know very well that Barbados an extremely high number of people per square mile, few jobs, hardly any money so inasmuch as we feel for the Venezuelan refugees there is little room in this inn.

    However I think that Canada can do more. A lot more

  14. A Brazilian association of criminal lawyers requested on Monday that a Supreme Court justice issue an injunction freeing former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who began serving a 12-year sentence for bribery over the weekend.

    The request from the association was filed to Justice Marco Aurelio Mello and asked that he free anyone who is in jail but has not yet had the chance to bring their case before Brazil’s top appeals court, which is the situation with Lula.

    If Mello accepts the request and issues an injunction, Lula would be freed, though his decision would be temporary and have to be taken up by the full Supreme Court. Mello’s office declined to comment on the matter.

  15. @ Dr Simple Simon,

    I am disturbed by your latest comment “…to call Lula corrupt is shameful, and to put an old man in jail until he is 82 is cruel and unusual punishment…”

    I do hope that you are not making representations for Lula becausing he is part of the Latin American mechanism which still does not have too much respect for people of our colour.

    Additionally I expect that the same alacrity that you have espoused on behalf of this Latino based on his age I hope to see you also have a similar alacrity for the aged Bill Crosby who will be similarly discommoded should the charges against “America’s Fvourite Daddy” for raping women prove true.

    Else it shall be said that thou art racist

  16. @ Piece
    I do hope that you are not making representations for Lula becausing he is part of the Latin American mechanism which still does not have too much respect for people of our colour.
    Had Lula been “part of the Latin American mechanism which still…..” he would have been venerated and elevated to hero status as we speak.
    His trials and tribulations came PRECISELY because he went against this grain and fought for positive change in this regard.
    …as with Chavez, …and as would be with Comissiong – should he ever acquire political power in Brassbados.

    The VERY basic point that you are missing is that we now live in a world that is completely topsy-turvy …..where EVIL RULES. Wickedness is uplifted and rewarded, and righteousness is punished with vigour.

    Note how bulling is highly protected ..while just looking at a woman too hard can get your donkey in deep trouble
    Most importantly, note how the ORIGINAL BLACK human specimen – CREATED BY GOD – has become the dregs of all societies, while flawed derivatives are hailed (even by GOD’s created peoples) as somehow superior.

    (This is not for Pacha’s attention…) BUT the bible predicted EXACTLY such a time – and also explained EXACTLY why it would come about…. and outlined the ONLY true and proper defence that can be acquired…. and the eventual outcome…
    …because (as by now should be obvious) the fight is NOT against mere flesh and blood – but against spiritual forces in high places…

  17. Looks like he got caught with hand deep into the cookie jar. Kickbacks and bribes should never go unpunished.

  18. @ Seth
    Practically ALL Brazilians are crooked.
    Bribery is a way of life – even for those with a social conscience.

    ….Somewhat like Barbados – if anyone ever had the balls to investigate.
    All that is needed for a fellow to be “caught with hand deep in the cookie jar” is to pick someone …anyone..and dig a bit…

    Can you call a name that is beyond reproach….? 🙂

    Bushie particularly likes the Brazilian Lady (Dilma) who was impeached for ‘ignoring the budget’…. just before the Olympics..
    ha ha ha ha
    She must have been one of the VERY FEW fairly honest ones in that WHOLE damned country… if they could not find something more substantial on her…

    Our Stinkliar routinely disregards budgets …and tells lie after lie after lie….
    …and we have a “Lashle” who cannot even get a budget multiplied correctly – far less executed.
    He proposed to raise $30M from 300,000 citizens at $10 per head…..

  19. @bush tea

    I owned and ran a business in Brasil for a number of years so I am very familiar with the place. Dilma is and was a good friend of Lulas and was chairperson of the organization that was deeply involved in what became known as the car wash scandal. That was a scheme that ended up giving kick backs on construction contracts to various officials and political parties. The courts are trying to clean up that situation. Time will tell what success they will have. The bottom line is nobody should be above the law.

    The wages in Brasil under “the social contract” are currently about $290 us dollars a month. Brasils biggest economic advancement in recent years was due to rising commodity prices but that got hammered by a drop in their currency value of almost the USS. There is a vast number of people in Brasil making $290 US a month. Barbados looks pretty nice compared to Brasil.

  20. Understood SETH.

    Perhaps it becomes easier to understand the temptation of a committed socialist leader to ‘bend the rules’ in the interest of bettering the lot of the masses. But as you say, nobody should be above the law.
    Some people however see a bigger ‘law’ that is being infringed by the gross and indecent discrepancies that exists between the rich and the poor in societies such as Brazil’s.

    We do the same thing in Barbados – using the NIS funds. But unlike Brazil – where the courts actually seem to work, we have no avenue to ensure that those caught with a hand in the cookie jar are punished….

    What Bushie finds amazing is the relative difficulties that arise when the KNOWN and blatant thieves and scammers of modern society are caught with hands in the cookie jar…. Our Auditor General knows this only too well.

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