BSTU Dispute With St. Michael Secondary School

Mary-Anne Redman, BSTU

“The BSTU raised the matter at the Subcommittee of the Social Partnership on 25th August, 2017 and asked that the Minister of Labour use her good office to exert influence towards getting the Grievance heard. Government Minister, the Hon. Donville Inniss, while there expressed his horror at the matter, and stated his concern that if the BSTU were forced to take action, the fault would lie with the recalcitrance of the senior officers”BSTU Press Release 10/09/2017

Don’t you shut down this school system because you feel your child ain’t get what you want, because I going to then do what I have to do to ensure my child gets what he rightfully deserves in this country, which is a sound education” – Nation newspaper 11/09/2017

The above are extracts from a BSTU press release on a break in the grievance procedure which was shared on the weekend, the other a quote from the local press which covered Minister Donville Inniss addressing a DLP constituency meeting on the weekend as well.

If we accept that the report from the BSTU is accurate then clearly Minister Donville Inniss played politics with a serious issue on by casting a slur on the character of President of the BSTU Mary-Anne Redman. The dispute between the BSTU and the St. Michael School must be assessed based on the merits of the case and not whether the person at the centre of the matter is related to Redman.


  • The elitist for the most part and time had not care or give a god dam rats a.sss about the poor , however now that they see some of their profits slipping away . They have found a safe haven out of necessity to attach themselves to the poor in dubious fashion an indicator which serves their iterest
    Well for the most part the poor has always been among us but have now become a token of appreciation for an elite group whose only interest is to protect what is theirs and country be damned


  • @AC

    “Barbados was built off the … backs of an uneducated people.”

    And today the most uneducated man sits in the Ministry of Finance and delivers loud speeches in a Blackrockian manner which drives every investor 100,000 miles away.



    “… IF YOU WANT to take home a larger pay packet, work harder… Former Central Bank governor Dr DeLisle Worrell said that was the reality confronting the labour force, especially public sector workers…”


  • Are we going to discuss the troubles at the BSTU?


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