Villages at Coverley Cover up – not a place to call home!


Submitted by Monica Boyce, nee Greaves, Coverley homeowner


I just wanted to put behind the past and live a quiet life – me, Monica Yvonne Boyce (nee Greaves), a 61-year-old Barbadian who spent 20 years in the US, and then lost my dream home at #28 Prior Park Heights, Stage 2, St. James in unprecedented malicious and horrific circumstances.

After seeing the offerings at The Villages at Coverley, some seven and a half years ago, I decided to purchase a home there for the sum of $289,000, with an agreed $100 plus in monthly maintenance. My conveyance is not with Coverley’s management, but the Ministry of Housing (from Derek Alleyne, Director of Urban Development Commission).

I chose # 979 Tamarind Drive because I found the view of the St. George valley and the St. Philip skyline, particularly inspiring. I bought this cash, and moved in April 7 2011. My home consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, and back patio, outfitted with washer, dryer, fridge, stove and plumbing and electrical fittings.

There were only a few of us at the time, and I basically kept to myself, but, as time went on, I met other residents at the Meet & Greet sessions. I felt it was a warm place until I saw little things that were not adding up.

The defectiveness of the finishes soon became apparent. From the outset, there were constant leaks in the roof, so I constantly needed to do repairs, after the six-month warranty. When I called on management (“Anna” on behalf of Mark Maloney), there was no satisfaction. The roof would be fixed, yet the leaks persist to this day. Other residents experienced similar issues, and I noticed a pattern. Whites are catered to, while Blacks are ignored.

The Whites live almost exclusively in Avocado Avenue, and appear to have different rules from the other residents, and are treated differently. For example, trees are not to exceed the height of the fence. Yet Avocado Avenue residents have trees a number of feet over this height and are allowed to erect garden ornaments, a liming spot and decorative figurines. This practice is not permitted in the Villages by Mr. Mark Maloney.

When the Fresh Market supermarket opened three years ago, I decided to support it and would spend $300 in produce every week, only to have it rot by the time I got home in the shuttle. The quality is poor and pricey, so I no longer shop there. I go to Massy, Worthing, which is, ironically, cheaper. Similarly, the store fronts are empty. Tenants move in and quickly move out due to high rents.

It’s not “a place to call home”. It’s a TRAP! Coverley is an 18th century plantation, with Anna as overseer, cracking the cat ’o’ nine tails on the backs of the black residents, with her lynch men on bicycles reporting on residents’ activities.

There are strict rules in force. For example, if you want to sell your home, you are not allowed to erect a “For sale” sign in front your house. Initially, garage doors had to be uniform, although they were later changed when purchasers were not forthcoming because of this restriction. Management makes changes at will and then informs residents, as if by decree.

Notably, on signing up, I was informed there would be a bowling alley and church constructed behind my home. However, two years ago, after being away in New York I returned to find instead a monstrosity erected (a warehouse for Fresh Market), a blatant breach of contract. The construction was so massive that it compromised the structural integrity of my back wall, causing a crevice.

One of my immediate neighbours wrote a letter to Management about this, and was informed that structural engineers would assess the damage. I then spoke with the supervisor, Rommell, and, in true puppet form, he reiterated this. However, this never materialised, and whenever I brought up the issue with management, no action was taken.

The Coverley product is clearly of poor quality. The tiles are extremely dangerous and slippery when wet, and, once when I accidentally broke a tile, to my shock, it was a plastic covering.

The countertops are just veneers. Imagine the supposed “granite” finish in the kitchen has started to bubble up! Furthermore, the house was to be outfitted with a lawn, as outlined in the contract, but this, also, did not materialise. When I queried this, I was told the six months’ warranty had expired, so I would have to look after it myself. The maintenance fee is also questionable – supposedly for street cleaning, garbage collection and with the mail boxes in a state of disrepair, needing painting.

You fall in love with the concept and without scrutinizing the property, overlooking any faults. You, honestly fall victim to “buyer beware”. By January 20 this year, I was at the end of my tether, and approached Management, boisterously complaining about the warehouse’s location, the rotten produce at Fresh Market and the poor garbage service collection. A light-skinned woman came out the office and asked me not to curse at her. I calmly explained I was chastising her (as opposed to her presumption that I would use profanity).

The Police have forcibly picked me up twice this year since my interaction with management and taken me to the Psychiatric Hospital where I have been detained and treated in an undignified and contentious manner. The first time occasion was on January 21st, Errol Barrow Day. I remember vividly as I was listening to excerpts from his speeches. I was detained there for two and a half weeks, and the more recent incident occurred August 14th for a two-month period.

While there, Coverley’s management somehow obtained my daughter’s e-mail, and informed her there was human and canine faeces in my house, and that the neighbours were complaining about rodents’ entering their homes.

They harassed her to such an extent that she suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalised. Since she, too, has been persecuted and given the fact that I never at any point gave them her contact information, I need an award on her behalf. I gave no authorisation to anyone to enter my home. They were trespassing. The e-mails clearly show that Coverley‘s management had been in my home unlawfully. I have all the e-mails sent to her as evidence.

I live on a disability cheque from the US, and when I came home, I had to pay almost $400 to have my phone reconnected, and my water bill was $500, although there was clearly no progression on the metre.

All over Coverley it was rumoured that I was a mad woman. WhatsApp was abuzz. People were looking at me strangely, and gossip was rampant. Life was never the same. I realised who were genuine neighbours and who were fake. Every time I see a Police car, I’m traumatised. My every move is watched and whenever I have a visitor, a management truck is in front my door. These are the conditions you are living under at “a place to call home”’. I reiterate it is a trap.

I should mention that I have been diagnosed “bipolar” for 36 years, but in the US I was never treated in this inhumane and callous manner. Over there you are classified as “special needs”, but in here in Barbados, you are labelled “mad.” It’s most unfortunate – derogatory, extremely archaic and colonial, dungeonous even, based on ignorance, void of basic education, no compassion, no understanding. These are the conditions under which I live in Barbados, a supposedly educated and literate people. I have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s their problem, not mine. After the unlawful detention, I kept my own space because I knew one day I would come to the Press.

Now let me make it clear. I have NO intention of leaving Coverley. I bought this house as a retirement home. Management has to be replaced, and my daughter also must be compensated for the persecution she suffered.

After spending some $500,000 total on my home to date, I want compensation. I want money. I have a criminal attorney, Lennox Miller, on the case, and I am suing the Police and the Psychiatric Hospital for abuse of power and Coverley’s management for breach of contract.

Assistant Superintendant Thomas visited my home October 8 and said she had received a complaint from my lawyer, and assured me that the case is being investigated. I was happy you see that at least SOMEONE has principle. The Commissioner of Police at all levels also appears to be an honest and upright human being.

The Treaty of Chaguaramas, of which Barbados is a signatory, categorically states you are to be free from Police persecution and free to walk freely as a human being (among other things). Yet, all of my rights were violated by Coverley’s Management, the Police and the Psychiatric Hospital. So I’m demanding justice.

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  1. @Hants October 26, 2018 1:21 PM “A lot of Bajans including some on this blog are uncaring low life scum sucking vermin who don’t give a flying puck about some less fortunate than them. I wish Monica well. I hope she has family members who can find a way o help her.”

    Did I not suggest last night that her daughter, or iImay add now, other family have her hospitalized.

    • These are what are referred to as prefab houses. The prefab work as John alluded was done by PRECONCO, a company owned by Maloney and Co.

  2. “@ WARU

    Those Coverley houses were manufactured at Lears”

    Certain parts of those houses were imported from Miami…I remember vividly it was in the newspapers when large slabs were imported. photographed and shown in the newspapers …don’t know if it’s the roof and other parts were done by Preconco…but not everything…

  3. @John

    The concept and business model is from a USA partnership, manufacturing started before Rock Hard Cement came to Barbados. The other ingredient is a fine stranded wire, and hardener.

  4. And they still look like dog kennels..I can’t believe they were selling those as houses for people to live in….with families.

  5. You are right…there was no Rockhard cement then…

    It was a big show in the newspapers, large slabs imported, I guess the Miami billionaire who was paying for all that at the time called the tune.

  6. @ Hants
    A lot of Bajans including some on this blog are uncaring low life scum sucking vermin who don’t give a flying puck about some less fortunate than them.

    If you really knew how endemic it is what you have outlined above.

    • Unfortunately positions will be taken based on political and social affiliation, neighbourly concern will not be the overriding consideration. This is what the Barbados we use to know has transformed to.

  7. I am glad the lady had the courage to admit she had bipolar disorder. Having people admit to problems of this type will help remove some of the stigma of having a mental disease.

  8. Some are saying ‘they know differently’, ‘this is not the full story’, ‘ BU needs to investigate more’

    You are right there; you know the story; you have a computer; you can write anonymously….. why don’t you tell the story?

    Even scared to be one of the anonymice

  9. Unbelievable! A black government gave permission to a “private developer” to build real estate on a tropical island minus vegetation – and i’m talking specifically about trees. Trees provide natural solar shading, lowers the heat island effect in built up areas, breaths in harmful carbon dioxide and expels oxygen.

    The site looks like a death trap. Just imagine if a fire was to break out – it would spread quickly. How does one evacuate safely such a narrow site.

    My heart goes out to Monica. This development should never have been given clearance by our “town planning department”.

    Even on a modest estate such as the Coverleys, the stench of apartheid appears to be embedded where whites appear to be looked after better than the black residents. Look carefully at the layout of the estate, it appears to be modelled on the design of a slave ship.

    This story is truly shocking and demands a response from the government. Will this government be prepared to pass legislation that will stop the local black population from being exploited. There is something rotten at the heart of this country.

    @ Hants,
    Did i read you correctly. Did you really say that the houses were fine for students and pensioners?

    @ Simple Simon,
    All I can say is wow!

  10. We keep warning BAJANS in the Diaspora…do not bring your money to Barbados…the government ministers will sell you out to the dirty maggots, Cow, Bizzy,Bjerkham, Maloney and all the racist criminals and thieves on the island…keep your money outside of Barbados until ALL this reaches its climax…and comes to its inevitable conclusion.

  11. The policy based loan (ie from the CDB)will be used to aid in enhancing how business is done in Barbados, improve resistance to climate change and increase social protection systems(Quote)

    What are the plans for the improvement in how business is done in Barbados? What is the government’s environmental policy, including preparations for climate change? Did the CDB carry out full due diligence?

  12. @ Talkingloudsayingnothing
    Even on a modest estate such as the Coverleys, the stench of apartheid appears to be embedded where whites appear to be looked after better than the black residents. Look carefully at the layout of the estate, it appears to be modelled on the design of a slave ship.

    I played golf at every golf course in Barbados for years and I always said to the blacks that Barbados is former South Africa however still in Apartheid.

  13. @ Talking Loud Saying Nothing,

    Yes I said the houses are fine for students and pensioners. ( 2 or 3 people per house )

    I also said the houses need air-conditioning because small rooms, small windows in a concrete house would be uncomfortable.

    I lived in a chattel house in Barbados for the first 20 years of my life. I also lived in a 600 sq.ft concrete box in the 70s in Barbados.

    If I had to live in a Coverly house I would install air conditioning and make the garage living space. A car does not need a stable. lol

    @ David the blogmaster,

    One of these days I will send you my resume. lol

  14. @Hants
    It is her misfortune she lives in a country where mental illness is treated by some as a character flaw and not an disease
    Wise words but not only in Barbados, although there has been much acknowledgement and improvement in the treatment of mentally ill persons in the country where you reside they still show up disproportionately in Police blotters, on the street or as victims of Police activity.

  15. This nails woman should go do a video about the white man that called that elderly black woman “an ugly black bitch” and remained on Ryannair, and instead of being charged is on national tv blaming temper. These people kill me.

  16. IMF Tentacles – I stand by my statement. Of course you’re not smart enough to see beyond the surface of it. Unlike you, I don’t need to constantly change my moniker. #restmuh

  17. Enuff of Wonderland 68…..Ryannair is being dealt with, so is the heart attack waiting to happen… vile old racist…

    Ah know ya jump out to tell me that ah forgot the US has permanent residents, but before ya tell me that…let me tell ya the real issue that Jackie is dealing with…

    ya masters in the BLP should be putting Maloney in his place…but they can’t because they have taken the bizzy, cow, bjerkham bribes…so they allow them all to practice racism against the majority black population while they tief their tax dollars and pension money…but we are waiting for yall…

    Then there is PAIN and TEETS tiefing old people’s estates and selling or giving them away to the same Cow, Bizzy thieves…..that too gotta be dealt with…

    So that is really the issues need addressing in Barbados..not Ryannair….the flight I think was from Brussels or Portugal to UK…it did not happen in UK airspace..

    Anyway…ah see Mia suing Nationnews to put money in her own pocket…..what about Mia pursuing the thieves in DLP …and bizzy, cow maloney for ripping off the treasury and pension fund, lock them up for the thieves they all are…recover the money and return it to the taxpayer’s and pensioners pockets…how about that…

    • @Hants

      Many of the problems highlighted by BU like in this case are universal. Some here make an ado like if Barbados is the last place on earth where the problems exist.

  18. “Mesher apologized for the incident, which is now being investigated by police in both England and Spain, ”

    Thanks IMF Tentacles…I was too lazy to confirm where the incident took place…it was a flight in Spain’s airspace..

  19. Enuff you come with nothing better to say the lady Jackie Stewart talks the truth something you dont .Again attack the victim .you dont defend no one but the crooks enough of you ENUFF.

  20. If u are rich/wealthy and mad as hell(suffering from mental illness) u are called/considered eccentric.

    If u are not rich/ not wealthy and mad as hell(suffering from mental illness) u are tied and bound sent to psy hospital

    it just the where we are. All living in Hope.

  21. WARU – Why you don’t go decide whether Maloney built the slabs for the houses at Coverley at Preconco or imported them from Florida? #restmuh

    • This matter was clarified by the blogmaster in an earlier post. Preconco built the prefabs for the Coverley houses. Some maybe confusing the issue with Rock Hard.

  22. @ Enuff

    I don’t need to see below the surface for anything BLP stool pigeon, keep licking George Payne & Dale Marshall balls and ass.

    You seem to always like shit in your face.

  23. @ David,

    I try to deal with the issues in Barbados because unlike a lot of Bajans in the Diaspora, 90% of my assets are in Barbados.

    For purely sejfish reasons I want the ship Barbados to be re

    Still hope someone will help Monica Boyce.

  24. Barbados’ issues regarding theft from the people, violation of their human rights…that nasty, corrupt special relationship that the black government ministers and lawyers have with the likes of bizzy, cow, maloney, bjerkham et al and all the other minorities from the other groups who have been bribing them from the 70s in order to rip off the people…is a little more convoluted and complex than is the norm…and a hell of a lot more destructive…check out all the black lives that have been ruined because d black government ministers use the police to destroy them to protect criminal minorities who rob bajans..

    That is not normal..

    couple years ago the commissioner of police invited bizzy to speak before some coming out parade, not sure if it was for new police recruits…but he knows bizzy is a criminal who allows his scum employees to attack black customers, he knows bizzy is corrupt…so what does bizzy do..only what he knows to do….promptly and publicly bribes the police with a 10K donation…so when bizzy or any other corrupt minority calls on the police and tells them to lock up their own black people or take them to the psychiatric hospital …those negros will NOT even think twice…

  25. IMF Tentacles – I expected nothing else from one so vapid. When proved to be ignorant, resort to the yardfowl attack.

  26. @WARU, the flight was from Barcelona to Uk and was still on the ground when the abuse occurred. that is why Ryannair staff should have alerted the Spanish police, but they did not. If the role was reversed I am sure the lady would have been cuffed and led off said plane.

  27. Enuff in Wonderland…we know yardfowls have 15 second attention spans…this happened many years ago…as far back as 2005-6 because I saw the article about the SLABS being imported…and maybe by 2007…I went to take a peek at the kennels at Coverley..

    I did not say Preconco did not build certain aspects of the Coverley kennels…I said it was a big circus in the press when SLABS were imported from Miami for the project..

    Why don’t you deal with the issues I outlined..

  28. @ Enuff

    I am ignorant when you bring an Overseas incident involving a white man and woman to attack Jackie Stewart who continue to expose corruption in Barbados primarily with BLP members George Payne and Dale Marshall to use as a smoke screen.

    I plead to being vapid and ignorant as alleged by you Mr. Integrity.

  29. Ya like to suck up to these minority criminals…it will not get you anywhere Enuff 68…have you not learned anything yet…what will it take..

    Those years could have been even later, but I believe it was before the electorate kicked BLP out of parliament for CORRUPTION…

  30. Monica’s victimization at the hands of Maloney and his thugs will have to go global…the world has to see what both governments have allowed minorities to do to the majority population.and what they have done to abuse the people will answer questions worldwide that many have been asking….what happened to cause the island to degrade to such a level…

    the answers will be:

    rampant corruption between government and the same minorities
    human rights violation are seen as normal
    the government is uncaring to the people who elected them
    government ministers and lawyers only care about lining their own pockets
    muzzling of the people and the press….for the last 60. years

    The world has to become involved in this or nothing will change.

    dont care how many times Enuff jumps out ..he cannot change that reality.

  31. “WARU October 26, 2018 1:20 PM
    Those Coverley kennels were assembled in Miami and shipped to Barbados..the usual scam where Bjerkham went looking for some investor mutt with more money than sense…they were getting a lot of such fools at the time, but the dude died…they continued the scam with Maloney as front man and ended up ripping off the taxpayers, the pensioners AND the homeowners who were not informed enough….to know not to buy those kennels..”

  32. Enuff in Wonderland…what do I care…check out this one..and dispute it:

    muzzling of the people and the press….for the last 60. years by both governments to cover up corruption and the human rights abuses of the majority population.

    dispute that one.

  33. As soon as people expose the nastiness that Barbados has become…they label those people crazy…well yall cannot commit me to any psychiatric hospital like you do to the vulnerable to keep the corruption and human rights abuses intact..when all is said and done …most of you will be committed to Jenkins, Black Rock…just watch….

    ya tink we playing…..

  34. Regulatory Review Panel (RRP)
    A team comprising representatives from the Central Bank of Barbados, the Financial Services Commission and the Director of Finance and Economic Affairs. The panel may also draw on the expertise of subject matter experts from outside these organisations (Quote)

    What is this administrative joke? Is the director of finance now a regulator? I still ask: what is the statutory authority for this body? Are fintechs now being regulated like banks? When is this issue going to be discussed in our world-class media? What has the silent bar association got to say?

  35. Yeah Enuff in Wonderland…sass me with that one…dispute it.

    An old vet like me knows exactly what to do with and say to you.

    Ha, Ha…you still don’t get it, they do not care what you think…the only prescription for these corrupt people who operate against the law, who circumvent the law to enrich themselves and those who bribe them…is worldwide exposure…they are not going to stop, they have been doing it for too long…right now with this fintech they are all swarming over it like flies on shit..most of them are out of their depth..and have no clue… is just the newest opportunity to see who can fill their pockets the most….at the expense of the people.

    So far no one is paying any attention to them and their Bitt Inc….Bitcoin…mMoney scam so they have to come at it from another angle…that is their modus….it is the only one they know.

  36. “bajans October 26, 2018 4:58 PM

    @WARU, the flight was from Barcelona to Uk and was still on the ground when the abuse occurred. that is why Ryannair staff should have alerted the Spanish police, but they did not. If the role was reversed I am sure the lady would have been cuffed and led off said plane.”

    Very true..but social media went after the racist and dragged him down into the very pits of hell…no one wants that for themselves no matter ow racist they are, he is repulsive and the lady said he smelled stink, probably did not wash his funky tail and got on a plane disparaging her, while smelling stink.

  37. Michael Lashley ass should be in Dodds Hotel. However, Auntie Mia the great bluffer with her side kick Dale Smiley aint gine punish a fella for none of the dem Bs or Ds clean.


    Businessman Dereck Foster is warning that corruption is “the biggest single problem” facing Barbados.

    “Foster, who is executive chairman of Automotive Art, the Caribbean’s largest automotive aftermarket retailer, said the country was facing “tough economic times” and “the short term is going to be painful for lots of businesses”.

    But he stressed: “I think the biggest issue in Barbados by far, and that needs to be addressed in the most urgent and severe manner, is the issue of the level of corruption throughout the society.”

    I remember when we really started to expose the bribetaking sell out ministers and the minorities who bribe them, many on this blog went after us like we were the ones who are corrupt AND crazy, if they could have had us committed, they would…..I took all types of insults from these slags who were fighting to cover up the corruption…for whatever crumbs were being thrown at them by the corrupt, ..or we were tormented by the bloggers who just wanted to be pests with their petty yardfowl minds….somewhat like Enuff 68…but we persevered. ..and won ..all will be exposed worldwide indefinitely. ..complete with the names of ALL the corrupt. .

    There would be no maloney, bizzy, bjerkham cow and their fellow riff raff on the island WITHOUT THE CORRUPTION…they certainly would not be posing and pretending to be millionaires and magnates without the corrupt, evil practice of STEALING from the majority population, ably aided by VILE government minister…

    ….a concerted effort must be made by all Bajans wuth a modicum of self respect, self love and self awareness to RID the island of ALL of them….none of them must be allowed to rest or enjoy their proceeds of criminality against the people…both them and the corrupt ministers and lawyers who enable and indulge them on the island MUST be exposed to the world so that they become well known wherever they go and wherever they try to hide.

    Corruption between weak minded greedy government ministers and some of the nastiest scum in the minority community who you should pray to never meet…. spawned the Coverley kennels….and all the evil, racist practices that the minorities paid government ministers in bribes so that they could continue to practice their criminalty against the majority population in peace.

    We have reached the stage that the criminal gang in parliament and their masters the minorities…gotta go….the writing is on the wall….yardfowls will have to find real jobs now.

    All the likes of Leroy Leper and Peter Harris who spread their corruption across the island like poison ….must be kept exposed indefinitely. ..just like they practice their corruption indefinitely. .

    We have been trying to get Mia to address the corruption actively in the last 5 months to lock up the corrupt…name and shame them…but she is still attempting a cover up…it must not be allowed to happen….no more cover ups to protect the corrupt.

    Both Michael Lashley AND Dennis Kellman should be in prison for loosing the evil Mark Maloney in the people’s treasury to rip it off indefinitely…for their cut..

  39. “Foster, whose business operates throughout the Caribbean, and has operations in the United States and Europe, said while he was hearing a lot about rooting out corruption at the Government level, he also wanted members of the local business community, who were found to be corrupt, to face “dire consequences”

    Those words resound and should be taken very seriously to break up the criminal gangs in parliament and in the minority bajan white/indian/syrian/middle eastern community.

    It is time for an intervention…it cannot be corrupt business as usual between government ministers, lawyers and minorities…it cannot be allowed to continue…each and every one of these corrupt bitches have to be exposed…they all gotta go..

    We have worked hard to get the truth out into the open when yardfowls AND lowlifes on the blog were calling us LIARS and CRAZY….trying to discouage us..but here it is….no more hiding from reality…

    ..the intelligent ones among the business people can clearly see the writing on the wall…even if the corrupt and their yardfowls cannot…but no one cares what the bittom feeding thieves and their hangers on cannot see…we want them ALL locked up…or Mia is going to end up with many REGRETS…it will all end in tears….we promise.

  40. Prime minister Mottley taking a photo opportunity walk with Butch Stewart. This woman would go to the end for a photo opportunity, even if her minister of tourism is walking behind like a bag carrier. Why do intelligent and highly qualified young men and women act like vassals to this authoritarian prime minister? Where is their pride?
    They must remind her that as prime minister she is first among EQUALS, not dictator. It is going to end in tears.
    Barbados is a failed state.

  41. This is Monica Yvonne Boyce, nee Greaves. Thank you all for your comments and opinions. I truly am appreciative. I really do not mind the negativity. I have lived with it for thirty-six years. Mental Illness is not a disease, it is a diagnosis. When doctors do not understand, they give labels, erroneous diagnoses. They are the ones that should be given the psychotic drugs and labelled rabidly off the chart. Be made to be injected with their own reasoning for injections to resolve clearly unresolved psychological imaginings. That is my belief system. Do for do. They have injections understand there is God almighty. God not man will bring the final outcome. Not religiousity but spirituality. You non-believers. You pharises, pundits, hypocrits, and scribes. Jehova Jirah is in the house. The reign of the ungodly has now come to pass. Amen. Lord God King of Kings I worship you. I exalt you. I magnify your most benevolent name. Amen and thanks to my deliverers The BARBADOS UNDERGROUND. I am VINDICATED. I am VINDICATED. Halliliuyah. once again THANKS BARBADOS UNDERGROUND. To the HONOURBLE men and women who spoke from the heart. THANKS,THANKS,THANKS..

  42. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Let me title this early morning submission “the BU brand”

    Of late I noted that you have had to threaten to close down this extremely worthwhile article

    A fellow came and asked you why is that and you did not answer him.

    But I am going to answer for you and in the process draw the fire and the ire to me.

    Ole menses like me can do that , not because we are impervious to bullets BUT BECAUSE WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO DIE FOR THAT WHICH IS RIGHT.

    of late you are seding the brand of BU being hijacked by a set of cvunts who seem incapable of keeping a topic as simple as Coverley – building quality – consumer rights – inconsequential health issue to the confines of the substantial.

    We start with 5 or so sane submissions and the you return a few hours later and say What de Fvuck happened here?

    Am I cursing David (BU) yes I am!

    Am I sorry to be cursing, normally I should be but right now David I dont give one fvuck because there rassholes have to be told stick to the fvucking topic WITHIN REASON

    I am not the blogmaster but you know what I have seen you spin up articles to address everything under the sun here on BU.

    Whether it be DLP or BLP duopoly or monopoly, corruption, incompetence, health care, Religion, Finance, Diaspora it does not matter you does do it!

    But when we arriving at a point where new readers coming to the site and taking a gander and walking away with the impression that every fvcking article here is bout Trump or Bjerkham, or Peter Harris, or you get my drift.

    Raising awareness about issues to the point where the sheeple shift to people status and start to speak out is a major task.

    Hijacking the topic with jobby wont help what BUs substantive objective is

    Do you TING David, start culling the shite comments, INCLUDING MINE

  43. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item here for you

    @ Ms. Boyce nee Greaves, continued success in God’s Name with all your matters and challenges

  44. Maloney, Bizzy, George Payne, Dale Marshall, Bjerkham, Miss Ram etc etc etc are just cogs in the wheels of the circulation of $$!!

    The only colour of any import is green!!

    The island suffers because it lurches from one “investment” to another.

    One day medical schools are the newest slice bread because someone wants to circulate $$ using this vehicle, the next day it is golf courses!!

    It doesn’t help that we have total blithering idiots here who just echo what the latest craze is.

    There is no long term thinking or planning.

    Baba Elombe, seer, futuristic thinker extraordinaire and cousin (??) to the present PM is one such blithering idiot!!!!

    Sometimes this madness runs in families.

  45. @ John,
    I followed this story several months ago when it was decided that this beach resort was to be closed down to save the local environment and have following this story ever since. It’s a tremendous story and shows you what can be achieved by those who have vision. But this could never happen in Bimshire as we continue to pour our resources into tourism as evidenced by the clown Mia walking literally had-in-hand in St Peters with one of the Stewart boys.

  46. Enuff and Simple Simon

    Both of you don’t realise that IMF Tentacles and Dishonest Bajans is the same idiot?

  47. I find in barbados the black leaders love to plase the white people, and it’s a lot of racism , for instance a white person bought up a big area by a beach and was able to erect loads of boulders to block it off from the public use. People complain but the boulders are still there. If you had all that money you should a buy a single family house, not no condo because once you have white neighbors they are the ones in the background demanding all the rules to keep the blacks in their place. There is no way they should be able to carry you to the mental, they will inject ou with some medication and get you even more crazier. That’s the first thing they do to you, they want to take your rights and label you. If you could be fortunate to sell it, please do because things will get no better. Get your own separate house where you can plant your flowers or whatever. I wont trust them because they know how to get the rid of you and then the cover up will begin. Also with bar barbados in a financial decline, its poor verses rich. The rich whites will buy up all the government buildings that the government cant offord to keep, and turn them into hotels or big condo for the rich. Dont you see hastings area, almost all the hotels block off the beach area, no public persons can access the beaches that were once public beach, and the barbados government let them do it. The psychiatric hospital, you will have no rights, the doctor down there dont even look at you when you are a patient, they treat the patients like an old wet rag. You have to wait hours until she come in and she is pass rude.

  48. Piece

    I second what you say.Sometimes they can go too far.

    This lady is reading and watching how we respond to her plight – and so is Maloney.

    The politicians both De and Bee are reading and observing to see if everybody is drunk on the kool aid or if they are alert.

    The Bush Hill journalists – that is,the ones who have been bought and sold – are reading and paying attention to see if we are on to their sleight of hand manoeuvres and the propaganda being pushed on behalf of their ‘Dear leader’.

    This blog site can be very useful if used responsibly.

  49. “But when we arriving at a point where new readers coming to the site and taking a gander and walking away with the impression that every fvcking article here is bout Trump or Bjerkham, or Peter Harris, or you get my drift.”


    I feeling what de ole man saying, and that is what turns me off about Barbados Underground.

    I would read an article but after the first 10 or 15 comments, things usually go to Trump and the USA.

    Then you have a nut job who finds it necessary to post the same 75 contributions to every article. The blogmaster should ask some people to take a break. The same way your posts seem to get lost, why the same thing can’t happen to WARU?

  50. I know lots of people in the US come home. and buy a house with their own land, and fence it off, because you have to be very careful dealing with the bearocracy, it’s not for the poor. They don’t even like you to ask questions, its pay this and leave. Barbados will get worse, and it’s a band of people that will be against you with their unprofessional behavior. Then they will call the police and say come pick up this mad person. Next thing they will take your house while u in the mental, so if you have a family member let them have your house keys so when they start their crooked behavior. A family member can access your house, take pictures of your stuff and let your lawyers document everything. It dont worse working so hard in the US and then to come home and get treated like that. Sell it even if you can sell it at a loss and get somewhere where you can be happy, and can do whatever you want, than some uncle Toms lying just to get you arrested.

  51. What if the thinking and reaction of Simple Simon are a true reflection of the thinking and feeling of the silent majority of Barbadians towards expatriates.

    What if we are seeing the nasty and virulent jealousy that some ‘locals’ have for those who go away and seek to improve their lot?

    In front of the returning sojourner is, the professional who will scheme and plot to separate them from their funds. Behind the sojourner is the local who will (1) doubt that you saved any money; (2) who will claim that you have no income and no pension; (3) who will tell you the true amount of your social security; and )4) exhibit no sympathy as others try to wrest your pennies from your grasp.

    In fact the locals are so thorough in their ‘castration’ of the sojourner that by the time they are finished you will be so poor that your claim of being ripped-off will be seen as a lie by others. And to top it off, the stigma of being label ‘mad’ is often invoked.

    Doesn’t it seem as if the foundation of our very society is sheer wickedness. Theft from those who ‘have but are considered as weak; incarceration for those who steal a meal and those who would rob the treasury go free; and now delaying payments for the elderly until they are pass their expiration dates…. the list goes on

  52. @Theo,

    I have said before, and say again because it is relevant. A leading QC once told me that the young lawyers in his chambers disliked the fact that many former London Transport workers and NHS nurses returned to Barbados as dollar millionaires, when they went to university and were not.

  53. “The same way your posts seem to get lost, why the same thing can’t happen to WARU?”

    What are u guilty of SCUM…what do you not want exposed.

  54. WARU, get over yourself. You don’t expose anyone. All you do is regurgitate or copy and paste other people’s stories and make believe they are yours.

    So far all the nonsense you write about the minority whites, you are yet to expose anything other than what is common knowledge, about Peter Harris, Mark Maloney, Bjerkham, the Williams brothers and other people that you pretend to know stuff about.

    Stop coming here pretending that you are privileged to certain information, because when challenged, instead of bringing the information, you cuss your way out and then run away.

  55. @ Robert Goren
    @ Theophillus
    @ Ms. Monica Bynoe nee Greaves

    You know the really sad thing about this matter about Ms Bynoe?

    If the Honourable Blogmaster were to classify this site by categories and say create a category called Housing Problems you know that the frightening this is that in no time at all you would see that that format would be full of individual people, each with a complaint like Ms Bynoe.

    The point I’m trying to make is that there are thousands of Bajans who are suffering like Ms Bynoe nationally.

    Not everyone is necessarily a returning national BUT the common issues of being ripped off by developers WITHOUT ANY RECOURSE IS A COMMONALITY OF THE NUMEROUS CLAIMS.

    You know what that means?

    There are 1,000 plus of us suffering individually, in silos where the rest of us sheeple know nothing of the 26 letters that each of us is writing to the minister and authorities about.

    Check through here and wunna going see how Watchman has a similar issue with a coterminous neighbour unfailing him AND HE WRITES LETTERS TO THE MINISTER George? and Kerrie Oblong Head AND MTW ABOUT IT and nothing happens.

    What I have been saying to bajan sheeple is that WE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THEM RESPOND TO US.

    WE HAVE THE “X” and until Mugabe Mottley make changes to the voting process and start padding boxes, we have to publish our matters


    WE THE PEOPLE have to create a digital repository which catalogues our complaints and lists how many times we called or wrote the constituency office, or the minister, or the permanent secretary, or the developer, or the owner of Furniture Limited Begging them for aid.

    The same way the Honourable Blogmaster has this site off island in a jurisdiction that does not care less bout Adriel Nitwit or Dale Smiley Marshall, it is time we do the same thing with consumer issues.

    Stop talking bout it and do it is what we the people have to do.

    De ole man wukking pun some thing wide de grandson but dese tings is tek time.

  56. @ Monica Boyce

    I applaud you and encourage you to continue fighting for your rights irregardless of the stumbling blocks they have put in place to deprive you.

    FACT Barbados is the land of lawlessness and underhanded dirty dealings.

    Their way of controlling you is to malign you, use the Courts and the Barbados Police to destroy and take away what is rightfully yours because you dare to be intolerant and speak out REPEATABLY.

    They would rather get rid of you the ‘problem’ rather than dealing with the poor substandard construction of your home at Coverly Christ Church and useless 6 months warranty. The preferential treatment of the local whites in your Coverly community and the many local black dishonest Uncle Toms who would willing destroy you for their Master Mark Maloney.

    Keep fighting I have lived among the locals and believe you 110% from personal experiences.

    I applaud people like you and the Stewart’s family as you all are exposing effectively what has been going on to many many others who when react are told they are mad, abusive, go back overseas where you come from etc.

    There is a serious major sickness in Barbados and it is not you. You are brilliant in your writing and expression which is not a symbol of a mad person.

    I hope all Bajans living abroad would become wiser and keep their earned wealth abroad and not take to Barbados unless they like being robbed and victimized and then turn out to be accuse as the ‘problem’ as in your case and the Jackie Stewart and her mother’s Barbados land fraud case.

  57. @Theo and @Hal, the Blogmaster said earlier that “Many of the problems highlighted by BU like in this case are universal. Some here make an ado like if Barbados is the last place on earth where the problems exist”.

    Your narratives above bang head first into that craziness!

    Why does SimpleSimon’s assessment of the lady’s own admitted mental issues take away from the facts of the problems experiened at Coverly in the context of antagonists using all barbs to gain the upper hand…and why do we (for years now) embellish this ‘made up anger’ against expats as ANYTHING more that pure, putrid NORMAL jealousy of the type that permeates every freaking aspect of life!

    @Hal, in particular I find your remarks re ‘failed state’ as totally incomprehensible….don’t you live in a country where class status was ticked by which school you attended, profession studied etc etc… where old money was a cudgel used to beat those who worked in ‘new fangled’ retail trades as lesser beings!

    Your continued repetition that “A leading QC once told me that the young lawyers in his chambers disliked the fact that many former London Transport workers and NHS nurses returned to Barbados as dollar millionaires, when they went to university and were not” says everything about YOU, old chap.

    Most definitely over your career you have written or experiened ENDLESS cases of that SAME class snobbishness with English lawyers or other ‘IvyLeague’ trained pros who are earning significantly less than school leavers who never did formal tertiary level work but who are as bright as the north star and worked harder than flint for their millions….but WHY do you HARP on it as a Bajan malady….WHY bro!

    Some months back Bloomberg highlighted that folks who get a spot on your popular Love Island reality show will stand better able to earn mega more $$ that an Oxbridge grad (who according to studies rate as likely to earn close to $1M more over their lifetime than a non Uni grad).

    Extrapolate that senor….see the explosion of faces making thousands of $$ on social media with the top faces making millions…in UK, US, Europe and all over….then step further back and consider those who did the social media stuff the really hard way: looong hours on London Transport or doing the really dirty plumbing work, managing two or three jobs for years but making good money…were they not always despised and scoffed upon when they tried to move up to better digs or to adapt into higher social circles!

    What is so different about what you saw for YEARS there to the jealousy exhibited but those lawyers?

    What is different to the scallywag children whose parents toiled in back breaking jobs to send them off to England or US or UWI eons ago and were repaid by being dumped in a old senior home at ‘eveningtide’ days or being not suitable enough for their fancy Uni chums?

    It is annoying to see these debates devolve to this Bajan bashing BS as it we freaking created dislike, jealousy or class snobbery.

    The “foundation of our very society is “ ABSOLUTELY NOT SHEER WICKEDNESS….Cut the hysteria and deal in factual life….

    It is estimated by WHO that approximately 16% of elders (60 and older) are abused…but put that into perspective that it’s also estimated that only 1 in 24 cases of elder abuse is reported….soooo think of the REAL stat if the older person wasn’t too scared to lay blame or maybe too bipolar to be believed re the ill treatment!

    All that to say…can we get real with serious debate…Coverly is a problem at various levels and many expats have had problems returning home generally….but many have also found great success!.

  58. @ Piece

    I have to agree with Hal.

    The many many Barbadians who have returned have found great success locally without similar impediments, I would like you to name 6 of them.

    I don’t know your movements but I roamed the island and what you have outlined does not gel with the facts.

    • We have many Barbadians that have returned to Barbados and living happily ever after their sojourn abroad. You will find them in Kingsland, Lowlands, Prior Park, Fort St. George, Ruby and other places. We tend to focus on the negative.

  59. @Depedanic,

    A state does not fail because of snobbery or class divisions. It fails because the institutions of democracy do not work; it fails when a small cabal can create a regulatory institution so-called without any primary legislation or any debate in parliament; it fails when a prime minister can force through his/her own ideas and apparently ignore his/her Cabinet; it fails when an authoritarian prime minister can amend the constitution to accommodate a friend; it fails when a former member of parliament and minister can be arrested in another jurisdiction for alleged corruption and the sitting government does not even raise its voice; the state fails when two senior ministers can be accused of serious crimes and the prime minister continues as if it does not matter; it fails when so-called consultants appear to have more say in policy then elected ministers. All this in less than six months..
    Should I go on?

  60. Dribbler

    A very good contribution.

    I also take offence to those persons living abroad referring to Barbados as a failed state or if the island is the only place in the world where untoward things happen.
    Then they give us the impression that the UK or US is the land of milk and honey.

    Ponzi and such scemes did not originate in Barbados. Was not our own Rhianna a victim of a house scam in the US, where she paid millions of dollars for a faulty house?

    No matter where in the world these things happen, it’s wrong. No place on earth is perfect.

  61. @ IMF Tentacles

    You meant to say De Pedantic Dribbler aka DpD aka De Ingrunt Word right?

    I made no such statement in my drivel about successful returnees

    Ask Dribbles

  62. Some of us consider Barbadians as docile. A people who go along just to get along.

    Imagine a woman living in the US for 20+ years, seeing the injustices there and people rising and fighting against these injustices. Imagine her coming home to Barbados and bringing with her the idea that, in our island, she can fight for her rights.

    She thinks, in the US the power structure is white, but fortunately for me, here the political power is in the hands of the blacks. And so she decides to stand up and defend herself and the black police comes for her. In the US, they would have warned her or perhaps even jailed her, but in Barbados they take it to a higher level; they rush her to a psychiatric hospital and try to apply the stamp “Less than a person”. A stamp that in Barbados makes her even less than the magical 3/5 of Jim Crow South of the past.

    But this 3/5 refused to be silenced and de-fanged her tormentors by pointing out that she has bipolar disorder. Oh these tormentor and their surrogate/accomplices, still tried to hunt with that “mad” routine; they sent their apologists to query her mental state; apologists who knew everything about the case but said nothing. But by mentioning her disorder, it appears that the 3/5 had anticipated that nasty line of attack and effectively neutralize it.

    She was un-Barbadian in every way. She refused to be the silent and docile sheep and she was open with her mental illness. Perhaps we have the prescription for what it takes to be a hero -“Speak your truth, honestly and clearly”

    ——————————————————————Side note——————————————————-
    Someone was quick to realize that the tactics used here were identical to those used by the power structure in St. Vincent on Yugge Farrel, She too was sent to a mental hospital.

    Is this what widespread practice in the Caribbean? Is the use of psychiatry to silence those who cross the line in some way a part of the playbook? Are we the Soviet Union? Why borrow only the misuse of psychiatry and not the whole political system?

    Side note: Police reform and education must also be on the table

  63. If Rihanna paid for a faulty house or anyone for that matter in the USA buys a new house the Builder/Contractor can be sued and if at fault would have to rectify at their expense.

    The Builder/Contractor would also face losing their State license to operate as a Contractor if similar occur to multiple clients.

    It is not Barbados where money passes hands and business continues as normal with fleecing of more victims.

  64. @DpD
    I see you have employed the old Bajan playbook that got us to where we are.

    Point to a water problem in Barbados and a few come here and mention Flint, Michigan and Miami
    Point to corruption and the Bs point to Ds and the Ds point to the Bs and a few will state it happens in the US and in Europe.
    Point to a problem and some will point to a country in Africa.

    I don’t use or read that playbook. It goes in one ear and out the next. I leave that playbook for apologists and those who see the big beautiful picture. I like to focus on the grime on the masterpiece,

  65. So some returned and were treated well; we both celebrate that fact.

    It does not follow we should ignore who get mistreated. Why were they mistreated. Because they had no one to stand up for them.

    The blog master need to pause and read his mission statement again.

    Much respect, but you are doing a <3 Mariposa <3 routine .

  66. “So far all the nonsense you write about the minority whites, you are yet to expose anything other than what is common knowledge, about Peter Harris, Mark Maloney, Bjerkham, the Williams brothers and other people that you pretend to know stuff about.”

    The words SCUM and EXPOSED goes together quite nicely..

    And being the scum that you are and now confessing to knowing about all of these corrupt acts against the people of Barbados perpetrated by the same scum like yaself…why did YOU not expose it…why did you keep it to yaself and now taking issue with ME because I have the intelligence not to keep such crimes against the people and island secret,.and have the courage to post it to a blog. .

    Why did younit post anything..

    Do you see how very stupid you look…what use are you keeping crimes against the people a big secret…and thinking because you and everyone else knows about it….somehow it fixes the problem…

    Ya ramblings make you sound very jealous.

  67. you are right imf tactacles, Barbados is a cesspool when it comes to people rights. You have to be rich to fight and get good treatment. I applaud this lady for making sure you get the right treatment, because that is your hard earn money you work for. The homes look nice, but the material sounds like it is that cheap material, and they make you pay all that money for their cheap material. As I said before, sell it and stop wasting money, and the white people over there, already know that barbados dont care about poor blacks. If you have a house with your own land, let your daughter come in, and be your advocate, and also let your lawyer know what is going on. I have a house over there, but its a single family house, on my own land, and I pay the taxes, and I know my rights. You have to speak up and not be afraid of them. Only the rich people will get their rights. You can also get a good friend that will also document the wickedness they doing, ask your daughter to bring in one of those door bell video cameras, so you can see when they trying to enter your house when you not home. You can also have a camera inside the house. Dont be afraid of the guards or who, thats your investment, they can go to hell

  68. @DpD
    You missed my point about simple.Let me restate it as simple as possibly.

    Does simple reflect the opinion of a minority or is it held by a majority ….?

  69. Shucks…I forgot that jackass Goren is Jack Nobody who stalks BU…

    IMF Tentacles …dont answer that BU stalker…I just remembered the name, damn..

  70. There is no fixing thAt island until right is right and wrong is wrong…

    When it becomes a matter of who did the deed and not everyone got screwed all is lost,

  71. “and the white people over there, already know that barbados dont care about poor blacks.”

    I will bet my last dollar…those scum in the Coverley kennels are living for free…that is what they do…the scam where government pays for all the unsold units…those purchases will house a bunch of hungry, drugged out halfassed bajan whites at the expense of the taxpayers…because of corrupt ass Michal Lashley and the dummy Dennis Kellman.

    Right Goren…these lowlifes have been living off black bajans for decades, is that what ya keeping secret…they go to the white owned supermarkets with their hungry asses and get free food…they go to restaurants and beg for free food,.

    The day black bajans stop spending their money with everyone else and only spend it among themselves…yall are going to have to run from Barbados.

  72. Most bajan whites just pretend to be rich…it is a well worn ruse to rob the majority population…check out Cow, Bizzy and their thugs…everything they have they stole from the black population…through trickery and the useles nuisance lawyers and the idiot government ministers.

  73. Ah think Piece is forgetting that Peter Harris…whom he has also exposed on this very blog…is part of the cabal of criminals destroying bajans, the supreme court, the parliament…

    …ah think Piece is forgetting that they are all a gang of criminals who need to be taken down right along with the lowlife lawyers and government ministers to free the ….PEOPLE …the BLACK PEOPLE …..from mental and financial bondage…

    Ah dont know if Piece knows…but Bizzy and Peter Harris are business partners just like Harris and Leroy Leper are business partners…if he did not know before…he sure knows now.

    Not everything is posted to the blog because of the marinated idiots.

  74. funny how the author of this story bought a house for $289000.00 after losing one value @half a million dollars.I guess most of you commenting here did not see her story about having sex on the altar at a particular church with the priest who then told it to the men in the congregation which led to her loosing that house. This lady is a mental case

  75. Would not surprise if a priest had sex with a man or woman at the altar.

    Would not be something that I would do… but does that make the priest crazy???

    What is crazy is a priest having sex with a boy

  76. @ Tommy a

    I read the story about the Priest and could be right that she had an 3 year affair with him.

    Neither you or I was there to be able to confirm or deny.

    You come across to me as an Uncle Tom and/or an agent for corrupt and dishonest Mark Maloney.

    Does she not own a house in Coverly?

    Wasn’t there defects in the new house before a year of construction?

    Have those structural defects been fixed by the Contractor?

    That is what you need to focus on and get your crooked buddy Mark Maloney at Preconco to resolve satisfactory instead of him being a cowboy builder and contractor.

  77. Good Lord,

    This is what I have to say –

    First, Simple Simon is not a stupid, miserable, jealous old woman as far as I can tell. She has just made a mistake here in not erring on the side of caution and compounded her error by not backing down. Mark Baloney and Co have access to all the justice they want. The lady has exposed herself to legal measures.and so Baloney and Co. do not need us to defend them. I am certain that if the lady is wrong it will be dealt with. But if this lady is telling the truth and has reached out to us in desperation then …. FILL IN THE BLANKS.

    Next, in every country everyone who is not rich (or sometimes just white or male) has to fight for justice. In some countries one has to fight harder than others. In Barbados we now have an injustice system. The average citizen will die before he/she gets the case through the court. This is why our only hope is exposure.

    Next, we are not all idiots in this country. Some of us much appreciate those who return from overseas. I know many who have settled in well. Some others, not being perfect, behave as though those who have stayed on the island know as much about life as a three year old and therefore need to be informed and instructed on how to boil an egg. So, summing up, some of us are the problem and some of them are the problem.

    Next, I think WARU mainly sticks to the topic but just adds certain names whenever speaking of corruption. This topic is about corruption.

    And finally Piece,

    You and I agree on MOST THINGS. We even agree that Rihanna is a worthy person and may some day, if she so desires, have something to offer politically. We agree that we the people need to get up and solve our problems. We just have a slight disagreement on the method. You wish to start big and I want to start small and grow. That does not make me a sheep or a class idiot or someone who does not understand or has no vision or someone whose contribution should be disparaged.

    And, by the way, some people get ideas, some can plan how to implement the idea, some can actually implement the plan and others can tell you if the idea or plan would or would not work and why. Some people can motivate and cheer and make you fly and others can criticize and bring you down to earth. ALL these people are good to have around. Did not OUR Father say that there should be many members but one body? Brain, eyes, ears, legs, feet, hands, mouth and ……FILL IN THE BLANK.

    But, I digress. LOL. Don’t blame me! You started it.

  78. Funny how a woman has sex with a priest and instead of being a victim she is crazy.

    But then again we have hard back men in Barbados who are preyed upon by children
    Wunna gun kill me

  79. @ Ms Bynoe nee Greaves

    As is expected since the bipolar disorder rose did not word to discredit you another group will come now and say that you are having sex with the priest, the mailman, the gardener and of course Ninja man

    Might I suggest that you take pictures of the defects in the house that you spoke of above

    1.the leaking roof with the stains on the wall

    2.the bubbles in the counter

    3.the crevice in your wall

    4.the monstrosity behind your house

    And things like receipts for repairs you had to pay for

    Send those in to BU and let people see what you are dealing with

    You would be surprised what the effect of supporting pictures does to nullify the future claim that you used to work on Bush Hill.

    Cut them off st the pass…

  80. @ TheoGazert
    Funny how a woman has sex with a priest and instead of being a victim she is crazy.

    Part of the strategy to destroying one’s credibility.

  81. Donna…the Peter Harris and the Cow, Bizzy, Bjerkham, Maloney, Leroy Parris, right along with the lowlife lawyers and government ministers…are all friends and business partners RIPPING OFF BLACK PEOPLE.. they are a gang of criminals who have preyed on the majority black population for over 40 years…they are all connected in one way or the other…their goal is to steal everything in sight so that black people in Barbados have NOTHING….and remain in perpetual FINANCIAL AND MENTAL BONDAGE.

    Speaking about one of these criminals is speaking about ALL OF THEM.

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