Homosexuality Trumps Christianity In British High Court

Eunice and Owen Johns .Photo: JANE MINGAY

We sit as secular judges serving a multicultural community of many faiths. We are sworn (we quote the judicial oath) to ‘do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or ill will’. The judges acknowledged that there was a “tension” in the case of Mr and Mrs Johns between the rights of individuals to maintain their religious beliefs and the rights of homosexual people to live free from discrimination.Telegraph

A court decision which has the potential to shake the pillars of Barbadian society was recently handed down in England, coincidentally a Commonwealth jurisdiction. Barbados similar to England is a country built on the back of the Christian faith. The decision by a British Court to deny a Christian couple the right be foster carers because of their view on homosexuality will no doubt have wide ranging implications for how countries like Barbados reorder their societies.

The learned judges based the decision on the right of homosexuals to equality which “should take precedence” over the right of Christians to manifest their beliefs and moral values. Contrary to a view held by many Barbadians that our laws are influenced by Christian beliefs the judges were of the mind that “Britain was a “largely secular”, multi-cultural country in which the laws of the realm “do not include Christianity”.

BU’s view on homosexuality should be known, bigoted or not, having posted several blogs on the subject. What is becoming clearer by the day, especially for traditionalists, is the need to accept that Barbados sooner rather than later will have to relaxed its views on homosexuality. Careful observation of the local media reveals that the so-called ‘gay agenda’ is alive and well. To quote the Telegraph, “the ruling in the case of Owen and Eunice Johns, from Derby, is the latest in a series of judgments in which Christians have been defeated in the courts for breaching equality laws by manifesting their beliefs on homosexuality.”

The issue which Barbados will have to resolve is how a country operating in a global village which operates vastly using Christian precepts, a debatable point we know is called to action by this and other recent court rulings in the Motherland. Of interest is the recent stoking of the issue by Bajan homosexuals reputed to have sought asylum in Canada citing intimidation and victimization.




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    • Brutality against MoBay gays

      THE EDITOR, Sir: Just after midnight on Sunday, February 20, 2011, four police pickups and a van normally used to transport prisoners descended on the only gay club along the Hip Strip in Montego Bay. About 20 heavily armed policemen jumped from the vehicl…es, aggressively accosting patrons, kicking in doors, beating and pistol-whipping indiscriminately, and chasing everyone from the venue. All the while, the officers hurled homophobic slurs which encouraged patrons of other clubs nearby to join in the melee by throwing bottles, stones and other missiles as individuals fled for their lives. One patron described it as a mob scene, and another who asked a policeman, "If this is how you, as a law-enforcement officer, treat us, how do you expect other people to behave?" was rewarded with several kicks for his effrontery. He later took refuge for several hours in an abandoned building. At least 10 persons were reported to have been treated at hospital for injuries sustained during the raid, while others decided to nurse their wounds at home. This latest attack follows a similar one in Kingston in early February when police, not wearing badges, raided a gay club, pointing guns at patrons and shining powerful flashlights in their faces. On neither occasion did police disclose the purpose of the raids, but they clearly have one intent, namely, to intimidate and remind lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex individuals that their kind is not welcome in Jamaica, and they certainly don’t have the right to assemble and socialise peacefully. I am, etc., MAURICE TOMLINSON maurice_tomlinson@yahoo.com Montego Bay, St James

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  1. Getting the Facts: Same-Sex Marriage

    The Facts About Homosexual Marriage

    Fact # 1: Homosexual marriages are short lived.

    Why are homosexual marriages shorter and less committed than traditional marriages?

    The Scandinavian Experience.

    Facts # 2: Studies show homosexual marriage is hazardous to one’s health.

    Why is homosexual ‘marriage’ a health hazard?

    Fact # 3: Homosexual ‘marriage’ has the highest rate of domestic violence.

    Homosexual Domestic Violence a Bigger Problem Than ‘Gay Bashing.’

    Fact # 4: Empirical evidence demonstrates that homosexuals make poor parents.

    Molestation and Incest, schools and Family Life; Homosexual parents More Likely to Have Homosexual Children.

    Children of Homosexual Parents Suffer Embarrassment and Isolation.

    Assessing the Facts: What can we conclude?

    For those who are interested in the Facts, see:


    http://www. org/index.asp?page=evidence+of+damage+to+children+raised+in+same-sex+households.

    Evidence of damage to children raised in same-sex households; is only obvious, as it is a very dysfunctional domestic setting, contrary to God’s ordained monogamous code, and, as modern research show, it invariably leads to all kinds of terribly unsettled, emotional, health and other kinds of serious problems, not only for the same-sex union, but untold damage for the children raised in such enviornments!

  2. Had a look at Zoe’s link which is to a family research institute – clearly not an unbiased source, but I expect no different. Most of the “research” quoted there seems to be 20 years out of date, but the most recent one was published as recently as 1998 in a highly suspicious journal (It has an impact factor of 0.364, which means it is willing to publish any crap).

  3. Issac Newton published “Principia” in 1687 in which he presented the three universal laws of motion. Did the passage of time invalidate all of his work?

  4. No, but if I wanted to find out how physics works I would not rely on a book published in 1687… I would read the latest articles. The analogy does not hold up unless you contend that research in the field has stopped.

  5. If humankind is to praise God with one voice, our creation as male and female sets before us as task; realization of the community within which and for which we are created. Only as men and women together* in harmony and oneness, do we become full human and realize the divine image. This happens, in part and paradigmatically, in marriage, of a man and a woman.

    The sexual differentiation is, initially and fundamentally, biological; in order that the image* of God, in which we were created, may come to fruition in a community of those who are united, yet different.

    The family, therefore, formed when marriage gives rise to children is itself both a biological and historical comunity. Through the family, Dad and Mum, we are embedded in the world of nature, as God intended, and are marked by lines of kinship and descent, and are from birth individuals within a communal bond. Hence, our sense of self is deeply involved in the biological bond. Parents are not simply reproducing themselves; but, when from their oneness, they beget a new human being, equal to them, Father and Mother, in dignity, that act testifies to the truth that by God’s blessings such mutal love can be a creative, productive, community.

    Therefore, the family unit of Father, Mother, children is also a community upon which is LAID a cultural, historical task; transmission of a way of life.

    Whenever, this God ordained structure is severed, disrupted, infringed upon by diviant homosexualist trends, the results are devastating to the children, regardless of if the resesarch is hundreds of years ago, 20 years ago, or most recently, as when ever the truth* of God’s ordained structure is not adhered to, any given society, be it ancient or modern, will gradually disintegrate, with all kinds of socio/ecomonic, and political problems!

  6. @ Zoe,

    _Please tell us of the immoral homosexual behaviour that caused the demise of the Great Aztec and Inca Empires. Please, be honest, it was called Christianity! Priests and monks hanged the natives by the 13s as a symbol of one jesus and his twelve disciples, then fed the bodies to their dogs. Go Away Zoe, please do.

    @ ac and Techie: pisceans rule! I celebrated last Friday, the 25th in Bim. Now I am back home in the Great North.

  7. @ Pat
    Welcome to the Club. We are free thinkers. Glad to hear you had a Happy Birthday! in Bim the land of fish and coucou! They are many Pisces here on BU some who are very outspoken. Not me Douh ! Pisces are also very talented and creative people and usually are a little ahead of the game !

  8. Pat, the Aztec and Inca civilizations were deeply rooted in typical, rampant idolatry* the worship and veneration of a multiplicity of false, demonic gods* deities, all of which IS an afront and contempt for the One, True, and Living God, of historic divine revelation, as revealed in His Word, the Bible.

    Re the Roman Catholic church, its Popes, priest, monks, etc, etc, who were around at the time of the Aztec civilization et al, let it be clearly understood, the RC religious/political institution, was NOT, then, NOR is it now, a Christian denomination, it has masqueraded under the banner of Christianity, for over 1600 years, and has done the greatest disservice to the cause of the True Gospel of Christ; Catholicism IS the Whore of Revelation Chapter 17, the Mother of Harlots, etc, so, what happened to the Aztecs under RC’s hands, was NOT inflicted on them by Christians.

    BTW, Homosexuality, and all other forms of sexual depravity, is just another expression of idolatry, all of which will ultimately bring God’s Wrath, and runiation on any society!

  9. Zoe, you are beynbd belief.

    How could people without TV, telephones, etc., know of one little man who lived in the Middle East, separated from them by several oceans? Do you now see why you get knocked for not thinking analytically? How do you know that the Aztecs and Incas were not worshipping True Gods? Are you the Big Boss Engineer Creator?

    Zoe, please go back to bed.

  10. Pat, I thought you were a well educated person, obviously not; as you are not aware of common historical facts, re the Aztec and Incan civilizations, and their cemented worship of false gods* is well documented.

    You and many others need to get acquainted with what is sound, analytical, critical thinking, what is entailed, what it is all about, and BTW, welcome to the ‘club’ of so-called free thinker* here on BU, keep the unfounded, uninformed, foundationless, bilge, bunk, rot, coming, please do, for it, gives rise to the Truth, which will always be victorious, as it can be surpressed, but never put out!

  11. Then let us talk about the rampant homosexuality in Israel !!
    Do you deny this Zoe?!?
    Will they suffer the wrath of God as a nation just like the others?
    @ Pat…
    Glad you had a great time in Bim and the birthday….I celebrate for the month but my day is the 13th. I am in NYC for a while now so I will do it here as I am reaching a nice milestone.

  12. Zoe you noticed i have not pounced on your creative way of analysising bibilcal or other events or occurences in the lives of mankind. You are free to think whatever you think as well as others would likely do the same.
    BTW I’ve noticed your username represents part of the word ZO_DIAC . as well as mine represents the last part i.e AC. is that a coincidence or part of divine intervention!

  13. @Techie
    i alwas thought we had something in common. the number 13, Also and Hopi .I think kiki is a Pisces! Good people aren’t we!

  14. @ac…..

    That we are!!

    Pay Zoe no mind….I am still waiting on him to speak about the rampant homosexuality in the land of God’s chosen people. The Jewish people have a gay agenda similar to the USA but Zoe will always beat up on Haiti and anyone else.
    I also wonder what cause the demise of the native American….homosexuality?…..idolatry?

  15. Techie, you’re up late in the belly of the beast. Be careful what you post over there as they’ll be checking certain key words!

    Thank goodness that we are all created with the ability to develop in various ways. Life would be very dull without our differences and the character development needed to come to terms with those differences.

    Some people believe that all that we know now is all there is and ever will be, religions like empires also fall and fade. At one time the universal (Catholic Church) was all powerful, it has been fragmented and losing souls daily.

    Man made evolution is called revolution and comes about partly because of ‘new’ ways of doing things, which is mostly adaptations of the old way of doing things.


  16. As Mr. Stanton Gittens, I think his name was, at HC, used to say while conducting an oral examine around the class, so say I to the club of BU ‘free thinkers’ hereafter called the ‘Bilge’ nonsense (don’t talk bilge) free thinkers….. Next….jackass stand on the bench….next….Pat you wouldn’t know….Technician…you would never know…. et al, who are member of the Free-thinkers, Bilge club, keep the blige pump in your brains flowing, as backups, in such a system can be very dangerous!!!!

  17. @ Zoe…

    Have you ever been married and divorced?

    If yes ….why didn’t you apply this logic to your life?
    If no…. what do you know?

  18. @Pat. Right on, girl. And Happy Birthday!!!! Poor old Zoe. Not an original or what is worse, current, thought in his/her head. The master/mistress of irrelevant and out-dated cut and paste.

    In the spirit of cut and paste, therefore, I offer the following:

    Gender: Feminine
    Usage: English, Greek, Ancient Greek
    Other Scripts: Ζωη (Greek)
    Pronounced: ZO-ee (English) [key]
    Means “life” in Greek. From early times it was adopted by Hellenized Jews as a translation of EVE. It was borne by two early Christian saints, one martyred under emperor Hadrian, the other martyred under Diocletian. The name was common in the Byzantine Empire, being borne by a ruling empress of the 11th century. As an English name, Zoe has only been in use since the 19th century. It has generally been more common among Eastern Christians (in various spellings).

  19. Amused, You’re duefully excused, as you carry out your function as one of the foremost Free Thinking, ‘Bilge’ exponents on BU, keep it flowing, I undestand, your necessity to keep the Bilge coming, otherwise you might choke on it!!!

  20. @Zoe. The “bilge” I choke on is the bovine excretions of the self-appointed “life”. I don’t expect you to understand me. Never mind, poor soul, most others do. So, a happy cut and paste to you this fine day. May Ctrl C and Ctrl V never let you down and may the bird of paradise fly up any orifice that you have exposed to it, tiara and all. Pace.

  21. FYI, Amused, I have NEVER cut and pasted anything I have posted here on BU.

    BTW, Amused, the choking you’re experiencing would sure to be, from your own BE, the lower end of the area you already operate from, with the ‘Bilge’ from above, forming the ‘Pit’ you expound from!

    You would know nothing about the Life* that only Jesus can impart, as it is foriegn to the darkness* you dwell in; as Light* cannot cohabitate with darkness, you abode!

  22. Duh | March 4, 2011 at 2:55 AM |
    Many civilizations only failed after they were introduced to Christianity.


    Did not the Egyptian, Babylonian, Medes and Persians. Assyrians and Greeks predate Christianity? Duh!
    Nothing has changed on BU.

  23. GP “Many” is not the same as “all”… do not make strawman arguments… you should be better than that.

  24. Duh, kindly quote and show from documented historical sources, where, when and how, according to you, many civilization failed after they were introduced to Christianity!

  25. Ok, how about the Romans, all of the civilizations in the Americas for a start, and I am sure I can find a few in western and southern Africa if I tried… If you look at the times that these empires fell, they all occurred after they were introduced to Christianity.

    But before we get too side tracked, the point the I was making is that you can correlate any number of thing with the rise and fall of civilizations, but correlation does not equal causation, and I do not think that it is possible to show causes for civilization fall, especially given the fragmented and biased sources that we rely upon for knowledge about those civilizations.

    Using correlative arguments from history is often away of hiding bias.. people see patterns where they want to see them… as was pointed out in a very interesting article on BU recently.

  26. Duh, care to define for us, the core values, moral, spiritual, religious, of the Romans before their demise, and any other civilizations, Americas, African, vis-a- vis historic, orthodox, Christianity?

  27. BTW, Duh, Historic, Apostolic, orthodox Christianity, and especially from the Reformation period onwards, secured freedom in religion, and as a legitimate consequence, also intellectual, political and civil freedom, unlike any other era before, as all ancient civilizations, were awash in Paganism, abuse of woman, child sacrifices, homosexuality, temple prostitutes, both male and female, any wonder that they came to runiation, and crumbled, when, God’s Word, the Bible, with its instruction and comfort became accessible to all.

    This is the truimphant vindication of true, Apostolic Christianity, as it spread to other nations, who were in bonadge to ancient Paganism, in its varied and manifested forms, which kept its people in spiritual darkness, immoral debauchery, as light, always disples darkness, life always displaces death, and ignorance gives way to knowledge!

  28. No Zoe, I would not.. because it is not germane to the topic and I have other things to do with my life than satisfy your research requests :D.

    But it sounds to me that you have conceded my point, that many other civilizations failed after contact with Christianity, even if from your point of view this is a good thing. Though I would differ as it involved the genocide and enslavement of entire peoples.

    and a second point Christian Europe (and the rest of the world) has always been awash with abuse of women, prostitution of all kinds, homosexuality and many other “sins” and abominations. Christianity does not have a monopoly on virtuous or evil behavior.

    But Zoe, realize that I am not trying to convince you of anything… I know you can not be convinced.. no one is so blind as he who refuses to see :p.

  29. Duh, Paganistic and Polytheistic civilizations, would inevitably fail, as they always do, as Almighty God’s righteous judgment comes upon them, in the face of His Truth, the Bible.

    Further, whatever genocide and enslavement of any people, during the spread of Christianity, was NOT committed at the hands of genuine believers, but, by those charlatans who falsely professed Christianity, using ‘religion’ NOT Christianity, as a mask to enslave others.

    Duh, I don’t expect you to fathom this reality, having not consulted the libraries of the informed, hence, your ignorance (lacking knowledge, facts, evidence) renders you in a state of continued blindness!

    You must stop lighting a candle to see the Sun!

  30. Well we will have to await the downfall of the non-Christian world to see if you are right, though the continued success of non-Christian or even abrahamic states like China and India does make that outcome seem unlikely.

    Out of curiosity, you say that the horrors perpetuated by the Europeans where not the act of genuine Christians, which makes me wonder if there has there even been a genuine Christian state? What state past or present, would you hold up as a role model for the rest of us?

  31. The following historic facts, though they vividly contrast Protestant, genuine Christianity, to Heathenistic Roman Catholicism, nevertheless, bring home the point of the liberating aspects of genuine Christianity.

    “Compare for proof Protestant Germany under Wiliam I., with Roman-Catholic Germany under Maximilian I.; England under Queen Victoria, with England under Henry VII.; Calvinistic Scotland and Lutheran Scandinavia in the ninteenth century, with Roman Scotland and Scandinavia in the fifteenth. Look at the origin and growth of free Holland and free North America. Contrast England with Spain of the present day; Prussia with Austria; Holland with Portugal; the United States and Canada with older Mexico and Peru or Brazil. Consider the teeming Protestant literature in every department of learning, science and art; and countless Protestant churches, schools, colleges universities, charitable institutions and missionary stations scattered all over the globe. Surely, the Reformation can stand the test: ‘by their fruit ye shall know them.” (History of The Christian Church, Volume VII, p.260).

    Obviously the seeds of this great period of Modern Christianity, that brought such liberty to the world, through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, the Bible, and its fruit, to mankind, simply cannot be refuted, as the results were/are all there to see.

    However, we are NOW in the era, season, of End-Time prophetic consummation, with the rise of abased secularization, humanism, atheism, cultural relativism, homosexualism, Islamic Jihadism, and the list goes on, with mankind throughout the world in Crisis, groping in spiritual darkness, and folly, with the Prophetic time-table, as declared in God’s Word, the Bible, all coming to pass exactly as HE said it would!

  32. But Zoe if this is indeed His plant surely you should be welcoming the rise of homosexuality etc after all this is His plan, it is what He has ordained, by your argument.

    After all, this needs to happen so that the the Second Kingdom may come.

    Should we not therefore rejoice in this decision of the British high court?

  33. Duh, No, we are not called to ever rejoice at any SIN, and God did NOT ordain homosexuality, in His Omnscience, He knew the beginning from the end, having given mankind ‘freedom’ of choice, to either follow Him, OR, the ways of Sin, that lead to destruction and death.

    Because we are told and warned that mankind’s sinful bent, will increasingly get worse, as it is now happening, and persection of Christians will intensify, and it is, we are incouraged to Lift up our hearts and lives toward the Glorious Second Coming our our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen & Amen!!!

  34. Zoe, it is truly impressive how clearly you know the mind of God and his/her intentions.

    So for further clarification, in the pairs of countries listed above it is not clear from the quoted text which is the “good” situation and which is the “bad” situation… i.e. which is supposed to be better England under Queen Victoria or England under Henry VII?

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  36. Duh, I appreciate it is so difficult for those like you, to understand that our Eternal, Omnipotent Creator, is a personal, loving Heavenly Father, who took the initiative to communicate His Word, to us, through His divinely inspired prophets, and has given to mankind in His written Word, the Bible, what He wants us to know about Him, His plan of salvation for those who believe, and have experienced His Love, Mercy, and Grace, in, by, and through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    No words can adequately convey what it is like to feel, experience and know, with assurance, the awesome presence of His Love, confirming without doubt, what He said, in His Word, the Bible, would happen, when we believe, by faith, reasonable faith, NOT blind faith, whose collective testimony and witness over thousands of years, confirms the historic veracity, not some mythological nonsense, of His Person, cemented in, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Intellectuals, atheist, agnostics, and people from all cultural backgrounds, of every ethnic kind, have ALL found the same living, vibrant, spiritual reality in Christ, that no other religion has, or can offer, as there is One, and Only One Almighty God, who has revealed Himself in One Person, His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, for there is no other Saviour; if this offends others, well, we are warned by Him, Jesus Christ, that the world first hated Him, rejected Him, and would therefore reject and scorn His true, genuine followers!

  37. ac, One person did not become Three people!

    The Father IS eternally the Father,
    The Son IS eternally the Son, and
    The Holy Spirit IS eternally the Holy Spirit.

    This is so as revealed in His Word, the Bible. Take Eternity, enernity is one – timelessness, yet eternity is also threefold, time past, time present, time future!

  38. Zoe, I trust you will answer my question about which of the pairs of countries is to be held up as the good example?

  39. Duh, In the pairs of countries cited, the comparisons list the Protestant regions first, then the Catholic countries, as Church Historian Philip Schaff goes on to assert:

    “…while Protestant countries once proverbial for sterility and barbarism, have been turned, by skill and industry, into gardens, and can boast of a long list of heroes and statemen, philosophers and poets. Whoever, knowing what Italy and Scotland naturally are, and what, four hundred years ago, they actually were, shall now compare the country round Rome with the country round Edinburgh, will be able to form some hudgment as to the tendency of papal domination. The descent of Spain, once the first among monarchies, to the lowest depths of degradation; elevation of Holland, in spite of many natural disadvantages, to a posstion such as no commonwealth so small has ever reached, – teach the same lesson. Who ever passes, in Germany, from Roman Catholic to a Proteatant canton, In Ireland from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant country, finds that he has passed from a lower to a higher grade of civilization. On the other side of the Atlantic, the same law prevails. The Protestants of the United States have left far behind them the Roman Catholics of Mexico, Peru, and Brazil. The Roman Catholics of Lower Canada remain inhert, while the whole continent around them is a ferment with Protestant activity and enterprise.” (History of The Christian Church, Vol VII, p.262)

    These are sound historical facts, wherever Protestantism is contrasted with Roman Catholicism, not only in eras of past centuries, but right up until today, with Protestantism representing, the true liberty of freedom, in all aspects, as taken from God’s Word, the Bible, whereas, Roman Catholicism was and still is, a maze of dictatorial, tyrannical, Popery, seeking to control ones life from cradle to grave, through the utterly unscriptual yoke of a sacerdotal, sacramental priesthood (priestcraft) foriegn to New Testament doctrine.

  40. Re that obvious advertisment that appeared between Duh’s post of March 7, 2011 and ac’s March 7, 2011, that read:

    ‘Pingback: Images of Jesus Christ /Vitality of MORMONISN: Brief Essays on Distinctive Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints’ (emphasis added).

    To all innocent, uninformed observers here on BU, who are not familiar with Mormonism, Mormons, or the LDS, whose ‘Distinctive’ doctrines are a direct, blatant contradiction, to historic, orthodox Doctrine of God’s Word, the Bible, see the thread on ‘The Reconstruction and Transformation of Haiti: A Global-Moral Imperative, Feb, 2010, when I from Feb 2, 2010, gave an extended exposition on Mormonisn, quoting directly from within authorized Momon Literature, et al, clearly exposing this Cult, and its dangerous false and unscriptural doctrines.

  41. Doesn’t Zoe sound similar to the Muslims, Jews, JWs, Mormons, SDAs, Catholics, Anglicans etc.
    They are all passionate in their beliefs, with some (including Zoe) going to the point of the extremist.
    They all claim to be right, to be the truth but who is???
    One thing I do know from all this blogging on BU………They all need each other to justify each others existence.
    Isn’t life wonderful?!?

  42. @Tech: “…They all need each other to justify each others existence. Isn’t life wonderful?!?

    If you et al haven’t seen it yet, please rent and view Bill Maher’s Religulous.

    Maher is even funnier (and much more coherent) than Zoe….

  43. @Zoe: “Take Eternity, enernity[sic] is one – timelessness…

    Actually, no. Eternity is not one (although I would agree it is one set of values); nor is it timeless.

    To (modern) mathematicians, eternity can be represented as “Let t represent some point in time; Let t=n; n is undefined”. (By inference, n is an infinite set of values.)

    @Zoe: “…yet eternity is also threefold, time past, time present, time future!

    So, from this, then…

    Time present (T) can be represented as n being equal to zero (0) (T=t.)

    Time past (Tp) can be represented as n being a negative number from present (Tp=T-n for some value of n).

    Time future (Tf) can be represented as n being a positive number from present (Tf=T+n for some value of n).

    Care to explain to us again why there is no year zero in the Bible?

  44. Poor Zoe. I regret to say that I am enjoying the beating up he/she (hermaphrodite perchance) is getting. Un-Christian of me I know. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa and I deeplt repent my enjoyment. But it is FUN. Amused is highly amused.

  45. Zoe… I agree protestantism was one of the important stepping stone in human history.

    The removal of authority for the Church and placing individuals in-charge of their own fate is possibly the single most important step towards independence from the bondage of faith and an important step on the road to true freedom.. secularism.

  46. @Zoe’Zoe | March 6, 2011 at 12:05 AM |
    As Mr. Stanton Gittens, I think his name was, at HC, used to say while conducting an oral examine around the class, so say I to the club of BU ‘free thinkers’ hereafter called the ‘Bilge’ nonsense (don’t talk bilge) free thinkers….. Next….jackass stand on the bench….


    Interesting that you choose him as an ‘example’ to quote. I wonder at his approach to students and his ‘favourite sayings’, such as the one you quote above.

    Another I remember was ‘I could do better with a bloody bunch of monkeys’.

    Probably thought we were. Helluva piano player though.

    Looking back I shudder at the approach of a few of the teachers that we were subjected to, some of whom, on hindsight, seemed to have personality issues, rather than teaching ability.

  47. zoe then is it safe to say that 3people became one person. as far as eternity it is infinite neither male or female.having no ability to change like the Godhead which revealed himself as man in the flesh being called theSon. Then on his return to heavenrevealed himself as The Holy Spirit to his disciples according to Acts.This is truly mindboggling.

  48. Duh, No, it was not, “…a step towards independence from bondage of faith, (but, from bonage of ecclesiastical, RC tyrrany), and yes, secularism has always being there, but, secularism, (godlessness) never brings true freedom, Only Christ can!

    @Crusoe, Yes, I do agree with you, re “…a few of the teachers that we were subjected to…seem to have personality issues, rather than teaching ability.”

    So very true!

    @ac, Yes, the Trinitarian aspect of the Infinite Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is rather incomprehensible, accepted by faith, in His divine revelation of Himself.

    @Amused, I see it is your ‘shift’ at maning the BU ‘Blige’ pump, to keep it flowing, you are faithful, to the Club, its just your turn! OK! As Pigs enjoy playing in Mud, so Blige pumpers, like you, in their asinine folly, would quite naturally find it, “But it is FUN” Exactly so, “Amused is highly amused.” Exactly so, true to form, keept it flowing Bilger!

  49. Halsall, Stop playing foolish games, this is nonsense!

    As Wikipedia gives ample explanation:

    “Year Zero” does NOT exist in the widely used Gregorian calender or in its predecessor, the Julian calender. Under those systems, the year 1 BC is followed by AD1, There is NO Year Zero!

    Halsall, do you have a Zeroth year in your life?

    “Actually, no eternity is not one ( although I would agree it is one set of values) nor is it timeless.”

    Halsall, man, this is philosophy, NOT math! eternity is a different domain of EXISTENCE* from TIME*

    We count BACK to the past, i.e., 500BC is AFTER 1,000BC. 500 BC is 500 years before Christ [a tag past Daniel], and 1000 years is that many before Christ [roughly, time of King david].

    We count forward to the future, i.e., 500AD [about the collapse of the Western Roman Empire] is BEFORE 1,000 [ just before the Norman Conquest of England]

    “Care to explain to us again why there is no year zero in the Bible?”

    Halsall, TOTAL irrelevancy. There is NO zeroth year, just as we count UP to the first birthday!

    What you are attempting to do, will NOT work, and you know it!

    Eternity of ‘being’ Almighty God’s infinite EXISTENCE* is beyond your punny math!

    Deal with it Halsall!

  50. Wow…

    Bilge pumps….extremists….zealots….Bat Cave, we have a true mixture on BU.

    But Osama Bin Zoe takes the cake!!

  51. Halsall, man, I can’t hear you! Where you gone man?

    Hope you’ve not gone into eternity*, as eternity after our earthly existence has two destinations, Eternal Life with Jesus, OR, Eternal Damnation, NO TIME, in either, just Eternal Peace, Joy, with Him, OR, Eternal misery, estranged from God, in Hell!

    The choice remains ours to make, while the clock is ticking away, (time!) before we enter ETERNITY, no time any more!

  52. @Tchie. “Osama bin Zoe”. I like it. Amused is now even more amused. To quote the inimitable Bonny, Uh cryyiing.

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