The Birth of Cahill Energy

saynotocahillThe Greenland Landfill project will forever taint the legacy of the Barbados Labour Party and the period the Owen Arthur administration governed Barbados from 1994 to 2008. There is the oft saying “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” The Cahill Energy project, with all its warts, will be known as the project that dispelled the feint notion the Democratic Labour Party is the change agent many hoped for.

Several documents, voice recordings and discussions are a matter of record to support the conclusion that Cahill waste to energy project is a scam to feather the nest of a few in Barbados. Here are a few more documents:

137 thoughts on “The Birth of Cahill Energy

  1. Alvin….you just made some sense in that the people are to be blamed for choosing greedy, corrupt asses with no sense of loyalty to the same people who elected them…in that respect the people should be blamed and work on never being so blinded by lies and deceit from politicians again.

  2. Alvin….let me show you the errors of your ways, I feel like sharing this morning.

    “The ZR culture arose a long time ago and grew under all administrations.”

    That culture grew and is out of control because back then, many poliicians owned ZR vans and encouraged the nasty behavior, dirty music and destruction of young lives of children who caught those vehicles, so they can make lots of money, there is that greed again at the expense of others…..that was years before the indian business people took over the ZRs and continued the tradition…..ask your ministers and stop spreading your lying propaganda by twisting the truth.

  3. By the way, you have been on here defending and condoning each and every criminal act, thievery and corruption perpetrated by DBLP and their friends, from David Thompson-CLICO, Leroy Parris, Dennis Lowe, Cahill, Speaker of the house Michael Carrington……why are you lying Alvin.

    I am through with you for today, I got my book authored by Philip Nicholls to start reading by now and Saturday……so shoo.

  4. @ Alvin Cummins February 11, 2016 at 10:20 AM

    We couldn’t agree with you more Alvin C. If Bajans really worth their pinch of salt of decency many sitting in the HoA should be picking pond grass to feed Massa animals. Many of them are uncouth, lower class liars just there not to represent the interests of the people but to line their own pockets at the expense of the Treasury. Does any one spring to your mind?

    But let us get back to your disingenuously evasive response to the matter at hand.
    So you are giving a free pass to the authorities responsible for enforcing the various laws against littering and illegal dumping? Why have laws if they are not being enforced?

    Why not come down heavily on the same government which allows their own premises to become dumping grounds because of poor upkeep?
    Why don’t you pay a visit to the Warrens Government Offices Complex and see the state of the land surrounding it? What about the old General Hospital location; a place close to your heart and full of childhood memories? What do you think is breeding in those abandoned leaking building? The animals at the former Government Livestock Station or the ‘working’ girls around the same area with which you are quite familiar?

    Have you seen the number of abandoned vehicles that have turned the MTW compound into a graveyard? Who are you going to blame for the sorry state of government controlled premises? The people in Nelson Street, the Belle and the Pine?

    The people in the Belle, Cats Castle and the Nelson surroundings need help as has been promised by the same deceitful lying people sitting in that so-called august Chamber. Not vilification and condemnation by you and your ilk. Why not put some of the most in need of housing solutions in the unoccupied Grotto project and other structures of corruption and kickbacks which if not soon occupied will be vandalized and turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rats and other vermin.

    The same way you cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear neither can one change you, Alvin, into a charitable person devoid of the blindness as a result of the yellow and blue blinkers you wear with haughtiness and stitched with an unbreakable thread of arrogant stupidity and ignorance.

  5. @ Miller, Well And SSs..

    Your posts are still predictable.
    The total membership of the house of assembly is thirty, plus or minus. Are they singly or collectively responsible for the tons of garbage deposited daily? Did any of them place the litter in the gullies? Which one constructed an illegal dump, instead of taking the garbage to the landfill or the waste separation plant where it is legislated to go.? Is that being a responsible citizen? Why has he not been chastised by the opposition members who are among those counted as being members of the house, and therefore responsible citizens.I have not heard one member of the opposition condemning such action. Is that being responsible? How one sided can you get.

    I make no apologies for anything I have said. If Bajans were somehow transported to Singapore overnight, half them would be in prison within two days. They don’t make sport over there. In Toronto they would learn as quickly. Every household has to purchase garbage bins from the municipality; each one with a lid affixed. Grey for paper. cardboard etc. Green for cans and bottles, Blue for compostables.In high rise apartments the garbage bins (skiffs) are of the same colours. Cardboard etc have to be taken down in the elevator when you are leaving home and deposited in the appropriate bin, and the same goes for cans and bottles and plastic containers. Small bags of compostable material are placed in the laundry chutes and go directly in the skill of the appropriate colour which is placed at the borrow of the chute.The thing is that even though people live in apartments, each resident takes time to recycle and has pride in where they live. Of course some still have to be educated, cautioned or cajoled, but everyone gets the message.

    What is the matter with us? Why do people like you not try to talk to people; through this medium,other social media, or otherwise, and try to convince them that they are wrong, instead of trying to give them s free pass and try to pillory the members of parliament. Remembering that both government and opposition make up the government,(Ruling party and opposition).

    By the way Miller, although you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear, neither can a leopard change it’s spots. So I expect nothing different, in your mouthing from what you constantly write. Most appropriate, this discussion, because you are on and in familiar ground.Bare garbage, and you are definitely wallowing in it.
    Of course I will come down hard on the very people who allow places to run down, become dilapidated, overgrown with bush, untidy, unkempt an filthy. But I also blame those who refuse to enforce the legislation that the Governments (All) have put in place to battle these situations. But as I said before, and I will repeat again: Bajans are nasty, indisciplined, unwilling to abide by laws, rules and regulations, and obstinate in the extreme.Cars do not put themselves at the sides of the roads and become garbage. Garbage does not put itself outside garbage bins. Mt. Stinker did not build itself to its present height naturally. It is a mountain of GARBAGE.We created that garbage. The buildings in the water zone of the Bell did not build themselves, and both the members of Parliament that represented the area; both BLP and DLP, condoned and supported and conveniently ignored what was going on there, though they BOTH, knew it was wrong.

    And Well Well, the ZR culture , as a lawless bunch of individuals began many many years ago. It did not have vans and Minibuses driving themselves. It had owners; all shades and ethnicity, it had conductors, it had passengers who all played a part in the deaths and injuries that have occurred because their behaviour has been condoned and encouraged.
    As I said before, my condoning (apparent) of illegal acts should not be encouragement for you to do likewise. And what does CLICO have to do with the ZR culture, that maims school girls, that kills and injures passengers and expenses road users and drivers, and whose premiums increase with the additional costs to insurance companies.

    Tell Them! Tell Them. Not me. I know better.

    • Alvin

      I must agree with you that the thirty people in the House of Assembly did not place any garbage in gullies. Mind you, 16 out of that 30 are responsible for creating the environment where people resort to illegal dumping. It was all about making one of their campaign contributors, Bizzy Williams, richer at the expense of the rest of the country.

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  6. Had the government dealt with reputable waste management constructors there would be a fully operational waste to energy plant in operation on the island right now and the mountains of detritus would not be blighting our streets back alleys and beaches .
    So Mr Cummings the government did litter our streets with garbage by their in action and incompetent currupt dealings.

  7. @ Alvin Cummins February 11, 2016 at 10:42 PM
    “Of course I will come down hard on the very people who allow places to run down, become dilapidated, overgrown with bush, untidy, unkempt an filthy. But I also blame those who refuse to enforce the legislation that the Governments (All) have put in place to battle these situations. But as I said before, and I will repeat again: Bajans are nasty, indisciplined, unwilling to abide by laws, rules and regulations, and obstinate in the extreme.Cars do not put themselves at the sides of the roads and become garbage. Garbage does not put itself outside garbage bins.”

    So Lord Pontificate Alvin the Augustus, are you implying that the Barrow experiment of ‘free universal education’ has failed and failed miserably?
    Given the billions of tax dollars spent over 50 years don’t you think that the expected benefits of education in creating disciplined, hygienically aware and law abiding citizens should be accruing to the nation called Barbados? Do you agree the schools should be closed down and turned into Victorian-type workhouses and the religious shops of mythology be razed to the ground for their failure to impart sound moral principles and commitment to civic duty?

    Or are you clearly confirming it is in the black Bajan people’s DNA to be indisciplined and dirty when compared to their Singaporean counterpart who started out two developmental decades behind Barbados of the 1950’s

    Let us say this to you: Why not issue one of your papal bulls to the authorities and command them to set the examples for those Bajans who are “nasty, indisciplined, unwilling to abide by laws, rules and regulations, and obstinate in the extreme” can follow or be penalized accordingly with the Singaporean model to emulate.

    If a country requires 35 trucks to service its garbage collection needs and only 15 trucks are in good working condition what would you think would happen? A functioning recycling culture imposed from above on the people by the god of Public Sanitation?

    How can that jackass Lowedown claim that the shortage of trucks and equipment is not a problem?
    Wasn’t a similar lame excuse given over last two years about the pile up of garbage being seasonal and not a major concern? Now both you and the same minister backed by some of his colleagues are putting the blame squarely on the people’s shoulder the same way you are blaming the people for voter fraud. If there is no buyer there certainly cannot be a seller.

    Why can’t you and your incompetent administration live up to at least some of its promises made to the same nasty indisciplined law-breaking Bajans by holding firm to at least one of its pillars for future success as concretized in your 2013 manifesto:

    The preservation of the natural environment is
    absolutely critical to the social and economic future
    of Barbados. For example, tourism, the major foreign
    exchange earner is dependent on the natural resource
    base of the economy as a source of land to provide
    tourism infrastructure and the provision of water,
    food, a clean marine environment, and natural
    attractions such as the Harrison’s Cave.

    Government has an inescapable responsibility
    to assume the lead responsibility for ensuring that
    the environment is managed effectively.

    The process of environmental care is the concern
    of every citizen and resident of Barbados.”


    Yes, Bajans are reaping alright; the tares of your lies and incompetence
    What a load of rubbish from the George Street cesspool of liars and scumbags.

  8. Just drove round the island to take a good look at the mess our island is in .
    There is garbage and litter in every crevice and gully I looked at
    It’s a national disgrace .
    SSA/SBRC should be sued and taken to task for the disgraceful state they have allowed our island to descend into to .
    Cahill energy is a scam our government is a shame.

  9. Alvin…..what’s wrong with the 30 in parliament that they cannot get any of it fixed on such a small island, as you said it’s been decades all this has been going on…that is what everyone wants to know.

    If the parliamentarians were not colluding with all the culprits, the problems would be fixed, that is what you cannot get through your hard, yardfowl head.


    Long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with age-related diseases. We explored the association between accelerated biological aging and air pollution, a potential mechanism linking air pollution and health. We estimated long-term exposure to PM10, PM2.5, PM2.5 absorbance/black carbon (BC), and NOx via land-use regression models in individuals from the KORA F4 cohort.

    Accelerated biological aging was assessed using telomere length (TeloAA) and three epigenetic measures: DNA methylation age acceleration (DNAmAA), extrinsic epigenetic age acceleration (correlated with immune cell counts, EEAA), and intrinsic epigenetic age acceleration (independent of immune cell counts, IEAA). We also investigated sex-specific associations between air pollution and biological aging, given the published association between sex and aging measures. In KORA an interquartile range (0.97 µg/m3) increase in PM2.5 was associated with a 0.33 y increase in EEAA (CI = 0.01, 0.64; P = 0.04). BC and NOx (indicators or traffic exposure) were associated with DNAmAA and IEAA in women, while TeloAA was inversely associated with BC in men.

    We replicated this inverse BC-TeloAA association in the Normative Aging Study, a male cohort based in the USA. A multiple phenotype analysis in KORA F4 combining all aging measures showed that BC and PM10 were broadly associated with biological aging in men. Thus, we conclude that long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with biological aging measures, potentially in a sex-specific manner. However, many of the associations were relatively weak and further replication of overall and sex-specific associations is warranted.”

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