Questions for Minister Denis Lowe

Clare Cowan, CEO of Cahill Energy

Clare Cowan, CEO of Cahill Energy

If there is ever a debate in Barbados to identify the Most Controversial Minister holding a Cabinet position in the Stuart government, Minister Denis Lowe’s name must feature. The latest question we have for the embattled Lowe – who still has to answer the question making the rounds about monies deposited to his mother’s bank account – is what are the up to date details behind the Waste to Energy Plant to be built at Vaucluse, St. Thomas.

In the April 1 BarbadosAdvocate there is a ‘teaser’ story about Cahill plasma gasification plant – coming soon. In May 30 Barbados Today story it reports  Government  has just signed a US$300 million agreement with the Jada Group of Companies for the construction of a plasma gasification plant. Does this mean Jada is building the Cahill plant?
Why the ambiguity, why must the electorate be left in the dark to guess next steps? Why the arrogance by Minister Lowe? Several months after the town hall/open house meeting at St. Thomas Parish Church we are none the wiser. This government needs to take the advice of the IMF technocrats, improve its communication with the public!

108 thoughts on “Questions for Minister Denis Lowe

  1. But on a serious note
    When are both parties going to come clean on this contract?? The clock is ticking and the landfill is getting fuller
    We need to bring people to the table who will get a solution for the people of the island one that is not based on a technology that is suspect to say the least .

  2. Is the CEO of Cahill always drunk or is there something else going on here every time I saw her tracking through the Fairmont she looked half in the bag and wabbling around . one of the wait staff commented that she is so loud he confused her for an American (giggle)
    Has anything come from her being on our island??? Are we any closer to dumping Cahill in the landfill where they belong and move on to bringing people who will get this project done??
    I know projects like this that were agreed and completed in 18 months after they were signed off
    Let’s move forward on this thing ….

  3. Have u seen the nation news article
    This is crazy talk ………
    How can we start construction on a plant that has not been designed yet???
    Has anyone been invited to a planning meeting ??
    This woman talks shite and the nation published it
    There is no mention of plasma and now it’s 70

  4. 700million what the hell is going on here
    Big ? Is where are the G men in all this
    The government is suspiciously missing from the photo op
    I can only assume Stantec are doing work on the waste study Cahill talked about in April. Where are the findings???
    Stantec you should know better!!!!!!!!!
    Article should have read Kinggrass meets Queen Deceta !!!
    Lastly are they holding hands ???
    Is there something else going on here…

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