A Few Questions For Minister of Finance Mr. Chris Sinckler

Submitted by Phil Collins

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance and Senator Darcy Boyce at the centre of the Pierhead dispute

The controversy over the Pierhead Marina and the award of the contract to non-bidder, SMI Infrastructure Solutions (SMI) is well known. For the sake of completeness it should be noted that the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SMI since February 2011 when the Minister of Finance, with much fan fare announced shortly thereafter that construction work on the Marina would commence within 12 months.

Under section 5.0 of the MOU it was agreed that: “SMI will arrange financing through a third party for the work to be done under this MOU”. In other words SMI would be responsible for funding the new Marina design which was being undertaken by its prime marine engineering consultant, W F Baird and Associates.

On Monday 31st October 2011Citicorp Merchant Bank Limited advised the Government of Barbados that it was unable to raise the Bds$40.0 million on behalf of SMI. On the 1st November 2011 the CEO and Chairman of BTI were invited to meet with the Permanent Secretary of Investment in the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Finance, Mr. Chris Sinckler to discuss the situation.

At that meeting the Minister of Finance instructed that the BTI should seek permission from the Government for BTI to borrow Bds$5.0 million dollars from Urban Rehabilitation Programme (URP) despite the fact that SMI was in breach of the MOU in not being able to arrange the funding for the new design work for the Pierhead Marina. This is shocking given that at the date of this directive by the Minister of Finance, SMI had not asked to be loaned any money and everyone knew SMI was in breach of the MOU.

On the 3rd November 2011, not believing it’s luck, SMI made a formal request that the BTI loan it Bds$5.0 million dollars to assist SMI in the immediate funding needs of the Pierhead Marina. This is a new one even for politics in Barbados, money being approved to be loaned to an entity that has not even applied to borrow. It would be laughable if the situation was not so serious.

On the 7th November 2011 the Minister of Finance without the approval of the board of directors of BTI or the Cabinet of Barbados authorized the disbursement of Bds$5.0 million dollars from the URP to SMI on the basis that BTI would identify a source of funding to replace the URP funds used to pay SMI for design work being completed by W F Baird and Associates.

By the 25th day of January, 2012 it had become apparent that SMI had not paid for wave modeling and testing carried out in Ottawa on the new design of the Pierhead Marina and notwithstanding the Bds$5.0 million paid to SMI, the BTI also had to foot this expense.

Around this same time, the board of directors of BTI became aware that despite being loaned Bds$5.0 million dollars, SMI still had not paid money to W F Baird and Associates for the work that company had preformed.

  1. Why would the Minister of Finance instruct a loan of money to be made from URP funds to SMI when SMI had not even made a formal request for any money?
  2. When, if ever, was the Cabinet of Barbados asked to approve the use of URP funds as a loan to SMI?
  3. What is the Bds$5 Million for or how was that sum arrived at? Also, why was the Board of Directors of the BTI being asked to approve the loan of Bds$5 Million to SMI in December 2011 when the Minister of Finance had already approved both the loan and the disbursement of the loan from the URP funds and SMI was already in possession of the money.
  4. When the Minister of Finance authorized the disbursement of Bds$5.0 million dollars to SMI had the Cabinet of Barbados agreed that URP funds should be taken up and loaned to SMI, a thinly capitalized company registered in St. Lucia?
  5. Has the BTI or SMI been able to raise the funding for the Pierhead Marina project since SMI has been loaned the money from URP funds?
  6. If the answer to question 4 above is no, then when will the BTI terminate the MOU with SMI or are we to assume that the MOU is just the straw which allows SMI to drain the BTI trough?
  7. Where is the Bds$5.0 million dollars loaned to SMI now, especially given that W F Baird and Associates have not been paid? Also, how was the money paid to SMI, check or wire transfer?
  8. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been paid by BTI to have the wave modeling and testing done in Ottawa? What else has the BTI paid for that should have, under the terms of the MOU, been paid for by SMI?
  9. When will the Pierhead Marina project commence 2012, 2013 or never?
  10. What is the role of Mia Mottley in the SMI Pierhead Marina project and who is she working for, if anyone?
  11. Whatever did become of that Letter of Comfort issued to SMI by Minister of Finance for the Pierhead Marina project? Which financial institution, if any, is on the letter of comfort?
  12. Who at the Ministry of Finance signed the letter of comfort, was it the Permanent Secretary or was it the Minister of Finance himself?
  13. Why award a half billion dollar contract for a marina project to a company which had not bid, did not have the experience or financial capability and whose principal is a less than reputable character and then turn around give that company Bds$5.0 million dollars for breaching the MOU?
  14. We know Senator Darcy Boyce going on a stand for sure when Owen Arthur regains the Government however the bigger question is will Chris Sinckler be there as well?

See related Link: BTII BOARD PAPER # 11-042 and Apendicies

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  1. David

    From what I have read, someone should be charged with at least misfeasance in public office. I would let the DPP decide who?

    • David

      In a previous comment on another post, I said that our system of Government is in need of reform. This demonstrates that point very clearly. I am assuming that the Leader of the Opposition is in possession of this information, and if he is, why has he not summoned a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee to investigate this state of affairs.

      You said that it does not look good. That is an understatement: it looks real bad. Barbados is fast becoming a banana republic, oops beg your pardon, a banana monarchy after all we have a queen as Head of State.

  2. all i can say is that the article makes interesting reading? but why has the opposition been silent on this matter and why hasn’t this matter been drawn to the attention of the PAC chaired by the leader of the opposition? and what about the Pickering Project in St Lucy for which there has been turning of the sod and which was also criticised by the leader of the opposition.

  3. Let us see what Sinckler and the DLP’s response will be. It looks like the Pierhead issue will be a key platform topic in the next election. In the last few weeks the BLP has outmuscled the DLP on the message foe sure.

  4. @ David

    Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.
    Karl Kraus

  5. cannot even finance the deisgn much less the project. they should have listened to the doctor but no, politicians know everything. if the design work cannnot be financed who the hell the bloody project gine get built.

  6. As to why the opposition hasn’t done anything yet?

    The mere fact that this is “leaking” out 2 weeks prior to the most critical budget and in the lead up to elections should say it all.

    Cripple the head, then damage the head that stands poised to replace him. I hope the DLP is ready for some serious spring cleaning if it hopes to become a relevant, honest party/government.

    Allegations of corruption are now not only stale, but mute, politically null and essentially void.

  7. I know the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance and he is as clean as a whistle. Always has been. I don’t think that it is possible to get him to sign any foolish document.

    • @Random

      You obviously have not taken the time to read the full submission?

      The PS of Investments mentioned here is J. Thorington-Powlett

    • @observing

      Usually the Chair of the meeting advises what is confidential and what is public. In the case of the BTII we don’t know the rules for their meetings. However you slice this though the Board discussed taxpayers business and we have a right to know.

  8. the first post on this was 8.22pm. its now 11.37pm. no ac and no Blogger. when the hell is going on in here?

    • David (not BU)

      Be fair to AC and Blogger. Could you defend this? It is best that they keep quiet rather than discredit themselves trying to justify this level of corruption.


      Board papers are supposed to be confidential, but haven’t you heard of a whistleblower.

  9. @David and Caswell
    Just checking. Papers do fall off trucks. plus I don’t see any “confidential” stamps or footers.

    @David (not BU)
    persons don’t show up to fight with water guns when their opponents have cannons. This whole issues drives a knife in the heart of ac, blogger, ! and others’ arguments about integrity, proper use of public funds and transparency. Reasons they have been giving for not voting back in the BLP.

    Owen just has to sit back. There’s still Clico, Barack, the permanent VAT, that last redjet plane that flew out, that pesky cost of living, this stubborn <1% growth among others.

    Will be interesting to see how Chris responds if someone launches this arrow across his bow in Parliament. It appears he's now been placed on the defensive as the substantive minister.

    Thing is, the people that pay attention to this most are the ones that "influence" the polls. Interesting times ahead.

  10. Caswell i would not go so far to call it corruption, YET. i will wait till i hear what happen to the money. i would label what i read above as mismanagement until more comes to light because i can’t for one min. think someone would think this would pass any smell test.

    so for me, i will wait to be told what happen there. don’t worry, i got lots of water and hat because i know it will be a long wait.

  11. Looks like the level of current corruption in 4 1/2 years has outstripped the previous 14 years by far.
    And there would appear to be lots more to be exposed.
    Anybody counting the sums involved? 3.3 +5 +?+?+?
    Not good!!
    Anyone wants to expand on the titbit about Mia’s role in all this?
    Who leaked the information?
    Are we seeing a 2-edged sword here?

  12. well it would be interesting to see OSA speaks or directs or command respect when it comes to matters dealing with integrity or accountabilty on any issue. so we will seehow far this issue go i will bet not very far without hardened evidence .

    • @ac

      There is a court case and the documents are available HERE.

      There is now the BTII Board Paper which adds to the information from an insider view and supporting documents.

      However you twist it there is a compelling case for Sinckler and the government to answer.

  13. O.k i remember this case sometime last year with all the biding but where is the smoking gun of “corruption” being leveled against the DLP in this issue!

    • @ac

      There is certainly questions about malfeasance and propriety.When judge against the background of how the DLP came to power on a message of transparency it behooves Sinckler, Stuart and the government to speak to this issue forthrightly.

  14. Ha Ha its “Geese Sinckler soup” today….old buffoon blowhard….like a doggie dumplin in a soup,floating corrupt as ever…..Hear him in Parliament tongue lashing another honorable member for drinking black bird soup….now Geese I will enjoy watching you duck n dodge..and shit yourself along with Darcy for the whole Barbados to see…….This will cost you your seat Geese NOW FOR SURE…..Black Rock people unforgiving. And to think Hon Lawson Weekes..weened you to the position instead of his kin…SHAME on you GEESE and SHAME on the DLP…..

  15. Man I would luv’s to see an independent candidate win a seat with a split vote… and I don’ care who that candidate is, Gear Box’s ghost even …

    • Treasure Island

      By implication you are suggesting this matter did not have Cabinet Approval and therefore collective responsibility does not apply?

  16. @ac

    the smoking gun seems to be that SMI a company with no track record period was given a contract to design and built a marina when it did not bid. the board of directors of the bti refused to go along with that non-sense and the chairman resigned. now low and behold the true motivation and intent behind the deal has been exposed to sunlight.from what i hear this is a well rehearsed plan which has no intention beyond getting money without doing any work or delivering any project. this same smi was award a new cruise pier at the port so one has to wonder how much money he been paid there.

    • This matter has the same smell of 3S who was given part of the contract i.e. there was road widening AND flyovers.

      Let us see if this SMI matter follows a similar course.

    • You should recall that during the attempt to oust Stuart by the Eager 11, one of their grouses was that they had not raised enough campaign funds. You could now wonder if this is one of the ways to obtain those funds. After all they can’t only rely on the inflows from questionable town and country planning permissions.

  17. David

    You loss me now … I could read what you say so many ways, help ma nah …? I know you mean well 🙂


    Having to deal with Permanent Secs on a number of occasions it is pointless blaming them for anything. They always act under instruction and NEVER EVER show initiative on policy matters (… unless of course it is to frustrate the effectiveness of a Minister). They are procedural to a flaw. In other words they can stall, but they do not act under their own guidance on matters of public policy. So leff Juanita outa this one … please!

    • @BAFBFP

      The PSs are powerful creatures and can frustrate any minister. BU understands that one of the issues the E11 has with Stuart is his unwillingness to deal with the sloth of the civil service which opens another discussion. Let us examine e-government for example. It is known that the dinasurish views of the PSs responsible for slowing this project over the years.

      Message understood!

  18. @ ac
    Fun ? What Fun…this smacks of a fundamental strain of infelicities that has this country heading down the wrong lane… IMMORALITY and INDECENCY.. $5 million DEFRAUDED ?….. How can we talk to the youngsters liming on the block and tell them of honesty and hard work ?.. the minibus driver of breaking the traffic laws ?…the Guyanese contractor picked up on fraud chg, while shopping ?….the Irene chain and cell phone snatcher ?…..the Woolworth chocolate shoplifter. ?.the CW AX errand Headmasters ?…the many self procuring infected lawyers..? The leper ? WIPA ? Where is the much sought Integrity …when Honorable Members who should be setting the example for their subjects ….lack the intestinal fortitude and set most distasteful defining examples ?

  19. @ TI
    according to Stuart “heads will roll” so i say start by lopping off stinckler head.
    If you start….you will have to finish….IN Sin John …Mona ! BTW..like we just Jonesing again right !

  20. Who is phil collins?
    What are his motives for posting this damning info and evidence?
    Is he strategically softening up the Minister of Finance before the budget?
    Is he also trying to soften up Mia?
    Is he a BLP operative?
    If so, why would he try to subliminally suggest some malfeance by Mia at this stage in this matter and thereby weaken the BLP that needs an appearance of togetherness at this stage?
    Could it be that he is a DLP person who is seeking to bring down the MoF, weaken the BLP and the devil take the hindmost, with Estwick of the clean hands or even FS being the eventual victor?

    Very interesting!!!!!!!!

  21. @checkit-out

    It is interesting to note that Phil Collins was the lead singer of the group Genesis. Perhaps the person by this contribution is helping to find a catalyst to a new way of governance in Barbados.

  22. @check it out
    Mia’s role seems peripheral and “work related”
    Chris is the loser in this story and you’re right…just before the budget. Sandwich this between the Lagan lawsuit and the CLICO “unsettlement” and now Barack’s threats and redjet’s “promises of comfort”..and we have for a damning political plate for an opposition to dine from.

  23. sinckler already told OSA and his band of coharts that they have no moral authority to quetion any one about integrity or accountabily

  24. @ ac
    Hon, I warned you. . . . . . you can’t say you weren’t warned. As M.A.M. said your party is like a plane 33,000 feet in the air with no flight plan, no destination in sight and the pilot does not know how much fuel is left! LOL. 🙂

    So. . . . tell me, ac, wuh yuh tink is de chances of dat plane arriving at DEM destination safely? DEM kyar even land in de sea because DEM kyar even build a l’il MARINA to dock into widout all D corruption and graft going on. LOL

    I knew this was going to be the result since Jan 15, 2008. I knew time would prove a lot of us correct! History repeating itself 3 times in a row. . . . . 1970’s,1990’s and now! De DEMS seem to have a special knack for really screwing things up for this country!

  25. i think what is most damning is that this person Phill Collins has details that would say they are closely involve in process. some from the BLP told me that persons in the service are giving the BLP all kinds of information as it comes across these people desk and its not the BLP supporters doing this, its the average person who is seeing the shite that is happening and can’t believe this is happening.

    if the details given by Phill Collins turns out to be true and there is “corruption” here, the DPP should be called in.

    ac | June 13, 2012 at 10:35 AM |

    sinckler already told OSA and his band of coharts that they have no moral authority to quetion any one about integrity or accountabily.

    So Ms. ac, given what we see here, does this give Sinckler the moral authority to question anyone?

    i am not saying two wrongs make a right but you really need to shut your trap with that crap Ms. ac.

  26. David of BU,

    My having inside knowledge of this project is yet to see what the Brouha is about.

    Someone earlier on this thread ask why Owen Arthur does not convene the PAC on this one ?

    May I remind that person that Owen did threatened to convene a PAC meeting on the project – THE REAL PROBLEM FOR OWEN, arose when Chris Sinckler told him to BRING ALONG THE FILE ON THE PROJECT !

    Owen is no fool…..the plans for this project was well advanced before 15 January 2008 !


    To Old Onion Bags and other BLP accolytes on this BU site…..does the name Glyne Bannister ring a bell ? Does Owen Arthur know Glyne Bannister ?

    What relation does the Bridgetown Pierhead Marina have with the meeting that Owen Arthur knows about that took place at the Pegasus Hotel in Jamaica ?

    If Owen Arthur is so ready to lead Barbados……..let him lend his voice to the Bridgetown Pierhead Marina Project !

    I bet you he don’t touch it now that he understands where the Pegasus Hotel tape has found itself.

    Mia Mottley knows how to get even.

  27. Intrigue! Intrigue! Intrigue!
    First it was the IMF info that the dead king was supposed to release before an earlier election. Now, could it be the Pegasus Hotel tape?

    Bring it. Pass it to David. Let him publish it. There will be no better time if Sinckler is on the ropes now and you need something to counter the SMI story and where it seems to be heading. Waiting a possible few months until the elections are called will not help matters for Chris and the DLP. Bring it now.

    Those of us who are interested in truth for the country’s sake would like to know so that we would be in the best of positions to cast an X for the best side, or perhaps the one that stinks the less and is more likely to progress Barbados.

    Publish it on BU. I’m sure David would like to have it.

  28. @fractured BLP party
    Let’s say you are right. and owen was the lead culprit on this. He lost office in 2008. This is 2012. We’ve had 2 prime ministers and 2 ministers of finance since, who have collectively continued the “culprit’s” actions and decisions with a comprehensible cohesiveness AND a resolute determination to take errant and ill advised actions all things considered.

    They also now happen to be the government of the day.

    If Chris does have the file and SAT ON IT for how much ever years and then proceeded to be pulled into the web of culpability, I say yes, go ahead, crucify and get rid of Arthur, but at the same time, do the same to the entire Cabinet.

    Which one will it be?

  29. @ Fractured BLP Party

    Is BTI Inc a lending agency?
    Was this $5m taken from the $6.5m allocated for Cap Ex?
    Would such an act constitute vraiment in breach of the Financial rules? Caswell?

  30. @Fractured BLP Party-
    You hit the nail on the head and the BLP yardfowls should read between the lines of your statement:

    “May I remind that person that Owen did threatened to convene a PAC meeting on the project – THE REAL PROBLEM FOR OWEN, arose when Chris Sinckler told him to BRING ALONG THE FILE ON THE PROJECT !”

    Relax folks and be careful how you spit in the air on this one, your spit will land right in Owen Arthur’s face.

  31. @!
    Can you guarantee that it will be only his face ???

    Also, the timeline re. solid decision making brings us up to 2009, and in the words of the AG, the “bill validity period expired” in 2007.

    Are you saying that this government was duty bound to follow the “alleged corrupt” decisions and dealings of the past government????

  32. @! | June 13, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    You claim:- . . . .”Relax folks and be careful how you spit in the air on this one, your spit will land right in Owen Arthur’s face.”
    So where is the logic in that statement? Is it true or not that the “spit landed right in Owen’s face” quite a few years back? Jan. 16, 2008 to be exact? And is it not a fact that your “BOYS’ Club” has been in charge ever since? So why did they not do something about all the allegations that was bandied about then? Where are the “files that should have been turned over to the DPP to back up all these so called “allegations” about Owen and the BLP government. Man, if we were not in such dire straits I would really have a good laugh but it seems you are a good writer of fiction for the “silver screen” (movies). You seem to be operating on your vivid imagination like “Alice In Wonderland” instead of good old deductions with the use of the BRAIN and being able to come to logical conclusions. BTW, have you decided who will play the “Mad Hatter” in your piece of fiction!

  33. and by the way, God help the great DLP party if they are hinging their electoral victory hopes on charges of “alleged yet unproven corruption” and a “Pegasus tape.”

    I’m almost ashamed.

  34. The stench of corruption follows OSA wherever he goes if it corruptt one can believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that OSA had his paws on it no wonder he is so quiet this man is UNBELIEVABLE! you BLP yardflows better do like OSA and be silent when it comes to corruption

    • @ac

      At some point you have to rephrase your argument. After fours years nothing except wind from the DLP side. Like observing’s view this argument will not register with the voters come next general election.

      You may recall that the CADRES poll did not register this as an issue. It will be about leadership and the economy.

  35. @ac
    So what do we say when a stench of similar qualities follows some in government?

    or when the constant scent of “broken promises and bold faced lies” follows the man that controls our purse strings?

    and if Owen is quiet what would you say to some of our MINISTERS OF GOVERNMENT who are DUTY BOUND to inform the public???

  36. @ac
    Hon, I must say you have all my sympathies. Why? Because it seems that you are really brain dead. All left to do now is to pull the plug and put you out of your miseries. And, that will happen a few months from now if not before. Froons seems to be a clone of the “Great” Sandi so he may very well act true to form and pull the rug from under DEMS feet sooner than DEMS think, similar to the Sandi caper back in 1994. LOL!

  37. Richard Sealy’s comment about Liat and having other airlines in Barbados and the Caribbean condemns Freundel Suart and the DLP
    Has anyone heard Sealy’s comment ?
    Very Interesting
    Seems like an attack on his own Government by the Deputy Prime Minister Richard Sealy

  38. “Having to deal with Permanent Secs on a number of occasions it is pointless blaming them for anything. They always act under instruction and NEVER EVER show initiative on policy matters (… unless of course it is to frustrate the effectiveness of a Minister). They are procedural to a flaw. In other words they can stall, but they do not act under their own guidance on matters of public policy. So leff Juanita outa this one … please!”

    i half support your view because the majority of senior public servants must have the blessings of the political establishment to obtain their positions thanks to the iniquitous 1974 constitutional amendments and rather than frustrate the politicians try not to offend them by doing their bidding much to both their detriment.

  39. ac, you are a joke now. i’m not going to tell you that Owen did not do things that were questionable but how in God’s good world could you try to pin this crap on the man? you are really losing your mind.

    on another note, did anyone hear Colin Jordon’s comments today? the walls are coming down all around Freundel Suart.

  40. David of BU,

    Just like you have been pursuing youR other headlines pursue this one until you get to the bottom of it .

    And to those BLPites on this site we in the DLP know the Owen Arthur we are dealing with.

    It took over 2 years for him to tell Barbadians about his whopper of a CHEQUE when David Thompson exposed him on the floor of Parliament.

    He even refused to face Thompson in a public debate during the 2008 General Election campaign.

    There is no rush to produce anything yet……just to say who wish to lead must come with CLEAN HANDS.

    From what I know on this issue and much more……Owen is not your candidate AT ALL.

  41. @ Fractured,
    Your threats are like the great liar’s……follow me to Queens’ Park to hear the secret deal. Nothing but lies and hot air. You think somebody frighten for you threats. This just a ruse on your part to shut down debate. You really think you can come like the dead king did at Haggatt Hall again. The people are sick of you Dems and cant wait to get rid of wunnah!

  42. What ever came out of the scandal with Dr Sparman taking a rich patient out of the Stat room at A@E and transferring him to his clinic upon instructions from Minister Donville Inniss?

    Whatever came out of the lawsuits (1) Dr Sparman and Minister Inniss suing Dr Ishmael and (2) Dr Ishmael suing Dr Sparman and Minister Inniss?

    Whatever came out of the suspensions of Dr Ishmael and Dr Emtage?

    Is there any truth to the talk that someone in a high position was involved with a certain incident recently?

    Is there any truth the talk that a cabinet member is soon going to be implicated as part of a scandal brewing from overseas?

    Just asking!

  43. It is a sad day in the life of our politics and country when the debate an argument comes down to who’s the least “dirty” rather than who’s the cleanest. As Bushie always says, this current crop sucks big time. Both new and old. I’ll wait to see how we salvage ourselves as a proud nation after this election has passed.

  44. i will say this and i know a good few people who feel the same way, give me the old crooks than this bunch. from the outside looking in, it appears that the DLP gangs has done just about the same amount of thief the they say the BLP did in 14 years, in their 4 years.

    it is sad like Observing pointed out but i want them gone from office, they are only about themselves and their pockets and base on what we are seeing now, they have no creditability.

    how does the head of one of the top Tourism units not get a meeting with the PM? is tourism not or business anymore?

    • I really don’t understand the reasoning of those DEMs who are trying to turn this post around and blame Arthur. How is this about Arthur? They seem to be in denial. They have been presented with evidence of malfeasance and other misconduct in public office and are so purblind that they refuse to see what is right before their eyes. They need to say that the allegation contained in this post are untrue; nothing else would suffice. If these allegations are proven to be true, their actions would amount to be CORRUPTION. Somebody needs to see the inside of a jail cell for this plain and simple. This is not party politics: it is criminal.

  45. Unamused | June 13, 2012 at 10:29 AM |

    It sickens me when I see these law suits holding up national development. The sickest part is the size of the suits multi million in nature guaranteed to be bogged down in the ridiculous court system for decades. The big name lawyers like Johhnny Cheltenham should be ashamed of themselves for taking on such cases blocking national development resulting in big loss of jobs, revenue, foreign exchnge etc. The whole greedy laywer syndrome, and we know many of the lawyers are dishonest, destroys a lot of projects that would’ve taken Barbados forward. The Pierhead Marina is a prime example. So much wastage of time,of scarce government money and resources for what? Its deplorable and sickening.

  46. @ Unamused

    if it sicken you so much why don’t you write to the members parliament and ministers of government. its is usually one of them who has trampled over someone or some company’s rights resulting in legal redress.

  47. D old people say de higher de monkey climb…. Jesus said: He that is without sin….
    Well I never hear such shiite yet!!! We know politicians go tief, it comes with the territory, lying stealing, tiefing, miappropiation, lying etc. Don’t care how much law, commission of inquiry, oversight committee, public accounts committee – call it what u wish POLITICIANS DOES TIEF FOR DEM FRENS all ova d World!. However,dis pack of DEMS don’t onnerstan that when tiefing going on d poor ppl must feel dem get some too. But these strange tings going on and poor pple feeling d pinch! Wait! Wunnah wait! I GINE LICK U WID MY X!

  48. Onions

    Check this one out too. Man David could start a thread on this one … HA HA HA . In front ah tourists and all … HA HA HA the RBPF is somet’ng else …!

  49. BPFBF
    “Jamaican woman cussing video”….seems like you find yet another Parliamentary debating partner …..honor roll n gutter rolled …for wanting Chrisy Sinckla…..the two would be a great match off wid OD as moderator (with the sargeant in arms there just in case)….by the way there is a part 2 …youtube..lol

  50. Good one David”leadership amd the economy”what would not resonate is leadership that thinks that the public is foolish and believes that approach for quick economic recovery is magical!also thatthere moral and unethical behaviour would be given a free pass!

  51. @ David

    “the Minister of Finance, with much fan fare announced shortly thereafter that construction work on the Marina would commence within 12 months.”

    the statement above is a factual inaccuracy. on the april 12 2012 the minister of finance by way of a ministerial statement said ” Construction is expected to commence in about nine months.”

    JANUARY 12 2012

  52. @obserrving and youkeep swiping in hopes that any creditabilty issues relating to OSA and leadership would disappear this is just the beginning of exposing the “real OSA” most of what the BLP would rather forget but would prefer to go on a long winded and overhyped vitrol about the high expectations which OSA can delivered to save the economy none of which he has explained so far.

  53. And another thing Mr. Minister…..
    I am no economist but these medium term fiscal policies…..amassing Govt
    revenue…as the expense of economic activity, makes no sense as there can be no real growth….What’s the use Mr.Sinckler boasting of excess collections on VAT $120 million…$100 million by BNOC…while the economy crawls to a stand still..? Cutting the deficit by 13 at the expense of vibrant economic trade defeats the purpose….and is what I pen as ” dead man economics.” An economy needs to be stimulated by Govt monetary and fiscal policies to increase business activity…not just meet preset IMF requirements .Is this the “society and not an economy” ….some were quick to impute ?..More like the opposite to me.

  54. @David et al,

    Talking about financial issues and production issues, the story of the Hoad Dairy Farm in today’s Nation should be given full exposure.

    This is a serious issue, we ask people to be entrepreneurs, to develop PRODUCTIVE industry and not just import, wholesale, retail. This approach is critical to our survival.

    Here we have a couple who have done just that, now a government body is destroying their business by cometing directly/

    Is that right? Remember my words from the other blog thread on heritage…Lotta Long Talk, about tnrepreneurship etc. Yet, a couple who have done it successfully and should be an example to others on how to do it, are put to the task, but the same government that is advocating entrepreneurship?!

    What I would want from the Minister of Finance is a cost anyalsys and revneue statements for the Greenland milk producing farm, audited by the Auditor General.

    That would show if Government is actually making money (asid from the moral vew), or losing money to compete with a private manufacturer.

    What is the betting that after the Hoad’s are out of business, the Government business would be ‘sold’ to a ‘private entity’. Maybe even a Trini one!!!

    And some argue this country is just and fair?

    This is the same issue that the CBC, whichever Government is in, has the current administrations best buddy as the head i.e. Government s interference in public information and in competing with private entities.

  55. Re the Hoad Dairy Farm issue, there is one further irony, a doozer.

    With all the talk of Common Entrance and Scholarships etc,, how important ‘acadaemics’is, I believe that one or both of the Hoads are former Barbados Exhibition winners.

    They have used brains and hard work to develop an industry. Now this!

    Then further, they also (pretty sure about Mr., think Mrs. studied at UWI!

    They are the proverbial EXAMPLE of home grown success. Now this!

    Irony in yuh face!

    And PROOF of my claim, that we have become a country of form over substance.

    In three or four years, we will see a picture of a skin teet Minister, handing over the keys of the Government Greenland Goat Milk farm, to some private entity, maybe Trini, claiming how well Barbados and Government has done in developing a goat milk industry and had managed to sell it for a tidy sum.

    At which point the price of the no competition XYZ milk from XYZ milk farm, former Government farm, will double. Peuk!

    This is just how things are here now.

    Whereto Barbados?

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