National Environmental Policy (NEP) | What is Behind the Curtain

Submitted by Cathal Healy-Singh (Environmental Engineer, Public Interest Advocate, Advisor to Fishermen & Friends of the Sea, FFOS) comments on the August 2017 T&T draft of the National Environmental Policy (NEP) Trinidad.

BU finds the comments by Healy-Singh contained in the 12 page document interesting and suggest similarly qualified individuals in the Barbados space similarly accept the responsibility to educate a “national environmental” illiterate public.

The following is the last paragraph of the report. Given the unstable national environmental climate in Barbados read South Coast Sewage plant, proposed Hyatt hotel build on lower Broad Street, Eugene Melnyk’s recent claim about an unsafe cliff at the Crane, an ineffective and inefficient waste management system, proposal to drill for oil off the West Coast …the absence of a comprehensive National Environment Policy is a worry to the environmental literate. The BU household recommends the attached document to assist with the demystification process of an important issue which has import locally and regionally.

Finally, the most recent national environmental literacy rates published in 2016 by the EMA alarmingly reveal that only 2% of the national population is even aware that a National Environmental Policy exists. This in my view is a public interest crisis. If the 2018 NEP does not in fact “belong to the people” and is perceived to belong to the “1%” (special interests) and their attendant politicians, then the 2% who are actually aware of not only its existence, but its inherent weaknesses (including technocrats), may become increasingly apathetic and disillusioned. The other 98%, especially the youths, already feel betrayed and even angry at how a place as rich and blessed as we once were, could have succumbed to so much crime, corruption, pollution and poverty. Any NEP will remain insignificant to them unless it is crafted to serve their very best interests.

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  1. One need look no further than the low class, self absobed government ministers and their criminal friends and bribers, no matter the island.

  2. With the hook line for the holidays ‘have a smelly Xmas and a Stinking new year’. The submission highlights the need for a plan especially as it relates to sustainability.

    What is the plan for Barbados and the same applies for the region.

  3. David wrote: “What is the plan for Barbados and the same applies for the region?”

    Here is the answer:

    Unbridled capitalism and the need to protect our environment have never made good bed fellows. Sadly, the majority of the population that resides in the Caribbean are environmental illiterates.

    Unless we can reach out to a critical mass who are prepared to make an active stance against the majority population natural desire, to cannibilise their natural environment, then it will be business as usual.

    Is there anybody out there who can decouple this destructive relationship between politicians and the business community?

    • Surely the changing weather pattern which saw three destructive hurricanes wrecking several Caribbean islands is but one example? What more do we need to experience to become more sensitive of the environment? In Barbados we experience flooding with the shortest shower. There are many examples of how the environment continues to push back!

  4. Barbados also have a very low environmental literacy rate. Our politicians put the interest of the greedy capitalist foremost at the expense of very environment that sustains our economy. Thank you David. Perhaps, you can get your hands on the Grenada Declaration

  5. “The other 98%, especially the youths, already feel betrayed and even angry at how a place as rich and blessed as we once were, could have succumbed to so much crime, corruption, pollution and poverty.”

    So true. Mason´s appointment (who failed to become a Justice at the CCJ or CJ at the BB SC) as GG and the murder of Rihanna´s cousine just mark a new low for Barbados after nearly 400 years.

  6. @Tron

    Should a lame duck do nothing PM like Fumble be appointing persons to long term postions at this time?

    Though he is still PM, I think it is unethical and unconscionable for him to appoint a long time dem to such a position at this time. How is she going to relate to a BLP government?

    I understand too that they will appoint a DPP soon……..and just for spite watch them appoint a Governor of the Central Bank.

    Nasty people!

  7. @Prodigal Son, you and the rest of Bees sound just like the Republicans who tried to or blocked many Obama’s appointees during his final year.

  8. Kevin
    Prodigal is correct.While it is in Stuart’s domain legally to make these top drawer appointments,it would have been more acceptable to allow the incoming administration to make these permanent appointments.Dont be surprised if this spiteful Dolittle man don’t specify a ten year airtight contract for GG and GOB.After all he is the prime minister of the 15 parliamentarians who told the GG that.He is not a popular choice by any stretch of the imagination.Matter of fact he is the most despised politician in Barbados today for all the incompetence and mis-steps he has allowed his cabinet to get away with.Blimmuh#.

  9. Where all these new rules coming from.You all aint hear Owen say this is dangerous talk…. Well if the BLP gets in let them lead the way to change the constitution to not make permanent appointments in a final year of an administration, install fixed terms etc etc…

  10. Prodigal,

    Project “evening sun” is on the move now.

    The ruling elite will not only appoint a new GOB and DPP after the GG but also many other lower officers, eg a new judge at the Court of Appeal, many new state secretaries and managers at statutory corporations. They only tell us the most essential, the rest is covered in darkness, costing the taxpayer from 2018 on many millions per year to nourish all these 3rd rate candidates.

  11. “I can only say to you . . . we cannot seriously consider ourselves bound by any inopportune or improper decision made in the dying days of this administration that will extend its protection to people who ought not to be protected. I say no more,” Mottley had said in a wide-ranging presentation at a Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry luncheon.

    She made no mention of such concerns today, instead describing Mason’s upcoming appointment as “a crowning achievement in a long and varied career” in the public service, while expressing confidence that the new head of state would bring to the office the impartiality which was the hallmark of the other office she held as a judicial officer.

    “We look forward to her installation ceremony and to her tenure as Governor General of this great country of ours,” Mottley said, while adding that Mason’s family, as well as the people of St Philip, should be proud of her achievements as a daughter of the soil and the first person from that corridor of the island ever to be appointed to the highest office in the land.

    “Well done, Ms Mason,” the BLP leader, also an attorney-at-law, said.

    Barbados Today

    BLPDLP = Same party. LOL

    DUMP them.

  12. Tron

    Let the Kevins of the dlp gloat …………no one is saying that the PM does not have the right to do what the hell he wants in the dying days if his administration but it aint right.

    Gabriel is so right……Freundel Stuart is one of the most hated men in Barbados………people hate the sob for what he has done to our once fair land.

    But you know what will be sweet……….the night that all their backsides are cast to the swine!

  13. Surely, the next CJ of the BB SC will just be another mediocre figure.

    It does not matter in Barbados if you do not qualify for international offices. The local elite simply promotes you on the island. Clearly, 51 years of education and billions for education, but without any benefit for the nation. Barbados would be at the same place in 2018 without tertiary education.

  14. William Skinner December 27, 2017 at 11:34 PM

    Was Ms Mason at one time the Registrar? And was there an improvement in the administration of justice under her leadership? Is this the promotion of mediocrity?

  15. @ Hal
    I think she was Registrar. I have never
    heard / read she was incompetent.
    From press reports, her appointment to
    GG seems to be quite popular.



    Almost looks like sabotage …. difficult to imagine people stupid enough to get the towels and rags into the system.

    There is a pump at Sandy Beach looks like it is delivering the sewage into the Swamp, just above the Stream Restaurant.

    If you look along the cartroad from Highway 7 along the stream you will see the level of the swamp is close to that cartroad.

    In the Channel, the level is 0.95 metres, never seen it that high.

    There is another Super Moon due 2nd January 2018.

    The last twice, November 2016 and November 2017 there was 6 inches and 67 parts and well over 3 inches of rain.

    May be just coincidence but the authorities need to be ready to let out the water in case of a downpour.

    They have it set up so it is easy to do.

    There could be calamity on the South Coast this long weekend, if not before or shortly after.

    … and if that downpour does come and can be associated with the Super Moon, there is another Super Moon due the end of January.


    Come Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday high tide will be up in the 0.9 region.

    So the water is not going to flow through the channel well if there is a downpour at the wrong time and the tide is high.

    It will be easier for it to head through Gentle Breeze, FCIB. Big B and down to Peronne Gap.

    Now, where did I see that proposal to build a berm?

    I know, in the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Report from 2010.

    A berm, had it been built, would force the overflow if it happened to the channel.

    I will watch and see what happens.

  18. Hal Austin December 28, 2017 at 3:24 PM #
    When did the backlog in the Registry started building up?

    A long, long, long, time ago!!

    I was in the Court of Appeal in 2002 and heard a case called from 1986.

    The Marshall went out on the steps of the old Court Building to hail the litigants and their lawyers into court.

    I remember well, the President of the panel was Sir David Simmons, the CJ hisself!!

    Problem was one of the litigants and one of the attorneys had passed away and could not hear the hail from the Marshall!!

  19. @John

    The late Trevor ‘Job’ Clarke died having a case in the high courts for over 20 years. I know he was prepared to go ahead, the problem was the listing officer, who reports to the Registrar. I ask again: Are we promoting mediocrity? Or is mediocrity the norm?

  20. This Registry in Barbados is notorious for losing files.I know of a litigant who is awaiting a response from the Registrar for a file that ‘cannot be located’ and this has been going on since 2006.The litigant seem to have confidence in the current Registrar and believes the file will be ‘found’ under her careful watch.I note Caswell revealed that the officer who found misplaced or ‘hidden’ files is on forced leave for past 2 years.Blimmuh#.

  21. I know of a litigant who is awaiting a response from the Registrar for a file that ‘cannot be located’ and this has been going on since 2006.

    I have experienced the old missing file trick from before, a good few years!!

    Also seen charges against property that are filed but never appear in company files at CAIPO

    Then, after a court has decided a matter based on the representation that there was no charge, hey presto.

    What appears to me to be perjury usually accompanies the old missing files trick.

    Mediocrity covers corruption!!

  22. I have also seen two litigants in a case swear affidavits and produce evidence only for the file to disappear when a third litigant appears and sues the two in a different case alleging the same facts that appear in the evidence in the first case, now missing!!

    It is more than mediocrity …. far, far more!!!

  23. Any appointment of ANY Judge, lawyer, registrar or even a legal clerk … to ANY position of authority in Barbados MUST be viewed with DEEP suspicion.

    Even when it is understood that appointments are make based on patronage and connections rather than on merit, this particular set of brass bowls have been so pathetic, under-handed, and dishonest that they can have NOTHING POSITIVE to bring to any leadership in Barbados.

    Such poor and pissy performance as we have seen in our judiciary CANNOT be ascribed to incompetence…. it is too pervasive and endemic….

    It is VERY CLEAR that it is designed and maintained ….to cover-up massive dishonesty, graft and illegal behaviours….

    One is minded to revisit the ongoing SHAME of the Plantations Land scam which now seems to be fading on BU, but which id really a massive iceberg waiting to strike…..

  24. @ Hal

    When did the backlog in the Registry started building up?

    I would think that it started back in the mid-seventies and we never got on top of it.

    • Thanks Ping Pong, this is fantastic viewing. Of course do not expect many comments. We are a people with who do not seem to now what is important. We cannot model Singapore economic success so why do you think modelling their environmental thrust is doable. People working together. This is absolutely why this is not doable in Barbados with LEADERSHIP.

    • If we were to implement a plastic recycling project in Barbados to build houses, Preconco would be out of work, no more rock hard cement!

  25. After having a dip in poo water with his ministerial colleague Boyce when the South Coast shit started to leak to the surface now hear Sealy – we must find a solution to the problem soon. What a JA.

  26. Robert F Kennedy paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw wrote many years ago “There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

    May Barbadians, especially young Barbadians, adopt this attitude in 2018.

    A blessed 2018 to all.

  27. @ David December 30, 2017 at 12:08 PM #
    “After having a dip in poo water with his ministerial colleague Boyce when the South Coast shit started to leak to the surface now hear Sealy – we must find a solution to the problem soon. What a JA.”

    I must admit that Bajans, despite their boastful claim to being highly educated, are the most long suffering people on Ra’s green Earth.

    It still shocks me that people could be so placidly indifferent to the risks posed to their health, environment and economic future as to allow a problem as great as what is occurring on the South Coast to continue on a daily and nightly basis with such scant concern or without any level social antagonism.

    How a people can continue to drive, walk, and eat drink and shop in areas overwhelmed with human shit, piss and rags absorbed with bodily fluids is truly beyond comprehension.

    But we must accept that educating a bunch of low class pigs by putting them in a classroom to give them a piece of paper called a degree with their misplaced entitlement to hold the reins of public administration does not automatically mean they would become the princely doyens of good governance and the ‘worldly’ possessors of that exquisite skill called ‘Commonsense’.

    Now when are you dirty Bajans going to hear the “blast of” of the pending outbreak of serious diseases’ blow in your sewage clogged ears and shout:
    ‘No more of this shit, Lord Fumble, you darn low-class filthy shit-hound of a wallowing pig’!

  28. What about the animals or insects that may be in contact with the water, bacterial ,parasitic, viral diseases are ripe in that inviroment.

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