Marijuana Friend or Enemy of the State

Kammie Holder

Kammie Holder

If interdictions continue at the current rate the RBPF will harvest just short of 12 imperial tons thanks to growers off the illegal plant.  As of May 19th World Marijuana Commodity Prices rage from US$1000 in Alabama to US$5000 for hybrid in Florida.

If the above hold true,Barbados will  burn marijuana with a street value of between $59,000,000 to $268,000,000. Let me say it simple $29 to $268 million Bajan dollars. The marijuana extract CBD which is used treat Epilepsy cost approximately $70 for 4 milligrams while 60 Marinol tablets cost $400Bds.  How much are we losing out in not having a medical marijuana industry as a smart partnership with an international pharmaceutical company?

Why burn money when we can repurpose and change the reputation of  marijuana?  We need to stop let those who smoke marijuana and end up psychotic cloud our judgement on the benefits of a Cannaceutical Industry. Should we prohibit the use of rat poison warafin for blood thinning and eating of kidney beans?  Warafin is a rodentcide and uncooked Kidney beans are dangerous.  Oh, by the way I don`t smoke, drink or snort.

Let us be optimistic and less pessimistic if we are to remain relevant as a people who can solve problems while creating opportunities.


  • Fellas sent to prison for spliff while corrupt persons are celebrated.


  • Marijuana is not meant to be smoked.
    Cough syrup is not meant to be abused .
    Glue is not meant to be snorted.
    Coca Cola is not meant to be mixed with household cleaners.
    Fire is not to be used for the purpose of arson.
    Cocaine is not meant to be snorted.
    Warafin is not to be eaten as rat poison.
    Electricity is not to be mixed with water.
    Cassava if eaten raw will lead to arsenic poisoning.
    Finally, Jamaican ackee is not to be eaten raw.


  • @ Kammie Holder 2:19 AM
    In short, common sense cannot be legislated.


  • I will live to see Canadian Marijuana being sold in Massy stores and US produced Marijuana based medicine being sold at Collins Pharmacy. Meanwhile the Ministries of Agriculture, of Trade and of Finance will be seeking funds from the IADB to carry out pre-feasibility studies on the potential of possibly making use of Marijuana in the consideration of likely alternatives to sugarcane growing!


  • 100 Weight Of Collie Weed


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  • I read somewhere that marijuana can and should be used like lettuce and other leafy plants for salads.It is healthy food for the human body but it is not to be dried nor smoked,processes which release maddening mind altering properties of the plant.


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