Time to Free-up Bajan Green

Local weed is reputed to be one of the best...

Local weed is reputed to be one of the best…

JAMAICA will this year join a virtual tidal wave of countries across the globe in decriminalising ganja, forerunner to the establishment of a medicinal marijuana industry estimated to be worth billions of dollarsJamaica Observer

Yes the ‘rats’’ are jumping ship! Whether one believes marijuana is a vegetable matter and its use should not be restricted by man made laws or there is the lure of big bucks to be earned, the horse is about to bolt from the stable and Barbados – always the case of late – will be left to bring up the rear. All and sundry are aware, barring the hypocritical, that the GDP of Jamaica and St. Vincent are driven by the underground drug trade.

Many give wings to the saying ‘’follow pattern kill Cadogan’ however maintaining the status quo will likely send Barbadians to their  economic graves albeit with our  self righteousness securely intact. What options do we have anyway. We can continue to squeeze hypothetical economic growth from a model which has passed its shelf life or have the courage to explore hitherto forbidden economic avenues.

Barbados Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite most recent public statement on the issue to legalizing decriminalizing marijuana or not is captured in the Nation newspaper of January 2014.

‘This call has been given short shrift by Barbados. Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite, at the start of Drug Awareness Month, ruled out the possibility of the legalization of marijuana here. He seemed more inclined to treatment and rehabilitation through a drug court – Nation newspaper

A conclusion to be drawn from Brathwaite’s statement is that an already overburdened Court system creaking under the weight of outstanding cases that reach back more than a decade somehow finds the will and resources to become efficient. A Police Force starved of resources when the good times were rolling will somehow find the resources to protect our borders in austere times. The confidence that the Cabinet has deliberated on this matter after a thorough analysis was applied. Who are we fooling?

And of course there is the moral flag which will be raised by the Bajan majority -It is against the law and we are a country of laws. Easy access will translate to more ‘’spaced-out’’ young people. We have become very familiar with arguments. The world is moving in a direction to legalize decriminalize marijuana, what do we do? We maintain the status quo and our borders and foreign reserves will have to withstand greater pressure.

First it was the homosexuality issue, it is the turn of marijuana. There is an inevitably to it all,  time to free up the weed.

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  1. JAMAICA will this year join a virtual tidal wave of countries across the globe in decriminalising ganja
    I thought that it was decriminalised in Jamaica eons ago and it was only when they tried to export it that there was a problem. Possession and use of ganga in Jamaica has been ignored by the authorities for years they are just trying to update the statutes.

  2. @ Sargeant | March 3, 2014 at 10:06 PM |

    So Sarge, would you join the miller and call on the local authorities to follow suit?
    Despite what Bushie says about you being a dyed-in-the-wool right wing conservative we still have faith in your capacity to become ‘highly’ enlightened enough to support the movement to decriminalize the use of mary jane in Barbados.

    The benefits of the local production for consumption and as input material for varied industrial processes far outweigh the social and psychological costs similarly incurred by alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs.

    At least the country would see an immediate savings in foreign exchange. Forex currently lost via the underground (sanctimoniously referred to as the “black”) economy as the concept of import substitution becomes a reality if local production can be undertaken without the interception of the local squad of crop monitor whose only raison d’être is to carry out the instructions of Uncle Sam and Auntie Jane to protect its own business interest in the same trade.

  3. @Miller
    I think we should explore all avenues in the production of marijuana or its by products for medical use but we are far behind the eight ball where this is concerned as some North American entrepreneurs have ramped up production to the extent that some people who had permits to grow their own for medical use have been told that they can’t cultivate any more but have to buy from a “‘pharmacy” at a greater costs. This is what happens when Gov’t gets involved and starts to regulate the industry people will become bootleggers with a different kind of moonshine.

    If decriminalisation launches Barbados into the 21st century I’m all for it, I can see breathalysers to deal with excessive alcohol use by drivers and other drug testing machines for those who over indulge in MJ and then drive. It may decrease the incidence of local crime as fights over drug territory may subside and increase business by vendors (I am reliably informed that there is an acute attack of the munchies) after one partakes.

    Barbados green? Too formulaic, lets name it after a local connoisseur who devoured the Jamaican variety when he was a resident there and continued with the Indian hemp when he returned how about Barbados Jack (ie) Opel.


  4. ‘Don’t be ridiclus…smoking is a sin an GOD will punish you.’ (Pentecostal).

    ‘The body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.’ (Adventist)

    ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.’ (lapsed Anglican except on Sunday)

  5. Technically when the weed is freed, it should be free as per nature / gods way

    Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

  6. “It may decrease the incidence of local crime as fights over drug territory may subside ”
    I share a similar view in addition to freeing up the market which should make profit making less attractive and hopefully less problematic as an issue with availability more common. I do not share the view that decriminalisation would encourage widespread abuse. I do not believe that because it is available that those who were never attracted are going to wake up one morning and decide to get hooked.

  7. @ balance. …I am with you 100%.Those who are curious and want to try weed, or anything for that matter will do so wether or not it is legal. Buggery is a crime. Are you telling me that if it is decriminalized those who are not so inclined would rush to try?

  8. lawson !
    tomatoes are to be used solely
    by themselves – that is
    use a plate of them without anything else
    A friend with weed is a friend indeed
    A friend without is a nuisance -a political nuisance too
    and I dont want to hear no critics because I dont listen to them anyway. I have confidence that the law is an asset to the country and that St. Vincent and Jamaica will forge ahead and do everything to get ahead and that bajan green will turn into American green if yuh know what I mean. Legalize it , they advertise it and Tourism figures will be sky-high and give new meaning to sun sea and fun. Bring the weed ; Bring the Tourists; Abuse the weed – get psychiatric. Drink the weed in tea -Viv Richards my batting partner says it help he. Bajan green = American green- Breathalyzer testing -DUI -new vernacular- More Tourists

  9. Question is
    Who got the biggest balls ??

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagga –Rides again
    Layoffs were not supposed to happen
    17 years at Transport Board
    as Paymaster–sent home
    17 years ?

  10. In our 2006 pre-election Manifesto, the PDC (in conjunction with SMFD) carried an analysis in which reference was made to the Marijuana business as well as to the outdoor fruit vending business as means of showing and representing how with NO TAXATION or little TAXATION being levied by the government on the incomes of these businesses how thriving and sustainable they were therefore.

    So whether the respective business people would have been using marijuana, dunks, cherries, ackees, golden apples, fatporks, cashews, etc ( and the broader enveloping socio-psychological cultures ) to help get their respective incomes, the facts of the matter was that because there was NO TAXATION or LITTLE TAXATION involved in these businesses formed part of the basis for their thrivability and sustainability, and for our propounding the very solid impregnable theory that if there were to be an extrapolation from those specific business to the general country, then how overall industry and commerce in Barbados – not faced with EVIL WICKED TAXATION – would become – on that basis alone – more prosperous than ever before.

    Well, we in the PDC would have been thinking that by now these would have been the kinds of analyses developed and the types of observations made and relationships drawn and the necessary relevant data information provided by so many persons in Barbados – and inclusive of some so-called economists holding down various positions in the different institutions in the country – to lend support our own theses and to contribute to the development of a greater intellectual culture in Barbados ( contrast these things with the almost sterile ad infinitum writings of Dr. Clyde Mascoll about what is really a non-existent fiscal crisis in the government, in his column in the Thursday Nation Newspaper).

    But no!!

    Many souls in this country prefer to continue with the status quo even though it is clear that with so many aspects of this western political economy and western finance model of dedevelopment being practiced in so many different ways on a daily basis, that the country is well on the path – on the current trajectory – to becoming in so many regards like Jamaica has been since the 1970s.

    In conclusion, the facts are that the marijuana hemp production business across many parts of the world is now being seen as another lucrative area in which many governments (and they are others too but we are focused on governments because they have been ones to have been unwisely putting in place to prohibit people’s use of marijuana hemp) will be – now more than ever before – seeking to greater put their evil greedy TAXATION fangs into the remunerations of these businesses and the users of marijuana/hemp as times go by, even after it has been clearly proven that time upon top of time these governments – including the one here in Barbados – are failing massively – and in some cases deliberately dishonestly – to correct their own existing money and property transferring and commercial services’ deficiencies in order to come up with the “right” systems that will fairly properly allow them to come by money and revenue in their respective countries.


    • Interesting comment by Tennyson Joseph in today’s Nation. Always the debate must start with North America, then we follow. What does it say about our level of maturation? Have we properly leveraged our education capital?

  11. The same old story for Barbados. “if you snooze you loose”. Colorado rasied $135 million US in taxes.in just a few months. The revenue generated was likely close to $1 billion. Hell, we don’t need any FX.. We just going to let 3000 people or is is 6000 or 9000 suffer and stress where many are going to have to turn to crime to survive.

  12. With the amount of halfa plus idiots we have walking, riding and driving about Barbados, I do not see how easy access to marijuana could possibly affect these already brainless persons.

  13. The parish of St John, aka Mara’sjohn,seems to be off on a running start in the production of of the green stuff.


    We see most do not understand what the word “Free” means or” Free from” , or,” Free of”, Or just'” Free,'”,,,,, Get your hands out of My Pockets .


  15. “As a matter of interest….how many of us have actually smoked it”

    Everyone smokes it
    Blacks Whites Browns Yellows, Reds
    Doctors, Judges, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs

  16. babylons drug control treaties must be binned!

    UN hits at US cannabis legalisation
    A UN illegal drugs body criticises 2012 moves in two US states to legalise recreational marijuana, saying they contravene drug control treaties.

  17. Sensimilla

    And it didn’t actually harm anyone, right? (Mind, I did ask who HERE had actually smoked it….judges are you reading this?)

    I wonder if when freely available and regulated there will be a notice saying ‘Smoking can seriously damage your health’.

  18. Robert there have been studies done that say marijuana has little or no effect on people doing their jobs. Right here at the QEH they have found the chances of having the correct infected leg amputated was 50/50 and even after much smoking and many bongs the numbers remained the same.

  19. There is no shortage of weed in Barbados as it is right now.. if you wanted it.. you can get it in less time than it takes to clear a chefette drive thru. This is a tax revenue opportunity that we are sleeping on as a country, as well as a method of reducing the violence over drug money and the drugs themselves. Smoking itself is just the tip of the iceberg, as another poster pointed out.. look at Colorado, the spinoffs are numerous and PROFITABLE!!

    I am a young professional. I have smoked weed more than once. Had it in brownies also. Each time I felt relaxed, I laughed quite a bit lol, sleepy sometimes, much less stressed and .. that’s it. Didn’t turn me into a raving lunatic.. (Please don’t judge by this post lol). As a matter of fact, I have seen people of all races go crazy over the need to smoke a cigarette in an airport… Never met anyone who got the shakes or snapped at employees because they couldn’t smoke a joint.

    Don’t even get me started on Alcohol. People are dying on the roads, families destroyed and on and on I can go.. and we can’t make more of it fast enough.

    It’s not a case of you allow this bad thing.. so why not this other bad thing.. examine the evidence, waste 250K on a commission.. do whatever you need to.. whenever done.. the evidence will still be there impossible to ignore.

    In the meantime we can beg Jamaica for some money when their GDP reaps the benefits. PUN INTENDED.

    P.S. Someone wake up the PM. Tell him the bus is about to turn around.


    First there was the APPLE and now its Marijuana,
    So where did the term medicinal marijuana come from , its not a Man Made Drug, Its Nature,God Made.
    All the killing went on to take a man from JAM because of the US of A, ,
    Will they now let him go? Smoke the Peace Pipe with the Natives, and you will be smoking marijuana,
    The White Man is not My God , But we see he his many other GOD..and some gods,
    The largest Slave business in to Slavery needs to be remove , we are smart enough to Make our own LAWS base on how We Live.

  21. Plantatioin……tell that to ac, she and most Bajans still feel the likes of Cow and Bizzy as well as Bjerkham are the saviors for Bajans instead of seeing them as the goddamn thieves and parasites that they really are who would encourage the politicians to lock up local bajans just so they could remain wealthy on the island….AND instead of seeing themselves being intelligent enough to handle their affairs in a black society, they are still carrying the dependent gene……….disgrace.

  22. @ lawson
    Are you saying that no harm is done to the lungs and other organs of the body when one inhales while smoking marijuana? I really don’t know the answer, so don’t think I’m picking an argument with you.
    I smoked cigarettes for approximately 25 years before quitting 17 years ago, even though I was constantly told of the dangers, so I know what it is like to be addicted.

  23. Dear Bajan in NY it was a joke , just a joke
    I don’t smoke ….never did.. my closest friend smokes every day, I am sure there are problems caused by it , but its not my life so I really don’t think much about it. As a viable business for Barbados to pin its future on … its laughable.

  24. I don’t think most persons who view decriminalisation as a positive and necessary step are pinning the future of BIM on marijuana as a cash crop.. What I personally find laughable is how quick some of us are to ignore the obvious financial benefits of exploiting what can be easily grown and exported to the benefit of the country as a whole.. while also ignoring the fact that a large cross section of society under 40 either are already smoking marijuana illegally or have tried it. This is not from empirical analysis.. but .. I live hay.. I see things. Black white managers clerks doctors lawyers teachers .. its extremely varied.

    Just by the way.. there are other ways to derive the health benefits and even a simple recreational high.. without smoking. There are vaporisers.. edibles.. you can make a simple tea even.. your lungs need not play a role.



    The DLP/BLP= DBLP government is a much bigger problem than

    DEAL with them fools first and no one will have to smoke or drink,
    The stolen History, BS VAT and the sell out union leaders holding pimp titles,Buying VOTES was a bigger problem ,
    If you want to follow America so bad , why dont you try some of the laws on fraud and lock your selves up for 135 years,
    One day, you all going to jail ,take it lite,Now you will see what 30,million bought you all.

    Well, Well , Thy will be done , My be we need to out law lawyers in Barbados or make it a crime to be a lawyer .Out of 900 lawyers in Barbados we lucky to find 99 who are clean,

  26. Hemp Hemp Hooray!
    Green Miracle: The Growing Industrial Hemp Market

    (A documentary, 58min)

    Discover the re-emergence of the world’s most versatile plant, cannabis hemp, into the industrial market place. This renewable natural resource can provide many of our world’s needs while cleaning and rebuilding the environment. See hundreds of eco-friendly hemp goods such as household items, paper, building materials, body care products, nutritious foods, clothing, even plastics.

    Visit hempfields and factories around the world including Canada, China, and Europe. In France, see the making of hemp bricks for building houses. Hear the many voices of hemp — entrepreneurs, manufacturers, farmers, experts, politicians, activists, concerned consumers — and learn the facts. Includes behind the scenes coverage of the modern hemp industry.

  27. The research is out there seems to indicated that Marijuana impacts neutrons and affects motor skills.

    But I am no expert on this essential herb that the youth in Barbados as well as many part of the world can’t seem to do without.

    I guess a case study or a random survey would be in order, if we’re to the test long term benefits of this very essential herb the world is in need of.

  28. I guess Marijuana can’t be no worse than those synthetic chemicals the researchers put in hypertension medication to lower blood pressure on one hand, while on the other hand; these synthetic chemicals destroys the liver and kidneys in the process.

  29. Remember now with hypertension medication, the liver works harder to metabolized it and the kidneys to excreted it. And after a long period of time this process impacts the functionality of the liver as well as the kidneys.

  30. The Law against the Herb is a law that makes the law stupid and ineffective, it doesn’t stop anybody from partaking / partying.

    Same lawmakers would rather you drink whisky and smoke tobacco for harm

    As well as the singers the players on instruments shall be there: all my springs are in you.

  31. Always give credit where it is due.

    Amid all of the commentaries under this thread it is very unfortunate that there have been absolutely no references whatsoever by the authors of them to the very significant role the Rastafarian Movement in Barbados, the Caribbean and beyond has been playing in the move towards the greater liberalization of the weed in these parts.

    Too, let us say here that many non-Rastafari have also played very significant roles in this greater liberalization process.

    While it is unfortunate too that the Rastafarian movement in Barbados seemed to have very divided on the issue of whether it should be legalized here or not – and which is very disturbing especially whén many within the movement see it as a holy sacrament – and too the movement should have long been in the forefront of the process of making sure that politically there is a regimental loosening of judicial officers infliction of penalties for convictions over the use of marijuana here in Barbados – it is extremely, extremely sad that these same authors of these same commentaries have not seen it fit to include mention of the role of the Rastafarian Movement – especially as an organized religious social Pan African movement – in the process of the greater “freeing up of the weed” in Barbados.

    While some of these authors have no duty to write on the behalf of the movement about the very substantial role it has been playing in making many Rastafari and non-Rastafari greater conscious about the uses of marijuana and hemp, they do have a duty to write about and be impartial in writing about the historical truth pertaining to the marijuana culture in Barbados, and not be less than honest and fair in ways they have been on here selecting to handle and deliberate over such matters pertaining to this same culture, generally, and to the very important role the movement has been playing in fostering the growth of this marijuana culture in Barbados, specifically.

    Moreover, whether many Rastafari or non-Rastafari themselves know it or not, the Rastafari movement – as an organized way of life – and notwithstanding certain stagnations and dilutions that have been happening to it – has once again in very recent proven its relevance to many others and must feel a sense of vindication over these matters. For, it has done so with respect to Reparations – which has long been one of its central ideological planks – seeing that the issue of Reparations has been more and more coming to the fore, locally, regionally and internationally. And it will happen with regard to Repatriation as many more persons of African descent in Barbados will go to Africa as Africa eventually regains much of its political material financial strength of the long past especially.

    So, give credit where it is due.


    • @PDC

      The Rastafari have no significant political foothole in Barbados, how are they expected to get the directorate to accept a lobby from them?

  32. David,

    We do not know whether – in providing a response to our post just above – you have accepted or not the gravamen of the point we have made above.

    Anyhow, with respect to the issue of whether they have a significant foothold in Barbadian politics, we would have agreed with you if you had – in your premiss – stated a very organic organized political foothold, but you have not and so we cannot agree with your premiss – based on our own definitional criteria of a significant foothold is – that they do not have a significant foothold in Barbadian politics, for they ARE A religious social Pan-African MOVEMENT, with a socio-political core and periphery, and with operating themes, practices, and rituals (one of which has been weed smoking and social behaviour consistent with and supportive of the local weed culture, incidentally), in the wider political system of Barbados.

    It is primarily because they have not been as politically organized as we think they ought to have been that we have proferred the point that “they should long have been in the forefront of the process of making sure that politically there is a regimental loosening of judicial officers infliction of penalties for convictions over the use of marijuana here in Barbados”.

    LOBBYING?? LOBBYING who? Such essentially subterranean behaviour? No!!

    The Rastafarian Movement here in Barbados should long have had its own political party at the national level. And the wider Pan African Movement here in this country too should have long had its own political party at the national level.


  33. @David .. oh yes, for sure. We are like the american republicans (minus the love for guns).. we cling to religion and self righteousness morality mindlessly almost.

    BUT… this is a different can of worms which I am loathe to open at this time..

  34. In an unrelated matter.

    Many persons in Barbados have been witnessing the recent layoffs from the Barbados Transport Board. Some of these persons have been bus drivers. Indeed, there should have been a regime put in place where for the time being now these drivers should have been able to form a partnership with the necessary political legal advice and direction and too with the necessary legislation put in place, with a view of the partnership securing of the leasing – on the appropriate remuneration terms – of a number of buses, with its obtaining the necessary other wherewithals, and with it being made to run these buses on any routes whenever.

    Also, such a partnership should have been able to allow the Board – for now – to store and secure the buses at designated terminals and be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the leased buses.

    Indeed, what such ideas clearly show once again is that Trade Unionism and Trade Unions must be got the rid of in this countrý, primarily because they are not equipped to provide or deal with these kinds of ideas and the kinds of material changes necessary to support them.

    Finally, Trade Unionism and Trade Unions remain and will remain – until they are got the rid of – nasty blights on the political landscapes of this country, and clear blockages to the further national development of this country.


  35. Yes PDC
    you are correct
    but the Dumb Labour Party could not see where

    the Bright Labour Party was going with its talk of privatization of transportation in the nation and so the foolish electorate were fooled by folly from freundel and family in the Dumb Labour Party

    Riding high on Bajan Green !!!
    How yuh mean
    Seen !
    of the Faculty

    • @PDC

      Not sure you are correct. The Class system in Barbados does not fit Rastafari very high there it is difficult to believe your group is taken seriously.

  36. David,

    We are yet to understand where you are coming from.

    You now seek to inject false notions of class into the discussion.

    You said “your group is not taken seriously”.

    Which group are you referring to? We are at a total loss as to who you are referring to as “your group”.


    • @PDC

      It is very clear the group Rastarai was mentioned. It is a reality. Barbados is a class conscious society in case you forget. Deal with it.

  37. Knowledge is knowing that Marijuana is the natural herb
    Wisdom is smoking it –Irie Ites Mon!!
    Free -Up
    There was a song by a local calypsonian some years ago
    Who sang the song ?
    What year?
    I am fairly sure there was a song talking about Freeing Up

  38. David,

    It is clear that you have made the false assumption that we, or any of our members, belong to, or are in some way connected with the Rastafarian movement in Barbados, or, for that matter, the Pan African Movement in this country.

    We are not.

    Hence, we are making it very clear for the benefit of the understanding of every one on this blog network seeing this statement that we within the PDC/CUP are not a Rastafarian group or a Pan-African political group in Barbados, neither are any of our members members of the Rastafari Movement or the Pan-African Movement.

    However, that will not prevent us from in whatever ways supporting the Rastafarian movement or the Pan African Movement in Barbados and beyond, or in whatever ways meeting with members of either movement on whatever grounds.

    Furthermore, still, we are about fostering greater relationships between ourselves and both movements, or members of either movement in Barbados.

    Barbados is an increasing classless pluralist society (we cannot at this stage develop such an argument again).

    What you might be referring to though is status: perceptions by many people in Barbados of the ranks/positions that others hold within the social ranking system in the Barbados society.

    Finally, therefore, individuals can feel free to rank members of our party/our coalition however they feel on the basis of their own perception. And so must we feel free to do similarly. It is their and our prerogatives.


  39. DofBU aka david must have got the PDC confused with Ras Jahziel and s/he should no longer be allowed to call this blog “Barbados Underground” as s/he is not Underground enough any more.

    From now on “Barbados Underground” is the name of a new weed bar

    • CARICOM LEADERS TO DEBATE MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION By BERT WILKINSON — Mar. 8, 2014 1:59 PM EST You are here Home » Guyana » Caricom leaders to debate marijuana legalization

      GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) — Researchers with a Caribbean trade bloc have found that decriminalizing marijuana and exploring its use for medicinal purposes could help boost the region’s sluggish economy.

      Caricom leaders are expected to talk about the preliminary report in a two-day summit that begins Monday in the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent. The report was released Friday to The Associated Press.

      Experts said the Caribbean already has a built-in competitive advantage with marijuana cultivation, noting that Jamaican researchers have launched a company that produces therapeutic and cosmetic products derived from the plants.

      “The region may wish therefore to explore any commercial benefit from a potential multi-billion industry including research and development and also the production of medical marijuana products,” the report stated.

      Activists in Jamaica, St. Lucia and other islands have pushed to legalize marijuana use, with Jamaica’s health minister recently stating he was “fully on board” with medical marijuana. However, many in the Caribbean still consider it a dangerous drug, and marijuana possession can lead to jail time and stiff fines across the region.

      Caricom spokesman Leonard Robertson said leaders would examine the report next week, but noted it is not a key issue on the agenda. His comments were echoed by others including St. Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

      Marijuana has been decriminalized in other parts of the Western Hemisphere.

      Uruguay recently became the first country to approve nationwide pot legalization, while the U.S. states of Washington and Colorado passed recreational laws in 2012. In addition, 20 U.S. states and the District of Columbia already have medical marijuana laws.

    • ‘White Men Getting Rich From Legal Weed Won’t Help Those Harmed Most By Drug War’



      p>Posted: 03/06/2014 5:06 pm EST Updated: 03/06/2014 5:59 pm EST


      p>Print Article


      p>Main Entry Image




      p>A lot has happened in the two years since the publication of Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, a landmark book that showed how the “war on drugs” and the mass incarceration of black Americans has undermined much of the progress achieved by the civil rights movement.


      p>States around the country have downsized their prison systems. Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana for adults. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has promoted a less punitive approach to the prosecution of drug crimes.


      p>And yet, in a press call on Thursday sponsored by the Drug Policy Alliance, a group that advocates for the decriminalization of drugs, Alexander warned against complacency. She called for the U.S. to not just stop the war on drugs, but to pay “reparations” and give a public platform to the communities of color most harmed by the drug war.



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