National Insurance Fund: Dr. Justin Robinson an URGENT Update is Required

Dr. Justin Robinson, Chairman of the NIS

Dr. Justin Robinson, Chairman of the NIS

This space is created to accommodate comments about the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) of Barbados.  The BU household concedes that the management of the NIS as with any social security fund is a complex matter. It is against this background that Barbadians need to hear the technocrats explaining the status of the NIS fund and NOT the politicians.

It is unforgivable that in 2016 the public is not able to (re)view the financials of the NIS fund by clicking on the NIS website. Dr. Justin Robinson on several occasions assured the BU family in this forum that his Board intends to be transparent in its work and a first step is to bring up-to-date audited financials to the public.

The BU household invites Dr. Robinson to provide an update on the fund.


  • 2 Vincent
    Very funny…

    Bushie is surprised and disappointed that you fail to see where you are talking rot
    …as Hal put it.

    That albino-centric thinking about adjusting population size to maximise economic performance is very near to the lowest form of warped thinking that is possible.
    It devalues human life to the point where it equates to commercial value …. just as was the case in slavery.
    You only have to look at the inverse situation to expose the lunacy and low-mindedness that drives such thinking…
    …what about those countries whose populations are too large to sustain efficient economic balance …. India, China for example.
    Would you recommend appropriate ‘adjustments’ there too…?
    This was Hitlers way of thinking …and acting…

    The potentialities and sacredness of human life is desecrated by such thinking. The challenge in life is for mankind to use his wisdom and knowledge to maximise the efficiencies of the natural world around him …. not to play God with the lives of other men…. in order to maximise albino-centric benefits.


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    Correct Art, this country can only be better again when the Freeness and the Thiefing stops.


  • Bushie

    I see things from a holistick,one planet,one race that should be free to roam wherever to their hearts content as existed millenia ago.
    Countries and borders are a human construct which have to be dismantled for our race to survive…..mother nature will assist those hard ear ones


  • @Hal Austin December 6, 2016 at 3:43 AM “that the population of 300000 would reproduce itself, but not grow….People having a third child should be compelled to pay for all their health and education costs; a fourth child should be taken into care and fostered or offered for adoption.”

    The population has NEVER been as high as 300,000. So how do you plan to get it to 300,000 without childbirth or immigration you genius.

    Since as you have said we need a population of about 3000,000 can you explain why you would punish those people who contribute to the growth that you desire by bearing a third child?

    It is common knowledge that is child is always better off being raised in the home of its two natural loving parents, so can you explain why you would punish 4th children by institutionalizing them and depriving them of their parent’s loving care?

    Since Barbados already has too many children in institutional care, and since Barbados already has too few loving foster homes, can you explain why you would put even more children in institutions? And can you please explain where you plan to find these good loving foster/adoptive parents. And don’t just tell me, tell the Child Care Board so that they can place some of the currently institutionalized children with these good loving foster/adoptive parents. Perhaps you can even offer yourself as an exemplary good loving foster/adoptive parent…that is if it is not too much work.


  • I take it that you also understand that Barbados’ population growth rate has been stagnant for more that a generation, and that we haven’t a hope in hell of getting the population up to your desired 300,000 unless we development and implement good EVIDENCE based child friendly policies.

    Punishing children by removing them from their natural families is NOT a good evidenced based child friendly policy.

    Punishing parents by removing their 4th children from them is NOT a good evidenced based child friendly policy.


  • @Bush Tea December 6, 2016 at 6:27 AM “Persons moving to another country should be REQUIRED to adopt the full culture of the host country …or to return from whence they came.”

    You know that this is impossible right?

    You know that it is impossible for an adult to adapt fully to another culture?

    So it doesn’t matter what you feel or what you think. It ain’t going to happen…just like you and Harry never ain’t going to become young daddies again.



  • Tobesides there is good SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that old men are at much higher risk of getting children who develop schizophrenia in their young adulthood.
    Paternal age and risk for schizophrenia

    Mental Illness Risk Higher for Children of Older Fathers

    So I would advise wunna old men not to go out there trying a thing leaving behind a bunch of mad young adults for the rest of us to look after.


  • @Simple Simon

    Do you have comment to share on the topic?


  • @David December 6, 2016 at 6:27 AM “but some Chinese apparently gave reason to remain on the island.”

    Dear David: What a sheltered life you live. I have been seeing the half Chinese babies showing up in the polyclinics for more than 10 years now…some have even sat the !+ already. Don’t tell me that you didn’t notice.

    If the Bajan men don’t know how to procreate and raise good Bajan children with a good working class Bajan woman…well then THE CHINESE MEN WILL DO THEIR WORK FOR THEM.


    You know that China has a surplus of healthy young men right?

    So what to you expect a Bajan woman to do when this healthy young Chinese man asks her a question?

    Wunna mussee living in 1950.


  • @Retribution-things that make me go hum! December 6, 2016 at 7:42 AM “Can I tell you Sir, that these same able bodied mothers with nine and ten children is driving this country in further debt…Shouldn’t these women be expected to contribute to this country instead of draining it mostly by using their pokeys – Not me, SS say so!”

    These mothers ARE CONTRIBUTING to the country by raising the next generation of WORKERS.

    Haven’t we had Prime Ministers, MP’s, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers economists, labourers and tradesmen who were raised by unmarried women…some of whom may have had to depend on welfare for a relatively brief period of their lives.

    if I live on welfare for 10 years, and in a government unit for 40, and go to work for 35 years all while raising 6 good sons and daughters (all taxpayers and contributors to the NIS) how does that make me a worthless woman?

    is a woman only good and useful if she has a husband?

    If a man makes a woman a good woman why then do you have 500 men in jail (and the mental hospital) for every one woman?


  • When you need a home helper to wipe your sorry @ss do you think that COW’s daughter is going to come to your aid?

    No. Very likely it it the same woman formerly on welfare or her daughter. or grandaughter who will ensure that you have a clean botsy and a dignified old age.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Retribution..I have a better idea, if females become conscious enough they will realize they do not need babies, it’s the government need future taxpayers…..therefore they will only be responsible for taking care of themselves, if they have no babies, if they can find this nonexistent work you are talking about…problem solved.

    No burden to anyway, you talk as if it is just as simple as breeding and then finding a job, without factoring in all the other social issues.


  • @Hal Austin December 6, 2016 at 9:01 AM “There is a way of dealing with some of these mothers: take the children in to care and leave the mothers homeless. Having a clutch of illegitimate children cannot b a free ticket for welfare for life.”

    You are such a joker.

    And who will look after the children when they are taken into care?

    Do you think that the professional class men women, those who are lawyers, doctors, policy wonks, those who are the of the political or merchant class those who are the wives and daughters of the political class, and the merchant class will be willing to be low paid child care workers or foster parents?

    Ary you Hal Austin willing to be a foster parent?

    Simple Simon
    A real, real successful foster foster parent.

    And tobesides if you check the birth and marriage certificates in your own family, and the families of your parents and grandparents you will find “a clutch of illegitimate children” right there in your own family…and some of those clutches of illegitimate children will have been dependent on others for some aspect of care at some time in their lives.

    Have you ever spent 24 hours of your life caring for a child who is not related to you by blood or marriage.

    if you think that good quality foster parenting would be an easy policy to implement you are living in a fantasy land.


  • @Vincent Haynes December 6, 2016 at 12:56 PM “Xenophobia is one of the curses of migrant tribes very similar to the migrant trump not wanting anymore migrants in the US.”

    True, true.

    Trumps’ mother migrated(I am not sure if legally or if she over stayed her visa) from her small Scottish island. And now he wants to build a wall to keep out migrants who in their aspirations are not different from Trump’s Scottish immigrant mother, or his German immigrant grandparents.


  • @Retribution-things that make me go hum! December 6, 2016 at 1:51 PM “Why can’t they (mothers) go and find work like the rest of us.

    A Simple Response: Child bearing is WORK. Why do you think that it is called LABOUR? Child rearing is also WORK.

    @Retribution-things that make me go hum! December 6, 2016 at 1:51 PM “Where else in the world but Barbados can you break into a Government unit and take up residence and subsequently was able to get a home free – Just so! Especially when the list for housing is as long”

    A Simple Response:And why is the waiting list so long? Buncha lazy, tired old men who take years to pore over a housing request list, and to make decisions. Let me tell you I have worked in social housing on a volunteer basis for over five years and it is not that difficult. We never had a housing unit vacant for more that a day or two, when one family moved out a brisk cleaning/painting, and a new family moved in in a day or two.

    Now we hear that housing units at the Garrison have been vacant for more than 3 years, and some a Lancaster and no doubt elsewhere vacant for more that 5 years.

    In this situation the woman was right to break in. it is a pity that more women do not do the same.

    And his disiples asked him “Is it lawful for a man to pluck an ear of corn on the Sabbath day?”

    And Jesus responded “yes”

    so don’t you be blaming poor women for governmental inefficiency.


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    @ SS on reading your note that you too have experienced working with the system, I would of been lead to ask which rock you peep out from under.

    “if I live on welfare for 10 years, and in a government unit for 40, and go to work for 35 years all while raising 6 good sons and daughters (all taxpayers and contributors to the NIS) how does that make me a worthless woman?”


    What work you talking bout my brother? These women have never work a day in their lives or care too ….. You live in Barbados? Why would I as a Government allow an able bodied woman to be on welfare for 10 years? Stop the enabling and lazyass culture. The Welfare Department system want shutting down – with immediate effect!

    Did you read my earlier comments? 6 good sons and daughters where? How? Children that are exposed to different men in their lives every week or every few days? These children in question raising themselves. Look, these are different times I don’t know if you know. Gone are the days where the man brings in the bread and the woman raise the kids and do the chores.

    The women home and the pot turn down! Lol!


  • Give me a break. Will respond later. Right now I have to supervise homeWORK.


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    @SS, should a man that fall on hard times break into a unit and take up residence, persons would be saying to charge him he should know better. This is not a practice to be encouraged.

    If free houses given out I want one!


  • Every decent society looks out for young children and their mothers. Young children, especially infants look to their mothers for nourishment, for life itself. You and Hal Austin may wish to separate young children from their mothers. But biologically young children do best when they are with their own natural mothers.

    I did not make it so.

    God made it so.

    Or 3 million years of evolution made it so.

    Whatever it is an unchangeable fact.

    You may not like women nor children much. But the truth is if the society is to progress we need children.

    Either our own children.

    Or other people’s children.

    These are the only options.

    Take your pick.


  • “Reminds me of many of the “self-employed individuals” I have encountered, such as vendors, shop keepers, operators of public service vehicles, artisans and numerous other entrepreneurs who, during their working life, refuse to contribute or remit NI deductions from their employees’ earnings to the Scheme.

    However, when they are approaching retirement age, they expect to receive a non-contributory old age pension off the backs of all those who contributed to the Scheme.”

    Only today Artax I was in discussion with a colleague and we were both of the view that the Inland Revenue should have created a unit within the Department to identify and flush out those persons of whom you speak particularly wayside garages who refuse to pay taxes or contribute to the national insurance scheme and rather than harassing the wayside vendors encourage them to register with the inland revenue department and National insurance scheme and then bring down the weight of the law on those who do not comply. I will also toy with the requirement of a tax clearance certificate for income earners travelling abroad.


  • That said there are only 6,000 non-contributory pensioners left.

    Some of these people are 90, 100, 100+ years old and were too old to contribute significantly to NIS when it started up, but contributed much hard work for very small wages in the sugar industry

    Some were born with serious developmental disabilities and were never able to go out to work.

    Some were women who worked at home raising large families, and whose children and grandchildren contribute significantly to NIS and to Barbados Revenue Authority.

    I don’t even like the term non-contributory, as it implies that the person did not contribute and is therefore undeserving.

    But if a woman has given birth to 13 children, many in the hard years before 1938 and raised a dozen to productive adulthood how can we use language that implies that she did not contribute.

    Or if a young mother dies and leaves several small children who are raised to productive adulthood by their auntie, who is not in the paid workforce because because she is also raising 3 or 4 of her own how can we infer that she is a non contributor.

    Much of the valuable work in any society is done at home for no wages.


  • Simple Simon,
    You have misinterpreted my views. I believe children should be brought up in the warmth of a family – mother, father, siblings, and the extended family, especially grand parents.
    In our culture, grand parents (mothers in particular) pass on the family history and offer the expressive unconditional love that busy working parents do not have the time to offer.
    I loved my maternal grand mother’s cooking .


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Grandparents now have to work until they are 67 years old, some till theirn70s and 80s when insurance companies steal their pensions!

    So mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, older siblings are all working to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables so they do not become a burden to taxpayer funded council housing, or section 8 and welfare or the dole….

    the children are raising themselves…..more social problems, parents are only at home 8 days per month, if they are lucky.

    I am one of the few grandmothers I know at my age who have the time to play with grandchildren….and at home where they can visit at any time….because of how the system is set up for the tax grab…..grandparenting has become a luxury to most.

    Some of that tax dollars should go into social services to help ALL mothers with housing etc as the need arises…instead of into politicians pockets, they steal the excess money anyway.

    In Barbados from a candy bar is taxed, everyone pays taxes and ALL mothers should be entitled to social services.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Ah bet Hal would not want to discuss the millions of homeless very young people in the UK…despite the dole and council housing….dont knock homeless mothers in Barbados and the Caribbean,


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    Listen man; a lot of those children that they parents are on welfare do not benefit from it. The men and the fete promoters do, we all know this. I am grass roots – I know what am talking about.

    We need serious programs in place to assist the children in need.


  • charles skeete December 6, 2016 at 11:28 PM #

    “I will also toy with the requirement of a tax clearance certificate for income earners travelling abroad.”

    @ Charles

    I agree with your comments 100%.

    Before owners of private public services vehicles, taxis and hired cars could renew their road taxes, they are required to file income tax returns, apply for and submit a tax clearance certificate from the BRA as well as a NI clearance certificate from the NI Department.

    A few years ago I used to complete and file income tax returns for a number of owners of B, Z, ZM, ZR and H registered vehicles. This number drastically decreased because certain employees of the BRA are accepting payment for providing these owners with tax clearance certificate, without them having to file income tax returns. Owners see this method as a savings, since they won’t have the additional expense of paying income taxes.

    Under these circumstances and the current economic environment, some may say these BRA employees are justified in earning “an extra dollar.”

    Unfortunately, a similar undertaking may present itself if income earnings travelling abroad are willing to circumvent the law and pay BRA officers a small fee to provide them with tax clearances, without the hassle of preparing and filing income tax returns.

    Additionally, when in discussion with some building contractors, artisans, mechanics, “body work men,” electricians, and surprisingly those whom we categorize as professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc, these individuals often express the view they are not filing income tax returns or making the necessary contributions to the NIS.

    However, what many of them do, is to wait until near retirement age to make lump sum payments to the NIS in an effort to satisfy the required number of insurable earnings and then make subsequent payments on minimum earnings so as to qualify for a NIS pension.

    In other words, these people manipulate loop holes to cheat the system.


  • Guyana is now accusing Barbados and TNT of offloading their dollars there and taking out US dollars.Kyffin is an investor there.There are many Guyanese cousins domicile here and the informal trade might be to blame.


  • One thing we must always remember is that the majority of Guyanese are our kith&kin.


  • Hal Austin was suggesting that children be removed from poor Bajan mothers who have more than 3, and some other person made derogatory statements about poor mothers. Well especially for Hal but also for others this is what institutionalized child raising looks like in a first world country, horrendously EXPENSIVE, of POOR QUALITY. Many of these children would be better off with their own parents who should receive some support from the state.
    When mothers raise children at home it looks easy and cheap, People even say that the mothers are ARE “NOT WORKING” The mothers are regarded as incompetent, lazy, wutless, and deserving of being put out on the street.

    This is what institutionalized child raising looks like even in a rich first world country, EXPENSIVE and of POOR QUALITY
    “In 2014-15, an average of 15,625 children were in foster or group-home care due to abuse or neglect from parents, and thousands more were investigated for possible protection. Ontario’s 47 privately run children’s aid societies received about $1.5 billion in government funding last year…

    And this is what the people of Ontario got for the $1.5 billion CDN per year, spent to care for 15,625 children

    “a muddled system where the government loses track of children taken into care, has no minimum qualifications for group home caregivers and allows a growing number of kids “with complex special needs” to be placed in unlicensed programs.”

    Hal must think that excellent or even fairly good foster parents are easy to find.

    The BEST and CHEAPEST way to raise a child is still at HOME.

    Somebody who is better at math than I am can divide $1.5 BILLION by 15,625 children and tell me the result.


  • And I am sure that the foster care systems are no better in the U.K. or the U.S.A.


  • Ah yes $96,000 per year per child.

    Mothers can probably do it at home for $9,600 per year per child.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    More often than not the child is murdered or abused in the ACS monitored foster care system, the city or state is merely giving away taxpayer’s money to strangers to warehouse chikdren, that money could help the parents to help their children, depending on the circumstances, because there are some beasts for parents. ..but most foster parents are even worse and are only it for the money.

    Warehousing kids in a dangerous foster care system with strangers is not healthy…it helps produce generations of monsters, dont care how difficult, children should be cared for in their comfirt zone, with their mother or father or relatives if available…..fostering should be the last resort if no one else is available or unable to manage.


  • When we are critiquing public policy, or creating new public policy we must be very careful that we base such criticism, and such new initiatives on good solid EVIDENCE.

    No state has yet found a cheaper, more efficient, or more effective way to raise children

    No state, no economist, has yet found a way to reproduce itself without the unpaid work of parents, especially the unpaid work of mothers.

    Get off the backs of our young mothers. Get off the backs of our poor mothers. Get off the backs of mothers and their children who are living in the ghetto…because you know what a mother living in the ghetto still typically does a better job of child raising that all the officials in the high paid professional child raising bureaucracy.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Black men everywhere have a disgusting blighted reputation of not taking care of their countries, their families, always neglecting their women and children, well the Chinese men have volunteered to take care of everything for them, their countries in Africa and their women and children and womenwomen…and these ungrateful, neglectful, savage black men have the nerve and gall to whine and complain…lol..well too bad.

    The Chinese men need to move full force into Barbados and the Caribbean to take care of some business. lol, haha haha, lol.


    Uganda is worried about the number of Chinese men marrying their women
    Lily Kuo December 07, 2016 Quartz Africa

    Women in Uganda wait in a line to cast their votes in a parliamentary election in February 2016.
    Sought after. (EPA/Dai Kurokawa)

    Contractors, petty traders, investors, and entrepreneurs from China have been pouring into Uganda for the past decade. China is a top investor in the east African country, accounting for as much as half of total foreign investment between 2014 and 2015, according to the Uganda Investment Authority.

    But according to Ugandan immigration officials, there’s one major downside: an increasing number of Chinese men are marrying Ugandan women to gain residency and continue their business interests in the country.

    Officials told a parliamentary committee in late November that they are seeing more and more Chinese-Ugandan couples, often in sham unions. Couples are normally interviewed before spousal status is granted and Chinese men involved in sham marriages are deported.

    “But we have many who are marrying and even producing… Even our Ugandan women are accepting to [reproduce] with these men,”an official from Uganda’s directorate of citizenship and immigration control told the committee.

    Major infrastructure projects like Uganda’s Mandela National Stadium, a $1.7 billion hydropower dam in western Uganda, and the highway connecting Entebbe to Kampala have all been built by Chinese companies. Attracted by Uganda’s stability and demand for cheap goods, independent traders and business people are also opening factories and retail shops selling imported Chinese goods. There are between 10,000 and 50,000 Chinese in the country, local Chinese expatriates estimate.

    But now, tensions appear to be rising. Ugandan authorities are conducting more raids to catch foreigners living in the country illegally. In July, 12 Chinese were arrested for violating immigration laws.

    Government-to-government relations have also come under strain. Last month, Ugandan lawmakers summoned a Chinese executive of the state-owned China Communication Construction to explain the circumstances of his company’s securing a $475 million contract to build an expressway in Entebbe.

    Annoyed during the briefing, Zhong Weidong, managing director of the company, told the panel, “China assists African countries to develop. If you don’t like, it can stop; we can stop.”


  • We have the solution……..

    Under those circumstances? Yes. A fitted program which is monitored.
    Guyanese needed in Barbados
    Barbadian Member of Parliament, Edmund Hinkson, wants Guyanese to boost the island’s agriculture, and has said that the country erred in sending back to Guyana a large number of these workers betwe…


  • David

    Thanks….it always baffles me as to why govt believes thatby keeping quiet on his articles will mean they will be ignored


  • Island Mostly Frigged (IMF)

    IMF here we come. I am waiting on the Governor of the Central Bank, the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister to tell us if we have requested the assistance of the IMF in the form of the Structural Adjustment Program.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ vincent haynes December 12, 2016 at 5:23 PM

    What Harry is trying to tell you guys is that Barbados is about to enter a formal IMF programme more than likely before the start of the new fiscal year i.e. April 2017.

    Poor Dr. JR is just the rabbit sent into to open the batting on a rather sticky wicket against a barrage of fast bowling coming the way of the DLP administration.

    This administration has a date with destiny very early in the new year of 2017. Either by way of announcing early elections or an inevitable trip to the banker of last resort. Take the hint Mia is conveying to the naïve people of Barbados.

    The government needs forex badly to fix a lot of the country’s crumbling public sanitation infrastructure in order to protect its vital forex earner, tourism.

    If the Bridgetown Sewage plant becomes totally clapped out the dog would really be dead for shitty Bridgetown.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Island Mostly Frigged (IMF) December 12, 2016 at 5:50 PM

    I see both of us are thinking from the same side of the brain.

    Smart guy you are!

    That dastardly lying pretentious administration is about to face the music.
    Let them blame the BLP for forcing them into an IMF programme forgetting poor OSA, the harbinger of IMF doom and gloom, is no longer a member.


  • @miller, Artax

    Which lawyer in Barbados was allegedly paid 10 million for work done to sell the oil company?

    No wonder we are at the IMF door on our knees with our cap in our hand.


  • Prodigal Son December 12, 2016 at 6:17 PM #

    “Which lawyer in Barbados was allegedly paid 10 million for work done to sell the oil company?”

    @ Prodigal

    I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m guessing it could be one of three (3) lawyers I have in mind:

    1) Hal Gollop

    2) Guyson Mayers

    3) Richard Byer


  • In keeping with past events, I do not expect any announcement, it will just happen. If the figures in WC’s article are accurate, we still have 6-9 months remaining on the current course.


  • Island Mostly Frigged (IMF)


    Michael Yearwood


    IMF cannot be done in stealth. It will be come public very soon, the rumours are already circling somewhat like the vultures. Does the Cabinet even know that the GOCB, MOF and PM have made a formal request to the IMF, if not, the PM is going to get his ass stringed up internally.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Island Mostly Frigged (IMF) December 12, 2016 at 8:07 PM

    Please let me express my sincere admiration of your intellectual acuity buttressed by the ability to see right through a facade of lies and pure bullshit regarding the inept management of Barbados’s fiscal and financial affairs over the past 5 years.

    But every bad day must have an end only to be followed by a period of scary darkness as the citizens of Bim are about to experience in the coming weeks, far less in months.

    The last show-off party has been well staged with the internment of the Trident in a time capsule of halcyon days of easy living and like the Titanic is about to meet its inevitable Waterloo.

    Barbados is no longer punching above its weight thanks to a formerly sleeping giant who in true Rip Van Winkle fashion has awaken only to find a big bad wolf knocking at the economic door of a fallen little titan.

    All it means is that all the lies and cover-up by the MoF and the Guv of the CB will be soon revealed by the light of Truth.

    It seems as if that December 2012 fudged $300 million missing since April 2013 has been a recurring mistake like a bad formula of a circular error in an Excel spreadsheet of fiddled numbers.

    Karma is a bitch, isn’t she, Bush Tea? The retired Harold Codrington would surely agree now he is no longer hamstrung by a Guv of make-believe, magic and bullshittery.


  • @ Miller
    The real sign of the stuff finally hitting the fan was the monstrous monument at the Garrison.
    We could not want any clearer sign of brass bowlery, than for a Government – with every shiite falling apart around it, actually deciding to build a big ugly monument, over-powered with an established symbol of Satan…. in the middle of the damn Savannah…

    Bushie is sorry for any Bajan who is not prepared for hell…..


  • @ millertheanunnaki,

    what is your prediction re value of bds dollar after devaluation ?


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