A Minister Must Never Be Caught Lying

Submitted by Gilberto Howell

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler with veteran VOB journalist David Ellis (28/07/13)

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler with veteran VOB journalist David Ellis (28/07/13) – Photo:Nation

Yes Minister, but please tell the truth about the Pierhead Marina Project.

Can you believe anything  the Minister of Finance said yesterday on Brass Tacks?

No you cannot because the Minister of Finance is a stranger to the truth. A bullshit artist from beginning to end, a man determined to lie his way through politics in Barbados. A man who is all show and little or no substance, a man who has, by himself,  destroyed the confidence the people of Barbados place in the office of the Minster of Finance and Economic Affairs.

Take the Pierhead Marina as an example. The Minister said categorically yesterday that the Pierhead Marina project is proceeding but he conveniently forget to tell the people of Barbados that he, as Minister of Finance, brought a Cabinet Paper to Cabinet a few weeks ago making a number of recommendations, including:

  1. The contract with SMI be terminated immediately
  2. The Pierhead Marina project be suspended until the Barbados economy was not in a recession.

See document received by BU which is purported to be part of a Cabinet Paper dated 21 June 2013. BU has published because we deem it in the public’s interest – Click LINK to read document.

108 thoughts on “A Minister Must Never Be Caught Lying

  1. He has no option other than to resign or Barbados would now have been fully downgraded to banana republic status. You should be aware that he also lied on his election returns.

  2. Caswell, please blog some of the information you gave on brasstacks this morning (monday July 29 2013) I need to fully assess such.

  3. Only catch here is that information shared in Cabinet is deemed “secret” and therefore digging into this will only result in stone walls and silence. Surprise surprise.

    Agree with the point though that confidence is key and the MoF engenders very little if any. Hopefully the budget will be a departure from the norm.

    If we had a serious fourth estate it would be a little harder for persons to bluff an entire country, but so be it.

    Carry on with testicles of granite David!!


    • @Observing(…)

      The Prime Minister is a man of integrity. He certainly was promoted as such in the last general election. Whether Cabinet papers are cloaked in secrecy or not he and his ‘men’ know the truth and as such there are not many options..

  4. @David, Bag Juice and Caswell.
    Where are the lies?I read the “link” and the “leaked” Cabinet document (Is nothing sacred anymore?) and all it talks about is the termination of the contract with the company SMI. It says nothing about abandoning the project, and if as observing says it has been suspended until a more appropriate time, I see nothing for the Minister; as Caswell recommends, to resign. What’s the matter with you people. You are ll sick in the head.

  5. By the way, I forgot to correct you David or Adrian whoever is responsible, the correct sentence should read “St Lucia surges PAST, Barbados and not “surges PASS Barbados.

    • David

      I am planning to do a post on the matter but I will give you a teaser. He did not declare that he had a single poster. Also, he had a campaign centre just east of St. Stephen’s Church and apparently, I did not cost him or anyone else a single cent since that too was not declared. You will have to be a bit patient because I am reporting these discrepancies plus others to the Supervisor of Elections first and then the article will follow.

  6. You don’t know what to believe on BU after the sacred prediction with polls and surveys to boot from BU and the likes of Wickham and Onion to demonstrate the BLP would be runaway winners in Feb. History records the BLP lost. So a bag of salt goes with anything I read on BU. If Sinckler is recommending firing SMI ( is that the shifty midget Bannister?) I applaud the move. Bannister should not have been contracted in the first place. I want the Pierhead marina to proceed because its an obvious game changer and good for our country. Needless to say the usual treason suspects wish and pray the project fails.

  7. This nincompoop Sinkliar is a dangerous,dangerous animal.He must be removed from politics in Barbados.Lowlife scum should have no place in the body politic.Stuart however re endorsed this excuse of a parliamentarian by being present at a function recently in that constituency celebrating Lawson Weekes and in recognition of the young ones in the recent 11+exam.Stuart also found time to be present at some function of the blind workshop which happens to be in the constituency he represents,yet the man finds little time to engage the society on matters of the economy unless goaded repeatedly.
    On another score I congratulate Jack Warner on winning the Chaguanas by election by a reasonably wide margin at this time.This is a sociological dilemma and for some a conundrum.An African was able to convince Indians to vote for him against the advice of all dem Indian ministers and Hindu powerhouses and dem.Bissessar is a gonner long time.Warner has upset the applecart;even Rowley in trouble now.Warner might now do the impossible and unite Trinidad’s major ethnic combatants like Eric was able to do.

  8. @David and Well Well
    If young maloney (White that he is) sadthinks that he will be allowed to reverse the gains the workers in this country have made, all the suffering that black people have had to undergo, to achieve what is rightfully theirs, in order to allow him and people like him to change the fabric of this society he is in for a rude awakening. There is no way that the BWU and the port workers will allow him to win this battle; a battle of his own choosing and a deliberate throwing down of the gauntlet I hope ther is no wailing and gnaching of teeth when the gauntlet is picked up. After 1991 a person like him cannot be allowed to unravel the fabric of the social partnership.

  9. Wait Frankly is trying to appear as deliver of all honesty give me a break only frankly can carry away a car and lecture some one on honesty my gosh give people a break you joker and crook.

  10. @Gabriel Tackle, what has Chris Sinckler ever done to you that you would resort to calling him a “dangerous dangerous animal” and a “low life scum”? Those epithets are reserved for people who have don you a personal injustice. I would not think that winning an election would result in such spleen being vente

  11. @ Alvin Cummins | July 29, 2013 at 10:42 PM |

    Now who is seeking to pull down the country, stir up feelings of racial animosity, incite social unrest and create an atmosphere of further economic dislocation?

    Isn’t your man Maloney one of the chief financial backers of the DLP since the CLICO cash cow went belly up?
    Aren’t you afraid that he pulls out of the Grotto housing project leaving a whole scandal on the PM’s hands?
    Of course you are old enough to know the relevance of the piper being manipulated by the person paying him to play the song of Maloney the moneyman’s choosing. Unless, of course, he is the Pied Piper from Piper’s Avenue.

  12. It is said by some persons world over that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

    Hence, a close esoterical analysis of the image above alone must reveal to the analyst that Mr Sinckler is a very wicked terrible person who is very disturbed on the inside and not at peace with himself.

    Also, a serious look at the said image would also reveal that the lesser animal that Mr Sinckler resembles postures is a pit bull crossed with a pig. He has the personality traits of maniacal selfishness and greed and will attempt to destroy many of his opponents when given the opportunity to do so and when cornered will lie his way out of his own personal and political problems.

    Here is a damning thing about this piece of misery.

    Sometime ago he suggested to the country that there was the feeling by some persons (including him – and he said so to cover his tracks too) that to have a national buy local campaign would be against WTO rules. Such a buy local campaign as many would know was necessary so as to provide some human, financial and material benefits for the country. Indeed, support for it, especially led by some elements within the Barbados Manufacturers Association (BMA), was gaining currency among a lot of Barbadians.

    So months after the Minister said what he had to say, and the campaign had run out of steam and lost its way, you know what came to the mind of one of the PDC members: that he should go and find out what truth or falsity there was to the Minister’s claim, given that that type of utterance sounded suspect. For, there was the thinking by the member that the WTO could never tell a country of people who to buy from.

    So you know what this particular member and an associate of his went and did? They went on the internet and looked for an electronic reproduction of the WTO treaty and its ponderously numerous provisions, rules, etc. And would any body on this BU blogsite seeing this blog believe that after having thoroughly and meticulously searched for the relevant provisions that proscribed a national buy local campaign, there were no such provisions that prevented such a campaign under the said treaty?? None whatsoever??!!

    Yet Mr Sinckler wanted to falsely make some Barbadians believe that under WTO provisions, it was illegal to have such a campaign in this country, on the basis that he would have thought that some Barbadians would automatically have accepted that he is some kind of authority on this type of WTO matter, and that he would have come across as having to be right in his position, and especially as a result of his training in International Trade Policy, it would have taken some persons with enough intellectual skills to properly challenge his supposedly specialist arcane knowledge on such a matter at the time.

    But he must have known that there was a difference between his thinking those ways about himself and what he falsely alleged about a by local campaign and what the WTO treaty provisions actually say and that can be avail of on the finger tips of a mouse.

    Anyhow, to this day the PDC has never forgiven him for misleading those persons who would have falsely believed in what he said.

    So, what a most horrendous political nuisance indeed!


  13. @ Devin | July 29, 2013 at 10:27 PM |
    “If Sinckler is recommending firing SMI ( is that the shifty midget Bannister?) I applaud the move. Bannister should not have been contracted in the first place.”

    Devin (along with the other monikers), is this the same Bannister who was involved in the same Dodds Prison financing arrangement that you guys condemned so much?
    Can you imagine him arranging something similar for the Pierhead marina? Barbados would end up with a $2-3 billion dollar financial millstone big enough to sink the entire island in the sea.

    But how come this conman, despite all his faults and financial warts and all can still be the financing go-between for the Cruise Terminal? Something smells real fishy foul here and it’s not fish market or the sewage plant!

  14. Now I have sat and listened and read a whole load of hog wash from this fraud Franklyn and company, as to the merit or demerit of the payment collected and not returned to the Mr Boolani for his payment to Kerrie Symmonds to beat the system at Immigration and get him his son’s status with a day to go while Symmonds was still a member of the ruling party up to that time.

    Now we have an abortion lawyer in Franklyn giving people false and very badly flawed information as to the cost that Symmonds should or should not have charged for committing this crime of the theft of this gentleman’s $ 5,000.00.

    Had Franklyn had an ounce of common sense or decency or truth his argument should have been that on the 14 th day of January 2008 that SYMMONDS COULD NOT HAVE BEEN TAKING A CENT FROM A PERSON AS HE WAS AN AGENT OF THE CROWN AND A MINISTER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF BARBADOS IN THE FORMER BLP GOVERMENT.

    And as such could not be in any position to accept any money as if he were acting as an Attorney as a Minister of this country the law does NOT permit or allow for Symmonds to work as attorney while he or she is a Minister of Cabinet.

    I have listened to the backyard lawyer in Franklyn and I have been wondering why he continues to have an over inflated ego and impression of himself legally minded that he is not and this simple case proves his ineptness and his false and unsound utterances on this site the only place that he gets to appear and blow his own horn.

  15. A Minister Must Never Be Caught Lying@ HE is not the only one

    Lying is part of being a crooks and Brass Tacks with Tony Best is also crooks and liars unspoken .
    Tony Best in New York and Barbados is a International liar and crook for both parties in Barbados .
    Tony Best is a New Blocker , But we got him good, CARIBNEWS NEED TO DUMP HIS ASS.

  16. David, when I listened to the Minister, I became confused what he was talking about. Whether it was the Pierhead project, which has had all sorts of
    planning issues or the Sugar Point Cruise Terminal, which I believe is another BOLT project. It might just be me.

    • @Adrian

      Let us keep it simple. There are two projects both have SMI involvement. He stated that SMI has agreed to accept an equatable risk with one and the other they have been asked to ‘rejig’ their proposal to accept the principle of sharing risk in the PPP. At no point in the interview did he indicate that the MoF/government has no interest in pursuing any of the projects with SMI.

  17. He said the GOB has the option to determine MOU but that the GOB was not at that stage yet. Blatant falsehood.
    If the Minister was so concerned with risk sharing in PPP projects why then has the BTI, who reports to the Minister of Finance paid over $10 million dollars in consulting fees to SMI’s consultant Baird and B+M architects in Toronto?

  18. Neither of those two projects are going to constructed until tens of millions of dollars have first been extracted in consulting fees……all paid overseas of course.

    • Isn’t there a law suit outstanding brought by the company which the government replaced with SMI?

      BU notes that the Cabinet paper recommends payment of 1.8 million to SMI?

      In the interest of clarity BU would welcome a clarification statement from government.

  19. David | July 30, 2013 at 5:09 AM |

    @Plantation Deeds

    You have just accused a journalist of being a liar. Please state why.
    TONY BEST? YES We stand by our plane tickets to New York 2 times , We stand by the emails not returned , We stand by going to CARIBNEWS 2 TIMES IN THE CITY.
    We at Plantations Deeds see first hand who and why bad things happen over and over in Barbados , For the NEWS is bought and paid for .
    Mr Tony Best is not working for the BEST of Barbados and its people .
    We await his reply so we can smash that cock roach .

  20. David i tell you this Deeds person is fast losing . Deeds reminds me of Miss Africa, has a point but turns off people with her crazy ass approach and maybe that is why Deed’s important story is not getting traction.

  21. on the MoF, the man has no creditability.

    a bold face liar who it would appear thinks the politics of 30 years ago where a politician could lie out his ass and people still believe and hang onto his every word is still relevant.

    anyone can site and pick out the lies he told on sunday like a vulture eating. he is a disgrace to Barbados. The question is when will Barbados see this?

  22. @Alvin

    Perhaps the time has come for the government to challenge the BWU at the Port. We have been told by Tony Marshall (talk show host) that reports have been completed which show our uncompetitiveness. Sir Cow and other business people have agreed over the years. So what are we doing about it? The whole country must pay to satisfy a few? We need to put this issue on the table. Your hard and fast position will not cut it in the prevailing conditions.

  23. David
    The chairman of the Bdos Port Authority is David Harding. One of the very first thing he did (conflicted as is and was) raise the handling fees at the Bridgetown Port. He stood to benefit the most from this increase. Why not address that rather than picking hard fought for Union agreements which benefit the poor workers down there?

  24. @ Twistorian | July 30, 2013 at 6:12 AM |
    “Neither of those two projects are going to constructed until tens of millions of dollars have first been extracted in consulting fees……all paid overseas of course.”

    Sounds as if you know what you are talking about and not just running your mouth like the bullshitter on VOB.

    BTW, what has become of the contract involving Darcy Boyce’s hand in the “redesign” of the Pierhead marina project for $40 million that incurred the wrath of the initial designers/contractors Lagan and left the government facing a massive lawsuit?

    What is interestingly puzzling are Sinckler’s attempts to explain the difference between BOLT and PPP financing arrangements.
    What he deliberately forgot to say is that in the case of the Prisons, Coast Guard Facility and the Supreme Court Complex the risks are associated with the creation of infrastructure to provide social goods like justice and security whereas the Pierhead Marina, Sugar Point Cruise terminals or even Almond are primarily commercial or profit-making economic undertakings.

    It is therefore expected that projects of a public goods nature (non commercial or profit focused) would have a different financing complexion to those like the marina project. There is now way that an international financier or cartel of financiers would lend money in commercially risky tourism related projects in today’s market without guarantees of loan repayment.

  25. David @ as news person , to bring the truth or facts to the people , to hold back information on 2 countries or to look in to what he may or may not know already, New York and Barbados ,
    Best avoid me ? He avoid his work and to push out one sided information to save which ever side he supports BLP/DLP ,, He block NEWS he dont like for his own personal reasons , He needs to be fired from NY CARIBNEWS. FOR HE will never be fired by the crooks that run this country called Barbados.

    David (not BU) When you ready for a good lawyer , We will give you one from the list we posted or the other side of the list we not posted …
    May be you need to cry before you wake up to the big picture

  26. Those who are so quick to assign the status of “Banana Republic” to Barbados should ask themselves what is the contribution of the nonexistent fourth estate to this demise? These blogs are read and closely monitored by every media house and politician in Barbados,yet the saga of Mr.Boolani and Kerrie Simmonds will be replaced by the personal vendetta that Caswell is bent on raising with Minister Sinckler. Full disclosure or not,that too will go nowhere as those entrusted with oversight conveniently miss it all.

  27. David

    What would have been the process in the existing Union agreement?

    You understand that the Barbados Port Authority has paid Port fees for a private company? You appreciate that fact or are the rolling the wicket for what ever is to come next, cause we know the Maloney/Preconco issue is only the opening to some bigger issue at the Port in Bridgetown.

  28. David
    Did the Chairman, who stood to be the major financial beneficiary of increase handling fees, recuse himself from the vote? The answer is NO, furthermore those who opposed the increases we ALL subsequently fired as Directors. That David is a fact.

  29. David;
    “A Minister must never be caught lying”.
    Isn’t that being passé, being 20th century? and not a real requirement of 21st century politics in this region.

    There are too many recent incidents that suggest that we in the Caribbean have moved past that simple and sensible Colonial aphorism to a brave new 21st century world of lying and stealing and buying votes and hypocrisy and money laundering, etc. that suggests that anything goes with Ministers as long as they feed the oftimes selfish wants of their constituents.

    Take for one. The news that Jack Warner has won back his seat by 69% to 31% of the votes cast in Trinidad. Does that suggest that the voters there cared anything about morality or about their pockets?

    Take for two. The return of Donville Inniss in the last elections here after highly credible information was published on his erstwhile connections to innovative pornogragraph. Many apparently highly moral church goers (I know several of them) in his constituency saw nothing wrong in that business at least as far as withholding a vote from him.

    Take for three. The vote buying episode that the PM and the AG said they witnessed. Where was / is the outrage?

    Take for four. Where is the outrage about David Thompson’s apparent laundering of substantial sums of money as reported in the 1st CLICO JM forensic audit?

    Take for five. Where is the outrage of the rehiring of the clearly failed Ms. Suckoo to the Ministry of Labour?

    Take for six. The alleged usage of alleged scammers in the past BLP administration by the Current Government in BOLT / PPP projects. Where is that outrage?

    There are lots of other examples. But the message is clear. Political Morality in this brave new world is not what it used to be. Owen Arthur at least fired a Minister for lying to the people and cabinet. But that was in the 20th Century. Nowadays that wouldn’t happen.

    Do we really like it so. Is David really spitting up in the air? Is the BU family being realistic about a Minister should never be caught lying?

    Id doesn’t compute. Being caught lying nowadays seems to be par for the course in the Caribbean.

  30. @Checkit-Out

    Agree with your comment 100%. What is political morality indeed. A lot of it has to do with a passive Fourth Estate and an ethos of political tribalism which has heightened in the last five plus years.

    Et al

    Regarding the agreements at the Port. If in their current form our fees make us uncompetitive that we are losing business to other Ports in the region what is the point?

  31. Alvin………….morning, hope all is well with you and you are in the pink of health………Alvin, if the present government is in bed with Maloney by taking his money and promising him a ‘sir’ title, which in my opinion is nothing but a pimp title, taking his money for a title during the elections represents selling the title, they now have to pony up by allowing him to either control the port or expose their shenanigans during the elections, i in no way would condone the fact that he is disrespectful to the union and i am waiting to see the union put him firmly in his place, don’t care how ‘white’ he is pretending to be, however, the government has to be blamed for allowing that sleaze bag Maloney to have any type of control over them in the first place.

  32. St Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority were the
    recipients of the Novaport Cup Award for most
    improved port performance 2010 – 2011. The
    presentation was made at the awards dinner which
    concluded the Annual General Meeting.
    Previous winner of the cup for consecutive years
    2010 and 2011, Barbados Port Inc, was runner-up,
    and highly commended by the adjudicator, Caribbean
    Maritime Institute, which noted a ‘very
    positive performance over the period under
    Despite a decline in cargo volumes and a marginal
    increase in expenses, the Bridgetown Port still
    managed to record an increase in cargo revenue
    over last year.

  33. David
    Who you carrying water for with the Bridgetown Port issue? Is it you maybe supporting those who have it in their minds to retrench some of the 589 workers there?

  34. On the back page of the Daily Nation Newspaper of Monday, July 29, 2013, it was reported that Sinckler said that, ‘We are not in danger of having the dollar devalued at the moment….but we must act as a government in a way to protect that currency peg’.

    Now, it is absolutely clear to the PDC that not only is the Government of Barbados close (not time wise but materially speaking) to a serious and prolonged increase in the domestic costs to the incomes, payments and transfers of entities in Barbados, as a result of the domestic and external financial monetary money pressures that will be increased on the parity, but it is also this dreaded illogical parity that is in and of itself helping to cause these particular pressures.

    What an egregious dilemma!!


  35. Checkit-Out

    I am sorry that Observing marked you so hard and only gave you 95%. 100% believe in their hearts that you are correct. The problem is that even though they know what you say is true, they are too dishonest to admit it because of some misplaced political loyalty.

  36. Checkit

    Again, and for the sake of clarity, political parties are business entities which have as the main goal the access and control of the public’s funds. “Morality” is a term that carries dramatically different meanings, each dependent on context. Doing what ever is necessary, even lying to the public when necessary, to ensure a return for those who have invested money in the political campaign may not be immoral at all to those who may have contributed money on promises made. Each member of the electorate only contributes a single vote… what the hell does that cost him/her?

    The moralities involved in business are a hell of a lot different from those involved with the work of a church … but then again, hmmm

  37. The Big Lie
    by David Thompson
    followed by
    bad !

  38. Alvin………….as you will see in the below link, the rights of workers are taking very seriously and fiercely fought for out here by the workers unions, these rights of worker in Barbados and should in no way be compromised by the likes of Maloney because government was dumb enough to go to bed with him, what lies or promises they made to him is between him and government and he should not under any circumstances be allowed to dictate anything to do with the port or it’s workers.


  39. I have never understood how the B’dos Port ever won Best Port awards in the past. we boast that we operate a 24 hour Port we don’t – we receive cargo on a 24 hour basis but do not deliver on a 24 hour basis. Imagine the ease to our traffic congestion if container cargo were delivered over “working hours” , all of the large corporations now have security to facilitate the receiving of containers. I suspect tat freighters would deliver far more containers than they currently do.
    Consider that under the present quota system a ship discharges its cargo say at 7 am and by 11am as long as the number of containers agreed to constitute a days work have been have been unstuffed then that crew’s work for the day is finished after 4 hours work – any additional containers unstuffed is done so at overtime rates (provided that the gang agrees to work). This is one of the factors contributing the high cost of operating the Bridgetown Port.

    @ Alvin would part of maloney “white” apart from the fact that his father is? and if he was what of it?

  40. Why should SMI be entitled to a payment of millions as a result of them failing to raise finance for the project?

  41. St. George’s Dragon
    Is it not a case that the financing raised by SMI is NOT acceptable to GOB? The GOB is free to accept any source of funding they want for the project. However if SMI had an obligation to raise funding for the project and they did so but the GOB does not want that funding then its not the fault of SMI.

  42. @Miller, contrary to what you espouse as
    stirring up racial strife” I am telling it as it is (from my perspective. Mr. Maloney knows, or should know, about agreements between the BWU and Barbados Port Inc ( a non governmental entity) and about loading and off loading cargo whether imported or exported. Knowing this an deliberately by passing those agreements is intended to send out a challenge to the established order, the social partnership and the Union. It is intended to show that :I don’t care about you folk, I intend to do what is right for Preconoco, whatever the repercussions. I take that attitude very seriously, because although Maloney might take the initiative, there are many others just like him in every way, waiting to jump on the bandwagon depending on the reaction. we shall see how it goes. Many locals and expatriates are dissatisfied that our workers, because of union intervention, especially in the past, are in a position to demand reasonable wages and conditions, and refuse to be treated less than equitaable. AThey can’t understqand why we cannot be forced to be like the workers in places like Banglaadesh, where the employer sets down and demands that the worker follow his lead. They cannot understand the concept of equal partners. Thus when people like you sell their sould to people like Maloney I have a problem. I have worked among people with his kind of attitude and I will always resent their attempts to make me less than what I am. The union must rise up to the challenge. @Well, I am as well as canm be expected under the circumstances. The eyes have been acting up from time to time, but progress is continuous on the up graph. Have to discuss you blog in greater detail. Later.

  43. @Tudor and St. George’s Dragon. get a copy of the book Barbarians at the Gate to read about morality or lack thereof in big business and the fees that aare charged for performing tasks that ordinary folk cannot understand why they should be paid in the first place/ It’s an unreal world out there. we are not going to start down the slippery slope to labour relations as they were many years ago. Unfortunately some people would like to go back to those days. Never happen!!!
    @well well.In every election in democracies, corporate sponsors are found on either side of the divide. However because a corporaation gives a large sum of money; for whatever reason, does not necessarly mean that they can call the tune. a lot of people on the outside do not even understand the process and give donations in the expectation that they can be favouralbly conidered on various projects but it does not necessarily follow since inmany instances the control is outside the purvue of the relevant minister. So the piper does not necessarily call tahe tune, even though he is paid,I am sure that our labout leaders are competent and aware enough to be on guard.

  44. Alvin……………That’s how i know it’s done in the real world, even if you give a huge donation for an election campaign you are not supposed to be looking for reciprocation in the form of favors, or power to dictate or interfere with any ongoing contracts between unions and workers, obviously Maloney was told or misled to believe he has that kind of power why he is so vocal, belligerent and visual with his mouthings to the press as if he is owed something and is hellbent on collecting. In my view those titles out of England mean absolutely nothing, but in the minds of bajans they see themselves as having arrived to be part of the status quo, i am wondering how many of those ‘knighthood’ titles have been sold to business men over the years on the island in exchange for campaign financing, they just want these useless titles to walk around pretending they are higher up and better off, often a facade in their own minds.

    It is now left to the union to cut Maloney off at the knees, the government should never have left it to progress this far, they are responsible for letting business men know who is in control of the government and not the other way around, we should have heard them tell Maloney by now in the media to walk a straight line and stop embarrassing them, but they remain silent on the issue.

  45. We always focus on the small stuff.

    The issue here is whether the Port is competitive or not. This is important in the context of Barbados known to be uncompetitive.

  46. David asks a question on July 30, 2013 at 3:25 PM:

    “We always focus on the small stuff. The issue here is whether the Port is competitive or not.”

    The port is not competitive. Hope that answers the question.


  47. David makes us smile again on July 29, 2013 at 9:53 PM:|

    “Thanks for the catch Alvin.”


  48. Maloney expose a problem in with Barbados. they do it on BU everyday. shot, stable, kill the messenger.

    and what about the message? what message?

  49. Challenge – find a good Maloney in Bdos
    Maloney = Crap ?
    or given bad rap
    becuz of walter/mark


  50. David

    I cannot belive you. The issue is not whether the Port is competitive or not. It’s about right and wrong. You cannot be wrong and strong. The Port, the GOB and Maloney are wrong. Wrong way, wrong time, wrong place.

  51. Why be seen to antagonize the Unions at a time when there is likely to be retrenchment and Unions blessing must be sought?

    • @Twistorian

      We are at a point where we have to find solutions for the good of Barbados. We like to personalize all the issues. Given current state we have to find solutions. This is a new normal condition. Think!

  52. David

    Agreed but the ends cannot justify the means. Justice must not only be done must also be seen to be done.

    • To clarify BU’s position, traditional IR tactics will not work. The parties involved must know this and if the government doesn’t the private sector must force it.

    • Is the port competitive? The short answer is a resounding NO. Is that the fault of the union or the workers? The answer to that is also a resounding NO. Has the union done a good job, in terms of salaries and conditions of service for port workers? The answer must be “yes” and I hope that they continue to protect the jobs of workers. Failing that the workers would be left to unscrupulous governments that allow themselves to be bought by the likes of the Maloneys of this world.

      The port is not unproductive because it pays a decent wage to the workers who actually handle cargo. The problems higher up the chain because of the unnecessary management and supervisory post that they are forced to employ for political purposes. I challenge them to do a survey to determine the actual work done by the higher level employees. In order to compensate the unnecessary management and supervisory staff, the port has to charge rates that makes it uncompetitive. Therein lies the problem, not the union and certainly not the workers. Maybe if they had employed people with talent that could negotiate with the union, they would not now be trying to blame the union for doing a good job for its members.

  53. One port employee in a supervisory/management position, goes in on mornings to make sure his face is seen and then leaves and goes to his next job and has been doing so for years, I have known about it for quite a few, i understand that some of the employees under him do the same thing, how can anyone tell them they can’t………….let’s hope Maloney is not allowed to control the port to the point of destruction before this government acts.

  54. Why can’t we seem to find the happy medium? From my own point of view, It seems there is a tendency for the balance of power between unions and management to often swing too wildly to the extremes where one of the two parties has an unfair advantage in setting working conditions, pay rates etc. over the other.

    We have seen comments on this thread indicating that the union labour at the port is taking advantage of overly generous provisions perhaps negotiated in a more prosperous economic climate that are not viable in today’ conditions and competitive environment. Interestingly enough, just by chance while surfing the web today, I came across an article originally published in Mother Jones magazine which shows how horrendous working conditions can be even in a supposedly modern,
    first world economy when unions have no power, or there are no unions to protect the interests of the workers.

    A female reporter for Mother Jones magazine (for the purpose of writing an exposé) went to work in a warehouse which provides product picking and shipping services for a US on-line retailer and then wrote an article describing the Dickensian-like working conditions she experienced on the job. N.B. The real name of the warehouse company and the retailer were disguised, perhaps for the purpose of avoiding a lawsuit, but it’s not too hard to guess the likely name of the retailer in question which sells a wide range of consumer goods from dildos (yes they do) to housewares, electronics and books.

    I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave
    by Mac Mclelland

    “DON’T TAKE ANYTHING that happens to you there personally,” the woman at the local chamber of commerce says when I tell her that tomorrow I start working at Amalgamated Product Giant Shipping Worldwide Inc. She winks at me. I stare at her for a second.

    “What?” I ask. “Why, is somebody going to be mean to me or something?”

    She smiles. “Oh, yeah.” This town somewhere west of the Mississippi is not big; everyone knows someone or is someone who’s worked for Amalgamated. “But look at it from their perspective. They need you to work as fast as possible to push out as much as they can as fast as they can. So they’re gonna give you goals, and then you know what? If you make those goals, they’re gonna increase the goals. But they’ll be yelling at you all the time. It’s like the military. They have to break you down so they can turn you into what they want you to be. So they’re going to tell you, ‘You’re not good enough, you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough,’ to make you work harder. Don’t say, ‘This is the best I can do.’ Say, ‘I’ll try,’ even if you know you can’t do it. Because if you say, ‘This is the best I can do,’ they’ll let you go. They hire and fire constantly, every day. You’ll see people dropping all around you. But don’t take it personally and break down or start crying when they yell at you.”


    Inside Amalgamated, an employee’s first day is training day. Though we’re not paid to be here until 6, we have been informed that we need to arrive at 5. If we don’t show up in time to stand around while they sort out who we are and where they’ve put our ID badges, we could miss the beginning of training, which would mean termination. “I was up half the night because I was so afraid I was going to be late,” a woman in her 60s tells me. I was, too. A minute’s tardiness after the first week earns us 0.5 penalty points, an hour’s tardiness is worth 1 point, and an absence 1.5; 6 is the number that equals “release.” But during the first week even a minute’s tardiness gets us fired. When we get lined up so we can be counted a third or fourth time, the woman conducting the roll call recognizes the last name of a young trainee. “Does your dad work here? Or uncle?” she asks. “Grandpa,” he says, as another supervisor snaps at the same time, sounding not mean but very stressed out, “We gotta get goin’ here.”

    The culture is intense, an Amalgamated higher-up acknowledges at the beginning of our training. He’s speaking to us from a video, one of several videos—about company policies, sexual harassment, etc.—that we watch while we try to keep our eyes open. We don’t want to be so intense, the higher-up says. But our customers demand it. We are surrounded by signs that state our productivity goals. Other signs proclaim that a good customer experience, to which our goal-meeting is essential, is the key to growth, and growth is the key to lower prices, which leads to a better customer experience. There is no room for inefficiencies. The gal conducting our training reminds us again that we cannot miss any days our first week. There are NO exceptions to this policy. She says to take Brian, for example, who’s here with us in training today. Brian already went through this training, but then during his first week his lady had a baby, so he missed a day and he had to be fired. Having to start the application process over could cost a brand-new dad like Brian a couple of weeks’ worth of work and pay. Okay? Everybody turn around and look at Brian. Welcome back, Brian. Don’t end up like Brian.

    Continued here:

  55. Wunna grudge Port workers. Always have , always did but wunna cant stop Port Workers run things , things nah run them. Put that in wunna mortar and pestle it. Wunna think that a Shutdown of the Port easy nuh ? Frig round the Port then if wunna wan se sain then-ignorant yeah !!!! Watch wunna $cunts yeah !!

  56. My point about the payment for failing to raise the finance was that the agreement was badly drawn up if it allowed any payment at all.
    Firstly, it is not clear whether the payment due is in relation to finance – or the lack of it. It may be for design work etc.
    In any case, any project funded like this should only entail payment when the deal is signed and sealed, and depending on the terms, built.
    If the payment is anything to do with design, Government should get the ownership of all the information and the right to reuse it for rebidding the project.

  57. And back to the Port, yes it is clearly inefficient.
    It should not be the job of Government to employ everyone. It should be the job of Government to enable private businesses to develop, create jobs and increase prosperity. It should be for Government to support people when they do not have a job.
    Running the port as a quasi-unemployment assistance scheme just hides the real cost of people without work and passes that cost on to the consumer in port charges.
    Streamline the port – yes, get rid of people who are not doing a worthwhile job. Reduce port charges and reduce the cost of living for all of us.

  58. I see that Franklyn has found his fingers again. More drivel but I am still awaiting his response to the posting that stated his advice was badly flawed by virtue of the fact that he was wrong to affix a charge to
    Symmonds immigration request because as a Minister of Government he cannot legally act as a lawyer at the same time he acted as a
    Minister of Government. But the Abortionist lawyer advised otherwise.

  59. We believe that the workers at the Port, all the workers, know how to run the port more efficiently that any number of management consultants, the management alone, the private sector, or indeed the government bureaucrats. We suggest that the Port be run as a cooperative, a flat structure where the power is with the workers. Where there is not difference between ownership and control. Management should only exist because the workers say so and rewards are determined by the workers. Losses also borne by workers except for the first 3 years of government support.

  60. There is something wrong with a private sector party arrogantly referring to Union agreements as archaic? People need be more sensitive to bargaining agreements and be more diplomatical when they seek to challenge the norms.

  61. As we have said time and time again on this
    BU blogsite, the time is ripe now for a new visionary progressive indigenized, egalitarianistic, participatory, people-centered model of development for Barbados, away from this existing essentially obscene westernist, oligarchic, dependency exploitative model of development.

    So, this is the overarching model of development that the PDC wishes for Barbados, and one that a certain future coalitional government of which the PDC will be a part of will secure for this country.

    And just like we have on many previous occasions promulgated on here and elsewhere, we also wish at this time to reiterate clearly for the benefit of the understanding of persons reading this post, that one of the very important series of planks of this transformative nationalist agenda shall be, et al, the making sure that the menial regressive status of worker is abolished in this country; that the very exploitative degrading work system/culture is smashed to smithereens in this country, and that the prevailing archaic tortuous trade union culture is once and for all removed from this political landscape in Barbados.

    And that In the place of these things there shall be the creation and maintenance of a system/culture of national partnerships – and which shall be the ONLY multi-member corporate business entities possible at the time in the country – across the length and breath of the provinces of the government and private sectors of this land; that these partnerships shall be owned by ONLY the partners that would be members of the particular partnerships – with such statuses of partners duly replacing the present statuses of workers, supervisors, owners/managers; that these partners shall all be entitled to have the greatest say possible in the direction in which each partnership is going; that each partner in every partnership shall be entitled to access all critical information affecting each partnership; and that each partner shall be remunerated out of the total incomes, payments, or transfers received by each partnership and on the basis of majority or unanimous agreement of the partners in each partnership that that is the remuneration that each partner shall receive – upon or upon not the recommendations of others – and that that remuneration shall not be seen as expenditures to any of those partnerships but as shares out of the incomes, payments or transfers received.

    So there we go.


  62. LET the CHESS game be over for all these politicians who have been playing chess with the people of Barbados let them be stalemate and be CHECK out of their position, off the board of directors of this nation’s Governance you don’t have to know the game of chess to play it politics is the game of chess we need the C>U>P coalition of unified parties to be empowered in power to govern this people and nation representing truth, justice ,judgment ,righteousness IT IT is the time for CE

  63. KGB

    You will have to prise their dirty greasy hands off the trough. These pigs do not stop eating, given chance they will eat until their stomachs burst.

  64. One of the reasons that Barbados is so uncompetitive is the huge anti-business sentiment rife throughout the country, much of which manifests itself in the kind of comments seen above. That there is an historic basis for this sentiment is obvious, and it has more than a little to do with race. One wonders if the reaction to Maloney’s point of view would have been so intense if he was black. But that apart, Barbados has a REAL problem with the Port. Of course, it is the union’s job to get the best deal it can for its members. It is the managements’s job to make sure that union agreements do not go so far as to render the operation uncompetitive. What has happened in the Port, in my opinion, is that management and union are on the same page. The Port is being run as a “cost plus” operation. The cozy deals between management and union to ensure that nobody upsets the apple cart are what have arrived us at this point. Port managemnt is bloated, and Port workers are overpaid for what they do, but I can’t find it in my mind to blame the workers. Clearing a container from the Barbados Port costs multiples of what it costs to do the same thing in Trinidad, so even though Barbados is better placed geographically to operate as an entrepot, the business will go Trinidad and St Lucia because of the high costs of doing business with the Barbados Port. As far as “reigning-in” the situation at the Port is concrned, I think that the “horse has already bolted”, or the “genie is already out of the bottle”. It’s too late, and that is why I can’t really disagree with Maloney’s position.

  65. One wonders why former talk show host and Independent Senator has surrendered being a champion for reducing port fees and increased efficiency. The Senate is the ideal place to be strident about the issue.

  66. Hi Dennis Clarke, all of a sudden you found a voice to be talking about marching!!!!!!!!! Oh dear. If I were a member of the NUPW, I would not be captivated by such utterance. NUPW and the government done wrap up and tie up so I would not take comfort in that at all.

  67. @ David | July 31, 2013 at 7:39 AM

    Because, David, he is one of those lying lazy dishonest unproductive parasitic “workers” the Ralph “Bruggadung” Johnson quite rightly and ’roundly’ criticize for their negative contribution to the economic progress of Barbados.

  68. David | July 30, 2013 at 5:15 PM |


    We are at a point where we have to find solutions for the good of Barbados. We like to personalize all the issues. Given current state we have to find solutions. This is a new normal condition. Think!

    We think long time , All of Barbados problems are tied up in the Land , This is a land story truth. All the Fraud came about crook taking what is not theirs and looking to hide it in many ways as they do with offshore BANK accounts.
    When the BLP OR DLP admits or show they are ready to fix the system that works well with out fraud then we can get back to the Island in the Sun….until then Blog away….
    This is for the Good Of Barbados , only the owners of the land can fix the problem. Being Elected as a Minister does not give you a cleat title of law to take and move what is not yours not the Barbados govt.

  69. But Miller …………….how many millions, and millons and millions of dollars have Brugga and his partners made from the corrupt Lotto deal in Barbados over the years? You feel is is only 20 or 30 or 50 million?

    You ask yourself this, why a country with less that 5% ‘white’ people so many ‘white’ people have won the Lottery jackpot? You ever considered why so many of the Lottery jackpot winners remain anonomous?

    Stupse, some people really feel everyone else foolish and only them go brain.

  70. @ Sign Here | July 31, 2013 at 11:19 AM |

    That lotto thing is just a big scam designed and manipulated by tricksters in collusion with the blind eyes of accountants turned away for large fees to make some “selected” people rich off the simple greed of the poor and the addiction of other mental weaklings.

    It’s a crying shame that the holier-than-thou moral majority headed by the Pristine Christian Church brigade can rant every day of the week against casino gambling but allow such bold-faced thieving and con-artistry to go on in sweet Christian Bulbadus (licence to be requested in arrears from PORYR) everyday except Sunday when the sale of scratch cards from the Islamic peddlers of the sins (alcohol and cigarettes) to the black infidels continues right through the day and night.

    Here is something, though, that you can sign onto. Why not turn a sham for a scam into a little worthy venture to defray some of the very cost associated with poor lifestyles (NCD’s induced) which can’t be properly corrected through the normal “sin” taxes collection routes.

    Would you agree that the government should instruct the same productive Bruggadung to use his business acumen for the benefit of the country and mainly the poor by establishing another (but this time honest) game of chance called the “Health Lottery” to help finance the cost of keeping the hospital running at an acceptably high level of efficiency of which Mr. Bruggadung of high standards, both business and moral, would be proud?

  71. When the “whites” have all gone, will it be the light cross breeds next to blame and then all the way down the melanin line, until finally the individual is left to take a long look in mirror and see who is really to blame……ah well one can but hope…

  72. Miller-man
    Skate on brother but no one willingly gives up a scam. Too much free money.
    Can you rememeber the Mafia in NYC, did they ever call for a truce with the FBI and NYPD and agreed to go quietly into the night?

    The winners were often decided over rum & cokes and rum & falernum. Kinda like a sophisticated Meeting Turn for friends and fronts.

  73. Miller said:

    “It’s a crying shame that the holier-than-thou moral majority headed by the Pristine Christian Church brigade can rant every day of the week against casino gambling but allow such bold-faced thieving and con-artistry to go on in sweet Christian Bulbadus (licence to be requested in arrears from PORYR) everyday except Sunday when the sale of scratch cards from the Islamic peddlers of the sins (alcohol and cigarettes) to the black infidels continues right through the day and night.”

    Who is surprised by the likes of Johnson being involved in the lotto scam, certainly not me, it is easy money and has nothing to do with manual labor, what sickens me is the hypocrisy involved where some people on the blog act like these people work hard, they don’t, but expect everyone one else to work hard so they can become enriched and pretend they are so damn better……….hypocrites, get a life.

  74. ……………………….umm is really not that big a LIE tho, de man does really tell NUFF NUFF lies tho.

  75. A Minister Must Never Be Caught Lying?
    Minister Sink the Nation Man , lied to be elected from day One
    Lied with Todd at the UDC ,
    Even lied up to and after the last election , The Sink man never stopped lying .That seem to be in his blood a DNA defect ,
    90% of them lie , and that is why Barbados living a lie and the truth will kill them all or go stark raving MADD.

  76. Bag Juice | July 31, 2013 at 10:30 AM |
    “Hi Dennis Clarke, all of a sudden you found a voice to be talking about marching!!!!!!!!! Oh dear. If I were a member of the NUPW, I would not be captivated by such utterance…”


    why did he not say anything last year January when the Prime Minister gave himself, ministers, permanent secretaries, and heads of departments as much as 17% salary increases with back pay to the year 2007? why did he not advised him then that it was wrong in light of the fact that government workers have been on a wage freeze because the economy could not afford it? when Ronald Jones told teachers to hold restraint 2 months AFTER he got his increase and back pay, why didn’t Denis Clarke say something then? he is only mouthing utterances now because membership is dwindling at a faster pace than normal. any government worker who really believe that the NUPW is working for them has got to be a retard

  77. @Smooth Chocolate
    I hope that that you are correct that NUPW membership is dwindling. It amazes me that with all that you said in your postings, naive public workers would be still be dependent on these parasitic nincompoops to represent them. At least Sir Roy is representing the workers in the port to the extent that it got Maloney “lik up”. I waiting to to see what this “hurricane Stinkliar” budget has to offer cause Standard and Poors just waiting.

  78. Dear Gilberto Howell and David the blogmaster:

    I think that the statement should be “A MINISTER MUST NEVER LIE”

    Because sure as hell if any of my Ministers are lying (any party Carson C. Cadogan) I want to know about it.

  79. @ David BU:

    Do you know what really is going on with the funding commitments to the UWI as far as Barbados is concerned?

    The Minister of Education promised a speedy resolution. The Minister of Finance recently said everything is sorted with Scotia taking on the liability of over $150 million in full with government’s guarantee of servicing this ongoing debt.

    Now we hear from the UWI top brass that nothing of the kind is going with the Cave Hill campus facing a serious cash flow crisis and creditors about to take legal steps to recover outstanding amounts.

    What really can Bajan students expect come the new enrolment year?

    • @Miller

      We all heard the MoF last Sunday that the UWI will be permitted to drawdown on a facily from Scotiabank guaranteed by government. If this is not happening then the UWI needs to communicate wth the Finance ministry.

      On 2 August 2013 21:18, Barbados Underground

  80. @Miller…….. You think Scotia Bank foolish to be taking guarantee from a government with junk status? Not the Scotia I know. Bajans students will simply have to pay for their education like the rest of the islanders. The days of when Bajan students use to skin up their noses at the students from the other islands is at an end. When Bajan students start paying all the loitering under the trees on campus behind the medical faculty, in front of the Arts Lecture Theatre etc will be a thing of the past.

  81. @ David | August 2, 2013 at 6:10 PM |

    So what if the UWI did, and even had to call in Prof. Harris to pull his weight only to be told by the bureaucrats (not the hiding Minister) there is nothing yet to drawdown.
    What would you say? That the MoF is just on another round of bull crap dropping?

    Do you remember the same MoF telling the country during his rap-up speech in the last Estimates debates that the Four Seasons has never been a government project and that there are just a few minor formalities to be sorted out among the private sector players before the taxpayers get back their $120 million.

    He even made that gesture with his thumb and index finger replicating a pinch a snuff trying to futilely enter an anal shaped ring) to indicate how close the project was to financing closure with only the lawyers working on the ‘completion’ paper work.

    Why then the need to advertise to invite people to bid when there is a local filthy rich business tycoon who has his eyes on the villas and only too willing to construct a brand new hotel out of his private funds with no government guarantees or concessions other than the usual already available under existing hotel development legislation?

    Why not sell the man the place to develop the same way all the major housing and commercial building construction projects went to Jada and Preconco without all of this pseudo false transparency of inviting other bidders who previously could not meet the financial requirements in the first place without government’s guarantees to source private financing?

  82. Miller
    SMI been paid a deposit on an MoU more than once. In addition the 30 million BTI all spend in designs so its time to put that project on hold too. FUCKING CRIMINALS.

  83. http://bajan.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/the-truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth/#comments.

    Deeds and Ownership of lands and people,
    must be in order , in order to pay for slavery, So now the dead slaves sending a message you all need to hear.
    Tell their story with truth and keep it coming to 2013.
    Before slavery , during slavery , after slavery to now ,,,,
    Free-dom of Information can settle all this madness .
    We all ready know they have no Integrity .Sink the Nation Man

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