The Mottley Saga – A Promise of Change but More of the Same

Submitted by Sunshine Sunny Shine (SSS)
mia mottley

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When the Mottley led BLP were in opposition, startling revelations by them suggested that the then DLP Stuart led government was corrupt, dishonest, and happily kept silent on important matters that should have engaged the public’s interest.

Mottley, agitated by the sequence of disturbing events unfolding under Stuart and his team, fought to have a moral basis established in Barbados politics. She pursued this basis by first tabling a move to have the then speaker of the house, Michael Carrington resign on grounds that his action in a money matter involving an elderly gentleman was unethical and immoral. So incensed was she, that several walking out of parliament became the protest action norm against this obvious condoning of inappropriate conduct.

She furthered her quest for moral politics by bringing the integrity of Freundel Stuart into the spot light. Stuart who wanted persons to believe that he was honest and upright, lied to the Barbadian people when he said he was unaware of the doings in the Cahill deal, when he had signed of on it many months before.

Fast forwarding to the Mia Amor Mottley who is now Prime Minister of Barbados, we are left to wonder what happened to that ethical and moral compass she brought to bear against Stuart and his DLP colleagues. A compass that many felt would be the change that Barbadians long for. Unfortunately, it was short lived.

For starters, there are serious accusations against two of Mottley ministers in the form of Payne and Marshall that have not once been addressed by her. If Carrington’s action was unethical, then any claims concerning inappropriateness by two ministers should have brought her moral compass to bear down on them.

Then there is the matter of her bloated cabinet versus those struggling civil servants sent home as the sacrificial few to keep the whole intact. Why only the bottom and not the top. Certainly this is ground to bring your ethical compass to forefront of things and show Barbadians that you everyone must make sacrifices including the top.

Then there is the tweaking of the constitution to accommodate two friends, but no investigations launch into the financial issues surrounding those of the Democratic Labour Party accused of corruption. Or. no quick move to have legislation put in place to deal with minister corruption, collusion, and wheel and deal.

The SSS has frequently stated that Mottley is a rogue and if she is to believed, otherwise, it certainly cannot be proven when she wants to bestow upon her father a knighthood that is not deserving at this time.


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ David

    I recall saying that we we’re punching again. I never said that we doing it “above our weight”. As a matter of fact I recall saying that while we are punching we are not ready for heavyweight championships quite yet. But what I’ve said certainly substantiates the notion that we’re punching again.


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ Hal

    I appreciate the advice and will take into serious consideration


  • The truth this is a non point although we pundits understand what Mia is trying to do by using the language of hyperbole. Bear in mind the talk about the term is because Mia indicated on the floor of the house Barbados had regained its capacity to punch above its weight.

    Contrary to advice you were just given, BU is a great place to hone your debating skills. We have actors here who operate in every sphere from the dullards to the intelligent.


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    The modern meaning od punching above one’s weight is not at all flattering-

    To be in a situation that requires powers or abilities that one does not possess.


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ David

    Please remember that my name is not Mia Mottley and therefore I am not obliged to agree blindly with everything she says and does. I understand why she used that turn of phrase. It can be true depending on how you look at it. We may be punching above our weight again by virtue of doing what needs to be done although we’re not there yet, as definitive action shows that we have the capacity to punch above our weight. However, I prefer to day that we’re punching again,m and that we’re on our way to punching above our weight.


  • Let us agree to disagree. We have moved from minus to 0 to use a simple analogy. We have not achieved a damn thing yet if we peep at the economic KPIs.

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  • @ Common Sense,
    The reality is that Mia Motley, the prime minister, has an irreversibly inflated idea of how clever she is. It is a myth, but she believes it and her fans are too in awe to tell her the truth. She would do a lot for herself and Barbados if she got some honest people round her.


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ Jeff

    Your definition on a cursory glance actually made sense to me, but I decided to check it out anyway. Macmillan Dictionaries defines it as the following:

    a country or organization that is punching above its weight has more influence internationally than its size would suggest
    E.g. Many would consider Britain’s role to be a prime example of a small country punching above its weight.

    And in another place as succeeding in an area where it SEEMS that more resources or whatever is needed than what the person/country would appear to have. Taken from boxing where a fighter triumphs over another who is heavier and such like and should win.

    I hope that this clarifies.


  • “which unlike the typical BU keyboard warrior who is an aged man or woman, who has spent a lifetime in a boring job and is now in the twilight of their years, angry with the world and awaiting the grim-reaper..”

    So skilled at describing ya own self..


  • Why do I pick on you two guys.

    Somehow I get the impression you are young and smart. However, it seems as if your calculations include getting thirty pieces of silver.

    If you continue on this path, you will become the MCarrington and GPayne of the future. This politicAl and legal trickery and excuses is a part of the DNA that all of Barbados should try to correct.

    The future of Barbados lies in your hands, but your role models are deeply flawed. It’s not a B or D thing. It’s not about making excuses because “it’s your guys at bat”…. it’s about core values… right is right and wrong is wrong… live that


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    Your definition on a cursory glance actually made sense to me, but I decided to check it out anyway. Macmillan Dictionaries defines it as the following:

    a country or organization that is punching above its weight has more influence internationally than its size would suggest
    E.g. Many would consider Britain’s role to be a prime example of a small country punching above its weight.

    @ITNOCS, I suppose then it depends on the power of the punch. But is not punching above one;s weight similar to “running above one’s maximum speed”? The phrase id unhelpful!


  • @Jeff

    It is a Prime Minister in a bleak period using speech to whip up confidence in a people suffering from economic fatigue a la Churchill.


  • Before we dissect ‘punching above your weight’, I want to know your weight class…

    Don’t be a light flyweight and step up to me….


  • Steupsss
    Look people.
    Kofi Annan was a fellow much like Jeff.
    Much too intelligent for his actual calling,
    Much too decent to contend with riff raff like Bushie (and like typical Bajan brass bowl politicians..)
    and MUCH to politically correct to call a spade a spade… so hence the double speak…

    When therefore he was asked to comment on Barbados’ position in the global economy,
    he said -QUITE HONESTLY – something to the effect that…
    ‘Barbados is a country that is punching above its weight in world affairs’.

    Shiite man….
    Here is a man that was dealing with Russia, USA, the EU China etc on a day to day basis…
    wunna invite the poor man to wunna little shiite house ….and demand a ‘comment’ on how wunna doing…

    Now If Kofi had a whacker he would have said:::
    Wunna best keep wunna little RH quiet before somebody tek wunna without Vaseline.

    Jeff would have said something like ”
    Barbados is doing generally well in the present circumstances, however with the multitude of challenges in a world of uncertainties, the maxim about “cockroach nuh business inna fowl fight” may be appropriate.

    …and of course, Bushie would have said:
    Punching shiite!!
    wunna better deal with the lotta crooks inna wunna parliament … .else wunna ass is grass.

    But (like GP’s Trinity) these statements are all the same ….
    ha ha ha


  • ” According to Prime Minister Mottley, the LESC facility had been restored to its educational purpose.”

    Is there a new Trade show and Convention centre in Barbados ?


  • “It is a Prime Minister in a bleak period using speech to whip up confidence in a people suffering from economic fatigue a la Churchill”

    Mia could as well stop wasting time with all the bullshit talk cause THE ELECTORATE…when SEVERING DLP from the parliament…NEVER FORGOT..that BLP ministers were SEVERED from the parliament in 2008…for bribery corruption and thefts from the people and selling out the people…. with the same Bizzy, Cow, Maloney, Harris crooks she is STILL in bed with today. …..none of the crooks changed, they will never change…

    So she may as well LOCK UP DLP THIEVES..instead of PROTECTING THEM…to protect herself..

    If she thinks the people forgot..sadly mistaken..that is ALL THEY TALK ABOUT….and they are not AMUSED with the SHITE GAMES..Mia is protect her friends at the expense of the people who lost billions of dollars because of all these demons with titles and decades of lost opportunities for the majority population because of ALL their gluttony. thefts and greed.

    A vivid reminder lest Mia and her yardfowls continue to PRETEND that none of it happened.


  • n the Name of Common Sense January 5, 2019 11:21 AM

    @ David

    Real mature comment. I can now safely relegate you to the ranks of the contemptible SSS, WARU and Hal Austin.

    Hal, you desperate for friends or what?????? When you are kissing ass you should make sure that it has at least cleaned the shit off first! What heart in the right place what?!!!!! You are the only one who has not discerned the character of this piece. Or is it enough that they PURPORT to be against “foul language” preferring instead to speak “fowl.”

    P.S. In the Name of Common Shite has/have already informed us that he/she/they is/are older than most of us here. Have they corrected you on your false assumption? NO!

    DECEIT is the name of the game here.

    I have, reluctantly, to agree with Bushie, yet again. You are indeed an idiot!

    You continue to swallow your chocolate, sorry shit, crap, excrement, faecal matter or whatever is the clean shite term you prefer.


  • In the Name of Common Sense January 5, 2019 2:37 PM

    @ Donna

    I didn’t want to say this but a person who thinks that postulate is a so called “big word” really can’t have too much up top. As if to reinforce your infantile nature, the whole concept of flushing is so absolutely retarded, I think my 4yr old great niece could come up with something better.

    @ WARU

    I suspect that I am older than the vast majority of you in here. At least that would be a good excuse for the lack of mature intellectual discussion emanating from you.


  • Hal Austin January 6, 2019 5:09 PM

    @ Common Sense,

    You appear to be a young, intelligent man with an interest in politics, which is very good. May I advise you as an older chap that you take yourself away from the cauldron that is BU, do a bit more reading and thinking before re-joining?
    Your heart is in the right place, but your arguments are immature – which unlike the typical BU keyboard warrior who is an aged man or woman, who has spent a lifetime in a boring job and is now in the twilight of their years, angry with the world and awaiting the grim-reaper.


  • In the Name of Common Sense January 6, 2019 5:15 PM

    @ Hal

    I appreciate the advice and will take into serious consideration


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ Donna

    Do you have anything meaningful to contribute or are you only in the business of personalities and bashing them?

    Additionally quite frankly my age is just about as relevant as the awarding of a knighthood to Elliot Mottley, I.e. completely irrelevant. I’ve said it once, in regard to my age and I won’t say it again. Good attempt at trying to distract the conversation, but unfortunately for you it is completely transparent. I’m not aware that at anytime you sought to confront the issues. My suggestion to you would be to spend some more time on that and less time debasing yourself with the foul language suitable not for civil conversation but only for fowls in the yard.


  • Is Common Shite:

    A young man

    A young woman

    An old man

    An old woman

    A multiple personality

    Some compilation of the above?


  • So why is it that when the Mottley’s are confronted with statements which alleges them to have used unethical practices for gainsake they head for the courts for recourse .
    Is it an attempt to cower and keep people in fear of not attempting to speak anything that is unethical or inso much as to give reason into beliving that the Mottley’s have skeletons in their closets


  • What could be more meaningful than exposing your duplicity?

    He who lies in the small things often lies in the big things.

    Liars LIE!

    In other words when bowels open you should expect shite to come out.

    But my well is still full. I expect the cleaners will soon be here.

    Bombs away!


  • Friend, Bajans, Countymen,

    Lend me your ears!

    I come not to debate liars but to expose them!


  • Donna

    What is the matter?

    I’ve never “seen” you in this mood before?

    While you’re at it exposing the liars……….how about exposing the hypocrites as well?


  • Home News Arthur: I didn’t…
    Arthur: I didn’t approve tax waivers

    Added 14 May 2018

    Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur.
    Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has confirmed that Elliott Mottley, father of Barbados Labour Party (BLP) leader Mia Mottley, did apply for a tax waiver.

    Emotional Mottley breaks down in…
    PM being “best friend” to the Bees…
    In the same breath, however, Arthur has maintained that he denied approving any such waiver and also left it up to the BLP leader to clear the air.

    Arthur was speaking yesterday during a Press conference at Barbados Today in Lodge Hill, St Michael, as he responded to statements made by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart on Sunday night.

    “I am in a position to say that I am aware of the fact that Miss Mottley’s father would have applied to me for a waiver of the tax,” he said.

    Arthur noted that ministers of finance reserved the right to waive a tax with the approval of Cabinet on the condition the matter was also taken to Parliament and approved at that level.

    While denying his approval of such an event, Arthur explained he could not confirm if the waiver took place behind his back, as Stuart suggested.

    “Elliott Deighton Mottley had two judgments lodged against him for monies due and owing to the Income Tax Department upwards of $1 million


  • Hello, Artax!

    Don’t tell me you too have put on a stuffed shirt????/

    Who has determined that shite is a foul word? God or man?

    I will not dignify obvious shite by debating it.

    I will not play political games when the very lives of the people of Barbados are at stake.

    This is a change or die situation for many Barbadians.

    II hope you are not falling into the common fallacy that it is more sinful to name the shite rather than to actually do it.

    I have already admitted to being the proud granddaughter of a very smart and independent fisherman.

    You notice whom Christ called first – the fisherman. They would be more inclined to call shite shite. He took them out to speak TRUTH to the greedy, duplicitous, power hungry, double dealing hypocritical powers that be.

    So… you mentioned hypocrites. When I find them I will expose them.


  • “I will not play political games when the very lives of the people of Barbados are at stake.”

    I wish BU bloggers and the Barbados populi as a whole understand that this is the REALITY…in real time..

    Your leaders are BRAIN DEAD AND CORRUPT…they still. believe they can GET AWAY WITH your, your children, grandchildren and future generation’s EXPENSE.

    One only has to look and examine the games they are not playing with the people, post election, to see where all this is headed.


  • “This is a change or die situation for many Barbadians.”

    pretty much…all the demons from UK…to everywhere…. are lining up accordingly..


  • Mariposa @ 9:16 a.m.

    Thank you very much.

    Pay particular attention to the last sentence in that post : ” Elliot Mottley had two judgements lodged against him for monies due and owing to the Income Tax upwards of 1 million.

    I think that there alone qualifies him for an award of a Shitehood – don’t you think ?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Donna the Esteemed…

    It is indeed a great day when another soldier rises up from the roots that has become Barbados and says “No More”

    And this is precisely the thing that has been happening here on Barbados Underground and which has moved from a spark to a full fledged flame

    You said and I quote

    “…I will not play political games when the very lives of the people of Barbados are at stake.

    This is a change or die situation for many Barbadians…”

    This is change or die for all Barbadians!!!

    The Despotic Ambitions and Plans of Mugabe Mottley CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE STOPPED BY SILENCE.

    To remain silent is to die.

    It is apparent now to many Bajans where Mia Amor Mottley is going.

    It is a place where a few of us knew she was going, EVEN BEFORE SHE STARTED and warned ALL OF YOU ABOUT, but no one had the balls to fight



    If your voices and feelings are not broadcast AND IF, LIKE YOU, YOU REFUSE TO FOLLOW THE SCRIPT OF THESE BANES TO COMMON SENSE, then the battle is already lost.

    DO NOT PAUSE FOR ONE MOMENT DONNA, your son’s existence and personal liberty depends on it


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item for Donna


  • One only has to look and examine the games they are NOW playing with the people, post election, to see where all this is headed.


  • Agree T. Inniss now Eliott wants to turn the matter into a hot ball of wax which might turn against him when the truth is exposed
    Notice how silent David and the blp gangsters are on this story
    Remember David as of recent run headfirst to state Mottley version of the facts but remains silent on the printed version of what OSA told the media


  • But at least David did point out to that Blp Agent ‘needing common sense’ who was sent on the blog – that the waiver and the award were not good optics.

    Hopefully it is a start that we will see more of.

    Mariposa can you get Stuart bloodline speech he gave on the platform in Waterford ?

    I tried looking but have not been able to locate it.


  • So typical..they ignore JUDGEMENTS from the JUDGES at the supreme court because they believe they are entitled to ignore judges…..and just do whatever pleases and benefits them..

    remember fraudulent Fruendolittle and the tiefer of the house Carrington..

    ..Justice Cornelius..who was appointed by the same useless DLP…made a judgement that the elderly wheelchair bound man should have his property and money returned to him by the tiefing lawyer…a judgement for christ sake…

    …..and what does fraudulent fruendolittle…a PRIME MINISTER and LAWYER. tell THE THIEF…….not, pay the money immediately..oh no…he told him get a lawyer..just to TORMENT that elderly man for many more years to steal his popety and ALL his money…that is what you get from government ministers and lawyers in Barbados.

    ..DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE… it relates to the majority population and their human rights..


  • Fruendolittle told him get a lawyer..just to TORMENT that elderly man for many more years ..AND HOPE AND PRAY THAT HE DIES…to steal his PROPERTY and ALL his money…


  • So just imagine what Mia et al will be telling their fellow lowlifes…eg…the theft of estates from beneficiaries and their offspring…like the Jackie Stewart matter that cannot even go into the supreme court because the lawyers AND THEIR BUDDY THE JUDGE…. ALREADY used the supreme court to TIEF THE ESTATE……from her mother…and sell a portion of it and pocketed the damn money…cause the beneficiary did not receive any money, gave no approval for the sale, did not even know her property was sold by 2 lawyers/now government ministers..

    I wonder if it has occurred to any of these LEARNED ATTORNEYS…just HOW that shite they do to vulnerable, unaware elderly people AND their LIVING beneficiaries…WILL RETURN TO BITE THEM ALL..


  • Mottley arrogance shines boldly in this matter even in the face of evidence which shows he did not pay over a million dollars in taxes and accumulated penalties
    In so much thst he is willing to risk further unethical practices attached to his name if this matter is brought to the court


  • Piece I am just tired of Barbados going round in circles. Mia promised change and asked us to give her the vote and watch her.

    I upheld my end of the bargain. I, like most Barbadians were afraid to vote for any other party because they feared spitting the vote thereby leaving the door open for the failed government of the DLP. They were not about to change without any incentive. A return to power would have DEFINITELY sent them the wrong message. We hoped and prayed that the BLP realized that the fatted calf was starving and the golden goose was too old to lay. We hoped common sense would dictate that they would at least wait until the cow was fed and we had raised a new goose before arrogance set in again.

    I am watching but all I see so far is the same arrogant attitude that we voted out. That knighthood thing speaks to ATTITUDE. ATTITUDE is the most important indicator of future actions.

    Employers always look to attitude as an indicator for a good hire. We have hired these servants and their attitude so far sucks!

    But these BLP agents want to fool me that attitude is irrelevant. Attitude is EVERYTHING!

    That is me at 7:45!

    It is now up to them to prove me wrong. They will achieve the opposite by sending jackasses to shite on BU.

    ‘Politics is a blood sport.” Thus says Prodigal on another thread.

    But governing should be no game. I am NOT playing.

    Is governing for them also a blood sport?


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    In the name of Common Sense

    I now get back here.

    You have not answered my questions, so I am asking you again.

    A) Those persons who have not paid millions of dollars in taxes but are forgiven (according to Caswell Franklyn’s account) by legislation pass to help them breathe much easier is Mia’s way of handling a long-term wrong. Was she right to do this knowing full well that Barbados needs the money and that some of the situations involving some business persons not paying taxes were a result of the close relationships they share with politicians on both sides?

    B) Will Mia Mottley launch serious investigations into the wrongdoings of the DLP? Will she follow up on her PAC report or provide more teeth for the PAC to go after government ministers who break the financial rules. For example, will we see former Ministers, Lashley, Kellman, and Sinckler summons to hearings to testify about certain undesirable financial practices?

    C) What is stopping Mia from rushing through legislation (just like she did for matters important to her) that would allow Ministers to be held accountable for their actions, Freedom of Information, Whistleblower legislation, and giving the Auditor General the type of muscle that would allow him to go further instead of mere reporting?

    Those were the three questions I wanted you to answer. I waiting again.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You made some good points. The BLP got kicked out for their arrogance and the fact that several of their ministers were accused of doing just what Donville, Michael, Chris, Dennis by two equals Low Lowe and others were doing. Already we have a hint of what is to come with this BLP administration when Glyne Clarke declared in the midst of an economic mess that he wants more salary. The BLP ain’t no white linens, and this masking of their wolves under all the rhetoric will be removed very soon to show their true colours. I bet you that if any of Mia ministers are accused of being on the take that she ain’t going to do one shite with none of them. Lord, let the rogue prove me wrong. I want so much to be wrong!


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    I read with a level of fascination the comments above from WARU, Donna, T Inniss and others. It is a change or die moment Donna. We in this country were presented that change or die proposal in May last year, but it still exists albeit in a different form. Barbadians must decide whether they want to make a paradigm shift from how we’ve always done it (which has gotten us far but not far enough), a change in the mentality of Bajans in the second half of the first century of independent Barbados’ history; do we want to shed those bad things about us – gossiping, laziness, entitlements etc. – or do we want to die as a country. That is the challenge. In May we decided that the only way to live was to change to the BLP and Mottley. In January today the only way to get back to prosperity and then develop as a nation is to change our had habits and get on board with the Government. If as you say you voted for the BLP in the last election I would think you did that for a reason. And I believe that reason is that you felt Mottley and her team were capable of doing that which needed to be done. She has done so far what needed to be done and she has more to do as do us all. So let us not be distracted by trivial matters. What we face is too great an existential challenge to allow for division and downright wutlessness. The Queens New Years Honours is an annual thing that requires a name. You all profess to be opposed to it so who gives a damn who receives an award that you so obviously dislike? As I’ve said time and again this matter and those other trivia do not change the facts. We need unity now, not people trying their earnest to put hurdles and cry down the government when strides are being made in the right direction. When mistakes are made criticize, when right is done commend. But there is no room for the blood sport of slander, gossip and vulgarity. The mission is too great. It is about the future of Barbadian generations not about you, Donna or WARU or me or Mottley or Atherley or any of us.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    I like what you are saying, girl. It is not that I am opposed to the honour; it is just the timing under a set of circumstances that presents itself as a slap in the face of bajans. You just sent a few hundred civil servants packing, you tell them their sacrifice will not be in vain, then you bestow a royalty upon your father! You mean you could not give yourself two years into your term as PM to do so, but six months after bajans decided for you at the polls. I am not prepared to entertain this rogue in her sweet sounding rhetoric and be bamboozled by pretty sounding things. Caswell is right to call her out on these several bothersome decisions of hers.


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ SSS

    I have answered your question but if you’d like me to reiterate I’d be happy to.

    Firstly, tax write off were given for a period of 32 years (1968-2000). This decision was recommended by BRA as the taxes accumulated in that period were accrued by persons many of whom may no longer be with us and the cost of going after defaulters from that period would be futile as so much time had elapsed. To say that a whole host of people owing taxes were given a write off to accommodate a few is handy perversion of the truth for Franklyn and I suspect you too.

    Finally, I am not a member of the Cabinet of Barbados nor am I the Cabinet Secretary or some similarly senior civil servant with knowledge of these things nor do I counsel the PM of Barbados. So I can’t tell you when or if she is going to go after these corrupt people you mentioned. What I can say is that criminal investigations (1) take time [the Americans just didn’t wake up on May 25th and decide to investigate Donville] and (2) investigations are to be handled by the independent police force not by the political directorate. Additionally if any member of the former Administration is charged with corruption, he would have to be charged under the existing Prevention of Corruption Act of 1920 the punishment for which is a few hundred dollars. So to charge them before the new laws are passed is mute. As it relates to the Integrity legislation, it is my considered opinion that that shouldn’t be rushed through but instead should attract as much engagement as possible with the experts and the general public to create the best document possible.

    I hope I won’t have to respond to the same questions again.


  • “So to charge them before the new laws are passed is mute. ”’s not MOOT…

    ….ya nuisance AG …already hinted ERRONEOUSLY….and WITH GREAT DECEIT….that he cannot make the new laws RETROACTIVE..WHICH IS A boldfaced lie…

    …….plus the CROOKS …himself included, DRAFTED the integrity legislation already AND drafted in a 2 YEAR STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS……INSTEAD of the 15 ….. or 20 year statute of limitations that would clean up all the thefts, bribery and corruption in the parliament, judiciary, treasury and pension fund..

    so as usual…ya are merely full of shit..

    plus there ALREADY EXISTS…money laundering, thefts and other laws that could lock up thieving DLP exministers…

    besides…where is the RED BAG OF EVIDENCE Mia was waving around pre and post election that she had PROOF OF CORRUPTION….

    ….wuh with evidence there is no need for any long drawn out investigation…


  • The challenge is not to be found in your response. It has to do with the high level of cynicism and apathy that exist in the population.

    This is why the decision to award a knighthood to her father does not help!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Yes Donna


    BUT if more people like you get up and speak out openly they will either do one of two things.


    This Mugabe DOES NOT BREACH DISSENT, so be aware of where they are going to go.

    Here is the thing Donna.

    I going die! As will you, and so will Mugabe! And Sir Mugabe too, Of that we can each be sure.

    Lately I have been encountering some strange things one of which I will share with you.

    Do you know Izola Ware Curry? I know you dont but as part of an upcoming MLK event I have been tasked to find a person who impacted the life of Martin Luther King and de ole man chose her

    Why Curry you would ask.

    Because of the physical proximity to death that she occasioned Martin Luther King, that blade a sneeze from his aorta.

    Yet, even though he was always in danger, he persevered

    And it makes you realise that you could easily quit AND BE LIKE THE REST and lick ***

    But at the end of the day, you cant do what they do, and look yourself in a mirror or look your son in his face


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ David

    Respectfully, I don’t know if we live in two different countries because I don’t see a “high level of cynicism and apathy” existing among the majority of the population. From what I’ve seen, the vast majority of people in this country understand the points that I’ve been trying to make and are willing to give the Government a chance and then judge them in a few years time. Additionally, my pulse of public opinion suggests that the vast majority of Bajans also don’t particularly care about the awarding of the knighthood and are certainly not reading into it what persons on this chat room are.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You can say what you said at 4.06pm to the Bane of Common Sense and sheeple of his ilk, 100 times AND IT WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE

    I had blogged an item for Donna about Izola Curry and would much appreciate it if you could retrieve it thank you


  • NorthernObserver


    I must ask, what has stopped the formation of a “Corruption Unit” within the relevant investigative body? I note the appointment of several other gurus in the area of communication, finance etc etc, yet Corruption is being ducked, such that persons as yourself can offer up ‘takes time’. (delay) And whenever the time comes, with no person or unit “in charge”, there will be no person to answer directly for the progress made/not made.
    With tag lines like “The mission is too great. It is about the future of Barbadian generations not about you…..or any of us.”, the most overused line, particularly concluding line. by speech writers.
    This isn’t solely about a few elected persons, the rot has spread far and wide. So let’s wait for a thorough review of Integrity Legislation (another delay), and hope full engagement takes it through to a few weeks prior to the next election?

    Liked by 1 person

  • “And it makes you realise that you could easily quit AND BE LIKE THE REST and lick ***”

    they are indeed REPULSIVE…..and many DEGREES removed from REALITY…both them and the HUMAN GARBAGE they worship.

    “So let’s wait for a thorough review of Integrity Legislation (another delay), and hope full engagement takes it through to a few weeks prior to the next election?”

    ya done know, they are looking at every little opening, searching out ever lie they think they can use to fool who they can..,..looking for EVERY EXCUSE…that they think will sound good…creating every delay they think will fly….to JUSTIFY why they CAN’T lock up those who robbed the treasury and pension fund….and return the money to the people…just watch..them.

    from I heard the barrel of lies coming from Marshall and that was about 2 months after the election…I knew they were trying to get out of all the LIES they told BEFORE the election to get themselves elected,,,

    ….. not only their feet, but their WHOLE LYING BODIES…should be held to the fire..


  • And as Piece knows so well ..the scum OF the earth will HATE you…FOR NOT BELIEVING THEIR LIES.


  • Piece I gave you a suggestion on another blog which you did not reply to,so I repeat .Since you are of the view that this Government is a one term Government bring the alternative ,The Dems dead and buried in my view ,the UPP will not win anything or Solutions with the current leaders and your shite theory of floor crossing has not yet come to pass,therefore my suggestion to you is to form your own Party.You have four years plus and you can call it the Mugabe Haters Party,or the Daily Drivel Party or even the Conspiracy Theorist Party and could bring along the know alls,Waru.Donna,SSS,Mariposa ,T Inniss,,Gazzerts ,with inputs from Bush Tea,Hal Austin,and Sargeant.Perhaps you can get the grandson to do a catoon lauch on BU for you.This way you will be in the public domain,instead of hiding on BU.I can already predict how this will turn out in 2023,the ball in your court.


  • @ Lorenzo,

    An alternative to a new party is a change of direction of the BLP, with the removal of Mottley as leader. Remember Thatcher/Heath, Macmillan/Home, Wilson/Callaghan, Blair/Brown, Brown/Miliband, Miliband/Corbyn, etc. Parties can change direction, we had it even in the old Soviet Union.


  • In the nane of Common Sense u cant convince any one that govt giving huge tax waivers to individuals ..groups ..organizations or businesses were the correct way to go especially when a method for proper collection of these taxes owed were flawed or non existent
    Take for e.gMottley father why did govt not place a lien / liens on something that he owned of personnel value like a home
    Why was he allowed to disregard with arrogance and a sense of entilement to thumb his nose at the process and in the final analysis be given huge tax waivers


  • Bushtea mah man…ya back on the LIST…lol


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ Hal Austin

    You do realize that all of the examples you have ended in failure (Corbyn is still present day but will not likely succeed).
    Heath, a one term PM
    Douglas-Home, a one year PM
    Callaghan, lost a no confidence motion
    Brown, lost an election after expenses scandal
    Miliband lost an election which he could have won

    It is not in the interest of the Labour Party to get rid of Mottley until she wants to go. As far as I can tell Mia Mottley will be the PM of Barbados for two terms followed by the next leader of the BLP for at least a term perhaps two.

    @ Mariposa

    I have addressed the tax write off issue too many times. Please find my earlier response where I lay out the rationale behind the BRA recommending those write offs (note that I said BRA). I think you will find it had little to do with personalities, as BRA is not as concerned about them as many bloggers on BU.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Oh dear they are double tagging de ole man. Bane and Nameless One #2


    @ the 2nd of the Nameless ones

    And as I answered you then on the I will try to answer you now again.

    You seem to be a slow learner though.

    But here is a quotation from Brother in Arms Bush Tea who puts your ensuing behaviour in the spotlights when he said

    And I quote

    “…Bushie feels that this is serious…so…Look for Lorenzo to cuss us black and white…”

    He then sagely continues…

    “…and for more newby bloggers with shiite names [ THAT IS THE BANE OF COMMON SENSE] to appear on the unimportant BU blog….”

    And true to form, you turned up to cuss us all and your new Mugabe Defence Force member pops up to shoot off his weapon.

    Heheheh or as Bush Tea said LOL


  • The newbies just keep making idiots of themselves….the corruption has been ALIVE MUCH LONGER than any of them…so everything will be lost in them..


  • @ Common Sense,

    I have suggested to you to do some more reading and thinking. A leader is challenged, or even removed, because of a perception of failure. Mottley is already wobbling it is just a matter of how long it takes to declare her BERT a failure. It will fail because it is economic nonsense.
    What is BERT as an economic policy? We know about the default; we know about the widespread sackings; we know about the rebates and tax waivers; what is next?


  • In the name of Common sense what you have not adressed is how govt did not have a policy in place wherby it can confiscate legally personnel property or place a lien on property by those who refused to pay what is owed to govt
    If (so) having a policy why was it not enforced to safe guard and collect govt revenue by those tax cheaters
    The Mottley issue tells a story of an inaction by govt to penalise the high and mighty and in return rewards them with millions of govt revenue
    Your approach to sweep such an important issue under the rug is one which should not be tolerated ir condone


  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ Hal

    How can you describe BERT as a failure? It has fulfilled all of its objectives and checkpoints so far and my understanding is that it is on it’s way to continue doing so. It has been formulated by some of the foremost economic minds in Barbados. At this moment it’s the only viable option on the table. I don’t hear a lot of economic policy debate coming from BU, just personality politics. Many BU bloggers seem to be in the business of only trashing the program, come up with your own alternative. Or would you have rathered the Government do the tried and tested method of the Dems (I.e. fail in every way) or perhaps do a Phillip advocates and make govt ISO9001 and that’ll be the panacea to solve all our problems? BERT is the only way. Spreading the burden is the only way. It has been spread to workers (lay offs and by the same token wage increases), investors (default), even tourists. It is the fairest way.


  • We await the next round of …BLAME DLP..



    ya know Trinis…


  • The JA Hal braying.The lady said “Watch muh”.Unfortunate for you and your fellow villagers Deliar Worrell and William Skinner,Barbados is not a failed state much as you lot would wish it to be.#30 loveainteasy


  • Piece you like you is the slow learner ,I gave you a challenge and you telling me about Bush Tea.Take up the challenge with your know all group nad remove Mugabe in 2023.All of of sudden you shifting and ducking.Man up to the challenge and show us you are more than shite talk and conspiracy theories or as Enuff says cut and paste artistes.Anyone could hide on BU and talk shite.There is nothing stopping from going forward instead of hoping ,Solutions or another Party comes to ypur assistance.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Bane of Common Sense

    You are most assuredly correct in your bullet points


    2.Indeed [AS OPPOSED TO FIRING OR RETIRJNG BIG UP MANANSGEMENT] It [THE PLAGUE] has been spread to [LOW PAID ] workers [ WHERE WE ] (lay offs S13 workers and the same token effected wage increases for ourselves),

    4.[RIPPED OFF SOVEREIGN] investors (default),

    5.[AND ARE NOW FVCKING] even THE tourists.



  • In the Name of Common Sense

    @ Piece

    Yours is an unseasoned analysis of the facts.

    Firstly and foremost, a pay increase was not given to MPs it was given to all civil servants. As a result, many S class public servants (and parliamentarians) have been severely impacted by the new 40% income band.

    Secondly, the vast majority of Cabinet ministers took a pay cut to serve their country (with the exception of a few). So yes I would agree that they do care for all Bajans and for the welfare of Barbados. They certainly show it financially.

    Finally, as I said you can criticize the plan all you want. Bring an alternative! Do you know anyway to get us out of the mess we’re in now without sending home workers (an exercise that was contained to as few as possible), adding some taxes (that affect everyone from ordinary folk to tourists to millionaires), working out a debt restructuring program (in record time)?

    Tell the truth for once Piece, there was no other way.


  • Have the water been tested at Worthington beach and surrounding coastal areas


  • “Firstly and foremost, a pay increase was not given to MPs it was given to all civil servants. As a result, many S class public servants (and parliamentarians) have been severely impacted by the new 40% income band.”

    Probably the one place in the world where you get an increase in pay and take home less money…
    The tax rate are done “igrumtly”
    Wunna gun kill me


  • @piece
    You are employing people and don’t know.

    It looks like Corporal Lorenzo of the MDF has been assigned the task of controlling and containing you,

    “u all profess to be opposed to it so who gives a damn who receives an award that you so obviously dislike? As I’ve said time and again this matter and those other trivia do not change the facts.”

    Now you would reduce the concern of the people and the arrogance/bold faceness of Mia as trivial.

    ” What I can say is that criminal investigations (1) take time ….. best document possible.”
    A long paragraph but istsays absolutely nothing. You are ;like a medicine man distributing placebo, but the patient is aching? Do you have any timeline or will we be here in 2023 asking about investigations, integrity legislation, Donville and GPayne?


  • Get any foolish ideas in ya head to return to the island permanently and ya will really get to say they will kill you…


  • When the electorate sees YEAR 3 and YEAR FOUR..arrives..and they are still getting LONG TALK from Mia.

    …….dont mind the fools on BU defending ministers …. yardfowls don’t count..

    …….when ya see the LIES told to the people in 2018 to be ELECTED..DO NOT MATERIALIZE and CANNOT.. be turned into ACTION…and the FALSE PROMISES MADE TO THE PEOPLE GROWS some long, long legs…by 2022……and start to walk around the island…


    ah already reserving a FRONT ROW SEAT….if life be spared…. cause contrary to what ministers think about life expectancy…with their Lala land mentalities…there are NO guarantees..not even for them…


  • Was that for me? I am building a home in the Caribbean…
    Gonna try to get myself a prime piece of beach front property from GPayne


  • Wondering if SV would go there now…


  • Mia can take a bow.

    The assignment has been completed and the objective achieved.



  • Barbados has too many taxes. My friend who is 80, recently went home for her sisters funeral. She stayed at a hotel in Maxwell. When she was checking out, she was slapped with an unexpected $75 US hotel tax for seven days. The desk clerk said it was something new that the new Muttley government imposed. At the airport she was slapped with another $75 US. She phoned a lawyer and put her land on the market. She is not planning to return, too many taxes.

    She said at the hotel, some British tourists were surprised at the extra charge and some did not have the $$$ to pay, so one in the group used their card to cover for them. Welcome to the land of taxes. This winter I am vacationing in the Bahamas and in the Fall it will be St. Lucia.


  • This place is a mess. So many rushed and half baked decisions all falling flat – some having to go back to the drawing board.

    Case in point, these poverty stricken Haitians landing on our shores and seeking work without the requisite documentation – and not being able to feed themselves – and now being a charge on the public purse.

    A direct breach of one of the Immigration policy (being a charge on the Public Purse) which must be observed – CSME or no CSME. But a lot of these Haitians still got through – and some even escaped the Immigration holding cell at the Airport.

    I well remember the much maligned Mariposa among others pointing out that the removal of the visa requirements for Haitians would cause a rush to this country by these individuals – who have been knocking on the doors of Jamaica,Guyana etc. for a while now.

    The know it all BLP operatives laughed her to scorn saying Haitians flee by boat and islands like Martinique ,Guadeloupe etc are closer and a more desirable choice for the Haitians – since they speak French or creole.

    Mottley looking for applause from CARICOM leaders and egged on by Commisiong – made a big song and dance about levelling the playing field for our Haitian brothers and sisters – which although idealistic and grand sounding was not rooted in practicality.

    So now as was to be expected by any one who read the regional and international news – non English speaking Haitians are arriving by plane AND NOT BY BOAT – some being let in for the automatic 6 months -( that 6 months automatic entry to CARICOM citizens in itself is the most idiotic decision) – and some of the hatians who were obviously without financial means were sent back.

    What a thing nuh.

    You go girl – Mottley – your yardfowls, hangers -on and opportunists are behind you.

    I shudder when I read what Artax reported is taking place at the Fairchild Street Market. I was not fully aware of some of what he mentioned – but once again we have Politicians making decisions without carefully thinking through the impact of these decisions

    I am seeing if we are not careful – this wonderful image as an upmarket Tourist Destination being completely erased.

    The piles of Garbage on the street,the unsightly illegal bars and stalls in Fairchild street old market that Artax spoke about,the squatting and building of shacks by non nationals so close to our Airport at that site in Rock Hall St Phillip.

    I really pray that one day coming soon – we will get Politicians with vision, who are not unethical and overwhelmed by greed.Persons who would understand that though there is no law saying you can not for example give your father a Shitehood,or allow the waiver of over a million dollars in taxes – there are something that are just so unseemly and vulgar that you don’t even contemplate them – far less bring them to fruition.

    Integrity legislation being enacted by Politicians without integrity.


  • Mariposa

    Thanks for the link.I almost missed your post.


  • Here is another back tracking by this government.

    A.G. Dale Marshall is now saying that Govt’s decision to appoint 3 additional Judges to help with the backlog of the Courts have now been put on Hold.

    Add that to another of the rushed decisions that have been announced before the situation has been fully assessed and preparations made.



  • @Dame Bajans
    Congratulations on your recent elevation to the ranks of nobility, your award slipped under the radar and was not subject to oversight by many of the riff raff on the blog.

    I would like to remind you that as a citizen of Canada you are subject to the “Nickle Resolution” which prohibit Canadian citizens from accepting titles conferred by foreign monarchs. You can join other luminaries e.g. Baron Black of Crossharbour in challenging this resolution or alternately renounce Canadian citizenship and move permanently to Barbados.

    PS The title will wear well with the hoity toity at Polo matches.


  • The Political Class is comprised of mainly lawyers.
    Bajan lawyers are known for their criminal activities.
    They are the Govt, so therefore the Govt of Barbados is run like a criminal organization.
    Which part you folks don’t understand?
    Wunna could rant & rave , but at the end of the day criminals running this place.


  • @ the the Nameless Ones #2

    You do know that I already answered you on another blog, ther one where you first asked the same questions so I ent going answer you again

    But what i going do is give you a Stoopid Cartoon that should satisfy your queries.

    I would appreciate it if you would review it and then give me some insights as to the calibre of politicians that I should choose to accompany me on the podium with the Patriots Party of Barbados.

    Observe the 4 faces of the persons in the Cartoon and their respective recent appearances in the news either (i) begging for more money (ii) tekking more jobs to get more money (iii) claiming to have won a court case to justify more money or (iv) bilking an old woman for maintenance fees to secure more money

    Tek you time with your answers.

    @ The Bane of Common Sense

    You do realize that bajans all over the island really vex bout this Sir Mugabe Award.

    So then it is true what dem say bout Daddy? well it really going look bad when…

    In a way we understand certain actions BUT DE OPTICS MAN, DE OPTICS.

    Oh by the way, AFTER YOUR OUTBURST & DISPLAY OF SUCH BAD MANNERS, de first time pun de blog, after your shake down by Mugabe, i see that you rebound and now you is de epitome of good manners heheheheheh

    You greeting everybody wid good salutations, and speaking the Queens English, and using salve magister and ting.

    Man efing I din know better I would swear dat you was *** heself heheheheheh

    But dat display de first day that you was heah is a permanent record of your behaviour towards the women of BU and, while all uh we is male chauvanist pigs, you is a new feller and you tek liberties wid de ladies AND DEM ENT GOING FORGET YOU FOR DAT and neider is some uh we

    Keep on singing for your supper or singing so that your underlings cant get paid given the bad work dem was doing here.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    In the name of Common Sense

    Thank you for answering, you have to forgive me, as you would have known by now that the SSS is an ‘idiot’ and that the type of politics played out on a daily basis in Barbados is above my intellectual ability to comprehend.

    Case in point. Firstly, tax write off were given for a period of 32 years (1968-2000). This decision was recommended by BRA as the taxes accumulated in that period were accrued by persons many of whom may no longer be with us and the cost of going after defaulters from that period would be futile as so much time had elapsed. To say that a whole host of people owing taxes were given a write off to accommodate a few is handy perversion of the truth for Franklyn and I suspect you too.

    During the period indicated. both parties, the BLP more than the DLP, was happily governing the state of Barbadian affairs without perversion of the truth and assistance to establish business entities. What do I mean by that? The two parties were happily collecting taxes from corporate Barbados and not providing any leniencies or breaks for those who were not paying them- If that was the case, how were these people, and businesses able to accumulate so much unpaid taxes, and who would have consented to the authorities leaving them alone, because it was obvious to me that they were left alone. If you know of any of the parties involved in this perversion and the names of any of the recipients privy to not paying taxes, please inform the unenlightened like ma self so I can see the light and be saved.

    The second part of my question that you sought to answer, left me in stitches. Actually, Waru answered it for me so I am not going to bother responding to yours because we know Mia is not going to bring, change, or amend any laws that would put the ‘business interests’ of politicians under the microscope. Even if she seeks to do so, you can already see through Dale Marshals setting of the statute of limitations that there is no intention of seriously dealing with the issue of corruption in Barbados with appropriateness.

    And, to the last, any serious government seeking to implement integrity legislation knowing full well that both parties have been hammered for corruption do not need the amount of time that you are referring too. In opposition, both parties hinted the corruption of the next. Ample time by both was mustered for them to draft an integrity bill for presentation and comments. Yet, it is another must wait and see, must solicit the voice of the people in order for it to be suitable, providing the same excuses for doing nothing. Notice how anything that would subject ministers to laws that can finally make the accountable is subjected to ‘bobble and weave’. Serious approach, nah?

    Anyhow, thank you for responding.


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster Your assistance please with an item for Bane and the Nameless One’s #2 thank you


  • Pingback: Mia Mottley’s Government and Corruption Déjà Vu | Barbados Underground

  • @ The Bane of Common Sense

    A likkle statistic about Barbados Underground

    Let this be your thermometer

    This is your Prime Minister Mugabe’s BERT in pictures

    You remember how she boasted about her 5,000 respondents for her survey?

    Dis is one of de ole man’s Stoopid Cartoons that was boosted by Barbados Underground


    Now do you understand the Power of Barbados Underground?

    Now what i want you to do is whisper to both of the Nameless Ones that there is a version 2 of this Stooopid Cartoon dat going be like Viagra and Cialis and Rhinoceros Horn, and de horn dat *** give ***.

    Man dat iteration gine show wunna who shoot Nelson and den de second feller going see how it was dat he encourage de ole man to “run” heheheheheh

    Jes remember how he come heah pun BU and tell de ole man to “run” twice AND I WAS DID TEK HE UP PUN IT.

    Forgive de ole man speech I was did not go to school long and as Lexicunt says in my day, my shoes did not have soles, so de hot sun pun de footses went straignt to the brain.and mek my English attrocious dat is de correct spelling isnt it?

    I so do not want to offend your proper English sensibilities



  • Excellent, my friend.
    Itis obvious that they will have to add members to the tag team.
    You are too much for nameless one.
    I seem to recall that ac started producing her version of ‘cartoons’. Will we see the same here.



  • “and de horn dat *** give ***.”

    lol, lol..


  • ….”but at the end of the day criminals running this place.”

    pretty much…but at the end of the day, criminals HATE being exposed, it puts their criminal organization and criminal activities at RISK…these are not the brightest criminals…none of them in Parliament…not when people know…ALL THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES…and WILL…expose every activity going forward…

    They are no longer SOLELY dealing with and lording it one OVER the vulnerable whom they have all PREYED on for decades…like the evil PREDATORS that they are….they are now forced to deal with those who can THINK FOR THEMSELVES…OUTTHINK them and EXPOSE THEM.


  • “A.G. Dale Marshall is now saying that Govt’s decision to appoint 3 additional Judges to help with the backlog of the Courts have now been put on Hold.”

    you obviously missed the most important part where taxpayers 200 thousand a MONTH..has been paying RENT at Manor Lodge…..SINCE MAY or JUNE….yet not one civil case has been heard or completed at that location….in all those months….that is what should anger taxpayers….not one case completed fo their 200K per month….

    ..and ya do not need jail cells to complete civil cases and get them out of the system…but RETARDED Marshall obviously can’t see that…nor does he care.

    ….that is what happens when the only thing you know how to do is THIEF from old people AND everyone.


  • @ Common Sense,

    You say BERT was formulated by some o the foremost economic minds in Barbados. I rest my case.


  • “The piles of Garbage on the street, the unsightly illegal bars and stalls in Fairchild street old market that Artax spoke about, the squatting and building of shacks by nonnationals so close to our Airport at that site in Rock Hall St Phillip.”

    I believe we should be FAIR when expressing our comments or criticisms.

    Lest I’m ACCUSED of DEFENDING Mottley by the RESIDENT “ACCUSER”………to be FAIR…… you cannot attribute the situations you highlighted above to this current BLP administration.

    The situation at the old Fairchild Street Market compound occurred under the previous DLP administration. The following link will provide you with the relevant information.

    It was not a surprise to note that BU article only attracted 10 comments…….but anything concerning Donald Trump could attract over 300 comments.

    David BU’s excuse is a few people living in the US usually comment on Trump. However, the 4 or 5 BU contributors living in the US do not account for the majority of comments.

    Also, to be FAIR to the non-nationals squatting on lands in Rock Hall, St. Philip, they are NOT building shacks, but 2 and 3 bedroom houses………… while Barbadians have to rent house spots or face the bank for a mortgages.

    The last time government tried to address this concern, a SHAMELESS attorney-at-law, Douglas Trotman, volunteered to provide those illegal non-nationals with legal services. They were bold enough to say the authorities were being unfair to them and if they are forced to move, government would have to provide them with land.

    Trotman said “Government can purchase the land, parcel it out, and resell it on more favourable terms to the squatters. That is what a responsible Government would do”

    You should note squatting is condoned in Guyana…….and is a problem in Jamaica.


  • Artax

    I was not seeking to suggest that Garbage at Fairchild Street or Squatting was a BLP problem but to highlight where we are right now – that is – this country – Barbados – is a mess .

    Successive govts – Bees and Dems – have ignored the squatting at Rock Hall – however there is a history to that where Owen Arthur intervened for the initial squatters to get electricity and water – which resulted in a rush by others to get their free piece of the rock.

    Don’t forget Mia promised the Belle Squatters that she will regularize them on that Zone 1 piece of Barbadian property.(Man I tell yuh we in deep doo – doo with politicians who think ONLY of a vote)

    The situation at the old Fairchild Market with reference to the unsightly stalls was highlight the harm this unsatisfactory development could do to our Tourism Product.

    In summary like I said we need politicians with vision .I am sick of governments making decisions that are influenced only by political expediency – which will result in the long term future of our country being negatively impacted.


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