Time to Chuck in a New Gear

Submitted by  Napolean Bonaparte
Chris Sinckler,Minister of Finance has unveiled a $600 million stimulus program

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance has unveiled a $600 million stimulus

….what you waiting for? – Rouser

It is now almost two months and counting since the results of the 2013 Elections. By now, one would believe, that the euphoria of the occasion would have ceased and an awakening to reality ensued. Instead we were occasioned with the now accustomed, rather nonchalant and evergreen eulogy emanating from Church Village echelons that has obviously signalled the honeymoon is not yet over.

As one punter puts it, how much longer can Barbados remain out of gear? Could we then interpret the blank complaisant as a not knowing of what to do next or the calm before the inevitable storm?

Could the patient further afford the diapason. So far we have heard news of a $600 million instead of a once suggested $90 million stimulus package to help jump start the economy, but  nothing further as to the devil’s details. Could the privatization card be once more in the mix then? Could there be that yet another request for intermediated ‘silence in deals’ as with the recent $120 Million bond repayment?

Surely the populace needs to know more before imaginations again run wild. Are we rocking or rolling, galloping or strolling and to where?  As before, please do not leave us guessing again. Last time the bull was taken by the horns, popularity ratings soared. Less we fall back on old ways.

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  1. CCC

  2. David | April 17, 2013 at 3:54 PM |

    If local and regional politicians had one of Thacher’s ‘balls’…

    Hi David,

    You ain’t have any yourself ! Why are you scared to reveal the real truth behind Caswell Franklyn ?

  3. Fractured
    What is this real truth behind Caswell. I spoke to him about “outing” you; for I have strong views on that.

  4. Lemuel,
    Any person who leaves one endeavour after the other under questionable circumstances…….what that tells you ?

    Caswell is a FRAUD. Plain and simple.

    He last tried the trick on a Mr. Stanton Gittens, former employee of Personnel Administration Division, who turned to him for help in a work related matter. Caswell demanded $ 5,000.00 from this lowly gentleman to represent him with the Chief Personnel Officer.

    Imagine Caswell walking around giving the impression that he is an Attorney at Law !

    • Fractured BLP

      You know that is a damn lie. I represented the person of whom you speak up to the level of the PS Ministry of the Civil Service where we obtained a ruling in his favour. The CPO has not acted upon that ruling. I have never charged him one cent.

      Why don’t you tell people that you infected your female wife with something that you picked up from your male wife. The poor woman is extremely ill and you are telling people that it is cancer. Lemuel ask me not to reveal too much because your identity would be compromised. And I have promised David that I would not out anyone, not even AC. (She would understand 929)

  5. The door of truth behind CLICO opened. The door of truth behind Violet Beckles also opened. Alike Al Barrack, both CLICO and Violet Beckles will continuously cloud Barbados. None of those three “embarrassing nightmares” will permandantly just go away; all three are cause and effect; they came into effect simply because of cause; someone made them a cause. Owen Arthur and the BLP caused the Al Barrack and Violet Beckles dilema. Both the BLP and DLP caused CLICO. The Supervisor of Insurance issued a cease and decease order against CLICO that was known by Owen Arthur and the BLP. Both Owen Arthur and David Thompson allowed it, CLICO to explode as it did. Don’t just hate the dead king for it.

  6. Prime Minister Stewart I know is afraid of confronting and attacking that Violet Beckles’ mess. It’s such a big and ugly monster. It additionally involves some of Barbados’ elite, Mia Mottley, Sir Richard Cheltenham, Charles O. Williams just to name a few He, Prime Minister Stewart knows this as does those individuals buttttttttttt Time to Chuck into a New Gear – resolve it because it’s not hiding, refuses to be dead and buried.

  7. magaret thatcher is a witch and any mothersbecoming leader of a country willfullyt choosing to implement some of the same dastardly policies which would devastate the poor as Maggie the witch” thatcher did then the name would apply .

  8. So what about Prime Ministers in Barbados stealing from poor taxpayers?, is that okay, as long as they are DLP??…………just asking.

  9. What about Prime Minister Thompson, Leroy Parris et al, stealing CLICO policy holders money and keeping millions of it in their bank accounts??…………is that okay, cause they are DLP and can do no wrong in the eyes of their supporting sheeple, even though these are criminal acts. CRIMES against the TaXPYERS…………….or does it not count in the eyes of the DLP sheeple, because it is black on black crimes………you all should be ashamed.

  10. Wait……….i thought this was an anonymous blog, everyone seems to know everyone else’s business…………….JEESH

  11. @Georgie Porgie | April 17, 2013 at 3:02 PM |

    Mrs Thatcher had a nice funeral with great music at St Paul”s Cathedral with beautiful renditions of some great music including an excerpt from Brahm”s Requiem.

    Very well done indeed, GB. It was worth getting up to see. Dignified and befitting the lady’s contribution, whether you agreed with her policies or not. Done in true British style and with class!

  12. Everything happens for a reason. Tourism in Barbados is near death and Government is financially unstable and struggling, borrowing to pay employees and has defaulted on VAT refunds to small businesses – years behind. There is surely a reason (s). All must be considered: One, the previous administration prior to 2007. Yes, the BLP and two, a non-aggressive leader – Prime Minister Stewart – honest but non-aggressive. The previous administration prior to 2007 is responsible for a lot of things that the current administration could not yield but prime minister Stewart does not exemplify aggressiveness as does President Obama. One cannot be a president or prime minister and be a coward or shy because a president and or prime minister is responsible for his/her county and masses of people. The iron lady Margaret Thatcher angered the British because of her actions what she did, implementing that poll tax. Prime Minister Stewart angers many in Barbados basically doing nothing or not enough. Prime Minister Stewart and the DLP moved integrity legislation through the upper and lower house. That’s not enough and not all the DLP promised Bajans in 2007. Freedom of Information must come forward. Prime Minister Stewart additionally must confront that Violet Beckles matter simply because it will not die and be buried. David Thompson made effort to investigate the Violet Beckles matter. Stewart should do the same. Time to chuck into a new gear.

  13. @ Well, Well

    You should be more than sympathetic towards Mr. Franklyn. Being different individuals, we will from time to time, have differences of opinions. Fractured BLP has been attacking CasWell (Well) for months, continually hitting him below the belt, while not focusing on the information he brings to this blog.

    I think Caswell has responded appropriately.

  14. It is obvious DLP surrogates on BU see Caswell as a threat and intend to engage in personal attacks using monikers. It is ironic that pre 2008 we accused Arthur’s BLPites of doing the same.

    • David

      Let me assure you that I have no party political agenda. Prior to 2003, I was a very ardent BLP supporter. I parted company with them and despite several invitations from the other side, I choose to remain non-aligned. I am only under the control of the Almighty and politicians hate that but I do not depend on them for my living so I really don’t care what they think of me. Mind you, I expect attacks because I can’t expect to offend people, even though unintentionally, and not suffer the consequences. I try to be truthful at all times. As Sandi said, I don’t tell untruths, well at least not deliberately. However, I do not believe that these people should resort to fabrications but that is their nature.

  15. My goodness, NationBLP critic must be seeing red. Sanka Price’s article in today’s Nation is an excellent one.

    This government refuses to listen to commonsense advice because “we win, wunnah in opposition for five more years, deal with it”. They refuse to take heed. The sad thing about it is that ALL of us will suffer for the DLP’s pigheadedness!

    The old saying is so apt………………………..hard ears you wont hear, own way you will feel. Sad though that all of will feel the devastation!

  16. art……………..i noticed there are a few people who like to use Caswell as their scape goat………………however, it appears as though most of them know each other personally and have shared quite a few secrets and know each others identity onthe blog…..hence, when Caswell comments on something they don’t agree with, the knives are drawn and secrets pop out in the heat of the moment.

    • Well Well

      They are not my friends: they are merely seeking to use me for their selfish ends. They don’t tell me any personal secrets: I have my sources, you wouldn’t believe it if I tell you so I wouldn’t. What I can tell you is that sometimes I even hear from jilted spouses. So I even know who pretend to be macho men but in reality they don’t come up to mark, but they pay good. For instance, Fractured BLP’s female wife was very angry when she discovered that he brought a policeman into the marital bed when she was out of the island.

  17. @Prodigal and GP
    I agree with your comments.Pomp and Circumstance,impressive and the usual stiff upper lip precision.I loved the colour,the music,the Bishop’s address, Amanda’s reading of the lesson and the timing was almost perfect with the procession exiting the cathedral at exactly noon.I don’t recall hearing a psalm being sung.Maybe I missed that part of the service.Well done indeed.

  18. GABRIEL | April 17, 2013 at 6:22 PM |
    There was no Psalm, and unfortunately only a small piece of a descant in Love Divine which was sung to the tune Blaenwern, the Methodists love instead of the more beautiful tune IMHO Love Divine by Sir John Stainer

  19. Hi Caswell,

    That ponzi scheme you are masquerading as Unity Trade Union will soon be disbanded.

    Mark my word.

    You have no staff employed, less than 20 members recruited, (unless Lemuel joined within the last few days !), no telephone number of repute for Unity to be contacted through and you constantly harass public officers to give you large sums of money for you to take up cases / grievances on their behalf.

    The Stanton Gittens case is just one of many. The documents are there to prove it.

    I am surprised you sought to ” shed light” on the Stanton Gittens case.!

    But ……only you know why ??

    You are being monitored !

  20. Caswell………..all that stuff is deemed normal in Bim, you forever have to be watching your back for the next knife, it’s scary i know and dangerous. I was hearing recently about those private houses that host strippers and it’s amazing the people involved and the amount of money they pay for some very vile acts……………someone warned me that when I am in Barbados on the beach don’t stand too close to anyone in the water cause you never know what they are trying to wash off their skin from the night before……………..the island has turned into a real Sodom……….playground for the rich and filthy.

  21. @ Well Well
    Barbados you know is just a small area. A lot of things you think are closed shut are not, example: people’s identify on blogs.

    Some via silliness expose their own secrecies. I am not Bajan, never stepped down on Barbados soil and not interested. Of course you know this. I am a historian (North American Continent). I research things of interest and write about it/them. Made acquaintance with a cousin of Owen Arthur, Barbados Water Authority employee (purchasing agent) via a social networking site. The cousin like Owen Arthur is a nut case – lies all over the map, personal vehicle is a 1999 SUV, he calls it a van. Laugh, go ahead and laugh. He said “my credit is good, just over-extended, waiting for payment from my job (Barbados Water Authority) and I will be back in good health. Laugh, go ahead and laugh. He, the cousin made known fact that Owen Arthur is an ex-prime minister and now “was” leader of the opposition, but never mentioned fact that Arthur was a drunk and corrupt. He said “persons of my family has much influence”. Apparently not, Arthur a second time lost his bid for re-election to prime minister. Mia Mottley may indeed be gay but certainly got Arthur under her feet. He, Arthur attempted to dump her, Mottley on the DLP. His own party, Owen Arthur dumped him in favor of Mottley. What a laugh.

  22. Many small and medium sized businesses are in serious financial difficulties and are folding largely as a result of the destructiveness and backwardness of the fiscal monetary and financial policies of DLP/BLP governments over the years in this country. If these two old ramshackled disgusting parties are not removed by the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country, and in their places not
    any installation by the said people of very progressive developmentalist people-centered parties in the next five years, Barbados will become just like Jamaica was some years ago, in many regards, in the next 9 to 14 years.

  23. @GP
    You know the music indeed.Blaenwern is a Welshman’s setting and Stainers Love Divine is an Englishman’s setting.Coincidentally,Stainer was a chorister and went on to become organist and choir master at the same St Paul’s cathedral .Both these hymn tunes are popular at weddings with Stainers’ the more popular of the two in Barbados.My preference is Blaenwern.The tune gradually builds into a tremendous last verse unison with the opening chord taking the church heavenward assisted by a huge 32’contra bombarde or a similar 32′ stop to shake the foundation of the church.

  24. Blaenwern is apparently the favorite tune of the Methodists [Mrs Thatcher was raised Methodist]. Sir John Stainer [he was knighted for his church music] wrote many beautiful hymn tunes in addition to his Crucifixion, which is very popular in Barbados. The tenor in Stainer”s tune is sweeeeeet!

  25. Fractured
    in my time i have hunted; hunting should not be done for sport, especially when one intends to hunt another human being. You have more to lose in this instance than Caswell; you should also remember he has military training which enforces the code “take no prisoners”. You would do well my friend not under estimate the capacity to unmask you from a to z. I believe this effort of yours has taken on a sinister mode; i hope you can handle the fall out. There are things that money shall not protect you from. this is simply my humble opinion. We say hard things to each other here but I believe there is a line. The line that you are currently mashing my friend.

  26. The People’s Democratic Congress………………….that is why some of us have been beating back the yardfowls who would prefer things to remain as they are, some through ignorance and others through selfishness. However, if there is going to be real change by throwing (retiring) out these two useless parties, you cannot have new parties with same old mentalities.

  27. Stainers Crucifixion has been sung here for umpteen years.So also Olivet by Maunder and 7 last words by Dubois.In the recent past we have been hearing a lot of Faure’s Requiem,Vivaldi Gloria and Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater.Such beautiful music and we used to hear a lot of it on Rediffusion.I would make sure I am in time to hear the Epilogue on Rediffusion every Sunday night just after 11 o’clock news.Always well sung and said usually by a collegiate choir a capella..Short and sweet

  28. Yes Gabriel, you tell the truth! Yes I too listened to the Epilogue on Rediffusion every Sunday night, Sunday Symphonette produced by Doris Provencal Kirton at 8:30,every Sunday night Music to Remember produced by Alfred Pragnell after 2pm during the week.You could not beat Rediffusion for Classical Music Programmes.
    Maunders tune for Just as I am is my favorite tune for this hymn.

  29. Caswell Franklyn is the 21st cetury Joan Benjamin a humbug of Sahara desert propotions. Which leads to the question whats become of Muhammed Nasser the grasshopper addict. Nasser the Dee, Bee, NDP, Black Muslim, Muslim, Bee, Dee, Bee, described Joan Benjamin as a hairpin it would be interesting to hear his outlook on Caswell Unity Franlklyn. I guess Nasser must be blue vex he wash away Barbados in BLP posters and dirty red cloth boldly certain of an Owen landslide. No doubt he was promised much in the end Nasser lost , Owen lost the Bees lost. Two pennies for how Nasser feeling now.

  30. watching

    I like that piece about Gary Husbands(Muhammed Nasser ).

    I had not seen or heard Gary Husbands(Muhammed Nasser) for a while until he turned up in a newspaper article, during election time, lambasting the Democratic Labour Party for encouraging its supporters to knock down one of the Barbados Labour Party bill boards which he had erected.

    My wife turned to me and said , Husbands like he is holding onto Owen’s coat tail again. We both know him to be a Political Pondfly and we were distressed that the Democratic Labour Party had welcomed him back into the fold.

    The fact of the matter is that the fallen BLP billboard that he was ranting about was actually blown down by the wind. He had erected the bill boards in such a poor manner that they were either leaning back or leaning forward. As a result BLP misfits had to go around at a later period and use stabilizing planks on them.

    Husbands would have known that but he used the occasion to try his best to vilify the Democratic Labour Party and to sing for his supper just like CASWELL FRANKLYN was doing on BARBADOS UNDERGROUND.

    • Carson

      Why don’t you leave me alone. I have exposed you to be the fraud and fair-weather friend that the DLP does not need. When you were under the impression that the DLP would have lost the elections, you were trying to enlist my support to form a third part. Do you remember saying that that both parties have become irrelevant. And now you want to give the impression that you are more DEM than Barrow. Don’t you have any shame left? Man get thee hence!

  31. Former Cayman premier used govt credit card in casinos

    GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands — According to charges now filed in court in the Cayman Islands, the territory’s former premier McKeeva Bush is accused of making cash withdrawals of more than $50,000 from casinos in the United States on a number of occasions during his first year in office, using a government issued credit card.

  32. Caswell Franklyn

    Don’t you see that I am ignoring you on that false statement that you keep repeating?

    Don’t you think that they is a reason for that?

    Check yourself, If I pass you in the street tomorrow I don’t even know yout!!!!

    • Carson

      You are a liar as well. There were witnesses who saw when you called me into the little alcove where you were cracking chicken bones. When you worked at the Advocate, we interacted on a regular basis. Deny that as well.

  33. CCC
    I hope you are not having a Peter moment. Pointing at Christ he said I do not know him for the third time.

  34. lemuel | April 18, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    Lemuel, if I pass Caswell in the street I don’t him.

    Also I am cognizant of the fact that third parties are a waste of time, energy and money.

    If you doubt me ask Richie Haynes, David Comissiong, Mark Adamson or go into the cemetery to Ernest Deighton Mottley.

    Third parties are an exercise in futility.

    I am sure you can remember the day when Richie Haynes walk into Parliament and announced that he had the majority on the opposition side and therefore he is now the opposition leader. How long did he last as opposition leader?

  35. CCC
    I am listening. Maybe Caswell is mistaking you for the wrong person. I accept your comments on the matter. At least admit that by his picture on BU you would know him by sight.

  36. Lemuel

    I am not so sure about that.

    I have an idea who he is referring to as that same mistake has been made by many others on this blog over the years, but I would usually say nothing in way of correction.

    • Lemuel

      Carson C. Cadogan outed himself on BU when he was complaining about the things real and imagined that Owen Arthur had done to him. This man is delusional. Tell him to put down the rocks: he is in a glass house. This traitor is attempting to fool the DLP that he is a loyal son but he is fooling no one. I leave him to Freundel.

  37. Some people on the internet yield just “too much information” sometimes willfully but sometimes forceful. The accused, Fractured BLP infected his female wife with something he picked up from his male wife. That was forceful. This, this though was willful. Carol Boyce (LaSalle Quebec, Canada) was/is intimately involved with a Bajan. He is 125 lbs or less IMPOTENT and lives in Barbados. She definately doesn’t get hard rock candy but apparently something worth her trouble. She journey from LaSalle Quebec, Canada to St. Lucy, Barbados just for soft candy. Must have been raised on a monkey farm.

    None of the above stated links to the topic but the DLP granted another five years must chuck into a new gear. It now has to prove itself. It can no longer hold it self up on the BLP crutches, what they did and didn’t do for fourteen years.

  38. I really don’t think it is a matter of having a third party………..way past that stage……………..tried and failed, too small minded too corrupt………….I think it’s a matter of getting rid of the two that have become leeches on the taxpayers and retiring the names of both parties.

  39. LOOK | April 18, 2013 at 5:32 PM |
    Agree, fresh start. . . . new blood and new ideas – both parties (BLP and DLP).

    nonsense talk fro LOOK
    Nothing wrong with the parties
    Fresh start my ass
    Yo get one or the other and this varies from time to time as to which one the people choose. In the end Barbados is run by the Civil Servants

  40. @ Just Asking

    I’m not Bajan and don’t inhabit the Barbados island. That’s your thing. Do what you wanna do. I can’t tell ya who to sock it to.

  41. All these Caribbean islands have become ungovernable,wasters of their human and material resources,spiritually adrift and we are going nowhere.Look at them all.Bahamas,Cayman,Turks and Caicos,Jamaica,Cuba,
    Hispaniola,St Christopher,Nevis,Anguilla,Antigua,Dominica,St Lucia,St Vincent,Grenada,Barbados,Trinidad and Tobago,Guyana,all in deep trouble.
    There must be a better way. For example, the former British colonies should explore joining the Canadian Conferation similar to the Maritime Provinces.

  42. Gabriel Tackle

    In other words they were only good when they were under the Colonial masters?

    No wonder you love Thatcher the witch so!!!

  43. Now you see what is about to happen here when politicians do the wrong things just for votes…thinking they have beaten the system …until one day it arises and bite them in the ass….We all know the MOST RECENT…but we won’t go there today…instead….B’s Recycle….Have you all heard the law suits in the making that will eventually include action against Govt?….as Mr. Bynoe will not have have enough money….We talking millions ….
    Carson …HUSH do Caswell got you ‘wiki’ in a mouse trap….you lucky DEM doan boot ya….

  44. Old Onions……….they probably will, it’s every man (goose) for him/herself going forward, it’s all starting to unravel.

  45. @ Well Well

    Is way about time the legal concept of Vicarious liability be applied here….in this case to bind the politicians …like “way my cut”…who by these nefarious acts …bind the taxpayer to suffering….How could you allow a dump swap to occasion this now embarrassment?…But there again Mr. Big Stuff thru Clico and what’s left in the registry…makes the low dung bettle look a mere cocka-rochie…whalosss ! Talk about Integrity Legislation now el burro Carson…..

  46. Onions

    You have to wait for 2018 to see if you will get that High Commissioner to England job!!!!

  47. Gabriel Tackle “For example, the former British colonies should explore joining the Canadian Conferation similar to the Maritime Provinces.”

    You remind us that some BU bloggers can sometimes emulate a Jim Carey movie appropriately titled to suit you.

  48. @Gabriel Tackle
    There must be a better way. For example, the former British colonies should explore joining the Canadian Conferation similar to the Maritime Provinces

    That is not so far fetched as this idea has been floated previously as a form of political union primarily with the Turks and Caicos (probably wanted somewhere warm to go in Winter) but the idea never got past the wishing stage. I don’t think that Canada wants to take on any new provinces/territories now it probably wishes it could get rid of a few.


  49. @Sargeant
    Thank you for the reference.Given the state of our Caribbean polity so called, we are up the creek without a paddle.There is an abundance of modern pirates and buccaneers in our politics from all sections of our societies.Even the spiritual gurus are unashamedly dizhonest.The COP is now under the spiritual influence of the dean of the cathedral of St Michael and All Angels and we know that Michael defeated the dragon,so Dots might meet his waterloo.
    Barrow says the Public Service was an army of occupation,did noting about it except amend the constitution to place his party supporters in the controlling heights of the Public Service.Adams railed against it successfully,dethroned Barrow for good or evil,and himself left the new Act intact.Hence there is no Public Sector Reform to this day.
    Barrow says if you want justice keep out of ‘Coleridge Street’.Well we have left Coleridge Street and gone to a brand new spanking building in Whitepark and the mindset remains leading Alair to raise his tail in frustration at a judge.Neither Barrow nor Adams both eminent legal luminaries did anything to make it easier for the average bajan to have the notion that justice is served in our courts without fear or favour.All talk,talk,talk.

  50. There is a reason why there is a separation between church and state in certain jurisdictions…….but i see the churches in Bim are now jumping into politics with both feet.

    Gabriel……………Barrow, Adams, et al would have known about those laws in the earlier days but sat on their behinds enjoying their lives of debauchery and did nothing…………. so much for working for and helping the people.

  51. Well Well
    The last time the state and church came together like hand in glove, we got the Roman Catholic Church. Just read any chapter in European History.

  52. Lemuel……….they have never been able to get rid of them, now they are the richest most powerful corporation on earth.

  53. @ Well Well

    Barbados wil never get rid of those corupt lawyers, politicians, etc. they turned them loose to produce widespread damage there (Barbados) and did: Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, Gline Clark, George Payne, David Thompson, Sir Richard Cheltenham, Charles O. Williams, etc. Corruption in barbados have infested itself in corporations, organizations, government affairs, the police, the judicial system too (Sir David Simmons) etc. and like a roach army continuously growing. Unlike Turks & Caicos’ dealings with Michael Misick, Barbados government is powerless and too weak to fight. . . . handicapped itself, too nonchalant and or just don’t have what it takes to persecute, incriminate and imprison those fat high elite vagabonds. We can say that Cyde Mascoll’s reply to Owen Arthur’s 2004 budget started the ball rolling. Send him a thank you card. The DLP just recently moved integrity legislation through the upper and lower house but freedom of information is nowhere in sight – not yet. Hopefully, it’s on the way.

  54. @ Well Well

    I’m a historican, also a collector (antiques and fine art), black lady. Did you know John David Rockefeller, collected art from all over the world. LOOK, sometimes, the New York Metropolitan museum.

  55. Look………..Politicians are proudly and inherently corrupt, let’s hope this bunch die out and take their sick mentalities with them.

    Yes I have been to the NY Met……….Rockefeller, their goes another story.

  56. Politicians/lawyers are in a special class by themselves, that’s the reason why special laws should be put in place for them when they are that bent on corruption and criminal practices. The lawyers from the old school are mostly old, sick men and women who are borderline Alzheimers patients, though they are still practicing, there seem to be no regulation of lawyers in Bim.

  57. Caswell writes…at top
    You are a liar as well. There were witnesses who saw when you called me into the little alcove where you were cracking chicken bones. When you worked at the Advocate, we interacted on a regular basis. Deny that as well.
    Carson….I give you fair warning….I spoke to ona ur ppls and have learned that you are but fighting to save grace with them…Time you stop comin here and playin off as part of the plantagent…..loser you!

  58. onions

    No High commissioner to England job for you.

    No big job for CASWELL FRANKLYN either.

    Check back in five years time!!!!!

  59. Check back in five years time!!!!!

    This DLP government is in trouble

  60. just asking

    You are the last person to listen to!!!

    Do you remember saying?

    BLP 29
    DLP 0
    IND 1

    What is the reality?


    BLP 25
    DLP 5

    prodigal son

    BLP 30
    DLP 0


    BLP 29
    DJP 1

    All of you all BLP jokers are the same, you need your heads examining!!!!

    JUST ASKING, you know nothing about the Democratic Labour Party. All guess work on your part!

  61. “JAY: Right. So you can’t take too narrow a sampling to come to a real conclusion. So then what do you conclude from all of this? Does this–does debt-to-GDP ratio have any effect on growth? I mean, I saw in one of the reports of your study you actually found there was growth in many countries with over 90 percent. So, in other words, are there just other factors involved here that there’s–it’s been too narrow interpretation of the effect of this debt-to-GDP ratio?

    ASH: What we find is that average growth is modestly diminished when countries hit the 90 percent–as countries approach the 90 percent public debt to GDP ratio. There’s no cliff. I encourage your listeners, your viewers to take a look at the paper. We show all of the data, so you can see that there is no cliff. But more importantly, we observe that there’s an enormous range of GDP growth experiences at every level of public debt to GDP. So there are countries that grow quickly and countries that grow slowly at low public debt to GDP levels and countries that grow slowly and countries that grow quickly at high public debt to GDP levels. So I think that it’s the–really that there is no threshold at 90, there is no precipitous drop in growth, I think, is the most important message of our replication.

    JAY: So this narrow-minded focus on this one indicator is what’s wrong, because there’s many factors at play here.

    ASH: Yes, there are many factors at play in determining whether or not countries grow quickly. And the public debt to GDP ratio does not have an obvious strong effect on GDP growth, again, at any level.

    JAY: So I saw Reinhart and Rogoff have refuted your study, saying that their weighting was correct, they still stand by their conclusions, the data still supports what they say. Have you seen any more from them? How do they deal with your conclusions? ‘Cause it seems like you’ve found a more or less straightforward error.”


  62. Carson C. Cadogan | April 20, 2013 at 7:54 AM | onions

    No High commissioner to England job for you.

    No big job for CASWELL FRANKLYN either.

    Check back in five years time!!!!!


    El Carson…..I keep telling you stop misleadin BU …I don’t want no High Commision Job dummy…I just love to fish like Hants….but I would surely like back my CLICO money….your big ole henchmen & Co. redirected. I dun work sonny this ole onion just about lesiure nowadays….but the lil 5 cents they stole from me would entitle me too a bit of bacon n eggs eva now n then…

  63. @ Well Well
    The word is….. Carson going lose D Const Council …..pick. He fighting like hell …

  64. Poor Sir Roy. The Knight of Harmony Hall is now in a pickle. Boy, the old people say karma is a bitch.

    The Knight of Harmony Hall messed up Bobby Morris big time, he would not go home so that Bobby could become General Secretary. Boy, Bobby now getting the last laugh. Sir Roy, you cant be so daft as not to know that Bobby who now is powerful in the DLP had some hand in this side lining of the BWU and you.

    You sound petty and childish, though Sir Roy, especially when you said that it is not about the trip and that you could call the director of the ILO and go. How many times did you allow Bobby to go to this conference? Bobby bigger than you now, he is an Ambassador and he has clout! Karma!

  65. Prodigal Son

    Bobby did not help Trotman to look like a thorough fool: Sir Leroy did it all by himself. His actions came back and bit him in the backside.

    It all started when Joseph Goddard was General Secretary of NUPW. Goddard filed a complaint against the Government at the ILO because they were negotiating public sector salaries with CTUSAB instead of NUPW. Goddard based his claim on the fact that NUPW was the most representative body in the Public Service and as such the negotiations should have been conducted with NUPW. You would recall that Sir Leroy was head of CTUSAB, head of BWU and Barbados’ labour representative at the ILO. To cut a long story short, the ILO sided with Government and declared that CTUSAB fit the ILO’s concept of the most representative body to the delight of Sir Leroy.

    Fast forward to last year, Sir Leroy announced that he was demiting office as the Labour Representative and at the same time declared that his hand maiden would fill the post. CTUSAB was then forced to remind Sir Leroy that they were the most representative body according to the ILO and they should be the ones to make that decision, not him. As a result, CTUSAB had to seek accommodation as they were no longer welcomed at BWU.

    This year the choice of representative did not please Sir Leroy so the house came crashing down. He reminds me of the little boy who owned the bat but was a poor batsman and when he got out, he would take is bat and go home.

  66. Prodigal Son | April 20, 2013 at 9:15 PM

    “The Knight of Harmony Hall messed up Bobby Morris big time, he would not go home so that Bobby could become General Secretary”

    You continue to speak about things that you know nothing about.

    I will simply say to you that your statement above is very false, just like everything you speak about.

  67. Sir Roy, from what i read in today’s paper, does sound a bit pathetic. My sense of what Sir Roy is saying is that he and only he has “arrived” and the rest of the trade union movement will never. Only he can call up the bug boys at the ILO; if Sir Roy drops down dead tomorrow, from his logic, then trade unionism is dead. What a pathetic little man.

  68. all nasty games by nasty people that serves the sheeple in Barbados right. If Barbados aint got the stupidest CQNTS in the Caribbean, one does not know which island does

  69. Just Asking
    I am waiting to see if Sir Roy shall get his way or Freundel shall tell him where to get off. This union thing is not about numbers alone, especially when the BWU had a seventy year head start; this representation thing is about how unionism is further developed. Sir Roy has to now admit that new faces are needed.

  70. I am here reading up on a back log…..the new gear soon comin…but Bonaparte I don’t think we go like it…..Govt options are slim pickings….

  71. good mawning onions! long time no hear. ! i here reading about the impeding storm getting ready to blow a part the BLP Boy the hurricane season like it going to start early. Two name storms HInckson and Payne. Hope MAM prepared and battered down for the fall out!HEE! HEE!

  72. Why…
    Buenos Dias to you too ac…..
    I thought you TOO could smell a red herring from miles by now…..we over here certainly can…but you know what’s the best thing?…This peeny diversion by the those concerned… is like a pebble in the sheet of things to come…with the country tottering and about to flat line…unemployment now probably 25% and rising…NIS sweeping the corridors for the long lines…COW askin for the money owed by Govt by all kina ways…Rayside gone belly up…the hoteliers lookin real pissed last night on TV..Kris laughin like hell…wonderin why they don’t learn from his Black Rock people fortitude…(how to make black bird soup)….Lowe down..barely like um excuse..
    Am am now …guess you can see why I been absent and eatin popcorn watchin the movie starirring MAM, John Wayin and a Giant CALLED …..”An Elections worthy to lose”…LOL

    l I have an extra chair here for those who like drama..By the way gurlll…you win D $7.3 million lotto?

  73. Onions Boy u still full of charm. why u still pelting big rock at chris. but uh see just like u he know how how to be charming. even while cooking blackbird soup. but uh got to give it to him he already put 11million in the economy even though wunna say he don’t got the money. just wait and see coming soon the 588million in stimulus.
    neva know maye be kris win the lotta,
    BTW you got the storm supplies ready . Not a good time to go fishing rough seas and high tide about to blow your way. two name storms out there already. !

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