Open Note to Doctors – COVID 19 Notes

The following was posted by Peter Lawrence Thompson to another blog. Given the many unknowns about the COVID 19 virus the blogmaster thought it useful to repost. Obviously the target is the medical community – David, Blogmaster


This has a lot of medical jargon, but if you read it carefully it gives a picture of what front line medical staff are faced with. I was written by an Emergency MD in a New Orleans hospital – Peter Lawrence Thompson

“I am an ER MD in New Orleans. Class of 98. Every one of my colleagues have now seen several hundred Covid 19 patients and this is what I think I know.

Clinical course is predictable.
2-11 days after exposure (day 5 on average) flu like symptoms start. Common are fever, headache, dry cough, myalgias(back pain), nausea without vomiting, abdominal discomfort with some diarrhea, loss of smell, anorexia, fatigue.

Day 5 of symptoms- increased SOB, and bilateral viral pneumonia from direct viral damage to lung parenchyma.

Day 10- Cytokine storm leading to acute ARDS and multiorgan failure. You can literally watch it happen in a matter of hours.

81% mild symptoms, 14% severe symptoms requiring hospitalization, 5% critical.

Patient presentation is varied. Patients are coming in hypoxic (even 75%) without dyspnea. I have seen Covid patients present with encephalopathy, renal failure from dehydration, DKA. I have seen the bilateral interstitial pneumonia on the xray of the asymptomatic shoulder dislocation or on the CT’s of the (respiratory) asymptomatic polytrauma patient. Essentially if they are in my ER, they have it. Seen three positive flu swabs in 2 weeks and all three had Covid 19 as well. Somehow this ***** has told all other disease processes to get out of town.

China reported 15% cardiac involvement. I have seen covid 19 patients present with myocarditis, pericarditis, new onset CHF and new onset atrial fibrillation. I still order a troponin, but no cardiologist will treat no matter what the number in a suspected Covid 19 patient. Even our non covid 19 STEMIs at all of our facilities are getting TPA in the ED and rescue PCI at 60 minutes only if TPA fails.

CXR- bilateral interstitial pneumonia (anecdotally starts most often in the RLL so bilateral on CXR is not required). The hypoxia does not correlate with the CXR findings. Their lungs do not sound bad. Keep your stethoscope in your pocket and evaluate with your eyes and pulse ox.

Labs- WBC low, Lymphocytes low, platelets lower then their normal, Procalcitonin normal in 95%
CRP and Ferritin elevated most often. CPK, D-Dimer, LDH, Alk Phos/AST/ALT commonly elevated.
Notice D-Dimer- I would be very careful about CT PE these patients for their hypoxia. The patients receiving IV contrast are going into renal failure and on the vent sooner.

Basically, if you have a bilateral pneumonia with normal to low WBC, lymphopenia, normal procalcitonin, elevated CRP and ferritin- you have covid-19 and do not need a nasal swab to tell you that.

A ratio of absolute neutrophil count to absolute lymphocyte count greater than 3.5 may be the highest predictor of poor outcome. the UK is automatically intubating these patients for expected outcomes regardless of their clinical presentation.

An elevated Interleukin-6 (IL6) is an indicator of their cytokine storm. If this is elevated watch these patients closely with both eyes.

Other factors that appear to be predictive of poor outcomes are thrombocytopenia and LFTs 5x upper limit of normal.

I had never discharged multifocal pneumonia before. Now I personally do it 12-15 times a shift. 2 weeks ago we were admitting anyone who needed supplemental oxygen. Now we are discharging with oxygen if the patient is comfortable and oxygenating above 92% on nasal cannula. We have contracted with a company that sends a paramedic to their home twice daily to check on them and record a pulse ox. We know many of these patients will bounce back but if it saves a bed for a day we have accomplished something. Obviously we are fearful some won’t make it back.

We are a small community hospital. Our 22 bed ICU and now a 4 bed Endoscopy suite are all Covid 19. All of these patients are intubated except one. 75% of our floor beds have been cohorted into covid 19 wards and are full. We are averaging 4 rescue intubations a day on the floor. We now have 9 vented patients in our ER transferred down from the floor after intubation.

Luckily we are part of a larger hospital group. Our main teaching hospital repurposed space to open 50 new Covid 19 ICU beds this past Sunday so these numbers are with significant decompression. Today those 50 beds are full. They are opening 30 more by Friday. But even with the “lockdown”, our AI models are expecting a 200-400% increase in covid 19 patients by 4/4/2020.


worldwide 86% of covid 19 patients that go on a vent die. Seattle reporting 70%. Our hospital has had 5 deaths and one patient who was extubated. Extubation happens on day 10 per the Chinese and day 11 per Seattle.

Plaquenil which has weak ACE2 blockade doesn’t appear to be a savior of any kind in our patient population. Theoretically, it may have some prophylactic properties but so far it is difficult to see the benefit to our hospitalized patients, but we are using it and the studies will tell. With Plaquenil’s potential QT prolongation and liver toxic effects (both particularly problematic in covid 19 patients), I am not longer selectively prescribing this medication as I stated on a previous post.

We are also using Azithromycin, but are intermittently running out of IV.

Do not give these patient’s standard sepsis fluid resuscitation. Be very judicious with the fluids as it hastens their respiratory decompensation. Outside the DKA and renal failure dehydration, leave them dry.

Proning vented patients significantly helps oxygenation. Even self proning the ones on nasal cannula helps.

Vent settings- Usual ARDS stuff, low volume, permissive hypercapnia, etc. Except for Peep of 5 will not do. Start at 14 and you may go up to 25 if needed.

Do not use Bipap- it does not work well and is a significant exposure risk with high levels of aerosolized virus to you and your staff. Even after a cough or sneeze this virus can aerosolize up to 3 hours.

The same goes for nebulizer treatments. Use MDI. you can give 8-10 puffs at one time of an albuterol MDI. Use only if wheezing which isn’t often with covid 19. If you have to give a nebulizer must be in a negative pressure room; and if you can, instruct the patient on how to start it after you leave the room.

Do not use steroids, it makes this worse. Push out to your urgent cares to stop their usual practice of steroid shots for their URI/bronchitis.

We are currently out of Versed, Fentanyl, and intermittently Propofol. Get the dosing of Precedex and Nimbex back in your heads.

One of my colleagues who is a 31 yo old female who graduated residency last may with no health problems and normal BMI is out with the symptoms and an SaO2 of 92%. She will be the first of many.

I PPE best I have. I do wear a MaxAir PAPR the entire shift. I do not take it off to eat or drink during the shift. I undress in the garage and go straight to the shower. My wife and kids fled to her parents outside Hattiesburg. The stress and exposure at work coupled with the isolation at home is trying. But everyone is going through something right now. Everyone is scared; patients and employees. But we are the leaders of that emergency room. Be nice to your nurses and staff. Show by example how to tackle this crisis head on. Good luck to us all.”

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  1. @David

    I know it’s a pandemic but people should have full access to their money, BTW the businesses that are allowed to stay open e.g. Supermarkets- what are they going to do with their cash intake? Are they supposed to keep it in a safe for two weeks?

    • There was an appeal for the supermarkets and other businesses to accept pension cheques in exchange for goods and services .

  2. @Sargeant
    “… what are they going to do with their cash intake?”
    Learn to use ATMs for deposits like everybody else.

  3. Sarg

    The pensioners will most likely survived the two weeks without the need for the use of money.
    They should hunker down for the two week and only reach out if they need help/ let other know they are ok.


  4. John2

    The police did their job. the press did their job. it now left up to the courts and immigration to do theirs and ship her ASS back to Jamaica where she can live on the street over there and sell whatever it is she selling

    Ok. Stan pipe Constitutional lawyer
    If you think that a curfew gives police or govt special rights to grind the Constitution to a screeching halt you are sorely mistaken

  5. Looka dat back to pushing the pensioners back to a wall
    What govt out to do in the name of humanity is pull some money out of that 1.5billion to make sure pensioners are financially taken care of no if’s and’s or but’s
    Furthermore govt owes them that much decency and courtesy composed of respect to them

  6. NEVER CLAIM TO BE ANY KIND OF LAWYER but since you think you is one, feel free on her behalf to make her the second marie – CCJ we butts

  7. The Asian countries that appear to be doing a better job at controlling this virus are taking temperatures of all of the people that are out and about. If they have a temperature they do not get to go home but are quarantined until it is proven that they are negative for covid 19. This appears to be very effective.

  8. Interesting

    The Washington imperialists and the corporate media are manipulating the narrative around Covid-19 in the same ways that they’ve controlled discourse around the comparably dramatic crisis of 9/11. Just like how the Bush White House immediately concluded (based upon still dubious evidence) that Osama Bin Laden was the one who had directed the attacks in order to justify starting the war in Afghanistan, and like how the Bush team campaigned to associate Saddam Hussein with 9/11 to justify invading Iraq, Covid-19 is being weaponized as a war propaganda tool. And now the designated enemies are China, Iran, Russia, and the other countries which threaten U.S. hegemony.
    As was also the case after 9/11, the imperialist narrative managers are using McCarthyism, censorship, and intensive demonization of the designated enemies to hide the growing amount of evidence that the U.S. is connected to the crisis.
    The evidence is in favor of the virus having originated in the U.S., not China
    Like how the CIA conspired with Saudi Arabia to cover up details about 9/11 which contradicted the official Washington narrative, or how the media has ignored the evidence of Mossad foreknowledge of 9/11, the U.S. State Department and major media outlets are working to conceal and deflect from the questions about America’s potential responsibility for the virus.
    There have been many events in the last year that suggest the U.S. brought the virus to China, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute in Fort Detrick was closed down in July 2019. Then in October, a team of U.S. troopers who had trained near Fort Detrick traveled to Wuhan, staying a mere 300 meters from the seafood market where the virus spread from. If these troops were deliberately sent there to proliferate the virus, it wouldn’t be unprecedented in U.S. warfare; Washington has a history of transferring viruses to use as diplomatic cargo for secret military programs.
    These coincidences, while not necessarily compelling evidence for the bioweapon hypothesis on their own, are accompanied by solid evidence that Covid-19 started in the United States. As Larry Romanoff has written, “the genome varieties of the virus in Iran and Italy have been sequenced and declared to have no part of the variety that infected China and must, by definition, have originated elsewhere. It would seem the only possibility for origination would be the US because only that country has the ‘tree trunk’ of all the varieties.” Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease specialist at Georgetown University, has helped support the hypothesized link between the U.S. troops and the original Wuhan outbreak by concluding that “The virus came into that marketplace before it came out of that marketplace.”
    But enough with my hesitant language about how it’s supposedly still unclear whether the virus came from America. Chinese spokesman Zhao Lijian has formally accused Washington of bringing the virus to China, saying “When did patient zero begin in U.S? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be U.S. army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! U.S. owe us an explanation!” Iranian Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali has made a similar statement about Covid-19’s origins: “Instead of leveling false accusations against China and Iran, U.S. officials should respond to international demands regarding its role in creating and spreading the coronavirus and the continuation of its crimes against the Iranian people by keeping in place the economic sanctions.”
    Was Covid-19 engineered in an American laboratory? While a recent study has provided evidence against this, the scientific debate over whether it was artificially created will continue to go on. Plus, bioweapons don’t even have to be artificially created-just look at all of the already existing diseases that U.S. biowarfare operations have brought to Cuba. And even if the virus came from the U.S. to China by accident, it’s certain that China is not the country where the virus came from.
    Painting China’s response to the virus as “incompetent” and “authoritarian”
    Anti-Chinese propaganda often takes the form of the Western media observing benign events in China or minor slip-ups in Chinese policy, and twisting them into outrage stories. So was the case for the imperialist propaganda machine’s representation of the story of Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who mistakenly spread a false message on WeChat and was subsequently warned about it by Chinese authorities. The government then paid tribute to Li for helping combat the virus and retracted their warning against him after his death, but disingenuous pundits used the incident to score rhetorical points in the information war against China.
    The government’s response to Wenliang didn’t have to do with his public revelation of the virus, which was done only a day before the government decided to officially announce that the virus was a problem. Yet it’s been suggested that his decision to speak up about the virus conflicted with the agenda of the government, and that the government had targeted him for his whistleblowing.
    This ridiculous distortion of events was used to justify the Western media’s deeply unfair overall portrayal of the Chinese response to the virus, as represented by this paragraph from a recent Vice article:
    China initially ignored the outbreak that first surfaced in Wuhan in early December, silencing doctors who tried to raise the alarm before eventually enacting a draconian and restrictive lockdown that impacted 50 million people.
    Vice, which is one of the outlets that’s been known to promote content under the direct guidance of the U.S. government in recent years, is here engaging in a subtle ploy to associate China’s response to the virus with “authoritarianism.” China’s “draconian restrictive lockdown,” which is another way to say “quarantine,” was entirely necessary and in line with how most other governments have handled the virus. But Vice’s phrasing is meant to reinforce the narratives that China had failed to respond to the virus quick enough, and that the actions it took against the virus were oppressive and sinister.
    The underlying message, which is that those quarantined by China’s government were put in an unusually miserable and repressive state compared to the other quarantined populations around the world, is absurd. Thanks to Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, China’s people have had access to universal healthcare during this crisis. They’ve been in a country that’s virtually eradicated poverty. They’ve been able to contact police officers who go shopping for families in need of assistance during the quarantine. This contrasts capitalist countries like the United States, where the gutted and highly privatized healthcare system is being overwhelmed, the people who’ve lost their jobs during the quarantine are already largely in financial hardship due to neoliberalism, and the police have continued to act as a terrorizing force which frequently shoots innocent people.
    Another claim the Vice article makes is that “even the slightest reference to coronavirus or the government’s response was erased” as a result of China’s censorship. This is also misleading. Most of what the censors deleted was people referring to the military games in regards to the virus, likely as a measure for keeping the public from jumping to conclusions too early about America’s potential role in the crisis. They did not go after posts that referenced the severity of the crisis, but rather material that could be harmful to international relations.
    This week, the U.S. propaganda machine expanded upon these claims by alleging that China lied about the extent of the virus. Unsurprisingly, the intelligence agents who are cited as sources for this revelation are anonymous. And the Bloomberg reporters who helped break this story didn’t even see the report behind it, instead having the details outlined to them by these mysterious officials. There was no evidence to back up their claims; all they did was craft another headline that reflects the other baseless insinuations from imperialist propagandists.
    These charges and mischaracterizations distract from the enormously effective efforts of the CPC in combating the virus. Because of the party’s rapid construction of medical centers and sustained widespread quarantine, the disease has recently been close to obliterated within the country. China has also provided medical resources to numerous countries, a humanitarian act which the mentioned Vice article somehow tries to spin as a bad thing.
    The CPC responded as best as was possible for it to, and keeping a spreading pandemic within a country’s border is essentially beyond the powers of any state. So China can’t be accused of letting the virus spread throughout an unnecessary amount of its people (as the U.S. government can certainly be accused of). Nor can China reasonably be accused of “letting” the virus spread globally.
    Using McCarthyism and censorship to shut down those who challenge the warmongering claims
    Pandemics create a scary kind of political psychology. Similarly to the mass fears of terrorism throughout the last two decades, when people feel threatened by a disease they become hostile towards those who step out of the defined parameters for keeping society safe. While those urging people to disregard all of the Covid-19 safety advice are engaging in dangerous misinformation, this fringe and extreme position is being conflated with voicing dissenting views about where the virus came from and which country is responsible.
    Headlines about pro-China Covid-19 content being “foreign disinformation” are promoting the perception that it’s wrong to ask the questions I’ve posed throughout this article, or to point out the falsehoods of Western reporting on China’s handling of the virus. It’s making dialogue about the issue harder to have, and it’s giving leverage to the oligarchic censorship engines within the U.S./NATO empire.
    Facebook has been deleting posts about the virus to a far more thorough extent than has been the case for China’s censors. At the same time, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the BBC, and other entities have joined in on a project called the Trusted News Initiative. TNI partner Noel Curran has said about the project’s goal that “There is a tide of misinformation and bad information, driven mainly through online social platforms, which is threatening to undermine public trust and cause further anxiety for people. This initiative underlines the role of public service media in tackling misinformation head-on and delivering accurate content that audiences can safely rely on.”
    It’s an extension of the McCarthyism, censorship, and stigmatization of supposed “fake news” that’s dominated Western politics in recent years. Media hysteria about “Russian interference” after the 2016 election facilitated an unprecedented series of censorship measures from corporations and governments, rationalized by a desire to protect trust in institutions. Amid the last decade’s growing backlash to neoliberalism, the ruling class has been waging a war on dissenting journalism and socialist politics. Now is another opportunity to silence and shame those who challenge imperialist and capitalist narratives.
    An example of the emerging hostile atmosphere towards dissent can be found in a recent graphic from Counter Hate UK, which advises people to respond to “Coronavirus misinformation” with the following measures: “Report misinformation to platforms,” “[don’t] reply, share, or quote misinformation,” and “spread official advice” to “drown out fake news.”
    This is the psychological weapon that the U.S./NATO empire is using to keep itself on the path of war escalations and internal repression: instilling people with the fear that if they challenge anything the centers of power tell them about the virus, they’ll endanger society. But we need critical thinking and open dissent more than ever during this time. The capitalist ruling class is neglecting the needs of the masses while using the crisis to exacerbate inequality, and we poor and working people need to fight back. We must challenge the narratives which enable the imperialist war campaigns against China and other countries, and we must work to intensify the class struggle.(Quote)

  9. @Hal,

    spot on. good read in these dark dreary times. as the saying goes- never let a crisis go to waste- and the USA is good at this. of course we will swallow it all, as usual. as i said before – always have a healthy distrust of authority, unless you are in the know (my addendum). that goes for the Chinese as well.

  10. Ping Pong, U may make a valid point BUT note that I have referred to several other ID Specialist Docs and Hospitals that are using HCQ and Arithromicin with much success. The politics of the Left in trying to shutdown a strong a beneficial protocol is incredible.

  11. PLT, I would certainly not care what the Pentagon says. I only care what Infectious Disease Specialists on the front lines of this COVID19 war are conducting and experiencing. Just as in investing I review the very best independent minds thinking.

  12. HAL, the Chinese Commies are absolutely brilliant propagandists and have lied about this disease from Day 1. The CCP have detained Docs some key docs have disappeared for exposing the truth. There are multiples of people dead compared with official stats. Consider that the CCP are using this tragedy to promote their supposed benevolence to the world when indeed it is about controlling the world. They will lose tremendously from their strategic mistakes. America will reset. Never kick a sleeping lion!

  13. @ Moneybrain

    I do not know where you get your evidence from. No state, not the US, not the UK, not Russia,, not China, is totally honest. They all lie.

  14. The condition that kills is mainly breathing problems for those infected who had previous breathing conditions.
    Frontline medical staff are expected to catch it and survive.

    The world also needs to rid itself of the curse of rightwing populism as the remedy for the agony of the sufferer

  15. @David,

    We may remain silent, when there is little to say. In times of troubles, we should voice our concerns.

    Clearly too, the old Dick is not as literary virile as some of the other contributors, therefore must retain some of the contemplative juices to provide impetus when the effort is called upon, in order to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion, or at least satisfaction.

    @ Moneybrain,

    How very perspicacious of you. However, credit where it is due and I suggest that the gentleman was quite resourceful in bringing this matter to our attention and fairly so. In that, he earned the respectful response.

    Mind you, I have no idea whether he shall make a success of being your racehorse, perhaps a stallion then, you would have to ask him as to his dalliances and the success thereto.

    Yours truly,


  16. Have you noticed CNN’s constant anti-China propaganda? Then they pour scorn on Fox. Nationalist propaganda is nationalist propaganda.
    It is a battle for hearts and minds. The Brits are doing the same.

  17. The WH is advising Americans to wear masks, I always thought that if everyone wore masks it would stymie the spread of the disease ( not eliminate it completely) but halt a method of transmission.

  18. @ Hal April 2, 2020 4:56 PM

    You should study the attached article below. It tends to support the idea that China down-played the extent of the infection.

    The true scale of China’s medical stockpile is revealed: More than TWO BILLION masks were imported into Wuhan in just one month as the coronavirus crisis escalated
    China imported over two billion masks, 25million pieces of protective clothing
    The government released a report on its foreign trade for January and February
    Medical supplies were obtained from overseas as it battled virus outbreak
    Comes as Australian hospital struggle to cope with shortage on protective gear
    Doctors are buying painting masks from Bunnings fearing looming shortage
    Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

    PUBLISHED: 03:15 BST, 2 April 2020 | UPDATED: 04:08 BST, 2 April 2020

    China imported more than two billion masks and 25 million pieces of protective clothing from overseas before the coronavirus outbreak reached pandemic levels, it has been revealed.

    On Thursday a Chinese government report emerged detailing its foreign trade for the first two months of the year, when the country was at the peak of its virus crisis.

    As COVID-19 infections began to spread across the globe in January and February, China saw a ‘rapid growth in imports of commodities and key consumer goods’.

    More than 2.46billion pieces of medical materials, including masks and protective equipment, were inspected by National Customs in China between January 24 and February 29, according to the report. The report states the agency had expedited the entry of supplies by introducing ‘zero-delay customs clearance of epidemic prevention and control materials.’

    It comes days after Chinese organisations operating in Australia were reported to have sent bulk medical supplies to China at the height of the crisis.

    Chinese-owned property developer Risland Australia was reported to have flown 80 tonnes of medical supplies on a corporate jet to Wuhan in late February. Video footage emerged showing boxes of surgical masks stacked up at Perth airport before being sent to Wuhan on February 8 – when there were 15 cases of coronavirus in Australia.

    Another Chinese property company, Greenland Group, retasked its employees to purchase face masks, hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, thermometers, Panadol and other medical items in bulk for shipment to China.

    Greenland bought up three million surgical masks, 500,000 pairs of gloves and bulk supplies of sanitiser and antibacterial wipes in Australia and other countries where the company operates.
    The goods were hoarded at Greenland’s Sydney headquarters and were sent to China in January and February.
    Australian hospitals are now struggling to cope with a shortage masks and other protective gear as the number of coronavirus cases in the country continue to soar.

    As of Thursday, there are more than 5,108 confirmed cases in Australia, with 23 deaths.

  19. @ Robert

    Plse do not get me wrong. I am sure the Chinese are probably lying. But ALL governments lie. We must be sceptical of ALL official explanations. What is incontestable, the Chinese are using this opportunity for some soft diplomacy. Look at the US$80000 in equipment it gave Barbados.
    Watch the propaganda on CNN, which claims to be liberal; and also on the state-controlled BBC. Had the BBC been in China we would be told of how much it is part of the communist party. If you do not pay your BBC licence you can be sent to prison. How is that for state control?
    Will you trust the government of Barbados to tell you the truth, and nothing but the truth?

  20. @ Hal April 2, 2020 6:15 PM

    I do not watch CNN,.MSNBC,. BBC or bother to read the NYT or the Guardian, UK. I tune into the Duran, China uncensored, We got a problem (an English program),China in Focus. and Tucker Carlson. The last is the most impartial of them all.. Of course also Black listed

  21. An international poll of more than 6,000 doctors released Thursday found that the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine was the most highly rated treatment for the novel coronavirus.

    The survey conducted by Sermo, a global health care polling company, of 6,227 physicians in 30 countries found that 37% of those treating COVID-19 patients rated hydroxychloroquine as the “most effective therapy” from a list of 15 options.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave chloroquine and its next-generation derivative, hydroxychloroquine, emergency-use authorization Monday for treating the novel coronavirus, although the drug was already being used off-label by some doctors and hospitals for COVID-19 patients.
    from the Washington Times—Sermo COVID Global Survey

  22. HAL, I agree that all Govts lie and the vast majority of politicians too. However, the Chinese Commies have a serious plan to dominate the world!

  23. @ Moneybrain

    You are right and I have written about this on numerous occasions. I also remember telling a top financial administer this in London at lunch a few years ago and she was silent.
    This is the master plan: for 800 of the last 1000 years China, and to an extent India, were the top two performing economies in the world.
    With the rise of the industrial revolution, the Chinese were taken over and humiliated (the Boxer Rebellion, etc), the Chinese mission since then is never again. They drum this in to all their young people. They are playing a very long game, not over decades, but generations.
    That is why I think we are heading for a third world war. No matter what, the Chinese are not going to take a step back and, on the other side, the Americans are not like the European, who will accept their fall from grace gently.
    The Americans, brought up under a culture of conquering the West, will push and push until it explodes. They will not take defeat easily. Trump is now reacting to the loss of economic power (China is the top economy measured by purchasing power parity, and will be on every level by 2030.
    Look at how Trump and his team are accusing the Chinese; it has nothing to do with the coronavirus, but is part of a propaganda campaign; look also at the battle for 5G. It is about the winning technology, nothing to do with state spying, and if so that is a by-product.
    Pompeo coming down to Jamaica to meet with CARICOM leaders had nothing to do with the sudden discovery of our worth, but everything to do with the spread of soft Chinese diplomacy in the Caribbean and Latin America. They are exploiting American neglect.
    At some point we must decide whose side we are on. Those loans we get, especially under the DLP, are not free, at some point we must pay a price.


  24. @ Hal April 3, 2020 4:55 AM

    The Americans invented 5G. The Chinese stole data from Cisco tech. company. There are some problems associated with the technology in regards to adverse effects on humans. It is for this reason that western countries have been doing more research. The first town world -wide to have 5G was American. As I have said, the Chinese manufacture a lot of sub-standard goods. having 1.4 billion people may account for this wanton disregard for good quality control. China has yet to demonstrate originality in inventing things, not only copying..The Chinese simply ran ahead and started . It is always the same with totalitarian governments. The Soviets with Aral sea and the nuclear meltdown in the Ukraine(Russia should be made to pay for these blunders) and the Chinese with the five Gorge dam.

  25. @Hal Austin April 3, 2020 4:55 AM “At some point we must decide whose side we are on. Those loans we get, especially under the DLP, are not free, at some point we must pay a price.”

    The truth is that since 1492 NOBODY has ever been on our side. Neither the Europeans nor the Americans have been gentle with us. On the contry they have been exceedingly harsh with people who look like Hal and me but not with those who look like moneybrain.

    So how can we choose sides when the European, American and Chinese elephants start to fight?

    When that fight begins our @sses will be the down trodden grass…as usual.

    When the Americans, the Europeans, the Chinese say “we” neither Hal nor I are a part of that “we.”

    I know that.

    I am not sure that Hal does though.

    • The geopolitics of the world is fueled by power and money. The leadership of SIDs must be constantly strategising in this arena to ensure optimal benefits for its citizens.

  26. @Daily Mail “Trump has repeatedly touted anti-malaria drug chloroquine as a ‘cure’ for coronavirus, calling it a ‘miracle from God’ and a ‘game-changer’ by Trump at the White House – despite Tony Fauci using the same briefing to say evidence for it is at best anecdotal… Rigano set up a secretive LLC in February and has previously tried to raise funds to ‘cheat death, cure cancer and end Alzheimer’s’

    I am always extre,ely sceptical of people who have a hot line to God, and if that person is also a politician than I become a complete unbeliever.

    So a two-bit young fella still wet behind the ears is scared of death, cancer and Alzheimers.

    Sonny let me tell you something, the plants die, the animals die, humans die. You WILL also die, but before that you are quite likely to get both cancer and Alzheimers.

    Enjoy life while you can.

    P.S. Making nuff, nuff money will not protect you from death, cancer nor Alzheimers.

    Have you noticed that Steve Jobs is dead, dead, dead as a dornail?

  27. @robert lucas April 2, 2020 6:08 PM “You should study the attached article below. It tends to support the idea that China down-played the extent of the infection.”

    When posting articles please post the source as well so that we can verify. Thanks.

    Source: Such and such website, newspaper, broadcast, such and such date etc.

  28. @Hal Austin April 2, 2020 7:05 AM “The evidence is in favor of the virus having originated in the U.S., not China.”

    Please Sir: Where is the evidence?

  29. Hal, the “leaders” of countries accepting loans and most likely bribes from China better comprehend that the Chinese CP do not play games with people on their target list eg Muslims in Western China, any dissident tendency within China like the scientists and Docs who tried to expose the Virus truths. The CCP has employed the very latest Tech to keep their citizens under absolute control. Indeed massive Corps like Google / Twitter have not been permitted to exploit business in China and are / will do anything to curry favour in China. Google is helping the CCP to totally dominate the Chinese people. XI does not want to just dominate China or the World for the CCP but has Genghis Khan designs. Please note GK controlled 12 million square miles in the 1200s without high or low Tech!!!! GK would have over run Western Europe had it not been that his father died and he was forced to retun home to Mongolia to manage his homeland.

    Anyway my contribution here is really to present info on the COVID as I did @12.14 am this morning.

    Please google—Sermo Global Survey for details.

  30. @Robert Lucas,

    you listen to Tucker Carlson? no wonder outside of your profession you talk so much shiite. if that idiot speaks anything close to the truth it is a coincidence. he is pure rightwing nutjob propaganda.

    i remember years ago i happened to tune in to Rush Limbaugh. i had never heard of him before but when i listened i was in awe. i thought i had died and gone to some alternate reality. the man talked pure unbridled crap. no wonder the USA is so messed up. these wingnuts spout crap and when proven wrong ask people not to believe scientists, doctors etc. or pivot to some other conspiracy theory. they are all whack jobs

    this man was a GOP strategist and he tells you how the party has lost its itself

  31. @ Greene April 3, 2020 7:46 AM
    I stated some of the people and media outlets I sometimes view. Recently, Tucker has been highly critical of some of Trump’s action. I all also watch Epoch Times, Gravitas, Cross Talk and the Middle East station that is giving BBC a run for its money. Most of the former Trump workers thought that Trump was Stupid. He fired them Some are disgruntled and keep a lot of noise. I analyzed things for myself. I am curious as to your line of reasoning. You watch like me these various outlets and can come to an opinion. I watch various outlets and my conclusion s are wrong. It appears that I can only analyze scientific stuff. Scientists have to analyzed highly abstract ideas, much more difficult than current affairs. We are both watching current affairs and forming conclusion. According to you, as some one trained in the sciences I can’t have any sensible conclusions on current affairs.
    I am off to town now.

  32. @Robert Lucas,

    scientists do not have a monopoly on sense and reasoning, you know. when you talk science, agriculture you make sense. it is when you venture into politics and the social science arena that we part sides.

    anyway please have your walkabout and report your sightings. i enjoy them

  33. Hal Austin April 2, 2020 7:05 AM “The evidence is in favor of the virus having originated in the U.S., not China.”
    Please Sir: Where is the evidence?(Quote)


    This woman is not only silly, she is a fabricator and economical with the truth. It is not the first time she has fabricated things about me, but it is getting worse.
    Plse publish where I have said the above, or even agreed with it. I know there is not a culture of asking questions on BU, but it is a good habit to get in to.

  34. Greene, this “strategist” failed with Romney. Romney accepted Trump’s endorsement and has refused to return that favour but still wanted a high position in the Admin which Trump played with him like a lil puppy dog. hahaha. Romney has been playing in Ukraine with the DEMs like Biden et al they are only interested in CONNING the public and fulfilling their NET WORTH ENHANCEMENT Plan. There are stinkers on both political sides just as in BIM. Elections are about assessing the least corrupt hopefully with good ideas to develop the country and its people.

  35. @ Greene April 3, 2020 8:15 AM

    I have done courses in economics, farm management and agricultural extension(also called agricultural sociology) and have actually worked as an extension officer in agriculture. You are trying to imply that political science and social science is some thing novel that a it takes a rocket scientist to study. It is not. Every citizen by his or her inter-action with others practices the social sciences. As for political science two of the best politicians have been scientists Thatcher and Merkel ,the former a chemist and the latter a physicist, who ran rings around persons who had graduated as political scientists. The two examples cited reveals that the courses you are hollering about are to put it mildly, Thatcher lemonade courses. No disrespect to you.

  36. @Robert Lucas

    quote] Every citizen by his or her inter-action with others practices the social sciences.[unquote

    that is quite true. however whilst that may be so, i maintain that equally scientists do not have a monopoly on logic or even have the personality skills to interface with the public at certain levels. you mentioned Thatcher but i suspect you dont know how Brits think of the Thatcher years. i will that for Hal to explain.

    anyway keep up the walkabouts if you can. and be safe

  37. @ Greene April 3, 2020 3:46 PM

    Thanks. I thought about going back into town, but decided not to. This morning at the bottom of Swan St,.there was a fellow keeping some noise but he had some wisdom in what he was saying. He commented on the fact that there were people in jail in small cubicles serving twenty-five years, who could not complain and that Barbadians were keeping noise about a two-week restriction. He also commented on how the poor was treated by having to wait in line exposed to viral infection. The people are afraid and so too are the authorities, having to handle an invisible enemy.

  38. Surely any journalist, scientist, or academic ought to understand that one ought not to quote others without attribution?

    In academic circles to quote others without attribution is a serious offense.

    Surely even those if us who were learnt by rote understand that?

    If the wordsare not your words they ought not to appear on the blog under your name, unless and until you quote exactly where the original words came from.

    Nope. It is not enough to write quote after writing, or copying and pasting the words of another, without attribution the words to the original author.

    All MEN have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

    You too.

  39. This virus is an enemy that cannot be kept out by walls, immigration authorities, police nor armies.

    What a ting tho’.

    The little bugger got we all in a headlock.

  40. Moneybrain and PLT
    Did some more research on the possible benefits of Hydoxychloroquine in the treatment of covid-19 related complications. I came across the following scientific paper. Readers can jump to the conclusion.

    If the findings of this paper are correct then the implication is that going on a ventilator may be predictive of a poor outcome but ” chloroquine could prevent orf1ab, ORF3a, and ORF10 to attack the heme to form the porphyrin, and inhibit the binding of ORF8 and surface glycoproteins to porphyrins to a certain extent, effectively relieve the symptoms of respiratory distress.”

    • On a related note the Nation newspaper has reported the 100 Cuban medical personnel brought with them a batch of Interferon Alpha-2B Recombinant (IFNec). The drug was reportedly developed by Cuban and Chinese scientists.

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