123 thoughts on “Central Bank of Barbados Projects Economic Growth

  1. Enuff;

    Wasn’t the river tamarind idea supposed to reduce the need for bagasse as a WTE energy feedstock in the project?

    Btw, is there a document on the project in the public domain on the net? I haven’t seen it but it seems to me that some details of the numbers and projections and strategies are necessary for us to sensibly argue, one way or the other, on this project.

    How about someone posting the project or other detailed info on it?

  2. Back in Time jack
    Fertile “soil” too but like the others with space I am not convinced your cane idea will give me the best return on my property and you can’t force me to join.

    But river tamarind can’t give yuh specialty sugars.

  3. Enuff

    If you don’t want to grow cane on your property then your prerogative. Grow cucumbers and watermelons for all I care, you just wont be one of the beneficiaries of the increased profits from the scheme.

  4. Enuff;
    My understanding was that it was an integrated project designed to transform the face of barbados,. It would produce cane sugar for local consumption by relevant industries and individuals, produce special sugars for local and export use, produce stocks for fine chemicals, molasses for alcohol that could be used in various industrial processes and bagasse for energy purposes. The integrated WTE plant would use bagasse as a feedstock if feasible and would also use river tamarind, collected from the wild around the island as well as specially cultivated on suitable rab land.

    A lot of hot air, you might say. But I think worth a trial and proper feasibility studies.

    I don’t know what is actually in the project and how legitimate concerns re. Implementation has been addressed in the final development of the project, but I do know that some good local and regional and international brains were involved in the project since one of the consultants from overseas gave me a brief rundown of what they were working on.

    I think the project has great potential, especially since the alternative is to do nothing and let the land revert to weeds, wild river tamarind, etc.

  5. Enuff;
    Re. Your 5.17 post yesterday. It would be very surprising where the authorities will get the land from when this country is recognized to have hit rock bottom and marginal farmers have to find some easy enterprise to ensure their survival if circumstances do not allow them to be able to profitably plant vegetables etc. Sugar cane is still the easiest of crops to grow, while river tamarind requires no expertise. If the island continues on its current trajectory the expansion of sugar and planting of river tamarind might become quite attractive to large landholders like you.

  6. are-we-there-yet

    Do mind Enuff, he wants ‘highest and best use’ for his land so leave him let him get on with carving up the agricultural land into lots for residential and commercial use.

  7. Interesting dialog, but our country will be bankrupted by this project. When a project is being influenced by the greed of a London lawyer and a dirty local politician, the outcome will be disastrous. You only have to look at the new BWA building, the Belle R/O and this Andrews scam – look at the players involved in these and you will understand what’s really happening. These projects are not being driven by water or sugar issues, just greed, and at the country’s expense. Ask yourself why a London lawyer (Marsden) with a St. Lucian offshore company, a local construction company (Innotech) and a minister (Estwick) tend to propose wildly expensive projects together.

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