Examining The Way Miracle-Hoping Religion Is Used As A Tool Of Slave Control

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel



One of the common techniques that slave sermons have always used is to put the slave in a mental stupor where he is constantly hoping for a miraculous solution to his every-day problem. The slave preachers know that the slave’s life is constantly beset by problems, but never is any attempt made to decode the mystery of continuing captivity, because to do so would incriminate the slave master. By all means the slave must be made to look elsewhere.


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  1. It’s easy to be “SIMPLISTIC” about 400 years of history (any year 10 Secondary School child can put together a half-bake presentation on the merits or demerits of the evils of the African Scourge).

    Sadly, those of us who have taken time to empirically examine the evidence on both sides of the debate acknowledge that it is routinely the case where you find “PRESUPPOSITIONS” and folks wearing self-conceptualized “BLINDERS” without given real credence to the true picture of how things really are or have been…

    As always, we are apt to blame “forces” for which we have very little knowledge but still take it upon ourselves to weave strands of psychological yarn in the hope of further brainwashing those who are STILL* incapable of (firstly) thinking for themselves and (2nd) are so gullible because of “CONTAGION” theory to accept wholeheartedly what suits their proscribed agenda and their apathy to jump on to bandwagons without proper investigation…

    The hard facts cover a lot more terrain than we are willing to accept and to historically and sociologically analyze…Hence, pieces like this are filled with malaise and reticent, spiritual inertia which does nothing to engender analytical debate…

    As a result, 400 years on, we still find it difficult to see the trees from the forest blinded by the canopy of foliage which obscures our vision and heightens our ineptitude and our inherent ability to grope through the thicket and the darkness to find any true differences…

    Most of the primitive African religions such as Shango, Imbanda, Vadu, Condomble, Lucumi and even the ancient African Coptic Christian religion found in Black Nubia and Ethiopia were systematically and violently eviscerated psychologically from the hearts and minds of African people by the Arabs – eliminating not only cultural but their spiritual homogenization which was necessary for our cohesion and as a result for hundreds of years we continue to posit blame and find scapegoats…

    Few amongst so-called academic scholars (far less those who are less initiated) presuppose that the psychic scars left on the Black man was down to only the WHITE-MAN’s religious concoction and the insidious alchemy which was brewed and fed to a people DIVIDED*, conquered and eventually RULED* by the Satanic masters of intrigue, manipulation, exploitation and flummery…

    As a result of not addressing the EVILS* of the past – today in the present and possibly the future, we will be likely to be doomed to a similar fate as what we have witnessed in SUDAN* and elsewhere on the continent…

    Take a look at real empirical VIDEO footage:

    This is part of the untold historical debate…

    But I guess it is easy for us to pick the “FIGHTS” we believe we can win in the hope that we can garner support to a cause that most can relate to (without proper examination of the FACTS)…

    Moreover, here’s JIHAD* on horseback for those who have turned a blind eye to postmodern realities right under their noses…


    If you guys are gonna’ SPIN* – make sure the wicket can accommodate Shane Warne…

  2. For my own research purposes can you give me an approximation of the percent of blacks that were slaves to those blacks living from the beginning of slavery up until now?

    And can we please discard the mentality that calls our religions primitive instead of different and says that we were given freedom when we took it.

  3. The funny thing about ‘religions’ and I include EVERY traditional denomination and ‘claimed’ non-denomination in this description, is that every one, without failt, says the others are wrong and they are right. I said specifically too the non0denomination i.e. athiest, other ‘belief systems’ too.

    The problem with a ‘religion’ ins that as soon as it becomes a grouping, they exclude others. That is the human element of the thing.

    I have heard others who claim to be independent and living by another standard etc…belittle the traditional religions, thus falling into the same trap as…being a ‘clique’.

    Many supposed ‘non-religion’ belief systems also have a name for this or that and see themselves, falsely, as above others, because they see themselves as ‘unique’.

    I wonder if it is a subconsious attempt to seek gratification or self acceptance, where they cannot elsewhere?

    Funny that.

    The only ones truly ‘independent’ are those who truly treat their belief system as a personal and independent thing…..and I mean fully personal and independent.

    But then, I am ‘grouping’ myself with them!!!


  4. That said, ‘religion’ is truly the opiate of the masses, in the way used by former regimes and even now i.e. an attempt to describe the ‘Higher Authority’ in the wish and description of a select few, to control the many.

    As for it being used previously to control slaves, nothing better than telling a slave that he will go to hell for having intercourse with that sweet nubile girl, to stop him.

    Especially as the Plantation owner already has his eyes on her to be a house servant….to ‘serve’ in the house.

    Especially helpful when the ‘mistress’ is away in England on a visit.

  5. @Crusoe: “The funny thing about ‘religions’ and I include EVERY traditional denomination and ‘claimed’ non-denomination in this description, is that every one, without failt, says the others are wrong and they are right. I said specifically too the non0denomination i.e. athiest, other ‘belief systems’ too.

    With respect…

    You have left out the Agnostics (not 100% sure, but maps many zeros after the decimal point) and the Buddhists (the Universe reflects) in your analysis.

  6. Honest ”Definition of HONEST
    1a : free from fraud or deception : legitimate, truthful b : genuine, real’

    Therefore, if each believes their position to be true, by definition, both are honest.

    If the athiest believes there is no God and claims he is an ‘athiest’, then he is honest.

    If the agnostic challenges all positions, including that of an athiest and claims himself that he is an agnostic, unable to know as to existence, then he is also honest.

    The question is therefore irrelevant.

  7. In my humble opinion there is an insidious ‘religion’ that is taking place world wide and that almost all of us subscribe to. We believe it sets us free, is a tool for upliftment and development and is the method by which we elevate ourselves from ignorance to enlightenment. For hundreds, perhaps thousands of years we have accepted the principles of this creed, with songs, pledges, ceremonies and customs, which we encourage our children to get involved with. In many cases we push the children to compete with each other to shine above their peers.

    Our governments, through our taxes, fund and sponsor this form of “religion” and nearly all of us have faith that this thing will bring forward a brighter day for all humanity who are willing to embrace it and dedicate their lives to it.

    Yet adherents to this ‘religion’, (which is really a method of institutionalised brain washing) from leaders to infantryman, have for hundreds of years gone to war, killed maimed and displaced millions, constructed a society that permits 10% to possess 90% of the wealth, watched over the destruction of natural resources, permitted the weak to be exploited for a pittance and to this present day, allowed millions of people around the world to be fooled into believing capitalism and their model of democracy is viable and fair.

    This ‘religion’ is the major factor that is keeping so many of us enslaved, through the acceptance of our place in society, our income, our mental attachment and feeling of well being and comfort, or lack thereof, through our dependence on money to survive.

    This religion in my opinion, believe it or not, is EDUCATION.

    There are other ways to learn. If this education is such a great tool, how come there is no..


  8. Maat,

    You often write clear and perceptive posts. However, in this case I must disagree.

    I would say that it is not education that is the culprit, but ‘culturisation’.

    I am a proponent of education and can never, ever back that it is per se ‘root of eveil’.

    Cultural destruction and elimination moral values / lifestyle standards is the danger.

    You might argue that it comes with education but I see no reason that the two cannot be viewed as separate.

    Education merely improves the individuals ability to choose ways of living and abaility to make sound assessments.

    Does it make us greedy? No, it is our underlying ‘groundedness’ that gives us our satisfaction or lack thereof.

  9. @Crusoe
    I am in agreement with you bro/sis. It is the format and reason for education that I have a problem with. Our formal education teaches us to respect certain symbols, social positions and doctrines, that many of us learn, as we get older are often worthless and have led many of us into a moral/poverty, trap.

    We go out and earn a living, but it is just that. For many people it is hand to mouth, with the above average person gaining a semblance of a life style through credit and debt. Even the generally educated lifestyles are barren of true compassion and sustainable spiritual development.

    Lets look at 2 aspects of the belief system based around our current education model.

    Take health care for instance. We are educated to believe that doctors and prescribed medication help us to get well. Billions of dollars go into this industry. In many cases ailments can a be avoided through diet and lifestyle and there are powerful medicinal properties in substances that are deemed illegal by our lawmakers. We are educated to believe there is no cure for cancer, and will (like a religious zealot) feel that anyone that claims otherwise is a madman.

    We also subscribe to this thing called lawyers (just as an example)
    and are educated to consider these people as respectable members of society, even to the point that many of them represent our interests in Parliament. Yet ask people of their personal experiences with lawyers and only a few will give a glowing testimony of them. We even allow these people to set a minimum fee charge, not a maximum, as any truly educated person would consider logical.

    When we are educated towards the development of a just, compassionate society, my opinion of education may change.


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