The End Of Arthur’s West

Submitted by Pachamama

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Owen Seymour Arthur’s predescent cries for the resignations of the Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Central Bank and his repeated attempts to regain government by default, as if to reinforce  his perceptions of his own hagiography, deliberately ignore the pending collapse or radical restructuring of all the post Britton Woods Keynesian global management systems. These calls come at a time when there is a near absence of a public discourse in the corporate media about national security strategic responses, having several scenarios, by either political tribe; an inability to think outside the box or beyond the margins of the imposed neo-liberalism; the official fiction that we need for continuing and annual GDP growth; the unquestioning acceptance of a fiat money system and the intermediaries who make interest from the printing of paper currencies or its electronic representation and the underlying fractional reserve system; a generalized failure of economics as a

Arthur’s self-imposition of the ‘majesty’ of the economist as having special powers to make gold out of tin ignores, that as a profession, it is criminally predicated on notions of the inexhaustibility of needs; has produced gross distortions in ownership patterns everywhere; it refuses to accept that natural resources are finite; it does not account for the environmental cost to all life forms; it threatens our survival as a specie; is eviscerating the so-called middle classes everywhere; has left most of the world’s population without a distribution of the essentials for life. Only a few years ago the leading lights of his ‘magical’ profession argued steadfastly that they knew how to manage an economy in a way to avoid the worst excesses, a position still accepted by Owen Arthur today, but instead of even and continuing growth Arthur and his cohorts have produced the worst recession known to mankind. And despite the hopes of officialdom it is getting worse by the day.

During 2010 Barbados suffered two significant blows. First we had the untimely demised of David Thompson. Second, we had soft coup against Mia Mottley. At a time when the country needed two of the people who were least inclined to be labeled with the dirty title of “economist’ they were both removed. There is little evidence that either Mr. Thompson or Ms. Mottley had any real vision for a future where the country does not blindly following the dictates of the American Empire, the Washington Consensus, the IMF, The World Bank, the OECD or the International Bank of Settlements but at least they were never braggarts about being ‘economist’. In these times that maybe a good starting point despite the platitudes about Barbados as small open economy, survival is never guaranteed to any people.

Does Owen Arthur take any personal responsibility for this state of affairs? Instead as a repeat offender he now seeks to trick us again, with that smart man’s devilish smile on his face; he wants us to believe that  he has some exclusive economic formula, on the one hand, and on the other to create circumstances that would again breach the cyclical nature of the political duopoly. Therefore the country may want to consider whether the activities of Arthur may not amount to a deliberate attempt to impoverish Barbadians even when the world knows that all of Arthur’s old fashion thinking must be abandoned. The game is up. A general economic collapse could be the final stage for a  profession  that has led us all into a cul-de-sac.

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  1. All right Pachamama tell me what all this means in English (or in Bajan if you like) and then I’ll comment.

  2. Economics is the inverted political ideology, philosophy and psychology of the Cacausian man (elites).

    And, it has also long been used politically socially by this said man (and his intellectual academic companions – of whatever else race, class, sex, or creed, near or far – ) to NOT ONLY greatly assist in the vicious oppression, expliotation and degradation of many millions of his own fellow human beings, and of many millions more of non-Cacausian beings across the world, BUT ALSO to – at the same time – and – in concert with its underling – Western Finance – help bring about for him and his closest supporters of the ruling classes, the core combinations and ideological biases across many different countries, the constant and ostensible accumulation and expansion of wealth, income, status and political control across the planet and beyond.

    Therefore, so-called economists in Barbados have done thousands upon thousands of Barbadians a veritable awful disservice and disfavour of the most dishonourable treacherous kind by their continuing to present and practice a very ananchronistic discredited discipline that has long been intended to, and that has perennially resulted in making these people more poor and more vulnerable to and more dependent on this statist elitist euro-centric driven political financial system in Barbados.

    What makes it more unsavoury than that is to see that all elected governments in Barbados – since political independence in 1966 – have been prepared to swallow hook line and sinker so much of the non-sense advice coming from those same so-called economists on some supposed ways forward for Barbados.

    What is of greater distaste? is when people who are so-called economists are casually elected into the House of Assembly of the Parliament of this country on the basis of some bogus theory that they are or will be supposedly good at managing the economic affairs of the country because they are economists, and. furthermore, then when some of these same buffoons go on to occupy some very critical positions in the government of this country, they are instead seen by great numbers of people to be participating in the process of the further destroying of the best life chances of so many many people in Barbados, with their conceptualization and implementation of many inherently backward economic policies and programs.


  3. @ Just thinking about it | July 15, 2011 at 1:43 AM

    Are there “good and honest” crooks out there? Is there such a thing any way? just wondering.

    Why point the finger at one person, aren’t all politicians corrupt?

    Show me one politician that has honesty and is committed to integrity as he/she perform the tasks of the electorate and I will show you Jesus.

    The laziness of mankind have allowed the “corrupt politicians” to do what they have been to doing for eons. Mankind mentality is that someone should bring a fish for them everyday provide everything for them,that’s why the “corrupt politicians can offer them all these grand schemes and “pies in the sky” solutions and they willingly accept them without a second thought.
    Mankind should start pointing his/her finger at self, his/her laziness and his/her selfish partisan mentality, that’s what given rise to and strengthen the corrupt politicians.
    A person is the product of his/her environment

  4. owen arthur like errol barrow did make some mistakes in handling the affairs of the country but overall like mr barrow he did a good job in managing the economy of barbados between 1994 and 2009 in the face of some difficult circumstances as well. greenland, kensington oval and unproductive barbados tourism authority borrowing would probably cause him to eflect on these decisions as would seafoods, coast guard station in enterprise, cari cargo, crematorium in warrens to name a few cause mr barrow but when weighed against the good, they have nothing to be ashamed about.

  5. Downsides of Growth
    There Is a Conflict between Economic Growth and:

    (1) Environmental Protection
    A growing economy consumes natural resources and produces wastes. It results in biodiversity loss, air and water pollution, climate destabilization, and other major environmental threats.

    (2) Economic Sustainability
    A healthy environment is the foundation of a healthy economy. We need healthy soils for agriculture, healthy forests for timber, and healthy oceans for fisheries. Along with clean air for breathing and clean water for drinking, these are the building blocks of a prosperous economy and a good life.

    (3) National Security and International Stability
    When economic growth threatens the environment and economic sustainability, social unrest is the result, and national security is compromised. Economic growth was once used for building military power, but in an overgrown global economy, economic sustainability is more conducive to diplomacy and stability among nations.

    Evidence of the Conflict

    The conflict between economic growth and environmental protection is becoming more apparent as the oversized economy bumps up against limits. From depletion of ocean fisheries to loss of pollinators, from groundwater drawdown to deforestation, from climate change to increasing concentrations of toxic pollution (not to mention increasing childhood cancer rates), from massive urban slums to degraded rural lands, the consequences of too much economic growth are observable all around us.

    Ecological footprint analysis also reveals that the economy has become overgrown. The footprint measures how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb its wastes under prevailing technology. According to data from the Global Footprint Network, the footprint of all nations exceeded the biological capacity of the planet in the mid- to late 1980s. We find ourselves in a global state of overshoot, accumulating ecological debt by depleting natural capital to keep the economy growing.

    Uneconomic Growth

    Continuing to grow the economy when the costs are higher than the benefits is actually uneconomic growth. The United Nations has classified five types of uneconomic growth:

    jobless growth, where the economy grows, but does not expand opportunities for employment;
    ruthless growth, where the proceeds of economic growth mostly benefit the rich;
    voiceless growth, where economic growth is not accompanied by extension of democracy or empowerment;
    rootless growth, where economic growth squashes people’s cultural identity; and
    futureless growth, where the present generation squanders resources needed by future generations.

    The downsides of economic growth can be avoided by maintaining an optimal scale of the economy.

  6. What is the latest on the Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley relations does arthur still believe Mottley’s lifestyle unsuitable to to be a leader? What of the crusades each said they are starting any new news?

  7. @Balnce

    You mean until january 2008.

    There will have to be a new economic order. The capitalist model of development has failed us and continue to improverish the majority so that a few can emegere as billioniares to control the political process with thheir wealth.

    In Barbados we are seeing the influence of the commercial elite when it comes to election.

  8. Every time the name Owen Arthur is mentioned in Barbados…..these events spring to mind :

    * A naked and brutal exposure of the lifestyle of his former BLP leader Mia Mottley.

    * A naked scam of depositing into his personal bank accounts $ 750,000.00 in campaign funds intended for the BLP party.

    * A naked and charlatan attempt to fool Barbadians that he stands for integrity and good governance….when as the re-birth leader of the BLP he is yet to address the public disclosures by Rawle Eastmond about voter rigging/padding for the BLP 2010 Annual Conference.

    Owen Arthur will never again be taken seriously by any rational thinking person in Barbados !

    Nah !

  9. By the time the Democratic Labour Party done with BARBADOS, we will need a country. It is not just the economy but these people matching up every thing.

    EVERY THING !–Frigging blithes !!!

    They picking at the doctors
    picking at civil servants
    interferring with old people
    Frigging up Crop Over with foolish changes and decisions to the band routes, calypso competition rules governing Tents and participations–Judging five persons in a Tent and calling for less Tents and a lot of ignorant foolish -shite
    Enough is Enough—TIRED ! TIRED ! TIRED !
    Picking at Calypso Tents
    Picking at Unions
    Picking at every shite
    They looking to destroy

  10. THE DLP DESTROYING EVERY PART OF THE SOCIAL FABRIC OF THIS COUNTRY and relations with our caricom brothers and sisters.
    We are more hated now than before by our caribbean nieghbours because of this government. THIS GOVERNMENT IS SHITE “

  11. @ Peter Pan

    Be careful, you may have to come to the conclusion that there are more irrational non-thinking Bajans than rational thinking ones. LOL.

  12. The 2008 election strategy will not work in 2012-13 so the Dems better find another MO. This constant attacking of the former PM appears as though there is nothing i.e. accomplishments for DLP supporters to brag about. Prove me wrong and list some accomplishments for the past 3.5 years. Housing?

  13. @Pachamama
    Some good points BUT you should probably have made it clear that Owen benefited mightily from the tailwinds of the West’s very excessive leverage ie massive creation of fiat money.

    To blame all economists for the financial mess is unduly harsh. The economists that blindly follow Keynesian thinking are somewhat misguided. A cursory glance at Von Mises and Hayek (The Austrian School) would have set economists on a far more disciplined path.

    The real blame should be laid at the feet of Congress because they have sold out to the monied elite on Wall St and the F500 interests. It is the Politicians who permitted the repeal of nearly all the laws and rules enacted after the learned experiences of the Great Depression of the 1930s. Fractional reserve banking at ratios of 8-10:1 are very dangerous far less the 30-70:1 that resulted in the last decade. It was obvious to any sane, lucid observer that the current results HAD to happen. Capitalism is not the key culprit it is CROOKED, CONNIVING Politicians who are owned and beholden to the ultra rich.


    Economics has no racial identity, that is ABSURD! Economics can NOT be seen as a philosophy, since Centrally planned economics is still a form of economics which has many completely contradictory schools. While mistakes have been made since independence some critical decisions prevented the IMF from gaining the upper hand in Bdos that would have lead to devaluation and more hardship.

    The leftist politicians in Jamaica and Guyana in the 1970s followed the wrong Caucasians in the Soviet Union and the results in those countries opened a massive chasm in favour of Bajans standard of living. Our pols have on several occasions made the error of forgetting one of the key economic stories in the Bible, where Joseph explained the Pharoah’s dream of 7yrs of hardship following the years of plenty. The question is whether pols are solely to blame or are the electorate always willing to vote for pols who stretch the truth in order to satisfy peoples greed for “freeness”.

    @Weary Baje
    YES honest politician is an Oxymoron!

    @Green Monkey
    Regarding economic growth we must remember that you do have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette. While I agree that we have to control our pollution, one solution that the “elites” may arrive at is that overpopulation leads to more pollution and since 7BN people are not going to be essential in a fast paced future where we have nanotech, robotics and the advent of “graphene” chips, replacing silicon at speeds 10,000 times faster, their solution maybe to reduce the population by culling of upto 5BN!

    The problem is the political influence by companies producing fossil fuels and illogical people who are irrationally scared of nuclear. Over 100,000 people die annually from respiratory illnesses related to atmospheric pollution caused primarily by burning fossil fuels BUT as France has illustrated you can solve the problems of nuclear and have far less pollution. France produces about 80% of their power from this source.

    I agree that we have recently experienced uneconomic growth.

    @Just Only

    Properly run Capitalist economies “nourish the consuming spirit of humans” The very reason that the Chinese and Soviet systems failed is because humans require INCENTIVES to work hard and NOT rely on the few to produce for the many. The problem is not an incentive based economy it is a lack of objective Govt controls and policies.

  14. @Moneybrain

    Enjoyed your last comment.

    Received your last email and will put a blog up for the benefit of the BU family.


  15. @Maney Brain

    Can there be properly run socialist sytem?

    What is responsible for the global meltdown, dont tell me poorly run capitalist system.

  16. @Just Only
    The problem with a brilliantly run socialist system is that there will be a lack of incentive to motivate the majority, since they will have their basic needs met by the state. What will work for the vast majority is an incentive based system ie Somewhat capitalistic BUT with socialist underpinnings. For example, the lower income families will be given the opportunity to own their own home/ condo on a “rent to own ” basis over say 25yrs. Govt finances the building and has the lowest competent bidder develop properties. Another example is that education policy will ensure that all clever and hard working students will have the opportunity to continue their studies to University level regardless of family income.

    There is much proof that socialist practices of the recent vintage have failed miserably because it creates permanent dependence and solves very little. We should teach people how to build a successful life NOT encourage dependence. The “Robin Hood” policy of stealing large percentages of incomes belonging to clever/ successful people and giving to the poor with no performance expected over time is obviously wrong. Highly taxed people will either work less or move to a lower taxed place. The pols who believe in this nonsense are just looking for votes and dont care for their Nation longer term. They usually have massive bureaucracies that waste large sums, as in Europe whose member countries are well on their way to bankruptcy.

    The culprits to a failed incentive based economy are the pols who fail to ensure that the overly greedy dont buy their favour.

  17. @Moneybrain

    Highly taxed people will either work less or move to a lower taxed place.
    How come this does not work for the Dutch, Finns or Norwegians who live in the highest taxed countries in the world and yet rank among the world happiest? There is high taxation and there is fair taxation, to some people neither is acceptable.

    I’m not an expert on the topic of taxes but I contend that California’s current budget difficulties is directly linked to the passing of Proposition 13 in 1978.

    My final take on this subject is why do the have-nots believe the haves position on taxes is to their benefit?

  18. capitalism and socialism both have their advantages. the problem is that under both systems, greed and selfishness take root at the expense of the common good. the advantage of the capitalist system is that there is freedom of choice whereas under the socialist system the state dictates for good or ill. i was so disappointed when i see the inequality that exists in cuba with about 2% of the population living in opulence and the others scraping the bottom of the barrel and waiting on the state for barbados i would like to see a system where parliamentarians were elected to parliament to look after the interests of their constituents and not the party and leave mangement of policies conceptualised by various parliamentary bodies/committees with oversight powers in the hands of the technocrats/ civil servants.parliamentarians to effectively look after the interests of their constituents should come from the bowels of the constituency they represent. barbados and other small caribbean countries can illafford these five year charades masquerading as parliamentary democracy which only serves to to determine how to distribute the fatted calf between one party or the other to the detriment of good governance.

  19. @Money Brain

    Why has capitalism failed? Is it now time for a new world order? and if your answer is in the affirmative, how do we deal with corporate greed and coprorate deceit? You have indicated that socialism stifled creativity, and is there a thing of pure capitalism? If you argue that there is a capitalism which includes socialist element, why then havnt hat system worked to the betterment of mankind?

  20. Many tend to confuse socialism with communism. This usual occurs when such persons fail to research these isms, preferring to rely solely on cold war rhetoric to inform their understanding of these said isms. Note that the Nordic states are socialist states and are doing rather well compared to many so called capitalist nations.

  21. @Sargeant

    It is my understanding that Scandinavia has very high SUICIDE rates, so happiness is questionable. I have met many businessmen from there who conveyed to me because of high taxes they refuse to work hard an spend 2+months on holiday per year. In Toronto I run my own Investment Advisory practice and I can guarantee everyone that I refuse to work harder and take more risk on overhead and marketing costs to pay 46% taxes. Who suffers?
    Not I ! If the top marginal rate was 25-33% many more people would be incentivised to grow and therefore hire many more people who would pay taxes. High taxes result in lower growth, higher unemployment that costs the taxpayers/ Govt. It drives some of the most productive away! Remember Bim is a beneficiary of Offshore for good reasons. One rich Canadian actually insisted in his Will that all Canadian business activity had to be based abroad in lower taxed jurisdictions.

    People may claim to be happy because for many years these small countries have benefited from Govt largesse but please note that Greeks were very happy up until a few months ago. The bottom line is that in most societies you are going to fail eventually if you have “Robin Hood” based policies. WHY? You can not succeed by taking large portions of money from clever, hardworking, innovative people and just give it to the lazy, unproductive party players. Assisting the populace to become independent is great BUT that is NOT what most political systems do, they breed long term dependence and then shout “vote for me and I will steal from the productive to encourage the unproductive” it is a CON game. It makes no logical sense. Build up the poorer members of society BUT dont tear down the successful, learn from them, control the really greedy Wall St types before they Crash the Economy/ Finances.

    The problem with Prop 13, and all taxes is that the Govts have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of managing a tight ship. It is all about feeding their friends and associates and when the cupboard is bare they just raise taxes, raise transit fees etc. ACCOUNTABILITY is a cuss word to them. Prop 13 probably went a tad far BUT that is what happens when Govt is unreasonable, BACKLASH! It is like Govt intervention in the inflation of the 1970s, when Bajan Businessmen were handed price fixes, although their costs were escalating. This resulted in empty shelves where profit margins were insufficient to overcome certain losses.

    We agree totally on your points .I have visited Cuba (4X) and Singapore(9X). While they are both essentially dictatorships, the Capitalist driven Singapore(with socialist undertones) has been far more successful in raising up just about everybody to a higher standard of living, which now exceeds the former coloniser, UK. Indeed 15.5% of Singaporeans are millionaires (US$), which is close to the highest % in the World. What is the solution is an incentive based system with properly managed socialist policies to improve the probability of raising everyone out of poverty.

    The real problem is CROOKED, leadership that sees the most expedient route to feathering their own nest. This is why Bim must have Integrity legislation and the populace should insist that this Govt creates it now and that all future Govts are subject to RECALL.

    @Just Only

    The problem with all political systems is greedy crooked politicians that have no intention of being honest statesmen. The easiest way to motivate the populace is via an incentive based system. I spent time working at Bico in the 1970s. The van drivers were on commision and one chap consistently made 50-100% MORE than the others WHY? He worked harder and maybe was smarter. Some fellas made a decent living,but should management have taken the top fellas outperformance and shared with the lazier ones?

    Capitalism has not failed, it is US/ Western politicians who have been bought by the very greedy that encouraged overleveraging which broke the rules of finance. Communism failed and China/ Russia eventually realised that incentives are KEY. How come the incentive based nations have the highest standards of living? Now China in less than 25 yrs has narrowed the gap considerably by adopting business/ incentive systems. China was very far behind under Communism. Surely the difference is unleashing INCENTIVES not killing incentives.

    Personally, all politicians and Wall St bigups should be investigated, charged and those guilty of breaking laws should spend serious time in jail. Madoff is no more crooked than many, I assure you. Same in Bim with fellas involved with Clico et al.

    Another aspect is that those in the public who benefit from the crooks help to perpetuate the negatives. Indeed there are many in Bim who are permanent supporters of the Ds or Bs as Americans are with Ds or Rs and some are not benefiting but simply brainwashed. These folks are to be held responsible for their contribution to the perpetuation of crookedness.

    I am not aware of any country implementing a perfect combination of Capitalistic socialism which I believe is the correct way. Some countries like Singapore have elements. You probably have to implement through a benevolent dictatorship style in order for it to exhibit results quickly.

  22. Owen Arthur may be many things to many different people, but that does not offset the fact that the Governor of the Central Bank’s recent pronouncements have been misleading, linguistically clandestine, and numerically evasive. How do you say to the press and Barbados that you are presenting facts in regard to a 6 month period and concentrate predominantly on the ‘look-reasonably-good’ data for 3 months?
    I am no economist and I am certainly no fool. In each of the Governor’s reports since taking up office, more questions and doubts have emerged than clear-cut certainties on the state of the Barbados economy. I would truly like answers on the following:
    1. Why is it that the Central bank has not sought to reveal the implications for government revenues regarding the ‘fuel mechanism’; and also to reveal to Barbados that in effect, the fuel mechanism is hurting more than it is helping and that formula needs to be rethought if we are to stimulate growth across the board?
    2. While it is clearly stated that unemployment is trending downwards, can the Governor say if the actual numbers of persons have increased over corresponding periods; and what impact does a decline or increase have on the NIS and the country as a whole?
    3. What defintive measures has the Central Bank recommended to the Minister of Finance for attending to the drift away from its medium term development strategies? What will be the course that Barbadians would have to take in order to address the fiscal burden, given that VAT receipts, corporate taxes, and other taxes accounted for in the last budget are down?

    I believe it is misleading and borders on the ridiculous for prudent announcements by the central authority for financial and economic matters in these contemporary times not to reveal these types of things.
    So do not blame Owen Arthur or the Opposition or any of the persons who are critical of the Governor’s stance on the economy. I want to hear what are scenarios and possible alternatives for making Barbados better off. This is not about political contestation or institutional granstanding.

    • @George

      Do you think it is possible for a government to be popular or make popular decisions during a slow economic period?

      Perhaps this is a better question, do you think it is possible for a government to be popular in a period regarded as the worst since the Great Depression?

      What makes this current situation interesting is the effect of contagion given the connectivity of what is described as a global economy and the switch by many countries, including Barbados, to a service economy.

      There is no doubt that Arthur has the advantage in perception because he presided over the economy during a boom period, that is given.

      The fact we live in times where the obvious is taken as gospel and to hell with being discerning or cognitive is fodder for another blog.

      How many believe that a switch to Arthur will solve all of Barbados’ problems?

  23. @David

    To answer your question in the simplest manner — the answer is a simple NO! However, you would note that I stayed away for sating blame or aspersions on the government. What I did do is to challenge the Governor of the Central Bank to be sufficiently forthright, clear in articulation, and to provide focussed answers on some of the key issues affecting or contributing to the economic malaise. You would also register that I said I wanted to ” hear what are scenarios and possible alternatives for making Barbados better off.” I ended that piece by stating emphatically that is “not about political contestation or institutional grandstanding.”
    And to answer the final rhetorical question (my interpretation) that you posed, I have no idea how many persons believe that a “switch to Arthur will solve all of Barbados’ problems.” In fact, and this is not to resurrect any perceived turbulence within the BLP or DLP for that matter; but I am on public record as saying that I do not believe the step for Arthur to regain the leadership of the BLP could be equated to a progressive political party or Barbados given all of the circumventing circumstances. I shall not rehash any of them here at this time; however, the BLP and its supporters would appear to have embraced the practical leadership that Arthur has always afforded the country. Even then, he was not seen by all and sundry in favourable terms, but to my mind, he got the job done. Would it not be a reasonable assertion that Barbadians are more resolute in wanting to see that the job of enhancing Barbados’ economy and society are nested in the hands of the type of leadership that is not afraid to confront challenges, and whose actions almost always appear to be deliberate and justifiable in the context of the outcomes regardless of the hand he was dealt with?
    Before responding to that last question and juxtaposed with your assertion that Arthur led in favourable times, could you please say what was the state of the Barbados economy in September of 1994, what were the effects of the collapse of the Asian Tigers on small economies in 1998, what was the impact of 9/11 in 2001 and thereafter, and to close it off, what was the big difference between proactive measures and a whimsical approach to external forces.
    All of the evidence is there, and these periodic constraints can all enter any debate on Arthur’s or the BLP’s suitability to govern; this is in contrast to the seeming levels of ‘passing the buck’ for which the DLP now appears to have affixed to their way of doing things. Need I say more?

    • @George

      Surely you appreciate Sandiford in 1994 rolled the pitch for Arthur by trimming the public sector wage bill i.e. 8% wage cut and sending home public officers?

      We can argue if he caused it but that is not relevant to the discussion.

      In 1991 the counter-cyclical measures implemented by Barbados worked because the problem caused by the dip in travel was timebounded and cannot be compared to the protracted economic problem at play now.

      When politics and economics combined even the best trained in the disciplines will disagree when confronted with the same scenario. Let us agree to disagree.

  24. Bajans are not the only ones wondering how we can increase local food production and relieve ourselves of the necessity of relying on imports from many hundreds or even thousands of miles away to provide us with the food we eat on a daily basis.

    In Canada, as some come to recognise business as usual is not sustainable over the long haul, politicians still have a hard time recognising the rules of the game have to change and promising new approaches should be encouraged, not penalised.

    Save Compassion Farms

    Grounded News headed over to the island to meet up with Dirk Becker who runs Compassion Farm, and who is curently facing possable jail time for what he does…growing food. Lantzville Council is proceeding with legal action — taking the Beckers to court to shut down their “urban” farm which is located in a semi-rural area, on a dead end road.

    The Beckers transformed their property from essentially a gravel pit (created by the previous owner who strip-mined, removing soil, sand and gravel, lowering the level of the property three to five feet) to a lush oasis of life (see article:’s-fight-for-the-right-to-grow-food ).
    They have received certification from the Canadian Wildlife Federation for creating “Backyard Habitat” for wildlife. They also shared with council information about what they do, how they do it, along with links and videos on “urban farming,” the “urban farming movement” and the “local food movement.”

    For the benefit of readers, this is a fast-growing movement all over the world. All “urban farming” is done in “residentially zoned” areas. Hence the term: “urban” farming. Municipalities across North America are responding to this movement by changing bylaws to support local food — to allow the growing of food as a home based business. To feed one person for a whole year, it takes about two acres of land. On Vancouver Island, we only grow 5 per cent of the food we eat and there are only two days of fresh food supply in the grocery stores. (my emphasis /GM. So it behooves us to support and encourage the growing of local food.

  25. @Money Brain

    as individual we all have needs, some of us are satisfied with our basic needs bein met, while others are not. In the example cited the saleman was achivement motivated, thus in what ever system u have some will be lazy and some would not be.

    I still maintain that capitalism has failed, but let us agree to disagree, as where human beings are involved you woulld have greedy persons, albeit capitalism or socialism or what ever you call it. I prefer a system where none will go hungry..

  26. david.again i take issue with the political rhetoric that mr arthur’s seemingly suucees in the management of the barbados economy between 2204-2009 sorry 2008 was as a result of a boom period. i believe mr george brathwaithe in his comments to some extent dimissed that mythical view which should be punished with laughter but i ask you to show me the evidence/statistics to support your notion that a boom period existed; indeed if there was a period of boom, it could only have been created as a result of effective management of the economy by mr arthur ,his mistakes in my view to which i have alluded to on this forum notwithstanding. the vidence is there for all who care to see that mr sandiford wrecked the economy with ill-advised policies and barbadians particularly public servants had to ensure severe hardships and make tremendous sacrifices as a result of I.M.F. policies implemented by mr sandiford. what is so creative or innovative about what mr sandiford. if truth be told irrespective of mr arthurs’ sins of omission and commision, the the innovation and creativity commenced when he assumed office. sorry i have to defend mr arthur repeatedly in this regard but we must put aside political partisanship when needs be and try to be balanced. after all we are born barbadians and not political party sycofants.

    • @balance

      It is a matter of record that Barbados rode the back of a global economic boom.

      Google it!

  27. balanced
    sorry i have to defend mr arthur repeatedly in this regard but we must put aside political partisanship when needs be and try to be balanced. after all we are born barbadians and not political party sycophants
    Do not be sorry, you are a political sycophant as can be gleaned from all of your posts on this blog.
    You never want to accept that the world is an economic crisis and the present government has done a good job in trying to keep the economy from declining further than was expected.
    Nothing for you is happening right in this country and therefore you show no balance.
    Under the top post you basically suggesting that before 2008 all Caribbean persons had access to free health care in Barbados and the present government has change it. You do not see the need for that policy but would want the taxes to be lowered.
    You are not a reasonable person balanced.

  28. Quoting moneybrain “It is my understanding that Scandinavia has very high SUICIDE rates”

    it is my understanding that higher rate of suicide occur in places with logn dark winters so that all circumpolar countries have higher rates of suicide that equatorial countries.and that the rate of suicide has nothing to do economics of politics, but rather with brain science.

  29. clone, if that is your opinion of me then you must be wearing blinkers. you want me to praise a government who has made my living situation worse. are your political blinkers blinding to the fact that bad management of the economy and not the the global economic recession alone is primarily responsible for the predicament we find ourselves in. imagine spending rising by about 9.i% in the midst of a recession.the govt giving away houses and then saying the N.H.C broke. give me a break and if those comments make me unbalanced then so be it.- and to david- even if that were so; some kind of efficient management was necessary to ensure that the boom was sustained and not suffer the same fate as the economy mr sandiford described as ‘batting better than garry sobers’

  30. @Moneybrain

    You can’t make a statement about high suicide rates in Scandinavian countries and don’t supply any proof. For what its worth Canada has a higher suicide rate than The Netherlands (not a Scandinavian country but assisted suicide is legal) and Norway. The suicide rate in Finland is higher than Canada’s. I don’t buy your claim that people claim they are happy because they are on the receiving end of Gov’t largesse, unhappiness will show up in other areas e.g. crime, family discord and social unrest.

    So you will work harder if the marginal tax rate was decreased from 46% to a range of 25 to 33%? You and I know that’s a load of BS, if it was lowered someone would soon make the argument that it should be reduced even further.

    I don’t see much of a difference between your “innovative, clever” businessman and the greedy Wall Street types whom you abhor; they are all cut from the same cloth.

    The argument is always made that when wealthy people are taxed somehow their taxes only help those who are poor or as you wrote “unproductive”. Payment of taxes is never seen as a net benefit to society overall. My children are grown and out of school, yet a portion of my municipal tax assessment is directed to school funding, should I object because I don’t have any children in school? When large Corporations receive incentives i.e. tax breaks the argument is often made that they create jobs so it is necessary but in many cases these Corporations make large profits with or without the incentives and the jobs would be created whether or not the tax breaks are provided. These businesses deserve to be described as Corporate Welfare Bums.

    I do share your cynicism about politicians; the majority of them are in the pockets of the wealthy and big business and pay lip service to the people who elected them.

  31. When one reads this report as below one is led to realise how important a role POLITICAL STABILTY in the eyes of these rating companies and it is very sad to know that the careless, reckless mouthings of an immature and greedy for power blp led by Owen Arthur in bed with Mia Mottley can impact negatatively on Barbados’s well being, and do untold damage to our island our home for purely selfish and reasons of their own greed, even overpowering and influencing a rating agency, the agency may well be inclined to rate our great nation lower because of bad foul mouthings by a most self serving corrupt bunch of political germs of the blp and its leadership man for man.

    As we have seen from this report they have looked at and considered the DLP as doing the right things and they are very happy with the direction that the gov’t is taking, so tell Arthur / Mottley to respect themselves and respect Barbados and stop spreading untruths and lies for their own greed and urging to steal from the taxpayers once again.

    S&P still keeping rating
    Olga Kalinina (FP)
    Sun, July 17, 2011 – 12:04 AM
    Although Barbados’ economy remains “weak”, Standard & Poor’s (S&P), the giant Wall Street credit rating firm, is sticking to its own projection that it will grow by two per cent this year.

    Just as important, the second-quarter Central Bank of Barbados report has seemingly convinced S&P to keep the credit rating at BBB-minus with a stable outlook, and not to follow Moody’s Investor’s Service which recently downgraded the rating to one notch above junk bond status.

    That indication came from Olga Kalinina, S&P’s director of sovereign ratings, who told the SUNDAY SUN in an exclusive interview that although the bank’s report sent some mixed signals “we are maintaining the triple B-minus with a stable outlook”.

    She said this was a reflection of the strength Barbados continued to maintain when it came to political stability and governance, two things that definitely support the ongoing policy efforts to address the economic challenges

  32. @Just Only
    Capitalism that is CORRUPTED must fail. OVERLEVERAGED GUARANTEED to fail! Please note I believe in DISCIPLINED system where people are free to go after incentives, those that do make more than those who dont BUT the less hardworking should not want HALF the hardworking guys money. I dont think the US runs a good system or Europe. WHY? It is the mixture of incentives with social policies that are conceptualised, implemented and MONITORED in a DISCIPLINED way. Lazy,wutless types will be weeded out and dealt with harshly after having been permitted time and opportunity to improve themselves. The truly needy, who are trying their best will be assisted to their needs level.

    I prefer a system where no one who is willing and capable of improving themselves go hungry BUT people who decide to be purposeful louts, users etc can starve, as that would be their choice. I had an uncle who was like this in Bim and he got away with his nonsense because his family bailed him out with housing and cash. That situation should be a family matter not Govt giveaway.

  33. @Sargeant and RT
    If Govt performs properly then crime etc should be minimal and therefore not an excuse for the vast majority of purposeful underperformers. It makes sense that there are many variables contributing to the suicide rate and certainly cold climate is important. It is also true that many people who are given alot without toil find a way to mess their lives up eg lottery winners, rich kids etc etc have higher negative rates for divorce, suicide, death etc.

    On marginal tax rates, surely you are aware of the Laffer Curve ie lower tax rates lead to higher Govt revenue. Sarge if lowering MT rates does not work then why not raise them to 70%, which is the rate that Tom was charging in Bim when my wife and I said good-bye. Bim lost many quality young people like myself, who a couple years before were very idealistic about being part of Bim’s successful future. In Canada, I have saved and don’t work hard, have not since 40, but make the majority of my money at 0%, 23% and 25% MTR. Who suffers, not me. If I had been treated fairly on tax in Bim who knows how many people I may have created a job for by now?

    My view on even lower rates than my proposed 25-33% would be dependent on the results…….can the country work properly for the vast majority at that rate?

    I am shocked that you would lump all innovators/ business types together! Many people seem to have this idea that businessmen are evil by definition????? You know better! There are EVIL bastards of every type… political, business, race,class, creed etc.

    There are people that don’t want to pay any tax, just as there are those that don’t want to work at all! The problem with heavy taxes on the wealthy is that Govts waste most of it and certainly wont use it to grow the country and provide sustainable PRODUCTIVE JOBS in most cases. Do you really think that the Govt could produce such jobs better than good businessmen??????? Where has this EVER happened???

    I can go one better than your municipal tax point in that both my kids sat exams and got in to the UTS (U of TO Schools for gifted,mid and high school, part of the Institute of Ed) They played their sports versus the To board Schools, if you are poor but clever enough you get full scholarship, and yet Bob Rae decided this was some type of seperate elitist institution and implemented serious fees which I had to pay IN ADDITION to my muni tax which should have covered it. WHY? Pure politics, appealing to the stupid voter. He should have been championing a school that has produced more than 21 Rhodes Scholars and 2 Nobel Prize winners and many other accolades like the Gold medal in the Global Math Olympiad et al. The school should be expanding. Same nonsense politics goe on in Bim where HC is left in disrepair for political reasons.

    We agree on Corporate Welfare bums but this is created through poor Govt Policy. Properly run Govts appreciate that low Corp Tax creates jobs by inducing Companies to locate there. Right now in the US several BigCos are filing 12B1 immigration forms to bring people from India to work in the US for a relatively short term say 1-2yrs and force qualified Americans to train them fully knowing that these very folks will be taking their job because 3-4 Indians make what one American makes., and this is in tech. The US is DOOMED! The US should not permit free trade with China and India for the simple reason it is a one way street. How can the US compete with 2.5Bn hard working, underemployed, cheap humans??? IMPOSSIBLE! The effective unemployment rate in the US now is at least 17% and will deteriorate further in the years ahead if these types of stupid policies continue. Again it is bad political leadership because any village idiot could figure out that if Japan in the 1970s and beyond took the TV/ Camera industries, half the autos etc with 120MN people what would 2.5BN take? No need for a PhD in Econ! US= RUIN.

  34. Just thinking
    I am certainly pleased for Bim and most importantly the innocent citizens who will not have to pay higher interest rates.

    Please not that these Agencies and Govts do lie by suggesting that there is true growth in Bim, the US etc. In reality none of these countries have been growing for years because the stats on growth and inflation are BOGUS. In the US they make ridiculous assumptions on the birth/death model and purposely manipulate the inflation rate to save on paying out inflation adjusted commitments. The US has not had real growth for 10yrs.

    My advice to all Bajans is to be very skeptical of all politicians and parties! Demand Integrity Legislation and processes/ systems to prevent bad policies/ thiefing etc.

  35. @ Moneybrain

    I concede your point that I was over zealous in lumping all businessmen in the same boat as the “Wall Street types”.

    Don’t want to bring Canada’s socioeconomic conditions into the discussion but it would be interesting to do a poll on the students of UTS to see what their backgrounds are, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that the majority of them come from a higher economic bracket than the majority of the population. Sure there will be a few students of moderate means but the majority of the students will live in an area with a Postal Code where the average income is six figures. Kinda like HC and QC where even with an eleven plus exam the children of some parents always end up at those schools.

    BTW Bob Rae went to public schools and also received a Rhodes Scholarship.

    Nothing surprises me about large Companies anymore it is all about the bottom line, India has made some strategic moves to capture many of the hi tech positions that were formerly in Silicon valley, It has some of the top IT schools as well as very large IT companies so it is only a matter of time before many of the jobs migrate there.

  36. You DLP pimps are always talking about Owen Arthur alleged infidelity, is not your own Steve Blackett guilty of marrying his mistress also?
    It is time the finger pointing and gutter politics come to an end. Come with a new strategy.

  37. @ Sargeant
    Actually while there are people from well known families at UTS, Bob Rae’s daughter was 2yrs ahead of my son, there are many immigrants involved from very modest backgrounds. The composition was about 45% Oriental, 20% East Indian, 25% white and 10% other. The dominant factor was parents eager for their kids to get the best education, associate with other clever kids who were keen to learn and to fulfill the promise of rising to the top in Canada. There were a few black kids who were very welcomed by all concerned and I was very familiar with the internal problems that existed and never received feedback. The major problem with this school was many kids/ parents not being aware, location downtown and some parents being scared their kids would have to work too hard ( actual response,in one case a teacher, from people I recommended the school to)

    I have heard of this undertone about kids getting into HC/QC and UTS who were not qualified BUT I have never received solid info in this regard although money talks in some cases in life, so cant rule it out. I have a cousin and friends that went to Foundation and ended up with Bdos Scholarship and a Rhodes so……

    You sure Bob went public school, I thought he may have gone to UTS. Anyway John Tory did, David Frum, Simpson at the Globe.

    The American education system will come back to haunt them in the next few years, I have been of that opinion for years. Poor people have many higher IQs in their ranks as proven in Bdos where some top brains went to HC etc from homes of very modest means. What a waste of talent if not developed.

  38. david, i have been trying to no avail to put a handle on peter wickham’s doublespeak in yesterday’s nation. have you done an analysis and if so, care to share your views? seems strange to suggest that the D.L.P has done nothing significant since Mr Barrow’s passing.

  39. @Chris H
    Can’t argue with your points.

    People are very complex creatures and i can name failures with
    1 High IQ
    2Top schooling
    3Rich families
    And some with all 3 above!
    However, as a parent I want a top school for my gifted child. There is a very long list of items in attempting to help children develop….discipline, social comfortability regardless of the other person station in life, application of talent, helping people and much, much more.

  40. @Moneybrain: “Can’t argue with your points.

    @Moneybrain: “However, as a parent I want a top school for my gifted child.

    Might you please consider this…

    …that your child would be most enabled by encountering those they will encounter in the future. Now?

    Teach your young how to suffer the fools.

    And teach them that not all fools are foolish.

  41. @Chris H
    You can be assured that my children who are now young twenties adults were exposed to sports situations with and against the most underpriveleged, my philosophy is/ was by no means elitist in the slightest. I benefited immensely from playing sports in the village in Bim and have always appreciated what can be learned from associating with those less fortunate. However, it does not hurt to be in contact with the geniuses/ rich folks who can assist in making life much easier and fruitful. It is not a matter of material possessions in my world either.

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