UPDATE On Alexandra School Matter – Strike Action LOOMS!

Laurie King, Chief Education Officer (l) Ronald Jones, Minister of Education (r)

Mona Robinson, the general secretary of the BSTU wrote to the Chief Education Officer, Mr King, by letter dated Sunday 02 September 2012. The letter was received 03 September 2012. The subject of the letter purports to be in order to clarify matters relating to Alexandra School.

BU notes that this letter was copied to the Permanent Secretary in the MoE, among others. BU also notes with considerable surprise that the letter is NOT copied to BSTU’s counsel, Mr Hal Gollop. May we therefore infer that BSTU has written and sent this letter without having taken competent legal advice?

Ms Robinson, referencing comments made by Mr King on 31 August 2012 states that there are no assurances given in respect of comments on Jeff Broomes and demands that BSTU be supplied with answers in writing to the list of 10 points.

These points include, but are not limited to:

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0 thoughts on “UPDATE On Alexandra School Matter – Strike Action LOOMS!

  1. @ AMUSED!

    YEAH YEAH YEAH! on what grounds are you and observing going to charge the eldery and distinguished ladies with perjury and conspiracy. i read that affidavit that BRoomes attorney sent to the commission and now as you guys suggested to the AG and if i received such nonsense from two legal beagles i would throw it in the garbage . you guys are grabbing at twigs to defend Broomes who said and has locked himself into admitting that his fingerprints did the writing of the letter presenting in the evidence. another thing how many lawyers are juries we the jurist might not be highly skilled in the theatrics of lawyers but we know when we are being hoodwinked.

  2. @ac. The implied threat in the letter is “immediate”, i.e., to use the BSTU’s own terms “without delay” and “immediate exercise”. The whole tone of the letter speaks to “immediate” or “at once” and “OR ELSE”.

    But, ac, once again you try to twist it back upon itself by suggesting that David apologise instead of the Vice Prinicpal (for perjury) and the Union (for calling a strike that has cost the taxpayer well in excess of $600,000. Also, for having put into evidence fraudulent and conspiracy evidence. But will ac call upon the BSTU and its VP to apologise for wasting the time and money of the Bajan people? Hell no. She will try to spin it (inexpertly) so that everyone, starting with BU, apologises to the perjurer and the union that is trying to hold the education of our youth and the whole country to ransom.

    BUT, has everyone noticed that ac has seen the letter? She has, you know. She has seen that letter. Why has ac not provided BU with a copy of this letter that she has so clearly seen, instead of demanding an apology sight unseen?

    Never mind, ac, David seems also to have a copy of the letter and so we will also be able to enjoy the intimidatory skills of Ms Robinson. I will tell you one thing. Unless Hal is losing his touch which I sincerely doubt, that letter was never written with either the assistance or input of counsel.