Leaking Waste on the South Coast, AGAIN

Manhole @Rendezvous 25/08/2017 6PM

There is no need to be prolix about the importance placed on local health authority to prevent liquid waste leaking onto our streets. It presents a health hazard to locals and visitors -bear in mind where Rendezvous is located.  It makes taxpayers question the managerial and financial ability and capacity to manage the sewerage infrastructure. It raises the issue of trust in local public officials who promised last year the problem of leaking waste on the South Coast was fixed when the BTII gave a broke Barbados Water Authority (BWA) 2 million dollars to repair the infrastructure.

The embedded image was captured within the last 24 hours at the start of a weekend that will see CARIFESTA reaching its ‘climax’. The leaking waste water and the unholy stench violating the atmosphere in the area of Rendezvous Post Office is a national embarrassment.


113 thoughts on “Leaking Waste on the South Coast, AGAIN

  1. It is usually late September early October that Nature reserves her worst, Janet was Sept 22, the Boscobelle Landslip in 1901 was early October (15″ of rain in three days).

    Having said that, last year we had 6.69 inches on 29th November.

  2. A low pressure area located just west of the Cabo Verde Islands has
    become better defined since yesterday.

    Formation chance through 5 days…high…90 percent.

  3. My guess is the system just west of the Cape Verde Islands will travel to the North West and miss Barbados .. prediction indicate so as well.

    It is forming north of latitude 13 degrees.

    It is the next couple of systems we got to watch, especially if they form at latitudes below 13 degrees north.

    They will get to us mid to late September.

  4. High Pressure driving it south.

    Question is does it have enough time to get down to 13 degrees or thereabouts?

    The coordinates will tell ….. will check and see

    Right now there is a system over Barbados threatening rain all morning, just a sprinkle but suspect by evening we may be having some rain

  5. Still looks like Irma will pass north but it looks like it will be major.

    It is moving really slowly and gathering strength.

    A must watch!!

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