Slave Merchant’s Notebook Confirms the Sorry Tale of the Slave Trade

A wealthy slave merchant's 270-year-old notebook and business log (pictured) has revealed a chilling insight into the slave trade and attitudes to human trafficking -

A wealthy slave merchant’s 270-year-old notebook and business log (pictured) has revealed a chilling insight into the slave trade and attitudes to human trafficking –

It seems unconscionable human beings of any era would be of such a ‘mind’ to treat fellow human beings like chattel (cattle). To compound the thought many slave traders of the day in the Mother Country labelled themselves Christians. BU dares to ask what has changed in 2014 compared to nearly 300 years ago. One sees the political directorate plying their nonsense  in our parliament and the number of millionaires being generated at the bat of an eye.   The same occurred when our ancestors sold us out for the proverbial ‘mess of potage’ all those years ago. The more things change the more they remain the same.

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31 thoughts on “Slave Merchant’s Notebook Confirms the Sorry Tale of the Slave Trade

  1. David

    You asked what has changed in 2014 compared to nearly 300 years ago. The slave masters are now black like the slaves and some of them went to school at the Garrison and Foundation. I hope that answers your question.

  2. slavery did not die with the freedom of physical bondage as it matter of fact the old slave laws were fine tuned skillfully reinforced and introduced in the era of “economic wealth “: to protect the modern day capitalist slave master and keep the slaves as equally dived as in the past and fighting amongst themselves this is an acceptance which all have endorsed as the modern day slave still struggles to prove their value while living on a plantation driven by overseers and owners of greed and corruption,

  3. “So that you may not be surprised by thieir mutiny”
    Tek’ dat you people who say that the Africans were complicit in their own enslavement. No they were not. They frequently revolted. Neither the French nor the Americans invented revolution.

    “Mark them as soon as they come on board”
    This marking was not done with a magic marker. A 3rd degree burn was inflicted on the Africans as soon as they were forced aboard the ships. And for those of you who think this was a little thing, try inflicting a 3rd degree burn on yourself, with a dirty branding iron, then confine yourself a a small space without medical care for the next 6 weeks or so, then send me the report.

    “and from the largeness of our cargo, we hope that you will be able to bring off a good quantity of elephants teeth besides.”

    And these wicked people who brought us Christianity, and Islam and Judiasm were killing Africa’s elephants as well and tiefing the tusks to make foolish knick knacks.

    People without reason.

    People without conscionse

    People who only talk about faith, hope and charity, but who practised none.

    Money, money, money.

    Always money.

    More money and more things than anybody can consume in one lifetime, or 2 or 3 or many.

    And yet we only get 1 life.

    We are born naked.

    We will died naked.

    All of us.


  4. No wonder all of these religions are so obsessed with covering up.

    Do not come into our church without covering up.

    Do not come into our mosque without covering up

    Do not come into our synagogue without covering up.

    Trying had to deceive themselves that they are not naked and dying under all of those clothes.

    But we are all naked under the clothes.

    And after life there is only death waiting for us.

  5. From what I remember of conversations with my late father, I feel as though I have lived during the period of 1937.In 1976 the slogan I remember asked”HOW LONG IS TOO LONG IF IT IS GOOD? Today’s surely must be JUST HOW MUCH CAN A CHEATED PEOPLE TAKE?
    Dem belly full, but we hungry. ..A hungry man is an angry man.

  6. The entire history of slavery is a very interesting one, it is a pity Bajan schools only teach a very narrow and skewed aspect of it. The question of ‘what do we do with our prisoners of war?’ compared to ‘with whom do we make war in order to capture prisoners?’ is the meat of the matter. The biblical stories are obviously a great starting point, Dark-Age (not for them) and Middle-Age New World Civilisations currently being excavated in Central America provide constantly changing ‘history’ and the Nazi’s work camps and Soviet Gulags present us with more first-person accounts than can be processed. The fact that slavery continues to this day should surprise no-one; it will be endemic to our species as long as work needs to be done and we want to avoid doing it ourselves.

  7. Caswell Franklyn | February 7, 2014 at 4:56 AM |


    You asked what has changed in 2014 compared to nearly 300 years ago. The slave masters are now black like the slaves and some of them went to school at the Garrison and Foundation. I hope that answers your question.

    Actually, of the 6000 or so slave owners in Barbados who registered their slaves as required by law, approximately 600 were described as either Free Negro or Free Mulatto.

    In fact, one of our national heroes The Right Excellent Sarah Ann Gill, a Free Mulatto, duly registered her slaves in 1817 onwards.

    The 1829 return seems to indicate she had sold all since the last registration in 1826. Hope this link works.

    Ok, so the Garrison and Foundation did not exist then but the point is that there was never any colour bar to owning slaves in Barbados.

    I read somewhere this week that the first slave owner in America was black and that he petitioned the court to make his black indentured servant his property for life.

  8. Frustrated Businessman | February 7, 2014 at 7:55 AM |

    The fact that slavery continues to this day should surprise no-one; it will be endemic to our species as long as work needs to be done and we want to avoid doing it ourselves.

    The surprising thing is that there were actually persons who went out of their way to abolish it.

    What you need to do is to figure out what motivated these persons to do what they did.

    Their actions ensured that while you might not be surprised at the existence of slavery your a*s would be hauled before a court of law and you would be thrown in prison if you followed your inclination and were dumb enough to own a few slaves to ease yourself.

    BTW, owning slaves for life has its drawbacks because if you go by the model that you might not be aware existed in Barbados it would mean that you, your heirs and your assigns would be not only be responsible for them in their productive life, but also when they got old and could not work, sort of like having to pay both workers’ and employers’ contribution to your own personal mini NIS scheme for your slaves!!

    Maybe the Government might take exception to your diversion of funds from their NIS scheme which is there to look after workers in their old age…… but I am sure you would want to do the right thing and look after your own slaves yourself in their golden years!!

    In 1817, the oldest slave alive in Barbados was 114 years!!

    I thought this was some kind of a record till I came across a record of a person buried at Westbury Cemetery who was 120 years old in the late 18th or early 19th century ……. but the oldest Bajan I have found a record for died at 126!!

    Bajans can live long!

  9. John……………..there was a female in Dominica lived to 128 I believe, she only died either in the 80s or early 90s.

    All logs and information needed about the African Slave Trade can be found in Merseyside, Enlgand, names of slave owners, names of persons and entities who benefited etc…for all those who are interested.

    Very recently scientists found African footprints in Northern Europe that are over 800,000 years old (eight hundred thousand years old) …….proves our point that Africans were in Europe before Europeans,……………lots of history to piece together.

  10. I wonder when people are going to realise that humanoids came out of an area around present day Ethiopia and proceeded over the millenia to traverse the world by all means possible.
    We are one race,many offsprings with differing amounts of melanin….cut us and we bleed the same blood types….our genes are the same…
    Scientists are only skimming the surface of our humanoid existence.


    ac @ it seem you now getting the point of PLANTATION DEEDS?

    Who helped with that ac ? National Trust , Barbados Library, Sir Beckles, PM , AG , Owen , MIA , Sir Henry Forde, Archive Williams , Sir CO Williams , Sir Cheltenham ,Sir Henry Fraser, Ronald Hughes, Cecil Queree, Mia Amor Mottley, Samantha Cummins, Mark Cummins, Web sites with wrong info fed buy others of the same cloth ,DBLP GOVERNMENT equals
    Fraud , Crooks , liars and scumbags.
    1926 to 2014 all these years Missing , All they want to talk about is slavery and never come back in the the NOW. But they want to talk about the N.W.O,They dont want to talk about who OWN and Bought the PLANTATION LANDS. They dont want US to “WON” any case against them.
    Land and PONZI Master looking for money ,,In America this to to be Black History Month or in Barbados its Nigga History Month , Who refuse to believe Noah, that the great Flood is Coming ? When will it be to late to change your MINDS and not dr- OWN ,

  12. @ Well Well | February 7, 2014 at 12:23 PM |
    @ Vincent Haynes | February 7, 2014 at 1:01 PM |

    We wonder what the likes of Zoe (and Dr. GP) would have to say about that piece of ‘scientific’ evidence (from even the BBC) to support the contention humanoids came out of Africa more than 800,000 years ago and not 8,000 from some mythical Garden of Eden.

    Probably Biblical modern man started out from the mythical garden place called Gobekli Tepe near Ur the legendary birthplace of Abraham the ‘Father’ of the three faiths Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    Zoe, please arise like a vampire from your slumber and prove the scientists wrong by showing that your god created Adam & Eve and all the peoples on Earth descended from them less than 10,000 years ago; even the aborigines of Australia who have been there in excess of 30,000 years.

  13. Rather ironic that slavery was abolished in 1834 and there are more slaves in the World today than when it was abolished.

  14. Miller…..chuckle….let sleeping dogs lie….
    As you well know,some refuse to see…..hopefully in our grand childrens life time the unknown will become more apparent and the Zoe’s and GP’s of that era can learn,as these ones cannot.

  15. Tudor, go back and study your history books because slavery was abolished in Haiti in 1808. And in the West Indies in 1834, but that does not account for slavery which abolished in America with Civil War Amendments of the middle 1860’s.

  16. @ Miller, you’re asking us to trust your scientific – materialism which changes like the weather in certain parts of the United Kingdom. Now, perhaps I am way above my head with respect to this topic, but wherein Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, has he accounted for the formation of the Celestial Bodies as well as the Earth? His theory if I am not mistaken is predicated upon the biological aspects of Evolution, solely. With that being said, in order for Darwin’s Theory to carry any possibly residue of plausibility, it ought and must entails certain aspects of Astronomical- Geological and Biological Evolution right Miller? Help me here friend; I am way over my head with this aspect of the natural sciences.

  17. @ Miller,
    Shame on you for using God’s name in vain; you ought to know that the metaphysical concept of God can only be realized through the intuitive conscience of man.
    Now, I know that the concept of a Supernatural Being, who exercises oversight over our cosmos, is somewhat extraneous to our human understanding. But, as you well know, the Hebrew Scriptures inform us in conspicuous terms that it is impossible for the secular mind to comprehend spiritual things.
    Yes! Miller, I am well aware of the fact that there isn’t any empirical evidence out there to legitimize the existence of the metaphysical concept of God. Or at least that’s what the secular mind was taught to think.
    And finally brother, this question I ought and must ask you, irrespective of its puerility: where is the human mind located and how does it collects and stores information? Well, surprisingly enough, would you say that God operates on the very same premise as does the human mind? Yes, you and I are cognizant of the fact that the human mind do exist because it accumulates and recapitulates our daily information right? But, wait a minute though; we cannot see the mind with our human lens, much like God. But we’re nonetheless aware of the fact that it does exist right? And furthermore Miller, we cannot touch the mind with our physical hands, just like God, but of course, we’re cognizant of the fact that he does exist right? Now, I hope I’ve make some kind of sense by trying to explain the concept of a God who I know lives.

  18. @Miller
    Now, wasn’t it Aristotle in his ignorance, who had hypnotized that the part of the brain which controls sleep, was directly linked to heaven?

  19. ya got the list of the white slaves also????????
    or that dont count,ya wicked.wicked this—–

  20. The words “I know” have been the curse of mankind, the greatest stumbling block to all who seek the light of understanding or the darkness of God.

  21. Man’s DNA Test Rocks Previous Human Genetic Theories
    Mar 8, 2013
    By News 92 FM.

    New DNA evidence has revealed that the oldest known common male ancestor is 340,000 years old, more than twice as old as previous estimates.
    News 92 FM’s Norm Uhl has the story:

    After an African-American man named Albert Perry died in South Carolina, one of his relatives submitted a sample of his DNA for analysis.

    New Scientist magazine reports that all previously compared DNA samples pointed to a common Y chromosome traced back to man who lived between 60,000 and 140,000 years ago. But Perry’s DNA sample didn’t match.

    Geneticists at the University of Arizona conducted further tests and found that Perry’s DNA matched up with 11 men who all lived in one village in cameroon. the finding suggests there may have been an earlier species of humans that went extinct—but not before interbreeding with the more modern version of man.

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