Homosexuality And Barbadians~The Fear Of An Orderly Society

Some comments to BU recently have motivated me to blog on the issue of homosexuality in the context of Barbados. Many of us grew-up in a village and would have had to confront the issue of “bullas” and “wickers” in various ways. We all had this amorphous understanding that the issue existed but it seemed so far away. What is it about the issue of homosexuality which always seems to drive fear and some would say irrationality into the behaviour of Barbadians right across the social spectrum?


Simply put I think that the phobia which black Barbadians show towards homosexuals may have its roots in our tumultuous past. Historians recount that the African slaves were ritualistic and relied heavily on religion. The need to bond in the strange lands of the West Indies away from Africa may have embedded a value system heavily influenced by Christian doctrines injected by the slave masters which has seen its legacy effect to this day. In a nutshell Christians react to the question of homosexuality by stating that it conflicts with Christian teachings. I am not overly religious and therefore not the best person to debate on this basis.


Barbadians do fear what the entry of homosexuals to mainstream society may bring. They listen to the news and observed how the developed countries embrace homosexuals as equals; it appears that way on the surface anyway. Perhaps most critical to understanding the fears of mainstream Barbados is the fact that it is now well documented that AIDS/HIV has been proven to be linked to the homosexual lifestyle:


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that the number of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses rose 11 percent among gay and bisexual men between 2000 and 2003. Reuters News Service echoed these concerns: “Since the late 1990s… the disease has shown signs of a comeback, particularly among gay and bisexual men.”

Source: HIV, AIDS Cases Rise Among U.S. Gay, Bisexual Men,” Reuters News Service, December 1, 2004


It is not anytime soon that Barbadians will dispense with the cautious approach it has towards embracing homosexuals into mainstream activity; and yes I wrote cautious and not homophobic. BU feels that Barbadians must be commended for being honest about this contentious issue. We continue to feel that the homosexual lobby has become so overwhelmingly strong that it has turn homosexuality into a “human rights” issue. Again there are enough studies which show that homosexuality is a learned behavour in the early life of individuals which means that it can be unlearned:


This University of Western Ontario study, which concluded that there is no apparent biological basis for homosexuality, raises the likelihood that homosexuals acquire or learn same-sex attraction in their formative years. If homosexuality is a learned characteristic, it is logical to assume, therefore, that homosexuals can “unlearn” the same-sex attraction, if there is the will to do so. Certainly, there are a significant number of psychologists and psychiatrists who have successfully treated homosexuals and lesbians in this regard.


Source: Real Women of Canada


John Amaechi the NBA basketball player who recently made public his homosexual tendency made very interesting observations. He stated


“Probably 30 of my former (NBA) teammates have my e-mail and my telephone contacts and probably 16 or so of those I was in regular touch with and there are probably 10 people who I have (on instant messenger). And zero — nobody — who’s active in the NBA has been in touch with me since the day I came out, despite the fact that most of them knew I was gay in the first place,” Amaechi said.


When one juxtaposes his comment against the very public position of the USA it tells us that there must be some hypocrisy present when viewed against Amaechi’s other statement:


And in fact, 95 percent of the correspondence I’ve had have been overwhelmingly supportive and positive,” Amaechi said. “But I will say that the 5 percent that I’ve had have been unbelievably, viscerally, frighteningly negative.”


Source: Yahoo Sports


The question BU asks is its litmus test for Barbadians on whether they would allow Amaechi – a psychologist who works with children – to work with their children if the opportunity was present.





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  1. I would suggest that you look carefully at the information provided by the UN AIDS organization (www.unaids.org). Of the 39.5 million people living with HIV/AIDS, 17.7 million are women. The epidemic in the Caribbean (which in concentrated in the Dominican Republic and Haiti) has been shown to be a heterosexual phenomenon, fuelled by a thriving sex industry. There are other facts that show that AIDS is now a ast growing problem in women and children. Don’t misinform people based on prejudices or by pandering to fears.

  2. homosexuals are sick…thats my opinion…deap down all humans know that such a lifestyle is wrong and unnatural.

    Sadly even in my home land of Jamaica, arguably the most homophobic land on the planet, homosexuality is steadily becoming accepted and mainstream.

  3. New Reader~thanks for the stats. It begs the question though how so many women are getting infected because we all know that lesbian sexual activity would hardly be responsible. Brings us back to the point of the article.

    Jamaiapnanese~your position is one which a lot of research has been done i.e. homosexuality is a learned behaviour. It is interesting that the anglican church is split USA/Europe and Africa/West Indies.

  4. Even if you accept that homosexuality is a learned behaviour, why does that make it wrong? How homosexuality originates is a red herring. First you need to establish that homosexuality is wrong in the first place, then you can worry about how it comes about.

  5. This nonsense about homosexuals dealing with children. It’s like saying that all heterosexuals are sex maniacs or rapists. You have to be able to distinguish between homosexuals and child molesters. They are not the same. As for homosexual behaviour being learned, I find it hard to believe, as in many cases, homosexual males that I know appear to be very effeminate in manner and speech. I suppose it could be learned, but I doubt it. I have at least three homosexual aquaintances whom I have known for many years. They know that I am straight and none of them has even hinted at a pass at me. They are not predators, and I suggest that homophobia in Barbados is down to the fact that many men doubt their own sexuality and even a little afraid that they, too, may have homosexual tendencies.

  6. ?x?~I must say that I am not an expert on the subject. We need to discuss the subject more so that we can understand together.

  7. David~ Ok… my understanding of your position is this. you propose that homosexuality is a learned condition, and there fore should not be allowed on human rights grounds, and you site a few studies to ground your opinion.

    I disagree with you on both points. I am not convinced that homosexuality is a learned behaviour. I can also site many scientific studies in humans and in other species (species which don’t learn in the human sense) which would argue the opposite, that homosexuality is a behaviour grounds in a biological cause.

    Secondly you argue that homosexuality cannot be a human right issue, because it is a learned behaviour. Even if you accept that is is is a learned behaviour, which I don’t, that argument is still flawed. Humans rights include the freedom of religious affiliation, and that is definitely a learned behaviour.

  8. Jamaiapnanese,

    Very disheartening to read such venom !
    I have HOMOSEXUAL friends, male and female who are certainly not as “sick” as you would have us believe them to be. What they do in their bedrooms is nobodys business.
    Why spread such hate !!??

  9. I think that people who commit RAPE, INCEST AND MURDER are “sick “.
    But that is just MY opinion.

  10. Sick as in “twisted and corrupt individuals who need to be punished” or sick as in “unfortunate individuals that we need to find a cure for”?

  11. Cannot believe that you could be suggesting that the AIDS in Africa is due to homosexuality. Wake up! Education in condom use in Africa, and education in general is of prime importance. In a land mass where 10% and more of the population will die of AIDS, how do you think you can justify this by saying “homosexuality”.

    We live in a modern world.

    Village life in Barbados does not censor homosexuality. It is accepted as a choice. Why can’t BU?

    Get real. Why try to force free men and women to your ways. We are free!

  12. Friend of all~there is a reason why AIDS is rampant in Africa. There are some customs which will take many years to overcome, much of it is also due to illiteracy.

  13. Friend of all~ no not at all! By customs I mean innate qualities which will act as tough barriers to AIDS education in Africa.

  14. Good, and thanks! We can now say that aids in Africa is both a heterosexual and homosexual phenomenon, as it is here in Bim today.

    Now, onward. Constutionally it is debated in the west that a person is free. In Barbados the law is there, but it is not enforced. In fact we are developed to such a stage that we can have the highest legal offices filled by anyone at all.

    Should one wish to show such person in a cartoon as receiving an illegal rab-land house, then yes, I agree the electorate should speak; but should you say they should go on the basis of anything else, I will debate you.

  15. Friend of all~AT BU all we attempt to do is to highlight the fear around the issue of homosexuality. We all have our preferences but the key point which we have repeatedly expressed in our discussion on the topic is how can we become a more tolerant society and simultaneously deflate the emotion which is associated with the topic homosexuality. It is not enough to quote the law because in Barbados like many West Indian islands there are other considerations which will influence how our future society is formed..

  16. If your attempting to deflate the emotion present when addressing homosexuality you need to address very fundamental issues. I believe the most significant of which is a tacit misogyny present in the society. Men fear homosexuality because sex and dominance are linked in the male mind, and to be the passive partner (female) is to allow domination, and that is unacceptable to most men. Men fear homosexuality because it mean that some men might want to dominate them and view them as sexual object as they themselves view women.

  17. Having lived in Barbados for most of my life and listening carefully to what people say, especially groups of men.

  18. I too have lived in Barbados all my life and listened carefully to what people say, especially groups of men.

    My finding is that the great majority of men don’t fear or for that matter hate male homosexuality. They simply find it disgusting.

    Most men can understand and even accept female homosexuality, but the act of buggery, whether it is a male or female you are buggering is not only unnatural, it simply nasty.

  19. Buggery is not the same thing as homosexuality. Lots of straight men in Barbados bugger women. Not all homosexual men engage in buggery.

    There are many things that people find disgusting… but few excite the level of hostility that the topic of male homosexuality does.

    If it was simple disgust I might it expect it to get the same reaction that a lot of people have to the idea of eating snails or insects. But in fact the reaction is usually more intense.

  20. ?x?~you are right about the infatuation which civilized society has with homosexuality. This piece was written 9 May and is consistently one of the most popular topics. At BU we don’t feel qualified to write authoritatively on the subject and would welcome a submission from any BU reader who feel there is a point to make.

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  22. “Not all homosexual men engage in buggery.”
    Oh? and how do they satisfy the natural necessity? mutual masturbation? Well all right, that makes it ok then.

    It is not so much the act of homosexuality that excites hostility. It is that those so inclined try to shove it down our throats that their activity is natural, normal and wholesome and should be accepted, when we instinctively know and they must know that such behaviour is an aberration and a perversion.

    It bugs the hell out of me that they have hijacked and have been allowed to hijack one of the cleanest, brightest words in the English language,”gay” and made it synonymous with a perversion so successfully that the word can no longer be used in its original context. We continue to pander to them and give them validity by continually referring to them as “gays” rather than a more appropriate name, take your pick.

  23. Inkwell – If Men can accept female homosexuality then why can’t they handle male homosexuality?
    It is because female sexuality does not threaten them like male homosexuality does.

    If your going to argue that homosexuailty is wrong, then it is wrong for both sexes. If it buggery that is wrong then it buggery that’s wrong not homosexuality.

    The “gays” did not, contrary to popular belief, hijack the term gay for themselves.

    “The word started to acquire sexual connotations in the late 17th century, being used with meaning “addicted to pleasures and dissipations”. This was by extension from the primary meaning of “carefree”: implying “uninhibited by moral constraints”.


    So gay was corrupted in it mean before it was ever applied to homosexuals.

    As for gay being a perversion or an aberration, that is really a subjective view point. Animal species from Birds to Dolphins to Chimps exhibit homosexual behaviour.

  24. Ok look… Having anal sex is not ok… For male or female. Homosexuality is just another form of perversion.

    We all should be trying to build a better society for ourselves. And being homosexual is not building a better society. Just like stealing, drinking, molestation, or running a traffic light, and denying hungry person water. Lets stop rationalizing things that are Cleary unbeneficial and analyze things that are beneficial

    To be honest perverted behavior leads to other things. Just like one drink turns to two three and four or potentially cocaine. And just like a kiss leads to you falling in love or having sex. Were is homosexuality leading you. Be honest and ask yourself the question. Before a mango became a mango it was first a seed…

    Lets talk about what it is we know; not believe. And talk about things we know about man and our experiences as humans. And animals yes may display what you call homosexual tendencies. But are your eyes just perverted? Our are they displaying the bond of love they share as a species (they don’t blow each other and have anal sex). Just as you hug your friend after winning a football game. Or as your father spanked you because you were behaving badly. Is your father perverted because he smacks your but with a rod. Well if you watch rated x movies smacking people on the but is now some form of S and M sex

    Ignorance – means an ignore state; or to ignore the facts

    The fact is alot of peoples research is based upon the literature of a people who has enslaved and colonialized African people. Your bases of arguments have nothing to do with an African perspective, but deals with a Europeanized perspective. And the truth is we are not Europeans. If you seek to incorporate European fundamentals then be prepared for the things Europeans or Anglo Saxons have to offer the African race. Like crack, heroin, disease, jails, unemployment, blood & crips, and all the other ills that pain African communities around the world

    Homosexaulity – is an effect of European influence and colonization. During our time in slavery we have learned to tolerate many abuses and homosexuality is just one of those abuses. The body is amazing how it adapts even in the most horrific conditions. Homosexuality is an adaptation to an horrific condition which we have now excepted to some degree of normalcy.

    People are talking as if it is not possible for a mental sickness to occur in the brain just as the other organs in the body can become compromised with many different forms of sickness. Let me guess; the brain must be exempt from sickness??? Or are you waiting for your rulers to set the standard of mental sickness for you to believe it is real??? I really would like to know who people basing the standard upon for there information. Do you research the authors of these theories, understand there ideologies and what organizations and believe systems they are affiliated with, what kind of policies or schools of thought they attempt or perpetuate. I think Africans have still not realized there are people out there that want to wipe you off the planet. And the knowledge some of you get is actually a weapon; therefore everything and its intent in philosophy must be questioned. Do you really believe our condition around the world is by mere coincidence? Let me shed some light; they don’t care what you do as long as they don’t loose money!!! Isn’t the truth of the matter is that we are all destined to be sick in some form or another??? Isn’t sickness the beginning of your physical death??? Hmm I wonder why homosexuals can’t procreate!!! Can any person with any form of disease procreate under normal circumstances???

    Let’s stop pointing the finger at each others deficiencies and lets start believing in ourselves and helping each other by forming our own concepts of reality instead of importing other people’s ideas. We should be developing rehabilitation programs for homosexuals, alcoholics, drug abusers, rape victims etc… And stop exploiting peoples emotions and there short comings to push our political agendas which have nothing to do with common sense and the absolute law of nature; which are obvious if you just look around you.

    Nobody is threatened by homosexuality, but we are threatened by the destruction of our society in exchange for a similar dynamic of that of the African race in the United States; which is jails, homosexuality and drugs. Our mothers and fathers did not practice this form of behavior and I do not intend to spit on the foundation they have layed before us therefore there ideals will continue to live in me. If you want a European slave master’s concept of life to live in you then that is your choice. And this is not to promote any racism; I am simply stating the facts and the undeniable truth. And the truth is we as a people from here to Africa and the United States are a people who are constantly be observed and strategized against for our destruction and the dissemination of our unifying power; and the bases of that is the destruction of the family environment. It is time we take responsibility instead of studying non-sense which is clearly not conducive in building a family, a community, and an ethical organized social structure. I guarantee you that MOST homosexuals and transsexuals experienced a traumatic sexual experience or come from a broken home… DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THAT.

  25. P.S The next means of attack for the acception of homosexuality to be normal will be to place a person loved by the people as a homosexual. Be prepared for it, because it is the next means of there strategy to destroy the african race.

  26. I just read an article which stated that in the West Indies, heterosexuality was the major cause of HIV infections. Please Google “HIV + Caribbean ” and my point will be proven. To make things easy, please read the link below:



    In both articles, the main cause of HIV infection is unprotected sex not homosexuality. You will see in both reports that pregnant women make up about 10% of the yearly infections in the caribbean. And you can only get pregnant in a heterosexual relationship.

    People, it’s 2008, please educate yourself as it’s not homosexuality, it’s carelessness and ignorance that spreads HIV in the Caribbean.

    I think that once people start to realize this, then they will start to tolerate gay people and realize that they arent the cause of HIV infections in the Caribbean.

  27. And I agree, this kind of thinking is what is destroying the black race. White people don’t have this issue! And they are hoping that we kill each other by giving each other HIV, blaming HIV on each other instead of protecting ourselves, killing homosexuals, etc.

    They dont do this to their own race. I know, I live in the US.


  28. DominicanGFF I live in the U.S too. Philly to be exact.

    But you know what, I have lived amongst caucasions heavy. Even lived with them and participated in thier culture. And to be soley honest without prejiduce but truth with thier life style of sex. Its a wonder how they are not all dying from aids right now. See alot of people dont know. But I have been around them for a long time, dam near my entire life. They are some freaks to the enth degree. Why are they not dying of aids bafels me, and believe me they are not using protection. Brothers and Sisters I implore you and I cannot stress enough everything and its intent must be questioned even its very existance must be validated by every auspice and portal that you can even percieve to exist. They say thier is no cure for AIDS and you just accept!! Why dont we work together to find a cure and become our own scientist? What is natural and what is normal? What is reality and what are roles? You must become the holders of your destiny and trust your judgement; as long as your foundation is within nature. You must analyze why africans every were do not have any REAL power. BELIEF IS THE DISEASE OF CRITICAL THINKING. AND STOP THINKING YOUR REALITY CAN BE VALIDATED BY ANY PEOPLE PERSON OR SPECIES WHO IS NOT WITH and of U.

    I am really waiting for the day that I see caucasions with a black jesus tatoo on thier arm like niggas do. Or a chinese with african writing on there arm like niggas do. Or arabs wearing african cloths like niggas want to be muslim. Or white parents buying there children black dolls. Or white people buying black food like niggas buy pizza in the U.S.. You eat the food of a man/woman that wouldnt even let u step foot in thier house and never want to see you as strong as them. Even niggas givin cats like Gandi respect. Gandi is a racist and hated black people and fully made that known in his time. They even got a dam cast system over there in India. Man niggas got a long way to go. Man dam some stuff is not even racist its just common sense and people liking who the hell they are and wanting to preserve themselves. If yall dont watch it, yall niggas are gonna be extinct. The only reason niggas are still together is because other races dont even want you, otherwise yall would have jumped off the black boat a long time ago. We are the poorest people in the world and our hottest topic is homosexuality. We are trully freakin pathetic..

  29. To me homosexuality is 100% wrong, let me state this first of all. My reason for this is based on my personal belief as well as my christian one. I saw this site while researching homosexuality in barbados for an sba and I find it rather interesting people’s different views, but let me explain mine. I find homosexual acts, be it by male or female to be rather disturbing and being still at a young age I see it creeping into our schools, our community and maybe even churches. I am a female and I don’t see what physically I would want from another woman as I have everything she does, and what a man has, a woman still needs to use to get maximum satisfaction and I’m referring to a dildo or any such like but this may just be me. The act of buggery, be it a man and a man or a man and a woman does not entice me at all and I dont see how people do it, but this is just my personal preference. On the other hand, I am a Christian and I firmly believe in God’s word which states clearly that homosexuality is wrong! It is a sin and therefore I do not agree with it at all. People will probably have alot to say about this but I stand firm on my decision but I dont think people that have a problem with my Christian stance are Christians themselves and will not see things the way I do.

  30. I would like to say that more than anything else; what is destroying the Caribbean family is heterosexual behaviour largely (homosexuality aside for a moment).
    Wife-beating, infidelity and child abuse are rampant in our societies and need to stop.

  31. What’s funny is the fact that as much and as loud as blacks denounce and decry homosexuality, they are invariably eager to participate anytime the opportunity to do so without being found out arises. Black guys will have sex anywhere and with anyone they can.

  32. Is this blog still alive as of August 2012? Much of what is said here about homosexuality is inaccurate and highly opinionated. It does not lead to thoughtful and intelligent understanding of the phenomenon of homosexuality. Bloggers here would do well to read scientific and research studies done in the past decade to fully gain insight about the varieties of human sexuality. Being disgusted or fearful or chosen or labeled as sin–all of these subjective approaches make little rational sense and do not lead to clear-minded examination of homosexuality. Homophobia is irrational and derives from this lack of clear-minded understanding of human nature in its diverse forms. Homosexuality derives from inherent nature as one of these diverse forms. It is an uncommon variant of sexuality just as left-handedness or red hair is uncommon. Becoming rigidly opinionated serves no intelligent purpose in moving a society forward into current knowledge. Life changes; knowledge changes; the human mind changes.
    The way forward is with an open mind that thrives on discovery of new phenomena and new understandings of the world around us… otherwise we would be still riding around in ox-carts, engaged in slavery, believing that pharaohs are gods, that homosexuality is evil or that men are superior to women. Awake and rise.
    Thank you.
    From Richard Ammon PhD
    Author and Clinical Psychologist
    Owner of GlobalGayz.com

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