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As the coalition of forces gather with their vested interests of displace the American fascist dictator, Donald Trump, on a civil warlike political battlefield, it is becoming quite clear that people who call themselves ‘progressives’ will only awake to the machinations, political tricks, being conjured and to the tectonic shifts under the battlefield when it is far too late. Such a re-imagining of American politics, as neoliberalism was the remixing of economic policies, must of necessity, leave ‘progressives’ out in the cold.

We are estimating that this Democratic-led coalition which is likely to emerge from a possible victory will lurch much further rightward than progressives are generally imagining. For Joe Biden is merely running as a Democrat but intends to rule as a Republican. This is all he has known all his life. Being a conservative Democrat means being a Republican. Same as Obama, there are few differences between factions within the duopoly. Biden has never been known to instinctively done anything progressive in his whole life. Above all, politics is about slicing and dicing as an acceptable method of gaining power, not being a fountain of virtue. Not interfering with the hideous structural infirmities on which the country has been built. This is representative of Joe Biden to the bone!

Therefore, it would be irrational to expect a man like Biden to approach, for example, the misanthropically inspired symbology represented by the ‘Star Spangle Banner’, the national anthem, which glorifies slavery in one of its verses. Or revisit the 13th Amendment of the constitution which still legalizes slavery for people in America’s dungeons, 80% of whom are of colour. Need we go on?

Then, the question which progressives will never get answered is – how could he ‘Build Back Better’ on such a flawed foundation? All Biden really wants to do is to get back to how things were before Donald J. Trump was thrown up by the political culture as if those represented halcyon days for Afrikan-Americans, supposedly his most dependable bloc. That’s all!

But, who are these people generally referred to as ‘progressives’? Well, they could be any motley bunch of political gradations from the far-right to the far-left and in-between. To the far-right they may include Republicans who support the logic of climate change and even never-Trumpers. To the far-left they may be communists, antifascists, socialists or even Trotskyists influenced by the lesser of two evils logic.

In this scenario, Joe Biden would, in effect, be the ‘unwitting’ savior of the Republican Party which is likely to be devastated by a massive defeat, if current polling holds true and in the event Trump is unable to complete that well-planned dastardly act currently underway. Should Biden be buoyed by the winds of a fierce national and overwhelming determination which forces Trump into having no other choice but to leave the White House, even to the point of duress if deemed necessary he saves the Republican Party. In so doing, he would be serving the hordes of Republicans seeking asylum within the Democratic Party as a way of making sure the indispensable other half of the American political duopoly survives Trumpism – the Republican Party.

When we look back at the presidency of Trump, in this scenario, it might appear as though a level of master planning, by hidden hands, paved the way for Biden. He could have the prefect landing to enable him to jettison feckless progressive operating under the assumption that this Democratic Party’s ‘donkey’ will take them somewhere. In addition, Biden could have a highly conservative Supreme Court; a Senate which could be Democratic led but more than willing to serve his less than obvious conservative agenda and a House of Representatives acting likewise with muted or sporadic objections from its progressive caucus.

In these circumstances, the LGBTQ identity politicos, who played such an enormous role during the Obama administration, would not be able to co-exist with the Republican elements within the Biden Coalition, absent the few Log Cabin Republicans. If Biden is faced with a choice between these political forces, there is little doubt that he will go with his new-found friends for the fear about defections of the Republicans may cause too much imbalance within his coalition. He will seek to equalize that action by resting on the logic that the LGBTQ forces generally have nowhere else to go.

The same thinking holds true for Afrikan-Americans, Hispanics, and other progressives who will have nowhere to go notwithstanding the presence of a fledgling Green Party with a presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, and up to maybe a 100 other people seeking the presidency. Defections of progressives are likely to be deemed as merely a temporary setback. Afrikan-Americans should not expect this reformulation of political forces within neoliberal capitalism will deliver any of Biden’s promises about ‘Building Back Better’ and so on. Nothing will happen but talk, until after the election when the drift to the right becomes public. Observers however, can see what a Biden administration will look like right now by the examination of his teams of advisers. To us such expectations are the equivalent of asking a dead man to change his will and expecting it to happen.

One good thing about Biden is that he has dared to locate himself as it to remove the scab from the old festering wounds making America the fascist state it might have always been and/or to which it has now degenerated for all to see. Of course, he was well assisted by the ongoing demonstrations throughout the country and being a politician there was a need for a response that made sense in order to garner the votes of Afrikan-Americans, women, progressives, young people etc.

In some ways Biden has been sheltered by Whiteness and a hyper focus in the country on what is wrongly seen as a cultural anomaly, the Trump presidency. However, the deeper truth is that Biden will never fix, or even start to fix, in eight (8) years, what was consolidated over four centuries.

Guided by history, only the total and complete destruction of American empire can satisfactorily settle these deeply divisive issues, correct all the fundamental social problems that have been termed ‘original sins’. Some contend that this fatal option maybe better that Biden’s return to an abnormal normalcy. Progressives should have long recognized the existential forces at work and found ways to insert someone more able to deal the rebuilding that has to happen and therefore avoid this Biden misdirection.


  • The largest percentage increases were seen among adults aged 25–44 years and among Hispanic or Latino persons.


    So how does this tally with the conventional wisdom that the younger you are the less likely COVID is to be fatal.

    The other accepted conventional wisdom was that African Americans were most at risk.

    I’d interpret the conflicts in the data sets by saying there is another killer on the loose which affects young and old adults but yet leaves children relatively untouched.

    I at first thought it was cigarettes but am leaning more to the opioid crisis.

    As in the case of George Floyd, Fentanyl is deadly to any one who takes it.


  • Failure


  • Video for crooked Trump


  • dpD

    The Game is afoot. Buckle up! Watch Barr! He wasn’t at the Press Conference.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Lyall, I started a post earlier but deleted it as I was shaking my head in disbelief at the sheer madness, audacity, malicious delight or combination of all those of this moment !

    Here we are 1 year removed from major Russian involvement in a US election for one candidate and said candidate who became POTUS REFUSED to accept the verdict of that direct assistance from the US agencies but lo and behold here we are again but now with the PORUS handpicked Nat Intel Director letting us know (rightly so) that anither foreign actor Iran is assisting the candidate opposing POTUS with grand email subterfuge.

    There is no hedging or denials of the validity on that one by POTUS… no, no, no. What a thing!

    (Oh yes Russia is still at it too for hom, tho)

    And oh, that Hunter Biden correspondence etc … well it seems some of that was in Ukraine since last year and surprise, surprise Guiliani was consorting with a Ukriane official to get Biden dirt and the US agencies asert he is a KNOWN RUSSIAN AGENT!

    Well, well, well…. that same hand picked Nat Intel Dir has said NOTHING about that… in fact he has vouched safe that there is NO RUSSIAN involvement with the Biden data.

    Boy oh boy, national security threat analysis is now a disruptive partisan sport with a director who is willing to shade details to comfort his President.

    Yep we gotta brace ourselves … this thing will get real bad, real soon as you suggest.

    I gone.


  • I guess you know better than the experts at CDC whose figures these are and who do this every year.


    Bloody lunatic!


  • The CDC also says that only 6% of the deaths attributed to COVID are in people with no co-morbidities and on average people whose deaths are classified as caused by COVID have more than 2 co-morbidities.

    In other words, there are other killers out there!!

    Kind of obvious!!!

    George Floyd is a case in point.

    He was found to have had lungs incapable of sustaining his life.

    Chauvin has been granted bail since October 7 and will most likely not be convicted of the charges levelled against him.

    The DA said from the beginning a case could not be made for the charge of murder.

    George Floyd was possibly a victim of COVID, OR a victim of drug abuse OR a victim of heart disease.

    He was not “murdered”, take your pick of the the other 3 causes of death.

    Me, I would say drug abuse but I am no doctor.

    I would say he was responsible for his own death.

    No one caused it but himself.

    There is a big ole pile of evidence to that fact.


  • Trump, having grown accustomed to soft ball lollipop questions from Fox and Friends pulled a tantrum and walked out during some tough questioning from CBS 60 Minutes. We are living through a presidential meltdown (and the man has nuclear codes) He has made a preemptive strike against the moderator of tonight’s debate describing her as biased, this is just to let his followers know that any poor performance by him is not his fault.

    Last but not least the man who can get under his skin like no one can said in a speech that Trump was lazy and skewered him for having a Chinese bank account.


  • You have changed your argument. You said we did not understand the concept of excess deaths, a concept no more taxing than simple arithmetic. You said that people were dying WITH COVID rather than OF COVID. You said the deaths caused by heart attacks and other such NCDs had disappeared into the COVID deaths. That now disproven , you come with some other bogus analysis based on suppositions without evidence.

    You know more than those who do it for a living.


    You can suggest till the cows come home but no-one is taking you seriously. You have no evidence. None. All supposition. The experts on the spot say different.

    And who the hell is John Knox and what is his claim to fame????

    Long steupse!

    You lied about the stats thinking nobody would check them.

    You lie about everything.


  • Liar,Liar


  • DonnaOctober 22, 2020 6:47 PM

    You have changed your argument. You said we did not understand the concept of excess deaths, a concept no more taxing than simple arithmetic. You said that people were dying WITH COVID rather than OF COVID. You said the deaths caused by heart attacks and other such NCDs had disappeared into the COVID deaths. That now disproven , you come with some other bogus analysis based on suppositions without evidence.

    You know more than those who do it for a living.


    You can suggest till the cows come home but no-one is taking you seriously. You have no evidence. None. All supposition. The experts on the spot say different.

    And who the hell is John Knox and what is his claim to fame????

    Long steupse!

    You lied about the stats thinking nobody would check them.

    You lie about everything.


    Genre: Informal
    Female = 169
    Male = 284
    Difference = 115; 62.69%
    Verdict: MALE

    Next time please try and write 300 words or more!!


  • John is famous for all the court cases he and his siblings, late mother and friends have filed in Barbados, Canada, the CCJ and even the Privy Council. He is still in court fighting for what is not legally his. steupse. More money than sense.


  • Yup … definitely CLICO!!


  • GPAugust 31, 2020 4:17 PM

    Here’s The Shockingly Small Number Of People Who Died From Coronavirus
    by Paul Sacca
    about 3 hours ago

    Why wasn’t this widely known before now?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a report stating that just 6% of COVID-19 deaths listed the only cause of death as coronavirus and no other comorbidities.

    “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death,” the CDC website reads.

    Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, noticed the important information on the CDC’s website on Aug. 6.

    Based on the CDC’s data, 94% of people have died with coronavirus, along with one or more other underlying health issues. The CDC’s Aug. 28 update stated that there were 167,558 COVID-19 total deaths, which means 10,053 died solely of coronavirus alone with no other health conditions.

    The CDC’s figures are derived from provisional death counts, which are based on death certificate data received and coded by the National Center for Health Statistics.

    “Provisional death counts deliver the most complete and accurate picture of lives lost to COVID-19,” the CDC states. “They are based on death certificates, which are the most reliable source of data and contain information not available anywhere else, including comorbid conditions, race and ethnicity, and place of death.”

    The CDC listed the following as the top underlying medical conditions linked to coronavirus deaths:

    Influenza and pneumonia

    Respiratory failure

    Hypertensive disease


    Vascular and unspecified dementia

    Cardiac Arrest

    Heart failure

    Renal failure

    Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and other adverse events

    Other medical conditions

    Dr. David B Samadi MD, urologic oncology expert and robotic surgeon, commented on the CDC news.

    “As a men’s health expert, many men have been affected by COVID-19,” he wrote on Twitter. “The CDC today revealed that only 6% of COVID deaths were in patients without existing comorbidities. 94% of the deaths were in cases with pre-existing conditions. This affects the entire public.”

    Former New York Times investigative reporter Alex Berenson wrote on Twitter:

    A lot of people are jumping on the @cdcgov statement just 6% of US #Covid deaths list #Covid alone as the cause. But to use that figure to claim ‘COVID ONLY KILLED 9,000 AMERICANS’ is wrong. Other causes include conditions like pneumonia, which can clearly be Covid-related. A better way to use the data may be to TAKE OUT causes clearly unrelated to #sarscov2. I’d include Alzheimer’s, sepsis, dementia, cancer, and unintentional injury (Let’s be conservative and leave off kidney failure, diabetes, obesity, and strokes).

    The other advantage of leaving off those conditions is that there is significant overlap in, say, diabetes and obesity (and the CDC reports the average COVID death certificate included 2.6 other conditions). That’s less likely for the conditions I included. So, okay, the five conditions on my list were on about 50,000 certificates (assuming no double counting). The accidental deaths and poisonings alone were 5,000. Those deaths – at a minimum – are much more likely to fall in the WITH rather than FROM #Covid category. It would also be nice if @cdcgov offered more specific information about the 77,000 deaths that had other ‘unspecified’ conditions listed. But this is a start, at least – and it’s in keeping with the other steps the CDC has taken recently.

    Author: Paul Sacca


  • attenuator
    a device consisting of an arrangement of resistors which reduces the strength of a radio or audio signal.
    ▶ Carl Craig Version

    ▶ Moritz von Oswald Dub


  • In strange times blurring news you need some intelligent lyrics about thinking for yourself and not buying into fake news…
    ▶ 1 My Vision The Vision Remix Jakatta, Seal

    ▶ 2 Dave Lee feat. Billy Valentine – Power Of The Mind (JN Redemption Mix)


  • Tuggawar anyone?


  • No, we seem to feel that the ugly witch did not pull her hand away from the ogre.

    There appears to be anti-Trump forces, in media and elsewhere, conducting clandestine operations against him.

    We have to be careful that we are not unwitting agents for these schemes, disinformation projects.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @ David, I’m sure their marriage will survive this wild presidential affair … not so sure tho that the presidency, US and world will survive them just as well!

    This news items had me astonished…

    “President Trump and Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe have moved to declassify a document that counters the intelligence finding that Russia attempted to get Trump elected in 2016, Reuters reported Thursday.”

    Let’s note that the POTUS fought desperately to appoint this loyal (to him not to his oath to protect the US) servant to this post SPECIFICALLY and directly to manage and massage intel data to the benefit of reelecting POTUS…
    regardless of national interests and threats.

    So here, despite EVERY western intel service, both US senate and congressional committees along with myriad other reputable sources having affirmed the Russian activities in the 2016 election Ratcliffe is now DISAVOWING that indisputable evidence days before this new election.

    This is DANGEROUS, crooked and a serious threat to all our lives … is the US intel director now a lackey of Russia and with the POTUS willing to subvert safety simply to spread their disinformation narrative …

    It is absolutely mindboggling for that the US intel director is publicly accepting the word of Pres Putin that there were no Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 election and is ACTIVELY looking for any bit of disinformation within his classified files to support that view.

    That would be bordering on treasonous in ANY other Republican regime, but here we are.

    If this man wins we could care less if he holds Melania’s hand but for all our sakes we better hope he can get out of Putin’s embrace … his intel director is laying the bed for a full on ‘shag’ as the Brits would say … and thus we would ALL be screwed!

    In Russia the intelligence services work directly and completely to the whims of Putin, same thing in Turkey or Saudia Arabia and any other autocratic regime … never before in the US. Welcome to MAGA: Make America Greatly Autocratic!


  • Last night’s questions and answers session was used by Trump deploying the playbook from Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s disinformation chief.
    1) Constant interrupting of the moderator
    2) Exceeding the time limits
    3) Constantly asking for rebuttal opportunities
    4) Overwhelming his opponent with a lot of unrelated information
    5) Using disinformation to make it impossible for his opponent to respond to
    6) And on and on

    1) Lacked acuity to properly confront the American dictator
    2) Missed many opportunities to, with a killer instinct, win the session
    3) Appeared timid in linking Trump to a wider cabal of oligarchs being influenced by dark money.
    4) And on and on, on every major topic


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Yes indeed the debate last night was problematic…

    “Using disinformation to make it impossible for his opponent to respond to..”

    True. But call it really for what it was often as well… using LIES to misinform the public.

    No one is truly undecided (cant be @David unless they were RipVanWinkling) so realistically the debate likely resolved nothing but it surely reinforced the ‘miasma’ of toxic hotair spewed by this man.

    The really frightening aspect to watch him in these interview settings is that he really seems to ‘believe’ his own BS!

    “Lacked acuity to properly confront the American dictator … 2) Missed many opportunities to, with a killer instinct, win the session”

    And true, true.

    The only way to put this is to say that age is an ‘itch we all have to scratch and when that’s being done it’s best we can do so privately or quietly!

    A young Joe Biden was somewhat of a skilled orator … yes he waffled as all pols do but the man (despite those plagiarism issues) was smooth as silk… he would have taken this fella to the cleaners comprehensively …

    To see him struggling to land a solid punch when POTUS left himself open so often was very painful.

    Yet may be prevail … the alternative is much too damaging.


  • Mourning


  • Lock them up!


  • The Wanderer


  • Critical Analyzer

    Is the mainstream media looking to block for Biden long enough to help him get over the presidential line, only to impeach him and put Kamala in as President?


  • The debate format favored Trump. It took the wild raving lunatic beast and imposed a level of sanity and decorum on him.

    Similarly, the debates in Barbados will favor one party.


  • Grasshopper

    Trump can play any role that is required of him.

    He is that good.

    If he judges he needs to attack he will attack.

    His instincts are invariably right.

    So where is Hiden today?

    Back in his basement?

    Trump has two rallies and will be with reporters.

    I just don’t see how Hiden can be competitive.

    He may very well win but it will be a very weird result.


  • Biden was out of his depth just as Rubio, Bush, Kasich etc etc etc were out of their depth.

    Hilary had no chance, completely out of her depth.

    Trump was never going to fight like a normal politician and up to now, no one has figured him out, far less how to counter him.

    Their ego does not allow them to accept Trump has beaten them so far and they try to denigrate him rather than trying to figure him out and how to fight him.


  • Their problem is that Trump has them figured out and knows what has to be done.


  • They don’t even have to fight him.

    They don’t have to figure out how to counter him.

    They can actually work with him.


  • Trump said that the country is turning the corner re COVID, he didn’t name the corner I believe its called “Dead man’s corner”

    It is estimated that as many as 165,000 Americans could die by February if the country continues on its present track (80,000 positive today) of which the resident Trump whisperer would write that the deaths was caused by people tripping over their cats or falling off their swings.


  • 50 million Americans have already voted


  • John Knox is so lame.

    Male, female or whatever, I rather me than you.

    Poor you! Spending your life in that condition.


  • Oh, and nobody is buying your stupid “analysis”. Just thought you should know.


  • Bigots


  • The WSJ rubbished the story


  • Faux and Lindsey in a pillow fight


  • Clowns


  • When will Tucker or Rush speak of the Trump wreck?


  • Mcconnell has probably had COVID and it has not treated him well. He is obviously suffering from blood clotting, as shown by his hand, probably extends up his arm and his lips are dark and seem coagulated.

    Probably has had the luxury of the same treatment that Trump got, which the regular American cannot get. But COVID has still taken its toll on him.

    These Republicans will deny the truth and push their agenda for money, at the expense of others too. A power hungry and insane group.


  • SargeantOctober 23, 2020 8:14 PM

    Sargeant, that figure of 165,000 is sadly way off….. the figure is probably in the millions. Four months with a deadly virus in winter is not going to be nice. If it is still not dealt with, if the Democrats do not win and Chump keeps running things, many more people will die from the COVID well into 2022.

    The Republicans will not mind though, that reduces unemployment for them. Those elites have no regard for the regular Joe.


  • Has anyone here heard of Sundown towns?

    these were places across America North and South where coloured people had to leave town by sundown
    or they would be strung up on the hanging tree


  • Has anyone ever heard of Sundown Barbados. This is a little Caribbean island with a majority black population in which after sunset black men could not be seen in certain white districts if not they would be arrested by black police and beaten up. How times have changed?


  • You are not allowed to do U-turns here, but if you ask the sheriff pretty please can this smart jigga do a U-turn he may consider it so you can head up north


  • What to expect if Trump wins
    A meltdown at msnbc and CNN
    What to expect if Biden wins
    Nothing for blacks
    Two horses outsmarting the black population


  • “Mariposa October 24, 2020 6:21 AM

    What to expect if Trump wins
    A meltdown at msnbc and CNN
    What to expect if Biden wins
    Nothing for blacks
    Two horses outsmarting the black popula”

    Are you still dreaming


  • Hal AustinOctober 24, 2020 4:30 AM

    Has anyone ever heard of Sundown Barbados. This is a little Caribbean island with a majority black population in which after sunset black men could not be seen in certain white districts if not they would be arrested by black police and beaten up. How times have changed?


    On every plantation I have looked at during the times of slavery black and white lived side by side, cheek by jowl with no problems.

    There was no RBPF back then, no need I guess.

    “Back in 1880s, Belleville was developed as an exclusive residential area in Barbados. One of Barbados’ own entrepreneur by the name of Sam Manning (founder of Manning & company which is now DaCosta Manning) and his business partner George Whitfield acquired sixty (60) acres of land which they divided into eleven (11) parallel avenues between the two (2) parallel streets of Pine Road and George Street. Some regarded Belleville back then as the first viable display of good town planning in Barbados.

    In 1910, eighth (8th) through eleventh (11th) avenues were available for public access while up until about 1935, first (1st) through seventh (7th) avenues catered to private residents. This was all made possible through a declaration that was published by Sam Manning.”


  • Today, gated communities abound.


  • @Quaker John

    Can you please get me a place at your school of logic? What is Manning and his wealth got to do with the bar on black men in Belleville after dark, unless they were going to pick up their wives/girlfriends who were the cooks for dinner parties?
    I agree about gated communities; they should be bulldozed.


  • Critical Analyzer

    You wasting your time trying to convince. In the face of seemingly credible allegations against Joe Biden and his family, we might be seeing the start of either the biggest cover-up or court case that might make Watergate look like nothing by comparison.

    They prefer to shoot messenger and destroy the message rather than hear the message and decide.


  • Biden locks up blackmen for committing frivolous crimes
    The white media CNN and msnbc tell american blacks that a woman born of Indian heritage having a coolie jamaican father is black
    The black media has rejected such nonsense engineered by the white media
    Hence there are high profile blacks getting off the biden train
    There is a black media which the white left media has run into having a level of thought that interest black americans
    Rules have changed
    Unfortunately Biden did not have a presence of mind to meet with them and the fall out continues


  • Tony Bobulinski? Did he come up with a cure for COVID19? Nothing to see here move along, there is no there there.
    Critical Analyzer, any thoughts about changing your handle?


  • To underscore the brilliance of the Republican campaign it tried to portray Joe Biden as senile to a target audience of seniors, that strategy is as well thought out as trying to appeal to a cricket loving group of voters that any idiot can play cricket. The upshot is that Trump is trailing Biden among seniors, no wonder his former campaign manager Brad Parscale had a meltdown and his wife called the Police advising them that he assaulted her and had guns in the home. Fortunately for Parscale he is white so the Police just tackled him and took him to hospital, if he was black he would be in a morgue with a toe tag.


  • Hal AustinOctober 24, 2020 9:53 AM

    @Quaker John

    Can you please get me a place at your school of logic? What is Manning and his wealth got to do with the bar on black men in Belleville after dark, unless they were going to pick up their wives/girlfriends who were the cooks for dinner parties?
    I agree about gated communities; they should be bulldozed.


    You went to St. Giles for the milk and the biscuits or to learn?

    You did not specify where this egregious conduct took place.

    I was showing you that it could not have been Belleville as Belleville only came into being in the 1880’s and only a part of it was for private use.

    The restriction was removed in 1935 and from the 1st to the 7th avenues were open to the public.

    I would suggest the 6’o’clock deadline has something to do with a curfew that would have been imposed in 1937 after the riots which in true Barbadian illogic has been blown way out of proportion..

    It is a fact that up to 1834 slaves lived on plantations with their owner and there was no RBPF.

    It is also a fact that many lived in the same house as their owners!!

    So, you will have to be more specific about the areas to which you refer!!

    My guess is Strathclyde and Bank Hall came into being after Belleville.


  • I am amazed supposedly clever people keep quoting Twitter!!!

    10 percent of its users are responsible for 92% of its content.

    To find a balance you need to look for the 8% of content that would conterbalance the 92%.

    Trump’s tweets would be mandatory reading if a balance needs to be struck.

    Most of the 10% of users are democrat, …. or bots!!

    92% of the content is Democrat propaganda.

    That’s why the Democrats will probably lose this election cycle.

    They seem to believe that Twitter is America and don’t seem to realise they are only seeing 10%!!


  • @John

    If you would look up you would see that the content of the tweet is from John Roberts (he of Fox news not the CJ of the US although people in TO would know him as JD Roberts of CHUM fame) but I digress, isn’t Twitter one of the official communication tools of POTUS? Doesn’t Trump announce changes of US policy via twitter? And aren’t you on here daily defending each and everyone of Trump’s actions?


  • @Sargeant

    Yes, he is known as the Twitter in Chief.


  • JohnOctober 24, 2020 9:42 AM

    Oh gosh na man. John hearkening back to the good ol plantation days, when he quotes that ”On every plantation I have looked at during the times of slavery black and white lived side by side, cheek by jowl with no problems.”

    You cyan be serious. Yuh feel bajans chupidy or whuh?

    Peoples, THIS is the fellow who supports Trump, Mcconnell and Pence. You Onnerstand what yuh dealing with here???? Yuh doan need nuh more evidence than those two lines above of what Johnny stands for.

    NUFF SAID!!!


  • I dedicates this calypso to Dear John, Critical Shamalyser and Mariimposter.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    “I am amazed supposedly clever people keep quoting Twitter!!!”

    And we should all be amazed that you continue daily with such a diet of illogic and amazing ‘you joking, right’ folly !

    As @Sargeant noted the POTUS uses this medium to incessantly mislead, spread disproved conspiracies and just blatantly LIE hourly and yet u offer that “Trump’s tweets would be mandatory reading if a balance needs to be struck.”

    @Lyall reminded us recently that its believed you fell and struck your head in youth … the harmful effects of that misfortune are clearly now being manifest!

    And Mr Critical, let’s assume that everything published about Hunter Biden’s escapades in Ukraine and China are true – that is, let’s completely DISMISS the reports in the WSJ and former Lt Bobulinski own words that he actually cannot confirm certain discussions as purported between father and son.

    So that done can you PLEASE explain why Joe Biden’s supposed governance malfeasance and family conflicts are MORE damning, corrupt and disgusting that Ivanka Trump’s China approved branding rights after her father was in office; that Trump properties have charged the US government allegedly exorbitantly high rates for visits by military officials; why some of those officers were routed miles out of their needed routes so that they could STAY at those Trump branded properties; clarify WHY the POTUS thinks it’s appropriate to conduct US govt business at HIS properties or that he could SERIOUSLY consider to host a G7 conference at one of them; why are his family members working (unpaid or not) for the govt in sensitive areas (sans top security clearances) while at the same time doing their private business around the globe and leveraging the former to get more of the latter!

    That’s a short list… but all and more in four years makes Biden’s 47 years governance life quite insignificant.

    POTUS has done well to attack his critics with exactly the same criticisms he himself perpetuates… it’s a smart ploy and the more he trumpets the more we get distracted from HIS and his FAMILY’S grievous conflicts and blatant malfeasance.

    Howevrr, it’s still a simple, old fashioned binary option of up or down or on – off … one is totally worst than the other and Trump is NOT the good one!

    I gone.


  • Never listened to Fox CNN MSNBC or any of the traditional media
    Reason for my input which supports neither Trump or Biden
    The new black media has been able to dissect both candidates with clarity and. well placed opinions that places each candidate under a microscope which has exposed them as being picked to do the bidding of white supremacist
    Have yet to hear a good explanation as to why Biden voted on a crime bill to incarcerate black men for small crimes
    Trump well he has not hid his racist views unlike Biden who has openly told ice cube that talking about the black community problems must wait till after the election


  • Any slave owner fed, housed, clothed and provided medical attention for his slaves.

    Some of the large plantations have to this day fields named “Hospital Field”

    A few have fields named “Negroe Yard” or “Negroe House” or “Negro Garden”.

    Those fields are invariably close to the Plantation house.

    The vast majority of the 6,000 plus slave owners owned a few acres and less than 10 slaves.

    In Bridgetown ownership was limited to a house.

    Everybody thus lived together in the same house.

    Simple facts of life from the past.


  • de pedantic DribblerOctober 24, 2020 12:45 PM

    “I am amazed supposedly clever people keep quoting Twitter!!!”

    And we should all be amazed that you continue daily with such a diet of illogic and amazing ‘you joking, right’ folly !

    As @Sargeant noted the POTUS uses this medium to incessantly mislead, spread disproved conspiracies and just blatantly LIE hourly and yet u offer that “Trump’s tweets would be mandatory reading if a balance needs to be struck.”


    If you add up Trump’s posts to see what percentage of the 8% he actually posts you will find it is infinitesimally small!!

    Simple straightforward fact.

    But it causes the 90% to go mad and write pure shite!!!

    Must be a source of great amusement for him … eases the pressure.


  • JohnOctober 24, 2020 1:31 PM

    That to say what? If you are trying to infer that the owners were benevolent, then keep digging.

    Gaw deng…..


  • Yup

    I figure the 10% who write the 90% have been driven mad by Trump.

    The 90% of the population are cool!!

    Still figure Trump may end up with 70% plus of the popular vote.


  • @Mariposa
    What’s this “new black media” you are on about? Sure they are not some fake ass shit like those the Russians established in 2016? Or are you following some Russian bot? Please add the links to these “new black media” so we can judge for ourselves.

    On the eve of the election Ice Cube comes up with an idea and wants people to respond tout suite, I also heard that 50 cent is encouraging people to vote for Trump because his income is over $400,000 and he is afraid that it will be taxed more if Biden wins. That is the problem with some rappers they get a little money and think they are J Paul Getty while true millionaires like Springsteen and Streisand support Biden even Warren Buffet says the tax system favours people like him.

    Trump may get the rap vote but he ain’t getting the black vote


  • CrusoeOctober 24, 2020 1:37 PM

    JohnOctober 24, 2020 1:31 PM

    That to say what? If you are trying to infer that the owners were benevolent, then keep digging.

    Gaw deng…..


    No, I am saying the owners were in the main, practical.

    They took care of their property for not only benevolent reasons but also practical common sense reasons.

    … from cradle to grave, a socialist utopia you might say.


  • Sometimes I wonder at the sheer brilliance of his use of Twitter.

    10% can appear to be much larger and promote strife and division.

    The 90% just keep quiet and watch and fume.

    … until the elections!!

    The 90% may very well overwhelm the 10% at the voters’ booth because they may be thinking they have to overcome what appears to a preponderance of madness.

    Turnout could be very big.

    Trump’s strategy in using Twitter could just be to ensure a large voter turnout.


  • @Crusoe
    You fuhget that John was raised on a plantation? Yuh can take de boy off de plantation but yuh can’t take de plantation outta de boy.
    Irony of ironies I understand that John once worked for a company (INTEL) that was established on part of the plantation and he is right about one thing they used to name the fields on the plantation, that particular field where INTEL was located was called “‘Garden Peace”


  • SargeantOctober 24, 2020 1:39 PM

    What’s this “new black media” you are on about?



  • ………..the problem with some rappers they get a little money and think they are J Paul Getty while true millionaires like Springsteen and Streisand support Biden even Warren Buffet says the tax system favours people like him….(Quote)

    What utter nonsense? From an admirable condemnation of rappers supporting Trump, to nonsense about ‘true’ millionaires. Reality check: Rap/hip hop is the most popular musical genre in the world in 2020. Fact: Jay-Z has more declared wealth than Springsteen or Streisand.
    The real problem with most rappers is that they are black. The old Bajan Condition at play.


  • The problem with some people is that they know everything but understand nothing


  • Sarge no wonder yuh so far out of the loop
    Just allowing whites to set any political narrative or agenda for blacks speaks volumes as to whose interest comes first
    The new black media has been around for years educating blacks of course those who would listen as to importance as a race living in America and the necessity to get their act together for what is in their own interest
    The traditional black voices on Msnbc and CNN is controlled by the mouthpieces of those who own the network hence they say things only which satisfies their pay masters who are white having very little to do with the financial aspects of the american black community
    The blacks who watched these networks have been brainwashed into accepting what white traditional media says
    However when the rubber hits the road blacks are handed a bag of political gibberish and told to fix their own problems


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    … and he kindly asked that you provide links re your Black media sources!

    Your comments were instructive… in sum u no longer dissect information from white sources because they publish/say stuff “which satisfies their pay masters”!

    So of course there are no Black voices like the remarkable Fifty remarks which satisfy their paymasters or OWN interest.

    You show your absurd folly the more you speak… one must ALWAYS listen to the data presented and be able to properly analyze it for accuracy and validity REGARDLESS of its origination, oh smart political sycophant!



  • The real problem is making silly remarks to get a cheap laugh.


  • @ Mariposa

    A black person working for the white media is not free to write what s/he thinks. You do as you are told or get out. The black media are controlled by the advertisers and distributors. You understand more about the media and how they work than many of those who try to condemn you.
    I will give a personal story; while working for the Daily Mail Which?, the consumer group did a bogus survey about Barbados, and my Armenian deputy news editor gave me the story to work on.
    I said it was inaccurate, and rang the deputy high commissioner, Owen Eversley, and put it to him, and he confirmed it was rubbish. I was told to write the story as Which? said. Ever since then I ignore Which? reports.
    Somewhere on the records there is a nonsense story about tourism in Barbados masquerading as ‘fact’.


  • Mariposa an election is imminent and since you support neither Biden nor Trump, what should a black voter who listens to the “new black media” do? Let me know when you arrive at an answer and while you are at it could you also spell out why you support the DLP over the BLP?


  • Sarge those who are listening to the new black media would not compromise their vote just because for the sake of ousting Trump
    Those who listen have a level of understanding that there vote has value and along that track anyone asking them for a vote must and deliver things of value which can be beneficial to the black community
    So far Biden fails miserably in that area
    So if Trump not good and Biden 9 days into election has not delivered
    There comes a time when a line must be drawn in the sand explicitly stating No business as usual


  • Hal the new black media has no ties or connections to the traditional white Media


  • Sarge sending u the link would not make a difference to u
    U are sucked in by msnbc and cnn agenda
    An agenda to get rid of Trump while Biden whistles his way pass the black community having nothing to offer them
    Maybe after u see the true face of Biden when or if he wins then u would come to the realization that the white media interest had nothing to do with blacks


  • Why is Mitch McConnell even running again for the Senate, he is clearly extremely ill. Just trying to filibuster any progress by the Democrats.


  • @Mariposa

    In other words, you have nothing, nada, zilch. I asked what people who don’t support either candidate should do and you are unable to cobble up a response. People died for the right to vote and even today the Republicans are still finding ways to suppress black peoples’ vote but you are promoting Ice Cube tete a tete with Trump minions and when challenged you retreat to some nebulous nonsense about “new black media” while claiming that you don’t support either candidate.
    I think you should stick to the reelection blog but you can’t even articulate why you support the DLP over the BLP.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Sarge asking me to tell u what people should do is not a fair question
    If u asked me what i would do my response would be one of not towing political line that does not serve my purpose
    Meaning as i have indicated that neither Biden or Trump serves
    Also well u should know that the ballot consist of other issues some of which are local and which the Constitutions allows for individuals to have a right of voting
    So do come here presenting your version of intellectual snobbery trying to teach me about voting rights
    I know my rights and not only those that the main stream media only allows blacks to hear


  • “The real problem is making silly remarks to get a cheap laugh.”

    Nothing beats a cheap laugh. The cheaper the better.


  • Gazzert the real problem is you mounting that ole tired donkey called Ignorance


  • @Mariposa

    On this very blog (Oct.18 to be precise) I made a comment about Ice Cube’s flirtation with Trump and posted a link to the American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) website. Well whaddayaknow they are proponents of down ballot voting for folks who are unhappy with both Biden and Trump. Is that where you got that idea about the Constitution? Are they the “new black media” that you wrote about and are unable to provide links?

    As I said stick to DLP/BLP


  • Rich Mitch


  • Only of recent since the kamala debacle on race have ever heard of Ados
    The new black media which i refered has been around quite longer than Ados
    There agenda is one of a fighting spirit for black Americans not placing their energy directly into Trump problems like the white media does while showing scant interest to the problems that are impacting black americans because of years of neglect by politicians who promised everything and delivers nothing
    Take a look at the jews their interest comes first all else after
    Hence a large block of that community will vote for Trump


  • MariposaOctober 24, 2020 8:36 PMHence a large block of that community will vote for Trump.

    Well, I guess it proves that fake news works and people can be taught to vote against their own interests.

    The ultra wealthy like it so.

    A generation brought up on what is humorously termed reality television, that bears no resemblance to reality, they have been trained to be programmed.

    Vote for Trump, because if you are that stupid, may as well work just for gains to the ultra wealthy.


  • Critical Analyzer

    Looks like Sky News Australia might be one of the last real news organizations left. Is this the start of a very interesting week?


  • @ Crusoe

    People do vote (act generally) against their own interest. Karl Marx wrote about this. The same thing in Europe and North America. The Democrat and Labour arty both believe that back voters are captured, there is no way to run. They can either vote Democrat or Labour, or not vote, since voting Republican or Tory is meant to be unthinkable.
    This is usually articulated in terms of people having lost their lives for the vote and it is a betrayal of those people not to vote. So, in recent years, we have had black people voting for the Clintons and Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Do you remember Gordon Brown’s ‘British jobs, for British people’?
    The other argument is that if you do not vote then you cannot complain. On a regional level in London, black people came out in droves to vote for Ken Livingstone, who gave jobs to a few polytechnic graduates, undermined black self-organisation, and then pursued his policy of getting rid of the Notting Hill carnival, by marooning it on Hyde Park.
    He was also a big supporter of the police in the midst of the 1981 uprisings. It was only when he came out in support of Corbyn and said unfavourable things about Jewish people that he was apparently driven from public life.
    But the biggest example of a people voting against their own interests are those northern working class people and farmers who voted for Brexit and now find themselves complaining.
    How an intelligent nation, at the very heart of the biggest economy in the world, highly influential, could vote to leave such a body because of narrow, reactionary nationalism.
    Life is complex, dear boy. Just look at poor people, many cannot pay their bills, on the brink of being made homeless, and struggle to put food on the table, who voted for the BLP in May 2018, and with it indirectly for Prof Persaud..


  • Only group that votes against there better interest are the blacks
    All other ethic groups in America votes for their interest
    Also most of these groups does not tow a political line that the media set out for them
    How does one think that the chinese and other ethic groups which are a small voting block yet are able to pull sway enough to rise to an economic level faster and much better than the black community
    Black owned business are regulated to barber shops nail salon and small businesses that only is a part of a small supply chain of empowerment to wealth
    All other ethic groups would small in similar manner but moves up the economic chain faster than blacks while given support and access to established business in the black community while holding an unfair advantage against blacks to the rules which help to propel them to faster economic wealth
    Haven’t read Biden speaks to that issue which is real and one which keeps and drives black businesses further down the economic ladder
    But then again the media likes it that way and such an issue which does not serves them any purpose because the blacks interest is not one of the media interest


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Critical et al, can you be fair and balanced or does EVERYTHING related to POTUS with you guys have to BIASED and HYPOCRITICAL.

    1.How is this Sky report indicative of anything NEW… how can THIS CORRUPTION scandal of the Bidens be MORE damning than the evidence of Trump and his family ‘criminal’ enterprise.

    2.We KNOW that Obama govt officials were very concerned about the Hunter-Burisma Board role and voiced those issues within the halls of govt .. thus the question MUST be ‘did this role have direct and deleterious effect on US policy and or national security interests’!

    3.Moreover, lets ACCEPT that the Bidens have leveraged their elite status to develop personal wealth internationally while Joe was a senior govt representative and later VP … that is TROUBLING … But was there ILLEGALITY proven … the moral and ethical problems are disturbing but THE SAME is true for POTUS and his operations over the years but the major difference, based on evidence, is the actual illegality done by Trump is his role as POTUS.

    4.The Senate report from Sen Ron Johnson is a politically motivated document deliberately intended to misinform …. PERSPECTIVE and CONTEXT. This same Sen Johnson has never accepted the assertions of Russian interference despite ALL the evidence and believes there was an “overreaction”!

    How now can we accept the integrity or lack of bias from such a person … one who also saw nothing wrong with the POTUS-Ukraine aid for dirt call!

    How do we also square this report to the other one from the Senate Intel committee’s exhaustive multi part serial reports which set out a quite different narrative.

    Surely this is an awesome bit of political DISINFORMATION. As powerful (hopefully does not dupe folks as well, however) as the Kerry ‘Swift Boating’, the Dukakis ‘Willie Hortening’ or in fact the Clinton Bengazi hit … but in this scenario the adversary has done SIGNIFICANTLY WORST on EVERY matter of governance malfeasance, conflict of interest, criminal allegation or family related corrupt practice . Often twice and three times worst!!!

    This is very simple … if Biden is guilty of lying on this Burisma matter or having business relations with China then let him be held to account… and then let’s hold Trump to account on every one of the thousands of lies he has made; hold him to account for accepting the word of Putin over US officials; let’s judge him on breaking US law to subvert Congress’s direction on aid to Ukraine, on disbursement of monies from one program being shifted to another and on firing independent ‘inspector generals’ who refused to follow his illegal direction. Follow on to value his worth on the large money transfers at his business account in China and his actions in Turkey and Syria and his stripping away of US civil service protection to allow the terminations of career professionals who refuse to bow to political pressures.

    Let’s do all THAT plus, plus and weigh the results on the scale of justice to determine who should be judged better
    .. it’s very, very simple really.

    So let’s not be distracted from the perfidy of Donald Trump and his family criminal enterprise. NONE of these politicians are pristine so it will always be about ‘lesser evil’.

    There can only be one practical decision if one is not an ideologue who dismisses all reason!


  • Critical AnalyzerOctober 25, 2020 4:22 AM

    Oh good grief. ”Real news” just because they posit what you like? Are you that much a Murdoch sycophant?

    Murdoch the bastion of free and balanced speech?

    Have you spent the morning smoking?


  • Hal AustinOctober 25, 2020 5:42 AM All relevant, fair points.

    Pardon me for thinking that anyone who completed primary school should be able to think somewhat.

    I do admit that such belief has been proven to be rubbish repeatedly in the last ten years.

    Tell me, how can a Hispanic woman vote for Trump??? Hispanic AND a woman, and the morons actually do.

    It is simply amazing how dotish some are.

    The amount of morons just astounds me. I excuse Herr John as clearly it is his bias, not his level of intellect.

    Note, that excuse is not from the moral viewpoint, but only his ability to think. Unfortunately, people like him sway the stupid.


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