Alexandra School Dispute – Who Shall Lead The Children?

Submitted by Chuckles

Mary Redman, BSTU President

I would like to divert a bit and ask you [Caswell Franklyn] to make your services available to the BSTU/Mary Redman. What is this woman doing to the school children at the Alexandra School?

I was a member of the BWU for about 18 months before I left these shores to take up employment overseas. The first thing the Late Sir Frank Walcott told a group of new members of which I was one, was that the Union doesn’t go on strike until it gets public sympathy and support. Where did this woman do her trade-unionism training? A few weeks ago she was all over the news media trying to defend the indefensible i.e a teacher submitting SBA studies late to the CXC resulting in all the students failing the subject. Today teachers at the institution wouldn’t be in the classroom due to a dispute between her union members and the principal. The biggest Trade Union, NUPW isn’t backing her and from all reports the BUT members not losing a day’s pay over a non-issue.

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  1. @ ac
    …you hear somebody “castigate or demean” females? Do you actually understand ANYTHING you read?
    Some Bloggers (inclusive of the bushman) have castigated some of the petit, baligerant and decisive members of the female species who, with the “attitude of a woman scorned” who feel that it must be their way or the Highway.
    In other words – Women like you and Islandgal.

    A wise man once said ” it is better to live in a desert than with a crabby, contentious woman”. Prov 21,19
    Check your cap….

    ,Who can find a virtuous woman? For such is more valuable than rubies…..”
    ….Pat, come back to Bim nuh….

  2. A wise man once said ” it is better to live in a desert than with a crabby, contentious woman”. Prov 21,19

    Busy T….and a wise woman once said” is better to live under a tree than to live with a insecure and spiteful piece of shit of a man”

  3. The comment by the BAPSS , as represented by Mr Winston Chrichlow, was nothing short of silly and thoughtless . Having stated the position of that body as being “solidly behind their colleague”, the body through its spokesman then went on to express the wish for a speedy resolution. The question must be asked..if you have taken up a hardline position in support of one side, how then can you ask for a resolution which, of necessity, must call for compromise? “oh judgment, thou art fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason “.
    Can’t we have a few persons who are prepared to think for a while rather than embark upon escapades of ego-tripping? I should hope for a reconsidering by BAPSS of the gravamen of its statement ; it was as bad as Broomes’ declaration that he was not backing down from his original position.

  4. @ IslandGal
    ….missed your reference, but you did a good job of reinforcing the wise man’s assessment.

  5. Just heard that the parents meeting at Alexandra was hot. A few of the striking teachers were there as parents. Students presented a petition in support of their principal (over 790 signatures). Parents giving teachers seven days to get back to work or seek to go elsewhere. Mr. Broomes received resounding support from all present. Think on that.

  6. @Wiser Now. It is called charisma. That is exactly how Jim Jones gave all those people that nice Kool Aid to drink.

    Watch out now. I am still asking are these people fit and worthy to run our schools. Not a soul ain’t answer me yet.

  7. Bush Man
    i endorse you comments made on Jan 11 @ 10.10 a.m, like you , I have many female friends and relatives, my wife ,my mother daughters, sisters and their offsring among others. I want David, islandgal246,a/c or any other woman or man, for that matter, to dispute the remarks i made. Could Mary Redman have the Foundation students welfare at heart, but yet is agitating for a total shutdown of ALL schools just to save her face and that of the BSTU? Can anyone deny that since these charity clubs amalgamated, women have dominated them forcing the men out because of their combative behaviour? Like Bushie said they believe it is their way or the Highway. I was talking to a woman one day, when another woman passed and spoke to me, . The one I was speaking to at first remarked, ” I hate she, she tell a lie on me at primary school and mek me get lick”. Would you believe these are two women in their late 50’s or early 60’s. All I could say to her was, “w”woman grow up, you too old for that stupidness”, but then that is typical woman.

  8. I know many women who openly say, they don’t want any woman friends, because they are the most dangerous people to have as friends, they laugh up in your face and stab you in the back. Unfortunately, we have some men who now fall into that same catagory, I guess its for their survival.

    • A similar case unfolding in the US:

      Updated 01/10/2012 11:33 PMTeachers Demand DOE Fire Bronx High School Principal Over Lewd Comments
      By: Lindsey Christ
      Teachers rallied on Tuesday for a Bronx principal to be fired after investigators found he made inappropriate remarks to female staffers. NY1’s Education reporter Lindsey Christ filed the following report. A report by the Department of Education Office of Equal Opportunity found that a Bronx high school principal shared vulgar comments with female staffers at least twice, yet teachers on Tuesday protested in the Bronxdale section of the Bronx that the department let such a man keep his job.

  9. The things we DO to divert …common sensible thoughts…tying to win this debacle thruvia the media.

    Barbados uses English Laws.. not American.

    Peoples >>>>.Don’t be deceived

  10. @David
    “A little PR just may go a long way at damage control and getting the “Getridofbroomes” train back on track. This thing has gotten ugly fast.”

    David..I say to you..
    Tell me when and where next the” GROB train” boarding..

    I LOVE IT…real

    I gine B there… (time to sing now)……D fire Blazin and d Water Hot…it is time to put Uncle Jeff in the Pot..( I hope he reads this..fa real )….D man go B so vex den…lol sweat pun ee nose and ting…ouch..LOL

    my lil girl now ask me if I wants to puts downs Uncle Jeff wid a Hata-attcck..

    CERTAINLY gota pay D piper… is bout time ..fa all d evil done.

  11. +ve | January 11, 2012 at 9:21 PM |

    @ IG246: u gine tek dah?

    You having some fun nuh? I can take much more and outlive miserable OLD GEEZERS like Bush Tea and Scout LOLLLLL

  12. When the cat is away ..

    BONNY PEPPA would da t’row some serious licks in some ah dese manjacks ’bout hey … 🙂

    BONNY I hope yah lookin’ down … Talk to BBE an’ ask he to spare somebody ass down hey … ha ha ha ha

  13. All secondary schools in Barbados are not equal.The 11 plus exam perpetuates the elitist mentality that some secondary schools are better than others.Alexander is one of the older secondary schools that you pray your child pass for.No one feels good when their child pass for Parkinson. Then again you are allocated to Parkinson as no one is viewed as having pass for that school.

    Most of the problems at Alexander secondary school has to do with the fact that some secondary schools are more equal than others.I am sure that the problems at Alexander school are unheard of at Grantley Adams and or St. George secondary.The parents at these newer secondary schools take it for granted that their children will get whatever education they can.However, here I am reading that the parents of children at Alexander school ,believe they have the right to expect a far superior delivery of education to their children.So much so that the parents have the inalienable right to sit in the class room and ensure they children get that quality education, that a pupil receives from an older secondary school.After all they child was not allocated to one of those schools but pass the 11 plus for Alexander school.

  14. Scout at 6:05 p.m. “I was talking to a woman one day, when another woman passed and spoke to me, . The one I was speaking to at first remarked, ” I hate she, she tell a lie on me at primary school and mek me get lick”

    But Scout JESUS himself said “If you bring a gift to the altar and know that you have aught against your brother, leave you gift at the altar and go and be reconciled to your brother”

    Most people want to be forgiven, but they do not want to repent. That way does NOT work.

    JESUS himself instructed us that it works this way: repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation.

    It is not too late for the person who sinned aginst the other at primary school, to go to her school mate, to repent, and to ask for forgiveness.

    Only then can reconcilation occur.

  15. Quoting ANgela Ifill “Alexander is one of the older secondary schools that you pray your child pass for”

    Man Angela nobody don’t pray for thier child to get into Alexandra.

    However ev’ry Bjan parent does pray, morning, noon and night that their Little Johhny’s and Susie’s get into HC or QC.

    People accept Alexandra if they child CAN’T make it into HC, or QC, or maybe Caw’mere of St. Mike’s

  16. @Angela Ifill | January 11, 2012 at 11:13 PM |
    “….Alexander is one of the older secondary schools that you pray your child pass for”

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA..U really serious?…O M GOSH. LORD HAVE MERCY (stumbling away with tears running down my face). mam u gotta be kidding me!

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