Letter Sent to CARICOM Secretary General Irwin La Rocque re Justice for the Windrush Generation

Dear Secretary General La Rocque,

Please find attached hereto a letter written on behalf of the Clement Payne Movement of Barbados, the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network in Defense of Humanity, and the Barbados-based Pan-African Coalition of Organizations (PACO) in relation the Campaign for Justice for the Windrush Generation.

The letter is addressed directly to you, but we would be grateful if you would be so kind as to also use your good offices to share it with our Caricom Heads of State.


David Comissiong



23 April 2018
Ambassador Irwin La Rocque
Secretary General
Caribbean Community
Caricom Secretariat
Dear Sir
I write to you on behalf of the Clement Payne Movement of Barbados, the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity, and the Pan African Coalition of Organizations (PACO).
On Saturday 21st of April 2018 the three above-mentioned organizations staged a “Community Grounding” at the Clement Payne Cultural Centre situated at Crumpton Street, Bridgetown, Barbados on the issue of the systematic and racist infringement of the civil and human rights of the so-called “Windrush Generation” of British nationals of Caribbean origin by the current Conservative or Tory governmental administration of the United Kingdom (UK).
The said “Community Grounding” benefitted from the personal testimonies of a number of Barbadian and other Caribbean nationals who had resided and worked for extensive periods of time in the United Kingdom, and who are therefore extremely knowledgeable about the plight of our predominantly black brothers and sisters of Caribbean origin resident in the UK.
After comprehensive discussion of the issue it was unanimously resolved that the Clement Payne Movement, the Pan-African Coalition of Organizations, and the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity would – acting on behalf of all participants in the Grounding – address a letter to the leadership of CARICOM, informing you of our findings, opinions, and recommendations as follows :-
  1. All persons of Caribbean origin in the UK – whether or not they be British nationals or be entitled to British nationality – remain part and parcel of our Pan-Caribbean family, and are entitled to the interest, concern, solidarity and support of the Caribbean people and governments.
2.One of the core functions of CARICOM is to develop for the 15 Caribbean member states a collective foreign policy and a collective platform for dealing with the outside world and with powerful foreign governments such as the government of the United Kingdom (UK) in a unified manner.
3.In light of the foregoing, CARICOM is obligated to take a collective position in relation to the plight of the members of the so-called “Windrush Generation” who have been subjected in the UK to a systematic state-orchestrated racist campaign of unlawful deportations, detentions in custody, denial of medical and other social services, and denial of the right to gainful employment. (And it must be noted that there are several cases of the mental and physical stress generated by this racist campaign resulting not only in physical and mental illness but also in actual cases of death!)
4.The affected members of the Windrush Generation have suffered the type of racist group injury that requires the application to it of the concept and principles of Reparations: that is, the British government must be called upon to fully and unreservedly acknowledge the wrong that has been committed; to genuinely apologize to the victims; to immediately bring a halt to the injurious racist policies and practices; to put in place alternative and remedial policies and practices that are designed to genuinely assist the affected group with confirmation and certification of their legal status within the UK ; to immediately extend to deportees the right of return to the UK at the expense of the British government; and to financially compensate all  victims for the injuries and damage suffered.
5.CARICOM is under a duty to seek justice for our UK based brothers and sisters, and to do so by speaking forthrightly to and engaging with the government of the UK in the terms outlined above.
The participants at the Community  Grounding noted that there are a number of black grassroots activists organizations in the UK that are fighting for justice for the Windrush Generation, but it was the unanimous consensus that these organizations are up against a very powerful foe and will require the active solidarity and support of the Caribbean governments and of their collective regional organization – CARICOM – if the fight for justice is to be brought to a successful conclusion.
It is in this spirit, and with this understanding, that we address this letter to you, and through you to the political leadership of our CARICOM member states, and urge that CARICOM take up this matter with the Theresa May governmental administration of the UK in a very serious, determined and committed manner.
We would be grateful if we could receive a response from you giving us some indication of your proposed course of action.
Yours faithfully
cc: The General Secretary, Clement Payne Movement
cc: The Chairman, Pan-African Coalition of Organizations
cc: The Coordinator, Caribbean Chapter, International Network In Defense of Humanity


  • @Mariposa April 24, 2018 1:31 PM “to give these people another chance for redemption.”

    These people don’t need second chances nor redemption, because the have not sinned. Have not broken the law. Have not committed any crime.


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  • Madam, there is no one in this forum whose political slip clearly shows its nasty stain other than you.

    And “it would serve your betterment to read the immigration laws of Barbados,” because your response is a clear indication that you have not done so.

    You always come to this forum with a lot of political rhetoric, generalized statements and information that is not substantiated by statistics or data from supporting documentation…….hoping to pass it off as fact.

    The fact remains (and I produced the evidence) that, similarly to how the British wants the Windrush generation out of Britain…….

    ………on May 5, 2008, David Thompson announced the implementation of the “Barbadian First” amnesty law, which saw the compulsory deportation of Guyanese nationals from Barbados.

    “Barbados formally enacted its amnesty provision on June 1, 2008. This provision dictated that all illegal CARICOM aliens who had been residing in Barbados prior to December 31, 1998 must normalize their status of residency within 6 months (starting June 1) or face deportation; any arriving after the 1998 date would be subject to immediate expulsion. This new law was the product of the Cabinet Subcommittee on Immigration that met in 2008 in Barbados. It decided that the flood of illegal immigrants was harmful to Barbadian society.”

    “The parameters of the legislation were broken down into a series of requirements. First, the individual needs to have been a resident of Barbados prior to December 31, 1998 and has to have lived in the country since December 31, 2005. Secondly, the individual needs to have proof of employment in Barbados and must have gone through a thorough background and security check. Lastly, the legislation stipulates that if an individual has three or more dependents, they will not qualify for automatic status. Failure to meet the criteria will result in immediate removal from Barbados.”


  • Sir i am not a member of any forum or political party. I might as it is my constitutional right to speak freely on issues without fear as you also might choose to do.
    I presented a differing point of view which illustrated that your knee jerk reaction peppered with an attack mode towards the late PM bears little or no relevance to the Wind rush issue since the late PM had not broken any constitutional or immigration law as directed or govern by state law written on the books.
    It never cease to amaze my mind with wonderment how the so called (a )political can be so adamant in their pronuncements quick and ready to holdfast to their political banter and just as quick and ready to be tribal bearers to those they serve


  • No wonder Holness did not want to be too critical of the Windrush scandal…UK is still “inviting” Caribbean people over when they are short on workers, only to turn around and do crap later.

    “This week the Department of Health and Social Care announced a deal with the Jamaican government inviting nurses to the UK to do NHS placements, in order to increase the workforce by 5,500 staff.”


  • Yeah Pacha… the idiot yardfowl is back on BU, barbadostoday commenters got tired of her and started sharing blows, she ran..lol


  • Did the UK government break “any constitutional or immigration law as directed or govern by state law written on the books?”

    “It never ceases to amaze my mind with wonderment” that when others exercise their “constitutional right to speak freely on issues without fear” and “presented a differing point of view,”……….

    …………you accuse them of being “quick and ready to hold fast to their political banter and “just as quick and ready to be tribal bearers to those they serve.”

    Yet, you come to this forum to DEFEND the DLP….….and we are to believe that you are “not a member of any forum or political party.”

    Although the circumstances may have few differences….the intent is similar. You are being hypocritical in your attempt to vilify the UK, but want to give this inept DLP a “free pass”…….. saying no laws were broken when immigration and police officers “rounded up” Guyanese……. and Transport Board buses ferried them to the airport for deportation. If you believe my observation is a “peppered attack on the late PM,”…..so be it….who cares.

    Using all the metaphors in your comments cannot change these facts…..no matter how much you deny them.


  • And the grim reaper, pursuant to Article whatever of the Constitution permanently deported David Thompson. And some of the Guyanese whom he ordered deported are living here ans in Guyana happily ever after.

    Life has a way…


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    As many in London are saying, the 1948 Nationality Act must be challenged, because of the recent reversal of all the amendments UK just made, in order to shut down the frightening Windrush scandal.

    As some are saying, they cannot repeal the Nationality Act sn6d those still alive and born before independence in the Caribbean, have a right to challenge UK for dual citizenship….

    ….let’s see how that plays out, if a challenge is not made, the british will continue to be believe they can shit on, use and abuse Caribbean people as it suits them when they are short of workers.

    “Trevor Ellis arrived in Britain in the 1950s as an 11-year-old with his Jamaican parents. He was schooled in Britain, gainfully employed his entire working life, paid taxes, married and raised children, who now have kids of their own.

    But at the age of 71, he can’t get a British passport, has been told he isn’t British and has spent a spell in a deportation center.

    Ellis and his now dead parents were were part of an influx between 1948 to 1971 of at least 50,000 migrants from a dozen Caribbean countries. The first 500, many children, arrived on board the ship Empire Windrush from Jamaica.

    They were encouraged to emigrate by British authorities, who needed to plug post-World War II labor shortfalls.

    They came from British colonies that hadn’t achieved independence and were considered British subjects, but rounds of immigration legislation over the years have stripped them of that designation, although most didn’t realize it.

    Now at retirement-age amid tightening immigration rules and lack of official paperwork, many have been detained, made homeless, sacked from their jobs or denied social benefits and public health care.

    Ellis says in 2014 he was sent to a detention center after being arrested for a minor traffic offense and was about to be deported when the interior ministry, known as the Home Office, intervened, ordering his release.”


  • The intent is governed by constitutional laws which determines the legality of the individual. David Thompson did not make the law nor did he break the law.
    Sir if you can show proof of how where and when a law was broken by the late PM i would change my position
    Until such happens your emotions driven by political angst speak for themselves


  • The Windrush families situation is different from the Guyanese. In that it comprise of a history of events and circumstances . These people gave of their all for many years to help build Britain and now Britain in return snubs them with an explantation tantamount to telling them “i owe you nothing” which should indeed call for verbal condemation


  • The further you engage in discussion the more you expose your ignorance and inability to comprehend simple statements.

    Why do you believe that everyone’s comments are politically motivated, but you can come to this forum to defend the DLP, while trying to convince us that your intensions are not motivated by politics?

    I never mentioned in any of my contributions that David Thompson broke any laws. However, it is public record that in 2009 he introduced a new Immigration Policy, which saw a mass deportation of Guyanese and caught the attention of CARICOM.

    Former Guyana President Bharrat Jagdeo also spoke about the alleged mistreatment of Guyanese in Barbados and asked Barbados to explain recent dawn raids on the living quarters of Guyanese suspected of being in the country illegally.

    I provided more than enough information to substantiate my claim.

    And you may have the last word, since I have already proven my point.

    Dun wid you and dat!!!!!


  • Providing a slanted versión hoisted on political rhetoric is called faked information. The fact is that you have tried to bloster and connect the Guyanese problem with that of the Windrush family clearly showing in what i said before your political slip has a nasty stain and in dire need of a bush bathe.


  • Mistress…..I exposed the nasty stain on your political slip eons ago.


  • The nastiest of Boris Johnson..the blowback will be long and harsh.

    ” The latest incarnation has Johnson becoming “very agitated and annoyed” with Theresa May, according to the Spectator, as he pressed the PM to show generosity to migrants from the Caribbean who came here as citizens decades ago and yet have been stripped of their rights after failing to meet Kafkaesque demands for paperwork.

    Does his clash with May across the cabinet table suggest cuddly Johnson is triumphing over his nasty twin? I wouldn’t bet on it. The more likely explanation will be coldly political. As a former London politician, he will understand better than most Tories that the Windrush scandal could cause the party lasting electoral damage – starting with the black and minority ethnic voters who will not forget how a generation that devoted their lives to Britain were nevertheless treated like criminals and intruders in their own country.”


  • No one will know the british better than their own diplomats.


  • Arthur Snell former British High Commissioner to Trinidad, and who also served the British Foreign Office in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Zimbabwe, was serving as High Commissioner in Trinidad when his wife gave birth there in 2011.

    This is what he says “In 2011 I was serving as British High Commissioner in Trinidad and Tobago. I was incredibly excited to have a son born in Trinidad, mostly because my wife preferred to be around her family as she gave birth but also to show our confidence in the local medical services. We duly applied for his passport. Contrary to what you might expect a British High Commissioner cannot issue a passport. I sent off the forms and waited…After a few weeks I received notification that he had been refused. You cannot be more British than the British High Commissioner but he wasn’t British enough. As he was ineligible for Trinidad citizenship my baby boy was rendered stateless

    More here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5656313/Even-British-High-Commissioners-son-wasnt-British-passport.htmll


  • I wonder what would have happened if Mr. Snell had died before the issue was resolved. Without a High Commissioner to go t bat for him would the little one remain in stateless limbo for the rest of his life?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The criminals know what they are doing is highly illegal under human rights laws, no one should be made stateless, they are all hoping that the trend they are setting will catch on worldwide, just like all the other evil crap they have done in the past 500 years is still blighting the earth, but they never anticipated the horrible backlash they are now getting because they are discriminating against everyone, based on where they are born and the Windrush scandal shook the establishment of their evil and corruption to the core,

    This scandal is not going to go away and the longer that horrible beast May tries to make excuses and stand her ground, the worse it will get, it does not get much worse than when former british diplomats are speaking out, given their positions, they will know the illegality of what the Home Office did with these amendments to the Nationality Act.

    They could have the british commissioner jumping in the newspapers every day with more slick lies, deceit and false promises, it does not change the fact that the british can never be trusted again, should never have been trusted to begin with and they have to set all their wrong and wicked actions in the last 70 years right or this will never go away.

    That is the environment of their own creation.

    Even France’s Macron sees how the winds of change are blowing and trying to tell them in his speech yesterday.


  • This Windrush scandal is not going away, not when UK and US colluded to spread their poison of nationalism, as Macron has suddenly realized, just as they did and are still spreading racism and all it’s toxic poisons across the globe to dehumanize Black and Brown people.


  • French President Macron tearing down the blight of Nationalism.


  • “Amber Rudd urged to resign over immigration removal targets
    15 minutes ago

    Appearing before a select committee, Home Secretary Amber Rudd denies there are targets
    Amber Rudd is facing fresh calls to quit as home secretary after it emerged immigration officers were set targets for the removal of illegal immigrants.

    On Wednesday Ms Rudd denied targets were used, when she faced MPs investigating the problems faced by the Windrush generation.

    She has now admitted to “local targets” for “internal performance management” but said she was not aware of them.

    She vowed to ban them if they were being used “inappropriately”.

    But Labour’s shadow home secretary Dianne Abbott said she should resign as a matter of “honour” after it emerged there was a removals target, which union officials have said are prominently displayed on posters at regional immigration centres.

    The SNP’s home affairs spokeswoman Alison Thewlis also called for Ms Rudd’s resignation, saying it was “no surprise” targets existed as there was “a litany of callous incompetence” at the Home Office.”


  • @Arthur Snell “After a few weeks I received notification that he had been refused”

    Surely somebody in the British Home Office has heard of the Vienna Convention to which the British government is a signatory. Surely they must have know that refusing citizenship to baby Snell was unlawful and in breech of the Convention.



  • Simple…it seems like ya gotta fight for everything from these f-ing beasts, they know they are committing crimes against everyone, including and particularly the crimes against Caribbean people for the last 70 years, they have violated conventions and human rights laws at every turn, laws put in place by countries including UK in 1948 and since then to prevent such victimization and brutality .

    The UK and Europe at that time stole our African ancestor’s identities and labor for hundreds of years,

    then came the 1948 Nationality Act designed to steal more labor from Caribbean descendants of slaves born under their blood stained Union Jack and british rule……by bullshitting them to work in UK,

    then came the amendment to that Act to steal citizenship from all those born in the Caribbean under british rule, that is despite UK having a dual citizenship policy

    then came subsequent amendments to those acts to steal citizenship from the children of those Caribbean born british citizens…children who were born in UK, and steal pensions, identities, destroy landing cards, and render them all stateless, homeless, imprisoned and deported.

    And yall still allow these stinking white fu*kers into Barbados and the Caribbean to practice racism, steal from and continue the disenfranchisement of black people…really?

    And ya will have the nerve to talk about celebrating the birthday of that vile white dying beast in buckingham palace who HELPED ORCHESTRATE all this evil shit against black Caribbean born people in 1948 and coming forward…because she is a british frigging civil servant and a wild beast, that is all she is..

    If you watched that video, you see the lying white dude at the front trying to sow division in the debating group, he was exposed by the Indian dude, the white savage cannot even hide his disdain and racism, but he was forced to admit that Caribbean people were born british citizens.


  • What got me going is the idiots of parliaments and authorities in the Caribbean have everything labeled royal this and royal that…stupid bitches.


  • Not withstanding diplomatic baby Snell (who is likely half black or half brown anyhow) who was caught in the trap set for Caribbean people, it is clear to me that the the British are engaged in “ethnic cleansing” plain and simple. But without the blood “yet”

    Everybody, even a simpleton like me that Barbados could not grant citizenship to anybody before November 30, 1966. So if these people were not citizens o Barbados [Antigua, Trinidad, Jamaica etc] and not citizens of the United Kingdom were they then only stateless grandchildren and great grandchildren of people forced out of Africa by the very same British?

    Remember our ancestors did not voluntarily leave Africa. Great violence was used to separate families. Great force was used to force people across the Atlantic. And some idiot here a few days ago was wondering why black people in Britan do not celebrate the changing of the guard.

    Sensible people do not celebrate the enemy. And the British state has throughout our history, mostly been the enemy.


  • https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/windrush-scandal-theresa-may-racism-black-british-caribbeans-a8322121.html

    “Black Caribbeans are the most socially integrated group. Through inter-ethnic relationships, and having friends, work colleagues and neighbours who are outside their own ethnic group, black Caribbeans demonstrate high levels of “social mixing”.

    But the group is known to be particularly prone to political disaffection. They trust parliament and the police less than other minority groups – such as black Africans, Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

    They are also the most likely to report racial discrimination and feel that non whites in the UK are held back by prejudice. Black Caribbeans are the least likely to be satisfied with British democracy.

    This paradox lies in the possibility that through greater social mixing, black Caribbeans are more exposed to and aware of racial discrimination. And this contributes to their political disaffection.

    Lost voters

    The Windrush scandal is unlikely to improve levels of political trust and democratic satisfaction among Britain’s black Caribbeans. And it’s likely to have done serious damage to the governing Conservative Party’s relationship with Britain’s black Caribbean communities.”


  • Exactly…but it’s the british enemy who have miseducated, divided, socialized and destroyed your sense of self, post slavery in the last 150 years…the enemies’ system is still educating our children and grandchildren cause ya got weak ass governments who are only interested in their selfish selves..

    “So if these people were not citizens of Barbados [Antigua, Trinidad, Jamaica etc] and not citizens of the United Kingdom were they then only stateless grandchildren and great grandchildren of people forced out of Africa by the very same British?”

    Actually..they were still british, because Africa was colonized a hundred years or two before the Caribbean, I suspect that is why Atlee, british PM at the time may his dead soul suffer, wanted to divert the first Windrush ship to Africa, they considered the continent a british colony, long before they thought of US as a british colony, so anyway you look at it, our ancestors in the late 1700 and 1800s forcibly brought to the Caribbean as slaves from Africa, by the british, were also british citizens born under the brutal british flag in Africa.

    Up to the late 1800-1900s they were still stealing slaves from Africa, shamelessly.


  • I am glad the savage beast in buckingham palace got to see the blowback of it’s evil actions, before it croaks…you can guarantee it had something to do with that Nationality Act and all the subsequent amendments to torment and trap black british Caribbean people and their offspring…

    ..and keep Caribbean islands and those who were born before independence and can claim dual british citizenship trapped as “unofficial” colonies.


  • Poking fun Jamaica style at the May and Rudd demons…thing is, no one with any type of intelligence, self respect, self worth or commomsense is amused by any of this british evil shit..

    “But now they love Caribbean people so it’s worked out fine in the end. Soon Amber Rudd will feature on a dancehall track with Shaggy, about the Windrush families, that starts “Dem tell I sad tale dat send chill trew I blood, Me weep so many tear dey call I Heartbreak Rudd.”

    And the Prime Minister will end her apology by saying “I would now like to repeat my message for my Caribbean bredren. “Listen up rude boy, me send out one love for me have pain in I ‘eart. But blame be upon dem raasclat immigration official, for me is vexed upon why dey carry out act what I tell dem do, Selasie I.”


  • It was and still is the combined efforts of evil against Black Caribbean people emanating from all british governments who are now seen as what they all are…foul.

    In their haste to destroy Black Caribbean people, they overreached, miscalculated and over amended the Nationality Act and will now have to feel and see the blowback.

    “The Labour leaders from that time must be heartbroken.

    So they should make one joint statement together, to cover all their heartbreak, that goes: “We’re really sorry, we had no idea our policy of being proudly, relentlessly foul would lead to any foulness. When one lot screamed ‘Vote for us because we’re really foul’ and the other lot shouted ‘That’s not fair, we’re quite capable of being disgustingly foul’, we didn’t know we’d misjudged the situation and foulness wouldn’t always be popular. So we’re all really really sorry, even though it’s not in any way in the slightest tiddly bit our fault.”


  • Simple… I have stopped reading many posts on here of the brainwashed idiots, their posts are meant to keep you as mentally enslaved and intellectually limited as they are , since I stopped reading certain people’s idiotic posts I feel 100% healthier mentally.

    If this scandal is not kept in the public domain to show what the british are quite capable of…as if we did not know before, with all the centuries of historically written books, museum displays and evidence available on the African Slave Trade and other murderous money making practices.

    if this information on the british brutality practiced against the Windward victims is not taught in the Caribbean schools for this present and future generations….to be aware and remain aware and careful..

    If dumb Caribbean governments try to cover it up and pretend it did not happen or that there is nothing wrong with these british crimes against Caribbean people…or that it is finally over as they are prone to do..

    The next time the british or any other white country dreams up and legislates crimes against Black Caribbean people, it will be even worse, much, much worse..

    In saying that, I noticed Jamaica is not just jumping readily to accept recent british “invitation” for their young nurses and their future families to end up being brutalized and deported by UK 30 or 40 years into the future.


  • Bushie an Isly anNegroman Gottma-Bawlin

    You is rite Well Well on May 24, 2013 at 8:57 in de am

    “I will not shed a tear when Tel Aviv is finally flattened and wiped off the map, they have been the harbingers of war, death and destruction on this earth for over 60 years, enough is enough.



  • Aren’t I not making yall shite? lol


  • Jack is back and he works for slave master


  • @Well, Well April 26, 2018 9:58 AM “Actually..they were still british.”

    You are so right, because unlike some of the youngsters on this blog, I came up singing this song every morning at school:

    God save our gracious Queen
    Long live our noble Queen
    God save the Queen
    Send her victorius
    Happy and glorious
    Long to reign over us
    God save the Queen.

    And “no” I did not have to google the words nor the music to my original national anthem. And if it is my nation’s anthem, then I am a member of that nation, right?

    My Queen is still reigning. I am still here.


  • Bushie@bushie.net

    Welly: No, obviously


  • Simple….the demon beast of buckingham palace is still there and had Caribbean people keeping her 60 year old wicked acts against them alive and well too, by singing her praises and giving her the strength she needed to continue to perpetrate decades of fraud against them and their great, great grandchildren..because they continued to feed the beast..

    I never liked her, from small I could see the beast in her, never sang any of that crap, I always knew something was very wrong from I could understand myself, never stopped calling her a fraud.

    …ah guess the brainwash skipped a few generations in my family.


  • And if Caribbean people, especially Bajans, still don’t learn anything from all of this Windrush scandal that got the brits now shitting themselves, they never will, then maybe they are better off in shackles and chains..

    if they cannot start to immediately destroy and dismantle the racism around them as I have been calling for months, stop feeding the beast, kill the beast…it will never end.

    In some people brainwash just don’t take…others are hopeless.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Simple….finally the UNITED NATIONS is getting involved in the UK created modern day structural racism and human rights abuses being systematically practiced against Black people and other minorities…it took a lot of requesting but they are showing interest and calling out UK for these evil practices..

    ….next stop Barbados and the Caribbean to dismantle and destroy the british themed racism and slave societies allowed to florish to destroy the lives of the majority black populations. …enabled by wicked black governments.


    “The United Nations has raised serious concern over the deaths of a “disproportionate number” of black and minority ethnic people in police custody in Britain.

    “The deaths reinforce the experiences of structural racism, over-policing and criminalisation of people of African descent and other minorities in the UK,” a panel of human rights experts said.

    They accused authorities of failing to properly and investigate police officers involved in the deaths, leaving a lack of accountability and the “denial of adequate remedies reparation for the families of the victims”.

    It came after the 25th anniversary over the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence cast renewed focus on racism in the UK.

    An inquiry found that “institutional racism” had marred the police investigation and let the killers initially go free, amid alleged corruption that is still under investigation.

    The murder sparked the creation of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), changes to race relations laws, recruitment targets for black and Asian police officers and soul-searching across Britain.

    But statistics show that BAME people are still disproportionately treated by police and throughout the justice system, with a review by David Lammy MP revealing that black people are more likely to be jailed in the UK than US.”


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The UK, US beasts demons and their weapons of racism being exposed.


    “Lynching is color-line murder’: the blistering speech denouncing America’s shame
    The pioneering African American investigative reporter Ida B Wells gave this impassioned speech at the 1909 National Negro Conference

    Ida B Wells-Barnett
    Fri 27 Apr 2018 07.00 BST

    A scene from a lynching.

    The lynching record for a quarter of a century merits the thoughtful study of the American people. It presents three salient facts:

    First, lynching is color-line murder.

    Second, crimes against women is the excuse, not the cause.

    Third, it is a national crime and requires a national remedy.

    Proof that lynching follows the color line is to be found in the statistics which have been kept for the past 25 years. During the few years preceding this period and while frontier law existed, the executions showed a majority of white victims. Later, however, as law courts and authorized judiciary extended into the far west, lynch law rapidly abated, and its white victims became few and far between.

    Just as the lynch-law regime came to a close in the west, a new mob movement started in the south. This was wholly political, its purpose being to suppress the colored vote by intimidation and murder. Thousands of assassins banded together under the name of Ku Klux Klan, “Midnight Raiders”, “Knights of the Golden Circle”, et cetera, et cetera, spread a reign of terror by beating, shooting and killing colored in a few years, the purpose was accomplished, and the black vote was suppressed. But mob murder continued.

    From 1882, in which year 52 were lynched, down to the present, lynching has been along the color line. Mob murder increased yearly until in 1892; more than 200 victims were lynched and statistics show that 3,284 men, women and children have been put to death in this quarter of a century. During the last 10 years, from 1899 to 1908 inclusive, the number lynched was 959. Of this number 102 were white, while the colored victims numbered 857. No other nation, civilized or savage, burns its criminals; only under that Stars and Stripes is the human holocaust possible. Twenty-eight human beings burned at the stake, one of them a woman and two of them children, is the awful indictment against American civilization – the gruesome tribute which the nation pays to the color line.

    Nearly 30,000 Ku Klux Klan members meet at a night rally in Chicago, circa 1920. Photograph: Library of Congress

    Why is mob murder permitted by a Christian nation? What is the cause of this awful slaughter? This question is answered almost daily – always the same shameless falsehood that “Negroes are lynched to protect womanhood”. Standing before a Chautauqua assemblage, John Temple Graves, at once champion of lynching and apologist for lynchers, said: “The mob stands today as the most potential bulwark between the women of the south and such a carnival of crime as would infuriate the world and precipitate the annihilation of the Negro race.”

    This is the never-varying answer of lynchers and their apologists. All know that it is untrue. The cowardly lyncher revels in murder, then seeks to shield himself from public execration by claiming devotion to woman. But truth is mighty and the lynching record discloses the hypocrisy of the lyncher as well as his crime.

    Only under the Stars and Stripes is the human holocaust possible
    The Springfield, Illinois, mob rioted for two days, the militia of the entire state was called out, two men were lynched, hundreds of people driven from their homes, all because a white woman said a Negro assaulted her. A mad mob went to the jail, tried to lynch the victim of her charge and, not being able to find him, proceeded to pillage and burn the town and to lynch two innocent men. Later, after the police had found that the woman’s charge was false, she published a retraction, the indictment was dismissed and the intended victim discharged. But the lynched victims were dead. Hundreds were homeless and Illinois was disgraced.

    A portrait of Ida B Wells from 1891. Photograph: Library of Congress

    As a final and complete refutation of the charge that lynching is occasioned by crimes against women, a partial record of lynchings is cited; 285 persons were lynched for causes as follows:

    Unknown cause, 92; no cause, 10; race prejudice, 49; miscegenation, 7; informing, 12; making threats, 11; keeping saloon, 3; practicing fraud, 5; practicing voodooism, 1; refusing evidence, 2; political causes, 5; disputing, 1; disobeying quarantine regulations, 2; slapping a child, 1; turning state’s evidence, 3; protecting a Negro, 1; to prevent giving evidence, 1; knowledge of larceny, 1; writing letter to white woman, 1; asking white woman to marry; 1; jilting girl, 1; having smallpox, 1; concealing criminal, 2; threatening political exposure, 1; self-defense, 6; cruelty, 1; insulting language to woman, 5; quarreling with white man, 2; colonizing Negroes, 1; throwing stones, 1; quarreling, 1; gambling, 1.

    A blight upon our nation
    In a multitude of counsel there is wisdom. Upon the grave question presented by the slaughter of innocent men, women and children there should be an honest, courageous conference of patriotic, law-abiding citizens anxious to punish crime promptly, impartially and by due process of law, also to make life, liberty and property secure against mob rule.

    Time was when lynching appeared to be sectional, but now it is national – a blight upon our nation, mocking our laws and disgracing our Christianity. “With malice toward none but with charity for all” let us undertake the work of making the “law of the land” effective and supreme upon every foot of American soil – a shield to the innocent; and to the guilty, punishment swift and sure.

    Ida B Wells-Barnett was an African American journalist and pioneering civil rights activist who was born into slavery, orphaned at 16 and refused to give up her seat on a segregated train 70 years before Rosa Parks (in the end, she had to be dragged off by three men). Having lost many friends to KKK lynching mobs, she became a key documentarian of the practice of lynching throughout the US.”


  • Amber Rudd resigns as Home Secretary. May should do the same.



  • If we had the Cahill and Michael Carrington affairs in the UK would they have triggered resignations?


  • David

    Does a significant number of voters care what politicians do? How does one explain the hold of the DLP on St. John voters?


  • @Ping Pong

    No they don’t, spending all that money on education makes you go hmmm doesn’t it. Te only plausible explanation is that they feel emboldened voting for an MP if we use barrow and Thompson as yardsticks to be prime minister. Mara is an outlier for obvious reasons and George Pilgrim will put this flimsy perspective to the test in a few days.


  • It appears that in 2016 the Barbados Government told the British Foreign secretary about the mistreatment of the Windrush persons. The information was passed to the then Home Secretary…Teresa May.



  • Amber Rudd resigns as home secretary
    The home secretary Amber Rudd has resigned, saying she “inadvertently misled” MPs over targets for removing illegal immigrants.

    Ms Rudd, who was due to make a Commons statement on Monday, was under pressure to quit over the Windrush scandal.

    She faced criticism over the existence of Home Office removals targets and her knowledge of them.

    Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, who had repeatedly urged Ms Rudd to go, said she had “done the right thing”.

    On Sunday, the Guardian published the full letter it had reported on a week earlier, in which Ms Rudd set out her “ambitious but deliverable” aim to deport 10% more illegal immigrants over the “next few years” to Theresa May.

    More here: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-43944988


  • Theresa May should go too.


  • Is this all propaganda? I mean, the level of education of the previous comments betrays the thrust of what’s being made out to be reality! Comical at best!


  • According to the Guardian “On Friday night, nine hours after the Guardian first told the Home Office about the leaked memo, Rudd tweeted: “I wasn’t aware of removal targets. I accept I should have been and I am sorry that I wasn’t.”

    Yet in January 2017 she wrote to Prime Minister Theresa May “I will be reallocating ten million pounds with the aim of increasing the number of enforced removals by more than 10% or over over the next 10 years”

    So it looks as though as the saying goes that her “morning” words and her “evening” words do not agree.

    Where I come from they call it lying.

    She was enthusiastic enforcer in chief for the bloodless [so far] ethnic cleansing of the United Kingdom.


  • Attlee, who instigated this shambles in 1948, a Labour MP, I might add, is to blame.


  • I haven’t seen Millertheannuki post here for some time. Miller are you alive or have you been detained in one of the detainment centers for deportation? Your mother country don’t want you all now after tekking everything from you all. Bloodsucking vampires they are. May should follow Amber Rudd with her resignation.


  • Between Atlee’s death in 1967 and today, 2018, the conservative party has had many decades to correct Atlee’s “errors.” They chose not to do so.

    So since Attlee has been dead for more than 50 years we will deal with Rudd and May.


  • Simple Simon, next you’ll be asking for white people alive today to apologise for the slave trade. Oh gawsh…


  • No apologies neccessary. Just gimmee the cash due for the stolen labour of my foreparents.

    You see I understand that most apologies are insincere.

    And I understand that monyt talks

    While bull sh!t walks.

    Gimme the cash.


  • People were moaning about Well Well’s plethora of posts, but it turns out she was dead right. UK Government admit their incompetence, which means they acted illegally in breach of Human Rights for Black Men Woman and Children with racist abuse of Law and Power.


  • Tell ya what, Simple Simon, when the Romans cough up for invading Blighty then you’ll get your money! See how ridiculous that sounds? How far do you wanna go back with this repatriation lark? It really does say something of your moral compass when you just to want a hand out!


  • @Winston May 1, 2018 2:05 PM “Tell ya what, Simple Simon, when the Romans cough up for invading Blighty then you’ll get your money!

    A Simple Response: Why don’t you start negotiations with the Romans. What’s stopping you

    @Winston May 1, 2018 2:05 PM “It really does say something of your moral compass when you just to want a hand out!”

    Just like you, just like everybody else I like money. I like money just as much as the slavers liked free labour. Didn’t they have moral compasses back then? compass? Or were moral compasses only invented after the demand for reparations?


  • I really do hope you’re being facetious, Simple Simon, I really do…


  • Re: Windrush
    It seems the dodgy Windrush shenanigans were instigated when May was the Home Office Secretary,
    but she was working for Cameron at the time.

    In Sep 2015 Cameron told Jamaica Reparatory Justice was unhelpful,
    but he always was behind the curve even with South African Apartheid.
    It’s just matter of time that is keeping Reparations off the table for consideration.

    The Slave Trade (Playlist)


  • Our CARICOM ambassador is now campaigning about government redundancies. Is this part of his remit? The guy is a loose cannon.


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