An Interview with Prime Minister Mottley

51 days after being sworn in as Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable Mia Amor Mottley sits down with veteran journalist David Ellis for a no-holds-barred full-length interview on Barbados, July, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. The state of the economy, talks with the IMF, promises made and promises kept. They will all come under the microscope this Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. as Prime Minister Mottley talks to David Ellis. View it live on CBC TV and Social Media and tune in to local (CBC in Barbados) radio stations. Sunday, July 15th at 6:00 p.m., Prime Minister Mottley talks with David Ellis….live from Illaro Court!

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437 thoughts on “An Interview with Prime Minister Mottley

  1. Atherley playing games .
    Sounds like a person looking for the best buyer
    Enough readon for him to one day be an independent another day to be a B and another day to be whichever way the wind blows in his favour
    Pity that the country has to put up Mia and Atherly for the next five years
    Anyhow i dont think barbados would have the intestinal fortitudr to endure much more pressure

    Btw i keep reading about the conflict and butting of heads at NUPW cant help but laugh as the leadership head would soon be on the cutting block leaving the body to implode

  2. And so it has unfolded that the insider Bishop Reverend Joseph Atherley has officially exposed what de ole man opined was his true stance and position.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people, seeing only with their human eyes, get seduced by the hype.

    In fact de ole man remembereth well and article here on BU about the dastardly man of cloth “grater love hath no man than this thst a man giveth up his life etc”

    So I guess that AS THE LUMINARY JEFF CUMBERBATCH SAID recently regarding the ISSUE IT IS NOW POSSIBLE FOR ANY CITIZEN TO SEEK TO CHALLENGE THE ISSUE OF THERE BEING A VALID GOVERNMENT given this self invalidation of plurality by this scum Bishop Reverend Father Joseph Atherley


  3. @ Artaxerxes

    This Item regarding “Consumer Rights” or more specifically “The Right of Withdrawal” has its partial birth in your earlier comment

    Bajans have to start realizing that each of us has a right to be served by these systems that we pay for and that we ent begging for nothing.

    If Mia and her people think that they are bad johns let them continue for a while AND WE WILL REWARD THEM

    With regard to the other rapists namely the commercial banks et al, let them feel the Power of May 24th

    Find a Credit Union and once you are able to negotiate your terms, WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY from the Commercial Highwaymen and place it in safekeeping with the Union.

    Mek de Union pay any withdrawal fees etc, that is how one negotiates with these banks but it is time to receive equity for the considerations given.

  4. “Pity that the country has to put up Mia and Atherly for the next five years…..”


    Come on, my friend… can’t be that bad.

    If the country had to put up with the stupid Fruendel “Sleeping Giant” Stuart and his fools…….the abysmal failure Chris “Stinkliar” Sinckler, Michael Lashley, the “Pit Bull,” Michael Carrington, Donville Inniss et al…… for TEN YEARS…..and forced himself on the country for an additional 3 months…..

    ……surely the country could put up with Mottley and Atherley for 5 years.

    And look how the country rewarded the imbecile Stuart and his fools……not one effing seat.

    I’m sure Mottley will be likewise treated if she continues to do shiite.


    It’s about time Barbarians withdraw their money from these crooked banks and deposit it on one of several credit unions in the island.

    But rather than do this, Barbadians will find all types of excuses to keep their money in the banks, while they continue to complain about additional and increased bank service charges.

    Could you image that Royal Bank of Canada implemented a policy that you cannot change a RBC cheque unless you have an account with that bank.

    At one time Bank of Nova Scotia was asking customers to produce two forms of identification to change a cheque.

    The banks are doing as they please since Sinckler and Delisle Worrell relinquished the Central Bank’s control of determining interest rates.

  6. Yeap and shit she is doing distrubing the money amongst the wealthy while makkng the poor eat s.hit
    And this trend will continue once the IMF becomes the official managers of this country
    Who takes up millions of dollars and with a stroke of a pen hand over millions to the rich one armed bandits who refuse to pay their taxes
    Who does that?
    Who smiles and laff with the poor and those struggling to make ends meet make glorious promises and then rewards them with higher taxation
    Who does that?
    Who talks about integrity while budding up to bounty hunters and drug kinpins giving them official invite to parliament
    Who does that?
    Barbados is ripe for implosion because of the Mia has done and the mountain economic pressures soon to be laid out on each and everyhousehold when the IMF states its final word all because if Mia

  7. “Who takes up millions of dollars and with a stroke of a pen hand over millions to the rich one armed bandits who refuse to pay their taxes…..”

    Could you please explain to this forum how you managed to interpret the waiving of taxes as “handling over millions to rich people,” making them richer and the poor….poorer?

    Where is these millions of $$$ that had been given to the rich coming from…..the consolidated fund or the Central Bank?

    Your argument is silly, yet you persist with the nonsense on a daily basis.

    Seems as though this one slipped pass the editors in George Street.

    What are your thoughts about David Thompson waiving $19M in taxes due by the Barbados Turf Club?

    And under your watch (according to the Auditor General’s report) the Barbados Turf Club not paying taxes for the past 9 years?

    I hope you likewise interpret these actions as giving away millions to rich people as well.

  8. Allow your criticisms to be guided by common sense….

    …….rather than silly rhetorical political diatribe.

  9. @ Artaxerxes

    There are two black businesses in Barbados that I know their owners reasonably “well”

    Dave Hinds at the Roxy Supermarket and Bertram Hall at Popular Supermarkets.

    They are two men who have an orientation to black business that is superlative in so far as they live and breathe a philosophy that is egocentric.

    All dat is a Euphemism for dem does do good by black peeple by selling good produce at affordable prices to us niggers.

    And this is why they are successful businesses because of there adherence to a code of ethics thst permeated through their being.

    I say all this to say that the calibre of these credit unions HAS TO BE SIMILARLY COMPLEXIONED where we are confident to say thst party x is the lead to of that organization and his credentials are impeccable.

    The fact is that no one is Jesus the Christ BUT we need to know ghat there are men and women of integrity whom you and I can endorse to our brothers and sisters.

    Here is the type of campaign that de ole man would run to create that type of outreach

    *** suffice it to say that it can be done and measured in quick time.

    The challenge of course is are deposits 100% secured and is the management sound or is this organization one’s personal piggy bank?

    DEM ***s is for an actual campaign dat de grandson got at he bank for rollout.

    Dat grandson is someting else doah wid heself….I does pray for him regularly

  10. Artax and while you are at (it) using your chilse.
    The the electorate voted for change a change to correct out the misdeeds of past govts
    Your usual response of look at DT is not a correction but an excuse for this govt to stay on the old path of corruption
    Who in their right might would endorse the misdeeds of past govt as a correction to what steps Mia is taking
    Who in their right mind would endorse a wrong as a correction for right
    Who does that?

  11. Mariposa

    I realize the reference to Thompson has “gone over your head.” But if you’re of the opinion my example is an “excuse for this govt to stay on the old path of corruption,” so be it. After all, you have experience in this area, having found all types of excuses for the poor performance of an inept former DLP administration.

    Once again you have demonstrated that your ignorance and lack of comprehension skills far exceeds your ability to see the “bigger picture.”

    In other words, your lack of the ability to focus on the important facts of any situation and the effects it may have on other people or things.

    Firstly, yes, I agree the electorate voted for change. And so far, they have experienced a change from what occurred under the previous inept DLP administration. I’ll give you one example. Former PM Stuart did not find it necessary to address Barbadians on any issue. He preferred to remain silent….even referring to himself as the “sleeping giant.”

    Mottley has found it necessary to engage the media.

    I recall you were “vehemently” critical of the Ellis interview…….and was appalled when you subsequently mentioned you had not listened to it. Criticizing for the sake of criticizing.

    Although you and others may refer to these press conferences and interviews as “PR stunts,” “smoke and mirrors” and all the other ways you choose to describe them, for your political reasons…….you must admit it is a welcomed CHANGE from what transpired under Freundel and his fools.

    As it relates to government continuing on the old path of corruption, and lest I be accused of being a member of the “Enuff of Lorenzo” team……

    ……..could you please tell me the corruption they have engaged in so far, since coming to office on May 24th?

  12. And by the way, you are yet to explain to me how could the waiving of taxes be interpreted as “taking up millions of dollars and with the stroke of a pen give millions to rich” people, making them richer and the poor……poorer?

    You are essentially suggesting, for example, if John Browne’s taxes of $1,000 was waived, he received $1,000 as a result of the waiver.

    Please explain.

  13. Exyardfowl…all the thieves with their exminister co-conspirators want locking up…ALL OF THEM…and if whistleblowers are smart they would make sure they are not the ones taking the fall for minority thieves AND exministers…using the protections of the yet to be tabled and proclaimed whistleblower bill..

  14. Not dont get stupid if i owe you a penny and you decide i can keep it whose pocket is the more richer b. Yours or mine
    If you owe the bank that penny who pays it and from whose pocket it comes
    Yours or his
    Debts do not disappear because of kind deeds or favours of any kind
    Debts must be paid
    Mottley made a decision to take the millions out of the tax payers pocket rather than make the taxcheater pay the debt
    Is that fair


    Onebwould have thought that good goverance would have favoured country interest first
    One would have thought that govt would have seek remedy through a complusory method designed for those seeking debt forgiveness to be actively involved in programs to help the youth also donate to causes that can help the poor
    This action would have at least soften the blow and give an impression to the people that govt cares
    Yes i am mad that all and sundry old and young must now take up the burden for these tax cheats while they walk away with millions not recovered by govt

  15. By your reasoning, you have once again demonstrated your ignorance.

    Let’s assume, for argument’s sake, a business owner owes $1,000 in taxes from 1970 and as at the time prior to the waiver, he has been unable to settle the debt.

    Let us make two assumptions; (1) the business is still in operation, (2) the business is closed. In either situation, assume the owner has $100 on his bank account.

    You are suggesting that, as a result of the waiver, he will receive $1,000 from the government, thereby making him richer by that amount, so he will now have $1,100.

    And you can’t see the folly in your argument?

    Recently, there was a report in the press that a woman’s NHC rent arrears was $18,000.

    Supposed the NHC decides to write off her debt. If we go by your reasoning, the NHC would have given her $18,000, making her richer by that amount.

    But since she is poor, perhaps you have a problem.

    Let me give you another example. It was also reported in the press that the DLP owed the state owned agency CBC $109,609.

    Based on your reasoning, you and the DLP would benefit….

    ……if CBC decides to write off that debt.

  16. But since you’re adamant that the debt must be paid, I hope you have encouraged your DLP colleagues to settle that debt.

  17. My “ignorance” may be demonstrated by the fact that a wrong must be corrected by doing what is right
    Now you can holler and hoot all you want not going to change my mind

  18. Nah….I would never want to change your mind.

    And I agree that “a wrong must be corrected by doing what is right.”

    But in some cases, one has to consider the underlying factors to determine what is right or wrong.

    In your case, and as demonstrated by your contributions….

    …..right or wrong is not based on morality, but on what you perceive to be politically advantageous to your cause.

    So, perhaps you’re not the best person from whom we should take example of right or wrong.

    I recall when the environmentalists and others were saying CAHILL was “wrong,” you presented all types of aguments to say it was “right.”

    However, when your DLP administration conceded and agreed the project was “wrong,” you automatically changed your position to agree it was “wrong.”

  19. @ Artax July 19, 2018 5:00 AM
    It’s about time Barbarians withdraw their money from these crooked banks and deposit it on one of several credit unions in the island.
    But rather than do this, Barbadians will find all types of excuses to keep their money in the banks, while they continue to complain about additional and increased bank service charges.”

    Good piece of financial advice! But you should look at the other side of this ‘savings’ equation.

    What would the same credit unions be doing with these ‘excess funds’ to generate a decent enough RoI to make it more attractive than leaving it with the commercial banks?

    Is Barbados earning loads of forex to justify and indeed to support the existing lending portfolio of the credit unions?

    Shouldn’t the credit unions be differentiating themselves from the foreign-owned commercial banks by trying to enfranchise both financially and economically their members (shareholders) by investing in areas which can either save forex or earn forex?

    There are a number of ‘new-age’ enterprises ideally suited for the small-business entrepreneur which the credit unions could look at instead of the traditional car and vacation loans.

    How about lending to those small new-age entrepreneurs who can see an economically-viable future for the cultivation, processing and commercialization of the plant cannabis sativa?

    Bajans need to stop seeing that plant as Satan-as it was once demonized by the white business lobbyists- and must learn how to exploit its wide-ranging potentials; from cosmetics ,body and hair products to pharmaceuticals and healthy living consumables to house building materials to biodegradable shopping bags and packaging materials made of natural fibres instead of the environmentally harmful plastics.

  20. Also find it to be insulting that after hiring consultants and advisors that Mia turns to public help looking for solutions

  21. @ Artax July 19, 2018 10:02 AM
    “I recall when the environmentalists and others were saying CAHILL was “wrong,” you presented all types of aguments to say it was “right.”
    However, when your DLP administration conceded and agreed the project was “wrong,” you automatically changed your position to agree it was “wrong.”

    So what do you expect from a bare-neck yellow-breasted yard-fowl called “ac” the astute cretin performing the role of a brazen weathercock turning blue vex at every spin of her May 24th total disappointment and carrying the brand name ‘Mariposa’ and endlessly blowing in the ‘foul’ winds of DLP despair and discard?

    Don’t you think that if the current BLP administration were to revive the WTE project and call it Cahill reincarnated under Greenland the real Ms angela Skeete would genuinely support it?

    We are surprised that poor Ms. Many-pussies has not yet seen the wisdom of recommending to the new government the opportunity to get rid of the sargassum seaweed currently seen as a foul-smelling nuisance by using it as the burning material for her revived WTE plant.

    Then there would no need to exploit a similarly odious smelling and discarded 30 tons of rotting material currently accumulating in the cesspool of the Deceitful Lying Party on George Street.

  22. Mariposa,
    You are right. You do not hire expensive consultants and advisers then resort to asking the public for ideas. It suggests to me you are not yet ready for government.

    • What is a participatory democracy? How does recruiting consultants by the government absolve it from ensuring a collaborative process is in place between the various estates?

  23. Miller

    You must realize credit unions are govern by different operating guidelines than banks.

    And your question re: ” Is Barbados earning loads of forex to justify and indeed to support the existing lending portfolio of the credit unions?” is equally applicable to financial institutions such as Consolidated Finance, Fast Cash, Globe Finance and even Courts (Unicomer, which is registered as a financial institution).

    The CUs could also “enfranchise both financially and economically their members (shareholders) by investing in areas which can either save forex or earn forex.”

    The CU hierarchy and its members and special interest groups should lobby for legislation to establish a co-operative bank, similar to the one in SVG.

    The numerous credit unions could deposit funds to this bank, which would also provide some of the traditional banking services.

    The CUs could continue to provide service currently offered to members.

  24. What is wrong with this current BLP administration asking for valuable input from Barbadians, despite having consultants? Does this mean they are not ready for government?

    Are you suggesting the Mottley administration should not accept solutions from the UPP, Solutions Barbados or even the DLP because they hired consultants?

    Okay, the government hired consultant economists, does this mean the government should not take suggestions from Barbadians, for example, on how to deal with the sargassum seaweed problem?

    You are also suggesting the recent tour by the relevant ministers of the Hastings area where the sewage was overflowing, accompanied by engineers, including Greenville Phillips II, was an insult and indicative of they not being ready for government?

    Are you also suggesting because government hired consultants, they should not engage the Social Partnership?

    Because you’re being cheered on by the resident pantomath, does not mean you should not be rational in your thoughts.

  25. @ Artax July 19, 2018 11:07 AM

    Artax, on what basis, then, are you asking the average Joe Bajan to move their savings from the regular commercial banks to the credit unions?

    Is it out of greed to earn a higher rate of interest or out of selfless altruism to save their economy from excessive blood loss through massive forex leakage via excessive imports to feed that insatiable beast of conspicuous consumption?

    The transfer of those excess funds (liquidity) from the commercial banking sector to the credit unions lending portfolio could be justified on if those credit unions are going to lend those additional funds to sectors that are not only going to give a decent RoI but also save the Bajan economy from implosion arising from an endemic net loss of foreign exchange because of excessive conspicuous consumption (living above its means) compared to its forex earning capacity.

    And the diagnosis of that state of chronic illness of conspicuous consumption applies to both the credit unions and those other lending institutions (as you clearly enumerated) involved in the killing of the economic goose that lays the precious forex eggs.

    The ‘sweet life’ based on imported junk and unnecessary trinkets is about to ‘go belly up’ for Bajans. There will come a time in the very near future (around the corner) when Bajans will be forced to choose between importing medicines to ‘manage’ their fast growing NCDs or Mercedes Benz, Courvoisier, Remy hair and mock nails in order to find sufficient forex to pay back the country’s existing foreign lenders and the IMF.

  26. Artax f you do not see the immorality in asking the poor to pay for the sins of the wealthy then as granma would say your conscience is dead

  27. In the same breath how many consultants and advisers does Mia want
    Have it not dawned on you that the local public unlike the hired paid consultants would not be paid
    And furthermore if by chance some of the information gathered publicly is being used for solutions the hired guns can use such information at there disposal whenever for a set fee while enjoying publicity for doing a good job

  28. Could you please explain to me “how the poor have to pay for the sins of the wealthy?”

    If your comnents were written within the context of the proposed tax waivers, then surely you must realize the waivers would be extended to BOTH rich and poor.

    Therefore, under these circumstances, and according to your logic…… the poor will obviously also have to pay for the sins of the poor.

    Since you are adamant that you could make definitive statements relative to millions will be given to the wealthy…….then perhaps you are privy to information from the BRA relative to the number of wealthy people that would benefit from the millions.

    Could you please share that information with this forum?

    My friend, your argument is silly. I believe your source of information must be Jeptar Ince.

  29. Okay….I now understand the rationale behind your argument.

    The former inept DLP administration REFUSED to ACCEPT advice from anyone, including REJECTING David Estwick’s alternative economic policies…..

    …….because they were concerned that “the local public unlike the hired paid DLP consultants would not be paid.”


  30. “You do not hire expensive consultants and advisers then resort to asking the public for ideas. It suggests to me you are not yet ready for government.”

    Hahaha, what idiocy!!! The involvement of the public facilitates, what as David rightly said, participatory democracy/governance and enriches the idea pool. The consultants’ task is to use their expertise to synthesise, analyse and formulate a sound policy based on the ideas. How do you think a party manifesto is crafted? #stoptalkingshyte

  31. @ the Sage Anunnaki

    You had asked Artaxerxes this question “…Artax, on what basis, then, are you asking the average Joe Bajan to move their savings from the regular commercial banks to the credit unions?…”

    I would like to give my two cents worth to this query.

    As usual i going south to come north.

    “…1 December 1955, the Montgomery bus boycott was a 13-month mass protest that ended with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that segregation on public buses is unconstitutional…”

    The strategy here or the first step of this strategy is to boycott these pernicious institutions of FCIB, Scotia, RBTT etc.

    365 days of boycott served its purpose in Selma but this is one year of us losing 2.34% interest on our savings or some equally ridiculous amount of ROI.

    With the inflation in Barbados at 13%? whu it means that we owe the bank money for keeping it safe for us.

    The second stage is the Cycle of Consumption that eats up the FOREX that we earn but…given the fact that neither of the establishments have that expertise AT THIS TIME and they never sought to invest in such expertise, I am of the belief that their WAR FOR THE CONSUMER DOLLARS going MEK dem backsides re-think their inept models REAL QUICK if dem want to attract and KEEP their more enterprising clients.

    Finally I going ask you what are you trying to do when you said “…on(ly) if those credit unions are going to lend those additional funds to sectors that are not only going to give a decent RoI but also save the Bajan economy from implosion arising from an endemic net loss of foreign exchange because of excessive conspicuous consumption (living above its means) compared to its forex earning capacity…”?

    Sage Anunnaki, whuloss you dun going get masticate by Enuff of Lorenzo duo with that statement!!

    Here you are on Thursday 19th of July making a remark that has befuddled the former DLP administration AND THE BLP ADMINISTRATION BEFORE THAT WHEN MIA WAS AG and will befuddle this current administration as well while MAM is prime Minister.

    Because they do not know what to do and are of the hope that by getting all dese cuntsultants that they would miraculously engage the Oracle of the Delphi IN THAT SHOTGUN BLAST reasoning.

  32. Oh please . if that is so why did she not asked public to participate or give suggestions when she took liberty with taxpayers money
    Your comment shows the idocy and to what extent yardfowls would go to show their ignorance
    How in the hell would she use taxpayers money to hire economic advisers and then call on public for advice
    Hiw much advisers does Mia need
    The long and short of all this call for public participation falls in line with the same PR stunts she is using to capitalize on the confidence of the people

  33. There is a growing list of issues and policies from past govt thst she has undone.
    Never heard any calls for people participation
    Some which affects the pocket books of the vulnerable
    How about summer camps
    Free bus rides for the elderly
    Gas tax
    Water tax
    One would think that these issues which are close to those who need them would require public participation
    So Enuff dont try puling that pissy sorry excuse about. Mia concern for what the public think
    Hell No hard to pull wool over my eyes after Mia campagain promise to put money back in the peoples pocket which has not happened.

  34. Listen to Atherly doing the Union job on behalf of the employees
    But what can one expect from. Unions who would preference to become political prostitutes and along the way sold their membership out for a 10% increase
    Seems like the good old days of muscular language and marching strategies coming out of the mouths of the Union leadership has beem replaced by dog eat dog
    What a dam shame

  35. “How about lending to those small new-age entrepreneurs who can see an economically-viable future for the cultivation, processing and commercialization of the plant cannabis sativa?”

    They are missing out on so much cash that can be generated just from the derivatives of this plant alone, not to mention the other natural herbs on the island which can be processed and exported…but that is their thing, waiting to fall 40 years behind as usual.

  36. “Your comment shows the idocy and to what extent yardfowls would go to show their ignorance….”


    Before you POST another comment similar to the one quoted above….

    ……..I suggest you sit down and take some time to read and HONESTLY analyse your contributions…… DEFENDING the DLP……prior to the May 24th general elections……

    …….and I’m sure you’ll come to the realisation that:

    (1) your above comment accurately describes the rationale and reasoning behind those contributions.

    (2) the records will INDICATE this is exactly how I have been DESCRIBING your political “kool aid drinking” motives as it relates to those contributions.

    (3) and I’m sure you’ll recall that many of those contributions drew the response re: “your ignorance hath no boundaries.”

    But……on the other hand, your comment indicates that you probably came to that realisation already.

  37. Enuff

    I did not know the elderly now have to pay bus fare on Transport Board buses?

    If you care to, perhaps you may want to tell us when Mottley “undone policies of the past govt”……

    ……as it relates to “Free bus rides for the elderly.”

  38. Oh well your discourse serves no purpose .You are much a yardfowl as they come so there is no sense in you scolding me about my political coments when you have not come to the relaization that Mottley is also seeking the help of Jesus
    Who is next only time would tell
    Maybe Lucifer but then again she was once described as him by one of her ministers

  39. By your standards, I’m a yard fowl because I criticize the DLP.

    However, I have read contributions to this forum in which contributors express their support of their party of choice.

    But yours always “take the cake.” You never fail to display the silly yardfowl extraordinaire you are.

    Have you retired from managing that large corporation……or are you now employed by the DEMS to troll this forum……
    ……because since the change of administration, you have been frequenting the “halls of BU” now, more than ever.

    Uh lie?

    Wuh loss

  40. Artax

    Why bother with Mariposa? She is talking about fuel tax and sewage tax, but curiously never mentions that non-contributory pensions were increased by $3,640 annually which is $3,100 more than the $540 for sewage and garbage tax, and that the relativities maintained for minimum contributory pensions and survivor benefits and invalidity benefits; or that pensioners and the indigent only have to pay the S&G tax at 50%. I wonder how they survived before being $3,100 poorer and with an NSRL? Remind me who are the “vulnerable” in our society? How many drive, and how often to spend regularly on gas? Road tax, however, was mandatory.

  41. Ohhhh…..I forgot to add the most important point for you to consider when reviewing your contributions:

    (4) “Your comment shows the idocy and to what extent yardfowls would go to show their ignorance….”

  42. So what is the point of putting one dollar in the pensioners hand and taking two out
    Mia smoke and mirror policies would only do well to serve the rich
    Will the poor have to dig deeper into their pockets to make ends meet

  43. He probably was pushed. Barbados the intensity of this govt path to a dictatorship increase everday

  44. I am sure he was. The only good thing is that he was not replaced by a Chinese man or one of the prime minister’s old school friends or play mates. Our political elite could not spell merit to save their lives.

  45. @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal Ammmmmm Doug did not “jump nor was he pushed”…. heheheheheheheh

    Dere was certain “irregularities” dat were ammmmmm “uncovered” in and amongst the nuff millions dat dem owe heheheheheheh

    ammmmmmmm Doug ent neider brainiac heheheheheheh and ent know how to cover he tracks like de feller who stab Owen in he back and de Guernsey accounts heheheheheh

    Looka Hal, for you to be a teif, you gotta got a good memory or an alibi or a scapegoat to take the heat OR NOT YOU GOING GET CATCH as …. heheheheheh

  46. Yeah piece yuh ought to know all the twist and turns of thiefing caused yuh thief the logo Stupid which i had reference your stupid cartoons and twist and turn the logo into” stoopid” as the name brand for your cartoons. Now go ahead laugh you twisted crook
    Btw if you again used any comments of mine in any form to be placed as a sign or message to any politicians in your ignorant cartoons i would set my lawyers on your backside

  47. Whuloss hahahahahahahahaha

    “…Btw if you again used any comments of mine in any form to be placed as a sign or message to any politicians in your ignorant cartoons i would set my lawyers on your backside…”

    Whuloss, hold muh muh belly i gine fall…


    I feel that dem going revoke your membership at the DLP at the same time that dem expell Fumbles Stuart at the AGM or whatever wunna holding in Belleville

    Or is that Belle Vue

    “…Trademark Registration of Common Words or Phrases

    Clients oftentimes call me to ask if they can get a trademark registration on a “common word” or a “common phrase.” The question itself is always asked with a doubtful tone, as if they already know the answer is “no.” To their surprise, however, the answer is a resounding “YES!”. Or at least in some cases it is.

    Guh long girl guh long, gi dat to you lawyers

    Wuh loss

    Honourable Blogmaster you ent going stop she doah!

    She trying to kill de ole man wid laughter wuh loss

    She is truly an AC doah


    Henceforth anyone here who uses the words Assinine Cretin hath used de ole man words WIDOUT ME PERMISSION and I gine toss me lawyers pun wunna.

    And especially dem sheeple who like to say tings like piece uh badword and den does call de ole man Mr. Peace, Whaplax i going get me lawyers to give wunna a call whaplax

    Oh Lawsie


  48. Oh my goodness………woman you are getting crazier by the day.

    You come on to David’s blog using a made up name and talk about suing someone for using any of your comments???

    I am more than convinced that the May 24th REDWASH has made you batshit crazy.

    Go Piece…….let me see her sue you……….wuhloss………REDWASH…….not a damn seat for wunnah!


  49. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    I am heah in stitches but would appreciate if you retrieve a comment of mine address to Thine Hignorance Knows No Bounds Please dont sue de ole man for dat whuloss…..

  50. Prodigal why yuh always sticking yuh nose in everybody business isnt it not bad enough yuh got yuh head stuck all the way up Mottley butt.

  51. Piece i dare u to use any of my comments as references or crossreferences as sign posting or messages in your stoopid cartoons without my permission . i dare you

  52. Before Freundel Stuart stupidly allowed Parliament to dissolve itself, Ronald Toppin knowing how reckless the then government was….. raised concerns about what they could do without
    Parliament in session.

    Well lo and behold his words were prophetic……..Doug Hoyte did as he like up at CBC without the oversight of a board……now his doings are being exposed………..he gone through the door and people that he set up may still have a job and he does not have one.

    Goat!………not one of these dems should ever hold office again……they have done too much to destroy Barbados.

  53. I ent even know how to begin idjit

    But leh de ole man see how I gine do dis to show you that you are as stupid or is that stoopid today as you were 2 1/2 years ago

    You come to a site with anonymice, where people use nomme de plumes and you tell an anonymice poster not to use “your words” which I now ask your stoopid cretinous ask to provide

    So let me see how this is going to work

    You Assinine Cretin will provide the words OR LET ME PROVIDE THEM FOR YOU.

    AC the Assinine Cretin said not to use these words – “Piece i dare u to use any of my comments”

    Now I gine send them to the grandson who will compose a Stoopid Cartoon for you

    Thereafter you shall see the said Cartoon and you shall

    (a)Tell your lawyers that it is posted at x
    (b) if you have ingrunt lawyers they will entertain your request and will write a letter for a fee HOPEFULLY ONE WHICH YOUR CRETINOUS DONKEY will not be able to afford
    (c)But should they entertain your idiocy, They shall then inform both BU and the site that the words are posted on their sites
    (c) Said notification will in summary claim that these are the words of their client, an assinine cretin, and are therefore copyrighted content
    (d)BU and the US based site shall then tell its lawyers of your lawyers who will read your claim and enquire of them to provide such information as to confirm that such a statement is copyrighted
    (e) ammmmmm you do know how to secure copyright status for content dont you dufus? but the boolean string will have to have some uniqueness to be accorded such status

    Let de ole man continue

    Let us then suppose that you amm do get the blog to take down the posting which its lawyers believe to be a copyright contrevention then what are the next steps as it relates to the ole man?

    Why after all the blog has removed your content then what?

    You need then to get to the anonymice poster called Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right whose real name while suspected for all this time cannot be definitively prooven without determining the IP of the system that is posting the article BEHIND A KERZILLION hops of a premiere VPN in a VMWare instance spun up specifically for the BU blog.

    You unnerstand what dat mean?

    Steupseeeee look bite muh do!!

    Leh me go back to de blogging ting Stoopid Many Pussy.

    If it was not something that i had respect for as a part of a woman, i would create a collage of many pudendas and call it by your anonymice name and let you carry that to your lawyers to pursue as a lawsuit.

    You Stoopid woman thing ingrunce knows no bounds

  54. @ Prodigal

    That is part of what happened.

    When the full audit is completed it will show the many other indiscretions that they thought were going to last forever.

    He is one man that they are going to roast on the spike that Dale Marshall and Edmund Hinkson are preparing and the other members of the Grand Inquisition

  55. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    There are a group of them to be prosecuted as it relates to the financial infelicites at CBC .

    Their trail is local, and off island, and the associated payments can be traced because he is not a brainiac and his peeples ent too bright neither.

    Nobody ent got to dig too deep cause he jes ingrunt…

  56. So de grandson was a little busy and ent get home til late cause it is Friday

    He does go out to happy hour and ting pun Fridays

    He axe de ole man what de france you doing grandpa.

    Dis is one silly Stoopid Cartoon but he is an obedient grandson and he still send dis for you Many Puss*.

    Anyway I going back to de David Ellis interview where the Prime Minister telling David Ellis “no I did not say that…” and got Ellis back stepping and ting

  57. David

    No wonder as soon as a board was named he was told……. do not transact any business in the name of CBC………..he has no shame, he should have resigned then but all of the morons still wanted to rape this country’s taxpayers even more.

    What a bunch of unscrupulous morons. Judgement day will come for all of them……slowly but surely.

    I hope this new board sues the DLP to recoup the over $100,000 that it owes to the taxpayers for their naked political activity…………just imagine they could owe CBC so much money but refuse to take cash money from the BLP!!

    But look at life……..the BLP can now be seen on CBC (though not as the dems used to)…….and not a dem in sight…….wuhloss…….redwash!!!!!

  58. Was it one interview or two? As I move around the web, I see some who think it Mia did an excellent job, and some who felt that it was just smoke and mirrors.

    A fatal flaw in my fellow Bajans is that if we like someone they can do no wrong and if we dislike them, they can do nothing right. The sum total is that we all exist somewhere between truth and lies and between reality and illusion,

  59. Many hands make light work?

    Judging from what we have been seeing it would appear like if “Too many cooks spoil the broth”

    @ 30.12 of this 1:29:12 seconds Mia Amor Mottley tells a badword lie.

    And de ole man ent going say one more word bout dat one.

    Wunna got wunna intelligence in war and de ole man got his.

    But if peeple were to come out and say why it is a lie, other groups of people will suffer but de ole man can swear on My Supreme Creator dat what she has said is an untruth.

    But the effluxion of time will permit certain transparencies to be known and we going lef dat there…

    @ 42:28 I noted with great mirth the comment about people who are born in Barbados being able to serve in Barbados… whuloss you really gots to be kidding de ole man.

    What sort of servicing are you alluding to MAM? You know well how this elitist thing does wuk?

    Den you talking bout health care to a chile? I respectfully suggest that pot is being smoked doah cause, with all due respect dat hospital care ting really ent cutting it…you see why Douglas Trotman talking bout leffing Barbados?

    This healthcare system that you are talking bout and all this “caring” that floating about, IS NOT FOR certain of us, IRRESPECTIVE OF HOW WE, people of Douglas’ ilk, REACH OUT and all this thing bout serving and services is solely for those who are of the cadre of the revered or the other set who is prepared to lick ass.

    But now I do understand what you meant when you started talking about “the humility of your ministers” de ole man going try dat ting called humility real soon and encourage Douglas Trotman to try dat humility ting too but Oooops it is to late for Douglas’ wife isnt it?

    But I guess dat one uh you people dem will say, “WTF, everybody gots to dead sometime so Douglas suck it up right”?

    I have a question to any of the Mottleyian brigade.

    How many times did Mia’s father seek, and then secure, a forgiveness of taxes?

    What, IF SUCH FORGIVENESS WAS SECURED, were the amounts forgiven? This seems to be one law for the Medes and another for the Persians yet here we are being spoon-fed this faeces because and let us not forget this Mia Cares.

    @ 50:50 note MAM’s words that follow all of the impact studies namely “those things have to be done but they have to be done QUICKLY…”

    And there we have it, that David Come Sing a Song sold out and that the Hyatt is a go.

    Listening to this is a chore really. One has to listen to the “doublespeak” that David Ellis permitted for the whole 1 1/2 hrs.

    I tired though but in parting I will say to all the genuflectors “Respect is earned and not acquired by election to office”

    You have to reset your compass to truly serving and not pretending to serve, it will shine through your persona.

  60. Why is the prime minister meeting with PSV operators, rather than leave that to the relevant minister? Has she ever heard of delegating responsibility. Cabinet meetings are the point when she would be briefed by ministers. If she continues this way she would certainly upset her ministers. She is undermining them with her constant interventions.

  61. Hal she does not trust them
    Also her sole interest in asserting her influence and keeping the PR stunt alive of Mia cares
    Havent u noticed that outside parliament meetings the voices of her ministers are silent
    Barbados is on unchartered waters tipping ever so closely to a dictatorship because Mia cares

    On another Note Atherly voice as the LOO seems to floating like drift wood in and out between tides
    Why is it that from one week to another he sings a different tune
    Two weeks ago he states he is no longer a B a week later he distance himself from that statement
    In todays paper after a month of criticisizing govt of having a large govt .
    He distance himself from that criticism and is in agreement with govt decision
    Is this guy seriuosly thinking of undermining the foundations of a democracy with his whimps and fancies of creating a mock LOO

  62. PUDRYR or Prodigal

    Wuh um is dat Doug Height (he a bit short, so I replaced Hoyte)……at CBC dat resulted in him asked to resign???? or the termination of his services?

  63. Wuh kind a question is that all knows that govt is using stealth to form a concrete slab of yes people in her govt

  64. Hal Austin

    They are PSV operators; but their issue is related to the Ministry of Finance (mini-budget) and they did meet with Duguid previosuly. Again, I caution you to do your research before bumping your gums. Oh gawd, you’re really not as bright as you purport yuh.

  65. @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal your observation is spot on.

    With all the Ministers and the Ministers in the Office of the Minister it becomes blatantly obvious that what de ole man and others have said here before is clearly the case.

    Mia is managing every single ministry herself because none of her dufuses have the critical brain matter to set the tone of the dictatorship.



    Mia has 26 ministerial jobs and is Prime Minister as well as Leader of the Opposition

  66. Used to be an old jokes about the number of Jobs that West Indians had to get by in America. But claiming 20 would have been stretching the joke too far. Claiming 28 (26+1+1) is stretching reality too far.

    Let me add that I felt 15 ministries was too many for such a small island and was pleasantly surprised when the number increased.

  67. 🙂 This man can sing and can carry good note. He probably saves Mia the task of monitoring the blog… 🙂

  68. Just watch and see The gap in Mia teeth become wider with every lie she tells .in the same manner the gap between her and the populace becomes closer just because of her telling so many lies

  69. How come Mia. has not condemned Clarke statements on pay raises
    Could it be that clarke took the opportunity in Parliament to remind Mottley of the promise which she should have kept
    Not a peep out of Mottley mouth in the same manner she scolded Duguid

  70. So David closed the Financial blog as comments directed to the attention of the error of his way in allowing filthy and unwarranted language by the elderly blp gang on contributors who dare disagree with them
    The truth being David hsve also become a member of “the filthy gang” and where and how he leads these morons will follow

    Btw wuh happen to bush tea .A little birdie flew on the Bu fence with word he was sick

  71. Now Clarke would become the scapegoat for Mia andvthe blp ysrdfowls Clarke is no fool most of the ministers were aware before he opened mouth in parliament of his utterances.
    Nothing surprising but what is most noteworthy is that Mottley has not distance herself from Clarkes statement
    Also Jordan statement laid the wicket for Clarke to deliver the message.

  72. According to report, Doug Hoyte and CBC’s board of management reached an amicable separation agreement.

    So, those comments suggesting he was pushed has now proven to be ludicrous.

  73. Well expected for you to come on BU to be the spin doctor for the blp evilness
    What is the difference betwen forced out and push
    The difference one fall might have a safety net to soften the landing.
    The other might result in serious injuries and cause for the victim to file a lawsuit

  74. Mariposa,

    Again you are right. BU provides a vehicle for people to express their opinions, especially in the absence of a dynamic media. The problem which I have said over the years is that the chairman should avoid expressing an opinion and learn to hold the line as an impartial moderator. By expressing a view – calling people RHs and jack asses, and yardfowls, etc – he gives permission to the less verbally skilled who resort to foulmouthed abuse to make an argument.
    People tolerate it in contributors, although for the mainly elderly men and women who indulge in such vulgarity it says quite a lot about them. Therefore it is not surprising that they resort to pseudonyms. We have one regular contributor who lies, fabricates, plagiarises and swears, and not once has s/he been called out by the chairman. This is what I mean by poor moderation.
    The embarrassment of their grand children, neighbours and church members seeing the real them can often be one reason for the use of fake names by the dumb – anger at an unfulfilled life. The other reason is that it exposes the limits of their debating skills.
    Personally, I do not mind the abuse. I have spent a working life operating at the very top of British society in my trade – along with training and education – with people who despise people from my background and I not only survived, but performed outstandingly (if I may say that myself) and I have had a rugged upbringing. So, I am not looking for endorsements.
    Is it too much to ask for a discussion blog that stresses ideas and not personal abuse, one moderated by an objective and impartial person.
    Finally, as I have said before, this is the real damage of learning by rote. You repeat what you have been told and once that argument runs out then you become aggressive and abusive.

  75. Well, perhaps we’ve learnt from you how to be “spin doctors for evilness.”

    After all, a few months ago, as an experienced practitioner of the art, you used to come on BU to be spin doctor and chief defender for all the evilness perpetrated by Fruendel Stuart and his evil and inept DLP administration.

    I’m sure all contributors can remember the spin your applied to the CAHILL project and how again you applied a different spin, when the DEMS had a change if heart on the project when its folly was exposed.

    But since the change of administration, your role in this forum has changed……from resident yard fowl and spin doctor to resisent critic.

    You should be last individual to cast aspirations.

  76. Hal

    So when you call Barbados a failed state and denounce the quality of UWI graduates, courses and the tutors/professors etc, in a blog populated with Bajans living in Barbados or outside and proud to be Bajan, isn’t that personal and insulting? Your last post depicts you perfectly–pretending not to, but clearly looking for endorsements. People call me yardfowl, paid PR officer, singing for muh supper, betzpaenic and I just laugh. Why? Because I know I don’t fit any of those descriptionsl. I tek muh jabs and try to give back, nothing personal taken or given.

  77. Barbados, and the region, have been reassured of Canada’s ongoing commitment in building economic and climate resilience.
    The commitment was given as Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, spoke with Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, during a phone call recently.
    According to the Canadian Government, the two leaders discussed the importance of developing innovative solutions to challenges faced by the Caribbean…..(Quote)

    More PR. But this is not policy.

  78. @ T. Inniss

    So to continue on with certain issues that David Ellis should have pursued with Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley but conveniently avoided here is one of the items that you wrote elsewhere

    Now de ole man grandson does not beleive in no lotta long talk like he gandfather

    So he cut down pun all you was saying bout Jong or is that Long as in “me love you long time”

    1) The issue of Charles Jong political social media guru of the BLP and the forceful insertion of him in the public service – under terms of employment including salary that no one knows about

    What are the terms of reference AND HOW MUCH [IS HE] BEING PAID: hourly,daily etc and then the gross figure;?

What other countries [IS HE] currently working for?.

    Is there a National Security issue to have him IN ALL OF GoB’s business and knowing what our government is planning for say “its cutting edge Tourism strategy for 2018 to 2023?”

    You thing so?

    Do you give a flying badword?

    Jes as long as the IMF give you all that money right?

  79. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item here regarding David Ellis’ omission(s) thank you

  80. Another Question that David Ellis might have been disposed to ask was

    (a) what are the operational considerations that the IMF can definitively rely on as it relates to “double dipping” by the Government of Barbados.

    This is the practice of making multiple pretty applications where requests are being sent to different IFI and money being drawn down for the same things.

    Particularly the salaries of cuntsultants.

    The time has come for the GoB of Barbados to lead the charge as it relates to real Transparency where if there is a need for $5 to buy a slate for a primary school the request is not made for $9 to the IMF and then they go to the EU and ask for another $7 for what is called a slab or some other duplicate inventory item

    But that would mean that one’s friends would not get $$ and the Minister not get kickbacks to setup supply contracts for his friends wouldn’t it?

    Maybe David Ellis OR THE NEXT PERSON TO INTERVIEW MAM might ask what does she have planned to address this and clean up the rampant reputation that Barbados have for beggars who also teif and are to be watched because of this habitual duplication

  81. @ The Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a post for T. Inniss thank you

    • To borrow from David Commisiong you need to curb your gratuitous BS read playing to the gallery. The blogmaster does not prevent your voluminous comments that go to spam from being updated.

      To your post, one MP in Clarke was heard to make the claim of higher salary, to suggest the plural is to engage in sensationalism, your wont.

      Arthur Holder is not moonlighting, there is no law to prevent him representing a client while sitting as Speaker. One might question the optics.

      Drug dealers in parliament is stretching it? They were charged/convicted? They were sitting in the public gallery as a right as a citizen? BU agrees drug dealers should not be in parliament but in prison.

  82. Piece

    Wuh I agree with that cartoon.

    That is how humour is done BU.You don’t nitpick about singular or plural.

    Or whether you feel drug lords should be in prison or not and that they are citizens – the point is being made that they were invited to something as the opening of parliament – with official invitations.

    The central message is evident,not so?

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