The Alexandra Matter: The Role Of The CPO and NUPW

Dennis Clarke, General Secretary (l) Walter Maloney, President (r) NUPW 'Big Boys'

Nearly two weeks have passed since the BSTU instituted action against the principal of the Alexandra School Jeff Broome. Up to late yesterday [14 Jan 2012] there appeared to be no resolution to the matter. A meeting held under the chairmanship of Minister of Education Ronald Jones only served to proved BU’s position, management systems in Barbados have become seriously compromised as a result of incestuous practices by  stakeholders.

It is clear the BSTU Executive believes so strongly in their cause that they are prepared to disrupt the relatively calm industrial relations climate in Barbados even if the children have to be made to suffer in the process. Their position is further demonstrated by a deliberate move away from following ‘normal’ grievance procedure. Regrettably the matter is deliberately being waged in the court of public opinion. While there are advantages to enticing public support sometimes, it should be done based on the full facts of the matter being revealed. It is evident that the cause of the industrial action by the BSTU is as a result of grievances which have been poorly managed over the years and left to fester. The speech day incident appears to be the straw which broke the camel’s back.

If we are to believe the underground chatter there is more to the mortar than the pestle. If local media intends to give honest coverage to this matter the public deserves to be seized of relevant information. If this is not possible because of legal considerations then the honourable thing is to avoid inflammatory reports like those we have been reading in the NATION for the past week.

Two peripheral issues created by the Alexandra matter, the roles of the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO)  and the ailing General Secretary of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) need to be given more public scrutiny.

The role of the CPO has not been given a lot of airplay except by Caswell on the blog  Alexandra School Impasse: A Massive Failure Of Public Service Administration. Most public opinion has followed a predictable political discourse by calling for the head of the minister of education. We can agree however that the office of MOE should have been used to exert more pressure on the parties to clean up their act. We have already discussed how incestuous relationships affect how we do business as a country and here is a classic case.

The other matter is the role of Dennis Clarke, NUPW’s general secretary reported to be on leave until May because he is recovering from haemorrhagic fever. Although not unprecedented it is unusual the NUPW would seek to represent management [Broomes] in a matter against labour [teachers]. It is even more unusual that a senior principal in the union [Clarke] currently on sick leave would seek to undermine the person [Smith] appointed to act in the position. Again if BU chatter is correct the council of the NUPW has not met to approve the decision taken by Clarke. What is going on at the NUPW anyway? Is the membership not aware of how union business is being managed?

On the sidelines looking in what is a public ignorant and starved of the facts  suppose to think or say? The time has come for Barbadians to wake up and fully appreciate how they are being ‘played’ by the many interest groups which run things in Barbados.

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  1. @observing
    Your question in all honesty does require a Yes or NO but making a comment pertaining to a persons history is opened for debate. Wheras not true with your poised “TRICK QUESTIONS’

  2. @Bush Tea
    Your comments are in breach of BU’s code of conduct. How dare you “insiult” me in a public forum. David, I insist that you searate Bush Tea or else I will withdraw my comments indefinitely and get my friends on other blogs to do the same. Btw, this is not a grievance so don’t send me to de comments policy section. I expect a response in 24 minutes or else!

  3. @Ms. Greaves

    Seems like you got money coming if they wrong you…… thru the Law courts…
    A tidy sum I will add….

  4. Independent; In response to my post above that suggested that FS had entered the fray and seemed to be on the side of the BSTU, You asked;
    I haven’t heard him speak. Would appreciate it if you could explain why you think he’s on BSTU’s side.

    He started out by indicating that he would not do anything to be compared with Margaret Thatcher as someone who had done something to cause harm to a union. ie. as I see it, Don’t look for him to go against the BSTU.

    He also indicated that he had practiced criminal law for sometime and had learned that if a criminal had committed a number of illegal acts over a period of time, the time would come when something drastic would have to be done and then indicated that that time was now. He was ready to take action. He was surely not suggesting that the BSTU could be equated in any way with serial negative acts.

    That is, as far as I can recall, the gist of what he said. The actual words might have contained some caveats.

  5. @Caswell

    My comments were tongue in cheek as he has been noticeably silent on the matter which one would have thought was prime fodder for political gamesmanship.

    There are some other schools with the same profile as Alexandra and these conflagrations haven’t been part of everyday debate so one can reasonably conclude that one of the following statements is true.

    1) All the bad apples ( teachers) teach at Alexandra
    2) The Principal is a self promoting egotist whose intransigence has led the school community to the most recent stand off.

  6. WHAT kinda Prime Minister we got in Barbados though ???
    WHA’ Stuart really is though ???
    WHA um is he doing though ???
    WHERE the heads that gwine rolll????
    WHYis Stuart still Prime Minister of Barbados?
    WHY RASSHOLE WHY ????????

  7. David
    There are many ways to deal with such a situation. However, the CORRECT way is the one that sends the right messages to everyone involved – and that includes now, thousands of our children, to whom the clear message MUST be that this country stands for PRINCIPLE (and in this issue, that is also PRINCIPAL) lol

    The message to teachers and employees must be that if paid to do a job, they are to do that job and that there can be no guarantee that the boss will be a sweetbread.

    The message to bosses must be that their authority is to be used to improve efficiency and that the days of might being right are gone

    To Government the message must surely be that the MOE is a waste of time and money. Time to scrap the whole extinct animal.

    To ac, the message is clear …. She wrong as usual.

    @ Observing
    Bring it on…. LOL. Although Bushie was tossing you a compliment…

    @ ac
    You mean that you have not deduced already that Bushie is ALREADY separate from society….MUST YOU ALWAYS be slow and wrong…? LOL

  8. @Bushie
    Thanks and I know. Just needed a break from the “adolescent display of machismo”. Freundel does kill muh.

    Like you though I sincerely hope the right message is sent. Else we will feel the repercussions for years and governments to come.

    @old onion bags
    Didn’t the Lord say to be fruitful and multiply???

    This is recent opportunity number 2 for Stuart to truly show “real leadership” under duress. He missed the first one (11 times) , let’s see how he tackles this one.

    Night night.

  9. ok round 3-deadlock;everybody holding blows-the affected unions, their supporters, the head and his supporters, the MOE trying to appear impartial when the affected teacher is connected to their machinery. wuh loss what a “kadooment”/”commess”/bacchanal. it is like a standpipe fight.the head bring a three legged man to bat fuh he- a man who really and truly shouldn’t be there. the minister admit it like a albatross round he neck.he thought the problem would go away by ignoring it.he introduces red herrings like the unions are divided.that is not the issue here. the issue is the irretrievable breakdown between the teachers and the head of AX. then he talks about not being able to speak for the BUT.he cant speak for any union and he shouldn’t even be brokering any agreement.i am sure FS must be tell him try and solve it. you all created the monster-tame the beast. and the letters that end up in the nation possession-how about if they never reached the intended target, like how the union letters never get noticed at all, at all by the head? let all the terrible stories come out. at least the bloggers on BU beginning to move from the entrenched positions they had last week. and what implications does all of this have for BAPPS who jumped to the head’s defence? they must be shivering in their shoes-one straw could start a landslide.
    this problem is not going to subside until the dreaded “separation” takes place.the workers have a good cause and while i would advocate returning to school, if they feel they have been ignored previously, turned around and made to look like their grievances were fabricated, then how is the matter to be solved. can’t you see the victimization that will take place.if workers’ pay gets docked for attending a union meeting you can imagine what would happen if the two opposing forces meet again inside the walls of AX?remove the scales from your eyes bajans; begin to see the union’s’s an ugly mess created by a complicit set of politicians and their lackeys. only they can undo the mess they have created. playing the feminist card, the ego card, the student card, the child’s rights card, the education as priority card is not going to cut it.this is what happens when you let the loose cannon roll around on deck.several may get broken shins, others may have to jump in the water to escape until they can get that cannon tied up and functional again.and notice the head has been very silent-advice from the lawyers, no doubt.hoping to get the best out of a really bad situation created by his lack of vision.enough said.

  10. I may be totally wrong, but at this juncture of the AX impasse it seems somewhat ill advised for FS to jump into the fray right now.

    The indications seem to be that Mr. Broomes is very unlikely to give in to any blandishments or overt coercive measures that the PM might and could reasonably take. His unexpurgated CV as can be gleaned from the pro BSTU posters on BU, suggests that he will not take the blame for the impasse; allow the BSTU or MInistry to appear to win; or go riding willingly into the sunset. Likewise, as a chastened MInister Jones has probably found out, the BSTU people and the 30 AX teachers are not likely to be budged from their trenches easily either. It is not a typical pay dispute for which an intervening PM has all the cards in his hand for a resolution. There are several factors in play here, not the least of which is the political one. FS should not personally get into it unless he already has an iron-clad solution which is not evident from the information that has been presented in the public domain.

    FS’ speech today at the Errol Barrow Day Church service, suggested that he had committed himself to leading a Government attack to solve the problem. In my view he has telegraphed that he is leaning on the side of the BSTU. If so, what could his negotiating strategy be? Bringing in an arbitrator does’nt seem likely after he has stated in public that he will essentially be leading the charge? Finding some method to overcome any obstinacy on Mr. Broomes part to being separated from Alexandra by, for instance, an expedited pension and a big special gratuity or by believable veiled threats to make Mr Broomes future in Barbados somewhat difficult if he isn’t compliant with the offer?

    Does any of the BU family think that the PM will have or has the ammunition to dent Mr. Broomes resolve?

    Will he be even handed or seen as even handed in dealing with Mr. Broomes and Mrs. Greaves? Could a strategy also be for her to be offered a similar package and or veiled threats? Can FS afford not to be seen as being even handed and an honest broker?

    Will the main parties to the dispute be likely to pay due respect to his high office to the possible detriment of their image or will they continue to demand their pound of flesh?

    THis matter is of tremendous importance to Barbados, not just to the BSTU and Mr. Broomes alone. It can affect the whole Trade Union movement as well as labour relations for the forseeable future if handled badly, and therein FS’ comments at St Lucy Church today were quite sagacious. I am looking forward to see how he handles this case which is much more complex, imho, than anything that Owen Arthur had to deal with.

  11. Now it is publicly known that the “Ansentee Teacher” is wife to the Deputy Chief Education Officer (Ag), what role is/has he been playing in all of this.
    I am convinced that there is indeed more in this mortar. What if he had been given the appointment as CEO, instead of Laurie King? What part would he be playing in the negotiations? Now that King has received the appointment, will this affect the decision of Karen Best who was one of the front runners, along with King, Greaves, Farley and Jeff Broomes?

  12. I forgot to add above that: I think FS’ will harvest the whirlwind if he effects the separation of Mr. Broomes from AX without the concomitant separation of Mrs. Greaves also.

  13. @RANDOM THOUGHTS, CASWELL FRANKLY AND A PARENT & AX TEACHER: Quite frankly I am appalled that you people in your role as leaders could even think that it is such a great sin for Mr. Broomes to criticise the teacher in public. After reading the Sunday sun I believe that the whole of Barbados now have a clearer idea as to what Mr. Broomes had to deal with. Now here is this teacher who acted insubordinately by refusing to teach students, mind you she is paid to do that, to teach is her primary aim. if she thought that the teachers were not qualified so what. I work in an environment where i feel many times that the decisions made by management are not always in the best interest of the company but we live with it.We want our jobs so even if we think it is below us we do it, who gave that teacher the right to think other wise, IT SHE WAS IN A PRIVATE SCHOOL SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED. But that is why this society have gone to the dogs, here it is this woman is dead wrong and Unions are ignoring the wrong she did which is affecting the students, but they are looking at a few critical remarks made in public SHE WAS WRONG, HE HAD EVERY RIGHT TO DO IT. I remember Sandy Lane and Royal Shop in both instances the employees were wrong but Leroy Trotman marched for days and even threaten to shut down, Bridgetown, well we all saw the outcome of that every one of them fired and I was so glad. This Unions do not encourage their members to do what is right they are just pay raise and step on my toes and I will strike unions. Take a look at Unions around the world France, Nigeria, England they fight for more than these things for their members so that if they call a stike, the whole country shut down not in Barbados. Back to the issue, article clearly put today in the Sunday sun made Mary Redman and those backing her look like irresponsible fools

  14. Nows that we know the teacher at the centre of this fiasco, husband works at the MOE, we are beginning to understand what went on here.If Mr Broomes made complaints to the Ministry for her, how far did they go. This need further investigation, I believe that some public servants need to be relieved of the position if they cannot and will not act in the best interest of the institution in which they are employed. No wonder public servants are looked upon with such disdain, they sit and draw a salary but does nothing to earn it.


    It States:
    By Toni Yarde | Mon, January 16, 2012 – 12:08 AM

    Twenty-two Alexandra teachers, “who come to school every day”, have written new Chief Education Officer Laurie King requesting a meeting.

    In a letter dated January 14, a copy of which was obtained by the DAILY NATION, Alexandra’s Silent 22 – as they call themselves – state that the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union president Mary Redman does not speak for them.

    And they argue that if those on strike honestly believe their personal differences with principal Jeff Broomes are so deep that they cannot, or do not, want to work with him – “or with some of us” – they should seek transfers.

    “We are sincerely requesting that we or a representative group of us (even including ancillary staff and students, if necessary) be allowed to meet with the ministry (minister),” they wrote.

    Well, the plot in this movie has now thickened. The way it is looking the only thing left to do is to either close the whole school or to call in a priest.

  16. David,

    I was going to say that I wonder what the teacher – teacher relationship is as far as the striking vs non-striking, but the nation’s story I believe says it all. Broomes has his 22 supporters and the 30 are against. This will not have a pretty ending.

    I would send Broomes to the MOE to take the acting duputy post and send Mr. Greaves back to his substantive post (he had to be advising his wife-maybe covering up too) Also, scatter those 30 odd teachers to other schools, who don’t want to go would take early retirement. (hopefully Mrs A Greaves would)
    Of course this would lead to the whole country shutting down (by the unions) so it would never happen.

    The children and Broomes will surely pay the biggest price in this one, either way there will be a lot of tension in St. Peter for a long time coming.

    • @Undertaker

      and Bush Tea would have us believe the solution is plain as day and the ‘leader’ Jeff Broomes is entirely blameless for the situation which has developed at AX.

  17. The speculation surrounding the Prime Minister’s thinking on this matter is very interesting ; no one has so far suggested that the comments he made indicates any sympathy to Broomes’ position.
    We must not forget that the Prime Minister is a lawyer / philosopher of some eminence ; he knows that there cannot be much said in favour of a client who cannot avoid getting into trouble . That is a peculiar character trait of the man Broomes that his supporters JUST WILL NOT ADDRESS. I am absolutely sure that that trait will not escape the Prime Minister’s scrutiny.
    Another factor seems to have been lost on commentators ; this is NOT a fight between Broomes and his teacher Mrs Greaves ; This is a battle between Broomes and the BSTU which has mounted a platform against his MANAGEMENT of the Alexandra School ; Mrs Greaves’ involvement only serves as the CATALYST on this occasion that has resurrected the perrenial problem that IS THE MAN BROOMES . Mrs Greaves’ complaint can be resolved in the law courts, but ,given Broomes’ record, that will not solve the fundamental problem the BSTU are fighting against.
    whenever we come down to the nitty-gritty in trying to effect some sort of solution to this problem , the question that has to be resolved is : WHAT MUST BE DONE WITH THIS MAN CALLED BROOMES ? Today the problem is with the Alexandra School ; should Broomes be allowed to take that problem another step forward tomorrow ? The PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION MUST ACT. THE RECORD SPEAKS . BROOMES = TROUBLE.

    • @Retired Teacher

      You are correct and it is why in the blog it was termed ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.

      The problem and AX is longstanding. Does it have to do with a headmaster imposing much need leadership as Bush Tea is of the view?

      The jury is out on that to tell the truth.

      Bush Tea is obviously seized with info which is still hidden from public view.

  18. Broomes must go.

    In 2003-4 the same Broomes who is telling lies on his teacher in public decided to teach a pre CXC (4th form) class in conjunction with an alien from Melmac (go figure who that was, think AL*). He hardly went to the class and after the students did very poorly in the promotion examination (as expected) he decided not to correct the scripts (so the children did not even know how badly they did) instead have them act out a play which had nothing to do with the CXC programme and was later entered for NIFCA so he culd fabricate marks. The Head of Department struggled in vain for the chldren to be taught and none of the bleeding heart parents or PTA said a word. The next year 16 of the 18 students Broomes taught failed the examination miserably – the worst record in the school’s history. One that passed went to lessons with the Leslie Lett (now Head of Department) and the other one with me. Broomes’ failures represented over 90 per cent of the students that failed. He is so incompetent that even if he went to class they would have failed as he did not know the syllabus and used the wrong texts. What does the parent lobby have to say about that?

  19. WHAT is the specific charge against Broomes if you say that Broomes = Trouble?
    WHAT is the specific charge against 11 people named as the Eager 11 , if you say that Heads gwine rolll?????

  20. If I had to send home everyone that it seems must go, I would have to hire a lot of people to fill there vacancies. Seems that the post of Head Master should be a contract post. So far, I would need a new senior teacher, new headmaster and some new officals to work at the ministry of non-action (formally education), some are saying a new minister too.

  21. PRETTY BLUE EYES: your post at12.06am is very interesting where you spoke of public servants needs to be releived etc now tell me who will represent them when that happens now-not Denis Clarke /Walter maloney -these same Management Defenders –these same two o no – Walter does the same cuss the statt at N H C, and at the last EXECUTIVE meeting cuss the staff at NUPW , Denis has done the same things to stafff that Broomes has been accused of doing so you see why Denis /Walter must run to his side , ask Denis about employing FAMILY and friends ,ask Walter about houses (work for work ) but we see and ALL of Barbados now see how NUPW is run- FAMILY AFFAIR (LODGE FAMILY not the school) lets hope that members can remove these two MONEY grabbling jokers .

  22. As far as i am aware the two CLOWNS The CLARKE and MALONEY Show should not be representing Broomes in this instantbut only if he had a personnel dispute with his employer that being the MOE.Those two clowns have overstepped their bounds and their members should boycott their headquarters.

  23. @ Just asking.
    My dear fellow, if you are having a problem with your comprehension, you may usefully seek the assistance of A TEACHER AND AX PARENT WHO KNOWS. He is still actively involved in teaching , and it would seem he is a teacher of English as well; I have long since retired and might be a bit rusty. I hope that I have pointed you in the direction where you may get the help you have asked for.

  24. i wonder how long PM Stuart going to take to go head on and tackle the balooning AX saga i heard all the attention sound bits from his speech yesterday. i hope it isnot a repeat of the very famous and not to be forgotten “HEADS WILL ROLL’ cause as for now we all how many did not, BTW HAPPY NEW YEAR PM. I am still awaiting that annual Speech too.

    • @ac

      He suggested head would roll if it was found out there was an attempted palace coup. He is obviously satisfied that there was not or he is not ready to inflict any action at this stage.

  25. David that is only speculation on your part .The PM has invoked “The right to Remain silent” on the Eager 11 and that is all we the public know

  26. @CBC
    What is going on at CBC ? Is there no one with a sense of neutrality in command up there?

    How in the name of COMMON SENSE could you allow Alexander students on Morning Barbados set ….(the morning before the PM is about to make his input) further fuel this situation ?

    Or was this but an eleventh hour ploy by uncle Jeff ?……the student all said the same thing.. we are supervising as there as there are no teachers and… this “”warring” now has been going on for quite a while.

    Shame on ” you as the only broadcasting station” for this (cloaked) one-sidedness.

    Can no one up there see that both the parents and students will have to interact with one or both of the opposing parties AT THE END of all of this ?

    CBC this was yet another of your current blunders your porn. You all should be exhibiting neutrality and COMMON sense during this time.

    But there again…many times BEFORE Uncle JEFF would appear on set to read poems and update on the welfare of his dear gran daughter who we are told is projected be the next nuclear scientist.

    CBC will you never get it right ?

  27. @ David@1:09
    Without saying who is right or wrong in the Alexandra saga, but just focusing on the issue of providing leadership I would have to question Broomes ability to be an effective leader. An effective leader inspires people to work together for the common good of their organisation. A leader is fair and follows best practices and established protocol. In order to be fair, a leader establishes standards which need to be adhered to . Creating controversy again and again is NOT the hallmark of a good leader.

  28. I am writing the epilogue of Alexandra now…I ain’t waiting.

    Regardless of the final decision.

    The future of the School will be tarnished and will take many years to recoup.

    Disrespect for the teaching profession will continue..

    The headmaster will look back and one day say ..”What ? ”

    THE ELECTORATE VOTE will be prejudiced by this outcome.

    It will happen again.

  29. With the growing calamity that has engulfed our educational system and Has spread far and wide to halls for whom we seek proper guidance it is on this day more than ever DR.MaRTIN LUTHER KINGS speech takes precendent and the profound actions he took to guarantee every persons civil rights as stated by him so eloquently .”LET FREEDOM RINGM

  30. The PM does not have the moral right to settle any dispute here. Ler him go and settle his own affairs. Because he has inherited this post it should not give him the right to fix a problem when he cannot fix his own backyard . However he jumps he will be shown up. Mr Jones has abandoned his post much too early. He has not given it sufficient time. How can the PM do something which can be seen as heavy handed ? When he had a chance to do some thing on his won behalf he had paralysis . Some one should declared Stuart incompetent to deal with this situation. Thimnk on these things

  31. Independent
    Why should I have a change of heart? It is the children that I’m worried about. Let us learn a lesson from Jesus the Christ, he wasn’t wrong when they crucified him, but he willingly gave up his life to save mankend. I exort Mr Broomes not to concede defeat but willing give up his position (for a price obviously) to save a young generation, you will be my martyr.

  32. @ David
    You are hopeless.
    Don’t you see the folly of that argument made by the PM about a fellow always being in trouble?

    If you have a broken system, dominated by idiots and nepotism and you put an UPRIGHT leader to fix the problems, don’t you think he would ALWAYS BE IN TROUBLE.
    Of course if you put an idiot in charge of anything he is also always in trouble too, so ” being in trouble” in itself is no indication of anything…
    LOL Bushie always in trouble….

    Of course no one expects FS to get this….

    Why you think they killed Jesus?
    Why you think Bushie not interested in wanna worldly systems?

    But…everyone ALWAYS get exactly what they deserve….

  33. @Bush Tea

    Given what you have stated a leader who is upright as you believe must find a way from within the system to achieve. This mash up and bull cow approach is not and will work.

  34. To True to Form:
    If after Freundel’s speech about the the coup and the heads that should roll, and now this one about the Alexandra issue being a storm in a tea cup, I am holding my breath until the next two months before Freundel gets around to fixing the Alexandra issue. By doing what he did at St. Lucy Church, I hope he knows what he has constrained himself to do. This posture could cost him politically.

  35. Lemuel; The St Lucy Church posture could cost him big time politically, especially now that 22 of the other teachers have demonstrably taken sides with Jeff Broomes.

    FS’s posture that could be interpreted as coming down on the side of one of the combatants before seriously studying the issues (It seems to me that he implied this himself in the off the cuff version of his speech yesterday, but I stand to be corrected on that one) cannot smooth the way towards an even handed resolution that would see the other side graciously, without rancour and without time wasting, allowing the other side to win.

    Does anyone else see a long drawn out general strike in the offing coming out of the entrenched positions and big egos of the combatants despite or even because of the intervention of the PM?

  36. You go David that is some heavy artillery you throw at Bushie.I know for sure he looking fuh cover

  37. Quoting PRETTY BLUE EYES | January 16, 2012 at 12:00 AM “@RANDOM THOUGHTS… Quite frankly I am appalled that you people in your role as leaders could even think that it is such a great sin for Mr. Broomes to criticise the teacher in public.”
    1. I’ve NEVER claimed to be anybody’s leader. NEVER.
    3. We are not talking about sin. I leave it up to God and his agents, the pastors priests etc. to get work on the sin business
    3. If I haven’t said it before I say it now that it was bad human relations practice to publicly criticize the teacher.

  38. David | January 16, 2012 at 6:59 AM…”He suggested heads would roll if it was found out there was an attempted palace coup. He is obviously satisfied that there was not or he is not ready to inflict any action at this stage.”

    David surely you don’t believe this.

    You playing the Devil’s advocate right David?

  39. The Scout | January 16, 2012 at 8:42 AM “Why should I have a change of heart? It is the children that I’m worried about. Let us learn a lesson from Jesus the Christ, he wasn’t wrong when they crucified him, but he willingly gave up his life to save mankend. I exort Mr Broomes not to concede defeat but willing give up his position (for a price obviously) to save a young generation, you will be my martyr.

    Dear Scout: It pains me to have to point out to you that martyrs DO NOT TAKE MONEY FOR THEIR MARTYRDOM.

  40. Quoting Peter Wickham in the Sunday Sun of January 15, 2012 page 11A “contrary to popular belief, schools are not managed like plantations (top down)”
    And quoting Ezra Young on pages 22 and 23A of the same newspaper”The history of the Caribbean is rooted in slavery and colonialism, which bequeathed a legacy of master-servant type relationships…and one of the positives that will probably arise from this issue is that it will help highlight the importance of recruiting and choosing the best people to lead organizations. There is no gaurantee that an individual who is technically capable posesses the human relations skills that will create harmony…so we may have to pay closer attention to training people for higher office in order to minimize the conflict that will inevitably arise…People don’t go on strike capriciously; the strike weapon is the most extreme form of industrial action and research has shown that unions resort to [strikes] when all other avenues have failed…At Tansitor the situation changed dramatically when the CEO was changed, and I am saying that at Alexandra that can also be replicated.

    If you haven’t read Peter and Ezra you should.

    Ezra who is retured was formerly a Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education.

  41. Someone asked earlier about the role of the principal’s union. I expect that before the week is done the principal’s union will take Jeff oneside, have a few quiet words with him and get him to see reason.

    I know because some of these same principals were forced to work with some very difficlt principals while they were teachers. Some of those who are now principals had to go court to get justice, and yes the courts granted justice.

    The principals have not all forgotten.

    They are all intelligent and and people. They will not let expediency rule.

    They will privately and effectively push for justice.

  42. @Observring

    “This is recent opportunity number 2 for Stuart to truly show “real leadership” under duress. He missed the first one (11 times) , let’s see how he tackles this one.”

    …..seems he miss this ONE also

    ….now #1 gine be in trouble if this ONE back fire..trouble brewing…(11)

    Did I hear someone say….”If all fails call elections.”

    • I have a good friend who taught at Alexandra School for one year, and during that year he received 59 memos most of which carried a notation that they were copied to the Ministry of Education, they were never sent to the Ministry. I am advised that this he is not an isolated victim in this regard. Further, I am reliably informed that the letter that was printed in the Sunday Sun, even though dated in June 2011, was only received, unsigned, in the Ministry of Education on January 6, 2012.

  43. “Dear Scout: It pains me to have to point out to you that martyrs DO NOT TAKE MONEY FOR THEIR MARTYRDOM.”

    Random Thoughts you are too funny….RFLMAO…. LOLL….Scout you should not tell people where you went to school it would shame those who attended that institution.

  44. “Dear Scout: It pains me to have to point out to you that martyrs DO NOT TAKE MONEY FOR THEIR MARTYRDOM.”

    Random unless he is one of those people who believes that there will be 20 virgins waiting for him. LOLLLL

  45. Dear islandgal246

    I appears as though Scout is an old Colridge & Parry boy.

    All I can say is that I am glad as ass a CP boy never came within 10 yards of me.

    And that my children turned out to be super intelligent.

    But I got to run and do some work now.

  46. Quoting Caswell ” I have a good friend who taught at Alexandra School for one year, and during that year he received 59 memos”

    59 memos for 1 teacher.

    Alexandra school has it seems 53 teachers. Is it possible then that the principal of Alexandra or any school writes 3027 memos a year?

    And if principals do this may I ask when do they do real-real work?

    Yes the real-real work that we the taxpayers PAY THEM WELL to do.

  47. Once in my life I had a manager who was a real idiot. Once I came back form vacation to find out that she had attempted to negatively change my terms of work.

    I went to her manager and told her either transfer me to a different manager or I can give you my resignation right now. My resignation was not accepted. Fortunate I was a member of an excellent union whose head was wiling to go to jail for her members (and indeed did go to jail for her members)

  48. Another time the supervisor was a real idiot. I held my peace as I had a new mortgage. Fast forward 20 years and our mutual manager (nw retired) told me that she was really glad when for budget reasons the office had to cut back and she was able to cut the idiot first.

  49. This thing began with an apology I think we can end it with an apology.Let Mr Broomes apologise for his remarks. Let Mrs Greaves apologise for her inistence in this matter before going to her union or the Ministry. Let the Ministry aplogise for its tardiness. Cool off now. Think on these things

  50. @ true to form

    We all would LOVE DAT ..but it was allowed to fester for 6 years…during that time things BREWED BIG BIG..BIGGER BIGGER…Now a Island unmovable .

    Blame MOE

  51. @Hants | January 15, 2012 at 7:40 PM |
    “The PM has spoken “It shouldn’t be about the contest for manhood and womanhood between adults. A word to the wise is enough,” he stressed.”

    Looks to me HANTS, like Freundel himself has joined what he describes as a “contest for manhood and womanhood.”

    His machisimo talk about dealing with the matter “fearlessly” is bold talk from a man who has so far NOT dealt resolutely with anything that has come before him. Seems he is till waiting for David Thompson to come back, before he ‘CHANGE ROUND THE FURNITURE” (his words not mine)

    Freundel and his ministers got me real confused man. Inniss declared on BrassTacks Sunday that his ” guhment” (that’s how he constantly pronounces the word “government”), will move with speed to solve the Alexandra issue, but on the other hand, Jones the Education minister took long long long before doing very little it seems.

    Jones then hands off quickly to Freundel who snatches the batton and declares (like a bull in a china shop) that he has NOT been following the iissue, only hearing peripheral noises, yet he will solve it quickly and fearlessly! ONLY FREUNDEL!

  52. …seems that none of us have any clue… So why would the ‘guhment’ be any different…’

  53. Last week Jones said he would be willing to broker a solution even if it took until after Wednesday, lo, and behold he passed it over after a short while. Was Jones s-e-p-a-r-a-t-e-d from this problem and by whom? If Jones was separated so that the Bossman could look good ? Would it take a week a month or a year to come to an end? By the way Stuart said he was not following the matters in any deliberate way. If this is so how can we have a quick solution? The process has my full blessing but I doubt we will have a solution soon. Think on these things

  54. @David
    Am I missing something here or what ? Have the warring parties met at a single meeting yet? I have missed this. Think on these things

  55. @true to form

    To add to what you have asked, why has the CPO not responded to the BSTU’s request for a meeting. Has the BSTU been poorly advised?

  56. @Caswell
    “carried a notation?” was it a cc.? did it say to who in the Ministry??

    @Porter and Bush Tea
    Agreed. Many people in positions of power and authority don’t have a clue.

  57. @David and true to form
    The contents of that letter may indicate the delay in responding, or at least an ignorance of how to.

    If as CPO, a union, who you should not be dealing with directly based on law and protocol, writes to you, demanding that you hold a meeting with them “now”, the agenda of which (set by the BSTU mind you) is for them to tell you not just to remove a sitting Principal from his position based on your demands but how to do so….. tell me, what would your response be??? Can there really be one???

    And let’s add in that at the time the letter was sent to the CPO, the BSTU was following the “speech day grievance” line of argument. That changed when the term started back.

  58. It seems that when you give a man a position he becomes a dictator and when you promote a man to the top, the staff resorting to mutiny. Old onions bags yuh smelling up de place reel baddd… I can smell yuh from far away. I agree wid yuh dat de only ting FS can do is to call an election.

    I am sure there are more situations like these in the public service, perhaps this is the start of our Bajan Spring.

  59. When the immovable meets the intractible. Something has to give.Can the PM counsel Broomes to move ? Can he cause the teachers to remove their single demand from the table? David you should be taking bets on how early a settlement can be reached. Let us settle this over a bowl of fish soup in Fisherman’s Pub. I cannot believe this is insoluable.
    Think on these things

  60. @Islandgal 246

    Please don’t misquote the onion bag.

    You seems to miss the jest. (it was… he should do the usual = nada)…… he will call the elections definitely like everything in this *guhment*…at the last moment.

    Cheer up, I must buy you some air freshner

  61. @true to form
    “If Jones was separated so that the Bossman could look good ? Would it take a week a….”

    What if Jones separated himself ?
    What if PM rush in and it back fires…..(still stalemate) ?
    Could the 11 be looking for ammo to aid and abet their future letter ?
    What if the world came to and end?
    what if…

  62. Scout,my brother,I forgot to wish you & your family all the best for 2012.
    This Alexandra issue is the most childish national issue I ever experience in Barbados by big people who call themselves adults.I totally agree with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart assessment of this issue – two adults trying to assert manhood & womanhood
    Look at who is leading a bunch of so-called educated Black Barbadians – white frothy looking Patrick Frost and a mixed race mutant Mary Redman.
    This is a golden opportunity for Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to act in a manner that will bring about a resolution to this nonsensical issue.If Freundel Stuart is able to bring about a speedy resolution and act in a decisive manner on this issue,I believe his image would be enhanced.Well if he does not then we all can conclude we have a lame duck ineffective person as Prime Minister of Barbados.

    David & BU & Brother Scout,there will be an induction ceremony for all newly approved Barbadians who have gotten their citizenship.The ceremony will be held on Saturday 28,January 2012 at Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre formerly Sherbourne Conference Centre.

  63. To Check it Out:
    I am not sure Fruendel thought through what he was saying at the St. Lucy Church. Maybe the euphoria of seeing so many of his friend-nemies in one place went to his head or his blood sugar was a bit too high at that point in time. If the coup did not completely do him in, this one shall if he does not play his political hand very well.

  64. I my humble opinion, the whole strategy for dealing with this issue is wrong. It has become an emotional negotiation on the single point of whether the Principal stays or not.
    The Minister should say he is not going to deal with any request for the removal of Broomes on such a global basis but that he will deal with the individual issues of substance.
    The real issues are each of the incidents which have happened over the years which have led to this dispute and the legal background and position of the players in relation to those.
    For each incident there must be facts which support or deny the position and these have to be assessed against the roles and authorities of the teachers and Principal. As an example:
    – did broomes instruct the teacher to teach the class?
    – was it within his authority to do so?
    – did the teacher refuse to teach the class?
    – was she entitled to refuse?
    – did she have any reasonable explanation as to why she did not comply?
    Somewhere behind this dispute is a series of individual answers, which if they could be properly seen, would help to sole the whole sorry mess.
    The BSTU would, I guess, rather not go this route as I cannot imagine that any teacher or group of teachers would have any entitlement under the terms of their employment to call for the dismissal of their superior.

  65. @ac | January 15, 2012 at 10:46 AM |
    “… a teacher dared to stand up for a good education of the chidren”

    u are determine to be blinded by your own stupidity. how could she claim to have children’s education at heart yet refused to teach another set of children for an entire year? no, she wanted to dictate to mr. broomes that she was in charge, not he. protocol dictates that u obey your employers whether or not you believe them to be correct in their demands. You seek higher authority but in the meantime, you continue doing what you were paid to do. if she knows she was wrong, did she write a letter to the MOE telling them that she intended to not teach the class assigned to her until mr. broomes returned her to her regular class? did they give her written permission to do such? if the answer to both is ‘No” then she was in breach of her contract with her employee and should be reprimanded, fired or transferred. only teenagers who are short-sighted would display such pathetic behaviour such as what she has done

  66. @Caswell Franklyn | January 16, 2012 at 11:35 AM |
    “Further, I am reliably informed that the letter that was printed in the Sunday Sun, even though dated in June 2011, was only received, unsigned, in the Ministry of Education on January 6, 2012.”

    could it also mean that where ever it was hidden at the MOE that it only appeared on Jan. 6? i have ween letters typed at least 4 months after the fact, back dated, then copied and the copy sent to the head department proporting to have been sent on the date stated on the letter, advising that the copy of an original that was sent on the date noted on the letter and accusing the department of loosing the original letter, when it actually never went anywhere. so it could work both ways.

    i have seen correspondence ‘lost’ in filing cabinets that could cause trouble for persons, then shredded when no one was looking.

  67. dragon
    We’d only have to go back to the last meeting between the mehr and the bstu in early 2011 that “supposedly” solved their issues. What ever decisions or resolutions were made there (and the breaking of them by whoever) since then would then provide the basis for negotiations. Sadly though, the bstu cannot accept this option for they have no strong case for their demands.

    • The Prime Minister said he will intervened in the matter last Sunday.

      It is the end of day on Monday after 9 days of this matter raging.

      The question therefore: when will the PM intervened?

    • I can’t believe that Minister Ronald Jones was ever a president of a trade union. He should know that he is currently performing the statutory role of the Chief Labour Officer. He should have directed his permanent secretary to report matter to the Chief Labour Officer rather than usurp those functions. If and when the CLO fails to bring the parties together, he would refer the matter to the Minister of LABOUR: NOT JONES!

      If Jones really wanted a quick settlement, he would stay away since the teachers involved have no confidence in him. Rightly or wrongly, they believe that he deceived them when he intervened the last time Broomes’s moon was full. If you speak to any of them they will tell you that he is Broomes’s friend.

  68. St George’s Dragon
    The MOE has already stated that the other matters were resolved, the two individuals apologiesd to each other and shook hands, therefore it is BAR union arrangements for the BSTU to bring back up these items. The only batter at hand is the statement made at the Speech Day and your questions have to answered. In addition, the MOE has to indicate whether or not they received the letter of complaint from Mr Broome, and the answer is in the affirmative, why he didn’t get a reply. If this matter goes to court both the BSTU and the MOE is going to look stupid

  69. Negro Man
    Haven’t heard from you for a long time, just hope everything is goodwith you. Have a HEALTHY 2012 My Friend. I glad to hear from you and read your comments, I’m appalled at what I see going down, reminds me of the old colonial days, I can’t believe in this 21 century, my black people are allowing these two red people to deny our young people from their education. This is a backward step for blacks in this country. At the end of the day the whites will send their children into the “big-up” white school, the indians have their own schools and our blacks are being disadvantaged. Why can’t they see this goes way beyond a teacher/principal matter.

  70. David
    I’ve lost my respect for leroy Trotman, how many times has he or his union,negotiate while on strike? Why should he encourage another union to do such? Did he investigate the problems from both sides or just from Mary Redman. No wonder Mr Broomes turned down the offer to meet with him at the last minute. Isn’t the BWU a menber of CTUSAB? why should he be advocating that he would get CTUSAB to support him when the Gen Sect and Pres have alreay said they are NOT taking sides. His slip is not showing EVERYTHING EXPOSE. Leroy, you have disgrace trade unionism

  71. Only people with a very low IQ would bring up RACE as an issue in this debacle. Some black people got a block pon dem shoulders and pon dem brain! Stupse…..

  72. David
    It was reported in this evening’s news, the minister of education said he would meet with the two paries, along with their representatives, and some of his cabinet ministers first and see if they can reach an agreement. failing to do this, then the P.M will be called upon to intervene. Maybe Mr Jones don’t have faith in the P.M to handle the matter, or he has been advised to deal with it on his own, maybe the Eager 11 will send a delegation headed by Sinckler to the meeting

  73. The PM will intervene when he is ready to do so. Did’nt he indicate yesterday that he had not been keeping abreast of the situation? If so, he will probably need at least 2 weeks or so to study the relevant documents, meet with individual resource persons, meet with a wide range of interested parties, study the new documents coming out of those meetings, get his assistants to develop a brief for him, etc.. It must also be realised that the office of PM carries with it a number of urgent statutory responsibilities that he just can’t put on hold which could also delay the proposed meeting.

    Yes. I think about 2 weeks would be about right with him treating the matter with utmost urgency.

    Also, during that time, the combatants might have cooled down and be willing to see reason (both of them). A strategy worthy of the Roman Consul Cicero?.

  74. David / Scout; I hadn’t heard the evening news when I wrote my last post above. Scout’s info above would, imho, significantly reduce the time frame in which the PM would be likely to meet with the parties if and when the new approach fails. Say 3 working days after the possible failure of that group to effect a resolution.

    OOPs! The Roman Consul I should have referred to above should have been Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus Cunctator, not Cicero. My mistake!

  75. What madness is this? Yesterday the PM was going to sove this matter . Now I hear it is back to Jones and a few cabinet members. Some one explain why we are going back instead of going forward? If it goes to the PM it stays there. Is this part of the inertia and toing and froing which we must suffer. Fruendel do sonething! Think on these things

    • We mentioned in an earlier comment the PM needs to insulate himself from this matter which has the potential to get nastier.

  76. @chocolate hussle

    call me stupid b ut i would have stood up to that mcguffy in more ways than one as a p;ayback for all the advantage he poured on former and present employees fuh sure we wouldn’t be having this conversation now and the only way to get his attention would be to fight fire with fire. Jeff broomes got all wunna a.sss lickers fooled..The teacher was not going to be intimated by his uncoofed and lack of managerial style, in bmy opinion she was too kind to Jeff. Wunna could keep playing “THE CHILDREN CARD” all wunna want but had not for Jeff oppressive and reactionary behaviuor is the reason the children are suffering today. . Jeff Broomes spells TROUBLE

  77. either the PM is or he isn’t no time for PM to back peddle now. He throw himself into the fray. However vegas odds would give a30% chance for his intervention

  78. It should be of great interest to hear from the Chairman of the Board of Management of the school Mr Keith Simmons on this matter. His views on Broomes’ stewardship should give valuable insight into the conduct of the man who once threatened to bar his entry to the school unless he was coming to sign a cheque.
    The half has not been told about the totally erratic behaviour of Jeff Broomes . He should however have no difficulty in pursuing a public relations career if he is forced to leave Alexandra. It is amazing how he has successfully conned a whole nation of Barbadians who seem to think that as a principal, he is a paragon of virtue. HEAVEN HELP US ALL.

  79. @true to form
    I have to admit, I share your exact sentiments. It has now become an internal DLP issue too. Stupse.

  80. @Watching Carefully

    in support….



  81. islandgal246
    Only sick minded person would play the gender card, all of you know the lady was wrong BUT SHE IS A WOMAN so SHE RIGHT. That’s all it is. I’ve heard it before and the P.M alluded to it it is the Man vs the WOMAN playing out here and some of you MS before you name (MS= MAN SOMETIMES), really think that you are greater than a man and can do without one , thanks to the modern devices many of you use.

  82. Boy I like my country, mek a mistake? Dont back down, be bullish to the end.If it wasn’t children getting the short end of the stick the whole thing would be hilarious. Yet as sad as the situation with AX got me, I cant but laugh at the next issue on the agenda where the BSTU going try to bully CXC (lol) .”We gun withdraw we markers ” as if that will hurt anyone but our own children. Give the other islands another excuse to be extra meticulous (grade like big rocks) when grading our children papers why dont you… One thing I yet to understand though is how the teacher mark the SBAs, send in the marks but not the samples? he put the SBAs in a safe and lost de combination? I thought you would have the SBAs there in front you when you enter the marks but maybe he pull the marks from the sky in the 1st place.I like how the apologists at the BSTU say ‘all dat was missing’ as if samples are something minor. The teacher in question get fire ? maybe a stern talking to.Oh i forget yuh cant tell them so nothing.

  83. @ Everybody

    Somebody spring the trap earlier….the deer a scent of pending troubles from reading BU and ..tek off like a hare rabbit.

    Good thing my ole fellow…good thing..

    • Missed the news.

      Who from the Cabinet will lead the negotiations?

      Are the ministers blessed with IR/Employee Relations expertise?

      Are the ministers selected from the Eager 11?

  84. The Knowledge
    Why should she be considered wrong, when she have Mary Redman to say she’s right and ready to cause havoc if CXC don’t accept them? There is a real sight of anarchy hitting this island. All a teacher from another school has to do is defy the principals ruling and if he reports it or speak about it HE TOO WILL BE SEPARATED.

  85. @Scout

    All we know fuh sure is that the man at the centre of this debacle was the “CAUSE: fuh all dat is happening Now all the other problems started before Amanda, Jeff is a “PIT BULL! he must be muzzled or shot ! choose your pick. Woman are not door mats to be used and abuse at will. BTW Scout what business is it of yours how a woman enjoy hers sexual practices sounds like you ain’t had none in a long time

  86. It is quite clear that Ms Redman’s position is that any matter that is not adjudicated in her favour remains unresolved. The woman actually seems to be convinced that the purpose of negotiations is to have the other side come around to her way of thinking….

    …she is family to you ac? LOLOLOL

    Now she says that she is waiting on the PM to come and settle the matter (by doing what she wants..) or she ‘will have no option but to call out the other schools…. LOLOLOL if it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

    1 – It requires a REAL man who will immediately ORDER all teachers back to their jobs or have the position declared vacant as there is NO ISSUE on the table to justify a strike.

    2 – All parties ORDERED to a meeting with a REAL chairMAN who will lay down the law on what is required for the BUSINESS OF TEACHING OUR CHILDREN

    3 – Monthly review of performance of all parties with immediate decisive disciplinary action at all signs of idiocy.

    4 – Salaries of strikers docked for all time off work

    5 – Major shakeup at the MOE with all involved demoted and sent back to teaching where ever possible.

    6 – Arrest for any union leaders or teachers who defy the imposed solution.

    Matter fixed.

  87. It is interesting how the public is now becoming aware of what is happening in the schools. Some Principals, influential cliques and some secretary- treasurers have been controlling the finances and the hiring of their friends and family members for a long time in the secondary schools. Nepotism is rife. How many persons out there know that there is a possibility of attending the Erdiston Teachers College for two years and be paid without any true connection to a school? Ask any teacher presently training at Erdiston Teachers College or any teacher connected to a rural secondary school. With the right connections you can get a salary without a teaching position.

  88. @ac

    A Daniel, a second Daniel indeed……Merchant of Venice again

    Thank you for putting somebody in their rightful place.

  89. @Bushie
    1 – It requires a REAL man who will immediately ORDER all teachers back to their jobs”

    Eliminated automatically>>>> THE MAN FROM UNCLE…and others

    What is unbelievable is the ability to have this Jykle and Hyde character to be so nice to who he wants (public) but so nasty to those he led at AX.

  90. @ Bushie

    Mrs. Redman is too polite and wellmannered a typical woman who always gives the benefit of the doubt to the Man. You see her biggest mistake was not in striking years ago when the mcguffey Broomes was telling all the employees where to go. She took too long. But then again we woman always make the mistake of thinking wunna men gonna change by then it is too late and we got to run hollering and screaming wid we tails between we legs. Anyhow for that i forgive Mary and she has my full support until he backs down to the wishes of a set of conniving men especially after being fooled by JEFF BROOMES with his empty Promises. I hope she learned her lesson. Like Jeff said”BRING IT ON” now it is time for BSTU to “POUR IT ON”

  91. @Bushie

    6 – Arrest for any union leaders or teachers who defy the imposed solution”

    What are you smoking ??? lol

  92. The General Orders states among other thins, the headteaher responsibilities
    include the suspension of any teacher for gross neglect of duty or misconduct calculated to injure the school – page 110 (h)

  93. @Caswell

    Did i not say on anoter blog that the clo could have been involved. well, well. If you were party to the neogtiaon on staurday, then you ought to be shame to comment on the matter at hand.

    • Blogger2012 | January 16, 2012 at 8:32 PM |

      Did i not say on anoter blog that the clo could have been involved. well, well. If you were party to the neogtiaon on staurday, then you ought to be shame to comment on the matter at hand.

      What is your problem? If I were paranoid, I would think that you have some unhealthy obsession with me. Did I horn you or something? I don’t need you to tell me what is appropriate behaviour. Why would I be at negotiations on this matter? Mary is a match for the bully.

  94. I see from Barbados Today that the new Employment Rights Bill is about to be debated / enacted.
    Can anyone enlighten me as what the process is for Bills like this.
    As far as I can see something gets flagged up in the press saying that Government is working diligently to get a Bill put together. No one says what the content will be, then it is up in Parliament.
    Does it go for out for consultation? How can we see what the proposals are?
    It would be a shame if any new Bill turned out to be as flawed as the Antiquities Act.
    Whatever is produced should have some possibility of avoiding an Alexandra School situation again.

  95. So onion, the problem is that teachers can only work with nice mild principals?
    Are you kidding? What Jykle and Hyde what??!

    If the boss is unpleasant
    1 – look for a job
    2 – don’t frequent his home
    3- don’t have him as a pal

    Intelligent adults learn to cope. Even children learn to cope – Like when they have unpleasant teachers….. Should they go on strike?

    That complaint about Broomes’ manner sounds more than childish…

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