An Interview with Prime Minister Mottley

51 days after being sworn in as Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable Mia Amor Mottley sits down with veteran journalist David Ellis for a no-holds-barred full-length interview on Barbados, July, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. The state of the economy, talks with the IMF, promises made and promises kept. They will all come under the microscope this Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. as Prime Minister Mottley talks to David Ellis. View it live on CBC TV and Social Media and tune in to local (CBC in Barbados) radio stations. Sunday, July 15th at 6:00 p.m., Prime Minister Mottley talks with David Ellis….live from Illaro Court!

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  • @ Prodigal

    That is part of what happened.

    When the full audit is completed it will show the many other indiscretions that they thought were going to last forever.

    He is one man that they are going to roast on the spike that Dale Marshall and Edmund Hinkson are preparing and the other members of the Grand Inquisition


  • He did what he was accustomed to doing in St. Lucia at Almond.


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    There are a group of them to be prosecuted as it relates to the financial infelicites at CBC .

    Their trail is local, and off island, and the associated payments can be traced because he is not a brainiac and his peeples ent too bright neither.

    Nobody ent got to dig too deep cause he jes ingrunt…


  • What is wrong with ac


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    Anyway I going back to de David Ellis interview where the Prime Minister telling David Ellis “no I did not say that…” and got Ellis back stepping and ting


  • David

    No wonder as soon as a board was named he was told……. do not transact any business in the name of CBC………..he has no shame, he should have resigned then but all of the morons still wanted to rape this country’s taxpayers even more.

    What a bunch of unscrupulous morons. Judgement day will come for all of them……slowly but surely.

    I hope this new board sues the DLP to recoup the over $100,000 that it owes to the taxpayers for their naked political activity…………just imagine they could owe CBC so much money but refuse to take cash money from the BLP!!

    But look at life……..the BLP can now be seen on CBC (though not as the dems used to)…….and not a dem in sight…….wuhloss…….redwash!!!!!


  • Was it one interview or two? As I move around the web, I see some who think it Mia did an excellent job, and some who felt that it was just smoke and mirrors.

    A fatal flaw in my fellow Bajans is that if we like someone they can do no wrong and if we dislike them, they can do nothing right. The sum total is that we all exist somewhere between truth and lies and between reality and illusion,


  • Many hands make light work?

    Judging from what we have been seeing it would appear like if “Too many cooks spoil the broth”

    @ 30.12 of this 1:29:12 seconds Mia Amor Mottley tells a badword lie.

    And de ole man ent going say one more word bout dat one.

    Wunna got wunna intelligence in war and de ole man got his.

    But if peeple were to come out and say why it is a lie, other groups of people will suffer but de ole man can swear on My Supreme Creator dat what she has said is an untruth.

    But the effluxion of time will permit certain transparencies to be known and we going lef dat there…

    @ 42:28 I noted with great mirth the comment about people who are born in Barbados being able to serve in Barbados… whuloss you really gots to be kidding de ole man.

    What sort of servicing are you alluding to MAM? You know well how this elitist thing does wuk?

    Den you talking bout health care to a chile? I respectfully suggest that pot is being smoked doah cause, with all due respect dat hospital care ting really ent cutting it…you see why Douglas Trotman talking bout leffing Barbados?

    This healthcare system that you are talking bout and all this “caring” that floating about, IS NOT FOR certain of us, IRRESPECTIVE OF HOW WE, people of Douglas’ ilk, REACH OUT and all this thing bout serving and services is solely for those who are of the cadre of the revered or the other set who is prepared to lick ass.

    But now I do understand what you meant when you started talking about “the humility of your ministers” de ole man going try dat ting called humility real soon and encourage Douglas Trotman to try dat humility ting too but Oooops it is to late for Douglas’ wife isnt it?

    But I guess dat one uh you people dem will say, “WTF, everybody gots to dead sometime so Douglas suck it up right”?

    I have a question to any of the Mottleyian brigade.

    How many times did Mia’s father seek, and then secure, a forgiveness of taxes?

    What, IF SUCH FORGIVENESS WAS SECURED, were the amounts forgiven? This seems to be one law for the Medes and another for the Persians yet here we are being spoon-fed this faeces because and let us not forget this Mia Cares.

    @ 50:50 note MAM’s words that follow all of the impact studies namely “those things have to be done but they have to be done QUICKLY…”

    And there we have it, that David Come Sing a Song sold out and that the Hyatt is a go.

    Listening to this is a chore really. One has to listen to the “doublespeak” that David Ellis permitted for the whole 1 1/2 hrs.

    I tired though but in parting I will say to all the genuflectors “Respect is earned and not acquired by election to office”

    You have to reset your compass to truly serving and not pretending to serve, it will shine through your persona.


  • Why is the prime minister meeting with PSV operators, rather than leave that to the relevant minister? Has she ever heard of delegating responsibility. Cabinet meetings are the point when she would be briefed by ministers. If she continues this way she would certainly upset her ministers. She is undermining them with her constant interventions.


  • Hal she does not trust them
    Also her sole interest in asserting her influence and keeping the PR stunt alive of Mia cares
    Havent u noticed that outside parliament meetings the voices of her ministers are silent
    Barbados is on unchartered waters tipping ever so closely to a dictatorship because Mia cares

    On another Note Atherly voice as the LOO seems to floating like drift wood in and out between tides
    Why is it that from one week to another he sings a different tune
    Two weeks ago he states he is no longer a B a week later he distance himself from that statement
    In todays paper after a month of criticisizing govt of having a large govt .
    He distance himself from that criticism and is in agreement with govt decision
    Is this guy seriuosly thinking of undermining the foundations of a democracy with his whimps and fancies of creating a mock LOO


  • PUDRYR or Prodigal

    Wuh um is dat Doug Height (he a bit short, so I replaced Hoyte)……at CBC dat resulted in him asked to resign???? or the termination of his services?


  • Wuh kind a question is that all knows that govt is using stealth to form a concrete slab of yes people in her govt


  • Hal Austin

    They are PSV operators; but their issue is related to the Ministry of Finance (mini-budget) and they did meet with Duguid previosuly. Again, I caution you to do your research before bumping your gums. Oh gawd, you’re really not as bright as you purport yuh.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal your observation is spot on.

    With all the Ministers and the Ministers in the Office of the Minister it becomes blatantly obvious that what de ole man and others have said here before is clearly the case.

    Mia is managing every single ministry herself because none of her dufuses have the critical brain matter to set the tone of the dictatorship.



    Mia has 26 ministerial jobs and is Prime Minister as well as Leader of the Opposition


  • Used to be an old jokes about the number of Jobs that West Indians had to get by in America. But claiming 20 would have been stretching the joke too far. Claiming 28 (26+1+1) is stretching reality too far.

    Let me add that I felt 15 ministries was too many for such a small island and was pleasantly surprised when the number increased.


  • 🙂 This man can sing and can carry good note. He probably saves Mia the task of monitoring the blog… 🙂


  • Just watch and see The gap in Mia teeth become wider with every lie she tells .in the same manner the gap between her and the populace becomes closer just because of her telling so many lies


  • How come Mia. has not condemned Clarke statements on pay raises
    Could it be that clarke took the opportunity in Parliament to remind Mottley of the promise which she should have kept
    Not a peep out of Mottley mouth in the same manner she scolded Duguid


  • So David closed the Financial blog as comments directed to the attention of the error of his way in allowing filthy and unwarranted language by the elderly blp gang on contributors who dare disagree with them
    The truth being David hsve also become a member of “the filthy gang” and where and how he leads these morons will follow

    Btw wuh happen to bush tea .A little birdie flew on the Bu fence with word he was sick


  • Now Clarke would become the scapegoat for Mia andvthe blp ysrdfowls Clarke is no fool most of the ministers were aware before he opened mouth in parliament of his utterances.
    Nothing surprising but what is most noteworthy is that Mottley has not distance herself from Clarkes statement
    Also Jordan statement laid the wicket for Clarke to deliver the message.


  • According to report, Doug Hoyte and CBC’s board of management reached an amicable separation agreement.

    So, those comments suggesting he was pushed has now proven to be ludicrous.


  • Well expected for you to come on BU to be the spin doctor for the blp evilness
    What is the difference betwen forced out and push
    The difference one fall might have a safety net to soften the landing.
    The other might result in serious injuries and cause for the victim to file a lawsuit


  • Mariposa,

    Again you are right. BU provides a vehicle for people to express their opinions, especially in the absence of a dynamic media. The problem which I have said over the years is that the chairman should avoid expressing an opinion and learn to hold the line as an impartial moderator. By expressing a view – calling people RHs and jack asses, and yardfowls, etc – he gives permission to the less verbally skilled who resort to foulmouthed abuse to make an argument.
    People tolerate it in contributors, although for the mainly elderly men and women who indulge in such vulgarity it says quite a lot about them. Therefore it is not surprising that they resort to pseudonyms. We have one regular contributor who lies, fabricates, plagiarises and swears, and not once has s/he been called out by the chairman. This is what I mean by poor moderation.
    The embarrassment of their grand children, neighbours and church members seeing the real them can often be one reason for the use of fake names by the dumb – anger at an unfulfilled life. The other reason is that it exposes the limits of their debating skills.
    Personally, I do not mind the abuse. I have spent a working life operating at the very top of British society in my trade – along with training and education – with people who despise people from my background and I not only survived, but performed outstandingly (if I may say that myself) and I have had a rugged upbringing. So, I am not looking for endorsements.
    Is it too much to ask for a discussion blog that stresses ideas and not personal abuse, one moderated by an objective and impartial person.
    Finally, as I have said before, this is the real damage of learning by rote. You repeat what you have been told and once that argument runs out then you become aggressive and abusive.


  • Well, perhaps we’ve learnt from you how to be “spin doctors for evilness.”

    After all, a few months ago, as an experienced practitioner of the art, you used to come on BU to be spin doctor and chief defender for all the evilness perpetrated by Fruendel Stuart and his evil and inept DLP administration.

    I’m sure all contributors can remember the spin your applied to the CAHILL project and how again you applied a different spin, when the DEMS had a change if heart on the project when its folly was exposed.

    But since the change of administration, your role in this forum has changed……from resident yard fowl and spin doctor to resisent critic.

    You should be last individual to cast aspirations.


  • Hal

    So when you call Barbados a failed state and denounce the quality of UWI graduates, courses and the tutors/professors etc, in a blog populated with Bajans living in Barbados or outside and proud to be Bajan, isn’t that personal and insulting? Your last post depicts you perfectly–pretending not to, but clearly looking for endorsements. People call me yardfowl, paid PR officer, singing for muh supper, betzpaenic and I just laugh. Why? Because I know I don’t fit any of those descriptionsl. I tek muh jabs and try to give back, nothing personal taken or given.


  • Barbados, and the region, have been reassured of Canada’s ongoing commitment in building economic and climate resilience.
    The commitment was given as Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, spoke with Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, during a phone call recently.
    According to the Canadian Government, the two leaders discussed the importance of developing innovative solutions to challenges faced by the Caribbean…..(Quote)

    More PR. But this is not policy.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    So to continue on with certain issues that David Ellis should have pursued with Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley but conveniently avoided here is one of the items that you wrote elsewhere

    Now de ole man grandson does not beleive in no lotta long talk like he gandfather

    So he cut down pun all you was saying bout Jong or is that Long as in “me love you long time”

    1) The issue of Charles Jong political social media guru of the BLP and the forceful insertion of him in the public service – under terms of employment including salary that no one knows about

    What are the terms of reference AND HOW MUCH [IS HE] BEING PAID: hourly,daily etc and then the gross figure;?

What other countries [IS HE] currently working for?.

    Is there a National Security issue to have him IN ALL OF GoB’s business and knowing what our government is planning for say “its cutting edge Tourism strategy for 2018 to 2023?”

    You thing so?

    Do you give a flying badword?

    Jes as long as the IMF give you all that money right?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item here regarding David Ellis’ omission(s) thank you


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Another Question that David Ellis might have been disposed to ask was

    (a) what are the operational considerations that the IMF can definitively rely on as it relates to “double dipping” by the Government of Barbados.

    This is the practice of making multiple pretty applications where requests are being sent to different IFI and money being drawn down for the same things.

    Particularly the salaries of cuntsultants.

    The time has come for the GoB of Barbados to lead the charge as it relates to real Transparency where if there is a need for $5 to buy a slate for a primary school the request is not made for $9 to the IMF and then they go to the EU and ask for another $7 for what is called a slab or some other duplicate inventory item

    But that would mean that one’s friends would not get $$ and the Minister not get kickbacks to setup supply contracts for his friends wouldn’t it?

    Maybe David Ellis OR THE NEXT PERSON TO INTERVIEW MAM might ask what does she have planned to address this and clean up the rampant reputation that Barbados have for beggars who also teif and are to be watched because of this habitual duplication


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    A picture speaks 1,000 words


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a post for T. Inniss thank you


  • Pieceuhderockyeahright

    let me see if the rest of the Borg going let this one post heheheheh

    Every time I post this for T. Inniss it does disappear


  • To borrow from David Commisiong you need to curb your gratuitous BS read playing to the gallery. The blogmaster does not prevent your voluminous comments that go to spam from being updated.

    To your post, one MP in Clarke was heard to make the claim of higher salary, to suggest the plural is to engage in sensationalism, your wont.

    Arthur Holder is not moonlighting, there is no law to prevent him representing a client while sitting as Speaker. One might question the optics.

    Drug dealers in parliament is stretching it? They were charged/convicted? They were sitting in the public gallery as a right as a citizen? BU agrees drug dealers should not be in parliament but in prison.


  • Piece

    Wuh I agree with that cartoon.

    That is how humour is done BU.You don’t nitpick about singular or plural.

    Or whether you feel drug lords should be in prison or not and that they are citizens – the point is being made that they were invited to something as the opening of parliament – with official invitations.

    The central message is evident,not so?


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