World is put on high alert over the Omicron coronavirus variant

BIvana Kottasová, CNN

Updated 11:03 PM ET, Sat November 27, 2021

(CNN)As fears mount over the newly identified coronavirus variant Omicron, governments around the world are scrambling to protect their citizens from a potential outbreak. The new mutation, which is potentially more transmissible, was first discovered in South Africa and has since been detected in the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hong Kong.Israel is banning all foreigners from entering the country in response to Omicron fears, authorities announced Saturday. The ban, pending government approval, is expected to last two weeks. Israelis returning from a country on the red list, which includes countries in southern Africa, will be required to isolate for seven days in a designated hotel. 

There are seven suspected cases of the variant in Israel, in addition to one confirmed case found in a person returning from Malawi, its Health Ministry said. 

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116 thoughts on “BU COVID 19 DASH – OMICRON VARIANT

  1. This was as predictable as the Sun will rise.

    Too many countries of the South still have too low vaccination rates. Shot public health systems, awful diets, etc.

    And if they, the countries of the North, really thought that vaccines were efficacious they would have freed up patents two years ago.

    This is biological warfare. A World War 3 scenario..

  2. David

    You too are becoming a little dictator as well. We have long been a country imbued with dictatorial impulses.

    On the thread about people waking up you just suddenly and unilaterally closed comments in the most authoritarian fashion as this writer tried engaging you.

    Does your action, now becoming a more and more often deployed police state tactic, not have implications for your pet peeves of freedom of speech and freedom of expressions, even your governance idealism?

    This writer fails to recall this high frequency use of this antidemocratic device before this criminal Mottley regime took over.

    Why do you feel such a need to turn your back on long held principles to protect this one party state and dictatorial regime from legitimate interrogations.

    If this regime cannot be criticized on matters of republicanism, which nobody voted for, in circumstance where opaqueness, even uncertainty, resides in a constitutional void, when could it be?

    People like you so willing to surrender freedom for political security or to gain favour with the regime in a one party state-ism shall have neither, sic.

    The Romans use to say ‘eagle lost….all lost”

    • This is a matter we have discussed many times on the blog. It is obvious a few commenters if you read their comments do not appreciate the personal sacrifice the blogmaster makes to keep the blog going. Sometimes you reach the point where enough is enough.

  3. If they were really trying to STOP THE SPREAD OF THE VIRUS….they would STOP THE WORLDWIDE TRAVELLING for at least one year…..and STOP spreading that disease and the many variants on the continent of Afrika….where they go every day and use it as a revolving door.

  4. It cannot be under control when these people are allowed to TRAVEL EVERYWHERE with their infected selves…


    There is indeed a very big problem developing, the PEOPLE AGAINST THEIR WILL is pledging allegiance to the CONTINUITY of the same institutions BASED ON THE FOUNDATIONS of Black Afrikan DISEMPOWERMENT and ENSLAVEMENT>..the people better wake up to THIS REALITY really, really fast and DO SOMETHNG ABOUT IT and those keeping these crimes against Black humanity in place…

    .Pacha…we can only warn, the rest is up to the people to accept OR REJECT .the direct insult and DISRESPECT..

    “In September, the Barbadian Parliament unanimously approved a constitutional reform which will see the nation’s citizens swearing allegiance to their country and the continuity of its institutions rather than the Queen.”

  5. So Many different jabs yet multiple variants continue to wreck havoc on the lives of people and world economies
    When will countries roll.out a health plan that is strong and gives preference to how people protect their immune system a necessary and worthwhile plan that would strengthen and protect the body from the devasting attacks of the virus
    It is obvious these viruses would continue to mutate
    However when one wants to fight a war one must be physically as well as mentally prepared
    Vaccines only produced half of the support for a short period
    The immune system nature’s medical source for the maintaining the body health also plays an important role

  6. With all the foreign dignitaries in town, King David has curbed nearly all communication on BU. Mia welcomes this move and can parade in her ever growing collection of lurid oversized scarves without fair of interrogation. VIVA LA REPUBLIQUE.

  7. Omnicron-Omega-Killer-Mutation is coming!

    We need a lockdown for all unvaccinated locals – preferably with neck irons and leg shackles.

  8. Vaccine makers were fast to identify the variant as a concern. Moderna said the Omicron variant represents a ‘significant potential risk’ to its Covid-19 vaccine.

    “The recently described Omicron variant includes mutations seen in the Delta variant that are believed to increase transmissibility and mutations seen in the Beta and Delta variants that are believed to promote immune escape. The combination of mutations represents a significant potential risk to accelerate the waning of natural and vaccine-induced immunity,” Moderna said Friday in a news release.

  9. GP ran the blog ragged
    Now two days before celebrating over fifty years of Independence and Barbados becoming Independent
    David curtails Freedom of Speech
    Btw where is John Knox awaiting to here his opinion on this new virus and the possibility of it being in the water across the world

  10. If you go to the link I included below, you can read a lengthy, free excerpt/sample from Robert Kennedy Jr.’s newly released book: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. The free book excerpt goes into detail explaining the shocking (well, shocking to those who are unaware of Pharma’s track record) anti-human, psychopathic behavior of Fauci, Gates and the Pharma Industrial Complex to unfairly and illegitimately discredit repurposed medications, like HCQ, IVM and others, to treat Covid in its early stages, since some doctors had discovered these alternatives were cutting down significantly on the numbers of their own patients that needed hospitalization (or met untimely deaths) after early treatment was offered.

    The following sequence of events became an accustomed norm: Person gets symptoms – person goes to hospital ER – ER tests and confirms that he/she has Covid-19 – patient told, as Fauci advised, there were no treatment options available for Coviud-19, so go back home, but if condition worsens to the point where breathing difficulties set in you can come back to ER. From that point, after having difficulty breathing and returning to the ER, the following sequence became a norm: hospitalization – sedation – ventilation – death.

    In the meantime, a minority of doctors were working (successfully) to find methods using off patent drugs, blood thinners, nutritional support etc. to treat Covid patients in early stages of the disease, but they were ignored at best, or even well established, reputable MDs found themselves dismissed as charlatans and quacks peddling “snake oil solutions” to an untreatable disease. The Fauci/Gates/Pharma approach was to pronounce that there were no effective treatments available to treat the Covid sickness until the vaccines and the patented anti-viral Remdesevir with its life threatening side effects (e.g. kidney failure) became available, and the medical profession, fortunately with some notable exceptions, fell right in line.

    For the Covid-19 vaccines to be released on the public at large, they had to have the approval of an Emergency Use Authorization, as the vaccines had not been put through the standard testing regime required to complete the normal regulatory hurdles to gain approval. If there had been proven treatments that had been judged to work successfully on Covid-19, the EUAs could legally never have been granted to authorize the use of still experimental vaccines before they had completed the full testing regimes, and pharma would lose billions in sales plus perhaps find long term side effects and adverse reactions showing up that could delay even further their access to the market.

    Kennedy’s book shows how the off patent medications were discredit in bogus studies that intentionally overdosed subjects with much higher doses than were really necessary to treat their condition, in effect poisoning the subjects, and/or the test drugs were administered only after the subjects’ illness had progressed to the point where it was known the alternative drugs would likely have lost their effectiveness, since they worked best in the early stages of the disease.

    Also, both The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine published totally bogus, unsupportable papers discrediting HCQ and were forced later into withdrawing the papers, but the illegitimate papers were still effective in chilling the rising interest in using HCQ as a viable treatment option. Once the word went out initially: “Discredited by studies in The Lancet and NEJM”, it quashed rising interest by doctors on the sidelines of the treatment debate at using HCQ or even other alternatives as early treatment options, and when the papers were later withdrawn, the event was just met with a yawn as the damage had been done by the initial publication of illegitimate, unscientific papers in two of the world’s most prestigious, supposedly peer-reviewed, medical journals.


  11. Suffering from Covid overload which has attacked my nervous system causing pain in the a.ss and exhaustion
    For now I exit stage I until when freedom of speech without surveillance is returned to BU
    Have a great day yuh all

  12. Little Switzerland is a country often mocked by other European countries. At least they believe in holding referendums which involves the participation of its citizens to engage in domestic politics and the decision making process of that country. Unlike Barbados which has ushered in a soon-to-be Republic minus the involvement of the local population.


  13. David you do a great job with the blog allowing people like myself to get away with murder from time to time , so dont listen to the rantings from people that take themselves far to serious. But if I may ask for one small favor if you can stop GP going on about Donnas sexual antics towards him it would be appreciated …. each time he alludes to it my mind conjures up a vision of a bulldog eating custard..

  14. David
    This writer is the last one to be so accused of not knowing or not being considerate of your efforts. For the overwhelming number of Bajans are not so inclined.

    It must be a labour or love, undying. Indeed, there is a matter yet to be discussed in person when next in your area..

    However, these instances of curtailments cannot be justified or batted away based on legal threats, which we know you have had to deal with. Nor unfair criticisms of the party in power.

    Indeed, the power relationships in Barbados could not be more deserving of fierce critique, even from DLP yardfowls. And especially at this political juncture. A watershed where everything, it seems, is unfavourable to the regime. Not all of its making, of course.

    A regime which OSA warned us about that is recklessly taking the country to perdition or other parts unknown as it gives life to a dangerous personality cultism birthed within a faux respectability ethos.

    If BU and you David were not born to be the bulwark against these tendencies then we are all at loss and your pragmatic nationalism replaced by naked BLP dictatorial interests.

    May Aset save us all!

  15. I was reading where the blogmaster stated comments will be closed within 24 hours for new blogs. Perhaps, he should revised down the time limit.

    Lawson: try to submit content without any names. I don’t mind if you call my name in any context, but try.

  16. fine… a four legged animal possibly english with white cropped hair sometimes spotted wearing a bowler hat eating custard

  17. After Tuesday, like it or not, we will be a ‘Republic’.

    I could wait until Tuesday to fully accept the fact, but my opinion does not influence what happens in anyway. As a result, i have accepted it from today.

    “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can, and
    Wisdom to know the difference.”

    If you want to, you can change ‘God’ to ‘The Creator’ or ‘Could someone’

  18. @Lawson
    the chatter of which you speak was predictive? Here they were lost in the Big-O, and meanwhile another Big-O was raising its head. Why are all these variants named after Greek letters?

  19. Theo you are soon to be a republic and the first thing you are going to do is ban people from africa from entering the country. Strange how life goes.

  20. They had to skip two of then Nu and Xi….lol….one because posters were taking full advantage of reference to NU (new) variants by breaking out every analogy they could think of and the second is so as not to hurt XI’s Chinese feelings……so now we are down to Omnicon.

  21. so now we are down to Omnicon…which is actually OMICRON, but the executives at the worlds largest ad company, Omnicom are pulling their hair out

  22. Did not research
    Assumed they were naming them alphabetically like how we name hurricane s but was using the Greek alphabet.

    For me, Covid is complicated. Lots of time, they are playing catch-up.

  23. Actually NO on further thought ..just like today when people encounter a whiny bitch they call her a Karen so you steer clear, but in my day we would call girls pandora to let other guys know you may catch something from her. So I would suggest Pandora’s box let out all the worlds ills may be a strong contender for the greek connection.

  24. Putting on my Conspiracy Theory Hat on..

    Wheel of Time Cycle

    Covid is reminiscent of British & European Colonialism stretching into all parts of the world in
    O Americas North South Middle Caribbean
    O Asia India China and all over
    O Australasia New Zealand Australia
    O Alkebulan Africa
    where genocide was committed on the indigenous peoples who were also infected with viruses to wipe out populations

    British English: Colonialism is the practice by which a powerful country directly controls less powerful countries and uses their resources to increase its own power and wealth.

  25. A sign of things to come. The alpha gorilla and her henchmen have muzzled King David. We are in a dark place.

    Meanwhile, there have been developments in the Solomon’s islands. Its population has grown tired of its corrupt government and the menacing and growing presence of the Chinese on the island. Parallels with Barbados? Anyway, something had to give.


  26. No they did the right thing but now the international community has to reward them in the way of millions of vaccinations for being vigilant.

  27. Closing the comments section after 24 hours guarantees that it will be dominated by those who’s lives are barren enough for them to spend time every day looking at the BU comments sections. Those of us with more active and productive lives will simply have to interject comments like this one which have nothing at all to do with the subject of the post.

  28. “Our South African friends should have kept their big mouths shut.”

    yep they should have and expelled all the infected tourists which means every one of them, now they are the fall guys because they detected the variant….

  29. @ Pachamama November 28, 2021 8:34 AM

    “May Aset save us all!”

    Shouldn’t that be ‘Mary Mother of Jesus’ a fictitious clone of Horus and worshipped as a god by Georgie Porgie and his ilk?

    After all, if the European man had the gall to steal even the religion of the people of Kemet wouldn’t the other ‘cultures’ like medicine be low hanging fruit ripe for the easy picking?

    Poor Imhotep must be shaking his rod of Asclepius (that brazen serpent) as Ra, the real Creator of mankind, is about to make HIS annual solar pass through the constellation of Ophiuchus to ‘recognize’ His highest priest and to acknowledge the deification of that polymath of all time.

    Maybe Bajans should return to the worship of Zeus or Jupiter instead of Yahweh to save their sorry asses from the coming wrath of RA.

  30. @PLT
    I am for and against the limiting of the comments at the same time. Some blog degenerates into nothingness and should be closed instead of being allowed to continue.

    This blog started to go off the rails before 24 hours (in fact at blog #20). Banning and censoring should be avoided but appear to be needed and if done they would be a full time job.

    If bloggers cannot censor themselves, the blogmaster should act.

  31. @peterlawrencethompson November 28, 2021 10:10 AM
    while it may make YOU feel better that you are posting to a thread, where your comment has some relevance, this is not the norm. Many bloggers could care less. They only post on 3 topics anyway, so blast away.
    Often thought the blogmaster could easily have a new thread each day, and interject content feed as he does with many threads anyways. Doubt it would change much.

  32. @David, wha up guy… again I am late to the fray but reading above is rather confusing!

    What’s this about closing blog comments after 24 hrs …. particularly after u said a few days ago that you will allow bloggers to post (petty personal gripes, basically) and show everyone their inner character!!

    What happened over 24 – 48 hrs to cause u such concern to make that new ruling!

    Also as u so ’embarrassingly’ pointed out the fact that mature men and women would have to be ‘moderated’ and cautioned about childish behaviour emphatically explains why our nation is so corrupt of values and moral substance….

    It beggars belief that an avowed man of the Bible could be one of the most rankerous, vindictive persons on the blog; or that academically successful folks who enjoyed the peer system to climb their career ladder now find it so ‘uplifting’ to abuse others with such scathing remarks or write some of the most biased, absurd commentary under the guise of their academic expertise.

    Yes @David it’s pellucid (excuse the Greek) : how the A-hole can we expect this new generation to be any better when ours are filled with such ‘greatness’ … but brother (French now) WTF does that have to do with managing your blog with this new 24hr curfew!

    Oh I dismissed the nonsense from the political ‘poouch lickers’ (as Piece-a-de-rock would call dem in superb Bajan) , re: “For now I exit stage I until when freedom of speech without surveillance is returned to BU”.

    One can only hope they truly keep their promise!

    I gone … I’ll see if I can slip back before curfew ending.

    Be safe.

    God Bless Bim on Republic Day.

  33. “Maybe Bajans should return to the worship of Zeus or Jupiter instead of Yahweh to save their sorry asses from the coming wrath of RA.”

    Religions should personal be for individuals not nations choices and there are many flavours of Spirituality
    Religious studies should be about all religions not blind blinkered single minded faiths to brainwash children

    The takeaway wisdom from the life of Jesus teachings is man and woman can manifest as God (and Gods)
    as per Hindu faiths filled to the brim with gods and goddesses with up to 33 million Hindu gods and deities

    Practice cool mediation like Buddhists and Holy Herb from Dreads learn Sikh Dharma of Kundalini Yoga
    Chinese Qigong internal energies with Pranayama Breathing and Tai Chi like a Shaolin Monk in a Temple
    Call it the New Age Relationship with God as Best Friend with deities and prophets as brothers and sisters
    make miracles guided by angels teachings of saints evolving to a next level of wisdom knowledge understanding

  34. Interesting comment from CMO Kenneth George a couple days ago. Barbados will not issue a directive that says travellers from South Africa and surrounding will not be permitted to enter Barbados because UK the main transit point has done so. Why not issue it for th record to send the right message? We have travellers who enter on private planes etc. Why the hesitancy?

  35. @ John November 28, 2021 10:54 AM
    “Too much faking.”

    Isn’t it Judeo-Christian biblically un-Islamic not to be fruitful and multiply?

    Thanks to medically-assisted improvements in infant mortality rates and technology-based contraceptives humans are doing no more “faking” today than they did in the past times of mass raping as approved by your Judeo-Christian god Yahweh and orgies according to Dionysus or his Roman-equivalent dubbed Bacchus.

    The planet’s population needs to go back to a steady-state level of growth which Mother Nature can afford with Her limited resources.

    If humans don’t cull and control themselves then Mother Nature will send an army of viruses and other diseases to bring their numbers back into check in keeping with the Earth’s resources as she has done over the eons with all life-forms especially the mammalian class of the homo erectus species.

    Simply put, Mother Nature (the handmaiden of God) will get rid of you lot to make way for a new species capable of being good custodians of the Creator’s planet.

  36. “Why not issue it for th record to send the right message? We have travellers who enter on private planes etc. Why the hesitancy?”

    How many African travelers reach Barbados directly
    perhaps the bigger issue is more about quarantine of people from the transmission of viruses

  37. so who is surprised….and am sure made 100 times worse with this virus…

    “We have specific legislation to protect animals but none specifically to protect senior citizens. I guess you’d have to rely on the Offences Against The Person Act, but there is no specific legislation that speaks to the abuse of senior citizens physically, sexually, financially and emotionally.”

  38. Oh dear! “Did I do that?”






    OR IS THIS “RUMSHOP” only for men?

    No matter what the Constitution, nothing will work until ALL CITIZENS are acknowledged BY THE PEOPLE to have the same rights.

    You people talk a good talk about all people should be treated equally and blast the government for not making it so but you yourselves do not walk the walk, even on a blog where there is nothing to be gained by doing otherwise.

    You guys have one standard for women and another for men. You guys have one standard for people with certain professional qualifications and social standing and another for others. You guys form cliques and treat the words of those persons differently from others who say the exact same thing.

    In short, you guys are bags of stinking hot air. And that is why Mia can dismiss you, not because I “lowered” myself to respond to a question I WAS ASKED earlier this year about whether I had ever experienced a toe-curling orgasm. And a recent demeaning remark about my admission that I often faked it.



    David can delete this. But he KNOWS I speak the truth.

    THE END!

  39. Speaking of fake the Bible is fake
    written by man
    to control man woman and child
    and I got proof

    ◄ Exodus 34:14 ►
    Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

    Is “God” saying there are many Gods and he is not the only God or are men who write this crap saying they want to monopolise religion

  40. Sssssshhhhh! I did not mean, David. He would not mean me ALONE! If anything, he would have meant BOTH. WHICH IS FAIR ENOUGH AND ALL ALL THAT I ASK!

  41. So, South Africa had bare floods and as patterns observed all over the world (aka empirical evidence) the numbers of cases will rise!!

    So we see them duly rising.

    What better explanation than to say there is another variant which is vaccine resistant and super contagious?

    Fellahs getting desperate as their schemes are being exposed.

    I am willing to bet that the rate of change of cases with time in this surge is no greater or smaller than in the previous surges and thus the Ohmigod variant is no more infectious than any of the other multitudinous variants.

    Lyall, do the math and measure the gradients.


  42. @ The Chancellor.

    Mǎ xiū 4.

    Kě xuǎnzé de:

    8) Móguǐ yòu dài tā shàngle yīzuò gāoshān, jiāng shìshàng de wànguó hé wànguó de róngyào dōu zhǐ gěi tā kàn;

    9) duì tā shuō, nǐ ruò fǔfú bài wǒ, wǒ jiù bǎ zhè yīqiè dōu cì gěi nǐ.

    10) Yēsū duì tā shuō, sā dàn tuìqù. Yīnwèi jīng shàng jìzhe shuō, dāng bài zhǔ nǐ de shén, dān yào shì fèng tā.
    Hǎo de.

    Is the grass greener…

  43. David 09:37

    And do you see any connections between vaccine distribution patterns and the inability of capitalism to take us any further?

    • @Pacha

      Since the days of caveman are you able to identify egalitarian systems in the so-called enlightened age? Even in China and countries with central systems of government there is an elite who benefit from preferential treatment. The point, no system is perfect. At some point the developed world will figure why the probability of the virus mutating in unvaccinated spaces is higher.

  44. What Tomorrow Brings..??

    If these Viruses Continue to Mutate at the existing rate, Mankind will have probable cause to explore closed ecological community systems below earth 🌍.

    (CES) are ecosystems that do not rely on matter exchange with any part outside the system.

    Who knows..

  45. TLSN

    You do realise that BLM is a Marxist organisation, right?

    …. and that Karl Marx had something to do with Communism?

  46. DavidNovember 28, 2021 3:14 PM


    Since the days of caveman are you able to identify egalitarian systems in the so-called enlightened age?


    Pachacuti, educate David about Christianity and the offer of salvation to all mankind, regardless of colour, class or creed … or gender..

  47. David
    The caveman era is not a point of departure for this writer. This mind is not constructed in such ways.

    And the much longer history of humanoids cannot represent the simplistic straight lines such terms represent.

    Those master histories were not always characterized by the minds from whom brutishness was only assuaged by what their like to pretend to be an intervention of an “enlightenment”. Theirs are all false narratives.

    Think for yourself! Could humans, from long before the time period embedded in your question, think maybe 6 million years ago at least, have survived without very sophisticated methods of cooperation, levels of interdependence?

    None of these things represent perfection. But to contend that the absence of perfection provides an escapism for the failings of your preferred organizing principles merely waves the surrender flag.

  48. “empirical evidence” shows JK’s “conspiracy” theory is dead in the water
    as only 1 nut job subscribes to it
    and as that nut is himself
    it doesn’t even count

    p.s. Salt water kills Covid

  49. “You do realise that BLM is a Marxist organisation, right?”

    That is the white cunts trope

    to minimise black youths protesting about whites racism worldwide

    no surprise that you are parroting what whites say

  50. TLSNNovember 28, 2021 4:10 PM

    @ John,
    Enlighten us grasshoppers.


    Make a list and Santa will deliver!!

    …. but not if you are naughty.

  51. HantsNovember 28, 2021 6:24 PM

    Two people from Ottawa who travelled to Nigeria tested positive for omicron COVID-19 variant



    Still a bit early but any sign of BC’s cases rising yet after all the floods?

    How is Ottawa doing with floods?

    The Ohmigod variant sounds like it will come to Canada at just the right time.

  52. This is winter. Ottawa may only have flooding along the river in spring if there is a heavy snow fall in winter.

  53. Dame BajansNovember 28, 2021 9:15 PM

    This is winter. Ottawa may only have flooding along the river in spring if there is a heavy snow fall in winter.


    Not familiar with the geography up that side but look for concerns about sewage, wastewater or storm water getting into drinking water.

    Here are some water quality reports from various supplies in Ottawa.

    Look for evidence of fecal coliform in the water.

    If Ottawa has particular hotspots, link them to the water supplies for those areas.

    That’s all there is to it!!


  54. @John November 28, 2021 4:05 PM “Take a note of all the countries where the Ohmigod mutant has shown up. What do they have in common?”

    I am only guessing, but I would say the countries have human beings in common.

    Do I get a prize for getting the right answer?

  55. @David November 30, 2021 8:36 AM “Why Florida Has a Low COVID-19 Case Rate.”

    Again I am only guessing, but I would say that so many people in Florida have already had covid, and so many have died that there are not many people left to be infected anymore, and of course dead people don’t get covid. At least I don’t think they do, but I am sure that before long one of the “Barbados scholars” will put me right, and we may all get a wonderful treatise on duppy Covid, a new variant.

    Do I get a Republic prize for getting the right answer?

  56. @John November 28, 2021 10:26 PM “Could actually break the 100 mark next month. Hope there aren’t any floods.”

    It is unlikely, but not impossible that there will be floods in December. A nice rain by me this foreday morning. I am thankful.

  57. Newsflash!

    Michael Flynn now believes that Q Anon is a disinformation campaign organised by “THE LEFT”!

    True, nuh joke! As usual, we have audio.

    This man who fully embraced the madness!

    I wonder what convinced him. Was it JFK not showing up about five times?

    Was it Mike Lyndell not releasing his bombshell?

    These people are hilarious!

    Cartoon characters singing more loonacy than the real ones on Looney Tunes!

    Seriously, “WHAT’S UP DOC??????”

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