Suspension of SSA Privatization Scheme is to be Welcomed

Submitted by DAVID COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados

Firstly, I would like to inform the Barbadian public that I followed up my initial letter (dated 22nd October 2016) to the SSA Board challenging them to justify paying private business-men a massive rental fee of $411 per hour per truck, with a SECOND letter (dated 26th October 2016) calling upon the Board to provide me with a detailed Written Statement of their reasons for making the decision to privatize the services in the first place.

I am therefore pleased to learn that Dr. Lowe and the SSA Board have decided to suspend what was touted to be a six month  privatization programme at the end of this week.

It is important however that we– the Citizens of Barbados– use the opportunity to drive home some important messages to Dr Lowe, and by extension, to all the Government Ministers and Statutory Board chairmen of Barbados.

We must make them understand that the governance of our country MUST be conducted on the principles of transparency and consultation with the people. Thus, it was totally wrong for Dr Lowe and / or the SSA Board to seek to institute this controversial privatization scheme without first consulting the people of Barbados and the trade union representatives of the SSA workers!

Secondly, we must make all Government Ministers and Statutory Board chairmen understand that we — the citizens of Barbados — are no longer going to countenance any more of these outrageously privileged governmental contracts that inflict inexcusably heavy financial burdens on the taxpayers of our country!

This privatization programme was going to cost the taxpayers of Barbados FOR  EACH  TRUCK, the sum of $16,440 per week or $427,440 over the initially stipulated six month period, or $854,880 over a one year period !

This was financial madness, and we trust that we will hear no more of it after this week.


  • Anonymous

    Sir Arthur Lewis, Dr. Eric Williams, George Lamming, and a host of other internationally aacclaimed West Indian academics, can be found in many of the major libraries in America, and you’re noted for a few articles and journals. Ok!


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    in scientific journals..,
    I asked about you….
    I hope you are not claiming to be one of the three (or all three).
    Some, if not all of you, are dead
    Will behave for the rest of night, but I gotta poke ya every now and then or you would feel no one notices you.


  • Anonymous

    No I am not claiming to be any of those three, but it is important that you understand that a formal education does not separated you from the herd, until that education is used in such as way to improve our way of life whether it be scientific or technological. How does writing in a scientific journal improve our standard of living or impacting our chances of finding a cure for cancer etc? In other words, how does your education separate you from countless millions who are educated, so that your name is echoed in the halls of academia, both domestic and foreign?


  • Anonymous

    Attending Yale and Harvard does not make you a smart man or woman because had it, President George W. Bush would have been a genius because he attended the both of them and still he has great difficulty speaking. An Anonymous, here is the irony of out educational system in Barbados: Christopher Sinckler the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, took Common Entry and passed for the Garrison, and many of his classmates took the same Common Entry and passed for schools of national reputation such Harrison College, Combermere, and Lodge etc. And after the Ministry completed his Secondary and Tertiary education, he founded himself lecturing the same classmates at UWI, who passed for Harrison College, Combermere and Lodge, schools of national reputation. He did that happened my friend?


  • “Colonel Buggy October 31, 2016 at 9:56 PM #

    The late Great Errol Barrow saw something in David Comissiong, that if he were alive today, would be had pressed to find in any of the jokers who now represent the political party which he founded.”

    Wasn’t it Mr Barrow who dismissed Mr Commissiong from the Senate? Just asking.


  • “Suspension of SSA Privatization Scheme is to be Welcomed”

    are we not gloating too quickly? Has the Government issued a clear statement as to whether the sanitation privatisation shenanigan has been only suspended or abandoned completely?


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