BSTU Dispute With St. Michael Secondary School

Mary-Anne Redman, BSTU

“The BSTU raised the matter at the Subcommittee of the Social Partnership on 25th August, 2017 and asked that the Minister of Labour use her good office to exert influence towards getting the Grievance heard. Government Minister, the Hon. Donville Inniss, while there expressed his horror at the matter, and stated his concern that if the BSTU were forced to take action, the fault would lie with the recalcitrance of the senior officers”BSTU Press Release 10/09/2017

Don’t you shut down this school system because you feel your child ain’t get what you want, because I going to then do what I have to do to ensure my child gets what he rightfully deserves in this country, which is a sound education” – Nation newspaper 11/09/2017

The above are extracts from a BSTU press release on a break in the grievance procedure which was shared on the weekend, the other a quote from the local press which covered Minister Donville Inniss addressing a DLP constituency meeting on the weekend as well.

If we accept that the report from the BSTU is accurate then clearly Minister Donville Inniss played politics with a serious issue on by casting a slur on the character of President of the BSTU Mary-Anne Redman. The dispute between the BSTU and the St. Michael School must be assessed based on the merits of the case and not whether the person at the centre of the matter is related to Redman.

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  1. Donville Inniss has to rise above the level of the sluttish behaviour that he seems to be so good at. This man is a government minister that should be setting an example but it would appear that he is more comfortable in the gutter.

  2. As Bajans would say……” he does push his mouth in everything that dont concern him.”

    He likes to be termed……the outspoken minister……….

    I am yet to hear him “push his mouth” in the DLP business and tell the PM and Chris Sinckler that they are destroying with this country with their ill advised policies. The shiiite that these two are doing to this country is far worse than what he is implying that Mary Redman would do.

    The man is just a bold faced hypocrite…… is about time this country is shut down as these beeches have no intention of leaving even though they cannot get the country managed…..
    they prefer to wait until the country is literally on its knees with no foreign exchange to then call an election and hand the problem over to somebody else.

  3. so awesome. we normally wish to fulfill our dreams, but this journey to accomplishment faces many bottlenecks . We need education to survive and thus, we are surviving because some knows something after being educated.

  4. Because a matter deserves attention does not mean that it carries the same significance as the education of Barbados’ children. Just like fighting to be paid while on strike does not rise to the level of importance of the education of Barbados’ children. If a temporary teacher, whether the son of a union leader or messenger, believes that an injustice has been done in not being reassigned, get a lawyer and go to court, but leave Barbados’ children out of it.

  5. What is concerning about this incident is the ‘boldfaceted’ act by Donville Inniss to express sentiments at a sub committee meeting of the social partnership and then brazenly contradict it in public for the sake of political expediency. This is the kind of thing we cannot allow to pass from out public officials. We have to hold them accountable. Response like that coming from Alien above adds to the problem by encouraging these political pariahs to feed their naked political ambitions at the expense of the national interest.

  6. @ David
    Give Bushie a break…
    This is vintage Dumbville Inniss.

    The man jumps up and says whatever he thinks will get him political milage at the particular minute…
    He is neither here nor there… principle plays NO part in his utterances. He typifies the DLP.
    We have already established this…

    The union could REALLY go and look for something to do… cause making a case out of some shiite that Dumbville said in the first place …was irrational.

    …this is like cussing a monkey for stealing bananas….

    • @Bush Tea

      Did you read the press release? Have you been following this matter at St. Michael since it broke? If there is a legitimate case the young man was victimized because he is the son of Redman then the union is within its right/mandate to defend protect his interest.

  7. A minister contradicting himself is relatively insignificant compared to a union wanting to equate the non-rehiring of a temporary teacher to the level of importance of the education of Barbados’ children. The two matters just do not equate. Do they need King Solomon to tell them that killing the school system because they cannot get part of it is wrong?

    • @Alien


      The mouthings of Inniss, Jones Estwick et al have all served to undermine the confidence of a system of governance that is suppose to promote integrity and all these good things. We have to hold our officials accountable. Recently there was the mouthing by Jones on the SBA issue. We have to send a strong message this must stop, the very children you want to hold up as the reason not to do it is the same reason we have to, they are observing.

    • That maybe Alien but we have to do the right thing, all the time. If we get it wrong sometimes it must be for trying to do the right thing.

  8. @ David
    Alien is right.

    If the teacher was victimised, then certainly, steps should be taken against whoever perpetrated the victimisation…. and NOT because of any personal relationship to Redman either… BUT because it is what the union should do IN EVERY SUCH CASE.

    If the union has failed – in other similar cases, to take action in support of teachers in SIMILAR situations, then Bushie is LOATHED to support any such action because it HAPPENS to be family…

    As far as the shiite government is concerned, Bushie has long been saying that the shiite unions should have CLOSED THE PLACE DOWN right after the march – after Froon ignored the FACT of 30,000 Bajans (including Bushie) marching in Bridgetown.

    Don’t come now on some shiite point of a minister telling lies (an EVERYDAY occurrence in Barbados) and talk bout extreme actions …because it is family…?

    Brass bowl logic is too convoluted for bushmen…

    • @Bush Tea

      Alien is wrong!

      There is a collective bargaining agreement and a grievance procedure to address potential disputes. If one party ignores then the union must do what it must given the landscape.

  9. Someone please tell Alien (appropriate moniker) that teachers and their fair treatment fall within the definition of a school system. We also need to stop appointing political opetatives with their party’s interest at the core or whatever they do. What has Karen “Wigs” Best achieved as CEO, and what made her suitable for the post besides being a friend of Minister Jones? #incompetenceallround

  10. Another day, another Education issue in Bim…….sigh…..Reading between the lines I gather that the teacher is the son of the BSTU Prez but despite the glowing reports he could be an example of The Peter Principle or someone has it in for the Prez. Agree that Inniss should have kept his pie hole shut but politicians gotta talk. I also note the presence of Sandra Forde what else can go wrong?

    • @Kevin

      Don’t you think a statement made in the full glare of a sub committee meeting of the social partnership can be verified? Always the partisan!

  11. @ David
    The truth is that we are ALL wrong.
    Some SERIOUS shiite is wrong with this place – and we are all pretending not to notice – while fiddling with little nonsense issues.

    Is it not OBVIOUS that ANY shiite, with which this woman Sandra Forde is associated, will turn into jobby? Is this the same Sandra Forde from Transport Board? … the one where the employee who dared to be associated with the BLP had her personnel files exposed…?
    …the one where almost all the busses are wrecked? …where they were paying a Trini trickster to bamboozle them?

    The CHALLENGE for the union is not to fight these little shiite fires that are flaring up all over the place, but to TURN OFF THE DAMN GAS VALVE.

    If you have a fire flaring up at a gas station is not very helpful to be beating individual flames with a towel ….when the damn gasoline valve is fully open and pumping fuel into the flames… TURN OFF THE GAS FIRST.

    Bajans are too petty, and we think too small…. This is Caswell’s main problem (perhaps it is a BBBB union mentality)

    What is the point of having a big, powerful, NATIONAL union of teachers, and all they focus on is little shiite issues with individuals who ‘get unfaired’ and with pissy ministers who talk shiite – mostly because they lack the intelligence to do otherwise…?

    If the BSTU, BWU, NUPW and Caswell cannot bring this reprehensible government to a christian understanding, then they SHOULD NOT be looking for support from Bushie to go around beating any little shiite fires at gas stations with little pissy towels….
    Let us go for the shutoff valve…

    ….Bushie siding with Alien… 🙂

  12. There is LITTLE question of the accuracy of the BSTU report…
    It is how we roll in BBBBdos.

    In Bushie’s humble opinion….
    Without ANY doubt, some crass, low-minded, gutter-filth minister passed down instructions (probably at some cocktail party at Illaro court) to an equally degenerate ‘chairman’ that these ‘opposition people’ need to be taught a lesson…..

    No doubt an equally shiite-filled Board – and a balls-less Principal (devoid of any principle) could not raise the intestinal fortitude to STAND UP FOR RIGHT…. for fear of being cussed by the minister..

    No doubt, being condemned to be associated with a loud-mouth – but typically toothless Bajan Union leader, the teacher-fellow tried his level best to do a good job – only to be seen as a ‘weak link’ through which Eddykashun bosses could ‘get the last hit…’

    Total lotta shiite…

  13. Blogmaster David, this affair is relational to an Irma: you see it brewing, know it will make an tremendous impact and can only hope that you can navigate the problems well….after the unavoidable hammering.

    There is no way Ms. Redman (can John or Peter offer some etymology on the name origin for her family…gee) could not have foreseen this debacle… because everything we have seen indicates that this govt is petty and vindictive.

    I can only imagine (did the lad study at UWI) that he contemplated starting his career outside Bdos to avoid exactly this issue.

    The stressful part for him and his union leader mum is that even if he had done that successfully and returned to Bdos under a less antagonistic administration and received an appointment on the merit of that experience and skills then …. he and her would have been vilified for usurping the system.

    Alas, still the best bet for the young man is to pursue a contract off island…depending on his skill set the US are seeking teachers still…and other places too.

    Better to take some lashes overseas for awhile rather than in his cloistered, hyper-politicized home town…this is the epitome of petty BS.

  14. LOL @ Sarge
    There is a subtle difference…

    Bajans have become accustomed to the former… It’s all ’bout the place…

    When it morphs into the latter – is just AFTER it impacts with a rotating device (either a fan …or a whacker 🙂 )

  15. Trust Mr lukewarm to come up with a solution that involves running AWAY from shiitehounds.
    Why should a good teacher run away from JAs of Ronald Jones’ ilk?

    What we need to do is to fight INTELLIGENT, MEANINGFUL battles – and stop getting on like mendicant slaves begging for some pig offals to make pudding and souse next Saturday.


  16. BushTea @ 8:28… oh my Lord, come for your World! Was that post an autobiographical sketch oh yea who was a former Board Chairman.

    You have the script perfectly prosed almost down to the corner under the painting in Iilaro court where the directive was issued!😂😂

    • @Dee Word

      Why should a Barbadian who from all reports has done a good job at one of the top performing secondary schools have to ‘runaway’? The BU household has always maintained a healthy respect for Mary Redman who is prepared to fight the principle doesn’t matter who stands before her union. Her steely resolve is an admirable trait. It does not mean that all she does we agree obviously.

  17. I really do not know why people complain about free education. Since it is free, you cannot expect any specific level of quality. Soon we will figure out that not only tertiary, but also secondary education will cost at least 10,000 BBD per year.

  18. It is time for trade unions in Barbados to smell the coffee

    Thirty (30) years ago we had argued that this employer-employee model had reach its maximum and would be allowed to go no further.

    The destruction of labour was clear then, and it continues

    In France, the new President Macron, a Rothschild banker, the apparently handsome, young man, like Tony Blair that the system throws up to be their agent is seeking to dismantle the social welfare state.

    In essence workers’ rights in France are being pushed back like under the vicious Margaret Thatcher regime of England.

    Why is it not possible for Bajan trade unions not be able to see what’s happening?

    They have continued for more than 30 years to beat a dead horse when a transition towards a workers’ owned economy could have been driven.

    They missed an opportunity to own Sagicor on behalf of their workers and many others.

    They missed opportunities to develop networks of workers’ cooperatives for the control of government contracts.

    Indeed, all organizations which depend on large numbers of workers should have long been transformed into cooperatives.

    These radical actions would have removed the quasi-slave culture were people other than the workers themselves determine their destiny, decide conditions of work.

    The titular employer in Barbados may be the central government. In France, Macron is an agent for the big business people. Just elected by a supine population. In fascism there is no difference between the political and economic elites. It is high time that the trade unions in Barbados learn this lesson of history.

    All trade unions in Barbados will continue to face these ‘unfriendly’ conditions until a neo-feudalism arises. And neo-feudalism will not be avoided because of the intransigence of backward thinking trade unionists.

  19. Notice Pachamama is again flogging his worthless ideas about cooperatives that helped run Guyana into the ground.

    Management of organizations of any size involves deployment of a complex set of professional skills. It cannot be left to unsophisticated, untrained people. It cannot be under the direct control of unsophisticated, untrained people. It cannot be subject to the personal whims of corrupt politicians. That is why socialiam fails even more often than capitalism.

    Teachers should be heard only in the classroom. Their unions are a public nuisance in Barbados, spending too much time on partisan politics and too little time helping to improve the skill levels of teachers in the classroom.

    Incidentally, there is a representative from the PRIME Mathematics program selling Singapore’s mathematics textbooks in Jamaica this week. Her message: Singapore packs 40 students into the typical classroom. Classroom size does not affect teaching outcomes as much as the SKILL of the teacher.


  20. LOL, at BushTea once again…if you wanna call it too whatn to call it running away to soothe your tonsils so be it.

    If any of the number of Bajans who are teaching over-in-away now (for various reasons) and those who did for many yeras prior had seen desperation of running away rather than a wonderful opportunity to gain experience and a decent income then the entire island would have been the poorer for it.

    It amuses me no end how citizens on our beautiful island who travel extensively and benefit comprehensively from the inputs of external forces adopt such an impractical (and often, nonsensical) commentary on the value of experience earned outside our 166 Sq miles island ….just totally amusing.

    • London Morris

      Isn’t interesting to see minister Denis Lowe driving a Vitara with the same number as that on the big ride he came under criticism? The vehicle leased from Brathfait?

  21. @Bush Tea September 12, 2017 at 6:19 AM ‘cussing a monkey for stealing bananas”

    In defence of monkeys. Monkeys cannot steal. Stealing implies that the one doing the stealing knows right from wrong.

    As a country person with a lifetime’s worth of working the land, please note that monkeys only take cultivated bananas when there is no wild food in the gullies.

    Even a human being who takes food to assuage immediate hunger is not stealing.

    Here is what your BBE has to say in the second chapter of the Gospel of Mark

    “One Sabbath Jesus was going through the grainfields, and as his disciples walked along, they began to pick some heads of grain. The Pharisees said to him, “Look, why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?” He answered, “Have you never read what David did when he and his companions were hungry and in need? In the days of Abiathar the high priest, he entered the house of God and ate the consecrated bread, which is lawful only for priests to eat. And he also gave some to his companions.” Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”

    So they were not breaking the Sabbath, and they were not stealing. Taking food to assuage immediate hunger is not stealing. And any law which says otherwise is defective and we are under no moral obligation to obey it.

    **And it probably wasn’t their fields either. Lolll!!!. Remember the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

    Here ends today’s sermon.

  22. @Enuff September 12, 2017 at 7:09 AM ” What has Karen “Wigs” Best achieved as CEO, and what made her suitable for the post besides being a friend of Minister Jones? ”

    Good questions.

    Can anybody answer?

  23. @Tron September 12, 2017 at 8:09 AM “Send your children to private secondary schools and be happy!”

    Where is the money going to come from?

    And if you can’t pay your children’s school fees, then how can you be happy?

  24. @Bush Tea September 12, 2017 at 8:17 AM “where they were paying a Trini trickster to bamboozle them?”

    bamboozling them? or bamboozling us?

    Because when the sh!t hits the fan is is we the taxpayer who has to pay for the whole cleanup.

  25. @Tron September 12, 2017 at 8:40 AM “I really do not know why people complain about free education. Since it is free, you cannot expect any specific level of quality. Soon we will figure out that not only tertiary, but also secondary education will cost at least 10,000 BBD per year.”

    Look you…

    We know it ain’t free

    We know how much taxes we pay.

    We expect good value for our good money.

  26. @ Simple
    Monkeys cannot steal. Stealing implies that the one doing the stealing knows right from wrong
    Speak for your monkeys…
    The ones up here wicked as shiite!!!
    They even laugh get on waxy when yuh shout and complain…

    You soon read in Barbados Today about a monkey with a whacker stuck up his donkey…. 🙂

  27. David

    Leave Lowe alone for now………………..he is enjoying himself with LEC issue and the Leader of the Opposition. That will sooner pass than the Cahill political sting replete with emails, in person meeting recordings and telephone call recordings. A few fish are in the net and they know it.
    Who signed the first agreement with Cahill again?

  28. @ Hal Austin at 1:02 PM

    In our retirement we need to laugh at trivia. Many of us are so dismayed at the outpourings of supposedly intelligent educated people. Unless we do this we will spend the rest of our lives in depression. LOL!!!!

  29. Anybody notice the political touts have been very quiet recently? A topic like this has all the ingredients for fireworks. Even DK seems to have heeded advice and put social media on mute. The calm before the storm? Or the eye?

  30. Wonders never cease.One reads in the newspaper of Kellman addressing the UN.I am sure the English speaking members were wearing their translation audio aids.Look what the UN come to.
    Another wonder was reading of Donville Inniss,who is more comfortable on Skeete’s Bay with his buddies,Inniss was referred to in the newspaper as a Senior Minister.Since when is there such a grade in the public service pay scales?

  31. Why does the dlp and its yardfowls who end up as chairpersons feel that only the people who support the dlp are entitled to have a job in Barbados?

    Only dems and their lackies are entitled to earn a living in Barbados it would seem.

    I read Corey Worrell’s column earlier this year when he wrote that he was removed as a teacher after he wrote that he had attended the BLP’s Fed UP March. As I was reading the column when he spoke of the march, I said ….this fellow is bold to write that he attended the march and his reasons for doing so.

    I said to myself does he not understand how vindictive this government is…………next thing I read that he was not asked to return for the next term without any explanation and the person who took his position never taught the subject before.

    I am siding to Mary in this matter……..Donville Inniss is a two mouth hypocrite.

  32. Gabriel

    It was interesting to read Dr Mascoll’s column last Thursday.

    Mascoll said that when he was the leader of the Opposition and he wanted to appoint Freundel Stuart as one of the two DLP senators……..David Thompson and none other than Chris Sinckler along with the elders of the party objected to the decision.

    And foolish Freundel turn around and named Sinckler as Finance minister over David Estwick…………….well that turned out so well for Barbados……..didn’t it?

  33. No comments concerning Donville’s swipe at the reputation of Barbadians as outlined in todays press. How many Bajans have complained to him about not wanting to contribute to the regional disaster effort to inform his chracterization that Bajans are a selfish lot.

  34. I was wondering why Denis Kellman was so quiet and if he had actually heeded “moutha” Donville Inniss warning to keep off of social media…..when low and behold I heard the news that he was in New York to address the UN. But looka my crosses though!!!

    I was in a gathering this weekend and some of the people there were laughing at this saying they wonder if he took along some advisers to act as interpreters. OMG!!

  35. …..”because you feel your child ain’t get what you want, because I going to then do”…..

    From de mout of a minista who did was get a good edykashun.

    de reason why is because decausin ahm …….

  36. Prodigal
    Don’t forget Staurt ran against Thompson for leadership of the party in 05 or 06 and had a few choice unflattering words to describe what he thought of Thompson including his complexion and background.Based on his harangue to the annual conference on Sunday Sept 3rd regarding Mia and her background,it appears that Stuart shows an inferiority complex and every so often it controls him.
    Stuart knows Sinckler went to the GG on more than one occasion to remove him from the PM position and knows that Sinckler the rabble rouser can cause him a few sleepless nights if he decides to make some more moves.One is therefore not surprised to see Stuart backing Sinckler,going as far as to call him eminent.Sinckler is Stuart’s meal ticket and not the other way round.Sinckler can silence all those DLP parliamentarians including the primus inter pares.

  37. Gabriel,

    Sinckler instead as PM? The rating agencies would downgrade Bim to Triple-Z within the next 24h hours. You can say about any party in Bim what you want. But Sinckler is a class of his own.

  38. Gabriel

    Knowing all of this what does this say of the man Freundel Stuart?

    The man does not care what any of the ministers of his cabinet do as long as he can stay as PM.

    What other PM would tolerate a man like Michael Carrington sitting in an esteem position as the Speaker of our Parliament and this fool we have as a PM tells him to get a lawyer…….because the Speaker knows that the PM cannot touch him otherwise Freundel would not be PM any longer.

    Freundel is a hypocrite, is deceitful and ungrateful.

    After he found out that Sinckler was the leader of the gang of 11 and tht they had gone to the GG to have him removed as PM, he wrote OSA and begged him not to join with them to bring him down. The GG told the uneducated idiots of parliamentary procedures that the PM could only be removed by a vote in the house. OSA who had by this time taken over the BLP and OSA said he wrote in jest on the said beggar note ……..and while you are at it, can you take Mia off my hands.

    OSA saved the bastard’s hide and what did he do to OSA in return….used the part of same note in an elction ad against the same OSA who saved him from Sinckler………and the idiot made Sinckler MOF again……………can he be that stupid or did he have no choice?

    Blackmail, perhaps?

  39. There are some poisonous elements in barbados hell bent on destroying the social framework of barbados and have now become embolden and brazen to attach themselves to unions and have also infiltrated the opposition party
    All the noises being heard from these quarters are not new , However the messages are so designed to create havoc among the masses
    Barbados has now entered an era of a widening o the entitlement basket so much so that those who have made it to the top of the education ladder are willing to pull the ladder from beneath the feet of the most vulnerable
    The govt of the day are highly aware of the actors and actresses living with the bosom of certain political quarters and would leave no stone upturned to pinpoint and shame these impostors Exhibit A Charles Herbert who has diligently served his purpose to undermine barbados social framework like a fox watching the chicken coop while laying in wake to attack
    Our education system is now again under attack by mongoose always on the prowl

  40. AC

    “some poisonous elements in barbados hell bent on destroying the social framework of barbados”

    Do you think of the big Moustache with his Blackrockian behaviour here? As long as Big Sinck is MoF, no foreign investor will come to Barbados without heavy subsidies at the taxpayer´s expense.

    We even turned Dr Worrell around. He is now repeating our demands word by word. There is no sane advisor anymore to assist the MoFs position.

  41. ”Barbados has now entered an era of a widening of the entitlement basket so much so that those who have made it to the top of the education ladder are willing to pull the ladder from beneath the feet of the most vulnerable”

    Who is the group that has placed heavy fees on University students??

    Not some fictitious ‘poisonous elements’.

    But really, you know people are desperate when they use the age old method of scapegoating and pointing fingers at all but themselves.

    Run the place, don’t point fingers.

    Oh, and because Herbert and others speak out, they are ‘shamed’ and ‘victimised’???

    I thank you for that clarification Angela Skeete above, good to know that we are now Zimbabwe-esque.

    You speak out, you will be shamed. The sheep MUST fall into line!?

    Wow, just WOW.

    What an approach. Shame the messenger, ignore the message.

    Any half-wit can now see why investors would not come within a mile offshore. Well, most ‘rational’ investors, without an ‘agenda’, of course.

    But yes, investors like those who formed that Cahill ‘thing’ (what else can that be called, what the heck was that?) will come.

  42. Further Angela (spokesperson for ,.,,,) stop your nonsense and admit that these people who speak out are alarmed at the depredation in the social fabric of Barbados, are desiring to return to some of the old good values, not the corrupt and morally bankrupt practices of today?

    Yet you accuse them of being responsible for it.

    Really Angela, come now. Get real.

  43. “…………here are some poisonous elements in barbados hell bent on destroying the social framework of barbados and have now become embolden and brazen to attach themselves to unions and have also infiltrated the opposition party
    All the noises being heard from these quarters are not new”…………………..


    Look in the mirror first, yardfowl! I well remember the barrage of criticism, lies and inuendo prior to 2008. The DLP is reaping what it has sown……….sad thing is, we are now all having to live with it.

    Call the damn election ……..words from the dead king in 2007.

  44. Barbados was built off the hard labour and backs of an uneducated people in a time when the poor and most vulnerable where shut out of an elitist system who saw nothing good or worthwhile to help the struggling poor barbadian
    Now and present the elitist have armoured themselves with a defiant attitude of not wanting to give of their fair share however filled with bombastic propaganda and a negativity of good will towards the country
    I remember well the village shopkeeper the shoemaker and the bread maker and the list goes on all poor and hardworking asking nothing of govt but were able to procide inspite of and despite of closed doors
    But now here and present barbados is being pressured to give to a pack of one mongoose whohave embedded themselves among the poor who feels and have a sense of entitlement
    Well i’ll be damned

  45. Politics can be very interesting.

    On January 7, 2008, one of BU’s resident DLP yard-fowls, “Wishing in Vain,” wrote the following comments about the BLP and its chances in the 2008 general elections:

    “Wishing in Vain January 7, 2008 at 10:57 AM #: Please let me suggest to you that the BLP have no safe seats in this election ZERO SAFE SEATS TO THE BLP, the contempt and the dishonesty, the fraud, the scams, the kickbacks, the WAR in the BLP Camp, the PM’s ARROGANT and POWER HUNGRY STATEMENTS, I AM SPECIALLY MOTIVATED NEVER TO SEE THE DLP HOLD OFFICE AGAIN, are all coming home to roost right now. The reality is that each and every one of them is now situated in no man’s land…..”

    Perhaps his/her comments were valid at that time. However, if we were to analyse the current situation within the DLP, “Wishing in Vain’s” comments are also descriptive of the DEMS as they are about to contest the 2018 general elections.

    All we have to do is replace “BLP” with “DLP.”

  46. Angela,

    One question and one only. Here you go.

    Will the government commit to having United Nations representatives fully and without encumbrance, supervise the 2018 Barbados general election, in all aspects, including the six weeks prior to the election and all facets of the election, including polling stations, electoral register, ballot boxes, count etc?

    If yes, well done.

    If no, then you can yabber all that you want, but it means nought.

    If I were the in decision making in the opposition, any of the parties, I would be communicating with both government and UN, demanding that the election be supervised.

  47. @Crusoe: “Any half-wit can now see why investors would not come within a mile offshore. Well, most ‘rational’ investors, without an ‘agenda’, of course.

    But yes, investors like those who formed that Cahill ‘thing’ (what else can that be called, what the heck was that?) will come.”

    In the same vein, does anyone know what is happening about the Dean Del Mastro project(s)?

  48. The elitist for the most part and time had not care or give a god dam rats a.sss about the poor , however now that they see some of their profits slipping away . They have found a safe haven out of necessity to attach themselves to the poor in dubious fashion an indicator which serves their iterest
    Well for the most part the poor has always been among us but have now become a token of appreciation for an elite group whose only interest is to protect what is theirs and country be damned

  49. @AC

    “Barbados was built off the … backs of an uneducated people.”

    And today the most uneducated man sits in the Ministry of Finance and delivers loud speeches in a Blackrockian manner which drives every investor 100,000 miles away.

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