Does the DLP Have a Credible Voice?

In recent days we have have had controversial Minister of Environment making the news. He appears to have taken umbrage to the decision by the government to re-purpose the Sanitation Headquarters built under his watch. One wonders who is the person he alleged prevented the opening of the building.  It appears he has overcome health concerns.

Before Lowe’s sighting last weekend President Verla De Peiza gave the government a failing grade. One has to accept that the DLP membership in its infinite wisdom selected De Peiza to lead the party and supported the effort by electing Irene Sandiford-Garner the deputy. Should onlookers conclude that an emboldened Lowe will be followed by former colleagues? What will their mouthings do to compromise the DLP rebuild after the shellacking in the last general election?

The following snippet was sent to the blogmaster’s inbox reported to be written by Political Consultant Reudon Eversley – Do you agree with the author?

So Verla, the perennial electoral loser, is giving the Mottley
government a failing grade in its first 500 days. The comment is not a
surprise. It reflects a new aggressive negative politics of doom
coming out of George Street. However, the comment  speaks volumes of
how far the once great party  — now a fringe group since the last
general election — has slipped into lalaland in the last year and
half. Verla should be speaking instead about how successful she has
been in turning around the fortunes of the Dems who are growing more
and more frustrated and desperate under her ineffective leadership. By
this time next year, if current rumblings are anything to go by, she
may very well be political history because the patience of those
waiting in the corridors is running out. After the Dems brought
Barbados to its knees in the stagnant post David Thompson period
because of failed leadership and incompetence, there could be no
overnight miracles. The comeback will be gradual but I am satisfied
that the rehabilitation of Barbados, not just economically but on all
fronts, is well underway. Clear signs are there. Confidence, for
example, is back. The only people not seeing it are the  Dems in
blinkers. Miss Mottley has done an admirable job. She has led from in
front. She is the chief marketer of Barbados internationally — an
important task neglected by the Dems in the previous 8 years. Miss
Mottley is growing in stature and respect on the world stage and it
will redound to the benefit of Barbados. Look at the prestigious
speaking engagements she is getting. Look at the positive press she is
also getting internationally.  In the region, Barbados is being
respected again. Friends in the region who  used to call and lament
the drift they were seeing under the Dems are making the most
complimentary comments about Barbados’ leadership again. I am
politically independent. Since resigning from the Dems over five years
ago because I did not wish to align myself with political failures, I
belong to no political party. I am a political professional and my
views are non-partisan. However, I am supporting Miss Mottley because
I want the best for Barbados and the performance of the Dems in their
last stint in government shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that they
are not the best for Barbados.


  • Still waiting for the credible DLP/BLP voice to show up..

    “New Wardrobes & New Cars On The Public Purse: This Is DLP Integrity Reform In Barbados

    Elected and appointed government officials in Barbados are free to use their office for personal profit because successive governments have deliberately refused to pass laws or policies against the practice. Not only can government officials misuse and use information and influence to personally profit – they can actually issue fat government contracts to companies owned by themselves or their immediate family members!

    david-thompson-piggy-smlThe current Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government led by David Thompson promised during the election campaign of 2007 to implement a Ministerial Code of Conduct immediately upon being elected. That was the first integrity promise to fall by the wayside but not the last. Upon election, the DLP priorities immediately switched from integrity and accountability to getting their little piggy snouts right into the public trough. Fine cars and fine clothes became the order of the day. Not to mention borrowing business jets from companies who profit from government contracts!

    And what of the promised Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation and Policies?

    Well, we did have some public consultations for a Freedom of Information Act proposal that has since disappeared. No public consultations for the Integrity Legislation are planned though – we can’t have citizens spotting the deliberate holes and weaknesses in the legislation beforehand, doan ya know!

    David Thompson Failed To Make The One Simple Policy Change That Could Have Stopped Much Of The Abuse

    With a simple policy statement Prime Minister Thompson could have sent a message of integrity throughout the government. Without passing any laws or any consultation at all, Mr. Thompson could have declared the following…

    “It is now government policy that no government contracts are to be issued to companies or other government suppliers that are owned wholly or in part by an elected or appointed government employee or official or their immediate family members.”

    Thompson could have also declared the following policy without too much trouble at all…

    “It is now government policy that elected or appointed government employees or officials are prohibited from directly or indirectly receiving any gift, consideration or loan from any government contractor for any reason except that the value of such gift or consideration shall not exceed BDS$50 no more than three times in twelve months.”

    That “limits on gifts” policy leaves open the door for some small Christmas or birthday presents between friends but stops thousand dollar “Christmas” presents or the five-thousand dollar “loans” to government officials that are never repaid and are coincidentally given by government suppliers who just received a fat contract.”


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