Suspension of SSA Privatization Scheme is to be Welcomed

Submitted by DAVID COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados

Firstly, I would like to inform the Barbadian public that I followed up my initial letter (dated 22nd October 2016) to the SSA Board challenging them to justify paying private business-men a massive rental fee of $411 per hour per truck, with a SECOND letter (dated 26th October 2016) calling upon the Board to provide me with a detailed Written Statement of their reasons for making the decision to privatize the services in the first place.

I am therefore pleased to learn that Dr. Lowe and the SSA Board have decided to suspend what was touted to be a six month  privatization programme at the end of this week.

It is important however that we– the Citizens of Barbados– use the opportunity to drive home some important messages to Dr Lowe, and by extension, to all the Government Ministers and Statutory Board chairmen of Barbados.

We must make them understand that the governance of our country MUST be conducted on the principles of transparency and consultation with the people. Thus, it was totally wrong for Dr Lowe and / or the SSA Board to seek to institute this controversial privatization scheme without first consulting the people of Barbados and the trade union representatives of the SSA workers!

Secondly, we must make all Government Ministers and Statutory Board chairmen understand that we — the citizens of Barbados — are no longer going to countenance any more of these outrageously privileged governmental contracts that inflict inexcusably heavy financial burdens on the taxpayers of our country!

This privatization programme was going to cost the taxpayers of Barbados FOR  EACH  TRUCK, the sum of $16,440 per week or $427,440 over the initially stipulated six month period, or $854,880 over a one year period !

This was financial madness, and we trust that we will hear no more of it after this week.


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  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Low Lowe at his best.


  • Well done Mr. Comissiong! You are a true son of the soil.


  • Looks like an election is coming up within 6 months and the party in power recognizes that they couldn’t defend this one in an election campaign.

    Congrats Commissiong.


  • They say a people get the government they deserve.

    Here s a government which promised the private haulers would be assigned routes to pickup garbage on a six month period. Now what are we hearing? Has there been a clarification statement issued by government?



  • David;

    uh bet dat dem will tell you with a straight face that it is clearly stated in de fine print dat it was only a pilot project for 2 weeks or some such number to gather information to design a full scale programme. i.e. The reporters got it totally wrong, It was not the 6 months that everyone took for granted.

    Let’s see if Cherry and Busy Williams take the changes silently.


  • @AWTY

    Let’s see if Cherry and Busy Williams take the changes silently.

    On point!


  • @ David, either one!

    It is grossly ‘unfair’ for the Bajan public to sit on our lazy asses and leave this important democracy work to David Commissiong and a few others of his ilk.

    We seen this with the great Glenroy Straughn and others. Andrew Hatch did some of this work too, but we never liked him much.

    We have notice this societal malady over the years. That we sit back and wait for some messiah to come and save our Brassbowls.

    Even in terms of legal aide we barely have an institutional framework. And there are a lot of people who when they encounter ‘Babylon’s’ archaic systems face suppression. And we have nuff lawyers coming out of university every year. Surely we could find a robust, civic system to defend the basic rights of John Blow.

    Not have the police beat them into confessions.

    This is only one area of great need. Environmental protection is another. Government watch dog groups is another. And we could go on and on.

    As we talk about 50 years of ‘interdependence’ is it not about time that we develop a deep network of people supported, apolitical, professional, civic organizations as institutional guardians of what we like to think of as ‘democracy’.

    David Commisiong is to be profusely thanked for his heroic efforts.

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  • @Pacha

    “David Commisiong is to be profusely thanked for his heroic efforts.”

    Second time for the day there is agreement with the BU household. Of course the yardfowls et al will bray because they ignore we all have warts. What is important is to encourage and applaud citizens who fight the causes of the people.


  • Heather October 31, 2016 at 6:22 PM #

    It always boggled my mind the GG never saw it fit to select David as an independent senator instead of some with know political affiliation. David’s willingness to oppose the stupidity of the governments of Barbados since the turn of the century has been second to none.


  • David was a DLP senator in 1986 but was fired by the then PM Sandiford for having an independent mind, this set of DLP people,PM and Ministers are physical abuse by a curse


  • Is Comissiong of the opinion that his letter was influential in a decision to halt the out sourcing of garbage to waste haulers , which in effect is only temporary pause due to govt action which needs to review the first round of the pilot program
    from where i sit over there in the gallery i am of the opinion that the socialist butt licker of communist policies Comissiong has a very big head and a colossal ego


  • DLP (Formerly CBC) Radio and TV

    I scratching my head…and i scratching my head very this SSA……”insanity”…Now Firstly…i would like to know who REALLY authorised this ..this .IGNORANCE…. in the first place…!!!!.I find it VERY HARD to believe that Denis Lowe even approved it..The same minister that was hostile to at least one of the private haulers..and to the concept in the first place….i am thinking this one went over Lowe’s head…and to be facetious…this plan maybe what cause Lowe to be in the hospital!!!!!!…..Secondly….almost everyone could see that paying $411/hr…paying at that RATE and even paying by the HOUR…is MADNESS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!!!!!! simple math should have eliminated this plan as financial lunacy!!!!!!! Now to hear that the supposedly 6 mth plan is to be suspended only after 3 weeks is a clear indication that the PLAN was never properly thought out in the FIRST PLACE. We are now hearing from Minister Lowe that $20m Loan has been secured to buy trucks…where this loan come from????…why was it not put into the public at least before this plan that a loan was being sought!!!!!! .SOMETHING IS NOT ADDING UP!!!….Now for a gov’t to grossly FAIL in implementing a relatively simple and supposedly temporary PLAN just shows how grossly incompetent this Govt IS in running the affairs of this COUNTRY!!!!


  • Smoke and Mirrors. I am not expecting to hear a word from Bizzy. Those 15 green garbage trucks, which covertly disappeared after leaving the Bridgetown Port a couple of months ago ,are now ready to be rolled out one way or the other. The most likely scenario is that the present owner or owners of these trucks, whether its Bizzy, Maloney or Bejerkham right hand man, will sell them all to the government,and all we will get from the Minister,is that it would not be prudent at this stage to mention the name of the supplier.
    One wonders if the loan that Bizzy has acquired to finance his solar project at Shop Hill, is not from the same unnamed source which Minister Lowe has secured to purchase his new fleet of SSA trucks.
    It appears as if the Barbadian public,aka taxpayers.have forfeited their rights to be kept informed.

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  • The late Great Errol Barrow saw something in David Comissiong, that if he were alive today, would be had pressed to find in any of the jokers who now represent the political party which he founded.


  • Are we about to see/hear the same secrecy, flip-flopping, u-turns, denials and go-aheads with the Surinamese water bag?

    And we have a so-called Prime Minister who dares to accuse the people of being disrespectful for simply seeking to know what is going on in their country under his so-called leadership? His arrogance is matched only by his incompetence.


  • Perhaps someone in customs could inform us whose name is on the Bill of Lading for those 15 green trucks.
    Any one knows who is the manufacturer of these trucks ? The chassis and the bodies.


  • The SSA will save face using the public health issue…. (repeating muhself)

    Focus on the water.

    Remember …. CAHILL needed GARBAGE, King grass, and WATER!


  • It is best to point out that the international trend is towards privatizing what once used to be government owned and operated departments and agencies.

    Here in my state the local transit system which used to be owned and operated totally by state government is now outsourced to private bus companies, but state government still exercise minimum oversight over the transit system.

    Nevertheless, these private bus companies employ their own employees who are then subjeced to the policies and procedures of the federal and state government.

    So don’t get alarmed because the government of Barbados is following the international trend the, but only difference is state government outsourced the work of the transit system to private bus companies because it saves taxpayers money.


  • You follow the local news? The minister of garbage has stated categorically there will be no privatization of the SSA.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Colonel Buggy October 31, 2016 at 9:56 PM re “The late Great Errol Barrow saw something in David Comissiong, that if he were alive today, would be had pressed to find in any of the jokers who now represent the political party …”

    Are you praising Commissiong, giving him a snide slap-in-the face or tweaking the Hon EWB’s memory with a nod ‘n wink!… loll.

    The late great EWB also ‘saw something’ in David Thompson too, not so! EWB saw great things in people like himself: very intelligent, confident, inquisitive thinkers…not sure that we can speak to how much he weighted strength of character and integrity!

    David Commisiong has ‘done his country proud’ as they say in two major issues in recent times: the fingerprinting mess and now this SSA matter. And too on others over the years.

    We are indebted to him and one hopes he continues strongly in this vein of battling legally and otherwise as a crusader for rights and justice as he closes out the next 20 -30 years of his life.

    But a young Commissiong got smacked hard enough upside the head from his then beloved DLP that it’s fair to say that his political life has come full circle now. He is again the cat’s meow …

    All praise to him…he is fighting our fight against a very crooked establishment.


  • You may be a citizen of Barbados, but you were not born here, so you will NEVER be a Bajan.

    Tek Dat!


  • It is political lackeys like you who are responsible for the Barbados slide.


  • @ David Commissiong

    Well Done.

    I still think that you need to *** but Rome was not built in a day…

    One more thing that you need to “champion” which may permit me to release you from my perception per the Tamarind Tree would be for you to start the Campaign against Dishonest Lawyers

    Going do a Poster on that presently

    If you were to become the Nexus for all Litigation against the Dishonest Lawyers and those that cut deals with the legal counsel for the defense “because of allegiances” read selling out their clients wholesale for the “30 pieces of silver” then and maybe then I would have some comfort in adjusting your scale towards the point of “level”

    Until then all of this is mostly campaigning and i will tell you why in my following post


  • I will use the example that most of you will appreciate because of its (a) simplicity (b) predictability and (c) familiarity.

    Your parents like(d) “light sweet” bread?

    When I was a kid I had a task which was a very simple task and that was to take $1.20 to Miss B Shop at *** and buy a light sweet that was “light, soft and fresh”

    The outside could not be burnt, when you held it and squeezed it it had to return to its original shape (slowly) and on smelling the air expunged from the bag wunna donkeys knew the difference between fresh air and old bread.

    If your behind got to the shop early, you would have the choices of all the soft bread possible but if your behind went galivanting all through the district and remembered that simple task too effing late when you arrived at Miss B all the prescribed bread was gone and you had to pick dark bread without the other attributes.

    De Ole Man respectfully puts this to all of wunna, “We Been Played”

    From the very beginning what this has been has been the “old, hard dark” (lipped) bread on the shelf that, “after all the David Commissiong hullabuloo” our donkeys have been played to accept those 15 trucks which will now resurface, “repainted?” the appropriate colour FOR THE ADDITIONAL $411/hour (or as close to it as possible) that was originally conceived.

    Wunna Bajans are a gullible set of people WHO CANNOT PLAY CHESS.

    There was only one choice on the table and that was the less onerous one of the 15 truck that were initially imported in the “Light sweet bread” choice.

    We getting bult (the extent of being bulled) daily and all we saying is “good, dem ent bullinwe every day of the week, dem just bullin we EVERY OTHER DAY, THREE TIMES A DAY!!”


  • Errol Barrow was surrounded by thieves in the DLP and must have known that David Thompson was a thief, therefore DT was not made a senator in 1986, DT got the St. John safe seat because the king maker Tudor, love him in every way


  • @ Piece
    You need to lighten up on David Come-and-sing. The man has come of age and has become someone of whom Barbados can be proud.
    Clearly he was not born here – and he may have missed the brass bowl injection that seems to have been given to all Bajan new-borns.
    Like Caswell, he has made his mistakes; made bad alliances; misplaced priorities and even done a bit of shiite….

    BUT, the whole point of life is about developing and MATURING. It is the FINAL product that counts, and this is a MAN with balls …. and most importantly, whose mind is focused on FAIRNESS, JUSTICE and on doing what is RIGHT.

    Shiite Boss … it is VERY HARD to outdo such a person.

    While Caswell refuses to BUP – with all his extensive Co-operative (community-centric) background; …and while other Bajans sit around – like true brass bowls- waiting for someone from over-and-away to come and polish them, …. Come-and-sing is on the ball, and MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

    Bushie may have cussed his tail from time to time, but shiite man…

    …now Bushie is torn between voting for BAFFY and Come-and-sing next election….


  • Although Denis Lowe claims that he is well enough for what he is not doing with his ministry, we cannot fault him for scraping the bottom of the barrel to secure payments for his medicals overseas. The man is using his head for all the wrong reasons and to ensure what is perceived as bribe taking and kick backs. We deserve better than what he and his friends are doing to this Island, and the PM is condoning all of this

    Hats off and a hearty thank you to Mr. Comissiong for his stellar effort.

    Does low down Lowe understand along with Stinkler that Barbados is seriously downgraded throughout the world, and do they get their information from the likes of AC?


  • The co-operatives in Barbados should see the area of civic infrastructure as a natural outgrowth of that movement.

    Money spent on advertising could be instead so redirected. We could encourage people to consider making contributions from estates etc.

    No contributions should be accepted from corporations, government or wealthy people who would want to seek influence.


  • There are at least 10 blogs about GARBAGE on BU since jan 2016.


    Barbados is now ALMOST clean.

    If MIA-BLP win the next election she can lock up those that she has found to be “corrupt” and

    SANITIZE Barbados.


  • @ Bush Tea

    I going “lighten Up” pun David when he becomes such a powerhouse of local Activism that even AC going speak of him with reverence

    I want that Bajans, BOTH THE DLP and THE TROIKA IN WAITING fear his scvunt!!!

    I want that his Activism Becomes a Tornado that speaks to the Tyranny that is the DLP and the BLP

    You think that de ole man really concerned bout Fumbles and the DLP???

    They have sung their last swan song

    I ent care bout dem no more,

    Getting rid of their scvunts is just a formality

    The reall challenge Bush Tea is with MIA & HER TRIBE

    here is a breakdown of the facts via de ole man “calculus”


    THE TROIKA COMES IN THE HoA in a seriously depressed economy.


    If Mia does not hit the ground running AND IF HER Tribe is not ready, and people like sandra husbands only in to rape the Central Bank of barbados of the $$ that is in the Credit Guarantee Fund through the SBA and Lynette, THEN BUSH TEA IF DEM SCVUNTS COME WITH THE SAME SCVUNT then we ass is grass.

    Or should de ole man say wunna causing I dun wid dis scvunt my man, I leffing di ship causing you see all dis activism, effing it doan get serious dis Barbados Underground Rum Shop dun wid!!

    So my man I ent in the derision or castigation of David Come Sing A Song mode.

    I want him to rise up above this game playing that he is doing now to something more serious dan “i hit you yesterday, and you hit me today AND WE PLAY THAT GAME EVERY EFFING DAY”

    You know what Dr. GP used to do here every day?

    Scorn and derision aimed at making people “rise higher than the mediocrity of inane commentary and repetitive shy##te talk”.

    It is bootcamp encouragement, emote through derision a thing that many cannot deal with.

    Artaxerxes and SSS and Donna and all the footsoldiers are silent because they get tired of “coming here and singing the same song” AND YES A PUN IS INTENDED.

    You got in everlast batteries that are of the BBE type, so you can “run the race” but the rest of us mere mortals, we going fall by the wayside.

    He got alot more work to do than these 2 horses in full slate of races.

    So that was a single volley that was meaningless in the real fight, you with me?

    Upward & Onwards


  • Hats off and a hearty thank you to govt for implementing a solution to clean up barbados a prigram which has worked despite sinster efforts .
    Once again history will place the DLP its rightful place as a party having to solve hard social issues that have been left to fester within a 14year of goverance and some of which has endanger the lives of barbadians for many years
    The role of govt is not to appease a few by placing the nations interest into political appartus with self serving interest.
    Mr. Commisiong interest can not be excluded or overlooked as the driving force behind his political stonewalling


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David November 1, 2016 at 5:54 AM #
    “You follow the local news? The minister of garbage has stated categorically there will be no privatization of the SSA.”

    Is this he same man who also said the garbage situation is “seasonal” and is mainly due to those Bajans who refuse to adhere to the collection schedule as advised by the same SSA?

    Isn’t this the same man holding a piece of paper up in the air and calling himself a doctor of divinity who told Bajans that the Cahill WTE plant was the best thing since a slice bread called an ac (certified cretin) for the socio-economic and environmental transformation of Barbados?

    Now who should we believe in this whole Privatization matter? The Minister of Finance and his colleague Inniss the don of Business or that blackmout sicko of a fella who managed to convince stupid Bajans like ac that Mia Mottley is unqualified to practise Law in Bulbados?

    So what would now happen to those 15 garbage collecting trucks recently imported to help protect the health of the nation?

    What jackass of a businessman would import 15 vehicles to have them parked to breed mosquitoes and cockroaches?

    Maybe they can be used as hearses to collect and bury the dead who should soon be dropping like flies if the current public health and sanitation conditions prevail.
    Oh, yes! Why not sell them onto the SSA at a huge profit but make sure the Blackmout fella gets his 10% cut in the deal.

    Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI @ November 1, 2016 at 6:59 AM is right on the money by hitting the scamming bull’s eye when he with the acuity of a Solomon said the following:
    “De Ole Man respectfully puts this to all of wunna, “We Been Played”
    From the very beginning what this has been has been the “old, hard dark” (lipped) bread on the shelf that, “after all the David Commissiong hullabuloo” our donkeys have been played to accept those 15 trucks which will now resurface, “repainted?” the appropriate colour FOR THE ADDITIONAL $411/hour (or as close to it as possible) that was originally conceived.
    Wunna Bajans are a gullible set of people WHO CANNOT PLAY CHESS.”

    Comissiong is just a loudmouth guy replaying the chess game after the real players have left the board with their share of the “prized” money.

    Why doesn’t he be proactive and ask the AG or the FIU to be on the look out for the disbursement of that $20 million loan with the 2% social responsibility levy as the collateral? Whose 5 or 10% “Commission” would be part of that deal?

    I am surprised and indeed deeply disappointed that Bushie and the other eagle-eyed wizards of scam spotting like my esteem pal DD have not zeroed in on this blatant ruse to bilk taxpayers (again).

    But what can you expect when a country is headed by a man called Mr. Integrity?
    Can’t you guys see the thin edge of the wedge and a blatant similarity to the fall of Zimbabwe where a loaf of the same ‘light sweet bread that used to cost $1.20 at Miss B Shop’ will soon be costing 100 trillion Bajan cut-plate dollars as the shite of this administration continues to hit the fan.


  • Unless we can find a catalyst that will ignite the masses then all of our discussions are simply futile. We have a high degree of tolerance and acceptance within our society. This is why our government continues to exploit our people. Oh Lord hear my prayers.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ ac November 1, 2016 at 9:12 AM
    “Hats off and a hearty thank you to govt for implementing a solution to clean up barbados a prigram which has worked despite sinster efforts .
    Once again history will place the DLP its rightful place as a party having to solve hard social issues that have been left to fester within a 14year of goverance and some of which has endanger the lives of barbadians for many years
    The role of govt is not to appease a few by placing the nations interest into political appartus with self serving interest.”

    Why can’t you just zip-up your windbag and leave the stage of political comedy?

    What do you have to say now that your lying incompetent administration has again disappointed you in your hagiographic fervour of support?

    What’s the direction your yard-fowl vane is point in? Now that the blackmout guy has secured his cut of the transfer of ownership of the garbage trucks are you now against privatization of the SSA garbage collecting function or are you still for its outsourcing?

    Which entity or entities will be collecting the thousands of tonnes of garbage that will be generated by dirty Bajans over the next 8 weeks? Certainly it can’t be with the 5 only working trucks owned by the SSA?

    It seems that the lowedown fella Mr. Blackmout is really sticking to his word that another ac (Anderson C) will never be paid for picking up even a dead dog as long as He, the dying King Blackmout, is in charge of garbage.

    Soon it will be more than dead dogs which will be stinking up Bulbados. Trust me, there is only one chamber left to be emptied in your administration’s game of Russian roulette with the health of your nation.

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  • Well Well & Consequences

    Other lawyers and other taxpayers on the island should get their voices in there and stop making it appear as though it’s a one man fight by Commissiong., it concerns everyone.

    Pachca..I do get the feeling that they are all sitting on their collective asses waiting to see which way it goes, just as though it does not concern them, their children and grandchildren.

    “Why can’t you just zip-up your windbag and leave the stage of political comedy?”



  • Miller hush do and wait till wunna get wunna chance( if ever again )to leave barbados perch on an fiscal cliff


  • Looks like the private haulers will make some more money as the NUPW will start strike action from tomorrow providing this govt does not explain the McDowell issue……..which they will not do.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    …..”and he may have missed the brass bowl injection that seems to have been given to all Bajan new-borns.”


    “If you were to become the Nexus for all Litigation against the Dishonest Lawyers and those that cut deals with the legal counsel for the defense “because of allegiances” read selling out their clients wholesale for the “30 pieces of silver” then and maybe then I would have some comfort in adjusting your scale towards the point of “level”

    Those lawyers will be in for a very nasty and rude awakening with or without Commissiong. The Cheltenhams were I am told very embarrassed last week by what was posted to social media by that schizoid Thomas Harris, I am sure there will be many more to follow, as they well deserve.

    As some so conveniently forget David Thompson was not born in Barbados either and some say neither was his father, but what is the obsession with people being born wherever, all the remaining parssites in parliament, except for Mara, may have been born in Barbados and yet they are all failures, not an intelligent one among the lot, including Mara.


  • Bushie

    Chuckle……Skippah…….Ah ain born here neider…….ah now unstan why yuh so,yuh did get inject nuh…..cuddear……


  • Well Well & Consequences

    I am sure the crook Bizzy “give me” said the same thing about the 4 seasons scam, where investors for the villas and the local NIS pension fund lost millions, I am sure he will also say that about the SSA that he wants for free, plus 60 million dollars, plus this and plus that, all for free……and every other scam he and Maloney and Bjerkham dreams up to steal from the taxpayers of Barbados.


  • So we have 20M and the SSA will buy 17 trucks and build a workshop.

    ……….whatever became of those 15 trucks that were idenified as sanitation trucks in the port months ago?

    ………UCAL has a workshop,govt owes it money,govt has no money,so why not put the SSA workshop into UCAL even expand it a bit and let them do the maintenance as both fleets use heavy duty vehicles?


  • ow do we how we decide that a formula is not working especially when some of the variables are not under our control? Furthermore, many of the vocal commentators have vested interests – and in that regard are bias. We have heard many opinions that appear sincere, then all of a sudden, the commentator has been nominated for the next elections. The economy is not abstract, it is not an object that if dusty, we wipe off the dust, if unhinged, we purchase hinges, The economy is a living social system that in its own self – interest continues to evolve and morph so that the activities flowing through its channels move further, faster, easier. In that context many seek to grab what they can grab and blame government – whichever one is in charge. In 1962 we were producing 295 tons of sugar, and, 55 years later we are scrambling to get 30 tons. In 1962 there were individuals whose parent could only afford one pair of shoes and rode bicycle. Today those individuals – some who did homework by street light or lamp – own properties worth more than 4 million. In 1970 we had our first fast food restaurant cheffette – today cheffette has 18 branches and sunday cooking is dead. Still we see the glass as half empty.


  • a lot of sound and dance about nothing , whichever government in power white people will always be ask to come to the table and the black people will be at the foot waiting for the CRUMBS . WE forget COW was getting all the road contracts in Barbados , one minister said he wanted to address the imbalance and was punish by the courts and his party … he run off in the sunset from Barbados politics ..


  • RADICAL November 1, 2016 at 1:22 PM #

    A copy&paste from a fb site……it did not respond to that moot and here even less so.


  • @ VINCENT – IT was meant to be a copy and paste, the comment is pointing and relevant to every thing we do and say about an economy , you do the same in speech ie copy and paste
    say the same thing everywhere.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    If the dummies in Parliament dont get with the program soon, the trickle down effect will be devastating.


  • Radical

    What I share nowadays is driven by some law or principle. Don’t fuget when Galilieo said that the earth was round, he was nearly beheaded. Then he was a radical, now he is a genius. The only thing original about what I posted was the context and application.

    Quite true no original thoughts any more…….as the saying goes….nothing new under the sun

    The original question was for ideas to carry the country forward…..the above does not answer it.


  • Growing a pair is mandatory for government to neutralize unelected parasites who scent an opportunity to create mischief in the society. David Commisiong is a pest. A failed politician who lost his deposit whenever he faced the electorate. He attempts to be a power broker through the back door. Government must slam the door in his face as the voters did.

    Permission for Hyatt should have been granted long ago by the PM. Jobs and foreign exchange are lost every minute we delay major projects. Cowering at Commsiong’s empty threats is counter productive.

    A brilliant idea to combine public/private sector to rid the island of unhealthy garbage is unbelievably condemned by Communist Commsiong and anarchists at NUPW and on bu like Caswell. They were furious at the horrendous garbage pile up but when government takes steps to solve the issue its efforts are condemned . The oracle said you do you damned you dont you damned.

    Growing a pair is a moral imperative for Government to stand up to Akanni Macdowell and the NUPW who have cost government and citizens millions in lost revenues through strikes at Customs ,SSA, airport etc. Yet another strike in less than eighteen months looms to reinstate a worker to a job in which he was temporary. Time to call a halt. We elected a government. Mcdowell and his beauty queen minions were not elected by the people. Their constituency is narrow and they have demonstrated recklessness as far as damage to the economy and society are concerned.

    Leaders are elected to lead not to be blackmailed by the likes of the NUPW, Commsiong or Bizzy. Tough stances sometimes appear to bring the worse results often however confronting bullies, racists and troublemakers makes people see there is more to lose if all factions dont cooperate.

    We the electorate will not stand for Government caving into to a rude boy leading a union or a washed up communist. Enough is enough. The country must be run properly by the elected government not by shadows and charlatans who seek to exploit what they perceive as discontent. There is a time for that its called election day its due in 2018. Then they can put their weak cases to the masses. There is no doubt the silent majority will reject them and the BLP come 2018. Peter Wick-ham and George Belle are born losers you can afford to wager against their predictions fortified in the knowledge you will be in winners row.


  • Waitin in vein aka waiting


  • @David et al,
    I heard Cherry with my own two ears; on Brass Tacks, indicate that the contract was for a period of six months (from the beginning) and that it was not an attempt to PRIVATIZE the entire SSA.
    Despite what Commissiong is trying to claim, the matter was NEGOTIATED, and an agreement reached between the waste haulers and the SSA. Commissiong did not; through his letters, win any victory, for it was agreed from the beginning that it was a temporary situation. Could Commissiong give a comparison between the costs if SSA managed the same number of trucks for the same time period, taking into the costs that would be incurred by the private haulers? Do they put in their own diesel for the period, pay their own drivers and helpers, pay their own accounting expenses, service their own trucks, and pay their own maintenance, and make a profit? They are allowed ro make a profit aren’t they.

    Is he going to demand the same transparency in every contract that private entities negotiate; even among themselves? Those contracts will also have an effect on each one of us as individuals and other entities. This thing can go to the ridiculous.
    Lest it be forgot,
    David C. left the DLP, Joined the NDP. Then the BLP. Was made by OSA director of the Pan African Congress, and was replaced. I won’t hazard a guess. But he knows that aNY STANCE HE TAKES THAT IS ANTI DLP WILL BE WELCOMED WITH LOUD SHOUTS OF APPROVAL BY THE OBVIOUS ACOLYTES. BUT HIS UTTERANCES MUST BE FACTUAL TO HAVE the required credibility. If you doubt what I wrote here check with Cherry, or VOB.


  • Alvin Cummins

    You are a DLP yardfowl

    When Bizzy and the White people always support party in power, you have no argument against that. That is accepted by all and sundry.

    We see that Commissiong and everybody else as having that same right. These parties are undeserving of this misguided loyalty.

    When your DLP gutter party tries to win over people of all stripes to elect your idiots to parliament, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    But you are one of those ‘yardies’ who believes that people who you think are at your station or lower should view your party like a religion.

    And any deviation from the gospel according to the DLP is sacrilege.

    You must know that there are people out there who give not an *uck ’bout this stinking DLP.

    There’s nothing in this party system for people except to become yardfowls like you.

    So anybody should be able to join or support any number of them at the same time or separately.


  • Let it be known that no matter how hard Comissiong fights to become a back door dictorate the public would forever reject him at the polls. His rising sun would only be seen here on BU relevant as the mottley crew grasps at every straw to win the 2018 election.


  • Let it be known no matter how hard Commissiong maneveurs himself by way of backdoor to become barbados first dictator his efforts would be resoundly rejected by both Bees and Ds at the electorate ballot.
    One can bet that those who are heaping high praises on Commissiong would never reward his efforts in the voting booth


  • “Alvin

    Can’t change who he is, a fowl of the yard variety.

    Alvin claims a 6 month contract was negotiated yet the minister confirmed the transaction will run for another 2 weeks.


  • AC is a yardfowl …. in fact three..
    Alvin is an idiot.


  • @AC

    Is that the only way you can define issues, people, yourself?

    By a ballot box, a single expression of ‘democracy’ every five years.


  • Comissiong comes on BU and spins a story to suggest that his letters were reason why govt paused the outsourcing of garbage what he fails to state is that govt did not reply to his letters. What he also fails to state that the outsourcing of garbage was a sucess
    Commissiong needs to come to the realization that the health of a nation is tantamount to good goverance and what is transparent is the results gathered by the necessary actions taken by govt be those financial or enviromental and that the end results should not be comprised by a few savings but by a valuable commitment to saving lives
    His boisterous approach to run his mouth in those matters where he was not involved at a higher level bodes well to serve as a distraction to demean govt efforts at their highest level when govt is justifiably working on behalf of the people formulating those efforts intended to keep barbados clean


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ waiting in vein November 1, 2016 at 6:08 PM
    “Permission for Hyatt should have been granted long ago by the PM. Jobs and foreign exchange are lost every minute we delay major projects. Cowering at Commsiong’s empty threats is counter productive.”

    But “waiting”, we don’t recall the same Comissiong objecting to the ‘modernized’ sugarcane factory at Andrews. Neither can we recall any objection to the Pure Beach spa or Sugar Point Cruise Ship terminal or even the Pierhead marina project?

    Is the Commie boy holding up the sale of the BNTCL or the Four Seasons graveyard of rusting steel?

    Is Comissiong objecting to the sale or rental of the Grotto penthouses?
    Why not flog them off to the unsuspecting hundreds of Bajans in the Diaspora looking for an investment or as their future retirement home?
    They shall soon be gathering in their throngs and can be taken on tour of the many matchbox housing projects where many houses up for sale.


  • Miller the Commie Commisiong knows what targets best would sway the blp operatives appetite for rhetoric and govt badgerring. Really would be dumb of him to be hitting at every ball when he can skillfully score a century by striking at a few


  • One cannot believe a word that comes out of the mouth of this incompetent government.

    I agree with DLP TV post earlier, we know that mathematics is not a strong point of the minister of financeso I think he must have calculated incorrectly, hence instead of six months, the money ran out after 6 weeks. What a thing!


  • Privatization is the new trend and it is not to be feared, if it benefit the taxpayers. If the government finds that it can do a job cheaper in the private sector rather than the governmental sector, why not do it?


  • @David,
    I did not CLAIM anything. Cherry himself got on Brass tacks two weeks ago and said it for everyone to hear. Those with have ears to hear let him hear. If the Minister came afterword and said something different, then the persons who SIGNED the contract have a case; let THEM put their case. Dip yard fowl and BLP yard ducks are both birds. the ;plumage may be different and they may was slightly differently, but they are both birds. Why is it that when people have a different position and see things from a different perspective you resort to epithets and vitriol?


  • AC

    Don’t bother with the bulling Millertheanuuaki because the man is a sexual deviant who has a twisted predilection for pedophilia involving young boys.


  • Heather

    “Well done Mr. Commissiong for you’re the true son of the soil”

    It has been said: “That we must be willing to suffer the discomfort of change to achieve a better future” So the question then becomes: is the effrontery towards privatization has it birth in the fact that it disrupts the conventionality, or is there any evidence at all to support the narrative that the privatization of government owned and operated businesses does a disservice to the taxpayers of Barbados? As I’ve said earlier here the state and federal government are outsourcing and privatizing it departments and businesses now, and as a matter of fact, for quite a few years the U.S. Postal Service has been outsourcing a lot of its work to private entities who bid on annual contracts to deliver the mail. And this strategy has worked in the federal government favour because a lot of Africans who bid on these contracts to deliver the mail usually bid low, which puts the white guys who generally bid high out of work, and this puts more money back in the government’s pocket. Because it saves the federal government from having to paid a mail delivery man/woman, a high hourly wage, health benefits and a retirement pension.


  • So Trump’s political slogan making America Great Again isn’t without some merit, though I do not support his sexist, racist, xenophobic and islamophobic views. And whether Trump has been part and parcel of the mindset of selling America down the river to foreign interest, in theory his message is resonating with the average American, who sits around and watch the Washington establishment and Corporate America destroy economic infrastructure of America, while enlarging their pockets. Whether it is (NAFTA) the North American FreeTrade Agreement, or Outsourcing of telemarketing jobs to India and China, or Corporate America bring the Indians with the high-tech skills to America on six months to a yearly contract, and paid them minimum wages, and no healthcare benefits, and housing them in some of the worse crime infested neighborhoods in inner-cities of America. All because Corporate America does not want to pay the average American worker a livable wage, so the greedy capitalists opt for the cheap Indian and Chinese labour at the expense of the average working American. so it is not rocket science to see where the anger and discontent of the average American comes from, and why their would support a man with the attention span liken to dat of de old Piece.


  • Piece

    And I know you would agree with me regarding the fact you have separate the man Donald Trump from his bigotry, his misogyny, his xenophobia, his islamophobia, as well as his intellectual dyspepsia, to asceascertain true validity of his argument.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    Just my luck.
    Walther PKK retreated back to his cave and left the three stooges outside (AC, ac and Dompe…y)

    Liked by 1 person

  • Anonymous

    Yah got a lot of big jokes in yah mout, perhaps there is a job waiting somewhere for you hollyhood?


  • Wait Artax really got mad in trute i though he had balls the size of Mount Everest that nobody dared to step on Wuh i didn.t know he was such a softie ,them type men are called mama boy


  • A nonymouse

    Question: what are you noted for in the world of academics? If not anything which I do suspect, then why should I not regard you as a man with a mere formal education, who spews, peddles and pumps nothing more than exoteric rather than esoteric knowledge here on BU?


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    have a few articles (journals) to my name… You?


  • Artax

    Who sang the song:”Woman don’t like, woman don’t like,woman don’t like,soft man?” Was it the calypsonian Penguin who sang the song Artax?


  • Anonymous

    Sir Arthur Lewis, Dr. Eric Williams, George Lamming, and a host of other internationally aacclaimed West Indian academics, can be found in many of the major libraries in America, and you’re noted for a few articles and journals. Ok!


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    in scientific journals..,
    I asked about you….
    I hope you are not claiming to be one of the three (or all three).
    Some, if not all of you, are dead
    Will behave for the rest of night, but I gotta poke ya every now and then or you would feel no one notices you.


  • Anonymous

    No I am not claiming to be any of those three, but it is important that you understand that a formal education does not separated you from the herd, until that education is used in such as way to improve our way of life whether it be scientific or technological. How does writing in a scientific journal improve our standard of living or impacting our chances of finding a cure for cancer etc? In other words, how does your education separate you from countless millions who are educated, so that your name is echoed in the halls of academia, both domestic and foreign?


  • Anonymous

    Attending Yale and Harvard does not make you a smart man or woman because had it, President George W. Bush would have been a genius because he attended the both of them and still he has great difficulty speaking. An Anonymous, here is the irony of out educational system in Barbados: Christopher Sinckler the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, took Common Entry and passed for the Garrison, and many of his classmates took the same Common Entry and passed for schools of national reputation such Harrison College, Combermere, and Lodge etc. And after the Ministry completed his Secondary and Tertiary education, he founded himself lecturing the same classmates at UWI, who passed for Harrison College, Combermere and Lodge, schools of national reputation. He did that happened my friend?


  • “Colonel Buggy October 31, 2016 at 9:56 PM #

    The late Great Errol Barrow saw something in David Comissiong, that if he were alive today, would be had pressed to find in any of the jokers who now represent the political party which he founded.”

    Wasn’t it Mr Barrow who dismissed Mr Commissiong from the Senate? Just asking.


  • “Suspension of SSA Privatization Scheme is to be Welcomed”

    are we not gloating too quickly? Has the Government issued a clear statement as to whether the sanitation privatisation shenanigan has been only suspended or abandoned completely?


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