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Sanitation Service Authority Goes Out to Tender

The following tender which was placed in the weekend newspaper is interesting from a few angles. Replies to the tender have to be submitted by Oct 13th; Trucks and equipment have to be delivered 90 days thereafter; There are vague descriptions of trucks and equipment and no technical specifications was made available. A few other […]

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Leaking Waste on the South Coast, AGAIN

There is no need to be prolix about the importance placed on local health authority to prevent liquid waste leaking onto our streets. It presents a health hazard to locals and visitors -bear in mind where Rendezvous is located.  It makes taxpayers question the managerial and financial ability and capacity to manage the sewerage infrastructure. […]

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The Jefferson Cumberbatch Column – Freedom of Expression

It is, once again, that time of the year when we UWI examiners are called upon to mark examination scripts. As a result of the introduction of the semester system, this has now become a biannual exercise for us in May/June and December/January. None of which, of course, is of the slightest interest to any […]

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Defending the Right of the Male, Female and Third Gender

It is no secret that Minister Denis Lowe is NOT a person held in high esteem by the BU household. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he belongs on the lowest rung of the moral and ethical ladder. He will be remembered by BU first as Peter Allard’s stool pigeon and second as the Cahill Energy […]

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Garbage Everywhere!

Here is a photo of an overflowing and smelly garbage skip that greeted a member of the BU family in the parking lot on a recent visit to Foul Bay, one of a diminishing number of large, scenic, and so far relatively unspoiled (by development) beaches in the island. The smelly and overflowing skip was […]

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Former BLP Government Blamed for Sewage Problem

The following was posted to Facebook by Minister Denis Kellman who acted as Minister of the Environment for a short period. Denis Kellman 1 hr · As Minister Of the Environment I toured the plant and the swamp and what I was told about he plant and its capacity to function perfectly . I was […]

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SSA Acknowledges David Comissiong’s Communication to the Board

SSA acknowledges receipt of David Comissiong's letter

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No Suspension of SSA PRIVATIZATION : Dr Denis Lowe Has MISLED the NATION

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG Approximately two weeks ago, Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, solemnly assured the people of Barbados that the outrageous Sanitation Service Authority (SSA)  privatization arrangement by virtue of which the SSA was engaging eight private sector compactor trucks in the collection of garbage at an astronomical fee of $411 per […]

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Denis Lowe It is Time to Ban Plastic

All agree Barbados does not have an effective waste management strategy –see today’s Nation front page story. The attempt to build the largest gasification plant in the world on a small island developing state -166 square mile island thankfully was stillborn. Late into the second term of this government there is no semblance of a […]

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Denis Lowe Struggles to Implement a Waste-to-Energy Solution Late in a Second Term

Submitted by Anthony Davis The Cahill project may be a thing of the past, but the Freundel Stuart administration has not abandoned the idea of a waste-to-energy plant on the island.In fact, Minister of the Environment Dr. Denis Lowe warned that Barbados ‘cannot fully develop without the inclusion of waste-to-energy technology’, as he piloted a […]

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Suspension of SSA Privatization Scheme is to be Welcomed

Submitted by DAVID COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados Firstly, I would like to inform the Barbadian public that I followed up my initial letter (dated 22nd October 2016) to the SSA Board challenging them to justify paying private business-men a massive rental fee of $411 per hour per truck, with a SECOND letter (dated 26th October […]

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Deltro Group (Del Mastro): Here We Go Again

Here we go again! Even before the Cahill Energy Scam has been forgotten, enters Del Mastro centre stage. Deltro Group (Del Mastros) is reported to be responsible for constructing a 20 megawatt solar farm on 70 acres of land somewhere in Waterford for which he has received concessions from the Barbados government. What does Del […]

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Dateline Glasgow:Another Gasification Plant Bites the Dust

Take note Barbadians, a 120,000t/yr plant failed to secure planning approval in Glasgow. What makes this case interesting was the proposed scale of the plant and the level of environmental planning AND the infrastructure to support air quality in that locale. The debate continues in Barbados whether gasification is the best technology for a 166 […]

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Denis Lowe the Cahill Scammer

Submitted by Artax The PM and Lowe are not prepared to address issues relative to transparency, but are finding justification for the CAHILL project to start. Since both men are adamant the project must start, I felt it was in the best interest of the island for us to examine the economic/financial implications of a […]

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Caveat Emptor: The Lowe-Down Cost

Submitted by Heather Cole Barbados is in dire need of a solution to its waste management problem and a sound environmental preservation plan. A statement that was carried in the press by the Minister of the Environment Denis Lowe during his delivery for the SSA (Amendment) Bill 2016, showed that he was no nearer to […]

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Dear Prime Minister, Good to Hear You Talking Garbage

Submitted by islandgal Dear Mr  PM, You were speaking about the garbage situation in Barbados.You claim that it is not the government that produces waste, it is us the householders, I can agree with that to some extent. You claim when you drive around the island you see large piles of garbage,  I am so […]

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The Birth of Cahill Energy

The Greenland Landfill project will forever taint the legacy of the Barbados Labour Party and the period the Owen Arthur administration governed Barbados from 1994 to 2008. There is the oft saying “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” The Cahill Energy project, with all its warts, will be known as […]

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Clarke’s Road Watercourse Issue – The Plight of a Blackman

For over a decade the pleas of a Black Barbadian have gone unheeded by successive Black governments. Whether it is the gang at the Ministry of Drainage, led by the beleaguered Denis Lowe, or the Chief Technical Officer Frank Thornhill at the MTW, a ministry led by the BMW driving Minister Michael Lashley, Alden Blackman […]

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