Vote Them Out in SVG

Submitted by Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green

Almost every country in the world, including the UK and the US, has a citizenship by investment program except SVG, North Korea, China, and most of ALBA including Cuba and Venezuela. Why do you think that is? The answer to that is simple. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [SVG] under Unity Labour Party [ULP] leadership has spent almost twenty years converting the citizenship into a class of citizens they can manage and fool, what is known as the ‘peasant class’. A significant part of the population has been mentally raped into political submission. Believing that the Unity Labour Party of today is the same old Labour Party of Saint Vincent, which was taken over by the MNU a Marxist based communist party.


The ALBA Leadership, every one of them a Marxist.

In Marxist theory, the proletariat is the social class that does not have ownership or the means of production and whose only means of subsistence is to sell their labour-power for a wage or salary. Proletarians are wage workers, while some refer to those who receive salaries as the salariat. There are few proletariat classes in SVG, due to most people owning their own property regardless of how meagre that is. The Vincentians also at heart are self-employed self-sustaining people. The home is usually family property, so it just keeps passing down to the boys as the parents die, and the girls get married and move elsewhere, blighted fodder for communist manipulation, still the ULP persevere, with some success.

What the ULP has worked endlessly for is to create a nation of peasants, people who rely on the state or party for handouts to live. Clear evidence is the jump in the number of people out of work, and the number of people being paid by the state from what is locally known as the poor fund. There are more people out of work in SVG now, than there was at any time in its recorded history, and that includes after slavery ended.

To get these poor innocent but ignorant Vincentian people to vote ULP, they are bribed before every election. The ULP devise all sorts of schemes to entrap the people into voting for them, even giving money and goodies to school children so as they can convince their parents to vote ULP. They give away truckloads of building materials, goats, sheep, and chickens. Little packets with money in pass hands as ULP politicians walk through their constituencies. It is such a shame that Vincentians can be brought for such a low price, the fact is they can be, and they are.

Children are leaving school with no prospect of ever finding work as the state supports and follows the social path of Venezuela. The state has failed to attract any large-scale employers; they have driven away some of the existing industry and frightened off prospective investors. Everything the ULP government have invested in becomes a white elephant, a liability to the people, and that includes the new Argyle International Airport.

Understanding the mindset of the comrade, Ralph Gonsalves, is challenging to say the least. If citizenship by investment is adopted, it will lift every citizen out of poverty, and there will be no need for the poor fund to exist in the form it does today. So why would he deny the people that, why?

People who can afford to invest large sums of money in a country to become a citizen obviously have money to be able to do that. They are certainly not peasants, that is a reason not to allow such people to reside in SVG in any numbers. Because no one with a brain and money would ever vote for the ULP, for Gonsalves, for Marxism, for 21st Century Socialism. So, selling citizenship by investment runs counter to the Marxist scheme to convert everyone into peasants because investors would bring together a class of people who would not vote ULP, at least while it has the current leadership.

Much of the middle-class in SVG has fled to the UK, Canada, US, just about anywhere that they feel safe and there is work for them. You can also find Vincentians working in top management positions and police forces throughout the Caribbean.

We all know that the kind of communism being brought to SVG is not real communism. Most forms of communism everywhere are not valid forms of communism. Because in the kind we are gradually being subjected to, not everyone is expected to be equal; some are more equal than others, some becoming stinking rich. That I can assure you, happened even in the USSR [but not North Korea].

I was told by a well-argued and knowledgeable man a few days ago, what we have in SVG has developed into Fascism. I would not say I like the thought of that, so right now I will not consider it. Perhaps another time, and another place.

The kind of communism we are being brought is where the rules, all rules legal and social only apply to the peasants, those ruling, live the life of the European nobility. How many of you can afford to travel anywhere in the world you decide whenever you choose? How many of you can afford to educate your children in leading universities in the UK? How many of you can choose to eat the most expensive imported food and eat in the most expensive restaurants, stay in the most expensive hotels? How many of you can pay $600 for a pair of shoes, $2000 for a suit, $350 for a shirt? The rulers of SVG can do that every day and only spend a little of the money in their pockets which they call walking money.

How many of you qualify for tax-free imports of cars, boats, and anything you decide to import? The rulers of SVG have that privilege, and everyone in government employment who they approve can do the same, they have even given those privileges to your pastors and Church leaders.

The Cuban Communist Party (Partido Comunista Cubano) was founded in 1925 by Moscow-trained members of the Third International (Comintern). I have asked Ralph Gonsalves if he is an honorary member of the Cuban Communist Party. To date, he nor anyone else has confirmed or denied that he is.

A little about the past

Ralph Gonsalves was a Marxist-Communist by the time he was at university at UWI in Jamaica. In 1968 he organized a demonstration which turned into a full-blown riot when the Jamaican government banned his uni-lecturer Walter Rodney, a Marxist-Leninist communist agitator of the Jamaican people. Rodney had been trying to get a set of Rastafari to murder white people on beaches to try and cause damage to the tourist trade and thence the economy. In doing so, Rodney had hoped to start a revolution against the Jamaican government of that time. The government had information from the police Special Branch about Rodney’s actions and had acted on that information and banned him from the state.

Citizenship by investment is an adequately regulated conception that almost every country in the world has adopted, except those where the politicians are afraid of importing powerful opposition. Today it is possible to find out the smallest of details about someone; nothing can be hidden. When I say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. Saying that you cannot be sure who you are granting citizenship to is a lie of the very highest order. It is possible to find out more about anyone today than they know about themselves.

ULPThe ULP came to power through election bribery, election fraud, and vote-rigging. After the last election, the NDP accused the ULP of ballot fraud and took the case to the courts. The ULP government spent millions of dollars on foreign and local lawyers to stop the court from reaching a decision. If they did nothing wrong, they would have welcomed a court decision and could have saved the state from spending millions to defend their position.

The people in SVG cannot break free of the chains and shackles they are now held in by this regime. They do not know how to break free, how to emancipate themselves from mental slavery. Bob Marley sang about it in Redemption Song, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds.”

The only chance of Vincentians breaking free of this political enslavement is for the relatives in the diaspora to advise their families in SVG how to vote to get rid of this nasty dynastical regime of plantation owners, the plantation called Saint Vincent.

Tell them to vote them out at the next elections, one is coming soon, they have the chance, and it may be their last before the system becomes a permanent part of a family dynasty.

After all you the diasporans have kept SVG afloat over the previous twenty years sending extremely hard-earned money home to your families, 45.12 million U.S. dollars in 2018. You can, and you must help us break free, it is your duty to your family, the motherland, and honest to goodness decency.

8 thoughts on “Vote Them Out in SVG

  1. This is an Excellent Article by Nathan Jolly Green

    I pray that your words resonates with the people of St Vincent and the same course of action to prosperity that you advocate can be applied here in Barbados.

    As people grow older some may see through the lies but that does not change the course of the country they are always many more younger ones who only know how to feel not how to think for themselves and the politicians know how to exploit that fact. Our universities teach rage not thinking and all who leave the universities can talk but not think they have been taught to follow the Marxist line. For many years now we have allowed our people to be taught ideologies that is foreign to us till we have accepted it as the way it is, that that is the only ideology forward to the new land. Yet they never show the fruit of the promise land of Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China they only show the utopia of words never actions nor do they take into account man’s nature.

    Marxism has never worked in real life it bankrupts nations impoverishes the populations and use oppression as their tool of rule. The Sad part is we choose it, we commit suicide all because we refuse to think we prefer to have people dictate to us how to act how to think, how to live, what to eat etc. giving up our sovereignty choosing the lazy way out of never thinking until it is too late.

    We fight to enlighten others because to do otherwise is to allow others to commit suicide without saying stop! Think! of what you are doing after this there is no coming back these days of emotions ruling without thinking, to speak the truth you are thought of as mad or as old fashion, or not charismatic or unfeeling or racist.

    The Position that Gonsalves now holds as Chair of CARICOM and Commie Sing Song the Communist Ambassador to CARICOM is a Toxic Mix for the Caribbean…Such Ideology has destroyed Jamaica, Guyana, Venezuela and from what you have said SV and is Influencing other regions in the Caribbean…

    A Half Truth is a Whole Lie!!

  2. David they are throwing money at just about every cause. They have been giving monthly stipends to market traders, even giving out goodies and money to school children. Gonsalves tried hard to stop 2000 sailors returning to SVG, now they are back he is considering giving them a monthly virus stipend. They have also started giving truck loads of building materials to supporters again, as they have the last three elections. They are using the virus card to be able to bribe the ignorant with just about anything they want, including money.

    • Thanks, what about the opposition parties? What are they doing? Although it must be acknowledged the government always have the advantage when it comes to dishing out largesse.


  3. SVG needs help, the people are tired and collapsing under the weight of Marxist policies. Gonsalves has created a dynasty bringing a son in to be Minister of Finance and being held in line to step in as PM when the comrade gives up. He has other children at the UN. Even the sons wife has a leading government job paying more than most Vincentians earn in a year, monthly.

    Gonsalves does not allow the opposition to talk in parliament. When the opposition have time allotted they are stopped by filibusterer actions by the government. When they did force talk the speaker of the house ordered the police to throw them out and several were injured being thrown down the stairs, one rather seriously.

    I fear that the voting will be rigged again this year. The government will not allow solicitors appointed by the opposition to attend the polling stations.

    Now the interfering in the Guyana elections, it would not surprise me if someone from SVG had a hand in the vote rigging there.

    I just wish the US would put sanctions on them.

  4. They are NDP electioneering and instead of telling the people not to take the bribery material they are telling them to take it and then vote NDP. Because Vincentians are so silly they would reject the NDP if they stopped them getting bribes from the ULP.

    Remember compared to Bajans Vincentians are very backward and a lot really ignorant. That is how the ULP are able to take advantage of them. They have brain washed them into being peasants.

    Just pray that all you in Barbados do not suffer from the association between Mia Mottley and Ralph Gonsalves, he is as crafty as a fox and will use her.

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