Villages at Coverley Cover up – not a place to call home!


Submitted by Monica Boyce, nee Greaves, Coverley homeowner


I just wanted to put behind the past and live a quiet life – me, Monica Yvonne Boyce (nee Greaves), a 61-year-old Barbadian who spent 20 years in the US, and then lost my dream home at #28 Prior Park Heights, Stage 2, St. James in unprecedented malicious and horrific circumstances.

After seeing the offerings at The Villages at Coverley, some seven and a half years ago, I decided to purchase a home there for the sum of $289,000, with an agreed $100 plus in monthly maintenance. My conveyance is not with Coverley’s management, but the Ministry of Housing (from Derek Alleyne, Director of Urban Development Commission).

I chose # 979 Tamarind Drive because I found the view of the St. George valley and the St. Philip skyline, particularly inspiring. I bought this cash, and moved in April 7 2011. My home consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, and back patio, outfitted with washer, dryer, fridge, stove and plumbing and electrical fittings.

There were only a few of us at the time, and I basically kept to myself, but, as time went on, I met other residents at the Meet & Greet sessions. I felt it was a warm place until I saw little things that were not adding up.

The defectiveness of the finishes soon became apparent. From the outset, there were constant leaks in the roof, so I constantly needed to do repairs, after the six-month warranty. When I called on management (“Anna” on behalf of Mark Maloney), there was no satisfaction. The roof would be fixed, yet the leaks persist to this day. Other residents experienced similar issues, and I noticed a pattern. Whites are catered to, while Blacks are ignored.

The Whites live almost exclusively in Avocado Avenue, and appear to have different rules from the other residents, and are treated differently. For example, trees are not to exceed the height of the fence. Yet Avocado Avenue residents have trees a number of feet over this height and are allowed to erect garden ornaments, a liming spot and decorative figurines. This practice is not permitted in the Villages by Mr. Mark Maloney.

When the Fresh Market supermarket opened three years ago, I decided to support it and would spend $300 in produce every week, only to have it rot by the time I got home in the shuttle. The quality is poor and pricey, so I no longer shop there. I go to Massy, Worthing, which is, ironically, cheaper. Similarly, the store fronts are empty. Tenants move in and quickly move out due to high rents.

It’s not “a place to call home”. It’s a TRAP! Coverley is an 18th century plantation, with Anna as overseer, cracking the cat ’o’ nine tails on the backs of the black residents, with her lynch men on bicycles reporting on residents’ activities.

There are strict rules in force. For example, if you want to sell your home, you are not allowed to erect a “For sale” sign in front your house. Initially, garage doors had to be uniform, although they were later changed when purchasers were not forthcoming because of this restriction. Management makes changes at will and then informs residents, as if by decree.

Notably, on signing up, I was informed there would be a bowling alley and church constructed behind my home. However, two years ago, after being away in New York I returned to find instead a monstrosity erected (a warehouse for Fresh Market), a blatant breach of contract. The construction was so massive that it compromised the structural integrity of my back wall, causing a crevice.

One of my immediate neighbours wrote a letter to Management about this, and was informed that structural engineers would assess the damage. I then spoke with the supervisor, Rommell, and, in true puppet form, he reiterated this. However, this never materialised, and whenever I brought up the issue with management, no action was taken.

The Coverley product is clearly of poor quality. The tiles are extremely dangerous and slippery when wet, and, once when I accidentally broke a tile, to my shock, it was a plastic covering.

The countertops are just veneers. Imagine the supposed “granite” finish in the kitchen has started to bubble up! Furthermore, the house was to be outfitted with a lawn, as outlined in the contract, but this, also, did not materialise. When I queried this, I was told the six months’ warranty had expired, so I would have to look after it myself. The maintenance fee is also questionable – supposedly for street cleaning, garbage collection and with the mail boxes in a state of disrepair, needing painting.

You fall in love with the concept and without scrutinizing the property, overlooking any faults. You, honestly fall victim to “buyer beware”. By January 20 this year, I was at the end of my tether, and approached Management, boisterously complaining about the warehouse’s location, the rotten produce at Fresh Market and the poor garbage service collection. A light-skinned woman came out the office and asked me not to curse at her. I calmly explained I was chastising her (as opposed to her presumption that I would use profanity).

The Police have forcibly picked me up twice this year since my interaction with management and taken me to the Psychiatric Hospital where I have been detained and treated in an undignified and contentious manner. The first time occasion was on January 21st, Errol Barrow Day. I remember vividly as I was listening to excerpts from his speeches. I was detained there for two and a half weeks, and the more recent incident occurred August 14th for a two-month period.

While there, Coverley’s management somehow obtained my daughter’s e-mail, and informed her there was human and canine faeces in my house, and that the neighbours were complaining about rodents’ entering their homes.

They harassed her to such an extent that she suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalised. Since she, too, has been persecuted and given the fact that I never at any point gave them her contact information, I need an award on her behalf. I gave no authorisation to anyone to enter my home. They were trespassing. The e-mails clearly show that Coverley‘s management had been in my home unlawfully. I have all the e-mails sent to her as evidence.

I live on a disability cheque from the US, and when I came home, I had to pay almost $400 to have my phone reconnected, and my water bill was $500, although there was clearly no progression on the metre.

All over Coverley it was rumoured that I was a mad woman. WhatsApp was abuzz. People were looking at me strangely, and gossip was rampant. Life was never the same. I realised who were genuine neighbours and who were fake. Every time I see a Police car, I’m traumatised. My every move is watched and whenever I have a visitor, a management truck is in front my door. These are the conditions you are living under at “a place to call home”’. I reiterate it is a trap.

I should mention that I have been diagnosed “bipolar” for 36 years, but in the US I was never treated in this inhumane and callous manner. Over there you are classified as “special needs”, but in here in Barbados, you are labelled “mad.” It’s most unfortunate – derogatory, extremely archaic and colonial, dungeonous even, based on ignorance, void of basic education, no compassion, no understanding. These are the conditions under which I live in Barbados, a supposedly educated and literate people. I have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s their problem, not mine. After the unlawful detention, I kept my own space because I knew one day I would come to the Press.

Now let me make it clear. I have NO intention of leaving Coverley. I bought this house as a retirement home. Management has to be replaced, and my daughter also must be compensated for the persecution she suffered.

After spending some $500,000 total on my home to date, I want compensation. I want money. I have a criminal attorney, Lennox Miller, on the case, and I am suing the Police and the Psychiatric Hospital for abuse of power and Coverley’s management for breach of contract.

Assistant Superintendant Thomas visited my home October 8 and said she had received a complaint from my lawyer, and assured me that the case is being investigated. I was happy you see that at least SOMEONE has principle. The Commissioner of Police at all levels also appears to be an honest and upright human being.

The Treaty of Chaguaramas, of which Barbados is a signatory, categorically states you are to be free from Police persecution and free to walk freely as a human being (among other things). Yet, all of my rights were violated by Coverley’s Management, the Police and the Psychiatric Hospital. So I’m demanding justice.

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  1. Donna …yep..somebody gotta do it.

    Enuff of Wonderland 68…wuh yuh went and call the people name for and ya such a little woman shim, ya just had to mention the nails…lol

  2. @ Ms Monica Bynoe nee Greaves

    While not completely germane to the discussion de ole man ammmmm does sometimes revert to “old skill sets” to ammmmm prove things electronically.

    I will use meself as an example so not to offend anyone

    Say I was in a relationship with someone for 3 years as is purported here, there should be some texts etc on my phone with the damsel whom I shall call Mariposa just for the sake of argument. (May the heavens forbid. I was tempted to use some other names here but fe ole man would have been told a few choice words by dem. I expecting you go cuss me too but…)

    Now, if we were seeing each other for 3 years, and de hair rising pun my skin just thinking bout it, it would mean dat “tings” is of a “quality” to keep de old man coming back.

    Concomitantly de ole man thinks dat I would have sent you a text of you me “talking bout de ting”

    Whuloss girl all like now and stomach churning…

    Now, if I wanted to share these moments of displeasure wit BU sorry I mean to type pleasure but de keyboard acting up, all I would do I yek a screenshot and send that to BU if you get my drift.

    But now I think bought it, if dat incident had happened I would emigrate to pelican island and dig up all the connecting land between me and Barbados and put meself in self imposed exile as a punishment for that act heheheheh.

    Remember you are to “Cut them off in the pass…”

  3. Now Waru if you were fishing and this big old salmon jumped into your boat and you took it home and ate it instead of putting it back into the water , now would you be a sneaky selfish prick because you ate a salmon who thought it could fly and jumped into your boat.

  4. @OGazerts
    “Point to a water problem in Barbados and a few will……”
    You are so right. This is the John 3:16 of Bim. The attitude is sickening and non productive, but so very Barbadian! Clinging to this disgusting habit seems to be a life line.

    @ Vincent Codrington
    De thing is to disconnect de pipes not for non payment of water which is more than the other rip-offs called “contributions” then bill de population for reconnecting. Watch duh.

    @ Dentistry Whisperer
    Twelve Universities in Bim? We in even got a bus system to serve the locals. Waited two hours and twenty six minutes for a Castle bus in the Fairchild Street monstrosity last Friday evening. Each 45-50 minutes that a bus was announced with an apology from the “Voice” people cheered. Cheered and clapped. Cheered and clapped, I said. God help us. Woe is we!!

    Have you ever seen the students at the Washington University in St. Phillip standing by the roadside thumbing a lift to and from the supermarket at Six Roads. ..did you ever get a whiff of them? Why must the Politicians and their ladies and gentlemen in attendance always wait until the jobby hits the fans…ahmm..let me delete that…the jobby hits the streets before awareness penetrates?
    Twelve universities in Bim? If we messed up with ONE what will we do to twelve? What would be the student body and faculty population? We got de infrastructure to handle thousands? Maybe we can put in some more non-working sewage plants and sink millions in the earth. Swamp land near the sea is very appropriate.!!
    There being no nationals to undertake this technical and huge job. we can naturally bring in non nationals. I mean, that is the Bajan Way! $$$$$$$$$$$$ out de island can dun.

    Seriously, who are the people re-enacting the days of slave and massa? House slave and field slave- who are the people exploiting each other and allowing others of a whiter or darker shade of pale, with a suspected huge bank account, in high places or with friends in the penthouses to exploit and rape the people? Who?
    I will answer the question. Too many of US.

    My heart goes out to the lady in Coverly. Had she been living elsewhere this injustice would have been put right before the six month ran out, however, this is Barbados where everyone is fair game for the land pirates. I hope that her going public shields others from similar problems and she gets some justice and peace of mind. There is also this ignorance-paucity of thinking right- on the part of bajans who did not leave the rock about those who did and returned.
    Too much that is wrong and continues to be wrong goes on here unchecked. Accountability and clarity like the Barbados Cent (SENSE) have disappeared.
    It would be right and refreshing for our dear Prime Minister to revisit some of the moves she made which have a disastrous ripple effect on HER people. Maybe it is time for a RETREAT to a serene place to do the retinking? Alone. Space to think clearly unencumbered by people and phones etc. She is obviously brilliant. Saddens me to hear people talking so negatively about her ( of both political persuasions after only five months. It is said that it takes a big man to see the light;well, the same obtains for women. Make a positive difference Ms. Prime Minister. Yuh nabel string bury here!! You got to guh down pun History’s page looking good good-fuh trute.

    All ah wunna do have a splendid weekend.

  5. @Theo, exactly which point was missed re Simple? I said: “Why does SimpleSimon’s assessment of the lady’s own admitted mental issues take away from the facts of the problems experiened at Coverly in the context of antagonists using all barbs to gain the upper hand”

    Me Bynoe has CONTROLLED the bipolar narrative by openly advising that she has handled this illness for many years. Her opponents as I suggested have craftily used her brazen verbal assault at their office as a ploy to paint her as an out of control mad-hatter, so to speak …but who cares if that “reflect[s] the opinion of a minority or is … held by a majority”…Will they be adjudicating her legal issue?

    Ms Bynoe’s disorder does not negate any of the substantive complaints she has made….why SimpleS choose to key on that issue is her choice but it says not one jot on the validity of the author’s complaints.

    She surely was sane enough some time back to sign a detailed contract and then disburse money to the Coverly folk …. so has she breeched her requirements and terms or have they as alleges….that is the legal case to be heard…NOT her disorder !

    @Hal, all your remarks speak of a dysfunctional system of checks and balances…of failures in the process NOT a FAILED state….but enuff semantics.

    That’s your linguistic crutch and use it you surely will….carry on smartly.

    And oh btw back to Mr Theo…I absolutely do not subscribe to any playbook of shifting comparative blame to minimize our local issues. NO.

    I abhor the simple folly of making local or regional issues into some impressive cause extraordinaire when in fact they are “regular” cases of abhorrent abuse of power by private or public officials….when comparisons are made two basic intents are aimed…

    … 1) use precedent to your advantage and learn from the actions of those compared and 2) lets get off the stupid high horse of false indignation!

  6. It does look like military style housing, that is how up in there looks anyway, a real shithole….let’s see how this turns out…this was the same Mia when in opposition bullshitting the people that through the last corrupt government, the thief and swindler Maloney got 1 Billion dollars in taxpayer funded contract which helped to ruin the Barbados economy..

    ….and once elected…what does the hypocrite do…engage the same thief and swindler in another billion dollar arrangement..

    So we shall see the fallout from this given time…ah hope they know that this time around, it will not end in just promises to lock up the thieves and criminals in and out of parliament…who consistently collude to rip off the treasury and pension fund.

  7. @Theo
    What are you carrying on about. This happens everywhere. Some people got their land at the stipulated rate….

    I think this was supposed to be a cruel joke
    “Forde also urged her colleague, Minister of Housing and Lands George Payne to take advantage of the massive pieces of lands owned by the Anglican Church for housing.”
    You kno he gun tek advantage

    Where are these 1100 Barbados lawyers hiding?

  8. WARU,
    That Jackie video rant is sweeeet fuh days. Love the English accent with a lil Bajan creeping in from time to time.

  9. I believe her. I want to know when they are going to move that outcrop on the highway as well and stop killing people’s children.

  10. @Donna October 27, 2018 2:13 PM “Simple Simon is not a stupid, miserable, jealous old woman.”

    Old and woman. Yes.

    But not stupid, nor miserable, nor jealous.

    I have seen in my own immediate family a member who refused to acknowledge illness therefore could not? would not? take medical advice/treatment and suffered an enormously painful death at 65. Another immediate family member, same illness, compliant with medical advice died quietly in his bed at 94.

    That is all that I said or intended to say about illness generally

    I don’t know Mark Maloney. I’ve never met him, I have no desire to meet him. He owes me nothing. I owe him nothing. I am certainly not his paid nor unpaid spokesperson.

    I have been a regular blood donor since 1992. I’ve gone 72 times so far. I don’t care who the blood goes to. I never ask. I don’t need nor want to know.

    I also volunteer in two other significant ways, one for more than two decades, another more recent.

    So if that makes me a a stupid, miserable, jealous old woman, so be it.

    If we are ill we should go to a doctor, and if we are incapable of deciding for ourselves that a close family member is best placed to decide for us. My time will come, and I have already instructed my children that if I can’t decide, please be loving and compassionate and decide for me.

  11. And if the company can go the extra mile to ensure that the lady is comfortable I’d commend them for that. Sometimes in life we have to do more than is expected of us, more than is legally required of us, sometimes we have to do MORE, because it is the LOVING thing to do.

    But as we know love can neither be commanded nor legislated, love is what we do because we can. Love is always voluntary.

  12. @TheOGazerts October 27, 2018 2:16 PM “Funny how a woman has sex with a priest and instead of being a victim…”

    If two healthy consenting adults have a sexual relationship which goes on for years I don’t see how anybody is being victimized.

    Men like consensual sex.

    Women like consensual sex.

    Where is the victim or the victimization?

  13. @SS
    A woman having sex with a priest is quite different than having sex with the average man. The priest is an authority figure, is looked upon to render advice, to provide sympathy and encouragement.

    We do not know the working of the relationship but it is quite possible she went to kneel st the altar and not lay on it. Perhaps for spiritual comfort and not sexual comfort.

    But your reaction is standard Bajan…. some can do no wrong and get a get out from jail free card.

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  15. Someone referred to Coverley as Barracks but after reading this , I would categorise it as more of a Concentration Camp. But are you telling me that after 52 years of Independence, the Strathclyde mentality and practice is still alive and well in Barbados.
    Looks like the bulk of people residing in Barbados are in dire need of minority rights,

  16. “But are you telling me that after 52 years of Independence, the Strathclyde mentality and practice is still alive and well in Barbados.”

    IT is still ALLOWED by the DIRTY NEGROS in the parliament…to STAY alive and well…has been ALLOWED by both nasty governments DBLP for 52 years…they have both presided over and encouraged racist and apartheid practices…AGAINST THE MAJORITY BLACK POPULATION who PAY their salaries …so they could all collect their BRIBE MONEY….they have all proudly kept a SLAVE SOCIETY alive and well in Barbados..l

    The over 265,000 BLACK POPULATION…are in dire NEED of their MAJORITY RIGHTS, they are NOT minorities, they are THE MAJORITY…..and they will not get those rights unless the United Nations BECOME INVOLVED….

    Something must be done with a pack of BLACK judas traitors in the parliament and in the bar association selling out the HUMAN RIGHTS of the majority population…enough is enough.

  17. @ Ms. Monica Boyce neé Greaves

    Here is praying you Yuletide Joy and success with your tribulations.

    Joy cometh in the morning and all “nights” end so you can take hope that yours will end as well.

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