Cahill Energy Scam and Local Connections, EXPOSED!

There is enough evidence (documents) in the public space about Clare Cowan, Cahill Energy and Barbados connections to move the conversation in Barbados to one of accountability. In the documents attached Bizzy’s name is mentioned which explains why Voice of Barbados will not want to offend a major advertiser.


BU apologizes for the quality of the documents.

Bjerkham of JADA (member of the Board of the Central Bank of Barbados and major campaign contributor of government) explains why the government has been lazy to shut the project down.

The unprofessional language used by the principal of Cahill et al who have been engaged to facilitate a USD350 million waste to energy gasification plant is scary. The government continues to disrespect Barbadians about the truth concerning Cahill Energy waste to energy project. It is evident from the documents attached Barbadians should be very concerned.

The absence of investigative journalism from the traditional media is also of concern. Cahill Barbados deal, like 3S Barbados, pokes a hole in our governance system. It again exposes the graft/malfeasance between private and public sector players. Who will pay the price?


155 thoughts on “Cahill Energy Scam and Local Connections, EXPOSED!

  1. his phrasings are impeccable,
    the PM wordings are very distinctive not remotely compared to immature and babbling, Now you can wait a few days later which gives you more time to hang a noose around your bloody necks, that too is the word on ground idiot.

  2. Bob Marley sang: “In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty.”

    In the abundance of evidence, only a fool would try to defend the indefensible.

    The ACs are true, true yard-fowls, whose allegiance is not to Barbados as they would want us to believe, but to the Democratic Labour Party, first and foremost.

    The DLP is their God.

  3. A bold inconsistency in the letter reflects one who is unable to compose with detailed accuracy, a telling sign of one who was in a rush and forget what they had preciously stated or did not have sufficient time to make the necessary correction.
    PM Stuart is best known to be a person consumed with accurate detail and for that he is often criticized

  4. David October 5, 2015 at 1:44 PM #

    “@DD: As you know BU is trolled by members of the political class, media practitioners et al. BU invites anyone who knows the information published to be false to show us.”

    Perhaps you could invite Denis Kellman.

  5. listen all have had a twenty four hour of a feeding frenzy to say what they may,
    now ac reveals what ac sees , all hell breaks loose.

    btw take a look at PM stuarts letter and do a comparison they would separate the babble from reality,
    as for the signature who cares . removing and replacing the substance is of importance well of course why touch the signature,

  6. @AC is it your stated opinion that the PM wrote this letter himself?

    Or would something so fundamentally routine as a followup letter re a prior meeting to affirm the prior agreement be prepared by a private secretary or whatever he/she is called for his signature?

    I am just confused by your line of defense re the tone and language used.

    You certainly can’t be such a neophyte to expect the type of prose and punch that a PM would put into writing a speech or important letter to be reflected in something like this.

    Or could you!!!!

  7. De igrunt.

    @AC is it your stated opinion that the PM wrote this letter himself?
    my stated opinion is well stated in all my comments

    the immaturity of the contents gives rise to question the authenticity /

    Secondly as i previously stated the PM is a stickler for consistency and detail, something missing in the letter,
    However a possible and most unlikely scenario

    the only possible scenario that would possibly connect this letter and type of low level writing to the PM would be one of a deliberate attempt by govt to use covert action to entice and entrap

    The language and content is highly suspicious, either way,

  8. When we say one thing though…we need to say the other…

    It can be argued in Fumble’s favour, that the fact that he ACTUALLY responded to this woman; ACTUALLY had a meeting; ACTUALLY gained Cabinet approval and ACTUALLY gave a date for a final response would STRONGLY suggest an impostor was at work.

    …either that or the ‘FS’ in that new company’s name was a hell of a incentive…. 🙂

  9. And yes bus shit . one must also take note at the short time in which this agreement could have been finalized by the PM. another inconsistency which gives rise of doubt especially when all knows that the govt has been accused by the opposition of Time resistant and slowing down process.
    When one reflects at many projects and the Time taken by govt to implement it would be highly unprincipled and unusual for govt to have conducted and concluded all necessary apparatus and applied to the project within such a short time

    Another jarring of the mind.

  10. can some one explain the term ” Due diligence practices”, , and why the PM would use such a term,rather than exhibiting language mostly familiar to legislative action and law for administrative legal purposes

  11. balance October 5, 2015 at 11:12 AM #
    “That said, we are all human beings (not robots), and in spite of our best intentions, we occasionally make honest mistakes. That is when all of us can do with a little tolerance, compassion, and empathy.”

    So am i to understand then that you are begging the contributors to this forum to join the AC’s and DOMPEY’S and show more tolerance , compassion and empathy to our Government.

    I said that “we occasionally make HONEST mistakes”.
    So am I to understand then that you want to reconsider and reflect upon the question you have asked me?

  12. What a simpleton of the highest order this AC two way pooch picker cunt is. The forgery, run the fake letter thing, will not hold out with this massive leak of information that implicates ministers of the crown in a scandal of gigantic proportions. I am not even interested in Bjorn or Williams, just the pretensive lot looking after the public purse. Even before these set of documents were made available for public scrutiny, Cahill Cowan showed snippets of her incompetency and an indication of all the secrecy surrounding this project that was obviously concocted in collusion. No person trying to persuade a segment of the Barbadian public that Cahill is best for Barbados could not have been that unprepared with dribbles of nonsensical responses coming from a face that look like it just had a joint, a sniff of dope and a bottle of rum. Let the deranged immoral prime minister and his ministers try to execute the artful dodgers tactics in silence on this. If this does not bury their asses than nothing will. I hope as well AC putuny sweet as a crony that you go down with ”The HM Stuart Pretense”, as well. You are nothing but a little pull along puppet.

  13. David;

    I have been out of the loop for several weeks now as I was extremely busy otherwise.

    I must however congratulate you for your excellent work re. exposing the various players in the Cahill scandal. I can add almost nothing to the excellent posts by Artax, Bustea, DeIngruntWord, PUDRYR, Millertheannunaki, SSS and others on this matter.

    You have managed to smoke out and identify the political liardness of our honourable PM and demonstrate that the key Government players in this matter are Darcy Boyce, Denis Lowe and David Estwick. There is no other reason why their personal emails should appear on MECC’s personal email mailing list of the MECC inner circle.

    It would be of interest to discover how David Estwick’s very important input re. the King grass story was achieved did he insert himself?) and if that could have been the impetus for his private email appearing in MECC’s list of what might appear to some as somewhat compromised individuals.

    One other conclusion that I got from the published emails is that there is no clear connection re. the underlying scam, so far, to either Denis Kellman or Chris Sinckler. I suspect that the impetus for them to join the signatories was ingrunt, misguided, unthinking faux patriotism and a desire to do something, anything, that even remotely offered to turn around Barbados’ fortunes when everything was falling around them.

    How I read the succession of events was that one of Clare Cowans inner sanctum members (as revealed in her mailing list) was the champion for the project. He somehow got it to Cabinet. The PM despite his letter to MECC, dawdled on it, no approvals or signatures were forthcoming from the Government officers who were engaged in the due diligence operations and the MECC champions, using the appropriate inducements for the individual signees, got the document signed in the PM’s absence. Remember in his letter to MECC he indicated that he would sign it. He did’nt but 4 other ministers did. That should indicate to all and sundry what is his real de facto status in Cabinet.

    What played out after this was purely a predictable resultant of the ineptness and venality of this Government and its unworthiness to lead Barbados at this time.

  14. Interesting to note that the mails purported to have been sent by Cowan consistently misspell “too” as “to” … A child-like mistake seldom seen among even moderately intelligent Canadians, but very common among Bajans.

    Just saying.

  15. Also interesting to note, from the image metadata, that the mail purported to have come from Cowan has a different source from almost all of the others.

    Just saying.

  16. Interesting to note that my last two contributions to this thread, both of them written within the oast 15 minutes, have been eradicated by truth-seeker David.

    Just saying.

  17. There are leak documents implicating ministers and Cahill Cowan. All the spin doctors who are trying to prove that they are concocted bring more evidence than to and too and whatever else proofs to prove otherwise. Sickening is what wunna is.

  18. @are-we-there

    On the email there is an address: Now why would you not assume this to be the Stinkliar.

    @Hammie Coldah
    If you are Clare Cowan, now is the time to come clean. Name the principals behind this scam. You have nothing more to lose. You stand to lose your home, your reputation and standing among family and friends are in tatters. Please, now is the time to get things off your chest, you will feel better. I assure you.

  19. are-we-there-yet

    was Estwick’s involvement not an attempt by him to get around the 4 rogues who were silly enough to contract with Cahill Energy to provide all of the sugar cane bagasse for WTE?
    talk going around is Estwick sent Cahill Energy down the road of King Grass as an alternative to bagasse so that the actions of the rogue 4 ministers did not compromise the re-structuring of the sugar industry.

  20. To, to, shame. I is to ashame, but not to surprise.

    It were betta to run a WTE plant in olden daze, befo dis MTV interwebs ting when de elders in de village would not have leak

    Yes it are me. I has writ all this an i is ashame

  21. Clare, don’t you know, as a bread-to-de bone Bajan can tell you, on record:

    “Every time you post a message you are traceable down to the street and building you in.”

  22. Pat;

    You said above
    On the email there is an address: Now why would you not assume this to be the Stinkliar.

    Why should I assume it is? The other Minister’s emails on Clare Cowan’s list are identifiable as them.

    Sinks202 is not recognizable as Sinckler’s private email.

    Grateful if you would inform us if it is, with some proof, and then we can add his name to the other three in the Cahill cabinet.


    I don’t have a clue as to what is being said on the cocktail circuit. I don’t attend them.

    But do you think that a man of Estwick’s supposed intellect and ferocity would adopt that circuitous path to save a flawed project for a foreigner?

    What about the leak that talked about the 6-8 Million dollars for the goodly doctor rather than for the Government of Barbados?

    A freu(n)dian slip?

  23. Has anyone picked up on the irony that poor old Adrian Loveridge Column – Luxury in the BRAND which is stuck in the middle of this Cahill crap has only had one comment since it posted !!! Irony where is thy sting.

  24. King grass isn’t the only crop that was talked about for this fiasco.
    Estwick also wants to use river tamarind as a feed stock for this monster.
    He proposed to grow it on every spare piece of ground on the island every ditch and gully.
    I guess the harvesting ,drying and shredding will be done for free or will the $6-8 million pay for that also

  25. This whole mess stinks to high heavens.

    It appears that Estwick saw what was going on and inserted himself unknown to the loweman. In an earlier email, Clare Cowan mentioned 5-6 million dollars going to Estwick. I queried why to Estwick and not to the Ministry of Agriculture. This thing stinks.

    In the loweman’s letter to reassure Clare Cowan that the deal is still on, he said he was only made aware of the king grass project after Estwick mentioned it after a cabinet meeting.

    How these people who are supposed to representing the taxpayers interest could be so callous?

  26. @Prodigal Son

    This was to be the last lap deal before the ass kick out from parliament. Notice that Dennis Lowe has now turned his sights to Monkey culling, gully and tree study project. As long as he in it, you got to worry about it.

  27. Let’s gather up the prettiest monkeys and vote them in …they know more about running this island than these assholes (all of them)

  28. Take note that where all others must wait these stinking rats are pushing projects while still telling people we are not out of the woods yet. Dennis Lowe knows that no one would refute the need to do something with the green monkeys but he is so about money that the stinking crab do not know how to hide his tracks too well.

  29. This is experimental didn’t these Genuses from Harrisons College and Combermer do their homework. This is the biggest con job in the Csrribesn and when you look at it per capita it is definitely one of the biggest in the world. This is experimental technology if it was so clean efficient and safe it would be in use world wide. Barbados can dramatically reduce waste Anderson the environment. start with banning styrofoam cups, plates and food containers ban plastic and metal drink containers use glass wash and recycle. Separate and recycle paper. All of the recycling would create jobs. Back to the gas plant why did in they ask these con people to show where they built one and get data on that plant. Watch out we are giving our freedom to foreign interest. The biggest security firm is equipped to the over the island. They already have control of the air and seaports. How did we allow this to happen?Smart people see who owns the largest security firm in Barbados.

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