Young Barbadian Scientist @UNLEASH 2018 in Singapore

Submitted by Dr. Shima L. Holder, Age: 27 years old

Academic Background:

  • Bachelors of Science (BSc): UWI Cave Hill Campus, Barbados (2009-2013) –  Chemistry
  • Master of Science (MSc): University of Surrey, United Kingdom (2013-2014) – Civil and Environmental Engineering (specialization in Water and Environmental Engineering),
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Da-Yeh University, Taiwan, Republic of China (2014- 2017) – Water and Environmental Engineering (Fuel Cell Technolog01_UNLEASH 2018_certificate_globalscalabilitypotential UNLEASH 2018_certificate_water_goldy)
Occupation: Postdoctoral Researcher/Chemical Engineer, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (July 2017-present)
UNLEASH 2018, Singapore : ​’SaniHive’ prototype designed by Savvy Sanitation Solutions​

UNLEASHED closing ceremony

I recently took part in UNLEASH that was held in Singapore from 30th May – 6th June 2018. UNLEASH is a global innovation lab ​ sponsored by UNDP, Deloitte, Dalberg, Carlsberg Foundation and DBS (to name a few)​ that convenes 1000 top young minds chosen from over 1​08 countries around the world to collaborate on ideas and solutions that can help achieve the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) for food, water, health, education, energy, urban sustain-ability and responsible supply chains.
As the sole female and one of the youngest persons,​our multinational team of 5 also included innovators/engineers from Colombia, Singapore, South Africa and Uruguay. We tackled SDG 6: Clean Water & Sanitation​ and pitched our solution and business plan to potential funders at a marketplace and then to an audience of approximately 1200 people where we were evaluated by leading experts and company partners. Our team’s solution ​beat 995 other contestants and 169 other solutions ​to clinch​ both ​​the Gold Award and the Global Scalability Potential Award –​(see appended file)​.

SaniHive prototype

​Our solution is an Integrated Modular Sanitation system that combines the collection and treatment of wastes onsite by Our SaniHive prototype (see attachment), inspired by the honeycomb structure of bees that maximizes space in limited land availability, was conceptualized, critiqued by experts​ ​and refined during a gruelling four-day innovation process converting urine and faeces into fertiliser and compost respectively. 

​The uniqueness  in our solution is that​ ​the toilet hub is not connected to a conventional sewage network, needs no electricity and can be scaled up or customized according to the community’s needs and natural design. Furthermore, profits can be made from the waste recycling (as this system separates the urine and faeces within the toilet while using no water). We ​ also​ hope that this innovation would ​empower the communities by ​creat​ing ​employment, as local people c​an transport the waste to mini treatment plants where high-end products could be created; phosphorous recovery from urine for fertiliser is one example of this.

Final presentation at UNLEASHED

The Future for Savvy Sanitation Solutions Urban slum communities need sustainable sanitation that meets the needs of high population density, because the current temporary portable toilets are largely inaccessible due to space constraints; many people often share a few toilets, leading to poor sanitary conditions. With projections of there being close to one billion urban slum dwellers worldwide by 2030, sanitation innovations such as ours will play a big part in ensuring clean water and sanitation and in creating sustainable cities and healthy citizens. 

To start, we will focus on the urban slum Kylethisha in South Africa and we can use this slum as a case study for implement​ation​​ in other ​developing countries based on their specific needs and limitations; our solution is not limited to urban slums, but can also be valuable in water​-​scarce communities/areas, or  in richer suburbs, where you create an integrated, decentralised system with a mini treatment plant in the neighbourhood.​ ​

Team working at 12AM to completed businessplan and technology

As the co-founders of Savvy Sanitation Solutions, our team is excited ​about pursu​ing ​th​e​ SaniHive innovation, and are currently meeting with funders and investors to help commercialise this technology.

International Media Coverage
​As an example, here are three articles we are featured in:​
3. Singapore: (specific mention of our team’s solution is made by Asia P3 Hub’s Senior WASH and Partnership Advisor, Phearak Svay, who served as a judge at 2018 UNLEASH)
Also, I have attached:
​1) ​a feature video done by The Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) which includes our team’s solution (SaniHive) ​ and 2) some group photos of us the co-founders ​, and 3) supporting photo files.​


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