Villages at Coverley Cover up – not a place to call home with pictures part 2

This is a follow up to Part 1 of the Coverley Cover up blog posted on October 25, 2018. The objective by posting part 2 is to illustrate with pictures what Villages at Coverley homeowner Monica Boyce has been seeking the cooperation of property management to address without success so far.

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55 thoughts on “Villages at Coverley Cover up – not a place to call home with pictures part 2

  1. Maloney took the money and ran. I have never heard of a house warranty lasting for only six months. It is usually 5 years. Only in Barbados are the majority population taken advantage of.

    Warranties for newly built homes generally offer limited coverage on workmanship and materials relating to various components of the home, such as windows, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and electrical systems for specific periods. Warranties also typically define how repairs will be made.

    The duration of coverage varies depending on the component of the house. Coverage is provided for workmanship and materials on most components during the first year. For example, most warranties on new construction cover siding and stucco, doors and trim, and drywall and paint during the first year. Coverage for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems is generally two years. Some builders provide coverage for up to 10 years for “major structural defects,” sometimes defined as problems that make a home unsafe and put the owner in danger. For example, a roof that could collapse is a “major structural defect.”

    Most warranties for newly built homes, however, do not cover expenses an owner may incur as a consequence of a major construction defect or warranty repair, like the cost of having to move out of one’s home while repairs are being made. Nor do they typically cover:

    household appliances
    small cracks in brick, tile, cement or drywall
    components covered under a manufacturer’s warranty

  3. Same old crooks, same old games, same names no enforcement of any laws, rules, regulations of any kind, as they say, the black man no rights or law that the so called white man must respect, PUSH IT DOWN<

  4. Monica, I feel your pain. You should be aware that Maloney has already purchased this new administration.

    Same old shit whether B or DLP corruption and kickbacks continues at the detriment of the loals.

  5. Can’t have the Mia administration staying in the parliament doing the same old nasty things to the Black population who ELECTED her, practicing the same corruption against the people, same bribery, same stealing from and selling out the people who look just like them and who pay their salaries…that is an abomination..appeasing, pleasing and once again enriching the criminal thieves in the minority population like Maloney, Cow, Bizzy et al…at the expensive of the majority …and without consequences.

    Something has to give this time around…they will not get away, not this time.

    Glad to see you standing up for what is right Caswell…ah wish bishop reverend pastor Judas would do the same instead of talking shite….as the one man opposition leader.

  6. @Bajans,
    The warranty for a new build home is usually ten years. But this is something that legislation can sort out.

  7. IMF Tentacles

    It takes little or no effort to bitch, moan and complain, but courageous is the man or woman who holds up a sign in Bridgetown to demonstrate his or her discontent regarding our system of governance, and its lack of sustainable transparency.

  8. Bitcoin will make $36,000 U.S. laundering, appear like a fly on an elephant’s back, if you, (BU) allow Senator Adams to get his way. Q? Why has the most powerful country (U.S.A) not endorsed Crypto? Howard Stern – “wake-up white people”.


    • MMoney

      Is not Bitcoin.

      It is not a cryptocurrency.

      It is using cryptographic technology.

      Do you appreciate the difference?

  9. The blogmaster hopes the property management will address the concerns of Monica (and others) regarding the defects highlighted. It will be nice to post a part 3 with the message ‘and they live happily ever after’.

  10. I hope Monica can get justice, I am amazed that the young men who commit crimes can be hauled before the law courts but these so called business men can rob and get away with it. This is a situation that should be highlighted in our local news papers…BUT we all know it wont happen.
    Our politicians from both sides have deceived and sold out our people. They have shown by their silence that they do not care.

    Psalm 7, 11 God is angry with the wicked every day.

    Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap.

  11. @ David who wrote ” The blogmaster hopes the property management will address the concerns of Monica”

    I hope so too David.

    The repairs are easy. Replace the two doors and the tiles.Repair the roof to stop the leaks. Two days work for 3 men.

    I hope management has a supply of the external tiles so they can match to the existing.

  12. @ Anne
    Our politicians from both sides have deceived and sold out our people. They have shown by their silence that they do not care.

    The BLP misled everyone they called both Mark Maloney and Butch Stewart corrupt criminals before they were elected yet are now in bed with these same criminals who has been given the Olive branch to continue bribery and corruption.

    The Integrity Legislation is another joke.

    Senior members before elections within the BLP called each other thieves yet they sit comfortably among themselves to exploit the locals in Barbados.

    Yet we want to castigate Solutions Barbados.

    Barbados is a failed and backward thinking island.

  13. It is the present and past government ministers/lawyers who are backward thinking, greedy and corrupt, the only thing they know to do is look for the first minority criminal to sell out the people and country to…that is all they have ever known..

    The people realize Mia and her gang lied to them and it took less than 6 months… they cannot undo that reality., she said whatever she knew the people wanted to hear so she could be elected, now elected, she is back with the minority criminals and thieves doing the only thing she knows to do…sell out her black people and make them suffer…to enrich minority crooks and those in her inner circle.

  14. Where is David Commissong?

    His silence on these types of matters have been bought and paid for by the BLP.

    Another Judas?

  15. Will this same contractor be responsible for building out the housing for Ross University? Who will own the buildings once completed? Who will be responsible for the maintenance?

  16. Maloney went on Brasstacks and admitted that he gaved 25K to both the D’s & B’s. What do you all expect? Money talks….

  17. Mia has a responsibility to get the racism and apartheid that her government is continuing to allow practiced on the majority population by the likes of Mark Maloney, Cow, Bizzy and a host. of small island criminals, the minorities…….out of Barbados before things reach to a head, there is only so much this present and future generations will take from uncaring treacherous governments now that their eyes are opening…

    …..only the nastiest of governments… and both of them have been extremely nasty to their own people who elected them in the past 52 years … would allow this clear violations of the black population’s human rights to continue just because ministers and lawyers, the scum of the earth in the parliament and the bar association…WANT BRIBE MONEY..

  18. “25k is not enough to sell one’s soul to the Devil.”

    government ministers and lawyers are cheap hoes….they take small amounts but they take from everyone, so it adds ups….they have no problem selling out their own people for small amounts..

    .as a matter of fact they have no problem reading a document and charging THEIR OWN PEOPLE…5 million dollars..or 1.5 million, or whichever criminal amount their lowlife government minister partners could thief for a kickback….but the whites and others, they take pennies from them to sell out their own black people. …

    Donville is a good example, their 30 pieces of silver remains small, but over time, they can accumulate millions.

    What yall think would have happened if that goat Estwick had been allowed to borrow 6 billion dollars from UAE….and could not pay it back, and the Arab dudes showed up in Barbados to remove his head from his shoulders while he was still a live…Estwick would have given away Bajans to the Arabs to save his own bloated ass, would not have had one second thought about it…well that is how the negro ministers and lawyers in Barbados think…help tief their own people’s money and give it away by the hundreds of millions and billions of dollars for their bribe of course, but sell out their own people for pennies.

    They have a blight and curse following them those negro ministers and lawyers, ya can tell, they all look haunted.

  19. Ms Boyce
    You should be documenting all that is happening. That is WORDS, PICTURES and copies of BILLS …and “approached Management, boisterously complaining”…verbal is of little value.
    **”From the outset, there were constant leaks in the roof, so I constantly needed to do repairs, after the six-month warranty. When I called on management (“Anna” on behalf of Mark Maloney), there was no satisfaction.” As in telephone call? You need dates, pictures etc, and IF an external contractor was hired, their WRITTEN documentation of the problem they saw, the method and cost to repair.
    **”once when I accidentally broke a tile, to my shock, it was a plastic covering” again document. No pic in those provided. Were you sold the house and told the broken tiles would NOT be as you found them? Some tiles do have coatings for a variety of reasons.
    **The countertops are just veneers. Imagine the supposed “granite” finish in the kitchen has started to bubble up! The picture provided does not show this veneer delamination. Rather it shows delamination of an undermount sink. You need pictures of the veneer delamination.
    **WHERE did the water come from that caused the doors to swell?
    **The exterior tiles seem to be popping as whole tiles? WHEN. There can be a variety of causes, usually related to materials and workmanship.
    **WHAT does the management agreement say about garbage collection? the provision and maintenance of garbage containers?
    Don’t CALL, send the documented evidence via REGISTERED mail, or hand deliver and get a signature. That way you are more likely to get a written response.

  20. @ Kevin

    You have to be lying, recsnt and say it sint so…

    I heard that Bizzy Williams had said so on radio as well.But now

    you are adding Maloney too?

    Does Barbados have a police force?

    The Royal Baygon Police Force?

    Does it have a Conmissioner?

    Whu you saying? He dont investigate crimes???

  21. @ Piece
    The Royal Baygon Police Force?

    Also involved heavily in the local drug trade, rapes, burglary, human trafficking, planting evidence and Fraud.

  22. Here is the mission statement for Coverley home:

    ” Our Mission is to provide affordable, quality housing using a concept which maximizes the use of land for the benefit of all homeowners and by doing so permits homeowners access to more affordable properties while enjoying a Lifestyle Community. “

  23. re counter top
    that is just crappy workmanship. Instead of having a single piece for the bullnose/radius, they have inserted a flat sliver, and then the return. Two joint lines. The rest is ????…scotch tape?

  24. “Does Barbados have a police force?

    The Royal Baygon Police Force?

    Does it have a Conmissioner?”

    Did Bizzy the criminal not stand up in public and BRIBED the police $10,000 dollars because the foolish commissioner…invited him to some parade…do you see any of those weak negros in the police force investigating anything..

  25. These dirty lawyers and government ministers who help white, Indian people, middle eastern people steal from the same black people who pay their salaries, who elect the ministers to parliament and pay their monthly salaries WITH PERKS

    …these bottom of the barrel negros in parliament have taken bribes for decades to allow racism and apartheid to flourish generation after generation…on the island WITH NO CONSCIENCE…AS LONG AS THEY GET THEIR BRIBES…they care nothing about the people who elect long as their pockets are filled and they make money from the racism and apartheid practiced against the black population…they are happy…

    they are worse than a disgrace, that bar association is a blight on the island…they all need dragging before the United Nations for human rights abuses…against the people…they are all repulsive.

  26. Wow, this topic certainly seems to have brought out the best in us. Accusations, character assassinations, slurs, and slanders all bandied about with wild abandon. Like the USA, we appear to have a latent hatred for the “other race” that is just below the surface awaiting the right catalyst for catastrophic release.

  27. JAMAL LEWIS – Barbados Lawmen have charged four men in connection with the theft of 21 pigs, but what the nasty fckers didn’t tell you Bajans is the ringleader was a fcking, dirty, thieving COP, to wit: JAMAL EMMANUEL LEWIS!! Before he and his cousins were arrested, he (Jamal) took a whole set of pills to commit suicide. The brute knows that Dodds is only good to house livestock!! But, one of the men seems to have been framed.

    But, let’s continue with the other half-dead story that appeared in your local news…..

    THE STORY: Lawmen have charged four men in connection with the theft of 21 pigs. They are: 31-year-old Jamal Emmanuel Lewis, A F**CKING POLICEMAN IN Barbados of Foster Hall, St John; 41-year-old Marlon Fitzgerald Boxill, of Lodge Hill, St Michael; 21-year-old Kemar Shamar Turton, of Lewis Gap, Green Hill, St Michael; and 48-year-old Robert DaCosta Walker, of No. 36 Seclusion Gardens, Black Rock, St Michael.

    People know that a DIRTY COP was the ringleader in that 21-stolen-pigs story printed recently in the Barbados local newspapers.

  28. ANGELA BEST/COREY BEST – Who is the Barbadian policeman who killed Corey Best? While all the dirty police at the Oistins Station are trying to make people believe that 34-year-old Corey Best hung himself (while in police custody), his mother and many other right-thinking Bajans know this is simply not true. Corey Best was murdered by black people, living in a 21st-century society, who still pledge allegiance to the queen (bloodline to the more savage, genocidal slave masters of yore)!

    “CARLISLE BURTON: Word on the ground is that a key figure in that station was responsible. A Sergeant who uses the police cars as a taxi, actually driving police cars to pick up clients. He was under investigation for selling drugs too. Put out your feelers. Apparently he beat Best about the head and killed him and instructed the officers to doctor the reports and stage the scene..who is protecting that louse on the force?? There are some of the questions to be answered… Find out who is police Sergeant Carlisle Burton.”

    Was there even an internal investigation, or will Corey Best toss in his grave, like I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney – their families never receiving justice

  29. Fearplay…REALLY?????

    We passed that idiocy of pretending it does not exist years ago…we are actually moving on to action to get the nastiness that is racism and apartheid on the island practiced by the lowest forms of life in the minority community AGAINST THE MAJORITY POPULATION on the island……ALLOWED to be a blight in the lives of the majority population by the lowest scummiest government ministers and LAWYERS on the island…ERADICATED…

    No matter how yall pretend otherwise, the world has already been ALERTED….to the evil, unethical, corrupt practices on the island of lawyers stealing people’s properties and using the registry and Supreme Court to give it away.

    Try undoing that..

  30. Police Constable Dirwayne Cumberbatch, 30, of Around The Town, Speightstown, today pleaded guilty to 14 charges when he appeared before Magistrate Wanda Blair at the Holetown Magistrates’ Court.

    Cumberbatch, who is on suspension from police duties, is charged with thirteen counts of burglary and one count of being equipped.

    Cumberbatch was remanded to HMP Dodds until December 10.

    He is being represented by attorney-at-law Arthur Holder (Speaker of the House) while Acting Inspector Janice Ifill is the prosecutor.

  31. When these skunk lawyers aren’t forging dead people’s Wills, they are just outright stealing old people’s properties among their many varied crimes against the people ..both old and young

    …I remember vividly when Caroline Herbert, deceased, told a NYC paralegal…that it is not a crime in Barbados to FORGE a dead person’s Will….

    And there I was stupid me thinking that FORGERY…in any country in the world is a CRIME…until I heard about that demon for a lawyer…in Barbados..

  32. Bizzy and Cow need to kerp their n thieving plans to themselves, as is their modus, they are once again aiming to rip off the treasury and pension fund….just like they have done for decades. … then use some of the money belonging to the people that they steal from the people to bribe vile black lawyers and politicians/ministers….and bribe the unaware dumb police…who dont know they are being bribed with their own money…

  33. It is time for Barbadians to stop just reacting to these situations and be proactive. I’ve watched with baited breath over the past months how my people have ingested the whole political rhetoric without even bothering to carefully scrutinize what they were being fed. ” O foolish Galatians! Who have bewitched you?”Black people in this country have been unfaired for years with no proper representation. It’s time we represent ourselves. These”crimes against humanity”need exposure by any means necessary. Time to have that revolutionary spirit where we say like Queen Esther: ” if I perish, I perish!”

  34. @ Noreen
    It is time for Barbadians to stop just reacting to these situations and be proactive. I’ve watched with baited breath over the past months how my people have ingested the whole political rhetoric without even bothering to carefully scrutinize what they were being fed.

    Very very perceptive like SHEEP to the SLAUGHTER.

  35. Living in coverley and working from home , overnight for several hours strong smell of drugs thinking of selling 3 bedroom house but to who. Cannot blame students this time as there are none around

  36. Stopped to buy veg and fruit from vendor who had everything and was putting and eating banana while selecting items

    I left and ch ch and went to west coast to buy from safer vendor all vendor had to do is eat when no customers were around

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